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To the LIAR "666" LADY who left a false review of the Louisville KY Ruby Tuesday
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- There was a "customer" that came into the Ruby Tuesday on Blakenbaker Pkwy in Louisville, KY, and she seemed like a normal customer... with the exception of over-asking for little extras. It was fine. I even interacted with her grandson, was VERY nice to him, because well, she was just rude and walked in with a chip on her shoulder from the get-go. I even spoke to my manager before I even placed her order, letting him know that I had a feeling she was going to try to get free food. Her actions were diva-like, and unacceptable. Even though I KNEW this, I still gave her EXCELLENT service.

Her and her grandson ate everything they had, and when it was time to give her the bill, the total was $6.66. I know what that number represents in religion, however, Ruby Tuesday isn't a gas station, we can't just add a penny to make a different total. As she gave me the payment for her bill, she stated to me, "Don't expect a tip, you need to read your bible, you don't even know what that number means."

I was BLOWN AWAY. I replied, "That is NOT acceptable, and I'm getting my manager to take care of you." I went and got my manager, he came out quickly and tried to talk to her about her ticket, but she was rude to him as well, and kept cutting him off. He kindly asked her to leave, to which she did.

To my surprise, I come on HERE, and see that this woman left a FALSE statement about what happened that day on here... wow, the only thing I have to say to this woman is- "GROW UP... and don't EXPECT a company to take care of your bill because you don't like the total! LOL Using your religious beliefs to get out of paying is blasphemy!!! You should be ashamed of yourself! And for your information, I DO know my bible, which is NONE of your business, thank you very much! I hope you learned your lesson, and you don't pull this somewhere else. My manager did the right thing in asking you to leave, we DON'T want customers like YOU in our establishment."

Poor Customer Service From the General Manager of the Ruby Tuesday's Restaurant Ramsey Street Fayetteville, NC
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Rating: 1/51

FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I visited the Ruby Tuesdays on Ramsey Street in Fayetteville, NC tonight and received the worst customer service I have ever received at a restaurant. The most shocking part is that it came from the general manager of the restaurant.

I asked three employees to please turn down the music volume. After the request was ignored for over five minutes I asked the Hostess to turn down the music. Her reply was, "I will have to get the manager" which is an odd reply to a customer's request to turn down the music volume. When the restaurant manager came out she said that the music level was fine. I asked for her manager.

The general manager came out of the back and was shockingly abrupt and condescending to me. He approached me in an uncomfortable borderline aggressive manner. He didn't approach me with a smile or words to comfort me the customer. His one and only sentence to me was that he would turn down the music to 1 and if I wasn't satisfied then I would have to leave. This was humiliating to me because he said this in front of employees and customers as we were standing next to the Hostess stand.

He set a poor example of customer service in front of four of his employees. His is in a position of authority and set an unbelievable poor example of customer service for his employees to witness. This behavior was telling is underlings that it is okay to be rude and uncaring to a customer's request and that customer service is not the #1 priority. He didn't preface the conversation with anything else. He walks out of the back and his one sentence response as stated above.

I'm very confident that Ruby Tuesday's doesn't condone this type of behavior from any of its employees and especially from a general manager. I have been a regular customer of this Ruby Tuesday's restaurant on Ramsey Street for many years... ever since it has opened. For several months I have meet with a friend on Wednesday night to have dinner at this restaurant. I am appalled and disheartened that as a loyal customer that I would be treated this way by a general manager. He was cocky and arrogant.

It was obvious from his words and actions that he wasn't worried at all about any repercussions of his poor customer service as evidenced by his behavior in front of customers and employees. He gives me the number to his superior and arrogantly walks away. This is just unacceptable behavior of someone of his stature and that is why I am bringing this to your attention.

If the general manager treated me this way over a simple request to turn the music down, then he will continue to behave this way when other customers complain. I will continue to be a loyal customer at Ruby Tuesdays but it will not be at the Ramsey Street location.

Lack of Servers
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Rating: 1/51

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am not a person who complains easily, so this is difficult for me, my friend has encouraged me to hold this place of business accountable. We went to the restaurant in the outlet mall in Lancaster off of route 30. I have eaten at Ruby Tuesdays in the Harrisburg area and was always pleased so this experience was unusual. As we were approaching the restaurant I remarked, "It looks like we came at the right time. There is not a line, and a sign outside said immediate seating." We walked in and a pleasant young man greeted us and said it would be a few minutes.

As we waited we observed that the restaurant was almost empty, another couple came in and they were told pretty much as we were, then a young woman came up to the young man and said something to him. As this occurred a group of four came in and they were told it would be about 15 minutes wait. My friend and I looked at each other and my friend said, "The place is almost empty, what is going on?" The couple that came in after us left, and it was then that we found out that they had a shortage of servers.

I said to my friend "let's go", so we left, as we were leaving my friend said, "You better turn off that sign outside that says immediate seating" and they seemed to be unaware of it. I couldn't believe what had occurred. As we walked to a competitor's restaurant I remarked, "Well they are losing business for their place and at the same time giving Ruby Tuesdays a bad name." Now as I said before I do not normally complain but this was ridiculous. I hesitated to send this complaint but then decided to go ahead and do this, oh and the date this happened was Friday August 10, thank you for listening to my complaint.

By -

HOWELL, NEW JERSEY -- After several visits to the Howell, NJ locations we have had many issues with undercooked meats. We request our burgers to be well done. They have come out mid-rare to medium on several occasions. The last time we got a burger there several months ago, it was sent back to the kitchen 2 times for being undercooked, (requested well done with no onions or mayo, it came out rare the first time, condiments correct. Second time came out medium with mayo and onions. I am allergic to onions).

After this, the manager came out and made sure we got a well done burger at no cost to us. It was WELL done and dry. The cook pressed it down good to make sure it had no juice or color. I am a professional chef and this was disgraceful. We vowed to no longer get burgers at Ruby Tuesdays. Also the salad bar on several occasions had bad items. I told a worker about it and wasn't changed. I tasted one of everything first before loading it up on my plate since then. Bad carrots, eggs, cheese, bacon and edamame.... also wet wilted salad with hot plates.

On 11/20/10 because we like their watermelon mojitos and holiday sangria we returned with hesitation. My husband ordered a chicken sandwich which after eating 1/4 of it I noticed it was raw. I tasted it before I saw it was raw and got sick for two days with diarrhea. We had a coupon for buy one get one free ($10). The manager on duty who did not identify herself, came over and offered him something else to eat. At this point his and my appetite were gone but ordered pasta anyway. The only thing we were offered was the chicken sandwich for free.

We were charged tax on this and the bill said customer didn't like. They tried covering up the fact on record that it was undercooked/raw. Manager didn't comp the bill as they should have given we explained about our prior experiences with undercooked meats there. The cooks at Ruby Tuesday's need to be professionally trained or fired. I am sure we are not the only ones who experience undercooked meats at this location. The only thing we will ever go there for now is the drinks. Even then the bartenders are especially great with their attitudes. Each time we got a watermelon mojito it was made different and had ingredients forgotten or barely any liquor. Be wary of this location.

Wednesday May 13th Ruby Tuesday's in Johnson City, New York
By -

JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK -- My wife and I go out to eat on a regular basis. I have never walked away from any establishment without leaving a tip until yesterday. First off, there were not many people dining yesterday. We started with drinks (mine, Sam Adams summer ale draft, wife's - mango mojito) After about 15 minutes our server came over with water and said the bar was busy. Really!! He said we could start our order. My wife ordered crab cakes, I ordered Asian shrimp and salmon. After another 10 minutes the server came back to inform my wife they were out of crab cakes. So, she ordered what I had Asian Shrimp and Salmon.

Then about 5 minutes later our drinks were brought to us. Soon after our meals arrived. The server placed them in front of us and walked away. I sat there looking at both plates and neither one had shrimp. I told my wife I would call him over once I saw him. I eat relatively fast but my wife eats slow enough for the two of us. Unfortunately, we never saw the server again until after my wife was done with her plate. By now, I just mentioned neither of us had any shrimp on our plates and I believe for the 13.99 price it was supposed to come with shrimp. The server looked at me and said, "I'm sorry about that, would you like desert?"

I just sat there for a few seconds looking at my wife. I finally made eye contact and said, "well, could we just have one piece of cheesecake to split between the two of us?" He said "sure" and walked away. Over 10 minutes later, he comes back to inform us they were out of cheesecake.

What in the world is happening here? Who in the world is in charge? Especially in today's economic downturn, I'm positive your eating establishments have felt the pinch. This is probably the worst eating experience we've had in more than 20 years. I have never before walked out without leaving a tip until yesterday and that burns me to the core. Someone should have made some sort of concession and this note would not be written. Instead, they charged us the full 13.99. Someone should investigate what's taking place and you should do it pronto.

Disappointment In The Service Or Lack There Of
By -

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA -- Friday June 13, 2008, we went to Ruby Tuesdays in the governors square mall in Tallahassee, Florida for lunch. We ordered both of the tilapia dishes - one with shrimp and the other without the shrimp. We ordered several beverages. The beverages were served because we sat at the bar. We waited for over 45 minutes for our food, which we never received. Several people sat down to eat after we did and they received their food in a timely manner. Usually the bar location is the best place to receive your orders in a timely manner, but no such luck on this past Friday.

The manager came to the bar and apologized. The excuse was that our food went to another table. What is the statistical probability that two other people ordered the same identical food we had ordered and how could such a mistake occur with the location of us versus the location of the other guests. The manager never offered to pay for our meals nor pay for the beverages we had drunk. This was the worst experience I have ever had at a Ruby Tuesday and we will never frequent this location again. The word of mouth advertisement was pretty bad, when we returned to our places of business the next work day.

What a horrible experience. Good management should have at least offered to pay for our next meal with our next visit but this did not occur. Some of the people I work with had some of the same experiences with Ruby Tuesday and has vowed never to return to the installation. I like to give every organization the excuse of the likelihood they had a bad day and maybe the next experience will be a better day. My guess voiced concern when we arrived of a malodorous scent.

Best Service I've Had
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Rating: 5/51

GEORGETOWN, KENTUCKY -- I'm from the Lima, OH area and only went to the Ruby Tuesdays on occasion because their staff usually wasn't friendly or the salad bar was borderline rancid! However, we are in the process of moving from Ohio to Georgia and decided to try the Ruby Tuesdays in Georgetown Kentucky. The food (including the salad bar) was amazing but didn't touch the server's hospitality. He made the whole experience enjoyable, we didn't have to ask for anything (unlike in Lima) and was willing to answer any questions we had and had no problem finding out answers he was unsure of!

Of course I raved about him to the manager who was just as enjoyable as his serving team who all greeted us with an actual smile! I'm a difficult person to impress when it comes to dining services due to almost 4 years working in the food industry and being a business major, however, I am completely blown away by their food, service, and hospitality!

Misleading Menu
By -

LITHIA SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- My boyfriend and I came from church on 5/16/10 and we decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays on Thorton Rd. in Lithia Springs GA. Our waitress was slow as Christmas. She gives us this menu that says Sweetheart Dinner for 2 19.99 per person. Well under that it states what all comes with the 19.99 special, "one appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert." We jumped on that. The bill comes and it's 53 dollars. We ask and we are told that each meal is 19.99 and the dessert and appetizer is free. We scratch our heads because that's not what the menu advertise.

Manager insisted on telling us that our dessert and appetizers were free. We said "if it's per person then we both should get dessert and appetizers." He argued with us for 10 minutes trying to explain the senselessness of this menu. I ask you the question am I wrong or do I have the rite to be pissed for false advertisement on their menus. And back to our waitress the manager had to bring us refills on our teas so that should explain how great our service was. I will not eat there ever again and that makes me mad cause I love their salad bar (lol)!!!!

Party of 12 Gets the Shaft
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Rating: 1/51

ELIZABETH. CITY, NORTH CAROLINA -- Party of 12 arrived for dinner on a Sunday evening. Had to wait 15 minutes for table to be ready in spite of having a reservation. Waited one hour after being seated for diners to arrive... and some were congealed and cold (pasta dishes) while steaks were overcooked. Waitress was told to serve all dinners together. But of course, she could not even carry that many dinners at one time. When we were ready to leave before the rest of the party we had to wait another 20 minutes just to get the check and then she said "all checks had to be prepared at the same time." Stupid on both counts.

Apparently, Ruby Tuesday is not interested in larger parties. Groups of 3 or 4 that arrived at the same time, were finished and leaving before our food even arrived. Won't patronize this Ruby Tuesday again. Btw, I don't blame to waitress but I do blame the management and the kitchen procedures.

Rotten Lobster Tail
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI LAKES, FLORIDA -- We had a late lunch at Ruby Tuesday in Miami Lakes Florida and my wife ordered the lobster tail and I ordered a sirloin steak. Big mistake. We went to Ruby because of the advertising promo on TV announcing their makeovers of the restaurant. Nice job. The restaurant really looks nice. Too bad they did not makeover the kitchen. The lobster was rotten and raw. My wife almost puked when she tasted it. It was removed immediately by the waitress. She was shocked when she looked at it. Wasn't someone looking in the kitchen. My sirloin was dry and nasty. The lobster was replace by an order of overcooked shrimps. We left as soon as we could.

I wrote to corporate and got a letter from a ** which stated that he understands we were at the Miami Lakes restaurant and if we would like to discuss it to call him. I did call him on two occasions and my phone call were never returned. I email him and the same result. I called consumer relations department and after explaining the problem to them I was told to hold on and then I was transferred to the voice mail of ** the same guy who does not return phone calls. This restaurant is a waste. Never again. I can understand that you had a lousy cook that day. I cannot understand the total disregard for the consumer by corporate office.

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