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Ruby Tuesday, Inc.
150 West Church Avenue
Maryville, TN 37801
865-379-5700 (ph)
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Too Many Things Went Wrong
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Rating: 2/51

MT. LAUREL, NEW JERSEY -- Regarding experience at Ruby Tuesday Mt. Laurel, NJ 15 June 8:30 PM. Needed table for five or six at approximately 8:00 pm. Restaurant was empty. There was a ten minute wait anyway. Hostesses did their best but while seating two of us in the back of restaurant we asked that they look out for rest of party. Apparently they did not as our family walked by themselves throughout restaurant to find us. Table was not set. Server, very sweet may have been new - not sure. One guest a vegetarian asked for a former menu item, namely, quesadilla avocado - server said that it was not on menu anymore. She said what she was trained to say.

I asked for manager. Manager came, was polite and helpful. I explained that an avocado quesadilla could easily be made in the kitchen. The restaurant had all ingredients on hand and could have imitated the quesadilla easily. If quesadillas are served just trade off the meat for avocado. Manager said that could not be done. Manager made other verbal suggestions, very nicely. Customer ordered two appetizers instead of meal. Server brought out two huge plates that could not be set down together for guests. Re-arranging needed to be done.

Took most of appetizers home. Service from kitchen was slow. Other food as expected. If tip was added to bill I as host did not see it. So I may have double tipped at 20% not sure. There were five of us. Sorry that I didn't take copy of bill. Not such a great experience.

By -

HOWELL, NEW JERSEY -- After several visits to the Howell, NJ locations we have had many issues with undercooked meats. We request our burgers to be well done. They have come out mid-rare to medium on several occasions. The last time we got a burger there several months ago, it was sent back to the kitchen 2 times for being undercooked, (requested well done with no onions or mayo, it came out rare the first time, condiments correct. Second time came out medium with mayo and onions. I am allergic to onions).

After this, the manager came out and made sure we got a well done burger at no cost to us. It was WELL done and dry. The cook pressed it down good to make sure it had no juice or color. I am a professional chef and this was disgraceful. We vowed to no longer get burgers at Ruby Tuesdays. Also the salad bar on several occasions had bad items. I told a worker about it and wasn't changed. I tasted one of everything first before loading it up on my plate since then. Bad carrots, eggs, cheese, bacon and edamame.... also wet wilted salad with hot plates.

On 11/20/10 because we like their watermelon mojitos and holiday sangria we returned with hesitation. My husband ordered a chicken sandwich which after eating 1/4 of it I noticed it was raw. I tasted it before I saw it was raw and got sick for two days with diarrhea. We had a coupon for buy one get one free ($10). The manager on duty who did not identify herself, came over and offered him something else to eat. At this point his and my appetite were gone but ordered pasta anyway. The only thing we were offered was the chicken sandwich for free.

We were charged tax on this and the bill said customer didn't like. They tried covering up the fact on record that it was undercooked/raw. Manager didn't comp the bill as they should have given we explained about our prior experiences with undercooked meats there. The cooks at Ruby Tuesday's need to be professionally trained or fired. I am sure we are not the only ones who experience undercooked meats at this location. The only thing we will ever go there for now is the drinks. Even then the bartenders are especially great with their attitudes. Each time we got a watermelon mojito it was made different and had ingredients forgotten or barely any liquor. Be wary of this location.

Misleading Menu
By -

LITHIA SPRINGS, GEORGIA -- My boyfriend and I came from church on 5/16/10 and we decided to go to Ruby Tuesdays on Thorton Rd. in Lithia Springs GA. Our waitress was slow as Christmas. She gives us this menu that says Sweetheart Dinner for 2 19.99 per person. Well under that it states what all comes with the 19.99 special, "one appetizer, two entrees, and one dessert." We jumped on that. The bill comes and it's 53 dollars. We ask and we are told that each meal is 19.99 and the dessert and appetizer is free. We scratch our heads because that's not what the menu advertise.

Manager insisted on telling us that our dessert and appetizers were free. We said "if it's per person then we both should get dessert and appetizers." He argued with us for 10 minutes trying to explain the senselessness of this menu. I ask you the question am I wrong or do I have the rite to be pissed for false advertisement on their menus. And back to our waitress the manager had to bring us refills on our teas so that should explain how great our service was. I will not eat there ever again and that makes me mad cause I love their salad bar (lol)!!!!

Wednesday May 13th Ruby Tuesday's in Johnson City, New York
By -

JOHNSON CITY, NEW YORK -- My wife and I go out to eat on a regular basis. I have never walked away from any establishment without leaving a tip until yesterday. First off, there were not many people dining yesterday. We started with drinks (mine, Sam Adams summer ale draft, wife's - mango mojito) After about 15 minutes our server came over with water and said the bar was busy. Really!! He said we could start our order. My wife ordered crab cakes, I ordered Asian shrimp and salmon. After another 10 minutes the server came back to inform my wife they were out of crab cakes. So, she ordered what I had Asian Shrimp and Salmon.

Then about 5 minutes later our drinks were brought to us. Soon after our meals arrived. The server placed them in front of us and walked away. I sat there looking at both plates and neither one had shrimp. I told my wife I would call him over once I saw him. I eat relatively fast but my wife eats slow enough for the two of us. Unfortunately, we never saw the server again until after my wife was done with her plate. By now, I just mentioned neither of us had any shrimp on our plates and I believe for the 13.99 price it was supposed to come with shrimp. The server looked at me and said, "I'm sorry about that, would you like desert?"

I just sat there for a few seconds looking at my wife. I finally made eye contact and said, "well, could we just have one piece of cheesecake to split between the two of us?" He said "sure" and walked away. Over 10 minutes later, he comes back to inform us they were out of cheesecake.

What in the world is happening here? Who in the world is in charge? Especially in today's economic downturn, I'm positive your eating establishments have felt the pinch. This is probably the worst eating experience we've had in more than 20 years. I have never before walked out without leaving a tip until yesterday and that burns me to the core. Someone should have made some sort of concession and this note would not be written. Instead, they charged us the full 13.99. Someone should investigate what's taking place and you should do it pronto.

Ruby's Served Rotten Food
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- First of all, I want to get this out and may take this public as well as lawsuit. I was served a steak meal at Ruby Tuesdays in Raleigh, NC on Dec. 26, 2005. With the meal included a rotten potato in which I did not know it was rotten. It was full of sour cream and butter and I could not see it was rotten. I usually eat a whole plate and this was the first thing I had eaten that day.

My stomach began hurting before I could finish my meal. I had taken one last bite of the potato in which I could tell something wasn't right at that point. I began to move the sour cream and butter and found there was a black core through half of the potato and I had eaten more than half of it. My stomach was hurting and I already felt nausea.

There were witnesses to the incident and the management was informed. The waiter came and promptly removed the meal and stated we would not be charged for the meal. The management did not come to the table to check on me and instead stated all they needed was information. On the way out, I promptly informed the manager that he was unprofessional and noted his lack of checking on the customer. His name is **.

I went to the emergency room and was seen by a physician. I was given some anti-bacteria medicine and prescriptions for pain medicine. I was unable to get the prescription filled due to financial reasons. I called Ruby Tuesdays for their assistance in my medical treatment and was told their potato did not get me sick. THEY ARE CRAZY!!!!!!

I would encourage the management staff at Ruby Tuesdays to order up a rotten potato and eat it and see how they feel afterwards. I've had stomach pain all week as one anti-bacteria pill did not kill all the germs. I called Ruby Tuesdays to ask some specifications on how the potato was cooked. I was asked in a rude manner if this was a joke and they could not give me any information.

Later they did tell me it was cooked at 375 degrees in oven and not wrapped in foil. They went on to say that I would not get anything from this and they would not pay any medical bills. I'm still working on this issue but I wanted to let people know just how Ruby Tuesdays handles their customers. I know I will never dine there again. I'm also considering painting a vehicle with slogan "do not eat at Ruby Tuesdays, they service rotten food." They don't realize I am a consumer who will not stop until they admit their mistake.

The cook should have caught that the potato was rotten when they cut it. Anyone reading this, if you know of a good attorney please let me know. Again, don't take your business to Ruby Tuesdays. Also wanted to add there were witnesses to the incident. 1/01/2006 10:34 AM.

Non response from Ruby Tuesday Corporation
By -

OLYMPIA, WASHINGTON -- This experience started back in October 2006. I have continued to contact people as has my mother in regards to this matter with no response. I am at the point now where I think just letting the public know about this situation may be the right thing to do.

My mother, my boyfriend and I went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays. We were seated in an area where no one else was. (Just off to the left of the bar). About 10 minutes after we were seated, another couple with their young child were seated in the same section as we were. We had a male waiter named **. (He was the only male waiter there that day). We saw him only when he handed us our menus, took our order, brought our order, brought us the check and then when we were ready to pay. During our time there, one other table with two women, they were seated in the same section as we were.

The other couple with the small child finished their dinner, paid and left. When we were finished with our meal, I took the bill and handed it to ** for payment.

We left the restaurant. When we were almost home, my mother realized that she had left her purse. We turned around and went straight back. (This taking less than 15 minutes). The purse was about the size of a large coin purse. Just big enough to fit her credit card, ID and some cash in. When we got back to the restaurant, my boyfriend searched the parking lot, I searched the table area, and the Hostess helped me. She told me that she had cleared the table and that she hadn'€™t seen a coin purse there. I said that it would have been right by the tip since my mother left the tip and I paid for dinner.

The Hostess stated that the tip was gone before she cleared the table. (** picked up his tip). I asked the Hostess if I could speak to **. She went into the kitchen to get him. When she returned, she told me he would be right out, he was in the restroom. After about 5 minutes ** came out. He appeared to be very flustered. In looking around the restaurant I noticed that there were very few customers, certainly not enough to make this waiter look as flustered has he did. When I asked ** about the wallet, he said that he had not seen a wallet and quickly turned and went into the kitchen.

The next day, my mother called and spoke to the "manager of the day."€ My mother was inquiring as to whether or not anyone had found the wallet and turned it in. The manager said she didn't know about any wallet but would check could my mother hold. Sure she would, and she did. The manager of the day came back on the line stating that yes, there was a wallet found with my mother's driver's license, credit card and a few coins in it. When my mother asked about the $400 cash that had been in it, the manager said, "nope no money in it."€

I went to the restaurant to pick up the wallet. When I asked where it had been found, the manager told me that it had been found in the men'€™s rest room between the garbage can and the liner.

Imagine my surprise when I heard it was found in the men's room. Three men seated or working in that section during the time in question two of whom were accounted for. Only the waiter was not accounted for. We were told that ** would be questioned and we would be contacted. The only contact or response we have had since then is the following email from James R. Burke, RT Seattle, President, Ruby Tuesday. (It took over a month for him to respond.)

"I received a copy of your e-mail this morning. I was wondering if you might provide me the details of your visit? We have computer records of each transaction recorded in the restaurants. I will be able to pull your guest check and discuss situation with employee/managers. Thank you."

Nothing further has been said or done. ** is a very dishonest person. He took something from my mother and has no shame. To my knowledge ** still works at that restaurant. There was never any recourse and to my knowledge there was nothing done at all. The facts in this case DO add up, all of the following refer to our waiter, **: One of only three men in the area at the time the incident occurred. Very flustered when I asked about the wallet upon my return to the restaurant.

Very uneasy when speaking to me, couldn't look me in the eye. Was in the men'€™s room when I returned to the restaurant. Very short in discussion and hurried away quickly afterwards. Wallet found in the men'€™s restroom by cleaning staff just after closing that night.

I am sure that my mother will never get her money back and I am also sure that I will never eat at that restaurant or any other Ruby Tuesday restaurant. I have told everyone I know and they in turn have stopped eating there too.
I am very disappointed in the response and the treatment that we received from Ruby Tuesday. Thank you for allowing me to post this so others are aware of the type of people that we have here in Olympia Washington working in the Ruby Tuesdays located just off of Marvin Road.

Resolution Update 09/20/2007:

Please remove my complaint and my email address from your site.
Thank you

Great Server
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Rating: 5/51

DEKALB, ILLINOIS -- ** served us and we were so pleased by his friendliness and patience in allowing us to visit before ordering. All food was served in a timely manner and all request were cheerfully taken care of. We were most pleased by ** and want management to know how much we enjoyed our dinner.

Bad Rib Eye Steak
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Rating: 1/51

GULF BREZZE, FLORIDA -- In all my years of eating steak. Long Horns, Texas Road House, Road House, or any other restaurant that serves steak, I have NEVER had such a FAT content steak than Ruby Tuesday. More than 2/3rds of my steak was FAT. I will never eat steak at Ruby Tuesday EVER again!! Nor will I ever endorse any steak from Ruby Tuesday NEVER.

The Food Was Nasty and Had a Foul Smell
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Rating: 1/51

CLINTON, MARYLAND -- I ordered the petite steak and rice pilaf with a steak sauce. The rice had a foul smell. The steak sauce was rank and nasty. I was given the opportunity to order something else and by the time that order came my taste for food was gone. I paid for the two meals that I ordered in addition to my daughter's meal.

False Advertising
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Rating: 4/51

TOMS RIVER, NEW JERSEY -- Watching TV and seeing your ad about your free salad bar, led us to have dinner at Ruby Tuesday, Toms River, NJ, yesterday, June 4th for our 63rd anniversary. We ordered and then we're going to the salad bar and we're told that it is only for special items which we did not see on the menu. We did not see on TV that you had to order special items and the waitress did not tell us that. It was very embarrassing and we feel it is false advertising.

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