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Weighing your Small Salad
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HAMILTON SQUARE, NEW JERSEY -- Let me start by saying that I love Salad Works & the taste/combination/choices of salads available. I have been to over 20 different Salad Work locations across the country where available.

However, I am no longer going to spend my money at this franchise. At two different locations did I now experience the owner having a scale set up to weigh the salads. In turn the employees are not making salads with less ingredients and more lettuce (because it weighs less).

Employees are repremended for going over the "weight" set by the manager. What is an employee going to do then so they don't go over the set weight? Its pretty obvious. They start putting less ingredients in so they never go over the pre-determined weight.

I then asked the manager how does he determine the weight because all if I get a salad with Pasta it will naturally "weigh" more than all lettuce.

This is a poor practice by salad works. The manager said he wants to "make sure they don't way to much and to little" I have never seen them weigh a salad where they say they are "to little" and throw more ingrediants in the salad. Employees are making smaller salads just so they doing go over the weight being monitored by the manager. So customers are ripped off by getting smaller salads for the SAME Price.

I got a Cobb Salad and the lady making my salad put barely any Blue Cheese in the salad because it all stuck to the spoon. I asked her to put more in there (more being some because none went in there). At the register they had the audacity to try to charge me an additional $0.75 cents because I asked for more. I refused to pay and they gave the salad to me anyhow after I had to explain that there was none put in initially.

The same happens with salad dressing. They refuse to put any salad dressing on the salad so you ask for more than say "o that will be $.50 cents more".

As long as Salad Works continues to weigh their salads and in turn employees make smaller salads to stay under the "weight limit" I will never go back to salad works.

How can you set 1 weight limit for hundrends of different variety of salads mixtures that weigh differently.
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MDSasquatch on 09/13/2011:
Doesn't sound like a place I would go to; I prefer to make my own salad and load it up with all the bad stuff, but still eat guilt-free because it is a "salad" after all.

Good review.
Mark on 08/16/2013:
Same experience today At Hamilton salad works
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Saladworks bait and switch
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PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Been going to the Saladworks in One Liberty Place Phila for several years...
ordering the same....Bentley Salad without the egg but substituting croutons instead with a little extra fat free ranch dressing.

Price for first year $9.16 each including tax
Dec 2010 price rises to $10.02 explanation was to rising costs.

Today? $11.87...
what was difference in one day? asked management and they said they raised prices or past charges were wrong...

This is the last Saladworks will get from me and hopefully all will be advised of these practices. Substituting stale bread for egg isn't cause for price gouging and the lack of consistency leads one to believe they are incentivizing employees to bait and switch?
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Anonymous on 04/19/2011:
I'm not sure how this is bait and switch?

The price of everything is going up...and quickly. Ground beef in my area is over $6/lb right now. Ground beef!
Anonymous on 04/19/2011:
This isn't bait and switch. They aren't promising you one thing (bait), and then offering you something else in lieu of what you originally wanted (switch). This is more like inflation
trmn8r on 04/19/2011:
I understand your frustration, but it is very possible this is just a reflection of increased costs. We had no inflation for an extended period of time, but I have noticed grocery prices creeping up over the last 6 months.
Cwazychicken on 04/20/2011:
Prices are going up, quanity is going down. Get a bag of chips and you can barely call it a bag of chips. Fast food has gone up lately, so lately I just buy myself deli turkey, bread and eat at home lol...much cheaper.
Alain on 04/20/2011:
Wow, JC, our 92% local lean ground beef is only $2.99/lb. and I thought that was high! Our iceberg lettuce jumped from $1.49 a head last week to $1.99 this week.
Anonymous on 04/20/2011:
I have yet to go to one of the upscale salad bar and the price has always been a major factor.

I can buy what I need to make a "gourmet" salad for a little over a half of what they charge and have some leftover for a few days.
As fuel goes up so does food.
Anonymous on 04/20/2011:
That is to much to pay for salad.
Anonymous on 04/20/2011:
I'd probably choke on that price as well but it's pretty much how things are going these days. I for one don't like it but eh what can you do?

Good review!
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Posted by on
NEW JERSEY -- I have been a Saladworks customer since the beginning of their franchise. I have become very disappointed with the company for over a year now. When the company first opened, their salads were much larger and came in an rectangular shape. Now they come in an square smaller container. The salads have been downsized, the price to me has not been fair because of this. I had brought this to several managers attention in my area, they claim it goes by weight. So where is the stores scale? There is none. I am very tired of the downsizing of products and the rising cost of these products. I will no longer be a customer of any Saladworks.
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Ytropious on 03/31/2010:
Try weighing it. Sometimes companies use large boxes to give the appearance that you are getting more than you really are. Once they realize they can save money by downsizing the unnecessary packaging, customers think they have been screwed. Not always.
Anonymous on 03/31/2010:
Portion sizes in restaurants have really ballooned over the past couple decades - perhaps this alleged "downsize" is really what is in line - particularly if you're trying to lose weight.
gratefulphan3 on 04/01/2010:
Hi, I'm a Saladworks Guest Relations Representative and we thank you for your feedback. We value your opinion and wanted to let you know that with the change to the new white bowl, our recipes did not get smaller. Recently, some ingredients amounts were adjusted to be more in line with what our health conscious customers are asking for, which included increasing portion sizes of several highly nutritious powerhouse foods. We do try very hard to ensure that our price to product cost ratio is reasonable. Because of the high quality of the products that we source, the prices may be set higher than those of our lower quality competitors. Can we ask which location it was that you visited? We would like to check in with them to ensure that all employees are trained properly on our tried and true recipes. Thanks again.
lucy soltysiak on 12/02/2013:
the lite dressings need to be more tasty. whenever I try any one of the flavors, they all taste the same, very SOUR. can not enjoy a salad with this nasty "lite" stuff. and the bottled drinks need to be checked, many times I find myself drinking an expired ice tea or soda
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