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Weighing your Small Salad
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HAMILTON SQUARE, NEW JERSEY -- Let me start by saying that I love Salad Works & the taste/combination/choices of salads available. I have been to over 20 different Salad Work locations across the country where available.

However, I am no longer going to spend my money at this franchise. At two different locations did I now experience the owner having a scale set up to weigh the salads. In turn the employees are not making salads with less ingredients and more lettuce (because it weighs less).

Employees are repremended for going over the "weight" set by the manager. What is an employee going to do then so they don't go over the set weight? Its pretty obvious. They start putting less ingredients in so they never go over the pre-determined weight.

I then asked the manager how does he determine the weight because all if I get a salad with Pasta it will naturally "weigh" more than all lettuce.

This is a poor practice by salad works. The manager said he wants to "make sure they don't way to much and to little" I have never seen them weigh a salad where they say they are "to little" and throw more ingrediants in the salad. Employees are making smaller salads just so they doing go over the weight being monitored by the manager. So customers are ripped off by getting smaller salads for the SAME Price.

I got a Cobb Salad and the lady making my salad put barely any Blue Cheese in the salad because it all stuck to the spoon. I asked her to put more in there (more being some because none went in there). At the register they had the audacity to try to charge me an additional $0.75 cents because I asked for more. I refused to pay and they gave the salad to me anyhow after I had to explain that there was none put in initially.

The same happens with salad dressing. They refuse to put any salad dressing on the salad so you ask for more than say "o that will be $.50 cents more".

As long as Salad Works continues to weigh their salads and in turn employees make smaller salads to stay under the "weight limit" I will never go back to salad works.

How can you set 1 weight limit for hundrends of different variety of salads mixtures that weigh differently.
Saladworks bait and switch
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PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Been going to the Saladworks in One Liberty Place Phila for several years...
ordering the same....Bentley Salad without the egg but substituting croutons instead with a little extra fat free ranch dressing.

Price for first year $9.16 each including tax
Dec 2010 price rises to $10.02 explanation was to rising costs.

Today? $11.87...
what was difference in one day? asked management and they said they raised prices or past charges were wrong...

This is the last Saladworks will get from me and hopefully all will be advised of these practices. Substituting stale bread for egg isn't cause for price gouging and the lack of consistency leads one to believe they are incentivizing employees to bait and switch?
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NEW JERSEY -- I have been a Saladworks customer since the beginning of their franchise. I have become very disappointed with the company for over a year now. When the company first opened, their salads were much larger and came in an rectangular shape. Now they come in an square smaller container. The salads have been downsized, the price to me has not been fair because of this. I had brought this to several managers attention in my area, they claim it goes by weight. So where is the stores scale? There is none. I am very tired of the downsizing of products and the rising cost of these products. I will no longer be a customer of any Saladworks.
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