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Flagrant use of Authority
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- March 12, 2012, my vehicle was repossessed from my residence. I called my finance company Santandar Consumer USA) to find out the cost to redeem my vehicle. I was told the redemption price would be $1457.97 by representative Frank in the Re-instatement Department if I paid for the vehicle within 10 days. On March 19, 2012, I paid the redemption cost of $1706.95 which included the $400.00 repossession fee and the telephone processing fee of $10.95. I was also told that my vehicle was shipped to Fort Wayne Indiana for auction. I was informed to contact Santandar Consumer once I reclaimed my vehicle so my account can be restored back to "active status". I was given a number to reach Indiana Auto Auction of 708-389-4488. To my understanding that number is not registered to Indiana Auto Auction but to Tri-City Auto Auction who informed me per Santandar Consumer USA, they were told to ship the vehicle to Fort Wayne Indiana for auction.

The representative Jamie informed me that no information on my vehicle was available and that I should call Santandar Consumer again to locate my vehicle. The second call to Santandar Consumer was answered by representative Mr. R. in the Re-instatement Department and began to tell Mr. R. about the mix up in location. He informed me that there was an order to keep my car at Tri-State Auto Auction (Repo-Lot) but the order was cancelled and my car was indeed shipped to Fort Wayne Indiana Auto Auction. He gave me the correct phone number to call for retrieval and told me again to call Santandar after I retrieve my vehicle so that the status on the account can return to active. I in turn called Indiana Auto Auction in Fort Wayne Indiana and spoke with representative Tammy who gave me the hours of operation and told me to bring my Driver's License with me.

The storage fee for now is $100.00 and the fee will be $10.00 a day after 2 weeks starting from today. She later called me back and left me a voice mail message that night apologizing for not to include the key fee of $250.00 so the total is $350.00 not $100.00. On March 22, 2012 I called Santandar Consumer with questions of the location of the vehicle and why was a order cancelled to have my vehicle stay in the state for retrieval? I was told that the vehicle was sent to the auction for storage purposes only. I asked the representative how will I retrieve my vehicle from Indiana, I live in Chicago. I was told I can have the vehicle towed at my own expense.

On March 23, 2012 I made the long journey to Fort Wayne Indiana Auto Auction to retrieve my car. I spoke with representative Tammy, who had me sign release papers. I told her I want to check my vehicle FIRST to make sure nothing is missing. She gave me directions as to where I can see my vehicle and upon approaching the truck, I noticed the bumper was broken. I opened the door and all of my personal effects were gone from the car and a complete write up on the car and what needed to be repaired was written on the window. When I returned to Tammy I told her I am not signing that release because my bumper is broken and my personal effects are missing from the car. She told me that was the only way I could get my car back after taking the $350.00 for the storage and key fee.

I told her again, I am not signing this release when my personal effects are not in the car and my bumper is broken. She said I let you speak to a manager because you're not getting this car until you sign. Ten minutes later Manager Jeff appears to explain why I must sign the release form. He began to inform me that my personal effects were in the Repo-Lot in Chicago. I asked him why when my vehicle is here in Indiana? He told me he didn't know. The lender told him to dispatch a towing truck and pick up the truck and ship it to Fort Wayne Auto Auction. I asked him was it safe to say that Santandar assumed I was not going to pick up my car? He said "YES". He further went on to say that Tammy did not know that my personal effects were not in the vehicle and that they are not responsible for any items after the car is dropped off from the Repo-Lot in Chicago.

I was given a number in which to contact the lot in Chicago to verify if my personal effects were there. It was confirmed that my personal belongings were in Chicago. I asked the representative why are my effects there and not with the car? He said all I know is the lender said ship the car and we did. We cleaned the car out the first night we received it. I then called Santandar and spoke to Representative Roslynd who gave nothing but excuses as to why my car was shipped, how Santandar is not responsible for any broken or missing personal items and said sorry for the inconvenience. I signed the vehicle release form but I was given a corporate number to call to have my bumper fixed. When it was all said and done I had no choice but to sign since I paid $1700.00 for the car to be released.

Indiana Auto Auction also changed the steering column to my car. My personal keys to my car do not work. I asked the manager why were they changed? He told me he didn't know and he could not change it back. This is a poor use of authority in the repossession's department, the auction house mechanical staff and Consumer USA. I will be filing a larger complaint. This must stop!!
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User Replies:
dan gordon on 03/23/2012:
you write a good review. Sounds like they made a new key in anticipation of selling the car. That by itself shouldn't' be such a big deal if they are giving you the new key. Perhaps a small claims lawsuit would be the easiest to resolve this.
BigAl on 03/23/2012:
My brother has dealership in Florida and he has to occasionally repo a car. Florida law states that he must maintain possession of the car for 10 days before he does anything with it. This gives the consumer time to make amends. Personal property, as long as it is not attached to the vehicle, must be returned to the customer once the towing charge has been paid. Of course the laws in your state will differ but they should be close to the same. If I were you I would pursue legal actions on this. I cannot imagine what they did is legal.
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Horrible company
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- Citifinancial sold all its auto loans to this wretched company, so I'm not with them by choice. If you ever think to get a loan through them, don't. I have given them ample opportunity to fix their error, and they have not done so, so they knew complaints would be a-flyin'. So far, I've complained to the BBB (not that it will do any good), the Texas AG and the FTC. We'll see if that does any good.

To make a long story short, I made a payment by check last month. The check didn't post to my account, so fearing I would be late, I made an online payment. The next day, my online payment and a check payment for some crazy amount showed up on my account. I went onto their useless chat line and was told, after telling the person five times that it was not my payment and that I had made TWO payments for the same amount ($500), one online and one by check, that the $360 payment they posted was in error. I checked my bank account later and found out that they had cashed my check, so I, in effect, made two car payments, but only one was showing up. Fast forward a week, and I fax them a copy of the canceled check. I wait and wait. And wait. Finally, they remove the $360, but they still have not posted my $500. Three phone calls later, here we are. They promise to fix the error, apologize for the delay, and do nothing. So I am losing interest on the $500 as well as accruing interest on this amount on my car loan. They have the documentation; they have confirmed it three times. They just won't fix the problem. If you have no other choice than to finance with this sorry excuse for a company, ride a bike.
Resolution Update 05/20/2011:
Well, I somehow found a link to the e-mail address for the office of the president of Santander. I filed a complaint on that, and within an hour I had a phone call with a promise to have a resolution in 48 hours. This morning, the payment was showing on my account. I didn't catch the person's name but I thank them for resolving this. One less thing to worry about. However, I think it's sad that I have to resort to going that high up for a simple error. I'm just glad that at least someone followed through, although I don't blame "Lindella" who I talked to last week. She was nice and did all she could.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/17/2011:
Good review and really a incompetent company, Skelly. Let us know when (and if) this gets straightened out!
skelly39 on 05/18/2011:
I will, Alain. I checked again this morning and they still haven't fixed it, dang it!
Alain on 05/20/2011:
That's great to hear it's resolved, Skelly! Your perseverance paid off. Thanks very much for the update, too!
Amanda on 12/14/2011:
we have a van financed through them and just saw that our apr 25.9%. my hubbys credit wasn't great but we put 2000 down and this just seems awfully high.
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If You Want To Get Screwed, Finance With Them
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PITSTOP, TEXAS -- To make a long story short, my hubby and I originally financed with CitiAuto Financial Loan. My hubby and I had several financial things that happened including we both ended up on SSD, making about half of what we used to make.

We got behind, but we paid even though it was late. Finally, I thought we paid off the loan. We had made our 60 payments about with only 2 pieces of mail/bill first one after last yr. December 2nd one a month ago.

Can you imagine my surprise when they explained I owed 6 grand asked more I got I was just paying interest so did my rate go up I cannot believe this legal. Over the 60 months, no one told me that I owed more, not until I asked for my title. Any ideas are welcome right now I am paying because they have already tried to repo my car.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/09/2013:
You asked for suggestions. My suggestion would be to get the contract out, and read it carefully. The terms for what happens when you default should be in there. Then figure out if the $6,000 you speak of as a remaining balance is consistent with the terms.

That is the first step, because if the terms spell out whatever charges were added to your balance, you would not have a complaint. On the other hand, if they don't then you may have recourse.
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Santander Consumer USA Will Nickel and Dime You!
Posted by on
DALLAS -- I received notice one week ago that Santander is now handling my auto payments that were with Citifinancial. After visiting their site and trying to log on with my username and password from CItifinancial's site as they said it would work I had to call their customer service twice, because the first time I was hung up on after an associate put me on hold for 5 minutes. The second time they said I had to go back to their website, follow a bunch of steps, then submit my request to have my password reset.

After I received the email to reset my password, I then logged on hoping to pay for my account online via their site and not have to pay $10.95 as they charge to do so over the phone as I used to do with Citifinancial for free. NO LUCK! They charge $10.95 whether you pay online with checking account/ATM/credit or over the phone. You can mail your payment but it takes 7-10 days to post which means you'll be charged interest and late fees. They know it's a setup, which is why they try and sell you on the fact that paying the $10.95 will 'save you' from paying more in fees late if your payment isn't credited on time.

I'd have no problem mailing my payment 14 days in advance if I hadn't read online from various sources that people who send in payments via check have the amounts altered and initialed by an employee or someone rips off their account info and suddenly random charges start appearing on their accounts.

I'm SO MAD I have to pay $10.95 tonight to 'ensure' my payment won't be late to avoid fees, even though it's 10:15pm on 09/19 and my payment isn't due until 9/27. Well, I know in 2 weeks I will be getting a money order and mailing it because I will not pay $10.95 to PAY a bill nor risk giving these jokers my account # cause they hire unscrupulous employees.

Good thing my car is paid off in 7 months.

PS- There is one other way to pay for 'free'. Sign up for automatic payment deduction. Yes, give them your account number and access to take the money from your account every month. But, when it's time for your car to be paid off, what's the guarantee they'll adjust the final amount and won't over charge you. Good luck getting your money back! You have to give them 30 days written notice to stop auto payments. Seriously, there needs to be a federal law preventing companies from charging you to PAY THEM!

Next time I finance a vehicle, I WILL NOT select anyone that has Santander collect their payments.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 09/20/2010:
It seems as if the complaint is written based upon something you suspect, not what has actually happened.
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Thieves and liars
Posted by on
I attempted to pay off my car loan Santander 2 weeks ago. The amount owed was $13,451.
I send a check for the amount as my monthly payment. The check was cashed before the due date.
The amount on the check had been altered and initialed by an employee to the amount of $1,345.00 and cashed in that amount.
Soooo......the car wasn't paid off as I'd hoped nor was I notified about the check alteration. I only found about the check
alteration by going to my bank, investigating my balance and the actual check. I had the check printed. I called Santander
'customer service' and complained. I was put on hold for an eternity (one long-distance call). I called back (2nd long distance call)
and was transferred to someone else. This person found a 'copy' of the check somehow and argued with me about the amount and denied
there anything wrong with it and that the payment would stand as it was. He added that the total amount due was now $13,261.00 because a
'revolving interest' charge had been tacked on even though the payment had been made on time and the check was altered. He told me I
should fax my concerns to the 'ASU' department, whatever that is. So, I got all of my documentation together, wrote a note describing my
issues in great detail and faxed and mailed (certified mail, another $6.00 spent on this idiocy) the documentation to the 'ASU' department
as advised. I also filed a complaint the Texas Attorney General's Office and sent the same information to them. I also included my complaint
to AG's office to Santander along with everything else. This all took place 3 business days ago. I have received a return receipt from the AG's
office but of course no word from Santander. I plan on taking this to Small Claims Court in two weeks if I don't get the 'revolving interest'
fee removed, the car paid off and the title. I have no doubt I will be ignored by Santander until they have to drag their legal department
into it and start threatening me with whatever BS they can come up with. I have time on my hands right now and I'm gearing up for a good
fight. Wish me luck!
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User Replies:
Helpful on 06/27/2010:
Interesting story. Please keep us informed after your trip to court.
JennM5262 on 07/14/2010:
OK, so this gets kind of hard to explain so I hope it makes sense. I know you know what a check looks like but humor me....Here is a "draft", if you will, of what a check looks like (it's easiest to explain I guess):

John Doe (CK #) 1151
1111 E 4th St
Inthesticks ID, 99999

Pay to the order Of: Sandtander USA
(Box here for $ AMT) 1,345.00
(Written amt) Thirteen Thousand Four Hundred Fifty One &00/100s
So, (using my "check" above) If your check looks similar to this, where they would have altered the box for the "$ AMT", but didn't change the "WRITTEN AMT" then they have to go by that WRITTEN amount regardless of what is in the actual dollar AMT box. Even if you put in the dollar amount box as 1,345.00, and wrote "Thirteen thousand four hundred fifty one dollars" they still have to take it as the LEGAL WRITTEN AMOUNT. So as long as in the written part it says what you actually wrote it for they have to go by that legal written amount. Your bank should make the adjustment to your account and submit an encoding error case through their proper banking channels (whether it be through FED or through writing letters to Santander's bank) your bank has more resources to pull through than the consumer to have these kinds of error fixed (your bank should know what to do). If the company is not willing to fix the error then you should be going through your bank to get it resolved. Your bank should then proceed with their banking channels to fix the error and have the item corrected. Now Santander should absolutely be fixing it for you, but because the check was already processed for the 1,345.00 they can't just magically make it appear that way in their bank account. They should have noted your account and adjusted it and taken it up with their bank to fix the encoding error. Their bank would then adjust their account and go through their adjustment channels, and your bank would be notified of the error one way or another. I only know all of this because I happen to work for a bank, in nonetheless, the adjustments department :-). I would try to get it resolved with your bank to save you the legal hassles. It would be the same if you had written the check for "ONE THOUSAND THREE HUNDRED FORTY FIVE DOLLARS" and they took it for 13,451.00 even if that's what you put in the dollar amt box. So my advice to you is to try to have it handled bank to bank, and if Santander still won't apply the payment for the correct amount and take off the interest they added after the check went through, then I would take it to court. But that's just what I would do :-)... I hope this information helps.
faithoneGod on 07/06/2012:
One word for you.......F R A U D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This company is full of it...I too was referred to "ASU"...WHAT IS THAT?!!!!!...they couldn't give any names ...these thieves
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Santander Consumer Auto Loan-Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
DALLAS, TEXAS -- My loan was moved to Santander about 9 months ago. Since then I've been sending them copies of my drivers license, marriage certificate, and social security card to update my last name from my marriage in 2009. It has never been fixed. I called again today and was told I had to fax the paperwork not mail it. I explained I do not have access to a fax machine and asked if I could mail the paperwork again, and they interoffice fax it to the correct department, I was told no. I reminded them the name they have on record is not my legal name, the insurance and registration on my car are also not in that name, as well as all the payments I make with check state my correct last name. Again, I was told only faxes are allowed. I requested a supervisor and spoke to Urenda (sp?), who said to me after I explained the situation again "You mean to tell me there is no fax machine in your entire state?". I'm astounded that this is the words that came out of the "Supervisor's" mouth. I asked to speak to a unit manager who I was told I wasn't allowed to speak with. If you loan with Santander this is the type of service you will get. DO NOT LOAN WITH THEM!
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 08/04/2010:
You can always go to a currency exchange to fax the paperwork to them. If that's what they say they need why are you fighting it? You either want it done or not.
Anonymous on 08/04/2010:
It is pretty unbelievable that a supervisor would say something like that, but honestly it doesn't surprise me. Customer service just isn't what it used to be. The fact of the matter is they could solve your issue with a mailed in copy but they don't want to, so they won't...but, you can go to a local FedEx/Kinkos or similar type place and fax for a couple of dollars. Good luck, hope this gets straightened out for you.
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