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Doesn't Honor Their Own Coupons, Lie When You Deal With Them
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Rating: 1/51
PLYMOUTH, MINNESOTA -- I recently went to Schneiderman's to purchase a living room grouping for my nephew. I only went to them because I had a gift certificate from them due to having purchased furniture for myself back in 2006. The salesman in Plymouth, Craig, was dishonest about their price matching. I got conflicting information from Michelle, the website manager the Plymouth Store Manager, and Jason who seems to think he can control people from contacting the corporate president Larry Schneiderman. They had umpteen excuses why they would not give me the "lowest price guaranteed". In fact, it took them SO long to respond that I found a second lower price. The first they decided must be "false" and Craig and Michelle went so far as to say if I bought from an online seller I would end up with unusable furniture! They had a winter sale going on at the time and in it is a coupon for $100.00 off if you buy a fabric sofa. We did that and they REFUSE TO HONOR THEIR OWN COUPON despite the fact that the only "exceptions" to it are for brands we were not buying. Jason has now decided that he can tell me, a consumer, that I MUST contact only him, not Larry, the President. Clearly he knows he is wrong and is trying to cover his backside.

Their furniture is greatly overpriced, the staff has demonstrated a lack of integrity (and/or just flat out lied and/or not been trained correctly) all for the princely sum of $100.00 on their OWN SALE COUPON.

I have not heard from Larry Schneiderman, the President and CEO, despite several emails shared with him. Apparently he's "too busy" or "too important" to reply to my emails. I can't believe a company that touts itself as being so "wonderful" would treat a senior citizen this way, all for a lousy $100.00!

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User Replies:
Alain on 02/16/2012:
You can report this to the Minnesota consumer protection agency at
furnman on 02/16/2012:
FYI, Jason is Larry's son. Having said that, being in furniture, most stores do not match on line pricing, Many on line stores are in fact not really stores, they take your money and then order the furniture, no inventory, no store overheard, if you need service good luck.
JGB on 07/14/2012:
Shocked to hear this as all my dealings with the company (a few different rooms for myslef plus my parents house) have been fantastic. I was price matched on the same item I had seen at Becker without hassle.
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Schneiderman's is Overpriced - misleading price guarantee
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LAKEVILLE, MINNESOTA -- Schneiderman's advertises the lowest prices on Sealy mattresses. What a joke. We bought a Sealy pillow top bed from their Lakeville Minnesota furniture store. They had a big sale in the newspaper. We bought one. Several weeks later we heard from some friends that they bought almost the same exact bed from Slumberland for hundreds of dollars less. The problem was that Schneiderman's uses their own model numbers so they can have extremely high prices, but then advertise "the lowest prices on Sealy in Minnesota guaranteed." Major companies don't carry the same models. After doing some research, I found that even Macys/Marshall Fields had almost the exact same bed for significantly less money. They do the same thing for furniture. Don't believe their ads. Schneiderman's either has the same quality as others for more money or less quality than other stores for the same money.

Their guarantee is a joke! Do not buy from Schneiderman's.
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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 05/29/2007:
Sorry to tell you, but just about every major retailer does this little trick. They buy in large enough quantities that they have have their own model numbers placed on "their" products - mattresses, TV's, stereos, camcorders, washer and dryers, lawn mowers - you name it. Makes it impossible to price match.
Dedicated Reader on 05/29/2007:
You said, "they bought almost the same exact bed." That's different from buying the same bed. Many retailers specify that their bedding be made with special ticking or other distinctive details.

We can all understand your dismay, but you should have done your comparative shopping before you bought, not complained afterwards.
larry schneiderman on 07/22/2007:
Imagine my surprise when I searched Google for my company, Schneiderman's Furniture, and I read this. Shopping and comparing the exact same mattress set is challenging, but it's done all the time. It's less challenging with Sealy, which is a very popular brand. Sealy does offer a large number of different line ups to retailers, but the specs can be matched up and we can help. We would like to be the lowest price every time, but the competition is tough and Sealy is carried by many retailers. If a customer compares the equivalent mattress elsewhere and we aren't the lowest price, we will give you a lower price. That's how the guarantee works. We are typically lower in price than the competitors you've mentioned. Our customers let us know.
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