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Bad Management due to Scheduling
Posted by on
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We asked that the Trugreen notify us when the service is being done so that we can be home when the service is being provided. You never know if these people are actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing…wouldn’t be the first time.

Anyhow, whenever I reschedule I specifically have the Customer Service repeat the date 2-3 times to make sure we’re on the same page. Now, when we do get screwed I personally talk to Shilo. Now, Shilo the Manager at 2421 Black Gold Ct Houston, TX keeps on apologizing and tells me that this will NEVER happen again. But guess keeps on happening...not once not twice not three but 6 times. I can't even keep up anymore.

Originally our appointment was for Feb 4th but I called to reschedule for the 10th instead. So, today is the day they were supposed to come out and do the treatment. So, I’m sitting here waiting and waiting and it’s past 1:00 and still nothing.

I called the company and spoke to the Customer Service. She said that “they rescheduled me for the 18th.” I said “that’s NOT possible.” Then she said “originally you were scheduled for the 10th but you wanted to reschedule for the 18th.” I confirmed to her that it was NOT the case because the woman I spoke to when I rescheduled repeated the date multiple times.” I told her that “I didn’t want to deal with Shilo anymore because he’s useless to me. You BETTER have somebody come out here. I don’t care if he has to go back there to refill his truck.” The woman called me back and said that she’s having someone come out here but it’ll be awhile…I don’t care.

How can this Shilo be a manager if he can't even get his act together????? I know that the economy being down right now doesn't help. Is the company just desperate? Why do customers have to suffer this kind service? We pay our bills on time...I just don't get it.
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Anonymous on 2011-02-10:
Apparently, Shilo is not a good representation of the high standard of value that Trugreen is trying to provide. Enough dissatisfied customers, and I doubt he'll be employed there much longer. Best of luck on the next person they send out!
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Service Master Professional, Florida City, FL. Don't call them!!
Posted by on
FLORIDA CITY, FLORIDA -- I am an Active duty Marine officer stationed in Japan. My mother,66 and ill, lives in Miami in a home that I owe. In Oct 2010 she experienced an over flow in the Master Bath that flooded the Master bed, Master closet and part of a closet in the living room. My mother is not technologically savvy and does not understand completely the relationship between companies, clients, and the insurance company. She called a friend who referred her to Service Master Professional, a franchise in South Florida owned by [snip]. Bradely arrives at the house and tells my mother that they will start immediately and will finish the job entirely. The insurance adjuster arrives the next day, when Bradley and his company are already at work. The adjuster barely talks to my mother because Bradley engages him. Two days after they began the work, on a Friday one worker comes in and retrieves all the gear and leaves. My mother calls Bradley several times to come back and finish the job. They had taken 3 feet of wall out without replacing it. They also had to disinfect and clean properly. Bradley tells my mother that he is waiting to see how much the insurance company is going to approve in order for him to come back. After 8 to 10 days we decide to call another company to come in and finish the job. When Bradley first came in, he won over my mother’s trust by saying things like, we will take care of you, don’t worry, we will finish everything and leave it as new. And he had my desperate mother sign a contract without providing an estimate. Bradley’s Company then sends the insurance company a bill directly. Then, Bradley begins harassing my mother with aggressive, obnoxious and rude phone calls asking for the check. My mother had to call the insurance with him on the line so that he would stop harassing her. After, an ordeal the insurance company sends a check to my home for me to sign and to pay Bradley. At this point I have not seen the bill, so decide to call Bradley. He tells me that he did finish the job, that putting the walls down and drying was one job and then replacing the walls was another. Completely different from what he told my mother and completely ridiculous statement. I asked him to send me the bill so that I could review it. The bill was blown out of proportion. He added things in the bill that didn’t happen. He charged for equipment that was not used. Like a 1-3 ton dumpster, extra humidifiers and air movers billed for 4 days instead of 2 and a charge for water extraction that didn’t take place because when he arrived at the house the water had dropped and my mother had dried up the residue. His bill totaled $ 5475.58 when it should had been approximately $2500.00 less. I typed an itemized rebuttal to his claim and send it back to him and made a formal complaint to corporate. Corporate assigned a mediator who reviewed my rebuttal and asked Bradley to make corrections and re send to me and the insurance company. Instead, he ignored our emails and had his assistant send an email asking when was it a good time to pick up the check, and later another email threatening that he would submit the account to collections. I again, called him. He said that he didn’t agree with the rebuttal and that my mother didn’t know the difference between a dehumidifier and an air mover. He then said he would place a lien on my property. I sent out another email to all parties explaining Bradley’s absurd position and with photos of the home after the damage but before Bradley arrived, which proved that the floors were dry and that no water extraction took place. I didn’t have pics of the equipment in the house. However, Bradley claimed to have pics and when I asked him to share them with me, he answered in his usual arrogant tone: “I’m not playing games.” I don’t understand what games he was referring to; I could only suspect that he did not have any pictures. The next day [a Friday, Japan time] I receive yet another threatening email from Bradley’s assistant informing me that they had submitted the account into the claims department and that on the following Monday a lien would be placed on my home. I knew that a lien takes at least one week to go through and that we would go to small claims court for the judgment. I also knew that once the judge saw that Bradley ignored all emails and turned down all negotiations, that he made no honest attempt to solve the issue….. that he would not have a case. I knew Bradley was only trying to strong arm me and pressure me to release payment to his ridiculous charge. However, because the insurance company had no say in the situation, in fact, the representative [who also dealt with Bradley] told me that they had already releases the check and they were staying out of it, I found no reason to fight for an insurance company that was not interested in not getting ripped off. I decided to release the check to Bradley. Dealing with Bradley specifically was exhausting. He is aggressive, vulgar, unethical, unmoral, unreasonable; he is far from the epitome of a gentleman or business owner. It is my impression that he has vast experience in bulling, threatening and pressuring people to pay him at will. He is also experienced in dealing with insurance companies and in this case over charging them for an unfinished and poorly executed job. I recommend you avoid him and his business.
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Destroyed Furniture and Ed the Manager Is Rude and Will Not Fix Anything
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZONA -- My washing machine over flowed and I called Service Masters to come out to get all the water out and dried. The gentlemen that came out were the best. On the other hand the Manager Ed, was rude and he damaged 1 of my recliners that had been brought back out to me. I called him and he never returned my call. My insurance company had to call him to return my call. He denied all the slits in the chair and flat out didn't care. He said to me "Where's my money?" The insurance adjuster went to Service Masters and told me that my recliner was in perfect shape.

When Ed brought it back it was a mess. The main room that got most of the water had carpet in it that was like NEW. Ed threw it away and will not replace it. How he manages this business is beyond me. Never again will I use this company because of him. It took him 4 weeks to return all our furniture and I have now noticed more damage to my furniture. I am taking this to the Corporate office to file a complaint against him.

Hopefully I can save someone else from having to suffer like we did. All we had to sit on was a couch w/ no cushions and a recliner with slits in it that will soon open up and not be able to be used. The chair was my mother's who had passed which made this whole issue more upsetting. Please note that the guys that came out to do the work were GREAT. They are Jake and John. I feel bad that these 2 great guys work for such an a**
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Don't Hire This Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CLAYSBURG -- One employee has been late 2 days in a row, never called. They have just started this job 2 days ago .They might get more work done if they did less [removed] and playing with their phones. Very unsatisfied with this company.
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Comment for One Stop Kitchen Bath & Floors, Inc.
Posted by on
1319 GREEN FOREST CT, WINTER GARDEN, FL 34787, FLORIDA -- Mark is the contractor to perform the job. A little 3 people business. I agreed with Melody M. from Kissimmee that it was the worst experience ever and it would be crazy to recommend them! Contract requires 35% deposit, 35% at cabinets delivery, and 30% at end of job. The works were estimated to be completed in 1 week, not including the 2 weeks lead time to procure materials. However, the actual works took 3 weeks plus the 2 weeks procurement lead time. Mark would promise to show up and finish the job, but he always had an excuse. It was very stressful not knowing when he was going to show up and work on the job. He is unreliable, irresponsible, and doesn’t return customer’s calls. He didn’t do what he signed and agreed on the contract to do, and he doesn’t stand behind his workmanship. He performed a sloppy job on the kitchen cabinets. Too many holes were drilled for cabinet door hinges and none of them were patched. He installed a wrong color of the marble backsplash titles in the kitchen. He also installed a wrong granite countertop color in the bathrooms compared to the correct one in the kitchen, but when asked he said that he would not fix those countertops in the bathrooms because it would cost him too much money to replace them. Overall, I would not recommend Mark and his folks to be your contractors. I would suggest you find someone else more reliable and always stand behind their works. That way you will save your money, time and be away from all the headaches!
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They Make Unreal Demands
Posted by on
22033, VIRGINIA -- My pipe burst, I was given two numbers, one to Serve Pro and the other Service Magic. When Service Magic called, they said they might be able to get someone out, but they would need a claim number from the insurance company first. I said, why do you need a claim number if you are not sure a crew can get here. He said "I don't mean to be blunt with you, but I have got like fifty people that will give me a claim number" This is the most unethical way of doing business, do yourself a favor, DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY. I told him that I have basement full of water, which ever company gives me a time that they will show up, I will do business with them. He hung up on me.

BBB will get my 2 cents too, guard your claim number people!!!
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User Replies:
Disaster Worker on 2009-01-18:
I believe Service Magic and ServiceMaster are two different companies. Which one are you referring to??
Anonymous on 2009-01-18:
It doesn't seem unreasonable for them to be guaranteed payment before they send a crew out. On the occasion that I had a pipe burst, it was the insurance agent who initiated the call with them. By the way, they did an amazing cleanup job.
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Service Magic
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- My company was approached 2 months ago to join Service Magic. The rep grossly miss led us to think the customer would go directly through Service Magic and at that point create a lead. What he failed to tell us is that they would reach out to over 160 search engines and put Service Magics # on any search that comes up with our Name. I had a customer that was referred to us by a realtor and all she wanted was to get our phone # and find out information about us. Service Magic came up on Yahoo, Google Citisearch with our Name so she proceeded to call to talk to us and of course Service Magic got the call and considered it a lead. 9 out of ten leads just had questions about Mold but had no intentions to having work done in the near future. When we cancelled they are saying it can take 30 to 90 days to remove their Phone Number from the sites that pull our Company information up.

We are losing money daily because customers not can not find us easily on the net like they were able to 2 months ago.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 2008-01-29:
Is the complaint about Service Master or Service Magic?
GothicSmurf on 2008-01-29:
I have no idea. I don't know if this poster understands how leads work... and I'm not sure if he's complaining that they aren't being displayed anymore....
krug on 2008-01-29:
It is Service Magic not Service Master
jktshff1 on 2008-01-29:
Change your post title then.
krug on 2008-01-30:
It was Service Magic that miled me into thinking the leads were going to come from their web site not sites that we already were on by our own doing. The leads were one's we would have gotten without SERVICE MAGIC (Not Service Master)and for them to tell me it is going to take 30 to 90 days for their phone number to be taken from the 160 search engines is absolutely ridiculous since it only took days to add their number.
Slimjim on 2008-01-30:
This was a poorly exicuted marketing strategy for sure. They are basically using your name to redirect and harvest calls from you, then sell them back to you. The ads/sites Service Magic should have submitted would have been best set up as SM being a lead generator under their own name or DBA, not co-branded. As far as their interest level though, that's what makes a lead a lead, not a sale.
WolfAtRest on 2008-04-11:
It's a ripoff all right. You'll get tons of leads but most are completely worthless. If you go to their website as a customer not a contractor you'll see that the whole thing is set up to get you a "free" quote. Nice for the customer, but sucks for the contractor as many people are just looking for a general idea of what the cost will be but have no intention of doing anything now. Then they have the "Exact Match" lead. They tell you this is a lead specifically tailored for your company and no one else gets it. What actually happens is that you happen to be the only contractor in the area that wants that type of lead, so since they can't charge several contractors for the same lead, they charge YOU more for the lead, it has nothing to do with how qualified you are, it's just a way to make the most money from the lead. I just canceled my account with them and I'm sure I'll be getting multiple phone calls from them telling me how much money I'll be losing by doing so. So far I've lost far more money on bogus leads than I ever spent on advertising. Do a good job and go with word of mouth, it's still the best advertising method out there.
old fart on 2008-04-11:
Krug... you need to re-title this review... Service Master will have have a few unkind words for you in the form of a legal writ..
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