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Not Efficient on Time Frame of Restoration After a House Fire.
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Rating: 2/51

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI -- On July 24th 2013 a defective toaster caused a kitchen fire in our home. I am a single mother of three teenagers and my daughter has just had a child. We did not have renters insurance but my landlord had homeowners insurance that he had been carrying for a lot of years. ServiceMasters got the contract through the insurance agency to restore the home. I was given 4 days to remove the entire contents of our home and find another place for us all to stay.

My landlord told me it could take anywhere from three weeks to a month for them to complete the job. Rent has been paid consistently on time every month, even the last two in which I haven't even occupied the premises. I spoke with my landlord today and he informed me that he spoke with the ServiceMaster's overseer of the project and this man informed him that they were at a standstill until the cabinets they had ordered came in, could be this week or next. It has been six weeks already and I am broke and broken!

How does one get a company moving? I have watched the house sit empty numerous days and when someone did show up to work two weeks after the incident took place, there was only one man, who worked for another two weeks. How does a company that big not have enough people and our economy is screaming for jobs?

It seems to me that if they can rebuild a house in one week as we see on the popular Home Makeover show that someone who is getting paid handsomely could equally do the same, not that I expected that really, but six weeks and still counting seems ridiculous to me, especially with a family who is homeless as a result. Where is the compassion?

Disaster Services? Yes, if you want a disaster call them...
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Rating: 1/51

STEVENSVILLE, MICHIGAN -- The insurance company said to call these people for water remediation after my roof leaked causing plaster ceiling and wall damage. ** said "Don't worry. It can't get worse." He never wrote out what was to be done nor a schedule. He orchestrated a chaotic destructive and illogical disastrous demolition. He had a dehumidifier set up (why? The entire ceilings were dripping, looking back it just doesn't make sense to do this everything's demo'd). The dehumidifier leaked all over the already wet floor, contributing further to damage.

Workers put plastic bags (not large enough) over the bookcases. They did not protect the chair nor table nor sofa so I put sheets over them. Again, in retrospect, WHY didn't they put this furniture in the bedrooms?? It's relatively easy. They did not protect the bedrooms, the cold air returns, nor the heating ducts from the debris. I put towels under the bedroom doors but didn't think of the furnace till after. The electrical box, the boards holding it, and the light fixture itself were PULLED out of the WET ceiling by the workers, THEY never shut off the breakers!!! They broke two windows. They chipped and gouged the 1930's trim around the windows.

They tore down a support column, which then tore 2 feet of plaster and lath away from the wall which was not to be demo'd. At this point I was so shattered with dealing with all these stressors and with ** continuing confabulations surrounding these "incidents". He left the broken wall (in its entirety, including the part they had broken). When they tore down this support post, it necessitated removing the post on the other side and the arch. This then resulted in my having to replaster and repaint two other walls that had not been damaged. They also left a huge strip of lath along the edges of the ceiling.

The workers had also torn away wall paper border that was not to be pulled. AND it was NOT necessary at all for them to remove all the lath, only the lath that was damaged. In particular, the lath in the walls did not have to be removed. This is making restoration more difficult because a "layer" of the room is now gone. I was going to say, this made fitting the old baseboard difficult...

FORGOT to say, when they pried off the baseboard it was as if for a demo. It is deeply gouged along the edges and has cracks. I would have liked to re-use the 1X8's from this house built in 1929. I signed off just to get rid of them, but with a statement to have them fix the wiring on the sign off. It has cost me so much money and time to fix the disasters THEY caused. I hope that NO one ever ever uses them. PLEASE.

Caused Twice the Problem They Were Called in For! - Burlington, VT
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BURLINGTON, VERMONT -- After having an ice jam this past winter we needed a drying company to come in and mitigate the mold. ServiceMaster was prompt but quickly cut a hole in the ceiling near the ice jam and proceeded to blow warm air right up onto the roof. This was after my questioning and speaking with a manager who insisted that this was normal practice. Needless to say, the ice jam problem quickly tripled in size.

During this same visit the Servicemaster representative cut out part of our downstairs bathroom ceiling due to water damage. While doing this, balanced on the tub and toilet he broke the toilet bowl. Have they ever heard of a step ladder?

This was the least of the problem as vermiculite came pouring down on the service tech. Not knowing the dangers of asbestos in vermiculite, we didn't immediately question his cursory sweeping of the debris and the fans that they, once again, turned on to dry things out. Needless to say we were mortified when another professional warned us of the dangers of vermiculite and couldn't believe how they turned the high power blowers on and didn't isolate the area.

After much hoopla with the insurance company we were relocated for several days while another independent contractor in New Jersey checked the vermiculite samples for asbestos. Lucky there was none. When questioned the manager stated that they had NO policy for vermiculite.

I had to fire the company and nearly stand in between our roofing contractor who was called in to chop the massive ice off the roof above where they were pumping in hot air. I truly believe he was mad enough to flatten the manager. What a mess. DO NOT use this company. Try Servpro. When they came in the first thing they did was give us their hazardous materials information and deal with the problem in an intelligent manner.

Bad Management due to Scheduling
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- We asked that the Trugreen notify us when the service is being done so that we can be home when the service is being provided. You never know if these people are actually doing what they're supposed to be doing… wouldn't be the first time.

Anyhow, whenever I reschedule I specifically have the Customer Service repeat the date 2-3 times to make sure we're on the same page. Now, when we do get screwed I personally talk to **. Now, ** the Manager at 2421 Black Gold Ct Houston, TX keeps on apologizing and tells me that this will NEVER happen again. But guess what... it keeps on happening... not once, not twice, not three, but 6 times. I can't even keep up anymore.

Originally our appointment was for Feb 4th but I called to reschedule for the 10th instead. So, today is the day they were supposed to come out and do the treatment. So, I'm sitting here waiting and waiting and it's past 1:00 and still nothing.

I called the company and spoke to the Customer Service. She said that “they rescheduled me for the 18th.” I said “that's NOT possible.” Then she said “originally you were scheduled for the 10th but you wanted to reschedule for the 18th.” I confirmed to her that it was NOT the case because the woman I spoke to when I rescheduled repeated the date multiple times. I told her that “I didn't want to deal with ** anymore because he's useless to me. You BETTER have somebody come out here. I don't care if he has to go back there to refill his truck.” The woman called me back and said that she's having someone come out here but it'll be awhile… I don't care.

How can this ** be a manager if he can't even get his act together??? I know that the economy being down right now doesn't help. Is the company just desperate? Why do customers have to suffer this kind service? We pay our bills on time... I just don't get it.

Water Mitigation Scam
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Rating: 1/51

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS -- Used this service for immediate drying of a basement area caused by water back up from power outage/sump pump. This company immediately determined all carpet needed to be removed (although they were called within hours of it getting wet). Then they proceeded to dry a concrete floor for 3 days, claiming the walls had gotten wet. Our insurance company paid them over $3000 for "removing carpet". Once we saw the detailed bill, we realized we had been taken. They claimed the walls were wet, they had readings and needed to keep equipment there. Total scam - do not use this service!

Fire Mitigation
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Already traumatized by the fire and displacement of my family, they came in like vultures snatching what they wanted and left other things I felt they should have cleaned like lamps with fabric shades. They only took one pair and left the others. They took some furniture and left other which only added to the trauma and chaos. They did ductal cleaning, and had it not been for the contractor moving a duct for me, we would have not known that they had not cleaned a number of ducts.

When asked to have them come and correct what they didn't do after being paid $1,100.00, they offered to come back and do it for an additional charge of first 25% off, to after much negotiating they offered 40% off to complete a job that they had already been paid to do and failed miserably at. The furniture they did return was poorly cleaned and parts missing such as my king bed that has six feet to support the slats are missing. Our flat screen TV is missing the bracket to remount it on the wall, the China cabinet glass still has smeary grease on the outside from the grease fire.

Then after asking for a inventory list, we get a list for a month - we get one that is gobbely gube and I need a secret agent to de-code it. Everything has not came back and I am seriously worried based on their performance so far that it will be a continued traumatic experience. Please don't use them. Take a breath, which we weren't allowed to do, and find someone else. They tout how many years they have been in service but so has prostitution and I was made to feel even less than that!!!

Damp Basement
By -

LOUISVILLE, KY, INDIANA -- Two men showed up at my house 1.5 hrs late but friendly. Telling me our basement leak was not bad & that we were lucky! We had no standing water. We were told they would remove all the wet carpet padding (about 200 sq feet), remove baseboards & drill holes to allow the bottom of our drywall to dry out. They left fans, dehumidifier, and applied a mold preventer. We were told they would be back in 3 days to replace padding, baseboards, and put furniture back in place. We were told to give $1,000 on deposit & if the cost was less we would get a refund and if it was more, we would need to pay the difference.

Truth was they came back 2 days later, collected their fans, did not replace padding or put back baseboard or furniture, and worst of all we were told that we owed another $900 for the difference. Never use Servicemaster! If you do, DEMAND a complete detailed estimate BEFORE any "work" is performed and I would also demand that their "ESTIMATE" be in the ballpark... Hell in the same universe would be nice! They definitely do not deliver on their promises!

Destroyed Furniture and Ed the Manager Is Rude and Will Not Fix Anything
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Rating: 1/51

BULLHEAD CITY, ARIZONA -- My washing machine overflowed and I called ServiceMasters to come out to get all the water out and dried. The gentlemen that came out were the best. On the other hand the Manager **, was rude and he damaged 1 of my recliners that had been brought back out to me. I called him and he never returned my call. My insurance company had to call him to return my call. He denied all the slits in the chair and flat out didn't care. He said to me "Where's my money?" The insurance adjuster went to ServiceMasters and told me that my recliner was in perfect shape.

When ** brought it back it was a mess. The main room that got most of the water had carpet in it that was like NEW. ** threw it away and will not replace it. How he manages this business is beyond me. Never again will I use this company because of him. It took him 4 weeks to return all our furniture and I have now noticed more damage to my furniture. I am taking this to the Corporate office to file a complaint against him.

Hopefully I can save someone else from having to suffer like we did. All we had to sit on was a couch w/ no cushions and a recliner with slits in it that will soon open up and not be able to be used. The chair was my mother's who had passed which made this whole issue more upsetting. Please note that the guys that came out to do the work were GREAT. They are ** and **. I feel bad that these 2 great guys work for such an **.

Comment for One Stop Kitchen Bath & Floors, Inc.
By -

1319 GREEN FOREST CT, WINTER GARDEN, FL 34787, FLORIDA -- ** is the contractor to perform the job. A little 3 people business. I agreed with ** from Kissimmee that it was the worst experience ever and it would be crazy to recommend them! Contract requires 35% deposit, 35% at cabinets delivery, and 30% at end of job. The works were estimated to be completed in 1 week, not including the 2 weeks lead time to procure materials. However, the actual works took 3 weeks plus the 2 weeks procurement lead time. ** would promise to show up and finish the job, but he always had an excuse. It was very stressful not knowing when he was going to show up and work on the job. He is unreliable, irresponsible, and doesn't return customer's calls.

He didn't do what he signed and agreed on the contract to do, and he doesn't stand behind his workmanship. He performed a sloppy job on the kitchen cabinets. Too many holes were drilled for cabinet door hinges and none of them were patched. He installed a wrong color of the marble backsplash titles in the kitchen. He also installed a wrong granite countertop color in the bathrooms compared to the correct one in the kitchen, but when asked he said that he would not fix those countertops in the bathrooms because it would cost him too much money to replace them.

Overall, I would not recommend Mark and his folks to be your contractors. I would suggest you find someone else more reliable and always stand behind their works. That way you will save your money, time and be away from all the headaches!

They Make Unreal Demands
By -

22033, VIRGINIA -- My pipe burst, I was given two numbers, one to Serve Pro and the other Service Magic. When Service Magic called, they said they might be able to get someone out, but they would need a claim number from the insurance company first. I said, "why do you need a claim number if you are not sure a crew can get here". He said "I don't mean to be blunt with you, but I have got like fifty people that will give me a claim number".

This is the most unethical way of doing business. Do yourself a favor, DO NOT CALL THIS COMPANY. I told him that I have basement full of water, whichever company gives me a time that they will show up, I will do business with them. He hung up on me. BBB will get my 2 cents too, guard your claim number people!!!

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