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Incompetent Workers. Horrible Service.
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Rating: 1/51
This company is completely unaware of of what it takes to provide their customers with QUICK and ACCURATE services. I purchased travelers insurance with Seven Corners prior to attending a trip to Europe with EF Tours. The insurance plan was suppose to cover flight delays and reimburse me for all out-of pocket expenses if there was a flight cancellation or delay, and just my luck there was. Not only did I lose practically two days in Europe and had to spend quite a bit of my spending money for the trip on renting a hotel room, food, cabs, and other necessities to stay close to the airport for whenever we would finally leave the country, but I had to come back to horrible customer service. My trip was suppose to be May 15th-23rd, and after being stuck in America for the first 2 days, on the day that I got back (May 23rd at 2:00 pm), the first thing I did was fill out and submit the insurance claim forms so that I would be reimbursed my money in a timely manner. After a few days, I called Seven Corners only to have them to tell me to re-submit my forms. On the 23rd I sent it via email, and that following week I re-submitted it via fax. Then they told me it should be about 21 days at the most before I receive my money. Now, 42 days later they still have not completed my paperwork. First of all, their assigned agent only works on my case whenever I inquire about it and every time that I do, their other workers lie and give me a date to call back again, only to be told that it is still not done. And if that wasn't an issue, she also did not review my insurance package so she was only trying to reimburse me for the out of pocket expenses even though I paid for an insurance plan that includes flight delays. I also submitted a letter from EF Tours's Travel Support Specialist, Emily, that she wrote specifically for myself as well as my fellow trip goers to submit with our claims to Seven Corners and they still overlooked that.

This company is INCOMPETENT. The people who work here are not concerned with handling people's cases in a timely manner nor do they take the time to actually review what is going on. They think they have forever to do things and do not consider the fact that people may actually have things they need to do with their money like pay bills and etc.

(Sidenote: EF TOURS, you should really consider getting another traveler insurance provider. Not only does it make me not want to travel with your company anymore, it makes it look as though there is a communication issue between EF Tours and Seven Corners)

Seven Corners Insurance - They Don't Like to Communicate!
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Seven Corners insurance are utterly useless. After sustaining an injury last year I was taken to hospital and received some treatment. I submitted the paperwork three times by email over a course of six weeks and only after the third attempt did this pointless insurance company respond to confirm that they had received the documentation. I returned to the UK in December 2010 and requested they contact me at my UK address as it is somewhat difficult to read post across the Atlantic. Despite this request, the company proved themselves to be far too cheap to actually respond to my UK address. I have therefore had to have the mail forwarded to me by email. The company simply dismissed any claim out of hand, offering no justification for rejection and just listing the costs and stating “your policy does not cover this”. Well, having looked at my policy I was of the understanding (my basic grasp of the English language obviously not being sufficient to translate the tripe in a Seven Corners policy document) that I was indeed covered for an injury sustained on US soil.

Would I recommend Seven Corners? No. I telephoned them twice to: a) let them know a claim would be forthcoming and b) inquire as to the status of my claim. Both times I was spoken to like a grade A idiot by their less than complimentary staff. The pitiful response to my claim, both in terms of time and substance only serves to highlight how lazy and incompetent this joke of an insurance company is.

Even if I prove to be unsuccessful with my claim, the sheer lack of respect and effort they demonstrate when processing and responding to a claim for an “insured” person is, I feel, sufficient to back up my opinion fully.
Don't Deal with Seven Corners Travel Insurance
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CARMEL, INDIANA -- I bought a travel insurance policy from Seven Corners (through the Squaremouth Website)for $125. It covered both missed connections and travel delays. My plane was 8 hours late from Havana to Miami, and I missed the connecting flight home. I had to get a hotel room and a new ticket, in all spending $650 and getting home over 24 hours later than scheduled. When I filed the claim (I had called Seven Corners from Havana to report the delay and ask for the "emergency assistance" in rebooking that they advertise, and they told me "we don't do that") they first made me try to collect from the Charter airline, with many emails and calls back and forth that I had to provide to Seven Corners. When it became clear the airline wasn't going to pay, Seven Corners then demanded even more paperwork, including old/new itineraries (I had already sent old and new tix, and hotel receipts), certification from the travel agent that booked the trip, proof that I had originally purchased a non-refundable ticket, credit card statements and more. In all it amounted to 20 pages and took over 3 months of back and forth. Then they said they would not pay for a missed connection as it only applied to catching a cruise ship (that was not on the website when I bought the insurance but it has since been added. It was also not in the "certificate" which is the controlling document that you have to look up.) Further, they would only pay for a one day delay ($150) even though the delay was 28 hours in total, which is clearly longer than one day. Squaremouth called me after I posted a bad review on their site and promised to intervene, but in the end did nothing. So I wasted countless hours and much frustration to collect $25 more than I paid for the policy. I was out $625 and a lot of time. THIS IS A TERRIBLE COMPANY. THEIR BUSINESS MODEL IS TO WEAR THE CUSTOMER DOWN UNTIL SHE GIVES UP. SQUAREMOUTH IS NOT ANY BETTER -- THEY JUST WANT TO PROTECT THEIR OWN REPUTATION.
Resolution Update 02/25/2011:
When this situation came to the attn. of the Squaremouth CEO it was resolved immediately and more than fairly. I give Squaremouth high marks. Consumers should avoid Seven Corners, however, as they are a terrible company to do business with. There are many other choices for insurance on the Squaremouth website.
Company Response 02/21/2011:
I apologize, you are clearly upset and frustrated with both Seven Corners and Squaremouth. We understand you are very unhappy with the way your claim was handled by Seven Corners.

Even though Squaremouth is the agent and not the company that makes claim payments, we do provide a mediation service when things go wrong. We pride ourselves on our many successes mediating claims disputes between our customers and insurance companies. However, sometimes claims do not get settled to the customers satisfaction. We should have done a much better job of guiding and helping you through this process.

Our records show you were reimbursed $150 of your claim. To this end, Squaremouth has issued you a check to cover the outstanding amount of $476.11. We have also added a further $500 to compensate you for our failure to ease your frustration during your claim with Seven Corners.

In this case, we fought long and hard on your behalf. After reviewing the documentation from Seven Corners and yourself, we agreed with the insurance carrier that their policy wording had been followed correctly.

Once again, we unreservedly apologize for our failure to make this process less frustrating. We should have done a much better job of explaining how and why Seven Corners came to their decision. I hope the compensation check goes some way to make up for that.

If there is anything we can do for you or any further information we can provide, please call me at any time, I will be delighted to spend as much time with you as necessary.


Chris Harvey
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Travel Insurance that doesn't pay
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Rating: 1/51
CARMEL, INDIANA -- I agree with the complaints that I've read here. I bought this insurance for my wife and son while we were living in China. I was on a fellowship and was provided with one of their policies as a part of my contract. Next year, when we go back, We won't buy Seven Corners because they didn't end up reimbursing us for any of our expenses, so we dropped a several hundred dollars on a policy and ultimately had to pay out of pocket for every doctor visit. Add to that the headache that they aren't recognized by any of the service providers in China that they list on their travel website, so you have to submit paperwork that they ultimately return with the request for more info, and you've realized that you're just throwing your money into a bottomless pit. In the end, they said that we would be reimbursed for a grand total of 179 dollars of the 1000 we spent in medical bills over the course of the year, and that was taken up by the deductible, so we got nothing back. We're still waiting on our last set of claims to be rejected, but we won't be upset by it because we are used to it by now. We got the email this week asking if we wanted to renew our policy... no thank you, Seven Corners, you didn't do anything for us.
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