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Stealing my money...
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I placed an order from STP on the 1st of October (SATURDAY). When I placed the order and decided to pay with Paypal everything went smoothly and the order appeared as completed, I received an email telling me the order was completed amd would be shipped shortly. Well that didn't happen! They did take money off my Paypal, but on the MONDAY I received an email from them saying my order was "pending" because my shipping and billing addresses were different and I had to confirm that info with them, so I did as requested, answering the email at the same day. It was WEDNESDAY and the order still hadn't shipped.

I needed those items for the next weekend so I told them that they should cancel my order and issue a refund. They replied saying they one of the items I ordered was "out of stock". Oh great, yesterday the shipping and billing addresses were different, now it's out of stock? Anyway I informed them that I wanted my order to be canceled. The next day they sent me another email saying my order had been shipped! HAHAHA. I told them that I wanted them to cancel it and they did tell me they had canceled it because something was out of stock. But something happened and they shipped it. LOL.

I have been sending them emails since then and they tell me that they will issue my refund when the order gets back to them (I didn't get a hold of it; they set it to return to them automatically). Hey wait... Now I have to deal with the consequences of THEIR mistake of shipping it to me??? I want my money back REGARDLESS of the order getting back to them. My money and I have nothing to do with the fact that they made a mistake and shipped it. It is not my responsibility that the order gets back to them, in fact I don't even have a tracking number to make sure it gets back to them. I want my money back. If THEIR order that shouldn't have been shipped gets back to them or not it's their problem. They are using my money now and I consider it stealing. They should be ashamed of their mistake and give me my money back that is not at all theirs.
I have nothing to do with that order. I want MY money back to me.

Quality of Service/Products
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I read a lot of online shopping horror stories, so here's a good review on Sierra Trading Post ( I order online from them quite often and have been very satisfied with the quality of their products, their prices, and shipping times.

They carry name brand products at great prices and they have a clearance/closeout section that is usually discounted anywhere from 50-75% off. Their merchandise is geared more for outdoor activities, however there are other things like outdoor patio furniture, bedding, etc.

They also have a live chat option that you can ask questions before purchasing. Once you receive your order, if you are not completely satisfied, any item can be returned, no questions asked, for immediate online credit. The account profile that is set up for you keeps track of all of your orders, any returns, credits, etc.

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