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Home Receiver Went Bad
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My S-50 works fine in the car, but bring it into the house and you have about 1 minute of good sound then it comes in and out, then displays NO SIGNAL. So I call in and do the upgrade and check the device settings, antenna aiming option. It shows 3/4 for satellite, full bar for terrestrial, but it still displays NO SIGNAL. After 40 minutes on the phone with a service tech, they tell me it's the home kit that's bad, and they are sending me a new one. Problem solved right? Wrong.

The ticket was for Jul 16, it's August 9 and still no replacement has arrived. I call again, and after having to re-explain because no notes exist, the guy finds the notes then tells me that if the ticket was done right, there would be a warranty ticket, but there isn't one, so nothing was done! Nice!

Oh and I now have to call warranty at 866-257-7726 and I talk to Stephanie, who tells me their system cannot get notes from the Sirius side (they're just warranties) so I re-explain the story and the usual security questions again, only to find out the home kit is considered an accessory, and so it doesn't show on my account, so they can't warranty it! Very nice.

Well, they can but I must now dig up a receipt from Christmas and fax them at 812-258-4775 along with my name, address, a/c number and phone number on the account. ANYONE THINK THIS IS A JOKE YET? My girlfriend bought the whole system for me for Christmas, from wait for! Haha. But warranty isn't part of them, I'm told so I need to call 1-800-422-7142 and get a receipt.

I asked for a super, but was told everyone is on the same level at warranties and don't bother, it won't help speed things along. SO I call and get a nice guy Jeff, who after going through security etc again, and the story again, tells me to call, wait for it...1-800-422-7142 - the very same number. I'm laughing at my peon status in the customer service arena. Jeff didn't know why he was contacted or how the system got my call to him, but suggested I try again, and maybe I'll get E-commerce

So I muster up another call, get through, go through the usuals again, and get a way to view and print the original receipt, and write out all the extras needed and then fax to warranties! Oh but I am told to wait 2-3 business days and then follow up to see they received the fax. I'm calling now, 'cause I'm tickled about seeing if I can get the number to the number to the fax man or something like that.

Makes you wonder about how you could just shout to the world what a crappy company this is, and how much time you need to devote to getting SERVICE. Will someone please invent a mega loud speaker and tell the world to stay clear of Sirius? No commercials is great, as long as you have the time to make up for the missing commercials in phone calls!

No Rebate After 13 Weeks!
By -

My fiance bought me a Sirius S50 radio and a home kit for Christmas. There was a $100.00 rebate offer. I activated my service on 12/26/06 and Terri sent the rebate form in shortly thereafter. The terms of the rebate require:

"A subscription, paid by credit card (which may be combined with Sirius prepaid card), must be activated no later than 04/14/2007 and kept active for at least 60 consecutive days. Requires submission of receipt for combined purchase (either original or photocopy) for the purchase of the eligible Sirius hardware, the original UPC code from the hardware packaging, the electronic serial number of the receiver (either original cut from the box or photocopy) and a fully completed redemption form".

This was all sent in. Teri received an email on January 25, 2007 from Sirius stating that the rebate form was received, and another email that same day that the rebate was "processed". The terms and conditions on the rebate state the following:

Once the necessary documentation has been submitted, Sirius will verify that the required subscription has been activated and remains active for the required period and that the account is active and in good standing and mail a check for the appropriate amount to the name and address on the redemption form within 8 to 10 weeks. If rebate is not received within 10 weeks, check status at or call Sirius at 1-888-539-SIRIUS.

The 60 days required was up on February 26, 2007. The check has STILL not been mailed or received. Terri sent several emails asking about the status of the rebate. She received one indicating that they needed the account information. Terri followed up again and got the following email:

" Dear Terri, Thank you again for contacting SIRIUS! We appreciate the time you have taken to email us regarding the current status of your rebate. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. We are here to help! Our records indicate that your rebate is stuck in the "required service period". We understand the frustration this has caused and we would like to submit your rebate for an override. In order for us to do this we need to verify the account that this receiver is on. Please reply with the following information:

  • First name on Account
  • Last name on Account
  • Primary phone number on Account
  • Address on Account
  • Account Email address
  • The last four digits of the credit card on file

Terri, thank you again for your patience regarding your rebate. We hope you receive it soon! We are committed to providing you with the best in customer care. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact SIRIUS Customer Care. For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at: 1-888-539-SIRIUS (7474). As well as by email at: ".

I followed up since they wanted my information (the radio account) and was told that they "didn't have to do an override", and that it might take 4-6 more weeks for the check to be sent. I HIT THE ROOF! We have done everything asked of us. We have followed all the terms of the agreement. We have provided all of the necessary documentation, account numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, etc.

The customer care rep told me that "part of the problem is that the name and address on the rebate is different from the Sirius account". I mean, really; does this mean that you can't buy someone a radio as a gift?? Do you have to give the radio and the rebate as a gift?? I asked to speak to a supervisor and was put on hold and then told they were "really busy". Well, of course they are. Busy with more frustrated customers like Terri and me.

It has now been 13 1/2 weeks since I activated my service, and more than 12 weeks since Terri sent the rebate form in. The lesson here: Sirius knows only how to take money from customers. They are unable or unwilling to expedite resolution of customer care issues. It is unwise to buy Sirius radios as a gift. They tie everything to the radio account. Their rebate processing and support is non-existent. Good luck!

Internet Listening Rip Off for Lifetime Customers
By -

I have had a Sirius radio for about 6 years now and have always been happy with the service and content. I purchased a lifetime license about 4 years ago which includes online listening. Today, I went to listen to Sirius on my Android phone using the smartphone app and I received a message saying I needed to add online listening to my account to use the app and to call customer service. So I called and basically was told over and over (the service representative just kept reading from the same script) that my online listening package is considered the basic package and I need the premium package to use the app.

That's funny, because if you try to sign up for their online listening service there is no discussion about basic versus premium, in fact the page says with online listening you can listen anywhere, your computer, your iPhone or your android phone. There is only one option to sign up for, but I was told anyone who had a lifetime license was converted to a basic online service and that I could listen on my computer but not on my smartphone, if I want to do that I have to pay an additional $2.99 a month.

There is currently a proposed class action settlement against these guys for charging lifetime accounts the $2.99 fee for online listening so I guess their way around this is to now claim the lifetime licenses only get computer access and that smart phone access is a separate service (although not sold or offered that way anywhere on their site). These guys are really trying to put themselves out of business with their horrible practices, I guess they don't care about me since I am a lifetime member and they can't get more money out of me so who cares if I am not happy with the service.

They could not give me any further info as to why my "Online Listening" account which shows as active on my account is different from the "Online Listening" service they currently offer other than the service representative telling me I have to take his word for it that there are different accounts available, a basic and a premium but only they can see it. I would cancel my subscription if it wasn't already a lifetime license. I know I definitely will not be getting another SiriusXM radio again anytime soon, that's for sure. I would suggest that anyone reading this stay away from them as well, they only care about milking every last penny out of each customer before they lose them.

Don't subscribe
By -

After buying a car equipped with ability to get satellite radio, I got bombarded with mail and phone calls advising me that I had a trial subscription. I tried to use it and found that I had 3 channels, all promotional. I don't drive all that much, so ignored it. Then I got a phone call asking for a subscription. I told them I wasn't all that interested and really didn't get to try the system. I got a promotional rate of $7+ a month if I provided a credit card for 6 months. I consented and gave them the card.

I couldn't get service (in a large metropolitan area) and called and emailed for weeks. On two occasions I drove for an hour or so trying to get the satellites to track. Finally one day I got service and I must say there were some interesting channels. A day or two later the service was gone, and I couldn't get it and decided to give up. Mind you I paid by credit card for 6 months. Then I get collection letters and threats to suspend service. I call them and ask what's going on and get people who are real idiots, one of whom tells me I need to reset the satellite reception every day due to my location!

I say when I did that it took me an hour and my drive is like 15 minutes, and I got the rudest answer, causing me to officially terminate. I can't tell the difference between terminate and not terminate as I had no service anyway. Well, they are trying to get $14 out of me with endless statements and phone calls while I am driving. The people who call are kids, who follow a script, trying to talk sense is like talking to a wall. I cannot see how this company can succeed. I guess I'm glad that they lost my credit card as I am sure I would be getting billed forever. Unless you love the service and get consistently good reception, don't bother with this company.

The complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!
By -

The complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius! After reading complaint after complaint about Sirius Radio billing dept. on various internet forums, I decided to subscribe, but pay by "MAIL INVOICE ONLY". That way, if they were as bad as people say, then they wouldn't have my credit card number to bill without my permission.

Later, I called to cancel my subscription about a month before the renewal date. They asked for my telephone number, and then told me that I couldn't cancel my account because I didn't have an account. Then I got a bill in the mail that had my account number on it. I called just before the renewal date, and specifically canceled by providing the account number.

A month later I got an email saying that I owed them overdue payment. I called and spoke with a supervisor: He said that he saw the record of my earlier call requesting to cancel the account, but that I had failed to ask for the "Cancellation Department" and that until I spoke with them, the overdue amount would continue to increase, and that they would hand the bill over to a collection agency. Then he hung up on me. (That was a Sirius supervisor!).

I called back and spoke with a different supervisor. I explained that I had been trying to cancel over and over, and he said that I didn't really have to speak to the cancellation dept. He said he would cancel the account and delete the balance due. (Thank You ** for at last canceling the account!) He also said I could verify that he had cancelled it and deleted the balance due by logging into the website, with a new ID and password that he provided. Finally, I'm done with Sirius, and my advice is the complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!!!

Sirius Radio Is Dishonest
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Each time I renewed my Sirius Radio service I would call and get their best price and specifically say, no automatic renewal, I will call and renew when the time comes. So my subscription expired last November, they sent me a bill, I phoned them, went through the half hour wait, a person came on the phone who I was unable to understand, I advised my car lease expires in March, thus I only need four months service, communication with him was impossible, he kept asking should I cancel your service, I kept saying I told you what I want, he did not understand, I asked to speak to an English speaking person, preferably an American, he refused to help, I terminated the call.

A couple weeks ago my phone rang, it was a recording. I pressed a button a lady came on saying "can I help you?" Again very bad English, I said "You tell me Sirius called me, I did not call Sirius." The language was so bad I asked her to have someone who speaks good English call me.

As my subscription expired, I switched the band to FM in November, today I received an invoice for $34. Then this evening I received a call from Sirius, an option was billing concerns, I hit #2, waited 30 min, then a person answered the phone, I explained that I received a bill for service for something that I did not want, my agreement was no automatic billing, when the subscription ends, based on the price I would determine if I wanted to renew. He said he did not understand me, so connected me with cancellation dept.

The lady I spoke to, ** spoke English and understood my request, she advised my preference not to be on automatic billing was in the system. However, she was unable to cancel my invoice. I asked to speak to her supervisor, again I waited for him, **, told him my story, he said he will cancel my account, but I must pay the $34 invoice, I advised I was not going to pay for something that I did not buy. I asked to speak to his supervisor. He said that he is as high as I can go with Sirius Radio.

Needless to say I am very disappointed with Sirius Radio's service, ** is the only person who saw my preference in the file, but was unable to assist me. I just Googled Sirius Board of Directors, and CEO, I have their names and will write to each person on their board of directors as well in the Phoenix and New York Better Business Bureaus, and the New York State Attorney General. ** was honest but the system would not allow her to cancel my subscription and the invoice, ** was just a dishonest mean spirited person.

Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

This place is a horror show. No wonder they went into bankruptcy. It was the hassle of a lifetime just getting the radio installed up and running. The most frustrating thing was dealing with customer service. It was like getting an audience with the Pope just to speak with a representative I had to because they kept rejecting their own product code on the website hook-up.

The representative was, and I say this in all the charity I can muster, an absolute dolt. He had no idea of the product or plans available. There is an obvious culture of rudeness where he works. I can just imagine the working conditions this creature endures in that he feels that he has to take his work frustration out on paying customers. The experience rivaled Kafka- he asked me about rate plans and installation and was angry that I didn't know. He accused me of wasting his time and not reading numbers correctly. He "had it with stupid people" like myself.

After spending numerous hours and expense just installing their product I was desperate to see the project through. I asked for another representative I got silence and cut-off. I called again- going through the torment of their phone prompts again and waiting one hour for another representative I explained the situation to this representative. She listened, without acknowledgement to my ordeal, and asked what I wanted her to do. She was smug but at least was coherent. I asked for the radio to be activated and gave her my plan. At this point I just wanted the transaction over. I choose a year because I didn't want to deal with these people again.

Fast forward a year. The radio works and I really don't think about Sirius. I listen to Southern Gospel radio in the car and it just becomes a small part of my life. The radio suddenly goes out. I discover from Sirius web reviews that indeed, Sirius had called me twice about my account. They use an 800 number and leave NO message. I don't pick up 800 numbers thinking they are telemarketers. If these jerks just would have left a message I would have called back.

So today, I try and contact Sirius. No luck as usual. Cut-offs and prompts that just go to dead space. The web installation is no better. I've decided to not throw good money after bad. I'll buy an iPod adapter for my car and listen to tunes that way. It's obvious that this company just doesn't care. The reps have chips on their shoulders because they hate their jobs. Management can't take a customer base of millions and turn a profit.

Sirius Renews Service Without Your Approval - Then Turns You Over To Collections!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- 9/29/09. In the years I've subscribed to Sirius, paying in advance for service was always the standard. In 2008 I started having difficulty with my signal. It would cut in and out just a bit at first, then over several months it happened constantly. I made multiple calls to Sirius who would generate a “signal boost” in my zip code area. This would help somewhat, but eventually it would get so bad again I just shut my radio off.

Even after spending $90.00 on a Sirius signal booster from Circuit City, the improvement was minimal at best. Sirius eventually said my radio was out of date and I needed to purchase new equipment. Since the last part of 2008, I quit using my Sirius all together, even though I had paid in advance for the service I was no longer using! When I received renewal information in 2009, I did not respond because I was not going to invest money in another year of poor service and excuses.

I spoke with a Sirius representative 4-5 weeks ago, explained my situation and he thanked me for my years of service. To my horror, last week I received a COLLECTION NOTICE in the mail for $31.12! The customer service representative didn't bother to say anything about what they were doing on my account; he only wanted me to renew service!

I called Sirius and spoke with 2 customer service reps and a supervisor who would not escalate my call any further saying “managers above me don't talk with customers”. They refused to do anything to correct the outstanding balance saying it was my fault that I did not call them to discontinue service; therefore I was charged for 2 additional months of service after my account expired. When I did not pay for the additional 2 months of service, they turned me over to a collection agency.

They said they didn't need my approval to continue my service since this was “their policy” and I should have called to cancel. I asked them to either remove the charges or provided me with a copy of a binding contract under my signature that allowed an automatic continuation of service. Once again, they said they didn't need a signed contract to continue my service. I refuse to pay for extortion! If they ruin my perfect credit, I will do my best to ruin them! Maybe they will stop defrauding people if we slap them with a class action suit! If you know of one that has been initiated, please post it on this site.

Sirius - Poor Business Practices
By -

I have never posted a company complaint, but I am so disgusted with Sirius that I feel I must do something. I am with the crowd who are upset with Sirius not the few who have posted excuses for their poor practices. People who accept these excuses are the ones who allow companies like Sirius to continue.

Sirius does not make it clear that they will automatically renew the service and charge one's credit card without new approval. Maybe it's somewhere in the fine print, but what's wrong with a clear disclosure? With the efficiency of the Internet what's the big deal to email the customer at renewal time? I have other accounts that do this.

It is nearly impossible to cancel one's account with Sirius. One cannot cancel online although the account can be set up online. According to Sirius "Customer Care" this is due to "Security Reasons". I have a bridge to sell to anyone who believes this one. When one calls the 888 number, no menu choice leads one to cancellation. If one asks for Customer Care (which is prompted at the second repeat), one gets the same menu in a different order.

When an agent is finally reached from anyone of the menu choices (I tried all of them), the agent takes your information and then connects you to their "Customer Retention" line. I asked and was told the hold would be long, as much as 30 minutes! I went through the process twice and held for 11 minutes and 10 minutes respectively before giving up. I also called (as a test) into both the tech support and activation lines and assistance was immediately available without delay.

In my opinion, this is a most disreputable company. Even if the radio service is a good product (I didn't find it to be worth the extra cost) this is still not a company with which anyone should do business. All consumers need to start saying no to this type of business practice. Don't do business with Sirius, at some point you will regret it.

Sirius Horror Story
By -

PENNSYLVANIA -- Last year for Christmas, my wife gave me a Sirius Sportster radio, home docking kit, everything I needed for the car, and a one-year subscription. I thought this was a wonderful gift as she knows my love of music. I got to use my radio for a few months when it stopped working (it would play for a few minutes and then say "acquiring signal".) I replaced the antenna and still the same. So I called and set up a return. They took me through the process of getting a new radio and then told me that it was on back order. My guess because they were inundated with people who had the same problem as me. I figured, okay, how long can this really take.

I called them to check on the status of the replacement radio after about a month. When I called, they had no record of the replacement order and transferred me around to 3 different people until they tracked it down. They then told me it would be another 30 days. So, I signed up for 6 months of the internet radio so I could at least get some use from my account. After a total of 6 months I finally received my replacement radio, including a whole new antenna, docking kit, etc. I hooked it up and was having the same problem.

I called Sirius and told them I wanted a refund or for them to send me a different radio. They told me that it was past the return point and all they could do is send me another of the same radio. By this point I was fuming. I decided to just stick with the internet radio and use up the balance of my pre-paid subscription. Last week I received a letter from a collection agency looking to collect $18.53 for Sirius.

I called Sirius to find that they were looking for payment of the internet radio that they said I never paid. I pulled up my Sirius account on their website while I had them on the phone and saw in my billing history it was paid 6 months before. My credit took a minor hit because of these people and I highly recommend that anyone thinking of Sirius look elsewhere. I don't know that XM is much better since they are now in bed with Sirius. I think I'll just stick with the iTunes Music Store and listening to my music in the car with my iPod.

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