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Warranty Replacement Info; Problems (How to get your new headphones)
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OK, so here's a long information filled rant about how to and how NOT to get your Skullcandy warranty replacement headphones that started LAST January. I bought a pair of Skullcandy Lowrider headphones at Dick's for 40 bucks. I wanted a pair of over the head headphones that looked cool for my laptop since my dogs seek and destroy any bud style headphones.

I bought the headphones in January of 09. A few months down the road the plastic adjuster piece snapped on one side, so I electrical taped it together and thought nothing of it. In August or September of 09 the top part of the headphone that has a folding hinge completely broke and rendered the headphones useless. I wondered how in the world a pair of 40 dollar headphones that I use while sitting down on my computer could be so fragile. Upon an internet search I find that others have had similar complaints. Sigh. Well no worries, Skullcandy has a lifetime warranty. I figured I had nothing to lose and contacted them for a warranty replacement...and the story begins.

I used the online request for warranty replacement right on the Skullcandy website, and was promptly issued an RMA number for my return and asked to ship my broken headphones in, along with a letter about what happened to them, and any additional color choices I wanted, keep that fact in mind! I paid postage to send my broken phones and 3 count em 3 different color choices into Skullcandy and would wait to hear if I would be granted a free replacement pair (meaning the headphones were found to be defective) or a coupon for 50% off a new pair (if the headphones were found to be broken by me).

Within a week I got an email saying my phones were granted a warranty replacement, meaning they found them to be defective, they would be shipping me out a replacement pair ASAP. I was overjoyed. That was the last email I heard for 2 months. I figured I would give the requisite 6-8 weeks before poking in to see what was wrong, so I did just that. I waited 2 months before contacting them through email about my replacement. Several emails sent to the customer service email listed in my initial warranty replacement email....nothing. I never got any email replies. GRRR

Cut to December, I notice a live chat icon on the Skullcandy webpage that was never there before (and I've never seen again). I click it and talk to someone who states my warranty was never sent out because my color choice went out of stock. I noticed that one of my other original 3 color choiced WAS in fact in stock, and wondered why they hadn't just shipped one of the other colors I asked for, instead of never contacting me and TELLING me to pick another one. They just expected me to forget about it I guess! I told him the color I picked and he put the order in and said I would get them soon.

Cut to another 2 months. Nothing. I actually get an email this time saying I need to choose another color because my NEW color choice was now out of stock. WTF! If they had just sent me that color (which was in my list of choices) the first time around it WOULDN'T be out of stock! I figure SC must get a loooot of warranty requests to constantly make things this hard. I know better than to send emails or wait for the random live chat icon, so I call my new color request into the SC phone number, and was promptly sent a replacement pair, that finally arrived today. PHEW!

So to summarize:

DON'T expect them to actually read or pay attention to your color choices, because it's very unlikely that you will actually end up with an exact replacement color wise, since my original color, and BOTH color choices I sent them are now out of stock forever because they took too long getting replacements out to me.

DON'T send emails or use their customer contact form, the emails will never get answered.

DO use the live chat icon on the home page, though I've only seen it once, and never again since. DON'T use the live chat in the individual headphone pages because they will not help you.

DO call the 800 number, they are the only ones who actually seem to do anything.

DO contact them if it has been over a month since you last heard from them. Your color choice is likely out of stock, and it seems like they don't always contact you to let you know that fact. Once I finally picked a color that remained in stock, it only took 3 days to get to me.

All in all, it did take forever to get a replacement, a little of my fault a little of SC's fault, but I DID end up getting a replacement, in a semi acceptable color choice, and that's what matters.

I just noticed another complaint from 1/31/09 about a similar problem of never hearing back from them after sending your headphones in, so that's why I wrote this review.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/07/2010:
Very good and useful advice there Yrop. This is the kind of review that will help a lot of future googlers having the same problem.

Good Job!
skelly39 on 05/07/2010:
Good advice. Those cheap bud earphones last about fifteen minutes so I was looking into getting a pair of these (someday when I have disposable income again). Now I'll know what to do when they inevitably break.
Thanks for the well-written review.
Venice09 on 05/07/2010:
Great review and good advice. Sorry you had to wait so long for the replacement and had to put so much effort into it. It shouldn't be that hard and time consuming to have the warranty honored. I'm not sure I would buy from this company for that reason, but at least they came through in the end.
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A Great Warranty on a Crap Product
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I spent $9 on my first pair of Skullcandy earbuds and loved them. I got another pair for my birthday. One pair broke (the sound went out in one ear and then the other), so I sent them in for a replacement pair. They replaced them without delay. Then the other pair broke. I didn't send them in right away but then my new/replacement pair broke too. So I sent both sets of headphones in and they gave me store credit on their website plus shipping and handling (after I asked for it). Not bad right?

Well, then both replacement pairs lasted about 4 months (3 months for one pair, and 1 month for the other). Awesome. So I sent them in and got online credit plus shipping and handling (like $53.00 total). I ordered one pair of their top-of-the-line earbuds...the lasted ONE SINGLE DAY out of the package.

I got some over-the-ear headphones as a gift...broken in 2 months from my "heavy" listening.

I am not hard on headphones. I wear them while at work, sitting down, to listen to audiobooks (cause I'm way hardcore). So I asked around and everyone I have talked to has had the same experience. So I asked some more and found out from a former investor in the company that Skullcandy buys their headphones from southeast Asia somewhere for about $2 and then has their label put on them.

Skullcandy makes a total crap product that looks way cool. But they back it up by replacing defective stuff. So if you've got the patience to be eternally returning your broken headphones, and you get a good rotation going (like I have), you might not be disappointed. If you just want a good product, go with someone else.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
I'm not sure what type of quality you expected for $9.00?
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
I buy earphones at the Dollar Store because that is what they are worth. A good set costs about $75+. When I pay less than that, I don't expect much from them and they always oblige. I am glad they at least stood behind their product and replaced them for you.
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
Was going to say in my first post that $9.00 headphone are what you can get at the dollar store, without the markup.
GenuineNerd on 12/17/2010:
I have been happy with Philips earbuds. With Skullcandy, you're basically paying for the name, which they slapped on a cheap pair of earbuds/headphones. Although pricey (about $30 or so), OEM Apple iPod earbuds are great as well.
Ytropious on 12/18/2010:
Wrote a review about my Skullcandy experience. You are correct, the headphones themselves are CHEAPO and break easily with no provocation. My warranty replacement was not as smooth as yours either.
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Earbuds are not supposed to slide out of my ear!
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So here's how it went. I got me some of those skull candy ear buds with the replaceable bud thingy's that make the ear buds stay in my ear, so I got the right size and everything and that one ear bud just keeps on sliding out of my ear when I'm walking and it really makes me mad! When I'm listening to my good ol faithful future wife by the name of Courtney Love I do not want these things to slip out!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/27/2011:
Consider trying a different brand.
Anonymous on 03/27/2011:
Everyone's ears are shaped differently. I have always had trouble with the ear buds, while my kids swear by them.
Kurizumaru on 03/28/2011:
Have you tried the larger size? It sounds like the one you're using is too small.
Starlord on 03/29/2011:
I always see people using earbuds, and it looks like they just touch them to the ear and they can stay in place through a hurricane and an earthquake. I have tried everything I can, with more brands of earbuds than Carter's has pills, and I cannot get them to stay in my ears. I guess this industrial strength staple gun might be the answer. I have a great pair of headphones with a subwoofer that does a spectacular job of reproducing music. I look like a WWII fighter pilot, but get great tunes.
Anonymous on 03/29/2011:
Perhaps next time you should take the advice of one wiser than ye and get the sonys. Right?

Excellent review. I like your style young man.
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Customer Service has Not Improved
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PARK CITY, UTAH -- Ordered three pairs of headphones and they promised products would be shipped 1-2 business days after ordering in time for Christmas. Yes, I selected overnight shipping of course. Called customer service last night on Dec 22, 2010, after waiting for twenty minutes, some young guy came on and said product will be shipped "tonight". Looked at order status online on the morning of 23 Dec 2010 and the product is still in "processing" mode. Tried to call customer service numerous times, between 11:00 and 11:45 EST (9:00 and 9:45 MST) and of course, the customer service center is "currently closed."

Fair warning, do not order from I should have looked at the other reviews first. I am now going to try to cancel my order and get a full refund. Yes, they already charged me for the products and they haven't even shipped the merchandise.

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User Replies:
Alain on 12/24/2010:
Thanks for the warning and hopefully you'll get your refund.
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A couple of months ago, I bought my son a pair of Skullcandy earbuds at Target. They were on sale for some unbelievable amount. A few days later, one of the earbuds fell off-not just the rubber piece but the part under it, too. I figured he probably dropped a book on them or something, gave him the requisite lecture on taking care of his belongings (he denied any wrongdoing, of course) and bought him another pair, this time paying twice as much but figuring they should hold up longer.
He's had them maybe a month, and yesterday, sound was only coming out of one side unless he stood on his head in a lightning storm on a Wednesday. Today, no sound whatsoever...
They were in perfect condition, and I know he keeps his iPod in a special place in his backpack with a jillion pockets. So I'm only left to conclude that these earbuds are a huge waste of money. My daughter has those cheap Gummi earbuds that cost $9.99. She wised up after mine got eaten by cats and keeps them hidden, and she's had them for a couple of years, no problems.
I'm going to see if I can get a refund at Target (unbelievable, but he kept the receipt), but if not, I'm not bothering to return them to Skullcandy after reading reviews about their subpar customer service. They'll go in the trash, and he's just going to have to live with Gummi headphones in Cotton Candy Pink or whatever.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/03/2010:
I agree about the quality of Skullcandy earbuds. They are very popular right now, and the price reflects that, unfortunately the quality does not match the price.
saj80 on 11/03/2010:
Just a guess, but does this equate: Skullcandy=made in China=junk. That being said, they offer lifetime warranty on their products, so you should at least try to get them to replace them. Target will probably deny your return since they are only the retailer, not the manufacturer.
jktshff1 on 11/03/2010:
"sound was only coming out of one side unless he stood on his head in a lightning storm on a Wednesday." LMAO!!
Anonymous on 11/03/2010:
Skelly, I never figured you for one who would shop at Target. Nope, no never.

Now, I've always had good luck with Sony earbuds bought at walmart for about $9.89.

Awesome review!
skelly39 on 11/03/2010:
jkt-I swear, I had to bend the cord up and twist to get the sound to come out. It reminded me of rabbit ears-someone has to stand behind the TV and hold on to them so you could watch a show.
DancingDan-did I strike you as a Walmart person? Or more like Nordstrom?
jktshff1 on 11/03/2010:
I just got back from Targe'
GenuineNerd on 11/03/2010:
I have had good luck with Philips ear bud headphones, as well as the OEM Apple ear buds.
Ytropious on 11/03/2010:
I wrote a review about Skullcandy so if you haven't already please read it by clicking on my user name. I wouldn't rule out contacting them for a warranty, you just have to do it correctly. They will most certainly send you a new pair.
lilydarling on 11/04/2010:
Actually, Skullcandy has a wonderful lifetime guarantee.. all you need to do is register them on their website. If the problem is due to their own poor workmanship, they replace them free of charge. If it's due to the owner, they give you 50% credit towards a new pair. I've had to replace a pair of earbuds once, at no cost to me.
Anonymous on 11/04/2010:
I've had the same pair of SkullCandy Ink'd ear buds for a little over 2 years without issue. Maybe he was wrapping them around the iPod, it specifically states in the packaging to not wrap the head phone cords around anything.
skelly39 on 11/04/2010:
Thanks for the replies. Ytrop-I'll read your review and see if I can get a new pair. Meanwhile, I'll have to shell out a few bucks to get him some because he is driving me nuts.
mrvw-Maybe that's what it was. It's just disappointing because the cheaper ones work even when they are wrapped around an iPod (as long as the cats don't get to them first).
James on 02/25/2012:
I have had the same problem with two consecutive pairs. I'm so pissed because I'm going to a Show Choir competition ATM and I only have 1 side working, and we just got on the to leave. It just happened. And I have to hold the cord down by the jack a certain way, and then both side will work.

I'm very disappointed that this has happened wth two of the same brand and model.
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These Suck
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These things are terrible!!! I hate them. They were working 5 minutes ago and then they just stopped so I called the help desk and they had me on hold for 20 minutes then when I finally got somebody they told me that they should be working fine. I said I know that so why aren't they? He said that I should try restarting my system and call him back so I do so and it has me on hold for almost an hour and then it switches over to a message that says they have closed and I should try again on Monday.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/06/2009:
This is too good to resist: "They were working 5 minutes ago" then "they had me on hold for 20 minutes" and finally "it has me on hold for almost an hour". Sounds like an episode of Lost.
BokiBean on 02/07/2009:
KCRovert on 02/07/2009:
I was trying to piece that together as well Ken.
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Crap product, horrid RMA....
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I bought the headphones around October, they had broken (but not beyond easy repair) by the middle of November. The extension cable they give you for whatever reason, broke by the middle of December, and had to be replaced with one from RadioShack. Upon replacement, it was obvious that I was only getting sound from one earphone. At this point, I decided to RMA it. I sent in the RMA request on the 24th of December, 2008. I received an authorization the same day via email. I mailed in the product sometime between Christmas and New Years. I get an email on the 6th of January, 2009 saying that they have received the product and authorized a replacement that will ship from there warehouse in 1-2 weeks. The tone of letter implied that this was common practice, and not the consequence of an unforeseen product shortage.

Now, on the 24th, more the two weeks later, they send me an email saying that it will ship in a few days.
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Terrible Customer Service
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I ordered headphones for my son for Christmas on December 10th. I called on December 22 because I still had not received them. They said there was a mix up with all the orders placed on December 10th and all of them had to be hand placed. They said they had been sent 2 day express on December 18th and I will get them before Christmas. Well it is December 29th...still no headphones. I tried calling customer service today, I was on hold for 20 minutes. Gave up. Sent an email, no response yet. I can see things happening beyond their control. But they should keep customers updated with problems.

Now I'm wondering if I'm ever going to get these headphones.
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nohappy on 01/05/2009:
I too had this problem. I sent them an email stating I would call the authorities to see if they were an actual business and if they were that I would sue them for fraud since I still hadn't received my headphones. I also so complained about calling long distance. Well The next business day I called there was an 800 number but I was still on hold for an hour. once the person answered it was the exact same person I had talked to when I called on the 22nd. For that big of business they might want to hire a few more customer service agents. Well he said they were shipped and gave mea tracking nmber. Still I just couldn't believe him but I tracked it and he was right and they came that day. the down fall was the person they were for for Christmas was already gone and won't get them for a while. I must say the headphones are amazing and I know my husband will love them but this company might need a few lessons in customer service.
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Don't Buy Direct From Skullcandy!
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I purchased online on Dec. 10, 2008 and I'm still waiting to receive my order more than one month later. They have ignored five e-mails and after waiting on the phone for three minutes during their normal business hours I received a message saying their customer service was now closed.
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