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Fraudulent Activity on Account
Posted by on
I have been a user of Skype and purchaser of their subscription services since 2008. I noticed that on October 15th, I was charged for a new subscription to Pakistan for $12.99. I subsequently changed my password on my account, removed my credit card and cancelled both my valid subscription and the fraudulent one. I contacted their customer service and asked them to remove the charge but they refused. I spoke to a Roan M. at first and then escalated to a supervisor named Christopher A. Both advised me to contact my credit card company and told me they could not issue a refund to me even though I have never had an issue with my account before. I have checked some of my credit card statements and do not see any other unauthorized charges. I advised them it was their program or website that was hacked but they still refuse to give me a refund. I even offered to let them close my account early (I still have until January, 2012 for unlimited calls in the US and Canada) if they would simply refund the money owed to me, and still they refused. I don't even know anyone in Pakistan and whomever hacked my account used $2.00 of the $12.99 subscription.
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Old Timer on 11/01/2011:
File a charge-back on the amount. Often it's the only way to get the attention of a do nothing mega company. Keep in mind that if you do they may tag you as a trouble account and not let you use Skype in the future.
suvoth99 on 11/01/2011:
I'll have to contact my credit card company. Such a wasteful thing to have to do since its only their charge that is the problem. I think it's completely unfair that I should have to jump through the hoops. Shame on them.
suvoth99 on 12/02/2011:
After complaining to the BBB, they've finally given me back my money! Wish I didn't have to go through that hassle!
Carmen Z on 05/26/2013:
The same to me, they start to charge $25 each month...I finally closed my credit card account because of them!.... They stole my money!
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Skype Operated by Thieves and Liars/Website Not Secure/No Customer Support
Posted by on
I have been a Skype customer since 2008. Originally purchased credit, then switched to unlimited monthly plan. The call quality was often poor, but the price was cheap. Figured you get what you pay for.

Recently, some of my credit went missing. Tried to find somewhere on their site to contact them and find out where my money went, but found no way to do so. I had to search google, and finally found a post on yahoo answers by another frustrated person that had the same problem. Had to go to a third party site to find out how to contact them at: https://support/. (the site is only partially encrypted and is not secure)

They had billed me for an SMS to a number I never heard of. I didn't even know what an SMS was, and certainly never sent one. I consider this a fraudulent charge by Skype. Asked for return of my missing money which was only a dime, but it was MY dime and the remainder of my credit.

After spending far too much of my time responding to the obfuscating emails informing me of everything except how to get my money back, they told me that they were refusing to return the monies they were holding. It was 64 cents, but it was MY 64 cents, they didn't work for it.

They lied by billing for a service that was never rendered (fraud) to get part of my money and flat-out stole the remainder by refusing to return any of it.

I am forever finished with Skype. Perhaps they think that people will not bother with a missing dime here or 50 cents there. I however, have principles and am ethically minded. I have canceled my account.

After reading from the multitude of complaints about Skype stealing other peoples money, I took the precautions of calling my credit card company to cancel card used for Skype purchase and had them re-issue with a new account number. Also made sure to log in to Paypal account where original monies were transferred from and canceled billing agreement to ensure that they did not steal more money from me, as has happened to countless others. You can't be overly careful when dealing with these criminals.

Beware, chances are good it is only a matter of time before they get around to you as well.

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Shafted By Skype; Poor Customer Support!
Posted by on
I have to jump in here and tell of my nerve wracking, excruciating experience with Skype Customer Support.

To begin with, I received a notice on February 24th my online number was about to expire on March 2nd. I immediately went to my account because I knew I had a $30 discount/credit off an online number. I tried to use my discount and it kept taking me to payment options. There was no option to use my credit.

I wrote customer service and explained what I was trying to do. Here is their reply:

"Hello Karen,

Thank you for contacting Skype Support.

We understand your concern.

The discount from your subscription will automatically be deducted from the sum for the extension of your online number."

I went back and tried it again; it still would not let me use the "promised" discount stated right in my account. I then wrote the representative back and explained again it would not work. I soon got this reply:

"Hello Karen,

Thank you for contacting Skype Support.

The reason for that is because you have to pay for this number. This is why you are redirected to Paypal. "

(remember, I already have paid for my online number that is about to expire)

Do you see where he totally changed his story around?

The next thing I know, 5 minutes later, I get a notice from my PayPal account that I had sent $7.95 to Skype!??? (by the way, my auto pay was disabled, but they took it anyway)What???? Now I am really furious. I write back and get NO answer in 3 days.

I go back and submit another ticket hoping I will get a different representative. I explained I wanted my $7.95 returned unless they can give me my $30 discount for my online number, and I also send copies of all correspondence between me and "Alec".

Now I get a response from another representative who returns my $7.95 and ends my service!??? I go back to my account and guess what?? They also removed my $30 discount I never got to use and had been trying to use for the last 10 days.

I just wrote them back and told them how WRONG they are and how BADLY they have done me. I can not believe they get away with this. I had that $30 discount in my account for 2 months and planned on using to to renew my online number, but not one representative could help me with this issue; not one of them. They all avoided me for 10 days. I just wrote them my last letter before I came here to post this.

I do NOT recommend Skype service to anyone. Aside from the customer support, I lost connection many, many times while in the middle of a conversation. The service all the way around stinks!

Is it any surprise as to why they do not have a customer support phone number, or email addresses to the owner?
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 03/09/2009:
Thanks for the post. We have talked about migrating to Skype for business purposes and we'll be looking at excessive negative feedback I'm sure before we do anything concrete.
kshdzines on 03/09/2009:
I originally went to Skype for business reasons. When I signed up with them in 2005, at first they were great(so it seemed). Price had increased and things have changed over the years, but right now they are the worst I have ever seen. Their Customer Support is ridiculously AWFUL! If you are going to be on the phone a lot in your business, I recommend you stay away from Skype. In the last few months, I have been losing connection constantly, almost every call I lose connection after a 10 minute conversation. It is like they have it set not to let you talk more than 10 minutes at a time and then, BOOM!, connection lost. I am going to switch to "Magic Jack", It has been recommended to me by other clients and I have read and seen great reviews on TV about the Magic Jack, (haven't looked here yet, which I will do)so I think I will give it a shot...:-)

Good Luck!
Soaring Consumer on 03/09/2009:
Most "internet-phone" companies usually shaft people. Magic Jack will probably be just as bad.
Anonymous on 03/09/2009:
I disagree, SC. I've used Vonage for years, and I'm currently in the process of switching to Magic Jack.
kshdzines on 03/09/2009:
Good Luck with Magic Jack, MissMarple. I will be getting it real soon myself...:-) Skype can KMA!
catching up on 05/23/2009:
I have comcast internet service. I hooked up majic jack to my computer.Works great , We use it for local and long distance calls.
The only drawback I can see ,is you have to have your computer on .
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Skype Fraud -
Posted by on
UNKNOWN -- Skype was great when it was free. I made the mistake of investing in the company. I paid an annual rate up front just this month on January 6, 2008. All was well and good, I averaged about 240 minutes a day on what they described should be included in the premium annual rate.

On January 22, 2008 I started getting a per charge fee. I learned - they don't have a CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE# or LIVE ASSISTANCE. I had to send a support email.

On January 23, 2008 I paid an additional fee to give them an opportunity to resolve the billing issue. I got a response stating the problem had been resolved and asking me to email back if I had any additional problems.

The problem was not resolved and I email daily for 2 days with no response when I found a supprot forum.

Now the moderators refuse to say if they are SKYPE employees or SKYPE volunteers. These folks allegedly have some pull with Skype and have an official looking logo as a MODERATOR. This allows the public to believe they can get answers.

Now this billing problem is system wide. There are a growing number of complaints daily.

The moderators dodge all the questions and ask the same clarifying questions over and over, in the forums and many times it appears as if they are intentionally inciting PAYING CUSTOMERS.

This got me angry. I hate being treated like I'm stupid by some pretentious ass and this makes me want to fight back not only for the fraud committed on my contract, but the fraud they are committing angainst folks who are being overbilled (in some cases by hundreds) and for the poor folks who just don't have the money for alternative phone services.

So this UK based firm is blatently using fraud collecting American dollars, promising a service, and not only failing to honor their end of the contract, but in some cases where folks made the mistake of trusting them by enrolling in the "autorefill program" for prepaid premium calls - they are being billed for calls under the all inclusive plan.

Also note, if you buy credits and don't use it all in 6 months - they steal the money and fail to provide the service.

I've experienced a lot of subterfuge, lies, and unprofessionalism.

My predicition is that SKYPE crossed a line and this will go class action - especially since they were bought out by E-bay/PayPal. There's a lot of bad blood in the on-line community and PayPal was already sued for stealing funds from bsuiness owners collecting payments through that system. This is just a further demonstration of the same lack of customer service and fraud that Paypal got slammed for a few years back.

Same people - same illegal activities. You think they'd learn.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/31/2008:
We use Skype IM all day long. We have always been a bit suspect of the paid services. Thank you for the heads up on this problem. The ad based IM seems to always work well. Skype seems to run independent of eBay as they are in Luxembourg so I don't see eBay/PayPal messing them up to bad. (VH)
chow on 02/03/2008:
Skypes is the best among all the messenger service and telephony company, I used it all the time for all sorts of long distance call, it is great!!!!!never see any online company better than skypes so far.
jenniferatcoastal on 02/03/2008:
Just an update. After 10 days of no response from Skype and spending way too much time with their moderators in the forums playing their game of answering the same clarifying questions over and over. Skype now alleges they terminated service claiming I have multiple users on my account, however, they are unable to provide the IP address that initiated the calls. Again, if this is a true allegation, it is without my knowledge and part of THEIR PROBLEMS WITH THEIR HACKER issues.

They also claim that with Skype Pro (which they advise is for business used to reduce costs) I exceeded a 3,000 minute allowance of minutes and that as of February 1 I would be active.

Well, It's Feb 2 - account still not functing properly and I exxported all the calls and ran a total. I only used about 1/2 the allowable minutes. It was between 1400 and 1500 in the 11 days they allowed service to go uninterrupted.

I also requested their totals and how they arrived at their alleged numbers of minutes used to investigate potential fraudulent use of the account (remember, they opened this can of worms claiming multiple users have accessed my account). Of course, they refuse to respond to the inquiry.

Hands down, the Skype software and interface with professional databases for businesses is by far the best. But it is worthless when there is no customer service, timely response to inquiries, and all the stupid wasteful nonsense I witnessed and experienced on the alleged Help Forums. (Me thinks the moderators may have one of the power trip rushes thinking they are important. When they accomplishing something useful and productive, they can reach out and impress me.)

If reliability of service isn't an issue for you! By all means - take your chances with Skypw. But if you are running a business... SIP is clunky, but reliable. And there are a number of VOIP providers offering low rates (as low as $10 a month). IMHO a clunky SIP that needs occasional babysitting while running my business software is better than a service that doesn't work at all.

Now, the question is, who do I know with VOIP experience that I can partner with and re-develop the Skype efficient software.

Since I live in NJ, Headquarters on Vonage and their many disgruntled employees and developers that are worked like dogs for less than the going salary, I think I can do some networking and pitch my idea.

I could grab investors off Beadstreet. I just wonder what the profitability would be. Much research to be done to see if it would be profitable to throw my hat into the ring.
chow on 02/09/2008:
skypes provide their users with $0.00 per month telephony service, in return for adv. viewing, I think they are the best among all others. yahoo n msn are no match at all.
Skype is doing the right thing terminating your service,why wasting their times and technology on senseless and unreasonable customer.
jenniferatcoastal on 02/09/2008:
Maybe Chow misunderstands the concern since he never provided Skype info for billing as a paying customer and just uses the free services.

What is happening is not that I am being unreasonable. There are serious illgal business practices the Skype Business has in place.

If you read the Skype PRO service agreement. You are paying to use their service. You can register your business (if you have one) as part of their "hook" to get you in. They are fraudulently using misleading terminology (as outlined by the FTC and FCC) to increase businesses. On a larger scale, this is what happened in the banking industry and why the housing market is in a turmoil. Fraudulent advertising and non-dsclosure up front. I think a few folks from ENRON may have wound up in jail for that if you recall.

They provide an accounting of calls like every other service provider. Now based on their records, I am not "over-using" the service. (Let's refer back to the business contract and the fraudulent advertsining that there would be unlimited calls if you PAY up front for an annual and REGISTER your business).

Now in the interest of business interruption, if my clients didn't get customer service responses in 2+ weeks crippeling their business, I would be out of business not mention I would end up in small claims court for fraud.

Because the Skype service is under $50 a month, it isn't worth my time to sue. Quite frankly, they should reimburse the entre unused portion of funds received... but they refuse to do that.

Now, let's talk about fraud and illegal charges. I am very careful about providing billing information to companies. Skype automatically sets up an "Auto charge" through PayPal which I quickly terminated once the contract was in place. I was only hit with another $20 overcharge.

Many people on the forum affected by the illegal business practices have been hit for hundreds and even thousands maxing out people's credit cards, wiping out checking or savings accounts etc.

it isn't about the technology. I agree that is superior. But to say they had a right to cancel a contract and assume I am wasting their time, when they are wrong on so many legal levels is insane.

Skype's free service is EXCELLENT - but I maintain - BUYER BEWARE and recommend everyone steer clear unless you plan to risk losing the monthly fee. Whatever a consumer does, don't sign up for auto charge.

I think Skype really crossed some lines and if the people who did have funds stolen from the autobill feature - they will be fined heavily and the company is too young to take the hit. They will go under.

chow on 02/11/2008:
jennifer, whenever you provide personal information to a company, you will never know where or how the inf. going to be used, it is part of the risk of everyone has to deal within today world, unless you can prove skypes is using your inf.for illegal activity, it is just your word against them, as bank, IRS, school, hospital and many other institutions also have your personal info., you will never know who is passing that out.Since you claim so ,why you do n't file a lawsuit?
jenniferatcoastal on 02/11/2008:
No lawsuit because the time spent filing one (even if I did it myself), isn't woth my time. Ine hour of my time worknig is double what I could ever hope to achieve. I was smart and didn't have significant damages because I stopped that autocharge as soon as I saw what was happening.

True, there is risk dealing with anyone. Look at Enron, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Verizon, and other companies that illegally sold or used information for their own personal gain. However, there is reasonable expectations one could expect for a company to justify billing, provide responsive customer service ina reasonable time frame (3+weeks and counting is not reasonable).

I think considering the damages I have been reading about all over the net, it's only going sink the company's reputation and people will not invest into them. You aren't investing your money into them so you must see the point I am making.

On the lawsuit front, it's just too damn time consuming and would cost more money than its worth. I can write the losses off on my taxes and recoup 100% with no muss/no fuss. I just need to have my record of emails and the accoutning of minutes used showing Skype did not provide services paid for.

I turn into a bleeding heart sometimes because I came from an underpriviledged childhood and until 5 years ago when my business took off, I worked 2+ jobs and had very little disposable income. I remember what it's like unplugging the refigerator during the day when I was at work to "save the electric" because I was struggling to make ends meet.

People who I have seen complaining of fraududlent billing and loss of service seem to have been promised an alternative phone service to save money and we billed 10X's or even more in a few cases I saw that Ma Bell's extortion.

My advice is go with a SIP provider paying $25 a month like Vonage or Voip Your Life. It's US based, governed under our FCC regulations.

People need to realize you get what you pay for, but at least when you take the loss, you can write it off on your taxes to recover expenses.
chow on 02/12/2008:
Skype software is good for p/c 2 p/c use only, not the pay service, jennifer, their technology is not realible for land line.
bigalman on 05/08/2008:
I have a similar complaint:
When I signed up just last month for 1 year the policy was any calls in the US and Canada are free per minute and there is no connection fee. Now they changed the policy when I have 11 months left in my contract.
The new policy is only calls to Canada are free and a connection fee applies. That is Fraud!!

Sending emails to support is not helping so far!
kshdzines on 03/08/2009:
Is there not somewhere we can report internet service fraud? They have done me dirty as well and I am very upset. I wrote a review explaining the issue. They removed a $30 online number credit/discount I had in my account when I was trying to use it. They acted as if it was never there. After 10 days of emails trying to use it, they ironically removed it..GRRRRRRRRRRRR Do I have "STUPID" written across my forehead or what??
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Skype Steals "Credits"
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I had a Skype account, only used it once, although I had put $10 down as a credit. They still owed me $9 and some change. I got an email announcing my credits had "expired" and all I had to do was sign into my account and click on the "retrieve credits" icon. Unfortunately, there is no such icon, and the account they want me to access isn't even the same one I put credits on. I have had multiple emails from them each claiming they will "absolutely help" with this problem, but no one seems to actually read the previous email and their solutions do not work because they aren't really solutions.
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Skype Outrageous Charge of 40 Pounds for Phone Support!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UK, HAWAII -- I needed some support with 2 accounts which was impossible to do by yourself. I called the free UK Skype support line.They wanted to charge me minimum 40 pounds per account (total of 80 pounds or higher).

I believe it's outrageous!

I spend on my Skype calls hundreds of euros over the years, and as a loyal paying customer I expect you (Skype) to give me assistance without asking anything for it!

Apparently the phone line is operated by a 3rd party company, hence the charge.

Microsoft now owns Skype (in a $8.5 billion deal). Therefore my complaint is toward Microsoft's behavior here.

This is the truth.
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Non-Renewal of Subscription
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have has Unlimited European subscription for several years with automatic renewal. Yesterday I found that my service no longer works. Apparently the card on my account had expired and so as the renewal payment did not go through my service was ended without any warning or notification of a problem.

I contacted Customer Service - haha - and was told to add the subscription to my account again and that my telephone number would be renewed as it was already part of my package. Last year I paid £33 - this year it cost £58 and the number was NOT included. The system wanted me to pay about another £35 to renew the number as well!

I contacted Skype again and was told there was nothing they could do. Skype numbers are no longer included in the Subscription and because mine had lapsed it cannot be renewed and I have to pay for both services. An increase of over 100% in a year. A formal complaint by email got an initial standard reply that had nothing to do with my complaint and the second reply was basically 'tough luck'.

I have cancelled the subscription renewal and will transfer the number to another provider.

What can anyone do about the mighty Microsoft organisation? - well I can certainly publish this story on as many sites as I can to warn others.

I think this is just a way to get people onto the new more expensive packages.
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Skype Is Useless Waste of Much Time
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
INTERNET -- I eagerly dowloaded and installed Skype with the need for videoconferencing. I am having all the problems I see others have. The operation of this App appears to be designed for programmers and hackers, as although I have used Mac OS since its inception, this is truly the worst implementation of a non-intuitive interface for a well-hyped App I have seen.

The reports are true. Download, install, be instantly lost and confused. Go to their "help" site forums, and blogs and find that there is no help there. Try googling or searching their site for customer service contact and discover there is no contact available. Try posting questions to the help boards and find the system will not even accept your post of a question or comment effectively cutting you off from any support whatsoever.

Skype is a useless waste of time. Colloquially speaking, I fully agree: SKYPE SUCKS.
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User Replies:
NAZ on 05/28/2013:
Skype works fine if you have a good internet connection. But its really best at personal commutation not web conferencing. I've never been confused with its interface since day one. so maybe you were expecting something more mac like. for teleconferencing I recommends something like gotomeeting or Adobe web conference. these are built for work type meetings.
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No Satisfaction for Erroneous Loss of Service
Posted by on
Because of an unspecified "technical glitch" my 12 month renewal fee was not applied properly to my online number and my phone service was cut off on September 21 in the middle of the busiest time for my seasonal ghost tour business. I was not notified in any way (except, of course that I continue to be billed, and to pay, for voicemail and call forwarding for the deactivated number)and I lost thousands of dollars worth of business when my customers couldn't reach me for a month. Once I was told about the problem (by a friend who was trying to make reservations and called my cell number), I got the number reactivated and the erroneous applied funds refunded, but got no satisfaction on my losses or explanation of why I wasn't notified. I am furious and will continue to post negative comments in every possible venue until something is done.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 10/21/2011:
I doubt Skype has any obligation regarding your losses, which are likely hard to quantify.

How many days did it take for you to realize that your phone was not working? You state you were without service for a month. Do you have a website that customers could have contacted you at?

I'm thinking of a land line, and what happens when it stops working. I call for service, and if I am real lucky the phone company refunds a prorated amount of my monthly bill.
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Skype keeps your money and refuses to refund it
Posted by on
After 180 days Skype disables your credits and they are no longer avaiable to you, EVEN if you use their utility to restore the credits. If you try to get your money out, they use the fine print in the policy to inform you that you gave them permission to keep it. In my country, this is called theft.

My policy is to rag on Skype whenever and wherever I get a chance. I wonder how they like me now.....
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/29/2011:
The fine print in a contract often has unwelcome surprises.
Mike on 11/20/2012:
Regardless of the fine print in a policy, it still isn't allowed to break the law.

Keeping unused credits is theft, plain and simple. If my bank refused to let people take money out when they were in credit, they would go out of business very fast.
Carmen Z on 05/26/2013:
I have $19 and I can not use. It says account blocked!.... they blocked my money! Thieves!
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