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Rudest Salesman Ever, Worst Mattress, False Advertising
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HAZLETON, PENNSYLVANIA -- UPDATE: Got our replacement mattress; as we suspected, it was the same- much harder than the showroom model, not at all the same. Our mattress did not "break in" with time either. So I refused delivery and we decided that rather than risk dealing with the awful salesman at Hazleton, we would try the Bloomsburg Sleepy's. We had a much better experience there. Bernie handled us; he was fantastic. We explained everything, and he went out of his way to make sure he did everything he could to resolve the issue to our satisfaction. We did a comfort exchange at a discounted fee, and got a great gel/memory foam mattress- all we had to pay was the $150 disposal fee. I cannot say enough about how accommodating the staff was. Bernie redeemed Sleepy's for us, at least for the most part. Still think they need to fire that guy from Hazleton, and their customer service reps online are nightmares.

I'm not a complainer; I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt. But this has been, hands-down, the worst retail experience I've ever had. Here's the story: needed a new mattress. Went to Sleepy's in Hazleton, despite some scary reviews about customer service. Tried a bunch of mattress, there was one on sale that was quite soft and such a heavy discount, we couldn't resist. Website said they had a score card that didn't require a credit check- I asked for that. Found out later that I was given the one that did require a credit check.

Approved for 2000, got mattress and had to pay extra to get boxsprings and mattress cover for the warranty. Was lied to about price of the boxsprings- we had to get a split box spring- salesgirl told us it would cost $100 extra- what she didn't say was that it was $100 extra for EACH BOXSPRING, so it was $300 more. Had to pay for delivery. Told that we could return the mattress within three weeks if we weren't satisfied.

We weren't satisfied. The mattress was delivered, and it was not even remotely the same. It looked the same, but it was hard as a rock. The VSN numbers and everything matched up, but it was NOT the same mattress. We need our mattresses to be VERY soft. The one in the show room was; the one we received was like sleeping on a board with a thin pillowtop. Called Sleepy's the same day, and was told by Tony that of course they weren't going to try to cheat us; they wanted us to be customers for life and be totally satisfied, so we should come up to the store the next day and pick out a new mattress, they would compensate us for our trouble.

Drove an hour to Hazleton the next day after not sleeping at all and waking up in pain. Met by the rudest salesperson ever. Don't know his name, but he is an older guy, maybe 60's, and the most arrogant jerk ever. Told us it couldn't be the mattress; it was us. But if it was the mattress, it was totally against all statistics. (He liked to spout off useless facts in an arrogant tone of voice instead of actually listening or trying to help us.) Told him it was not the same (after laying on the correct one again to make sure), and that we could not continue to use the mattress we had received- I was in severe pain. Instead of helping us pick a new one, he insisted we should just call customer service (he wouldn't do it) and get it swapped for another of the same, in case it was a factory error. He refused to help us. Confused and stunned, we left the store after half an hour of his BS, and I started crying. My husband got ticked.

He went back in and literally told the guy "This is what you're going to do. We want that mattress over there instead. If they bring the mattress and it's another hard one, we'll have to wait another couple weeks until you can deliver to our area again. We can't risk that. Do whatever you have to do to make this happen." The guy kept arguing throughout the night; my husband literally had to force the condescending jerk to help us several times. He almost had to threaten him, it was bizarre; I've never encountered someone like that in customer service. He should be fired immediately.

Anyway, we picked out another mattress, slightly more expensive, but great. The guy started to work out the financing (after complaining, sighing and making us feel like dirt for bothering him.) We were supposed to get compensated, per Tony. Nope. They wanted to charge us $250 for disposal of the old and delivery of the new mattress. We said we would get just the mattress and no boxsprings. It still came to almost $800 more, even though the mattress itself was only $500 more than our first one.

We asked if we could return the headboard we had gotten, because it was still unopened and in original box. They refused. We asked if we could get more credit- on the store card, which supposedly didn't require credit check. Denied. So my husband applied, even though his credit isn't great. Denied. So I tried to extend my line of credit. Denied. We asked if there was any way we could just have the floor model of the first mattress, since we knew it was what we liked. Denied. The guy kept insisting we just exchange for another of the same mattress and give it a few months. (Probably so the 21-day satisfaction "guarantee" joke time period would pass.)

Incidentally, I found out that two other mattresses in the same Simmons series were mislabeled (firm vs. plush). I tried to inform him. He argued with me, so I insisted he come over there and sit on them himself if he didn't believe me. When he check the tags, they didn't match the store's labels, so he begrudgingly admitted I was right, but said the other mattress number was still correct. (Which it is, and it matches ours, but they are NOT the same.)

So now, we are stuck with a rock hard mattress; I haven't slept since we received it. They are delivering another one (not for 4 days, though- next day delivery is falsely advertised there, just like the "no credit needed" poster in the window) but I am not hopeful. I am concerned that the one in the showroom may be the one that was incorrectly tagged by the factory, and there will be absolutely nothing we can do, short of forcing someone from Simmons to go to the showroom, drag our mattress there, and have them compare.

This is the biggest nightmare I have ever experienced with a store (and we have had some doozies!) We cannot get a cash refund to take our business elsewhere; Sleepy's blames Simmons for the discrepancy. I'm sure Simmons will say it was Sleepy's responsibility. We have to pay thousands of dollars for a mattress we HATE while I sleep on a recliner. The salesman made us feel lower than dirt (although to be fair, he was really arrogant and rude to everyone he talked to on the phone while we were there as well, including people at corporate, etc...). I wish I knew if we had any other options, but he literally refused to try to help us in any way; we had to force him to do what little he did.

Sleepy's could have had customers for life- we buy a new mattress every five years or so, and were eventually planning to work up to the highest quality adjustable-bed and mattress they carried. We are very brand-loyal people when we have a good experience. Instead, I will tell everyone I meet NEVER to go to Sleepy's, and as soon as we pay off this mattress, we will head to Mattress Warehouse, where the salesman we talked to was kind, helpful, friendly and HONEST.

In the meantime, I get to look forward to sleepless nights, and spending more money on trying to find a mattress topper that will keep my back, knees and neck from hurting. I've never been so angry (but it could be the sleep deprivation talking.) I will do everything I can in the future to ensure that Sleepy's loses as much business as possible.
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User Replies:
David on 10/10/2013:
Any time anyone uses the term "false advertising" I immediately don't take them very seriously. There is no false advertisement, just fine print or terms and conditions you didn't read.
Sarah on 10/10/2013:
David- when I DID the read the fine print, and the salespeople deliberately tried to say otherwise (because they thought I hadn't read the fine print), I consider false advertising. Your fine print might say one thing, but if your salespeople follow a policy to lie about the fine print, it is absolutely deceptive.
Slimjim on 10/10/2013:
Sarah is right. Regardless of what is in writing, if you mis-represent your products or services, that is illegal. You cannot be deceptive or willfully omit pertinent information in business and expect some fine print on a large sales contract to vindicate you.
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The Customer Is Always Wrong
Posted by on
SICKLERVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- Who knew that buying a mattress was comparable to buying a used car?
Approximately two weeks ago, on a whim, my significant other and I decided to stop by a Sleepy’s TO GET AN IDEA of what a high quality queen sized mattresses would cost us. As anticipated, we were immediately greeted by an overzealous saleswoman who wanted to know how she could help us. We explained to the woman that we were only poking our heads in for a moment and were the absolute epitome of “just looking” but also as expected, we were bombarded with a whirlwind of pitches, promises and prices.
Instead of being able to walk the store and peruse the different brands and styles freely, we were ushered onto a computerized mattress that evidently knows more about what we’re looking for than we do. Well, as it turns out, the mattress “for us” was Sleepy’s Sleep to Live 800 Series and just happened to be the most expensive one on the showroom floor. We weren’t deterred by the astronomical price of the mattress since it was comparable to lying on a slice of heaven and it included a lifetime warranty. My other half was ecstatic about how comfortable the bed was and we were fairly certain that, after a couple weeks of shopping around, we would find ourselves back at Sleepys purchasing the last mattress we’d ever buy. At least, that was our intention…
After politely listening to the woman’s well practiced hard sale pitch over and over again, we tried to wrap things up and leave the store, seeing as our quick pit stop had already turned into an hour long event. She began inquiring about financing and we let her know that we weren’t interested in payments or even buying today, that if we made the purchase it would be in a couple weeks and would be done in cash. At that moment she offered us the 800 Series mattress at the price of the cheaper 600 Series, insinuating that she would give us a special deal if we would act on it now. I began to realize our youth was being mistaken for a lack of common sense. The offer had everything to do with our paying cash and absolutely nothing to do with the time, date or sale extravaganza that was occurring. On her behalf, there is no way she could have known that I’ve worked in sales for the past 8 years and that she had been insulting my intelligence from the moment our conversation commenced. To make the story a little shorter, we ended up placing a $100 refundable deposit on the mattress as a way to reserve the “special sale price” we were offered while still allowing us to do the two weeks of shopping around like we originally intended. Honestly, at that point we were thinking $100 was a small price to pay if it meant we could get the hell out of there without hearing another pitch.
The next day I began doing some meddling online to see if there were any reviews of Sleepy’s and the brand of mattress we reserved. To my surprise I found pages and pages (on top of pages) of complaints dealing with every aspect of Sleepy’s business i.e. poor customer service, defective merchandise, reneging on warranties, shady business practices. Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I began carefully reading the reviews that appeared to be something a little more than just boorish ranting. One reoccurring grievance was about the warranty and how they seem to weasel their way out replacing mattresses that met the criteria for an exchange. Seeing as our decision was swayed by the mattress’s lifetime warranty to begin with, I began to question if we would follow through with the purchase.
Throughout the next week I began asking coworkers, friends and family about their mattress’s and experiences. Only two people I know had dealt with Sleepy’s previously and they both seemed certain that we should return to the store for a refund and focus our search elsewhere. Apparently both purchased posh mattresses that eventually should have been exchanged under warranty but weren’t because regular wear and tear, voids the warranty. Thinking back, the saleswoman told us that any rip, tear or stain would void the warranty and that we had to purchase and frequently replace a $80 cover to go over our already $3600 mattress in order for the warranty to stay valid.
Last night my other half and I returned to the store to get our refund. This task, which we dreaded right up to store’s doors, turned out to be quite agreeable. The gentlemen offered to show us something else but didn’t push when we declined. He attempted to Win us back over with some savvy salesmanship but we stuck to our guns and were in the store for about a total of ten minutes. He told us our refund would be mailed out on Monday and after painlessly dealing with him, I can honestly say that despite the negative reviews, I wouldn’t completely write Sleepy’s off. That was until this morning…
Around 9:45 this morning I receive a call from a number I recognize only as the same strange number that has been calling me every other day for the past two weeks. My curiosity peaking, I answered the phone and much to my displeasure, it’s the saleswoman from Sleepy’s calling to find out why we cancelled our order. Now personally, I don’t feel like I have to explain myself to anyone but after the saleswoman implied that we cancelled our order simply because we couldn’t afford it and that we should finance or come back to the store to look at cheaper mattresses, I was a little insulted. I explained to her my concerns about the lifetime warranty and she proceeded to tell me that my information was wrong and that I should pay no heed to the hundreds of people who took the time to write reviews, my family or cohorts and base my entire decision on the promises of a fast talking saleswoman who obviously really needed to make a sale. She also added that she would call back in a week or two to see how our mattress shopping is going. How sweet... is badgering a common sales technique?
With that being said, our experience with Sleepy’s wasn’t dreadful but I feel that may only be because we didn’t buy anything. I didn’t find the sales staff to be helpful or informative since they only tried to sell us a mattress from Sleepy’s line, neglecting to educate us on what other brands and styles had to offer until after we came to cancel our order. Whatever you do, don't give them your phone number or you'll be dodging their calls more than Aunt Edna's. I wouldn’t recommend going there if you are someone is easily influenced by high pressure salesman either, albeit eager salesman will be hard to avoid wherever you shop for a mattress. It seems salesman would rather sell you what’s right for them RIGHT NOW, rather than help you make the decision that’s right for you and in return gain a customer for life. Just remember folks, it’s your money and you work hard for it so part with it on your terms and your terms only.
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 11/04/2009:
Good post. Fair and reasonable. VH
wargasm on 04/04/2010:
I know this was posted awhile ago, but in the off chance this is read....

First, you've been in sales for 8 yrs and you still left 100$ deposit...weak dude.

Second, did you know that the nazis running sleepy's send in secret shoppers all the time? You have to be enthusiastically greeted within 8 seconds, you have to be tested on the fancy machine (basically a scale, the fatter you are the stronger the support structure...super technical I know)and you are not allowed to simply look around. You must be taken control of, the price must be dropped when you start biting your lip or if you jingle your keys. If the script is not followed and it turned out that you were a 'secret shopper' she gets punished.

I've been reading these complaints for over an hour now, and I am absolutely sick to my stomach. I just got hired by these people. I've been selling furniture and mattresses for 10yrs, and thanks to this lovely recession I had to find new employment, and these basterds were the ones hiring.

I googled "Sleepy's Complaints". It would take me weeks to read all of them. I am truly frightened at what I am getting into.

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Be Aware Of Sleepy's Return Policy Scam On Tempurpedic!!!
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- In 2007, I bought a Tempurpedic classic mattress set for $1999 from Sleepy's (SI, NY). With $79.99 delivery fee and $174.12 sale tax =Total was $2253.11. On this day, I received 2 free Tempurpedic comfort pillow queen standard ($150 value/each) and a free bedliner. The distric manager wrote under Special Instructions: "Customer has Tempurpedic offer stating that if bed is returned hen the two pillows offered are free up to a $200 value, we will match to save sale."

Within a week of purchasing the mattress, I noticed a lower back pain and within 2 weeks, I was having shooting pain and numbness down my legs. I visited my doctor, who advised changing the mattress and probable diagnosis as sciatic nerve stemming from my lower back. I started physical therapy and she also told me to change the mattress and diagnosed me as herniated disk and nerve depression, causing numbness and pain. I only slept on Tempurpedic for 2 weeks, thereafter, I've been Sleeping on my couch and on the floor.

I called the Sleepy's Customer Service and spoke to customer representatives (4 times, including a manager) to confirm the charges that I have to pay for returning the mattress. They all told me that I would be charged $395 as follows: $175 shipping and handling fee + $119.99 for bedline that I initially got for free (I wouldn't have accepted this "free" bedliner if they are this overpriced!!!) + $100 for 2 Tempurpedic pillows that I received for free.

However, after I return the mattress, I was charged $623.14 instead of $395!!! Each customer representatives (even 2 managers) that I spoke to, could NOT exactly give a breakdown on the charges (one was stupid enough to tell me that pillows were $300 each thinking I'll be fooled!!!). They all seem to have different ways to explain the overcharges. One said it was $175 shipping and handling fee + additional 79.99 delivery fee + $200 for 2 pillows + $119.99 for bedliner. In the invoice that I originally received from Sleepy's says the following for Tempur-Pedic Swedish Mattress 90 Night In-Home Trial: "... at any time during the trial period, if you are dissatisfied, we will pick up everything and send you a refund... we'll reimburse the full purchase price, except for a one time shipping and handling fee of a $175..."

I called customer service numerous times and spoke to managers and even called sales person whom I purchased the mattress from. They all refused to credit the money and sales person never returned my phone calls and gave excuses sayiing "district manager is away, on vacation, etc" I realized that this is going no where so I contacted BBB and filed a report with NYC dept of consumer affairs and wrote a letter to the president of Sleepy's. Finally, about 2 weeks later, Sleepy's manager called and gave me the credit of $200!!!

If I wasn't persistent, I wouldn't have gotten my money back. Sleepy's are full of liars and scammers - I will NEVER buy anything in their store ever again and will be sure to let my friends and family member know as well. If you are buying Tempurpedic, just buy it directly from Tempurpedic after trying it out in local stores (they have lot of coupons and promotions - including free shipping fees if you sign up for mailing). If buying from Sleepys, make sure you get all the invoices and return policy printed out to you and have promotions in writing!!!! I really hope no one else will go through what I had to deal with...

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User Replies:
madconsumer on 08/26/2008:
sounds like they were trying to pull a fast on over on you.

I could never sleep on one of these beds. they are too soft, and create a 'hole' were you butt is. these are perhaps better to people who are side sleepers.
Mrs. Fantastic on 08/26/2008:
If you had bought directly from Tempurpedic- you most likely wouldn't have been able to return your mattress at all. Even though Sleepy's 'scammed' you for extra money- at least they allowed you to return the mattress. Most retailers wouldn't have allowed you even that. Keep in mind- that mattress cannot be re-sold and the retailer takes the loss. Sure, sounds like Sleepy's jerked you around on a few hundred dollars, and that's their fault. But remember to be thankful they're one of the few retailers in the U.S. who even allowed you to return it!
Anonymous on 08/26/2008:
We have had a Tempurpedic for over two years and love it. Guess what works for some does not for others. Anyway when we bought it the company put in writing we had a 90 return window if we were not happy. We would pay nothing to return it and get 100% refund. As stated this Sleepys outfit is just out to rip you off. Contact Tempurpedic about the 90 day factory return program.
Anonymous on 08/26/2008:
Mattresses should be like bathing suits. No returns. In most states retailers are allowed to repackage them and sell them as new. My luck would be to buy the mattress that was returned because it didn't solve someone's bedbug problem.
Mrs. Fantastic on 08/26/2008:
KenP-are you sure about 'most' states retailers being allowed to re-sell mattresses as new? It's been my past experience most are allowed to re-sell 'as-is' with no warranty to the customer or donate to a local charity. Not as new. Scary.
Anonymous on 08/26/2008:
Mrs F, I don't remember the exact numbers, but there was a blurb about it on the news recently. It was like "Massachusetts, like xx other states, allows the return..." The xx number was surprisingly high. I think the gist of the news article was that there is a motion to make it illegal here.
Carol on 07/30/2013:
Going through the same thing but have not pursued trying to get the money back that we already invested. Sounds like I need to call the Attorney General and be persistent like you did. Good for you!!!
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Our Hidden Warranty Problem - Loophole
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- We purchased a My Side Kingsdown mattress(~$2,100) and box spring set (~$900) and were told by our sales representative that it had a lifetime warranty. At the time of purchase, we were told that we needed to purchase a waterproof mattress pad that was specifically made to allow the mattress to breathe so the cooling effects of the bed would not be hindered and so that the warranty would be not be voided because of stains on the bed. So, we purchased the mattress pad(~$200). We also paid for the mattress to be delivered and set up (~$99). It was delivered and set up on the date agreed upon.

After sleeping on the mattress for 9 months, we noticed the mattress sagging and my husband and I both started to develop back problems and cooling effects of the bed no longer existed. I looked through the papers that I got from Sleepy's for the warranty information, but could not find it. So, I called the store where we purchased the mattress and they gave me the number for the warranty department. I called Sleepy's warranty department and told them about the problems we were having with the bed and was asked some questions about the bed frame. I told her that our frame had three horizontal wooden slats and a metal vertical support. The person I spoke with told me that an independent company would send someone out to check the bed. He came and took some pictures with his computer. He found the warranty information still attached to the bed. He said that the box springs were fine and that Kingsdown made very good box springs.

Sleepy's warranty department called me back one week later, saying that while the mattress seemed damaged on the left side, they could not do anything for us, as the warranty was voided because we did not have the center support leg, required by the company, on our bed frame. She probably saw this from the pictures. I told her that there was nothing wrong with the center of the bed or with the box spring, that it was the sides and the non-cooling of the bed. She said she knew that, but that it had nothing to do with them not replacing the damaged mattress, as the warranty was void. I asked her why the people that installed the bed did not say anything about the frame and she said they were just drivers.

My husband then called and talked to someone else. My husband mentioned to the representative that we had paid to have the mattress delivered and installed and that the problem of the bed frame should have been taken care of then. The representative he spoke to said he would get back to us in 24 hours. That was a week ago and we have not heard back. We have a very hefty wooden bed frame that is about 17 years old. We are very upset and feel that we should have been told about the bed frame by Sleepy's (they told us about the $200 mattress pad) or the people that set the bed up should have noticed the missing leg and told us, or at the very least, we should have been handed the warranty, instead of it being left on the head of the mattress in a place that is out of sight unless you remove the mattress from the bed, which we not supposed to have to do. Is there anything else we can do? Hopefully, we will get a positive result from this situation and our experience will help someone else. Buyers, beware of the bedframe loophole if you have an older bedframe!
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User Replies:
Sleepy's on 07/27/2013:
Thank you for sharing your concerns. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Please reach out to me at and include your invoice number and/or customer code and a telephone number with the best date and time to reach you. We look forward to working with you and resolving your issue
Eharris on 07/27/2013:
I looked at the mattress you are talking about at Sleepy's and I was told it had a great warranty. What good is a warranty from a company that will not stand behind it. I have had previous Kingsdown Mattresses, not memory foam, and I have liked them. I sure wouldn't buy one from Sleepys since they didn't inform you of where to find your warranty when they delivered the bed and they installed the new mattress for you at a charge. Shame on Sleepy's and Kingsdown for poor quality and service! I will buy my new mattress from elsewhere.
Eharris on 07/27/2013:
Thank you for your experience with Sleepy's and their service organization. I also think it is wrong of Sleepy's to have set up the bed and not informed you of the warranty requiring a center leg much less not leaving the warranty with you. I will not shop at Sleepy's or buy a Kingsdown Mattress.
sfriend on 07/31/2013:
Thank you for posting your problems with Sleepy's warranty on your expensive bed (mattress/boxsprings, etc). My husband and I are in the market to buy a new bed but after reading your problems with sleepy's and their warranty and not working with you to resolve the problems you are having -- we will steer away from Sleepy's for our purchase. I cannot afford to spend a couple thousand dollars on a new bed and later find out if something goes wrong the warranty will not be valid due to some "loophole" within the warranty that Sleepy's doesn't try to convey to you before you spend all those dollars. That is deceiving their customers. I hope you get this resolved and Sleepy's stands behind their product.
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Defective Mattress
Posted by on
SPRINGFIELD, PENNSYLVANIA -- My Wife and I decided to replace our existing queen mattress set, so we made a decision based on an advertisement in a sales flier from Sleepy’s Mattress. We went to visit the Sleepy’s located at 101 Baltimore Pike Springfield, PA and took a look at and tried out the advertised mattress that we had planned to purchase from the sales flier. After trying a few of the advertised specials, we decided that they were not the comfort level we were seeking, so we to purchase a more expensive set which cost about $300.00 more that the advertised specials which were not pillow top, the set we decided on was a pillow top. The entire set came to around $700.00 plus delivery. Sleepy’s did deliver the matters the next day. About 30 to 45 days later after sleeping on our new pillow top mattress we noticed a concave on the pillow top mattress for each of our sleeping positions, there was a hump between us where we both sleep, when we retired for the night we both rolled into the crevice of the pillow top mattress. I and my wife’s weight are about 160 pounds each. Well this was not good, not to mention the sagging for support that our bodies so desperately needed for a good night’s sleep. We contacted Bri our sales representative at the above location and told her about our concern. Bri informed us to call the Sleepy’s warranty center to inform the about the problem. We called and got an appointment for about three weeks later for someone to come out and take a look at the mattress. The hired contractor came out to our home and did all the preliminary inspection of the mattress, he had his laptop computer and tape measure digital camera, etc. did his report and left. The conclusion was that the mattress was indeed defective and we were sent back to the original place of purchase to resolve the matter. Upon arriving at Sleepy’s showroom of the original purchase, we were greeted by Bri, our original sale representative In so many words we were told that (to sleep well buy the better mattress). OK here we go off to the machine where we both one at a time are requested to lay down on this (computerized mattress) to determine each of our stress point associated with our individual body structure, after that an (digital analysis) recommends a mattress type that will be suitable for us. We were shown some more (expensive mattress) that would resolve our situation. After all the ring a ma roe we decided on a model called the PN CAMARA PL QUEEN MAT to the tune of $1132.31, Along with 2 PERFECT NIGHT 30X80 BOX at the price of $233.85 each. Total cost for this purchase with delivery and tax: $1775.99. Minus the approval of return for defective product of previous purchase that we paid more than $700.00 + for $353.85 (wow my defective return lost more than half its value in less than 45 days after purchase which had a 15 year warranty?) Total for this purchase; $1422.14 of which we were encouraged to finance, after a brief credit check. Well our credit is good so GE Money Bank took our application which was done by Bri (Sleepy’s Associate). Not only did we get the finance for the purchase, we also got a GE Credit card with a $6,000.00 line of credit. Not what I wanted. My Wife and I had already made arrangements to pay off the $1422.14 in less than 60 days which we did. The new mattress and box springs were delivered 9/25/2006; After about two week (the standard recommended rotation schedule per “warranty” instructions) we did as per instructed per supplied information. Upon the scheduled “warranty rotation” we noticed that when we did, there was a deep indent at the “now top of the mattress” which would be the head, that had no support, as if it were missing some springs or padding. There was a concave across the width of the mattress that sank in to touch about 2.5 to 3 inches. Because it is a one side mattress I am unable to rotate it when it needs to be, if I do it is very uncomfortable because my head sinks into where there is no support or padding causing me neck pain. My wife and I not wanting to be a complainer tried to live with the defect, but it just caused more and more stress and restless nights and was no longer tolerable. We decided to contact the Sleepy’s warranty center on 2/4/08 to inform them of the defect. Sleepy’s sent out another hired contractor on 2/25/08 to come out to look at the new mattress, after going through all of the motions listed above he left, some days later I received a email of his inspection, his report was that the frame was not the right one for the set and there for Sleepy’s claims that my warranty is void because of that. Well the mattress has had the defect from the time of delivery, the frame we have is a frame with a center support as recommended on the flier “Caring For Your Mattress” if it were not, the bed would not stand because it has a split box spring. I called the Sleepy’s warranty center again on 12/1/2009 and spoke with a operator named Sue ID # SZO, Sue asked me for my phone number and for me to verify my address which I did, she returned to the phone and told me that my warranty was Void because of their hired contract inspector’s report. I tried to explain to her again that the problem was not with the frame and there is a defect in the mattress, well Sue was not going to listen to me and said I voided my warranty “case closed” and proceeded to hang up, I tried to explain the problem again and ask for another inspection but that was the end of the conversation without a good bye. Know that Sleepy’s does not to want to admit that their $1422.14 mattress has a defect and is using the “Voided Warranty” approach to get out of making good on our purchase. Now my Wife and I are out of $1500.00 and no way to replace the defective mattress from Sleepy’s along with many more painful restless nights. I hope someone higher up in the company will take a second look and see that their mattress is indeed defective.
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User Replies:
FaireMaiden on 02/15/2010:
Go to What's The Best Mattress dot com to speak with others experiencing the same thing. You will find advice on what to do, as well as advice on how to purchase a proper mattress. Personally, the Latex mattresses are your best bet. All the mattresses sold at Sears et al are crap... Sealy, Simmons, Spring Air, etc... all crap. My husband and I shopped for two years, and did tons of research, before we bought our bed. It was the most grueling shopping experience ever... mattress-world is insane. Whatever you do, don't buy a pillow-top again. Buy a regular mattress and then buy a pillow-top separately. When it starts sagging, toss it and buy another one. That way, you don't have to replace the entire mattress.
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Refusal to credit customer and poor customer service
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HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a box spring cover with my bed and during the delivery, the delivery guys ripped it. I asked for my fifty dollars back and was assured it would be credited to me. Several days later no refund and no help from customer service, or the management team in corporate. I was told several times that the money was going to be sent to me, but every time I called to check a couple of days later, there was a new issue and it was if I just got lip service and no one was going to reimburse me the fifty dollars. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY AS THEY ARE LIARS ABOUT WHAT THEY PROMISE YOU!.
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Won't Honor Warranty
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I purchased a $1500 mattress from Sleepy's in January, which was delivered on January 14, 2011. When I opened the mattress bag on delivery, I found the mattress had a very strong chemical odor, which I understand is common with new mattresses. I gave it time to air out, used the ceiling fan daily, and waited for it to fade. This past week, I was able to leave the windows open due to warmer weather. Finally, after approximately five weeks, I gave up and called Sleepy's customer service because the odor is still incredibly strong. It fills my bedroom and smells strongly through the sheets and high-quality mattress cover. Much to my surprise, Sleepy's refused to help me. I insisted that I be able to speak with a managaer, and she, too, refused to address the problem. Obviously, there are chemicals in the mattress that should not be there (or not be present in the same quantity/saturation level). They are leeching out while I sleep, and it's possible they could be toxic. Nevertheless, Sleepy's insisted that this is not a "defect" but, rather, a "comfort" issue. As such, they claim that I had to report it within 30 days and exchange the mattress under their Comfort Exchange Policy (which would have cost $399 and is designed to help customers who find after sleeping on a mattress that they don't like how it feels). The mattress carries a 10-year warranty for defects, and the warranty expressly states the exclusions under the warranty. There is no exclusion for chemical odors (or any kind of odor, for that matter). Nevertheless, Sleepy's insists that limitations on the warranty--which, of course, are not stated anywhere on the warranty card--exclude coverage for this issue. They suggested I purchase a new mattress (!), despite my having spent $1,500 buying this mattress last month, and that they would "work with me to try to get a discount" on a new mattress. I demanded to speak with their legal department, but they refused. The customer service manager would not provide me with a phone number for legal or anyone else at corporate headquarters. At this point, I anticipate my next steps will be to file complaints with the attorneys' general offices in Virginia (where I purchased the mattress) and New York (where Sleepy's is headquartered). Unless something changes very soon, I will then explore a lawsuit for violations of consumer protection statutes, false and deceptive business practices, and breach of warranties express and implied. Sleepy's has made an enormous mistake thinking I won't pursue this matter. I have never before had such a poor customer service experience. I will try to update this and other web postings as I move forward, in hopes that other consumers will not be blindsided by this company and its unscrupulous practices.
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Venice09 on 02/23/2011:
Assuming the ten-year warranty is from Simmons, why not take this up with them? I wouldn't be able to sleep on a mattress with a chemical smell, and I certainly wouldn't just throw it away and buy another one. I would go right to the manufacturer for answers and not give until it was resolved.

Good luck. I hope Simmons is willing to help you.
jennytabassum on 02/08/2012:
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Mattress Purchase from Hell!
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I purchased a bed Oct. 2 at the store in White Plains for $1913.77. After a week, my back began to hurt.

I then went into a 2nd store to exchange the bed. They said I had a bed that wasn’t supportive enough, and the mattress cover was an inferior thread count/quality, and not deep enough to fit the bed. I wanted a soft bed, but was told that a soft bed would sag after 6 mos - I would have neck/back pains and need a chiropractor. Based on salesman’s “expert” advice, I went with a firmer mattress. I also bought the better cover that he suggested. The exchange fee and new cover was $371.95.

When I called a few days later to schedule delivery, the mgr told me he would take care of it. When I called on delivery day, they had no record, so that means that he never scheduled the delivery as he promised. I scheduled delivery for the next day, so I had to run out of work early. I asked to have delivery fee waived - they said “absolutely not”.

The first night with the new bed, it was hard as a rock. The bed felt MUCH firmer than the one in the store, and I couldn’t sleep. When I went to the store, the salesman told me to give it a few days and that my body would adjust. He said that the floor sample is softer because it has been on the floor for a year.

After I left, I went to another store to purchase a foam bed topper and Advil PM, which cost $113 so that I would be able to sleep that night.

The next day, Thursday, October 29, I called customer service and spoke to a representative She said that I could either exchange for another of the same mattress, free of charge, or exchange for another model for $249. I was not satisfied with that answer and asked to speak with someone higher up. She said a supervisor or regional showroom manager would contact me within 24 to 48 hours. I then called the showroom manager and he offered me the same thing. I said I wanted to speak to someone higher up and he said he would send an email and have the district manager or regional manager call me back.

I never heard from anyone, so on Monday, Nov. 2, I called the first show room and spoke to the first salesman. He apologized for me getting the run around and said that he would email the regional manager and have him return my call.

Then I called the 800# again the same day. The customer service representative was extremely rude to me when I explained that I listened to the salesman’s advice to buy a firmer bed. She said that she was a consumer first, and customer service second and that if she went into a store, she would never let anyone convince her to buy anything that she didn’t want to buy. She became extremely argumentative and condescending. She told me that I could exchange the bed again but would have to pay another $249 fee. When I told her that I wanted to return the bed, she said that they do not do pick up refunds. After five minutes of arguing with her, she placed me on hold, then came back on the phone and said she would have a supervisor call me back within 24 to 48 hours.

After waiting 24 hours, I called the 800# again the following day, Tuesday, Nov. 3 and spoke with a supervisor. When I told her that I wanted to return the mattress, she said that they do not do pick up refunds. I told her that I would bring the bed to the showroom myself. She then informed me that if I brought the bed to the showroom, they would call the police. I was finally transferred to the regional customer service manager. After spending another half an hour on the phone with him, he offered another comfort exchange, but I would still have to pay half of the fee.

At this point, I am waiting for a call from the escalations dept.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/03/2009:
So you wanted a soft mattress and it was too soft. You exchanged for a firmer mattress and it was too firm? Better get a water bed and be done with it.

Incidentally, why did you exchange the bed at a different store? And yes, the display probably would be softer as folks lay on them and bounce on them.
PepperElf on 11/04/2009:
were these beds tested out before purchasing?
JR in Orlando on 11/04/2009:
We all know that Goldilocks found the right bed on the third try - it was just right.
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Selling stained mattresses with no accountability
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NORRISTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- Sleepy's The Mattress Professionals sales manager, sold my wife and me a Sealy Postropedic Harbor House plush mattress & box spring set on 03/22/2009 for pick-up on 03/25/2009. We made our purchase at the East Norriton Sleepy’s that Sunday and arranged for its delivery from NJ to the East Norriton store. We were told that we had to purchase a mattress cover, in order to get a 10 year warranty so we bought that as well.

A sales rep, in the East Norriton store on the day of our pickup must have been following the procedure that his company outlines for him. He tricked my wife into signing a waiver, which he called proof of pick-up, for the condition of the mattress before he even allowed her to see the product. When I met the two of them at the loading dock, he threw the mattress face down on the roof of my car so there was no chance that anyone could see the stain on it’s face.

After bringing the mattress into our house and going to bed, we decided that it would be best to clean the guest room and set up the bed the next day, after work. The next day we cleaned up the room and upon peeling off the semi-transparent plastic wrap from the mattress, an unacceptable, red, and chemical scented stain was uncovered.

I was unable to get anywhere with the Sleepy’s sales manager or their corporate customer service so I resorted to taking further action with the Better Business Bureau. I have detailed documents of the unresolved interactions that I had with the unfair mediation through the BBB and the manipulative corporate giant. My cost from Sleepy's totaled $814.37 and Sleepy's is only offering me an insulting $231.03 to call it even. Not to mention that I am left with a voided warranty, a useless box spring, a pointless mattress cover, and an unusable mattress.

After my wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law returned from visiting there home town in Taiwan, I had my visiting in-laws sleep on my wife and my bed for nearly 2 weeks while my wife slept our couch and I slept on the floor. I didn’t want my in-laws breathing in any foreign chemical that might harm them. I really feel sick to my stomach about the regards that Sleepy’s has for my family, their customers, and the way they are acting. I want them to accept responsibility for their mistake because with the actions that they have taken towards me, I am sure that they have taken Advantage of other families.
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BellaMinky on 10/07/2009:
I had a mattress delivered to my home 9/11/2009 that I ordered from Sleepy's in Wading River NY on 9/10, on the East End of LI.

Delivery men were 2 hours late. Called me a few times to say they were held up in Hicksville, then held up at a ladies house, then stuck at exit 57 on the LIE.

That he would make it up to me and proceeded to call me Sweety...rude I think. He then tells me he'll make it up to me. Oh really? How are you going to do that, pay for my bed I think.

He asked while he was here, if Sleepy's called looking for them, I told him NO, He said Good, If they do, don't tell them we were this late.

Now I should lie for drivers, I don't know from a hole in wall, who caused me to miss an important Dr's apt, duw to being 2 hrs late.

I digress..
They were bringing it in the pouring rain.

While one guy was in taking my old box springs up & putting down the new ones, the other guy figures he'd play Hercules and try to carry a Kingsdown King mattress in by himself.

I told him you get 1 mark on it & its out of here.

They weren't even in my house 3 min's & were rushing out the door when I noticed it looked like he set it down into a rusty puddle. They noted this on my receipt (I couldn't refuse it as I had nothing to sleep on) that I would call Sleepy's & exchange for a new one.
Well, they didn't even get up my block, I call the driver & tell him there is rips on the box spring & more dirt, to please write it on the receipt. he seems so surprised.. but said he would.
I call Sleepy's right away to tell them this.
I discover while its here, its hard as a rock. Not the one I wanted. I was changed from tan to green by 2 different people, even with that phony electronic bed of theirs.
Upon further inspection, I now see why they were so quick to leave.

They put the end of the bed with the name tag up against the wall, not at the bottom so you can see it near your feet and low and behold. A good 12"+ of some kind of stain. Then more stains, more tears, more pulls, the corners are crushed in like someone had used it & the worst..blood. On the end and UNDER the mattress, which led to me to think Bed Bugs.
Well, I have never dealt with so many arrogant people from one company than I have here. From salesman (8-9 at least) & CS Reps to Managers.
I am now being told I have to pay for an exterminator to come & spray the bed & my whole house & get a receipt in order to have this PC of junk taken out of my house. $2500-3000. I don't think so.
I am told they don't sell used beds & certainly do not deliver ones with Bed Bugs.
Well, I didn't have problems until this filthy thing came into my house.
I am also told I have to pay for a comfort exchange of $399 plus another shipping fee of $89.99, plus the difference in the amount of a different bed if I don't want the same one.
I downsized and upgraded in price. They still want to charge me fees. I already paid $89.99 for a damaged bed. I am not paying another and no one told me a single thing about any fees with this.

Plus the mattress pad. Another $89. And a new frame due to downsizing @ $59.99.
Well, it dawned on me today. I know exactly how this company may get Bed Bugs in their trucks.
When they come to your house, all they are supposed to do is put your things out to the curb.

So to make it up to me, I asked the guy doing the box spring (I have left names out) if he would take the box springs and all the garbage with him, as it was a Friday, and I did not want that sitting out in the rain until Tuesday, the next day for garbage pick up.

He said yes and told his partner "We're taking her things to truck to make up for being so late".

Now mine did not have anything on it but dirt at being over 10 years old.

They did not wrap the box springs and they put them in the truck with the remaining new mattresses waiting to be delivered.
How many times have they done this without management knowing?
And perhaps picked up some extra passengers along the way. Those little passengers that come out and bite at night and cost a fortune to get out of your home?

More times than not, I am sure, which is why people get Bed Bugs from Sleepy's and which is why my bed looks the way it does, because it is used.
This is not all driver related. Far from it.

I finally spoke to a girl,who is a Representative for this area, whom I was told would call me Friday and didn't until Monday.. and she told me herself many drivers take the plastic off the box springs or mattress in the truck before they bring it in peoples houses, causeing it to become dirty.
They know this and these guys still have a job? Aren't they costing the company and the consumers money in the long run?

They are also leaving the mattress and box springs wide open for anything to jump on as well and have a free ride into your home.

So Sleepy's. The Mattress Professionals. Professionals at ripping people off is more like it..

I am requesting that you send one of your inspectors over here to check the bed and my house. You send them out for warranty calls. They can surely come here for this. And you can pay to have it sprayed as well.
Because "If" it turns out there are Bed Bugs in my home, you will be hearing from a lawyer.
So to end... In so many words, I was called a liar, I am not getting any sleep, I am going through all this stress and mental anguish over this possible bug infested bed, I really don't think they have much to say to me after this.

At least they had better not.
Its time for The BBB, Consumer Affairs, Ch.12 News, Newsday, The Attorney General & every blog I can hit on here and anything else I can think of...I will also dispute the $1500 charge on my Credit Card.
There is so much more to this, (that's the sad part), but I think I have carried on long enough.

I hope I have changed someones mind with my problems!


Save yourself the aggravation and money!!!
Go elsewhere. And do a search on everything and everyone before you buy,buy,buy!!!
Thanks for reading this.
Any thing I haven't thought of that would help me, would be much appreciated.

Maria on 10/24/2013:
DO NOT BUY FROM SLEEPYS!!!!!!! After buying 2 queen mattresses and boxsprings everyone was coming up with bites on them only to find the boxsprings were full of bedbugs!!!! They were so unhelpful and rude on the phone-I did not want a refund, not even reimbursment for the exterminator-I just wanted replacement beds!!! All they did was threaten me with a lawsuit when I said I would post online about them!!! STAY AWAY FROM SLEEPY'S unless you want a whole clan of vampire bugs living in your house!!!!!
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Deceptive Tactics With Regard To Trial Periods Of Beds And Returns
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GREENVALE, NEW YORK -- When buying a bed at Sleepys (Greenvale NY) you are told the price for returning the bed, should you not like it.(21 day comfort exchange policy) You are not told up front that it has to be of the same or a greater price.In addition, they fail to tell the customer that they have a 90 day in home trial period which is another option available to the consumer.Upon purchasing the bed you sign an electronic machine, and ONLY AFTER you sign are you given a receipt to read that contains the small print of the COMPLETE terms of the agreement.

When I recently bought the most expensive bed in the entire Greenvale store and tried to return it, they would not allow the return unless I bought many beds that would then have come up to the same price as the one bed. The supervisor at the main branch of Sleepys (Liz) out in Long Island informed me that they "cannot give me back the money, even though it was only 2 weeks later". They want to retain the money and will take the king size bed back for $399.00(which I was told before I bought the bed) however, I was never told that it needed to be a bed or beds that came up to the same price.

I told them that I was visually impaired and was NEVER told by the salesperson, Marty, in Greenvale to read the terms of this deceptive agreement which is posted on the wall, prior to signing the electronic agreement. For a person with visual problems you would have to go over to the sign to read it. A person depends on what the "reputable" salesperson is telling them with regards to the terms being signed for. Isn't that what one would expect of a reputable??? company such as Sleepys??

I would tell any future potential shopper at Sleepys to be aware that Sleepys knows all the tricks and to buy with caution and read ALL of the small print. I would also suggest hearing and reading ALL of the options prior to buying anything from them.
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User Replies:
chris513 on 01/22/2008:
Sounds like you have had a long, miserable go lay down and sleep it off
Anonymous on 01/22/2008:
Try and Buy for mattresses should be illegal. When someone returns a mattress they don't like, the store wraps it up in plastic and re-sells it as new. This is disgusting.
Ari on 07/28/2008:
I got a Kingstown Empire PT Full MAT from Sleepys 3 months back. Right from the beginning the bed has been very uncomfortable. I am about 145 lbs and my body becomes the shape of a triangle when I sleep on it. This bed was sold me by the customer service representative. So I called up Sleepys to have an inspector come over and the inspectors report said:

1. Lumpy
2. 1" Middle Left Side
3. Matt has 1 lump 1st row

The inspector mentioned that should be the reason for Sleepys to provide me with a warranty exchange. Then I got a letter saying that :

"Both the warranty and foundation are up to the manufacturers standards as stated in your warranty and booklet."

I went through the booklet and called up Sleepys again to mention that there is no mention of 1" lump. They decided to do nothing about it. I am stuck with this inconvenient mattress. Sleepys is a monopoly and has recently been sued by New Jersey State. Like thousands of others who have been victim of their false and dirty business practice and I really hope they go out of business.
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