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No Full Return, Just a Credit!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GLENDALE, NEW YORK -- When almost all stores are accepting returns and refunding money, Sleepy's is only giving a credit and keeping my money to force to buy other merchandise. I learned my lesson to not buy from them.

I purchased a King Bed protector and opened it and it smelled like plastic. I repacked it, and took it to the store three days later. They dialed company line and someone from return department told me that they will not refund but only give me a credit because it is opened. I told them that I understand and requested a partial refund. They did not accept. The worst part is that the store salesperson was rude and tried to show me as guilty as possible.

Even if I get my money back or not, the experience with the salesperson was bad. No one deserves a treatment like this and I will not recommend them to anybody. There are much better places to shop.

Know that their return policy is not to give your money back and punish you!

P.S. I had purchased from them some years ago and they were not like this.
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Unethical tactics to make the sale
Posted by on
First of all the price is inflated, example, a $865.00 mattress and box spring at Sears
Sleepy's cost $1700.00. For identical items I would call it price gouging.

They delivered the wrong mattress, then they wanted $250.00 to take it back and another
$35.00 to deliver the one be ordered in the first place.

Sleepy's refused to cancel our order, they assumed we were going to pay it off over
18 months so within 5 mins. they had us with (GE CREDIT) We are stuck with GE CREDIT for $1700.00. If we refuse to pay our good credit standing would to gone.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 08/15/2011:
Did you shop around before buying? Are you certain these items, $1700 where you bought, and $850 at Sears, are the same?

What justification did they give you for wanting to charge you to return a mattress that you did not buy? That doesn't make sense to me, at all, and is the crux of your complaint.

What "unethical practices" did they engage in to make the sale? I am really confused...
Skye on 08/15/2011:
They can charge any price they want, that's why it's a good idea to shop around before making an actual purchase.

I don't understand why they expect you to pay for redelivery of the correct mattress, when the error is on their end. What does your paperwork say regarding when the error is made on their part, regarding delivery charges for the corect item to actually be delivered? I mean that's just crazy talk on their part, but it's what's in writing that you need to look at.
Venice09 on 08/15/2011:
I don't understand how you got stuck with GE credit. Wouldn't you have had to sign paperwork?
At Your Service on 08/15/2011:
How was this the wrong mattress? What does your receipt state? Are you sure you're comparing the same thing with Sears?

Don't blow off the GE Credit amount you've financed! That is one of the worst things, for yourself, you can do. GE Credit is allowed to add on interest rates, late fees and collection fees. What starts as a smaller, more manageable amount can become something quite different. Ultimately, if they serve you to appear in court, you'll have to do that and then they can lean on any of your titled possessions, and garnish any financing available -- the entire time, adding to the bottom line. Or they can just report the debt and hurt your credit score. This doesn't cost a great deal to them, but after years of being refused credit or offered credit at higher interest than what others have available, they're pretty secure in collecting the amount.

Sorry. I don't mean to go on and on about the credit thing. Just don't approach it that way. It's a terrible solution for any consumer. Double check to make sure it's the exact same thing as Sears is offering. If Sleepy's doesn't have any low price guarantee and you've already signed the paperwork, just take it as a lesson learned.
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Sleepy's--Stay Away
Posted by on
Stay away from Sleepy's at all cost!!!

Right after the mattress I recently purchased from Sleepy's I began to notice some problems. The biggest one being a defective box spring, which makes this loud squeaking sound when pressure was applied. Similar to sitting on a inflatable bed but louder. After talking to four representatives from Sleepy's three appointments were supposedly made to come and fix the problems that I was having. Only to discover after taking time out of my schedule to wait for the four hour time frame that they would not actually show up. Because that none of the first three people who I made these appointments were correctly entered in the system. Thus no one from any these so called appointments would show up. Furthermore, during my phone conversation from the fourth representative I was informed that Sleepy's has been encountered with this problem a lot lately.

Dealing with the customer service, which I must say is inferior and a big contradiction of their claims of great customer service in their multimedia ad campaign and website. In my opinion it is all just smoke and mirrors just to lure into their showroom/web. So, if you enjoyed being treated like a dog from customer service then by all means go do business at Sleepy's. I tried asking the first customer service representative on whether an appointment entered from another dept would show up on her screen. The only response was, "I don't see anythings scheduled on my screen." Despite trying to making three other attempts to ask the same question in another way. Each timie I was cut off and given the vague answer of, " I do not see it my screen. Resulting in the final response of, "I believe I have already answered your question three times already!"

Bottom line is their customer service extremely poor and from my recent experience. The only conclusion that I am getting is that they just care about the bottom line and basically have the mantality of consumer your on your own after you purchase something from us. In fact, they go out of their way to make you jump through hoops in order to resolve any issues you may have rather than working with the customers.

Finally, after dealing with all of this stress and aggravation within the first four days of my purchase. I made several attempts to have Sleepy's to come and take back the product and give me refund. I was flat out turned down. Furthermore, I was told that I would really like to help you out but really don't have the authority it must come from corporate office.

"Again, if you have a lot of money lie around and time to waste then Sleepy's is the perfect merchant for you!!!!!!!"
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No Truth In Advertising
Posted by on
WOBURN, MASSACHUSETTS -- I bought king size mattress set from Sleepy's Woburn in the month of November. And soon after the 25 days delivery the mattress started sagging and making noises... I contacted the Sleepy's customer care but they said all mattress normally takes 30-60 days for adjustment and comfortability level. So I waited for that time and still no change in the condition in the meantime I also suffered from severe back pain and feels nauseous when waking up in the morning..

So I contacted the customer care again specifying my problem, so they sent the mattress marshall's inspection guy who did the inspection and informed me that first the mattress you ordered and paid the price for in the invoice is for Seally brand but they actually delivered the IBL brand which is in itself a breach of trust also the mattress has no strong support as the quality of box spring is really bad.

After the 10 days of inspection I contacted the customer care again so they said to my surprise that they don't have any inspection records for our invoice so they suggested that they'll send the inspection guy again. So I waited for another 10 days for the inspection guy and luckily the same inspection guy came and informed me that the problems are same and the mattress is sagged etc etc.

So again when I contacted the customer care this is what they actually replied..

just got the results, its says that the mattress is 1/8" depression and
it's up to mfg standards, at this time I can only offer you a partial
credit towards a new set of bedding. Please let me know if you can
accept this offer.

I mean this is so unfair and rude to customers who trust Sleepy's brand and family name reputation and this is how they treat their customers who invest huge amount in their company.

Why would I pay partial credit for the wrong and defective product and continue suffering. I guess somebody has to do something for this kind of injustice.
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User Replies:
gringo71 on 10/18/2008:
You should have checked the product BEFORE signing for it. If the bed did not look like the one you laid on in the store, then that is on you! I have purchased three beds from Sleepy's and love their servicea and deals.
Anonymous on 10/06/2009:
You should have contacted the manufacturer. I bet you would have received a better response. Sleepy's just sells the bed.
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Defective Mattress...bad exchange service
Posted by on
VALLEY STREAM, NEW YORK -- My husband and I purchased a mattress from Sleepy's during their Memorial Day Sale. Only a few MONTHS later, we noticed that the whole side of the mattress was bulging out. I called customer service immediately, and they told me that we had to wait for THEM to call US to make an appointment for inspectors to come and look at it. We waited a week for that appointment and then had to wait another 2 weeks for the results of that inspection. Sleepy's told us that we are entitled to a credit for the price we paid for the mattress, BUT we have to pay $89.99 plus tax for delivery fees. This is outrageous, being that we already paid this fee for the first mattress, which was obviously broken. We negotiated with the managers (who were extremely difficult to get a hold of) and the refused to waive the fee. In the meantime, we have been sleeping on a bad mattress for over 3 weeks, and I'm going to have to pay chiropractor bills for the pain in my back. When we asked if we can deliver our mattress and pick up the new one ourselves, they refused. We also have a copy of a contract which outlines these ridiculous rules that we did not even sign, but SOMEONE signed for us. What kind of business is that?? And what happens if we pay the fees and then the next mattress is defective as well? Are we responsible for nearly $100 every time THEY make a mistake?? Rest assured, we will NEVER go back to Sleepy's and we will let everyone we know about the horrific experience we have had.
Company Response 10/20/2010:
Hi , my name is Cathy from Sleepy’s Customer Care. Sleepy’s strives for 100% complete customer satisfaction and appreciates when a consumer takes the time to inform us of how we might improve our organization and better serve our valued customers. We want to maintain your trust and loyalty; therefore, please contact me directly at and reference the customer code on your purchase invoice, so I may provide you with some assistance.


Cathy Sable
Sleepy’s, LLC
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User Replies:
Alain on 10/20/2010:
Krispy, they've made an offer. Take them up on it! Let us know how this turns out! Thank you!
Krispy on 10/21/2010:
tnchuck100 on 10/21/2010:
Of all of the company response directives that have been posted I only recall seeing ONE that got resolved.

Most you never hear anything from the OP or the company ever again.

Simply a poor attempt at damage control? We may never know.

Please, Krispy, keep us posted on what happens.
Krispy on 10/25/2010:
So, the response that Sleepy's gave me on this website with an e-mail address to contact was NONSENSE. I wrote to the e-mail address they gave me and nothing happened. HOWEVER...we filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and only a couple of days later, we received a phone call. Sleepy's completely waived our delivery fee (one time deal) and they are bringing our new mattress tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this mattress is not defective as well.
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No Support For Defective Products
Posted by on
VAILS GATE, NEW YORK -- I bought a box spring and frame from Sleepy's in Vails Gate, NY and less than 3 months later the thing collapsed under normal use. It is clearly defective with a bulge sticking out the bottom from a weak supporting rail. They sent out their representative who took pictures and they said the manufacturer's report showed no defect and that there was a stain on the box spring anyway so they could not exchange it. There was no stain. They are lying. The product is clearly defective and they refuse to stand behind their product. I was ripped off plain and simple. Sleepy's is a criminal organization selling inferior, defective products to the public and then refusing to support those products.

Their customer service is a bunch of nasty, evil, obnoxious people who are trained to blow people off and provide no service whatsoever.
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