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Extremely poorly made furniture, poor service, misleading sale
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I ordered a (not inexpensive) sofa and matching overstuffed chairs in July, 2006; one of the reasons for ordering from Sofa Express was delivery within 2-3 weeks. I ordered the pieces with the DuPont stain protector (scotchguard).

Needless to say, the furniture did not arrive until 7 weeks later, after I was given the run-around by everyone involved. The furniture arrived and was so poorly made that the frame of the sofa would actually bend (like a piece of thin wire) when moved. The cushions aren't even foam, nor are they encased within any kind of cover within the exterior fabric (like a pillow cover). As a result, the cushions are lumpy and look like a five year old made them. The front of the seat cushions immediately compressed so that when you sit down, it feels like you May slide off at any moment.

As a last straw, I had company over last night and something spilled across the side of the sofa - not huge blotches, but droplets all over the side. Of course, there is clearly no stain protector in the fabric and the stains have set in and ruined the furniture.

I called customer service and the most they will do is refund the money for the stain protection!

This is the worst company I've ever dealt with. Every single aspect (with the exception of the delivery men) has been a nightmare and not only will I never buy anything from them again, I will urge anyone who will listen not to, either.
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ethics and morals on 08/18/2007:
You must have their layered dacron cushions(crap).And the dupont is actually liquid teflon and only eases the removal of stains,and the test they showed you in the store is on felt not fabric.Teflon will not waterproof your fabric.It may bead up but liquid will soak between the fabric fibers.
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Poor service - Won't refund
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MISSISSIPPI -- Ordered sofa from them took 1.5 months to get sofa, then had 1 week button's came untucked, sent back to repair. Took 1 month to get back, sat on sofa 1 day button came off again. Called Mississippi store won't return calls will not refund will only keep fixing, store closing and button came off again.

Only had sofa in home for two months total time since June.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 12/13/2007:
If there is anyone still at the store you need to stay on their case about getting a decent repair. The chain filed for bankruptcy and is in the process of being liqidated. They will cease to exist very soon and you will be stuck with whatever you have.
shawnp80 on 12/13/2007:
I would be sofa king mad.
killerklown on 12/13/2007:
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