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Sofa Express
4600 S. Hamilton Rd
Groveport, OH 43125
614-836-4800 (ph)
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Don't bother paying for stain protection!!!
By -

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My DH and I purchased the "Comfy" couch and chair in October 2006. We have three kids and specifically asked the salesperson about this couch and the fabric. He said it would hold up great to the kids and with the extra stain protection the fabric would just wipe clean. Well, that is soooo not true!! The salesman and the delivery guys told my husband and myself to just wipe spills, etc with a damp rag to clean.

Well, after I noticed discolorations on the fabric and after I was finally able to get through to customer service at Sofa Express, they said my fabric cannot have water on it. Hello!!! That is what we were told by the salesman and delivery guy to do and now you tell me that water will ruin the fabric!?!?!?!?? They sent a technician to "clean" the furniture. He made it worse and none of the spots came out! Then, he had the nerve to tell me that "baby spit" is not covered under the stain protection.

Well, then why would a salesman recommend this fabric and protection to a family of 5 whom were all present at the store when we purchased the furniture? Not only is our couch and chair covered with spots and stains, the cushions are losing shape and it has not even been a year yet! They did finally send a new back cushion for the chair to replace the one that lost it's shape the worst. Now, the new cushion has not even been on the chair for a month and it is doing the same thing!!! Sofa Express is a sorry company! They will not stand behind their products. Now I have a couch and chair that is not even a year old yet that looks TERRIBLE!! $1500 of TERRIBLE!!!!

Poor quality and poor customer service
By -

GREENVILLE, OHIO -- I don't know how this company is still in business. I picked out furniture from the Huber Heights store in Feb. 2006. I purchased two couches, a glider chair, and ottoman. This was all delivered the end of March. The glider chair was defective from the beginning. A service tech came in May and decided that he could not fix it. The company gave me credit for the glider and ottoman(since they match) to pick out something else, they said they could not give me my money back. I live an hour away, so when I finally got back to the store I picked out another chair. This was in Aug. Then they call wanting to set up a delivery time. They tell me they can only deliver to my area on Fridays.

I can not take off work again so I told them to forget it. I have been calling customer service for weeks now and finally someone has called me back saying I have to take the new chair or keep the old one. This is after I called and told them to pick up this defective chair and give my money back. Oh, did I mention, this is OCTOBER 25, 2006. This all started in Feb. and I am still dealing with a broken chair in my house and they won't come pick it up and just give me my money back! I will never buy anything from them again.

I would also like to mention that their couch is very poor quality and only lasts for about a year until you need to buy a new one. I still can not take off work on Friday to receive my new chair that they are saying I have to take or keep the broken one. I just want to be done with Sofa Express. I just want my money back and someone please come pick up this defective chair. I'll even leave it on my porch.

Problems with order from start to finish
By -

I ordered bedroom and living room furniture in January, 2006 from your Mentor, Ohio store to be shipped to 2 addresses. When the living room furniture was delivered the delivery men forced the couch through the door opening with no protection and ripped a whole in the arm. I pointed this out and they noted it on the bill and said someone would contact us.

Meanwhile the veneer on one of the tables started to come off.All of this took place but no one came out to inspect until March. The bedroom furniture was delivered on March 3rd to my home. At that time I was told that something had tipped over in the truck and damaged all but the nightstand and the boxsprings and mattress. I sent it all back and told them to deliver it all at the same time.

After finding out about the table with the veneer coming off I called the store and cancelled the bedroom furniture not liking what I have seen. The store representative came and looked at the sofa and the table and agreed that they should be replaced. On the day they were to be delivered - March 24th - I received a call informing me that the Warehouse had forgotten to put the sofa on the truck and all they had to deliver was the table.

We called the store to find out the reason they did not put the sofa on the truck was that it was discontinued but they would be happy to repair the sofa that had been delivered. At that time we told them to come and pick up everything and cancel the entire order. This entire order amounted to about $4300.00. I love your commercials but how can you people stay in business?

Floor Samples - Ridiculous Policy!
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The Sofa Express policy concerning floor models is the most ridiculous I've ever heard! I had just purchased 2 rooms of furniture from the store & wanted a coffee table to go w/ a couch. The table I wanted to purchase was out of stock. A new shipment from overseas was expected in 30 days or so. I asked for the floor model instead and was told that store policy is that floor samples will not be sold. I spoke with a manager and was told the same thing.. if they sell the floor sample to me:

It won't be available to other customers. The store will have to wait 30 or more day to replace the sample.
So, what I basically was told - "other customers" are more important than me (even though I had already spent a lot of money in the store)... that it's OK for me to wait 30 days for my coffee table, but it's not OK for Sofa Express to wait 30 days and, that this store doesn't want my business... (I was encouraged to find a coffee table elsewhere!). Very disappointed in the lack of customer service by Sofa Express. They certainly don't value a good customer.

Some Rude People
By -

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- We went to Sofa Express with quite a bit of money to furnish our whole house. Me and my husband are young and look it, and we must have walked by 3 or 4 people that worked there. Not one person said 'hello, how can we help you?', Nothing. We finally sat on a sofa and a young guy that worked there came over to us. When we first walked in, he was helping someone else. He was the most helpful person I've ever met. But I have to say, if you don't look like you have money, you probably won't get noticed or welcomed. Too bad for the people that ignored us, we ended up furnishing our whole house!!

Poor service and uncooperative
By -

AVON, INDIANA -- My husband and I purchased a sofa, chair, love seat, 2 end tables and a coffee table. After about 2 weeks, the chair started to come unsewn and tear under the cushion. the love seat stitching cam unstitched. We called for service and about a week later someone came out and restitched it. A couple of weeks later, the stitching came out again. the tech repaired it again by about 6 months, the stitching was out, the cushions have all lost their form. a board in the sofa was broken. and the fabric is rolling into balls and there are now holes. We complained to the company again and again only to have no return calls.

About a month before the warranty ran out. I made a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. WOW they sent someone out to take pictures of the furniture. We did not hear anything for about a month, we kept calling and were told the person who reviews the pictures is on vacation. We finally heard from BBB who stated the company said we abused the furniture. They did fix the broken board in the sofa but nothing else.

We have had this crap for 1 year, I have bought better looking furniture from garage sales. Our sales person stated, "I have have this same set, I practically live on the sofa, I even sleep on it. I have had it for 5 years and it still looks new." Bull S!! I WAS SO GLAD TO HEAR ABOUT THE COMPANY CLOSING I do not have the money to replace it so I will just have to deal with it.

This company is TERRIBLE!
By -

We ordered furniture from Sofa Express on June 23rd, 2007. The salesperson told us all items on the sales floor are considered stock items and are available for delivery within two weeks at most. We schedule delivery for June 29th--they call and ask to switch it to the 30th because another item would be in that was on back order. OK great. The delivery comes and it is about a fourth of our order. They bring two dining chairs and no table. The kitchen table and no chairs. HELLO--these are sold as a set?? They schedule another delivery and bring the rest of the dining room chairs--no table and the chairs for the kitchen table.

Still no sofa, armour, or dining table. Last week we get the sofa. I call about the table they don't have a delivery date. The manager offers to comp us with a different table. I drive an hour to the store--he wants us to pay the price difference in the two tables and offers to take a small amount off the new set. We cancel the order for the dining room set and tell them to come get their chairs. I am now sitting home and it is 5:20pm. My armour was supposed to be here by 5:15 today.

Delivery guys are rude, they scratched my door and walls all up and refused to give me paperwork to fill out. The management doesn't do anything to help us--I have taken 5 days off work now because of their deliveries... The regional manager doesn't call us back. The salesperson misinformed us on many different things. Needless to say I would NEVER shop this company again and I don't recommend them to anyone.

Customer Service/Delivery
By -

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- Sofa Express delivered furniture that was badly damaged. Rescheduling has been a nightmare. Customer Service does not exist. The store manager and sales representative will not return my phone calls. Corporate Sofa Express is no better. Corporate customer service will not give me a name or number of someone with any authority to assist me.

Automated voicemail is all that I can get, AND, of course, my messages are not returned. Two weeks since my purchase and still no effort to redeliver the damaged furniture I rejected. Since Corporate Sofa Express is as bad as the local Sofa Express, I can only assume that complaints are commonplace. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM SOFA EXPRESS AGAIN.

Poor customer service
By -

We have purchased furniture from Sofa Express in the past and have had positive results so we returned but were on a tight timeline. We were guaranteed that we would have our furniture by a certain date but as it neared that date no phone calls. When I called to inquire about the furniture lo and behold it was sitting in the warehouse for over a week but we had not been called about delivery. The next delivery date was a week after I needed it and when I informed many, many individuals at this company I was told it was not there problem the truck was full. So much for customer service from this company.

Bad delivery
By -

UNION, KENTUCKY -- I ordered a bedroom suite from Sofa Express 9/07. First, the delivery men were late for my scheduled appointment. Then they were cursing in my home about how bad they disliked their jobs. Finally, they put large holes in my walls going up my staircase and failed to inform me about this. When I called them out on the issue, they informed me that they "did not care about my walls." Customer service was apologetic about this, but failed to offer any kind of reconciliation.

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