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This company is TERRIBLE!
By -

We ordered furniture from Sofa Express on June 23rd, 2007. The salesperson told us all items on the sales floor are considered stock items and are available for delivery within two weeks at most. We schedule delivery for June 29th--they call and ask to switch it to the 30th because another item would be in that was on back order. OK great. The delivery comes and it is about a fourth of our order. They bring two dining chairs and no table. The kitchen table and no chairs. HELLO--these are sold as a set?? They schedule another delivery and bring the rest of the dining room chairs--no table and the chairs for the kitchen table.

Still no sofa, armour, or dining table. Last week we get the sofa. I call about the table they don't have a delivery date. The manager offers to comp us with a different table. I drive an hour to the store--he wants us to pay the price difference in the two tables and offers to take a small amount off the new set. We cancel the order for the dining room set and tell them to come get their chairs. I am now sitting home and it is 5:20pm. My armour was supposed to be here by 5:15 today.

Delivery guys are rude, they scratched my door and walls all up and refused to give me paperwork to fill out. The management doesn't do anything to help us--I have taken 5 days off work now because of their deliveries... The regional manager doesn't call us back. The salesperson misinformed us on many different things. Needless to say I would NEVER shop this company again and I don't recommend them to anyone.

Customer Service/Delivery
By -

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- Sofa Express delivered furniture that was badly damaged. Rescheduling has been a nightmare. Customer Service does not exist. The store manager and sales representative will not return my phone calls. Corporate Sofa Express is no better. Corporate customer service will not give me a name or number of someone with any authority to assist me.

Automated voicemail is all that I can get, AND, of course, my messages are not returned. Two weeks since my purchase and still no effort to redeliver the damaged furniture I rejected. Since Corporate Sofa Express is as bad as the local Sofa Express, I can only assume that complaints are commonplace. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE FROM SOFA EXPRESS AGAIN.

By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- My e mail to the CEO, Mack Peters: I have found out later that Sofa Express is no longer owned by the Quinn Family as of a few years ago. Now the Kalussner Company owns this company.-- Mr. Peters: I am contacting you as a courtesy to inform of the experience I am having with your firm. I have the ability to relay this information to Randy Quinn, however do not have the strong desire to trouble a good friend with this issue to achieve that.

This is the letter I will be using to communicate the details of the last 3 months interacting with your Polaris store manager ** and district manager **: I would appreciate your help to communicate the most insulting retail experience I have ever had. The story I have to tell concerning a local furniture sales firm is quite unbelievable, but true.

On new years eve 3 months past I had just moved into my new home and needed to find furniture to furnish it. Having shopped around for about three months prior to this time, I knew the pieces I wanted to purchase. I arrived at Sofa Express located on Polaris Parkway in the afternoon and selected 2 chairs, couch, coffee table, two end tables, two console tables, and a dining room table with 6 chairs.

When purchasing these items I was told when it came to the fabrics which I desired to have custom ordered on two pieces would arrive straight away if I did not do so. In the interest of furnishing my home prior to a pre determined house warming party I agreed this was a good idea. The service I received was good. I set up for a six month/same as cash account to be set up with Beneficial (whom has been great and very professional through this whole process) with was a promotion the store was offering at the time.

After ordering I had been notified that the couch, one chair, and the dining table would be delivered the following week. The other items I ordered to obtain quickly were out of stock now and would be delivered as soon as possible. After one month I finally received all the items I purchased. Granted these type of things happen, I was not excited about the way all of this was handled and I did not have all my furniture for the party but no big deal.

The big deal began when I found that Sofa Express had set up two different loan accounts for me. One which I signed up for and the other being completely set up without permissible purpose. Understandably I was not pleased knowing that until these accounts are at 50% or lower of their respective balances the extra account harmed my credit score. After finding that Sofa Express cannot do anything about this as the loans had been processed, I was now less than pleased with my experience. If this stopped there I would not have reason to contact you, however:

Now I find that the 2 loan amounts total to almost $1,000 more than the price of the combined furniture. I called a representative at this store (** - store manager) whom I had been speaking to quite a bit, having to exchange 2 chairs and my dining table because that they were either damaged or not assembled properly. ** already had built quite a poor reputation with me so far of not being reliable and needed to constantly be followed up on to ensure my exchanges would actually happen and I would know when they would be delivered (this is where this story may seem a bit far fetched) as she had a tendency to set up deliveries without my knowledge.

I informed ** that I was being overcharged and later that day I called back to check and she ensured me that the issue was corrected. Know that by now ** makes it no mystery telling in her demeanor that she does not want to deal with me anymore as my issues had become many.

It is mid February and I find that my accounts are still over charged by calling the financial institution handling the loans and confirming after being assured a week ago by ** this was taken care of. I now have had enough of ** and have moved on to corporate, my new contact now, district manager **. ** got the overcharge taken care of and is quite apologetic and openly frustrated with his employee. We are now also at my 4th dining table which turns into the 5th, 6th, involving more issues with the lack of responsiveness of the Polaris store, more open frustration on ** part and now is where I come to you for help.

Between table 4 and 6 I had still been sent back to the Polaris store to have deliveries set up and received the same treatment as prior, no call backs, having to call the store 2 and 3 days after initially speaking to ** to inform of the newest defect. It is now to the point that the delivery personnel are finding the issues before even bringing it in my home, presenting them to me, and I confirm and apologies that they had to make so many trips.

Last night I received a call from ** again stating that they would like me to travel to their warehouse to pick a table that would satisfy me. Their sentiment was that I have had many tables they cannot find issue with. Remember it was their drivers whom found the last two issues.

In speaking to ** about this minutes ago I find that now he simply desires to take the merchandise back and wash his hands of me. This is an experience which has been appalling damaging, and wasteful.. I need to share my story about this experience to shield potential buyers from the possible frustration this store may cause them. Can you help me? I am sad to inform you that your personnel have gone from unreliable and inaccurate to blameful of other departments and direct subordinates. A pure debacle. Thank you for your time. After much more time and effort was spent on this problem, 2 months after this post I now finally have the furniture and credited $500. To be fair I wanted to post this fact.

Bad delivery
By -

UNION, KENTUCKY -- I ordered a bedroom suite from Sofa Express 9/07. First, the delivery men were late for my scheduled appointment. Then they were cursing in my home about how bad they disliked their jobs. Finally, they put large holes in my walls going up my staircase and failed to inform me about this. When I called them out on the issue, they informed me that they "did not care about my walls." Customer service was apologetic about this, but failed to offer any kind of reconciliation.

By -

FAIRLAWN, OHIO -- I recently purchased 2 sofas, which were delivered 11/18/05. I had to insist delivery people move old furniture for me as promised, which was done only after paying them. (Later told it was related to insurance concerns going up & down steps. I live in a ranch without steps.) Sofas skirts were extremely wrinkled, back cushions disgustingly lumpy & without sufficient filling, seat cushions extremely HARD, and throw pillows approx. 1-1/2" thin. Upon sitting on sofas, my feet do not touch the floor which is key criteria and had been discussed with the sales assoc before placing order.

Went back to store and talked to asst mgr. After several phone calls & visit by service technician, I was informed seat cushions would need to "age" from 30 days to longer depending on number of people in household, how often used, pets, etc. The cushions would EVENTUALLY age & decompress anywhere from 20-30% over time.

Service tech quite surprised issue was regarding hard cushions. He advised most of his calls are "from customers that have had their furniture 3-6 months [only!] and the cushions are TOO SOFT." Apparently, cushion filling is a major issue with Sofa Express. When I expressed my dissatisfaction with quality, the Service Technician immediately walked out without another word! Rescheduled service later for 9-12 AM; called at 11:00 and told they would be there at 1:00; waited until 2:30 and left home. Service showed up at 3:05 PM.

Contacted local store again same morning to arrange return of furniture. Eventually told mgr & asst mgr "not available" and that "it didn't matter any way as your [my] account was closed." I called service center to pick up furniture and customer care representative told me it was "up to the consumer" to ask questions regarding filling." I responded that I specifically did inquire as to filling and she told me there is a label under seat cushions explaining the density issue. I pointed out a consumer wouldn't have this information until AFTER THE FACT and she advised she had other customers to deal with and ended the call.

I feel I was a victim of bait & switch as the showroom furniture was not indicative of what I received. The mgr, asst mgr, and customer care rep all told me it was unreasonable to expect a new couch to be as comfortable as the display sofa which was 3 yrs old. If the showroom furniture isn't representative, why let customers sit on them? Would you buy a mattress and, after it was delivered, find it acceptable to sleep on it for a few months before it would be comfortable? Why should this logic apply to a sofa?

The furniture is uncomfortable for my husband and me to use on a daily basis, I am EMBARRASSED for visitors to sit on sofas,and I am ASHAMED I fell for this bait & switch tactic. Thing twice before buying anything from Sofa Express.

Living Room Furniture
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- This is a copy of the letter I sent to Sofa Express: I am disgusted with your product and your customer service. I have had nothing but problems since ordering and receiving your furniture. The legs were defective, the throw pillows were junk. The first service representative sent to our home was extremely rude and inexperienced. He also complained about his health problems the entire time. He was asked to leave. He had also left a mess in our living room.

My 3 year old daughter stepped on several staples he had left on the floor. We had left at least 2 dozen messages with the customer service center, with no return calls. We finally received the replacement legs and pillows for the furniture. The replacement pillows were in worse shape than the originals.

After at least 6 weeks of waiting for a response in regards to the problems with the furniture, we resorted to going to the store where we had made our purchase. Only by explaining the problem to our sales representative, did we receive a phone call from the manager of the store. While on vacation, the manager called and asked if we had heard from customer service. We had not. We informed the manager that we had received our replacement parts on our return from vacation. The only call we received from customer service, was to schedule the service call.

Another service rep was sent to our home. He was extremely professional and experienced. He did his best to rectify the problems we were having. He replaced 4 legs on the furniture. One is still defective. He assured us we would have a phone call from the customer service manager, **, within two days. That, of course, never happened. We have finally received the second set of replacement pillows. They are in worse shape than the first set of replacements. I am now tired of dealing with your company. I spent thousands of dollars on supposedly quality furniture, and have received junk. I no longer want this furniture in my home. I want a refund of my money for the purchase of this furniture. If I do not have satisfaction this time around, I will have no choice but to take other measures.

Poor quality and poor customer service
By -

GREENVILLE, OHIO -- I don't know how this company is still in business. I picked out furniture from the Huber Heights store in Feb. 2006. I purchased two couches, a glider chair, and ottoman. This was all delivered the end of March. The glider chair was defective from the beginning. A service tech came in May and decided that he could not fix it. The company gave me credit for the glider and ottoman(since they match) to pick out something else, they said they could not give me my money back. I live an hour away, so when I finally got back to the store I picked out another chair. This was in Aug. Then they call wanting to set up a delivery time. They tell me they can only deliver to my area on Fridays.

I can not take off work again so I told them to forget it. I have been calling customer service for weeks now and finally someone has called me back saying I have to take the new chair or keep the old one. This is after I called and told them to pick up this defective chair and give my money back. Oh, did I mention, this is OCTOBER 25, 2006. This all started in Feb. and I am still dealing with a broken chair in my house and they won't come pick it up and just give me my money back! I will never buy anything from them again.

I would also like to mention that their couch is very poor quality and only lasts for about a year until you need to buy a new one. I still can not take off work on Friday to receive my new chair that they are saying I have to take or keep the broken one. I just want to be done with Sofa Express. I just want my money back and someone please come pick up this defective chair. I'll even leave it on my porch.

Floor Samples - Ridiculous Policy!
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- The Sofa Express policy concerning floor models is the most ridiculous I've ever heard! I had just purchased 2 rooms of furniture from the store & wanted a coffee table to go w/ a couch. The table I wanted to purchase was out of stock. A new shipment from overseas was expected in 30 days or so. I asked for the floor model instead and was told that store policy is that floor samples will not be sold. I spoke with a manager and was told the same thing.. if they sell the floor sample to me:

It won't be available to other customers. The store will have to wait 30 or more day to replace the sample.
So, what I basically was told - "other customers" are more important than me (even though I had already spent a lot of money in the store)... that it's OK for me to wait 30 days for my coffee table, but it's not OK for Sofa Express to wait 30 days and, that this store doesn't want my business... (I was encouraged to find a coffee table elsewhere!). Very disappointed in the lack of customer service by Sofa Express. They certainly don't value a good customer.

Problems with order from start to finish
By -

I ordered bedroom and living room furniture in January, 2006 from your Mentor, Ohio store to be shipped to 2 addresses. When the living room furniture was delivered the delivery men forced the couch through the door opening with no protection and ripped a whole in the arm. I pointed this out and they noted it on the bill and said someone would contact us.

Meanwhile the veneer on one of the tables started to come off.All of this took place but no one came out to inspect until March. The bedroom furniture was delivered on March 3rd to my home. At that time I was told that something had tipped over in the truck and damaged all but the nightstand and the boxsprings and mattress. I sent it all back and told them to deliver it all at the same time.

After finding out about the table with the veneer coming off I called the store and cancelled the bedroom furniture not liking what I have seen. The store representative came and looked at the sofa and the table and agreed that they should be replaced. On the day they were to be delivered - March 24th - I received a call informing me that the Warehouse had forgotten to put the sofa on the truck and all they had to deliver was the table.

We called the store to find out the reason they did not put the sofa on the truck was that it was discontinued but they would be happy to repair the sofa that had been delivered. At that time we told them to come and pick up everything and cancel the entire order. This entire order amounted to about $4300.00. I love your commercials but how can you people stay in business?

Poor customer service
By -

We have purchased furniture from Sofa Express in the past and have had positive results so we returned but were on a tight timeline. We were guaranteed that we would have our furniture by a certain date but as it neared that date no phone calls. When I called to inquire about the furniture lo and behold it was sitting in the warehouse for over a week but we had not been called about delivery. The next delivery date was a week after I needed it and when I informed many, many individuals at this company I was told it was not there problem the truck was full. So much for customer service from this company.

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