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Poor service and uncooperative
Posted by Tjwine on 01/21/2008
AVON, INDIANA -- My husband and I purchased a sofa, chair, love seat, 2 end tables and a coffee table. After about 2 weeks, the chair started to come unsewn and tear under the cushion. the love seat stitching cam unstitched. We called for service and about a week later someone came out and restitched it. a couple of weeks later, the stitching came out again. the tech repaired it again by about 6 months, the stitching was out, the cushions have all lost their form. a board in the sofa was broken. and the fabric is rolling into balls and there are now holes. We complained to the company again and again only to have no return calls. about a month before the warranty ran out I made a complaint to the better business bureau. WOW they sent someone out to take pictures of the furniture. We did not hear anything for about a month, we kept calling and were told the person who reviews the pictures is on vacation. We finally heard from BBB who stated the compamy said we abused the furniture. They did fix the broken board in the sofa but nothing else. We have had this crap for 1 year, I have bought better looking furniture from garage sales. Our sales person stated, "I have have this same set, I practically live on the sofa, I even sleep on it. I have had it for 5 years and it still looks new." Bull S---!!!
I WAS SO GLAD TO HEAR ABOUT THE COMPANY CLOSING. I do not have the money to replace it so I will just have to deal with it.

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Love Seat: Paid In Full, Let Down Heavily
Posted by Tried&true on 11/20/2007
SPRINGDALE, OHIO -- For Christmas this year, my husband finally agreed to let me get my long-awaited loveseat for our family room. All day Vet's Day weekend, we journied to several different furniture stores when we ended up at Sofa Express & More in Tri-County (Springdale, Ohio). Much to my delight, they had a wide selection of sofas to choose from, one of which I adored!
The sales rep was wonderful, she answered all my questions and was very courteous in handling our order. She advised me of the pickup date (10 days from the date of purchase) and was even kind enough to send a thank you note a week later.
What's the problem you ask? Well...
10 days later I called to confirm an adequate pickup time only to find out that my sofa hadn't arrived. They assured me it was due to the overflow from the holiday weekend and that I would receive it no later than Friday of that week (this was Tuesday, mind you).
Friday, I call again to confirm a pickup time. What do you know... but my sofa isn't there! Now, I'm mad. The girl who answered the phone heard my complaint, offerred to give me free delivery and said she'd get a manager on the phone to coordinate the reschedule. When speaking with the manager, who promptly told me that it wouldn't be wise to do delivery because they couldn't guarantee a delivery date, then advised methey'd take care of it right away and they'd even give me a $50 store credit since I'd paid cash for the sofa. I accepted his offer, only to have him put me on hold for 30 minutes and never pick up the phone again. I hung up, called back, demanding to speak to the store manager, only to speak to a girl named Melissa, who seemed to do all she could, placing me on hold periodically while she tried to get the loveseat to me within the next few days. She then advised me it was too late to have it for pickup Saturday, but she would have it to me by Tuesday (two days before Thanksgiving). I agreed, but I also mentioned to her that if the loveseat did not arrive as promised, I would cancel my order and expect a full refund immediately. She agreed and left it at that.
I anxiously awaited Tuesday, since I really wanted to have my loveseat for the holidays. On Tuesday morning, I called, for the last time, to schedule my pickup.
This time, they claimed Melissa didn't put it in the system in enough time to get it to me by Tuesday. I was irate at this point. I demanded to speak to the store manager. When Mike got on the phone no better impression of indifference could have been demonstrated. Not only did he not apologize to me, he could care less that my order had been repeatedly messed up. He told me that he could have it at the store by Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). What do you think I told him. "Sorry, Mike. But I've given your company adequate time to give me my sofa and three times now you haven't delivered. I'm done waiting. I want my money back immediately."
So far, I'm waiting for my refund to be processed on my VISA. Thank goodness I used that in case they don't follow through (again).
Fair warning to readers of my experience; I am not the only one who has had similar issues with this store. It was only today that I happened across this site to add to the list of complaints. Shop a more experienced and customer friendly store (Furniture Fair is a great example) for you furniture shopping needs. Sofa Express has lost a first time customer for good.
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Posted by ejack053824 on 2007-11-20:
Good Post and very smart to pay with a credit card! No way I would buy furniture using check or cash.
Posted by apond on 2007-11-21:
"When speaking with the manager, who promptly told me that it wouldn't be wise to do delivery because they couldn't guarantee a delivery date, then advised methey'd take care of it right away and they'd even give me a $50 store credit since I'd paid cash for the sofa. "

"So far, I'm waiting for my refund to be processed on my VISA. Thank goodness I used that in case they don't follow through (again)."

So what was it cash or Visa?
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Bought a bed and bad service
Posted by Sgt USMC on 11/14/2007
TRI COUNTY & HQ, OHIO -- I bought a bed from Sofa Express in Tri County by Springdale Ohio. Realizing that my Fiancée and I were going to have this be for at least 8 years, we bought a good one. Top end. We didn't know we bought it from a bottom end company.

The purchase went fine. The sales rep was a nice guy who said that if we had any problems to give him a call.

We had problems.

The bed was delivered, it looked a little worn but I figured in a warehouse some things are going to get a little dirty and banged up. But after sleeping on it for two nights my Fiancée, who is pregnant, started complaining she was rolling into the middle of the bed. When I got on the ground to look at the frame and make sure it was level I saw that the middle support leg wasn't there.

I'm a Marine, not know for being the smartest of people, but even I can figure out 5 metal nubs need 5 plastic legs. So I call the sales man. He was too busy to talk to me. Then I called for a Manager, at which time the customer service girl answering the phone told me, "you don't need to talk to a manager sir. I will take care of you."

After restating that I wanted to talk to a manager 4 more times I was put on hold. TWENTY MINUTES LATER, the same lady came on the phone and told me that there were no managers available as they were at dinner. So I finally told her my issue. She connected me to the warehouse that set up a time to come out and put the leg on the middle of the bed, she apologized for my trouble and gave me a $75 credit.

5 days later. The bed service technicians came out to fix our bed, BUT, upon close inspection were able to deduce, they didn't bring the part to fix it. OOOPS!

5 more days, and mind you this entire time my pregnant Fiancée and I, who just bought a top end bed, are sleeping on the couch, and they come out with a whole new frame. to replace the one that was missing a $4 dollar leg and I was told we would get another $75 credit. Good. The second $75 credit hasn't shown up in 3 bills.

Well the bed still didn't feel right. I spent another week calling to get a hold of a manager and when he finally returned my call his solution was to just try sleeping on the uncomfortable thing for a few weeks. So we did.

A few weeks later when all we could talk about was how bad our backs hurt I called back. No manager again. I left a message a day for 3 weeks. Finally my fiancée’s Grandmother went to the store irate. she got to talk to someone in the customer service dept. This lady told her she couldn't talk about the purchase to someone who wasn't involved with the purchase and to have me call her.

I left her 1-4 messages for 2 weeks. I went to the store. At this point all I want is my money back because I don't ever want to deal with anyone from this company again. I finally received a message on my cell stating that I needed to call to set up delivery of a new bed set. I went to the store and caught the manager, who told me a refund was out of his hands and he would talk to the district manager who was in the store that day, JUST OUT TO LUNCH! (ROFL) He said that he would have him call me in the next 4 days, never happened. I spent the next week calling for the District Manager and getting voicemail. I asked several times to speak to his boss, "he's on vacation", Finally I got the CEO's secretary who walked down to the customer service manager and told her to call me. She did about 3 hours later. After hearing a disjointed recollection (I was trying to tell her everything without getting angry) she actually asked "Sir if you got this mattress so long ago why haven’t you taken care of this sooner?"

Well after we finally hashed that out she said she was going to look into this and call me back at the beginning of next week. Here it is Wednesday, the middle of the week, and no call, so I called her, and guess what, I got a voicemail.
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Don't bother paying for stain protection!!!
Posted by Ritchieboyz3 on 10/03/2007
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My DH and I purchased the "Comfy" couch and chair in October 2006. We have three kids and specifically asked the salesperson about this couch and the fabric. He said it would hold up great to the kids and with the extra stain protection the fabric would just wipe clean. Well, that is soooo not true!! The salesman and the delivery guys told my husband and myself to just wipe spills, etc with a damp rag to clean. Well, after I noticed discolorations on the fabric and after I was finally able to get through to customer service at Sofa Express, they said my fabric cannot have water on it. Hello!!! That is what we were told by the salesman and delivery guy to do and now you tell me that water will ruin the fabric!?!?!?!?? They sent a technician to "clean" the furniture. He made it worse and none of the spots came out! Then, he had the nerve to tell me that "baby spit" is not covered under the stain protection.

Well, then why would a salesman recommend this fabric and protection to a family of 5 whom were all present at the store when we purchased the furniture?????? Not only is our couch and chair covered with spots and stains, the cushions are losing shape and it has not even been a year yet!!! They did finally send a new back cushion for the chair to replace the one that lost it's shape the worst. Now, the new cushion has not even been on the chair for a month and it is doing the same thing!!! Sofa Express is a sorry company!! They will not stand behind their products.

Now I have a couch and chair that is not even a year old yet that looks TERRIBLE!! $1500 of TERRIBLE!!!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-03:
"Well, then why would a salesman recommend this fabric and protection to a family of 5 whom were all present at the store when we purchased the furniture??????"
Because he's a salesman. Once you sign on the dotted line, he doesn't give a rat's patootey about you or your sofa.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-03:
What are the ages of your 'family of five' ?
Sounds like your family is sloppy and out of control ?
Good luck.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-03:

Posted by DebtorBasher on 2007-10-03:
I don't believe in the scotchgard or any other stain protection because how would you know if they really did anything once they charged you for it?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-03:
Ritchieboyz3, I live here in Leicester and when I got here a few years ago I went to Sofa Express and they were rude to me, talked down to me like a man doesn't know anything about furniture, they did not get any of my business!

What I found out is you really have to watch it when you are buying furniture around here. There are so many places selling it you would think they would at least compete on prices, they don’t.

There are some good ones but you really have to watch them too.
There is a good one on Leicester highway, I don’t remember the name though and there are some OK ones in Hendersonville too.

All I can say is be careful and remember with three kids there isn’t anything but plastic that will not stain. Bin there, done that!

Good luck
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-10-05:
Lid, another tidbit..all wood furniture can consist of particle board, medium density fiber board and any number of wood by products.
Be careful!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-05:
jktshff1, very good point and I think particle board is the worst. Get it wet once and that's about all she wrote on that one.
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Bad delivery
Posted by Bridget816 on 09/18/2007
UNION, KENTUCKY -- I ordered a bedroom suite from Sofa Express 9/07. First, the delivery men were late for my scheduled appointment. Then they were cursing in my home about how bad they disliked their jobs. Finally, they put large holes in my walls going up my staircase and failed to inform me about this. When I called them out on the issue, they informed me that they "did not care about my walls."

Customer service was apologetic about this, but failed to offer any kind of reconciliation.

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Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-18:
Send them the bill for the repair to your wall. Might work.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-18:
Wow. Did this really happen ?
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Interview No-Show!
Posted by Stood Up! on 09/12/2007
NORTH OLMSTED, OHIO -- I now think for sure that all the reviews from disgruntled customers on this site about Sofa Express are definitely true after what happened to me. I had been called by the District Manager for Sofa Express to see if I may be interested in coming to work for them as a manager in one of their stores in Northeast Ohio/Cleveland market. Since I have an extensive background in retail store management and was looking to get back into retail from what I am doing now, I agreed to go ahead with the process.

After a phone interview with this District Manager, we agreed to meet at the store in North Olmsted, Ohio for my interview on August 15 at 11AM. After driving 45 minutes to get to the store and upon entering the store for my interview, I met the Store Manager and told him I was here to have my interview with the District Manager. The Store Manager told me the District Manager was not there in his store today and that he (the Store Manager) did not even know I was coming up for an interview. He called the DM on his cell phone while I was waiting for an answer as to where the DM was and why he was not there to meet me. No answer at all. I left my number with the Store Manager and asked him to have the DM give me a call to reschedule. I did not bother to hang around any longer and left.

After I got home I called the District Manager myself to reschedule. Got no answer at all and left a voicemail on his cell phone to have him return my call. It is now 4 weeks later and this guy has still never called me back to even apologize for standing me up and not showing up for the interview in the first place. I even called the Store Manager back up in North Olmsted and he never called me back either. This District Manager just completely blew off the interview and did not have the courtesy to call me and say he was sorry and to even try to reschedule the appointment. He just left me hanging completely and I plan on making their corporate office in Columbus, Ohio aware of it. I am still mad about it. Just a completely bad way to deal with people. It is no wonder this company is in the shape it is in. It makes me wonder how they ever hire anyone.

So, I now agree with the other people who have complained about this company that Sofa Express is just plain and simple not a well-run company to do business with. I would recommend to friends and relatives to stay clear of this outfit. After the way I was treated on a human side of things and reading about their flawed merchandise, bad managers, rude customer service, and just all around place on the pecking order of furniture companies that are much better at what they do, I would have to give Sofa Express a huge THUMBS DOWN and a FAILING GRADE.
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-12:
Send them a bill for your gas, time, car expense, LD calls, etc. That might get their attention. Yeah, right!
Posted by warddw1526 on 2007-09-12:
After "reading about their flawed merchandise, bad managers, rude customer service, and just all around place on the pecking order of furniture companies that are much better at what they do, I would have to give Sofa Express a huge THUMBS DOWN and a FAILING GRADE", why would you want to work there?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-12:
he probably hired someone else
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This company is TERRIBLE!
Posted by Kimmymp on 08/03/2007
We ordered furniture from Sofa Express on June 23rd, 2007. The salesperson told us all items on the sales floor are considered stock items and are available for delivery within two weeks at most. We schedule delivery for June 29th--they call and ask to switch it to the 30th because another item would be in that was on back order. Ok great. The delivery comes and it is about a fourth of our order. They bring two dining chairs and no table. The kitchen table and no chairs. HELLO--these are sold as a set?? They schedule another delivery and bring the rest of the dining room chairs--no table and the chairs for the kitchen table. Still no sofa, armour, or dining table. Last week we get the sofa. I call about the table they don't have a delivery date. The manager offers to comp us with a different table. I drive an hour to the store--he wants us to pay the price difference in the two tables and offers to take a small amount off the new set. We cancel the order for the dining room set and tell them to come get their chairs. I am now sitting home and it is 5:20pm. My armour was supposed to be here by 5:15 today. Delivery guys are rude, they scratched my door and walls all up and refused to give me paperwork to fill out. The management doesn't do anything to help us--I have taken 5 days off work now because of their deliveries... The regional manager doesn't call us back. The salesperson misinformed us on many different things.

Needless to say I would NEVER shop this company again and I don't recommend them to anyone.
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Posted by ethics and morals on 2007-08-19:
If I were you I would tell them to cancel your entire purchase and never go back.And read the fine print on your invoice very carefully.
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Customer Service/Delivery
Posted by MillieMiddle on 07/18/2007
ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA -- Sofa Express delivered furniture that was badly damaged. Rescheduling has been a nightmare. Customer Service does not exist. The store manager and sales representative will not return my phone calls.

Corporate Sofa Express is no better. Corporate customer service will not give me a name or number of someone with any authority to assist me. Automated voicemail is all that I can get, AND, of course, my messages are not returned.

Two weeks since my purchase and still no effort to redeliver the damaged furniture I rejected.

Since Corporate Sofa Express is as bad as the local Sofa Express, I can only assume that complaints are commonplace.


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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-07-18:
If the store is local(Im assuming it is),go in,and speak directly with the person in charge.
I think they should at least give you some information as to where your order is.
Hope it all works out for you.
Posted by MillieMiddle on 2007-07-19:
I did go the store (over a week ago) and speak to the sales rep about the damaged furniture. He said "trust me, my job is over, the delivery personnel should handle the damaged furniture replacement".

Meanwhile, the number the sales rep gave me was not for my area of delivery, and the other number I was given from my first attempt was only voicemail & no returned calls.

After these efforts, I've tried to speak to the Manager of the Store, he won't return my calls. I've also tried to speak to the sales rep, he won't return my calls. I believe, this is a dead-end situation. Why should I drive 20miles again to the store to be blown off.

Any company that sales over $2,000. worth of merchandise should follow-through until delivered. I don't care if the sales rep thinks it is his "job" or not. A good company sales rep would follow through.

Very poor Customer Satisfaction. The sales rep put all the responsibility on my back. I don't know how to find a number to speak to a person about delivery. The sales rep would only know that. I don't know an email address for the delivery warehouse. The sales rep would only know that.

I am not going back into the store to have a sales rep to give me another wrong phone number. Why didn't he call when I was there before? BECAUSE SOFA EXPRESS DOESN'T CARE ABOUT YOU AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN PAID.
Posted by DRebekah on 2007-08-08:
have you ever talked to the manager himself? i have to wonder about this or have you just left messages with the customer service people?
Posted by MillieMiddle on 2007-08-09:
"I have to wonder about this"?? I don't believe you completely or thoroughly read my post. Sofa Express store local manager DOES NOT return my phone calls, the sales rep (who I spoke to directly) said "trust me, my job is over, it is the delivery department's problem".

Since Sofa Express is a national chain of stores, the problem should be handled at a higher level. Corporate is no better than the local store. They obviously have management problems. So...I wouldn't be too quick to say "I have to wonder about this". WONDER no more, Sofa Express will never get me as a customer again. Perhaps if you review the Company's rating below you will see that of 180 voters, Sofa Express only received 1 & 1/2 stars. With that rating, I would rethink making off the cuff, shooting from the hip statements as "I have to wonder about this". Your comment is annoying, and DOES NOT contain any useful and helpful information.
Posted by DRebekah on 2007-08-15:
wow ranting and raving at someone is no way to get anywhere in life, you should try to calm down a little bit. i am entitled to my own opinion on sofa express ... i have read the post and the other posts and happen to notice most of them are from states other than Florida and with the way the customer service people are at the counter i wouldn`t be surprised if the manager never got your message as i have encountered that problem before and your sales rep was idiot and liar as most sales people in any business are. so do not go shooting off at me for asking if you had left a message with someone besides the customer service staff but it is your decision not to go there and i never said there was a problem with that i`m 100% for when something goes down that`s messed up to take your patronage elsewhere but all i am saying it is not fair to blame someone with lousy staff that can`t take a message... blame the company not the manager who has probably never even seen a message with your name on it.
Posted by ethics and morals on 2007-08-19:
When you shop elsewhere for furniture be advised that all the mass produced furniture is pretty much the same crap.I've done upholstery for 39 yrs and can't believe what's on the market.If you want real quality have it built by a custom builder or reupholster an old oak frame sofa.It's very expensive but will last you 20 yrs.
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Poor customer service
Posted by Shopper1 on 04/25/2007
We have purchased furniture from Sofa Express in the past and have had positive results so we returned but were on a tight timeline. We were guaranteed that we would have our furniture by a certain date but as it neared that date no phone calls. When I called to inquire about the furniture lo and behold it was sitting in the warehouse for over a week but we had not been called about delivery. The next delivery date was a week after I needed it and when I informed many, many individuals at this company I was told it was not there problem the truck was full. So much for customer service from this company.
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Poor quality and poor customer service
Posted by Doodlebug on 10/25/2006
GREENVILLE, OHIO -- I don't know how this company is still in business. I picked out furniture from the Huber Heights store in Feb. 2006. I purchased two couches, a glider chair, and ottoman. This was all delivered the end of March. The glider chair was defective from the beginning. A service tech came in May and decided that he could not fix it. The company gave me credit for the glider and ottoman(since they match) to pick out something else, they said they could not give me my money back. I live an hour away, so when I finally got back to the store I picked out another chair. This was in Aug. Then they call wanting to set up a delivery time. They tell me they can only deliver to my area on Fridays. I can not take off work again so I told them to forget it. I have been calling customer service for weeks now and finally someone has called me back saying I have to take the new chair or keep the old one. This is after I called and told them to pick up this defective chair and give my money back. Oh, did I mention, this is OCTOBER 25, 2006. This all started in Feb. and I am still dealing with a broken chair in my house and they won't come pick it up and just give me my money back! I will never buy anything from them again. I would also like to mention that their couch is very poor quality and only lasts for about a year until you need to buy a new one. I still can not take off work on friday to receive my new chair that they are saying I have to take or keep the broken one. I just want to be done with sofa express. I just want my money back and someone please come pick up this defective chair. I'll even leave it on my porch.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-10-26:
They are offering to exchange the defective chair and you are blocking their attempts to do so - It's hard to blame them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-26:
doodlebug...Your review inspired me. I'll never be the same.. Maybe to celebrate this cathartic event you should trust me and be number 20 on my trusted list.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-10-26:
Stew, trust can be overrated in some cases.
Posted by Doodlebug on 2006-10-31:
Well whatever you think, I am sick of them and their furniture is junk. I would like to say that they are now coming to pick up the defective chair and giving me my money back. Thank you sofa express.
Posted by revengeofthenerds on 2011-02-08:
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-02-08:
revenge, I apologize in advance, but I would suggest you cut the caps. Your reply is difficult to read.
Posted by biomajor on 2011-02-08:
Revenge, I would suggest that you check the dates on the complaints before you post ;) I'm sure that in the last 4 years they have resolved this in some way.
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