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DJ company wrecks your wedding
Posted by Ktjane on 09/26/2007
My reasons for posting are that the services that were agreed upon were not delivered on the date of my wedding, on May 12th by my dj company A Solid Gold Sound. The dj did not show up with any of the music that we had agreed upon beforehand. My attempts to resolve this problem led to my great distress and my dissatisfaction with A Solid Gold Sound. Others dissatisfaction with A Solid Gold sound can be found on the website (a news story by ABC) and another one by Inside Edition:



The company was unresponsive to the multiple phone calls and e-mails that I sent before and after the date of my event. I believe that an overall atmosphere of disorganization and a lack of customer service led to the problems that I experienced.

In my contract it says that the Operations Manager will contact me three weeks before my event to give me the name of my DJ and confirm that all details were in order. No one contacted me and at that time I took a proactive approach and called A Solid Gold Sound several times leading up to the wedding. I was told that all details were in order and that my songbook had been received. Five days (Monday) before my wedding my DJ had still not called me so I called the main office repeatedly for two days. I was told on Tuesday that my DJ’s name was Michael and he would be contacting me within 24 hours. Michael did not contact me so three days before my wedding they reassigned me another DJ. This was extremely stressful. The new DJ, Jeff, did not contact me until 10:30pm Wednesday night. At this point I found that my new DJ did not have my songbook, which carried all the information regarding choices for music as well as the order of events. In the two days remaining until my wedding Jeff insisted it was my responsibility to obtain all the information and give it to him by 5:00pm Thursday evening. I informed him that I could not gather the information and the songbook would have to be found. I called a Solid Gold Sound myself to help find the missing book but was informed that only one man, Jim, could help me. Jim did not return any messages that I had left for him throughout the week. I was put on hold on Thursday (two days before my wedding) for 20 minutes waiting to talk to him after I had been transferred to his phone line. Worrying I had been forgotten I called back and found that Jim had left for the day and no one could help me that day. The way I had been treated by A Solid Gold Sound got to me and I started crying on the phone. It was only at that point that I was transferred to a woman, Carrie, who told me the songbook was found and that my DJ would have everything for the wedding. She guaranteed there would be no further problems.

On Saturday May 12th, the day of my wedding, the DJ was not prepared. My bridal party stood in the hallway for 20 minutes waiting for him to announce us until we realized he didn’t know he was supposed to announce us and we had to write our names down on a napkin and my photographer had to give it to him.

The DJ did not bring any other style of music other than “Motown”. I am not sure what “Motown” is but the DJ was not able to accommodate any requests by the crowd for certain songs. He did not bring the music for my new husband and my First Dance, nor the music for the Father-Daughter Dance. My husband and I spent days picking music for our reception and none of those songs were brought. I had to go to my car to get a CD for the First Dance. The correct song was on the CD and the DJ promised to listen to the CD first (to himself, quietly) before calling us up and playing it. We were called up and a song started playing. It was not the right one and the DJ kept asking me if it was the right one and he restarted it twice. This left us feeling and looking very foolish in front of all our guests who were watching. As the song played it was not the right one, in fact the chorus was “ I don’t know you… but I want you soooo bad.” This was very embarrasssing and many of my guests asked me if that was really the song that I had picked out. Overall, the DJ did not play any music that was picked out and agreed upon beforehand.

The DJ brought a friend to the reception. The agreed upon dress was formal tux and the DJ’s friend showed up in a Hawaiian shirt. This was inappropriate for my formal night wedding.

Since the DJ didn’t know the order of events he made announcements without asking. Since he was wrong every time, one of my bridesmaids, my mother, or myself had to tell him no or mouth instructions to him from our table.

I was promised three bonus items in my that I did not receive.

After I got back from my honeymoon I immediately tried to get in touch with A Solid Gold Sound. Again I was told only one person, JD, could help me. I left voicemail, messages for him with his staff, and e-mail. I tried for a week before I threatened legal action and JD e-mailed me and asked me to send him a list of the problems. I asked for a refund. I waited three weeks after I sent the e-mail and I heard nothing from them. At this point I determined it was time to go forward with my bank's Credit Card Dispute since I was repeatedly being ignored by A Solid Gold Sound. I called A Solid Gold Sound to get a little information for my bank and it must have scared them because they offered me a partial refund with a promise for more after they had more time to discuss. They said they had sent me a 50% refund and I could expect to receive it in the mail in a few days as well as their follow-up phone call. I didn't receive any part of the refund and their promise of resolution was false. They passed their own deadline of my account resolution.

I called one last time three weeks later to get some more information for my bank and reached the company president John Kruer. He called me a liar on the phone and said that I was the irresponsible person and the source of all my problems at the wedding. He repeatedly talked to me in a aggresive and rude manner.

I did receive a 70% refund after all this, but it wasn't worth it. I can only hope that no other bride will have to go through what I have on their special day.

After this posting was posted I received another phone call from John Kruer, the president of a Solid Gold Sound. When I answered the phone he said "Katie, I would like to send you some money." He repeated this several time and I reminded him that he had already sent me some money and I did not want to talk to him because he had been so mean to me. Mr. Kruer stated that he realized he had failed me and many other brides for a short period of time in which he had hired an unprofessional employee, who was the source of all the problems that occurred. He said that he was calling to apologize to all the brides who had been affected by this employee. Mr. Kruer stated that this employee apparently had father issues growing up as a child that had translated into authority issues today. This employee single-handily was sabotaging all the weddings to get back at his boss, Mr. Kruer! I asked Mr. Kruer how that explained his meanness to me in previous phone calls… he said stress. I asked about his false and altered marketing that was included in my contract packet and he admitted that he has falsified marketing materials to cast his company in a better light, but only because it would take too long to truly show the great satisfaction of his customers. Mr. Kruer went on to say that he is a good Christian man who volunteers multiple hours a week at a children’s hospital and his church and that I should feel bad for him that his business has been attacked by this one sabotaging employee. He went on to say that he has never sued anybody in his life and was a man of integrity when others tried to sue him. He reminded me that A Solid Gold sound has thousand and thousands of satisfied customers and it would take 20 years for all of them to march by the front door of his office (where did he get that statistic?). But he did want to apologize in the form of a written letter and give me the rest of my money back, which I agreed to.
Just as I am about to hang up the phone on that note Mr. Kruer tells me that he has seen this posting on my3cents.com. He tells me that I need to be careful because another company with a similar name to his is very mad about my postings and they are considering suing me! (How did he find this out?) Mr. Kruer says that these postings are not hurting his company but this smaller one that is ready to go through with legal action against me. Mr. Kruer says he has my best interest at heart and is just watching out for a young girl. He also warns me that owners of consumer report websites like this one are run by convicted felons with the intent of extorting the companies that receive the bad reviews for money. He told me that my posting could land me in jail or fined an exorbitant amount of money. At this point I asked Mr. Kruer are you implying that if I don’t remove this posting on my3cents.com you will not send the remainder of the refund check that you just promised. He replied that his previous promise was not reliant on my removing the post but that it would be in my best interest. At this point I decided to end the call.
Needless to say I never received that check or any confirmation that it had been sent. I did receive a long line of threatening e-mails a couple of months later from him which I have posted in their entirety below. In it he threatens to sue me for slander but states that he is only concerned with my best interest. I’ve contacted the Cincinnati BBB and they have all this information on file and are trying to put together a case against A Solid Gold Sound. If you have similar experiences please contact them as well.

I responded once but have ignored him since because he only gets more vicious (I have not altered anything in these e-mails from their original content):

From: "Asolidgoldsound@aol.com"
To: peachykate575@yahoo.com
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 3:48:14 PM
Subject: refund check for dj

dear katie,
i hope this email finds you happy and healthy. the last we spoke, we had agreed that we would send you the balance of your full refund and you in turn would agree to remove postings on the net which reflect so unfairly on our company. (20 years ago, if a customer was unhappy with a service they would tell all their friends about it. with the net, 1 customer can make a company look really bad even though the company has more than 125,000 happy customers and a 99% satisfaction rating as we do). so the posting presents a disproportionately negative image of the company. also as we discussed, your postings seem to cross a line between expressing your feelings about your experience with us (and again, we are very sorry about what happened) and into a whole other area of advocacy against our company. we are now taking an extremely aggressive approach to defending our good name on the net and we must stand up for ourselves. we are not perfect but we are also not the company that so many exaggerated claims seem to show on the net. i really do not want to go there with you. i wish you all the best, and really do regret our failures with your event. what keeps me going is that there were 130 other evnets that weekend that went great and we saved a lot of people a lot of money. i am just writing because we have not seen the check we sent you cashed and the postings are still up. did you receive our check? if not we can stop payment on it and send another for $200 (150 for the refund and 50 to buy the 2 of you a nice dinner) and we trust that you in turn will take down the postings as we discussed. please reply asap.
a solid gold sound

In a message dated 4/13/2008 7:48:12 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, peachykate575@yahoo.com writes:


I'm afraid that I never did receive the check or letter of apology that we talked about that was supposed to be sent. When last we spoke I had planned on deleting any inaccuracies or exagerations of what happened in my previous postings once I had heard from you again per our conversation. As the saying goes I considered the "ball to be in your court" and since I never did hear from you or any of your associates again, forgive my assumption but I assumed that nothing was sent or was going to be sent especially considering what happened the first time Asolidgoldsound said they had sent me a check.


From: Asolidgoldsound
To: peachykate575@yahoo.com
Sent: 4/14/2008 9:43:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Re: refund check for dj

dear katie, thanks for your reply. please help me make sure we agree on what has been done. up to this point. we show that you have received and cashed checks for all but $150 of what you paid us and that we sent another check for 150 which you didn't receive (not surprising, we have had many checks come back from customers as undeliverable for one reason or another). what i am offering you is to resend that 150 check (please return the other if it ever shows up) but add another 50 to it to pay for a nice dinner on me. but i am also asking that your postings be removed because they are not fair to our company. we please way too many people for the world to think we please no one. there is a growing trend out there where companies are taking very aggressive legal action against customers who post complaints on the net...because the net is so powerful. the logic is: if you are unhappy, tell all your friends! but when you tell the whole world, that is a different matter....and even when the customer feels they are right and truthful, they are spending large sums on legal fees to prove that they have the right to "tell the whole world". there are other people involved with this company that want to take a very aggressive approach thru the courts to make sure we are represented fairly on the net...and the net makes that difficult because 1 complaint doesn't show the true picture of our vast vast majority of our happy customers. i have never sued anyone in my life...but the postings are very harmful and i've promised these people that they would be taken down. i'm just trying to do the right thing here and avoid trouble for everyone, and i again apologize for the ways in which we failed you. i wish you nothing but the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLease reply re Fwd: refund check for dj
Wednesday, April 16, 2008 2:44:21 PM

dear katie,
i havent heard back from you re the email below that i sent you a few days ago. please reply so we can resolve this together.

please let me know re your wedding"Asolidgoldsound@aol.com"
Thursday, April 17, 2008 10:46:21 AM

dear katie
I really need to hear back from you re the email I've now sent twice. I am sure you are very busy but I am needing to bring this to a friendly resolution or else I am going to be taken out of the picture and replaced with people who want to vigorously pursue this legally. Please help me to avoid that!!! But I cant wait any longer on this. I have been given a deadline. I am very sorry about this but I have to know now. Please reply.
ps...I really hope you can see your way thru to resolving this with me. I want to make it right as best I can.

urgent please contact me to avoid legal proceedings"Asolidgoldsound@aol.com"
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 2:35:39 PM

hi katie,
this is my last attempt to resolve issues between us. i want to send you a refund but i need you to agree to remove a negative posting on the net. i am trying my best to work it out with you but i'm not hearing back from you. please contact me. if i do not hear from you by Monday 4/28/08 at 5pm est, i will be forced to start legal proceedings. i do not want to do this but we are hearing from customers that they are not booking with us because of things you said that our attorney says cross the line. again let's not go there but if we have we have to. please help me avoid this! you can email back or call me at 859-653-5102. this is absolutely my last attempt before filing suit and it will not be a small claims suit.
i'm sorry but i am trying here
a solid gold sound

From: Solidgolddjs
To: peachykatie575@yahoo.com
Sent: 4/23/2008 2:39:44 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Fwd: urgent please contact me to avoid legal proceedings

just sending this again in case your spam blocker catches my first attempts. katie, if you force me to file this case, it's going to get very expensive but we intend to demonstate in an offical way that we intend to protect our TRUE reputation.
thanks, call me
a solid gold sound

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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-09-26:
I've always hated DJ's at weddings. Next time, try a local band. They are cheaper and can me a heck of a lot more professional than a DJ could be and they are much more accomidating to requests.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-26:
Only 70% refund for their breach of contract? I'd sue them for the remaining 30%.
Posted by fazie on 2007-09-26:
Having just gone thru my daughter's wedding you truly have my sympathy, we had a DJ but he is local in our small town and was wonderful! good luck in the future!
Posted by kel2670 on 2008-08-18:

I used this company to video tape my wedding ceremony and reception. The videographer was a nightmare. He was rude to the guests. He video taped one of the bridesmaid's shoulder throughout the entire ceremony. He did not get one shot of the groom and I. Very unprofessional company! Trust me, anything is better than going through this company.
Posted by WHO CARES???? on 2008-10-02:
I wish I had seen this before I hired these horrible people for my wedding. When I say that I had the EXACT same experience, I could not be more honest and shocked. Same thing leading up to the day: no contact. The day before, all hell broke loose. They didn't have the music on the big day, father of bride, first dance, etc. They had to use MY IPOD!!! They didn't know the wedding party, they didn't make announcements, and I had to make my own announcements. The DJ left and his idiot assistant stood in while all of my guests had to help her because she didn't know how to use the system. I was completely crushed and did the exact same follow-up as you! They sent me the "in good faith" check after ignoring me for a month! Ultimately I filed with the court after he told me I'm being insensitve to him and his workers, because how can they possibly help me when his coworker just had a miscarriage???? HE ACTUALLY SAID THIS TO ME!! His name is John and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I truly hope bad things happen to him.
Posted by DMA1973 on 2008-11-05:
I have been a professional DJ and event manager for over 19 years. This story is appalling. Unfortunately, there are few barriers to entry into the Wedding DJ profession and consumers think that entertainment is where they can save a bunch of money by hiring a cheap DJ. The old addage of "You get what you pay for" is as true in the wedding industry as it is elsewhere. Nothing can ruin your wedding faster than bad food or a bad DJ/MC. You shouldn't think of a DJ as a guy spinning music. He is the central point of contact, ad-hoc wedding planner, and the "face" and "voice" of the reception (if you have not hired a wedding planner).

For those who just had the wrong or little information about the market - my condolences. Please know that there are many very professional DJs out there who will invest their time, hearts, and skills into your event.

For those who decided to spend $45K on their wedding yet balked at paying more than $500 for the DJ/Master of Ceremonies - respectfully, I don't have much sympathy for you.

A couple of tips for determining professionalism:
-Ask for a proof of business & liability insurance to be immediately faxed to you
-Ask for four or five references that you call and talk with along with the type and date of their events
-Ask for DJ's personal resume as a DJ and general employment information (education, employment history, employment references, etc.)
-Talk directly with your DJ before signing a contract and "interview" them
These will not always be determinative, but its a good start. Hope this helps.
Posted by GC1986 on 2008-11-10:
Honestly, I've had a similar problem, and am thinking of ways to get what I want, and have them fulfill their contractual obligations. It's been nearly four months since my wedding, and my wife and I have yet to receive our video in the mail... We did just receive an email from a company representative stating that they would send us a total of four DVDs, but to be honest... that is not compensation for three months of ignored phone calls, and an ignored BBB complaint that was very clearly written...
Posted by downbylaw on 2008-11-19:
I am a Dj from Texas that has been contracted out by this company. They use contracted Dj's this is not a company that employs their own Dj's. This company is stationed in Kentucky. They tell everyone they are local. Yes they serve the USA. But they do not have offices in your area. You won't be able to go knock on their door and ask where your refund is or why they didn't show up at your wedding. You have to deal with them over the Internet which is very difficult. You are probaly wondering why I am bashing this company. Well, here's the reason. I have not been compensated for 5 jobs that I have done for them. They will not return my phone calls or E-Mails. But they always offer me new jobs. I am not trying to get your business, I am just trying to give U a heads up before you have your wedding ruined by these clowns. They have a darn good sales pitch, but don't fall for it. So the bottom line is that if they are not paying their Dj's, U will wound up with a less expierienced person that they hired for a little of nothing. Because the Good Dj's are not contracteding with them anymore because they are not getting payed. Yes I am very upset and you can think I am just a disgruntled employee, just do your homework before U throw you money away to these clowns. They need to be arrested and prosecuted for fraud. If U think I am lying, here's a few sites to check out: The Better Business Bureau MeasuredUp.com Ripoffreport.com Type in A Sensory Sound or A Solid Gold Sound. This is another name they use. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....
Posted by old fart on 2008-11-19:
What's with this DJ- disco thing at weddings..! what's wrong with a good 'ole polack accordian combo like they used to use years ago...?!

Give 'em 50 bucks, a plate of food and all the beer they could drink and you'd have been all set...
Posted by LA8 on 2008-11-25:
This company was terrible, the worst experience with any company that I have ever dealt with. The DJ was borderline incompetent and the Videographer brought a date that was inappropriately dressed for a formal wedding. He did a terrible job and since then we have called the owner, John Kruer in Kentucky, 5 separate times. Each time he claimed to be too busy to speak to us. He will tell you that he will call you back but he never does. We have called him 5 times now with no resolution. To this day we still do not have our video nor can he tell us when to expect it. I can not believe anyone could have a pleasant experience with this company or with this owner. DO NOT USE THEM FOR ANYTHING!
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2008-12-20:
I remember watching this company get sued on TV and they lost.

I definitely would like to see that again considering how bad of a company they appear to be (and probably are).
Posted by VTECnewb on 2009-01-06:
I guess I'm not the only DJ who's been screwed over by this company. Not only is this company mistreating their customer's, they're also hosing the lifeblood that keeps their company going.

I found out about the company in response to a Craigslist ad (no harm on their part). The person who posted the ad was needing a DJ quick. I responded thinking they were a legitimate company. They put me on their DJ contractors list to inform me of future events that they needed DJs for. Surprisingly, with how lousy this company treats their customers, they somehow manage to book 30-40 events every weekend nationwide!

I ended up taking a gig for them on September 21, 2008. The wedding turned out very well...the groom even asked me for my business card for future events. I informed A Sensory Sound (aka A Solid Gold) about how well the event went and was expected to get paid within the next 6-10 days.

A month had gone by and still NO PAYCHECK! Unfortunately, I managed to book another gig with them while I was waiting for the first check to come. This second gig was for 10/17/2008. I had become so enraged at this point that I called up the bride and told her that she needed to help me get paid from this company or else I couldn't managed to show up at her wedding. I realized what I did was probably completely unprofessional but I can only be so patient. It was truly sad that I had to involve a future bride into my trouble so ensure that I would show up to her own wedding. When the bride called, of course, they gave her the runaround, so then I had to call them up myself. The president, John, was so shocked at what I did that he had to wire money to me the next day. I had to take drastic measures...I simply cannot work for free.

What makes this story even more interesting was that the bride that got married on 10/17 had also booked a videographer for her wedding from A Sensory Sound/A Solid Gold (by the way, what company advertises under 2 different names?!) Guess what? The videographer NEVER even showed up that night. So, future brides, think about your DJ, videographer, and potentially photographer, never even showing up for the one special day of your life.

With the president himself having to wire me money for my first gig with the company, I thought "OK, this company may have slipped and I'll give them another chance." I ended up taking a third gig with them, this time on 10/23. I was ensured by the president himself that I would get paid on time for any future gigs I would take on with the company. I did the second and third gig...both went completely the way it should. The brides were both happy. I provided music for their ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. The guests were dancing on a Friday and Thursday wedding, atypical of most weddings that happen on Saturdays. So what happened to the check for my 2nd and 3rd gig? Today is Tuesday, Nov. 18, 2008, over a month past my 2nd gig, and close to a month beyond my 3rd gig, and STILL NO PAYCHECK!

I just called the company and talked to John himself again. Apparently, they have had so many calls that they have not been able to send out my checks. The first excuse they ever gave me was that my name never was in the "system", which I could accept since I was a new contractor working for them, but I can't accept that excuse today.

Future brides, parents of the brides, whoever is reading this...I hope you take into consideration all that I have written and judge for yourself whether the risk you're taking for saving a couple of bucks is worth destroying the most important day of your life. I had no animosity with this company prior to this and I am getting nothing for writing all that I have written so far. Hopefully, I am doing this as a favor to you all. I am by no means advocating another DJ company or my services or anything of that nature.

I am boggled at how this company is still in business (similar to many people who have posted complaints against this company). I can no longer accept another gig with this company because my trust for them has completely diminished. Please feel free to comment on this post. I am even willing to speak with anyone who wants to hear more of my story and my frustration with this company.

I'm sorry I had written more than I intended to...I could write even more. Thank you for reading this and I hope this will help you.
Posted by DO NOT HIRE A SOLID GOLD SOUND on 2009-03-06:
Hiring A Solid Gold Sound to videotape our wedding was a HUGE mistake. Not only have we still seen NOTHING, but Jon Kruer, the owner, has been completely uncooperative and very shady about everything. He screamed and swore at my husband, threatened to sue us if we posted a single negative comment about him on the internet, and has realy just been horrible to deal with. He can spew excuses a mile long, but can't answer a single direct question. If you want to receive a product and be treated with even minimal customer service, do not hire this company. We spent nearly $1,000 and will now be spending even more to sue him. This has been a horrible experience. Listen to the posters on these sites- do not ever use or recommend A Solid Gold Sound for any wedding or other occasion.
Posted by roadkill53129 on 2009-04-21:
John Kruer is a very skillful negotiator. In fact, he can stab you in the forehead with a cold salad fork. In 15 minutes, he'll have you convinced that not only did YOU do it, but it's the best thing for you at the time.

There is a pattern to him. When he wants your money, he's your best friend. Then as the relationship progresses, he becomes cold. The last and final step in the relationship is that he either accuses YOU of stealing from him or some unscrupulous employee.

He tries to teach "franchisees" about running a business, but he keeps hiring people that "steal" from him. Hmmm, good at business? The franchisees are to learn from his example? It's kind of hard when he calls you and says, "Look, I need the money wired to my account or my 28% loan is coming due".

John Kruer should have started over with a different name and a different marketing plan. The whole nation is on to his charade as a "legitimate business". It's not John Kruer that's making that business. It's the ethical, stand-up, individual business franchisees who put their asses on the line for a schister like him.
Posted by stormyguy on 2009-10-30:
Hi Katie, I just read your review regarding A Solid Gold DJ Service. Everything I read and that was entered by you is all very familiar to me. I'm a DJ who does subcontracting for A Solid Gold Sound. Right now they owe me for 4 events and which all are going on more than 30 days past due. I'm glad you wrote your review about this unreputable company. I would love to see them go completely out of business and it is people like you who can help cause this to happen. Truth about ASGS (a solid gold sound) is, they have no DJ's of their own. They're simply a middle man. They go out to bridal shows and set up their little booths and try to book as many events as they possibly can. (They have a great sales pitch but not a thing to back it up)Then they turn around and send out emails to DJ's who are on their email lists (ones like me who's business is slow and will subcontract for them) None of whom they have actually met much less set down for an interview. They have no idea who they are sending out to do their events. These DJ's are people just like me who want work who pick up the phone and call ASGS and ask if they need DJ's. Of course yes is their answer is always yes because they can not keep good dependable DJ's because they do not pay them on time if at all. For all they know when they sent me out, I may have been a dirty bum or a sex offender. They sent me out to a fabulous wedding without so much as even meeting me. Oh they did ask me a few questions over the phone. And this is why you were not contacted by your DJ my dear. Because they were trying to locate you one. Then they double charge clients (sometimes well over 500 dollars ever what they think people are willing to pay) they find some guy willing to go set up and play music for little or nothing then bang! Laughing all the way to the bank they go. This company is nothing but a big come on and scam. I'm really sorry you happened to end up with a piece of crap (so-called)dj. Some of the DJ's such as myself do a great job for our events. I even do full light shows for them and don't make a dime extra for my self for it (unless I happen to get a tip) because I know how much these girls and their families have paid out to ASGS and I feel for them so I try to make up for it by going the extra mile for them. However after over paying to ASGS the bride and groom can't usually afford to tip their DJ. Some of them are to ashamed to come up to me after the event is over and thank me because they can't afford the tip. Thank you for your review. Stormy DJ
Posted by AMANDA.OHIO on 2009-11-18:
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-18:

Considering it's been 2 years since this complaint was posted... I'm pretty sure they know that.
Posted by DJ Lil' Dean on 2009-12-29:
I also have been screwed over by this "company." I performed a dj service back in August for these people and have yet to be payed. The idiots continue to call me, not to discuss paying me but to try to get me to work events for them. If it were my event, I would not hire a dj from a solid gold sound as their dj's are random joes off the street who need no credibility and whom they have never met. It would be very likely for you to get someone who was no good or does not show up. DO NOT TRUST THESE JERKS!!!!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-29:
i've heard that about solid gold
that they don't pay the DJs
Posted by Gregoree on 2010-01-22:
Anyone who is hiring a DJ for a once (hopefully) in a lifetime celebration should spend the time to hire a professional DJ that is insured, has experience doing that type of event and doesn't charge a "bargain" rate. Your DJ will have control of the event for 5-6 hours and it is essential to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Cheap entertainment is just that...cheap, and there is usually a reason it is such a bargain. A great DJ will also do much more than just play music. They should assist in planning, be an excellent speaker, have the ability to co-ordinate the whole evening, use professional grade equipment (not a laptop and 2 cheap speakers) and then make sure the guests are up and dancing! There is also a professional trade organization that serious DJs belong to (The American Disc Jockey Association).

The problem is that too often people spend more time picking out a veggie platter than they spend finding competent entertainment and then they wonder why everyone left so early. Entertaining for a wedding reception requires knowledge and experience.

I have owned a very successful DJ service for 15 years with many referrals from past clients and banquet facilities.
Posted by Gregoree on 2010-01-22:
By the way...I totally sympathize with this bride. It appears she unfortunately came across someone who just doesn't seem to care.
Posted by ScottyB on 2010-02-20:
I have been in the DJ/Entertainment business for over 15 years. I manage a franchise of the largest DJ company in North America. We are a Fortune Top 500 franchise, and I have been the manager of a local franchise of this Fortune 500 DJ company for almost 6 years. In the last 3 years, I have received 6 phone calls on the day of the event, from either a hall manager or a friend of the bride frantically looking for a DJ to come and entertain guests at a reception that evening because the other DJ service did not show up. I'm proud to say that we had a DJ available at everyone of the six occasions and were able to save the day for each bride and groom. I also found from every one of them who they originally had hired and they each said "Solid Gold Sound". It is unprofessional DJ companies like them that give the Professional DJ industry a black eye. If you're a bride, I strongly suggest you stay far away from them so the biggest day of your life doesn't become the biggest nightmare of your life. So I guess I should thank Solid Gold Sound because their loss is our gain! Think about this...the bitterness of poor quality and service lasts longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
I am amazed that people also look for a bargain regarding the video. People refuse to pay a fair price for a difficult and time-consuming (editing) job. I've been insulted over and over after offering a fantastic price to a friend, or a friend of a friend, only to have them say "We were looking to spend about $100 on the video. It's no wonder that so few people stay in the business for very long.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-02-20:
Sheriff, it seems anyone with a PC and some video software thinks they can do a better job than Hollywood these days. If I was in that biz and got offered $100.00 for a job I wouldn't even return the call.
Posted by ozcoreup13 on 2010-07-20:
My husband and I booked our wedding DJ and Videographer with A Solid Gold Sound back in February of 2008.
We gave them a $100 deposit at the time of booking.
We did not hear from anybody at A Solid Gold Sound until 2 weeks prior to the wedding on July 29.
At that time we had gotten a call asking for the payment in full.
We went through VERY few details with this gentleman and he said that a DJ and Videographer would
be in touch with us later on in the week or on Monday August 4th at the latest.
My husband, Mike, gave the gentleman a "Check by Phone" for the remaining amount of $1310.
Monday August 4th came around and somone from A Solid Gold Sound called asking for the payment in full AGAIN,
after the "Check By Phone" had already cleared. I told them we had already paid and they figured out
that we in fact did and that a DJ and Videographer would be getting in touch with us shortly but
did not give a timeframe. August 4th came and went as did August 5th. My husband then contacted
A Solid Gold Sound and spoke with the President, John Kruer. He assured us that somone would be in contact with
us. When my husband, Mike, very calmly asked who the DJ and Videographer were and what their contact
information was he, John, refused to give it to him. Mike then conveyed our
uneasy feeling that they were not going to provide services for our wedding. John began giving Mike a sob story about
the economy and when Mike mentioned things he had read online John became enraged and started swearing.
To make a long story short, the services were Never provided. John told Mike that we would be receiving a full refund for services
not rendered and we are yet to receive the $1410 refund. We had to scramble to find another DJ and
Videographer and scrounge up the $ to pay them without having the $ we saved for because
A Solid Gold sound had not given us our refund yet. We didnt end up receiving our refund for 9 MONTHS after our wedding!!
My husband called John 2-3 times a week leaving messages and occasionally getting him live, sometimes
getting an apologetic man and sometimes getting a wrathful swearing man. We actually have a couple of the calls recorded
from my husband's office. This company should not be in business. It is one gigantic scam.
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The Truth About 'A Solid Gold Sound'
Posted by on 10/31/2009
EDGEWOOD, KENTUCKY -- If you are looking to book a professional DJ or Photographer for your event, I would strongly advise you to not book A Solid Gold Sound. Also if you are a DJ or a photographer looking to sub-contract or do business with A Solid Gold Sound, I again, would strongly advise you to seek work on your own and not do business of any kind with A Solid Gold Sound.
Please allow me to take a few minutes to EXPOSE these scammers for what they truly are:
The company has a great website with a lot of flashy come-on. Don't let this reel you in. They talk about their Professional DJ's and Photographers that are available to serve you for your special events, offering you great discounts if you spend more. (more come-on)
Truth is:
A Solid Gold Sound has no DJ's nor Photographers, nor Vidoeographers nor any such people of their own to serve you. Basicly all they have is an ad and a telephone. This is why you are not contacted until the very last minute by your DJ. They are still trying to locate one for you.
Here's what they do:
They go to bridal shows in large cities and towns and set up their booths with their fancy come-on flashy colorful ads and try to get as many bookings as they can for weddings or any event. Then they try to hire out DJ's and others to go to these events and provide their services. I've even seen their ads on Craigslist.com in search of DJ's. There are several problems with this though. Firstly, they don't interview the people they send out to these events face to face beforehand so they haven't the least idea what they look like who they really are, if they've showered in the past month or anything. I mean these people could be sex offenders for all they know. Yet they're still ready to send them out to do YOUR event. Why should they really care though? They're not planning on paying them anyway. It's just another part of their scam to rip people off. This is why they only have DJ's who suck doing their bidding for them. The real professional DJ's will do a gig or two for them until they get wise and learn they are not going to be paid then they stop working for them.
A Solid Gold Sound could be a great company to work for or to hire for your event if they would simply pay their service people who work for them. It's like running an ice cream shop but you want your vendors to supply free ice cream.
Bottom line is: A couple getting married hires them to Dj their reception event and they're lucky if anyone shows up to do it. If someone does show up they're not professional as promised. They don't have the music you spent hours pondering over and they're not dressed appropriately. They may have never even had any prior experience DJ-ing a wedding reception. I know for a fact they have sent me out to do events and have promised the wireless mics included in their package and I have told them over and over again, I do not have wireless mics, but they say go anyway. This shows they really don't care about your event or what they have promised you in your package. They just want your money and once they get it, it's a whole new ballgame.
End result:
Your wedding day is ruined and your out several hundred dollars and it's too late to do anything about it aside from hauling them into court.(Which by the way, isn't at all a bad idea.)
I've read stories about how people chose A Solid Gold Sound because they were on a budget and Solid Gold Sound was so reasonable. Reasonable?!? You call $495.00 and up for a four hour event reasonable? If so then you'd better do some more shopping around because there are professional DJ's out there who would be glad to do your event for less than $400.00 and many for under $300.00. I, myself only charge $75.00 per hour to do a wedding reception if it isn't too far of a drive. A Soild Gold Sound is like the middle man. They charge you $495.00 and up to do your event and then hire it done for $175.00-$225.00 and this is why people are so surprised at the bad service they're getting for their money. Some don't get DJ's at all because the guy decided since he didn't get paid for prior events that he's gonna screw A Solid Gold Sound by not showing up for your event and it is Y. O.U. the consumer who ends up getting hurt and ripped off. Then when they try calling A Solid Gold Sound to get their money back they get placed on hold or told, so and so's out to lunch or taking other calls or call back tomorrow or let me check on that and get back with you and so on. I'm really in awe at how they stay in business but I guess there is always some young kid out there just getting started DJ-ing who doesn't know about them and needs the work and is willing to take a chance to make a buck or two. Well let me tell you now, forget it! Don't sub-contract with A Solid Gold Sound because they will not pay you! They'll give you every excuse in the book when you call them but you won't get paid. If you do get paid, you will have to take them into small claims court like I am doing now. Consumers if you want to get your money back from this company, I urge you also don't call and send them emails and waste more of your valuable your time. File a complaint against them in small claims court. You do not need to retain a lawyer for this. You simply need your documentation and a filing fee which varies from county to county. They will have to pay this back also when you Win your case.
Better Business Bureau of Cincinnati says this company is out of busineess. I don't know where they're getting their information but A Solid Gold Sound is not out of business. Their website is still up and they are more than happy to take your booking and rip you off. They are scamming people daily out of hundreds at a time and no one seems to wanna do anything about it. Don't waste your time with A Solid Gold Sound folks. Trust me, they are not worth the stress and headache they'll cause you, even if their service was free.
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History and the Same Old, Same Old
Posted by RealDJ on 10/08/2011
I wanted to shed a little light on this company....and I use the term VERY lightly. I worked for them as a DJ MANY years ago in a large city. I saw an ad for DJs in a local Job magazine, so I gave them a call. At that time, they actually did have an office and I went in for an interview. All went well and I was hired on as a weekly DJ. After a short time, the Operations Manager quit, and they asked me to step up.
Here was the normal set-up:
Each major city would have one actual office with phone numbers in every area code in the area all being transferred to the one office. This made the company look local no matter where the callers were coming from. Tje if a client wanted to meet in person, they could make an appoinment to go to the main office in that city.

When I started, they were charging $395 for a 4 hour wedding and $495 for a basic video taping. The concept was solid, but with that low of a rate, we could only pay $100 to $150 per event to the DJ and maybe $200 to the videographer. The only way to get people to work for this was to hire people with no experience and train them. There used to be good people working for the company back then, and we did about 1000 events a year. I had trained several guys and they would do a great job and were very loyal to me. That was until John Kruer would take money out of our checking account for his "Consultation Fees" and their checks would bounce. Here is where the problems were. John Kruer was a con artist. He insisted on having aceess to any bank accounts because he was the Founder of the company and acted like the Franchisor.
This is how his scam worked:
He would get young DJ who wants to work the DJ job Full-Time, and cash in on their eagerness to succeed. He would tell them they need to open an office and be the General Manager, and it would be their business. They would take out leases on offices in their names, open credit card processing and checking accounts, set up all the phone numbers in their own names and take all the risk. Then he would take money directly out of their bank accounts to get paid his commission. We had to buy all the marketing materials and forms from him and his in-house printing company, at inflated prices, and he would just sit back and collect the money. He didn't care about the business running, he would just take out whatever he wanted until the accounts were dry. He would bankrupt his General Manager once a year and move on to someone else.
When I came to my senses, I shut down my office. I took care of all the old clients, but new clients we transferred to one of his other offices.
I am still paying off some of those debt 15 years later.

John Kruer doesn't actually own A Solid Gold Sound, his wife does. He can no longer own a business in the US because of a fraud conviction in Florida about 20 years ago. He lives in Covington, Kentucky. At one point he had a lecturing business where people would pay him to talk about how to grow a successful business. The name of the main company was Syncorp. That's what the checks to me always said.

The history of this company is long, and I am sure John Tried to sell the company to someone else in the past 15 years, but make no mistake, he is at the center of all the major problems. The guys who do the real work and take phone calls were being screwed. They can't pay their personal bills because of John sucking them dry, and so there is no money to pay anyone else. That is why no one returns phone calls or emails. They weren't getting paid and they were dealing with all the problems. John was the only one getting paid. When they finally get out, John will get someone else. I learned my lesson too late, and so did many others. It's sad really, Couples are getting ripped off and DJs are getting screwed too. All because of one man ....JOHN KRUER.

I am sorry for anyone who was taken by A Solid Gold Sound, and John. He will get what is coming to him one day and he will suffer in the afterlife.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-08:
First of all, the OP is in violation of the terms and services of this site by posting full names. Secondly, no one put a gun to the OP's head and made him sign the contracts, lease the office spaces, open bank accounts...and more importantly, SHARE the account information. Although the boss sounds like a low-life scam artist, the OP also made VERY (and I use that term lightly) poor business decisions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-08:
Interesting review! Very helpful!
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-08:
Job scams such as this pop up like mutating viruses when the economy is bad, like it is now. Desperate job seekers, sadly, tend to fall into these traps.
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Out of Business
Posted by Out of Business on 06/14/2010
Wellm my nightmare started 46 days before my wedding date. I was contacted by a lady, whose husband was an ex employee of Solid Gold. She stated that Solid Gold had gone out of business and that her husband and herself had started a new company and would be handling my event. Their records showed that I had a balance of $375.00. When I told her that I was paid in full and that I had copies of the checks, she said that they had stolen my money.

They say that they are going to show up to my wedding but refuse to give me a contract because I'm not paying them anything and neither is Solid Gold. So for now I'm trusting them to show up and hoping to hear from them soon, I have 25 days to go. I am making other arrangements just in case.
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Posted by idontthinkso on 2010-06-14:
You really need to contact the Attorney General's office on this. You are entering into a verbal contract and giving yourself stress that won't end. If the business has closed their doors, they are required to fulfill or refund standing contracts. Plenty of people cut and run when they decide to go out of business, but the law isn't like that. You may not be able to force the original company to refund your money, but you need to document the attempt for legal reasons.

The missing $375 is being called stolen. Have the police been contacted?

IMHO, if you have the extra $375, pay it in exchange for a contract. You don't need to be worrying if someone will show up and essentially work for free. Make sure that the new contract acknowledges that you replaced a stolen payment and require it to be returned to you if the authorities obtain the funds.

Remembering my own wedding, I'd write it off as a loss and be free of the drama.
Posted by goduke on 2010-06-14:
The guy is right. If he's not acting on behalf of Solid Gold, and is not getting paid by you, they he's essentially doing it out of the goodness of his heart. At that point, even if you had a piece of paper, it wouldn't be a contract. It would only be a promise, as you are not giving anything of value (it's called consideration legally) to the person performing the services.

That being said, I'd be really nervous about it. Expecting someone to show up for free out of the goodness of his heart on a very special occasion is, well, a roll of the dice. You may just want to make other arrangements for music, and tell the guy you appreciate him, but you've gone a different direction.
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If you didnt get a video from solid gold sound I may have your tapes!
Posted by Ihavetapes4someweddings on 06/09/2010
I worked for the very bad company A Solid Gold Sound/Sensory Sound. They owe me about $750 for video editing work I did for them. I have a few weddings that I never edited because they could not provide me with the bride/grooms information to contact them to get their address. I have first/last names only. I only have 3 weddings and would list the names on here if I could but I don't know if I can do that. email me at
and I will let you know what names I have. unfortunately I cannot even tell you what state they are from as I have no idea. I can view the tapes and find out the names of the churches, but that would be about it.
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Posted by goduke on 2010-06-09:
Hopefully you'll be able to connect some folks to their memories. Thanks for reaching out. These Solid Gold folks sound like really classy people....
Posted by Ihavetapes4someweddings on 2010-06-12:
The dates of the weddings that i have are
june 2, 2009
July 25, 2009
aug 1, 2009
if you were married on one of these dates and your wedding was filmed by solid gold sound/sensory sound. please contact me. I am not a scammer as "bargod" states. I helped many customers of this bad company get their weddings-AND IM NOT ASKING FOR MONEY-I JUST WANT TO GIVE THESE PEOPLE WHAT THEY ALREADY PAID FOR- if you or someone you know was married on one of those 3 dates, let me know - and ignore the ignorant people like bargod who apparently cant believe that there are honest people in the world. These wedding tapes have been sitting in my basement for over 6 months - either i throw them away or i try to find out who they belong to...
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We waited over 7 months for our wedding video!
Posted by Beth33 on 06/09/2010
Our wedding took place September 2,2006.The DJ was very professional, as was the videographer. The only problem I had with the company was the fact that we had to wait over 7 months to receive our wedding video! I kept leaving messages with the company and never got a response. Finally, I threatened to contact a local news channel's investigative reporter if I did not receive the video. Another month passed and I contacted the person from our local news channel. He must have contacted A Solid Gold Sound because a few days later our videos arrived in the mail. But there was never any apology or refund of money. I would not recommend this company for any special events.
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Posted by goduke on 2010-06-09:
Aren't they out of business now?
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Fraudulent DL service
Posted by Renfount on 05/15/2010
I hired this DJ company for my destination wedding for 5/2/10, both for the wedding ceremony (on the beach so I needed music and a wireless mic) and the reception. I did everything they asked and paid $600 in advance. Then the DJ never showed up! Minutes before my wedding me, the bride, is frantically calling. You can imagine how that felt. No one from this company answered or contacted me the next day even after a million calls, and I called them every single day for 10 days, sometimes calling 5 times a day, and each time if I actually got someone they told me I had to talk to some guy Ryan who apparently was never there and never returned any of my many messages. No sorry, no nothing. I am now disputing the charges with my credit card company. I could not believe their disregard for what they did to me on my wedding. Sometimes mistakes happen, but ignoring me and avoiding me is unethical business practice and evidence they do not stand behind any part of the fake guarantee. I did considerable research on this company nationwide (after the fact unfortunately) and found that this company has an F rating with the BBB (the worst). In fact, according to the BBB, A Sensory Sound reported it was out of business, and has a sister company Solid Gold Sound, which has tons of complaints. On top of that, I found that the guy that sold me the package (Jessie) goes on all of these websites and writes fake good testimonials, so how can you trust any testimonial? All of his fake comments were listed on his yahoo account I corresponded on him with, and that is how I tracked each of these locations. If they were that good they would not need to have their own employees write fake comments across cities nationwide. By the way, the supposed good comments are all the same on each of these sites. It is not worth the attractive discounts to take even a slight chance with your wedding; pick someone local with a proven reputation and do your research! I have taken time to go to any site I can find on this company with my story so this does not happen to other couples on the biggest day of their lives. Do not make the same mistake I did!
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Don't Hire A Solid Gold Sound Dj Service
Posted by JaimeRubeck on 11/23/2009

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Posted by goduke on 2009-11-23:

we sure do hear a lot of bad stuff about this outfit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-11-23:
People should just stop getting married
Posted by goduke on 2009-11-23:
It's probably because they are trying to dance. Dancing is evil, you know.
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Wedding Nightmare Thanks To A Solid Gold Sound!
Posted by AMANDA.OHIO on 11/18/2009
I hired A Solid Gold Sound to DJ and video my wedding, I prepaid 1500.00 In 2-2009 my wedding was on 8-22-09. My DJ was supposed to meet us the Wednesday before to see where he would be set up and get the details of what was going to happen on wedding day...Well long story short DJ got to reception site early and left early after throwing a temper tantrum. He didn't want to get up where he was supposed to and he didn't want to set up and tear down in between wedding and reception..(Which I paid extra for this). I had to call him and remind him everything was clearly outlined with a solid gold sound and I had even had to pay extra for the things he was complaining about. The DJ informed me the company didn't compensate him for this..I let it go I thought he was just throwing a fit ...I tried to call the company well before 6pm to let them know I wanted a new DJ I waited on hold no one ever came back to the line...Out of desperation I remembered that the company had online chat I tried that and no one would answer...I was stuck with this DJ...So the next day is the wedding I'm getting ready and I get a phone call saying my DJ had arrived on his motorcycle no equipment in tow and he had on a cotton lounge/ sweat suit looking thing his hair all a mess from the motorcycle ride... He was asked where his equipment was he told us his "friend" was bringing it, he was also asked if he had brought a change of clothes with him since he was supposed to be in a tux or at least a suit and tie...His response was he was too large of a man for a tux or a suit!!! So my DJ sat in front of all of my well dressed guests in a sweat suit and hair sticking up all over! Wedding ends reception starts DJ's friend is still around we had to ask DJ if the friend could leave he wasn't on the menu list DJ said he needed the help.... I added the friend to the menu and drink list at an extra cost of about 40.00 The DJ introduced most of the bridal party in the wrong order... He didn't play the songs I requested he instead played Michael Jackson songs and other pop/rap songs of his choice instead of what I had chosen.... He was far from outgoing and energetic he just sat behind his table and my photographer and my friends had to go get his attention when he decided to screw up...

Now my videographer was very well dressed acted professionally very respectful but here it is 11-18-09 and I still don't have my wedding video, [snip] was given a bad check in October and a solid gold sound has yet to pay him for my video...All the wile I have been being told by a solid gold sound that my video is in editing..I have been calling or e-mailing everyday since I got home from my honeymoon 9-1-09 and I have no refund no video nothing but lies.....Please don't find your self in my shoes... Just pay a few extra dollars hire someone local you will thank yourself in the end...A Solid Gold Sound has turned the most wonderful day of my life into a never ending nightmare!!!

toledo, oh
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Posted by Slimjim on 2009-11-18:
Is this a local company or are they national? An address of where you set up the deal with them may help if your issues stem solely from bad management at a particular location.
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My horrible experience with "A Solid Gold Sound DJ service"
Posted by Gloria Dunn on 10/04/2009
WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- Where to start with this company. First off, I booked this company out of desperation since they seemed to be big and all over the place. Our wedding budget was pretty tight for us and I found their prices to be low. I knew that the way this DJ service worked was quite different with the way they run their business, but I took the risk because we couldn't afford anyone else at the time. They were quite easy to work with when we first booked with A Solid Gold Sound. We even had a better incentive, if we paid in full we would receive another discount off our service. We would be having our DJ for our wedding ceremony and reception. We were given our instructions of when to turn in our music list and to whom one month before the wedding. After spending a year planning for my special day, I wasn't going to leave out any details. I was up to date on everything concerning this day and had all of my details worked out to make it easier for my vendors. I received so many compliments on how hard I worked to plan my wedding with barely any help at all. I sent in my music list and details of my ceremony one month before. The company contacted me a week later to confirm that it was received. Everything was falling into place. I will admit that the office for the DJ service was very nice and easy to work with at first. I was told that my DJ would be assigned and contact me 7-10 days before my wedding to go over all the details I sent in. My wedding was on a Friday so when it was the week before I was hanging close to my phone anticipating that my DJ would call, but he didn't. I figured maybe they were busy with events and thought that I would be contacted some time during the weekend. Still no call. So I called the company on Monday to let them know my DJ had not contacted me and they gave me his name but reassured me they would let him know to call me. Then Tuesay morning I called again and said that I needed him to contact me tonight...its only 3 days before my wedding! I was very frustrated by then and starting to not believe that they were trying to contact my DJ. I let them know that if he didn't call that night that I would go with someone else. But 3 days before with so much to do, it would be pretty hard to find someone. My fiance called them on Wednesday and was not very happy about this situation and demanded a call by 11AM or we would cancel the service. The DJ contacted my fiance and said that he doesn't have a phone to be reached, he could only use a pay phone. He would try to contact me that night or Thursday (the day before my wedding). I had driven for 10hrs to pick up one of my siblings to stay the week and I was so tired of all this mess. During this I had another DJ from the company call me and said he heard my original DJ had not contacted me. I was relieved that this one was attempting to fix things. He said that he could definitely be at my wedding if I needed him and to call him that evening when I made my decision. I was done with the other guy and called to tell the company that I would like to go with this new DJ since he was willing to call me. They told me I couldn't go with this DJ because he would not be available and they made a contract with the other DJ to be sent to my event. That's where I lost it...2 days before the happiest day of my life and I couldn't have the DJ who would respond to my needs, or one at all for that matter. I didn't know what to think. It was as if this second DJ (who only worked with this company once in awhile) knew that this guy may not show up or something, and he spent 2 hours on the phone with me sketching out a quick version of what I had planned for music. It still wouldn't have been right since he didn't have all of my music I picked. Then I thought...what's up with that? These guys may not be able to provide all the music I would like to have AND only leaving 2 days to figure it out? I cried ALL night, I was so confused. I couldn't believe that calling the company 8 times in 2 days and requesting they fix this matter wasn't enough? You can't plan for disasters like this. What do you do? My fiance told me that he was going to make sure the DJ would call me, like he claimed, by 11AM the next day "and he WILL play what you picked." The DJ did end up contacting me the day before my wedding day and went through my list. At first I felt I had to remind him that he was also in charge of my ceremony music and he said he had all of the information for my wedding. On my wedding day he was ther, surprisingly on time, and from what I could notice had played everything I picked. He didn't interact with the crowd or have a "fun personality" like I had requested months before from A Solid Gold Sound. But after all the stress from that week, I was grateful to at least have music. He messed up only during dinner hour and was moving the reception quicker than he should have. The banquet manager got upset because she couldn't get everyone to their seat due to the dancing music was playing too early. Then, he decided to choose what ever music for the cake cutting and garter toss. Which, by the way, we had to get his attention and tell him to announce. Seeing as it was the happiest day of my life...nothing was bothering me that day. Everything else went pretty sweet...well...it didn't matter. I was happy to be marrying the love of my life. But looking back I would NEVER recommend A Solid Gold Sound to ANYONE!!!! No bride wants to spend the 2 days before her wedding crying because one person didn't do what they were supposed to...last minute...its REALLY scary. You will get what you pay for (practically nothing, definitely nothing great) with A Solid Gold Sound. The office people were not helpful AT ALL! My bridesmaid was ready to jump through the phone and...well...you get the point. DO NOT HIRE A SOLID GOLD SOUND!!! Pay the extra money, you'll be happier!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2009-10-04:
Congratulations on your marriage. We were on a really tight budget when we planned our wedding, too. So, I went with a local DJ who we had never heard of. Fortunately, it all worked out. The only thing he messed up was that when we made our grand entrance at the reception, he called us Mr & Mrs (My maiden name). It's a funny story to tell now, but at the time I was ready to deck him.
Posted by Diabolical on 2009-10-05:
Congrats. Your attitude definitely lends you some credibility. It's wonderful that you had a great time and enjoyed yourself anywhere, and didn't let it 'ruin your wedding' like so many other reviews love to cry.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-10-05:
Congrats on your marriage. I'm glad that things eventually worked out for you. There are lots of complaints on this site with regards to Solid Gold Sound...some didn't even show up to the wedding. Thanks for the info and the post.
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