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Never a Change Fee
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I was needing to change my flight to an early flight. I went online and they advertised no change fee. I of course was thinking that is awesome, right? Wrong. I called to change it a day earlier to make it to a funeral on time. The lady, which I didn't write a name down, said that it would be $200.00.

I asked about that change fee and she said they couldn't do it. I am a veteran, so I asked about some sort of discount or to help me out in any little way. She again said no, only if I was current (which I understand and don't at the same time). Or if I was 65 or older. That's kind of messed up in my opinion. Whatever. I asked one more time, "Please is there anything else you can do?" And she said no.

I wasn't put on hold for her to find out or anything. I was trying to change it to a Tuesday, which is typically the cheapest day to fly anyway. I have American Airlines in the past help me out once. It wasn't for the same situation, even though I think this situation was worse.

You spend more for Southwest to get the same or worst service. I personally haven't had a bad experience with American, but this is the second time, (the first being coming) I've had with SW. Coming up I didn't even get snacks or a drink on one of my flights. It was only an hour flight but, by the time they got to us, the back 3 rows were told we couldn't get any because they had to get the trash from everyone else. The last row to get a drink were told to chug them so they could take the cup right back. Very unpleasant experience and I'll stick with American. I only fly roughly 5 times an year, but that's still over $2,000 a year.

Delays, Diversions, Cancellations
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Rating: 1/51

I am a weekly air traveler mostly using Southwest Airlines. The tickets are average price, there are frequent scheduled flights and NO First Class seat which I like. But beware this airline has many delays, diversions and cancellations. Over 37% of its scheduled flights are not on time.

I once had a 13-hr delay flying from New York to Atlanta with my two daughters. My wife's plane was once diverted to land in Baltimore which resulted in 6-hr delay. Once I woke up at 6am to catch my flight only to see an email from Southwest that my flight was cancelled that morning. Incredible. I compared Southwest's stats to other airlines. Southwest is and will always be a mediocre airline. You know what they say. You get your money's worth.

Luggage Left in Rain for 7 Hours
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- My daughter and I were traveling with my 2 grandchildren from Las Vegas to Chicago. Our flight was scheduled to leave at 12:50pm on Saturday, April 9, 2016. We checked in at the airport at approx. 10:30am and we're told there was a delay. From that point on the delays were approx. every hour until we finally took off at approx. 6:30pm. We were told that the delays were because of weather (excessive rain and flood warnings) and that we had to wait for our plane to be able to arrive from Arizona and that depended on the weather. We certainly understood being delayed because of the weather. However that is not my complaint.

My issue is the absolute disrespect that Southwest Airlines displayed for not only my personal property but for the personal property of everyone on our flight as well as others. When we got to our gate at approx. noon the uncovered carts with our luggage were already outside on the tarmac waiting to be loaded on our plane that was delayed and still sitting in Arizona because of rain and weather conditions. Please understand that it was just starting to lightly rain around that time.

Myself as well as others began to ask the Southwest desk employees about getting our luggage covered. We were told there was nothing they could do about it. As it began to rain harder and harder all we could do is watch our luggage and personal belongings get pounded by rain. People were complaining everywhere. At approx. 3:30pm, I called Southwest customer service to try to get help and was also told there was nothing they could do. They suggested I ask for a Supervisor.

I did and not only did it take nearly an hour for her to show up but people were lining up to get to her until finally she was trying to explain to us there was nothing she could do because they did not have tarps or room to move them inside or maybe the workers couldn't go outside because of possible lightning. Seriously? There was no lightning and with the exception of times when it was raining hard there were not only lots of workers outside, they passed our luggage carts over and over.

Finally after about 5 hours in the rain they slightly covered the top of the luggage which was still exposed for several more hours of rain. When we arrived in Chicago our luggage and belongings were absolutely soaked including 3 hard shell suitcases, 3 duffle bags and a car seat. It took my daughter nearly an hour to dry the car seat with a blow dryer before we could cover it with plastic for my 3-year-old grandson to make our 2-hour drive home to MI.

Everything in our luggage had to be washed, I had paperwork that was destroyed, a leather purse water stained and I'm still not sure if we have discovered all the damage. All of this could and should have been prevented. SW knew we were delayed because of impending heavy rain and flood warnings yet they deliberately placed our luggage and personal belongings outside uncovered and left them there for 7 hours. The lack of respect that SW displayed for their customers is appalling.

Watch Out - SW Takes Unexpired Travel Funds!
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I used $11 of travel funds plus paid an additional $134 for a flight to Los Angeles in September 2015. Unfortunately, the flight had to be canceled but I knew that I would be rebooking another before year-end. So, the $11 of travel funds expired in early November 2015, of which is reasonable considering they were over a year old. Last night, I tried to book a flight with the $134 of travel funds believed to be available. Apparently, Southwest changed the character of the money I paid just two month prior, hooked that amount to my expired travel funds and took it all!

I have flown two college-aged children home on a regular basis over the last seven-plus years as well as my husband and I flown for both business and pleasure are now shocked at Southwest's confiscation of my money. Their loss will be worth much more than the $134 they think they have gained!

Horriblle, Racist, Gender Bias Treatment. Then It Was Turned Around It Became My Fault!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I filed a complaint for that flight for racial and gender discrimination. I was very angry. What made matter worse was that Southwest tried to apologize multiple times - first from the racist flight attendant, then from the Customer Advocacy (note the words - customer advocacy), it was everything but.

A woman named Courtney ** emailed me, apologizing again for the delay in response (they are suppose to respond within 30 days. It's been almost 60 days now, but then, it is Southwest, what I am suppose to expect?) I called Courtney because I was curious about the statements of the alleged witnesses on the plane that differ from my complaint. I have witnesses of my own too, and I want to get to the bottom of it.

Anyway, this Courtney ** said she cannot discuss their witnesses' comments because it is internal. She said something about I have my version, and their staff and their "witnesses" have their version. Courtney alleged that the truth is probably between what I said and what they said. THIS IS COMING FROM THE CUSTOMER ADVOCACY SPECIALIST. They twisted it so bad, now it is my fault, now I'm the unruly passenger.

Southwest staff are obviously not used to getting confronted by the truth by an Asian woman. I wonder what their version will be when they hear from my lawyer. IF YOU ARE ASIAN, OR A WOMAN, OR ANYBODY WHO HAS SELF-RESPECT, STAY AWAY FROM SOUTHWEST AIRLINES. I'd rather walk than fly Southwest. I hope all those conniving, lying staff, get the karma they deserve.

Travel Certificate Bogus Compensation
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Rating: 1/51

My family and I travelled last spring from Akron to Tampa on Airtran/Southwest Airlines. When we arrived at the airport the flight was delayed due to mechanical failure for 2 hours. Original posted delay turned into multiple delays, promised another plane which didn't show when expected. 8 hours later we were still waiting. Our patience as well as the entire waiting crowd was gone. The Airtran/Southwest staff at the gate were authorized to reimburse passengers with certificate travel for the inconvenience. Ok great, (we thought).

I have tried to use our certificates in several different ways. Here they are: 1) We had already purchased tickets for a trip later in the summer (same airline), asked if we could cancel those and use the certificates, NO. 2) Asked if we could use the certificates for additional family members to travel with us, NO. 3) Tried to book a flight for another trip, sorry certificate seats sold out. 4) Tried to book again on a different date, NO because that put us past the travel dates on the certificate. 5) Last try today and told that the certificates are expired and no longer valid.

REALLY?? What does a person have to do to use certificate travel? Travel to destinations nobody wants to go on dates no one wants to travel? If certificate travel is given as a gesture of good will for inconveniences endured due to airline failure shouldn't the recipient be able to use at THEIR convenience not the airlines? We are a family of 7 who will no longer be traveling Airtran (acquired by Southwest) or what is now Southwest Airlines. They gave only to take it back. Shame on you!

Southwest Crew Calms Passengers on Delayed Flights
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When my wife booked our trip to Disney World, we decided to fly Southwest, since I had a rewards ticket and a gift card. I actually prefer to fly Southwest because I know that if a problem comes up, it's fairly simple to fix. Our flight from PHL to MCO was scheduled to depart shortly after 6 PM on Tuesday, June 28th. We boarded (and were lucky enough to sit in an exit row) and the plane moved towards the runway. While on the runway, there was an announcement that there was a delay and they would update us with more information. We found out that there must have been a change in the wind, so we had to change runways (along with every other plane).

It was about a 75-90 minute delay that we endured on the runway. Eventually we got up in the air. When they came around to take drink orders, my wife, and a few other people, ordered an adult beverage. I had a Southwest coupon for a free drink, but they said that since there was a delay, they wouldn't be charging anyone for drinks. I felt that this was a very nice gesture that the crew did, even though the issue was something that Southwest could not control. On our return flight, we were scheduled to leave from MCO to PHL on Monday, July 4th at 3 PM.

We got to the Southwest kiosk to check our bags just before 1 PM. The lady there said that our flight has been delayed by 3 hours (for a reason that she was unaware of). She notified us that each of us will be receiving a $100 Southwest Airlines voucher for our troubles. We were told that there was an earlier flight that she could put us on standby for, which would get us in 90 minutes sooner, but went through Providence, R.I., then changed planes. I decided to stick to the original flight. We went through security and relaxed for a while before our flight was ready to board.

I noticed that they announced several times that if someone didn't receive their $100 voucher, please do so. They also did it one more time once we got in the plane, just to make sure that everyone was aware of it and received them. They also notified us that the reason there was a delay was because of a mechanical issue on a plane, so we would be using a different plane that we were waiting to arrive from Houston. We did eventually board and backed away from the gate. We stopped. The weather was creating an issue for people traveling into the DC/PHL/NY area. About 45-60 minutes later, we eventually were given the clearance to head out.

While we were waiting, the crew played music and did what they could to make the situation a little bit better. Again, while in the air, they did not charge for drinks due to the delays. The delay, while an annoyance, gave everyone on the plane a great view of several different firework shows as we were approaching Philadelphia. The overall experience was pleasant on both plane rides. I don't know when my next trip will be, but most likely it will be with Southwest Airlines. I also plan, at some point, to write a review on a few of the places we went to on our trip.

Poor Customer Care
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FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- My family and I flew from Austin, TX to Miami to go on a cruise. We booked 4 round-trip flights using the Rapid Rewards from the SWAir Visa card purchases. Unfortunately we had to fly back Sunday because there were no Saturday seats available. Upon arriving in Miami, we went to pick up our luggage and Lo and Behold only 4 of the 5 bags show up. We were certainly off to a bad start, but around 2:00 AM SWAir found our suitcase, still on the ground in Austin. So they ship it to us. Inconvenient, but not a huge deal. Decent but not outstanding service so far.

However, on our flight back, we were booked for a Sunday red eye flight even though the ship returned Saturday morning. My wife calls numerous times to try to book a Saturday flight since with Rapid Rewards you can rebook anytime. This would get us home a day earlier. She is finally told that there are 2 seats available to Austin, and 2 seats to San Antonio. Yuck...but hey, what can you do? We decide to split the family across these two flights so we can get home a day early even though it is extremely inconvenient. I would fly with my son to Austin, pick up the car, then drive 85 miles to San Antonio and pick up my wife and daughter.

We tell the ticket agent to make it happen. She cancels my son and I and books us to Austin. She then goes to cancel my wife and daughter and says "oops, the San Antonio flights are no longer available". We tell her to rebook us back to the Sunday flights then. She informs us that the Sunday seats are no longer available. I am getting pretty angry and upset by this time and ask her what she suggests we do about this. I was not going to leave my Wife and Daughter alone in Ft Lauderdale because SWAir can't get their act together.

She then tells us that she can book my wife and daughter on the same flight my son and I are on, but that they can't use the Rapid Rewards tickets because she did not have any Rapid Reward seats available!! Seats are available, but not for "our kind"? So we have to pay $670 to fly together because the ticket agent was too dumb to grab all 4 reservations when we told her to. I am thinking at this point that I am going to take this up with SWA afterwards, they are bound to see my point of view and make this good. When we complain, however, they only offer to refund us $300 in credit towards a future flight in the next 12 months.

SWAir treated us like they were giving us free flights. However, we earned those tickets by participating in a program they earn profit from. I fly SWAir a LOT (or at least I did until now), and I am going to raise a stink in every forum I can find. They can and apparently did rip me off of $670, but I will make sure my story gets told just in case anyone still thinks SWAir is an honest, reputable, service-oriented company.

Perhaps my story will cost them $600 in business. I hope it costs them many multiples. I am going to return my business to Discover and get my 3% back. SWAir has just offended another frequent flier. I was once a fan and stockholder (albeit very minor) of SWAir...but absolutely never again.

Beware - You Get What You Pay For.
By -

First of all, the flight was delayed because of some type of mechanical failure on the plane, when we get the word that it's safe to fly because the defective part is not that serious (which is what the pilot tells us in his welcome aboard speech right before he takes off) we fly to Orlando for a transfer to Ft Lauderdale. Once in Ft Lauderdale we realize all the bags on the conveyor has been claimed so we go to baggage claim. They tell us our luggage did not make the transfer, but they know that we are in Florida because we are leaving for a cruise set to sail at 5 pm. They promise they will have the bags to us by 3 pm as soon as the next flight from Orlando comes in.

We are like "are you sure?" They say "We promise - the ship dock is right down the road from us less than 5 minutes, the bags will be there." We could see Carnivals red white and blue whale fin so we think they might be telling the truth. Well around three we start calling, first call Southwest says the plane just got here and the crew on board tells us your bags are on board they will be right there, second call 3:30 Southwest says the bags have left they should be on board.

Now it's 8 of us my wife and I, her sister & husband, my in-laws, & my sister-in-laws, so between the 8 of us we called them probably 2 or 3 more times and they continue telling us our bags are on the ship until the last call which we had to call from the ship's phone at customer service because we no longer had cell phone service this time. They say the bags are in Ft Lauderdale. They thought they had sent them to the ship. They tell us they will refund what money we spend on clothes, toothbrushes, & etc. OK we can get toothbrushes and things like that but we are going to be at sea for the first 3 days we want our clothes.

We already bought clothes for this trip, so after talking to every supervisor at the company they fly our bags to our first port of call Puerto Rico. We finally get our bags after three days, all of our jewelry, watches, evening gowns, dress shoes, cologne, used deodorant, camera, bathing suits, sneakers, even used underwear gone. Probably stolen in Puerto Rico or could even in the states but that doesn't matter - still mad, and they say they are not responsible. My advice - carry on anything you don't want lost or stolen.

I was trying to be easy to get along with, trying not to extend the naked body scans and searches they perform by checking everything. Sorry for typing so much but just needed to vent, cause Southwest doesn't care, some we talk to act like they find it to be funny. At least we made it back safely, I am thankful for that.

Their money...their pocket
By -

When I checked in July 09 to make sure my money/credits would still be available to me until Dec. 09. In July 09 I was assured by Southwest representative that it was... along with a voucher for 429.50. I called September 09 and guess what? I'm informed that my OWN money of 76.00 is gone. The "Supervisor" just kept telling me they were sorry about the representative error but that they could do NOTHING and stated the following:

"If you have $1 from an old reservation and add $300 to book a new ticket, the entire $301 expires on the old reservation date." They claimed that other airlines have the same policy which I verified was not true. They also claimed that this policy is clearly on the purchasing screen which is not true. They also claimed that the expiration date is on the top of the confirmation which is not on the fax copy I received. They have obviously changed their policy to get every dollar out of the Customer whether they have earned it or not. Be careful since there is a new Southwest Airlines and they have a #1 focus on revenue NOT customer service!

And all they would do is keep repeating how sorry they were. On top of this I had a 51.00 and 30.00 due for 81.00... 5.00 was deducted with my OK for 5.00 security fee on subsequent prepaid trip.. leaving the 76.00 I had planned to use with the voucher that expires Dec,09. Now that I'm told that 76.00 is gone.. I'm told if I had at least 50.00 in one transaction/one way (the other was 30 on return part of trip) that for a fee of 50.00 I could get MY money back. For example I had 51.00 (but since they took the 5.00 security fee from this convenient) only would have 46.00 so not eligible.

But if I had 51.00 they'd deduct 50.00 for the "processing fee" and return 1.00 to me. I had to have them repeat this as I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My 76.00 paid on same credit card I've been paying on many flights with them over the years they couldn't/wouldn't return but would credit... then due to their error... they keep, tell me repeatedly they are so sorry but can do nothing.. yet if I had 50.00 or more they can with a 50.00 fee! So now, instead of recommending them to so many on principle, I will actively encourage others to use other airlines and will let many know of how unprofessionally I was treated and how greedy this airline is over 76.00.

I have no doubt that they will lose quite a bit of revenue when this is shared. So Southwest are you happy now?
P.S. I happen to be a cancer patient when needing to fly in/out national medical center am eligible for free angel fights but try to pay my own way on limited income while I can. They didn't care.

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