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Disgusting Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ONTARIO, ARKANSAS -- Item I bought was very badly made but this wasn't apparent until it was worn a few days after receipt. Company refused to accept merchandise as faulty stating that they have a 48 hr notice period. I am astounded they are allowed to trade if they refuse to take responsibility for their merchandise.

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Horrible Company
Posted by on
WALNUT, CALIFORNIA -- I have never been so disappointed in a company as much as I am with Spicy Lingerie. I put an order in early morning May 29, 2009 and requested 2-3 shipping. They have yet to even ship out my order. And every time I send an email to the company to try to get some answers I get the same email from them, which is a copy and paste thing that you get off their website. They say they are devoted to their customers and what them to be happy, well I am one pissed off customer and they haven't even tried to help or resolve any issues. I really was looking forward to the item I bought but now I'm just mad that they ruined my special day with that special someone. I warn any of you future buyers to look else where, because this company is in no hurry to get you what you want.
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Anonymous on 06/08/2009:
Spicy Lingerie has been getting poor reviews around here for some time now. You're not alone. How they stay in business is anyone's guess. They must just do well with first time customers as I doubt they have much return business.
Soaring Consumer on 06/08/2009:
Dispute the charges with your credit card company.
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Do not buy from www.spicylingerie.com
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a halloween costume from spicy lingerie to be used for several halloween parties. I did not receive my costume on time for the parties and I even wrote the company to let me know the dates of my party and that I would pay for overnight shipping. I ended up borrowing the same costume from a friend. Once I received my costume (on late halloween day which was a Monday and the parties were over) in the mail I figured I would use it next year or resell the costume. I put the costume on and it was too big. The size I ordered was the same size as the costume I borrowed from a friend. I checked for the size in the costume and noticed all the tags had been cut out. I contacted spicy lingerie back and received no response so I followed their exchange policy. I sent my costume out for exchange on November 1, 2005 and almost two months later I have not received the exchanged costume. I have contacted this company many times through email, fax and phone with nothing but automatic responses. I even contacted yahoo but nothing has been done. Please beware of this company they will rip you off and will not contact you. This is the worst experience I have had with online shopping.
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Anonymous on 12/21/2005:
Hope things work out for you Lisa. There is a docjee and pirate on here that "dabble" in lingerie/costumes. Maybe they could assist you on your next purchase.
Anonymous on 12/21/2005:
No, no costume for me, zork, but I heard you went to the halloween party as a chicken wing? Thanks for your review, Lisa, got any pics?
Anonymous on 12/21/2005:
Don't do it Lisa!!!!
Dr. Jeecheroo on 12/21/2005:
This lingerie store sells costumes, and lingerie is sexy. Therefore, they must sell sexy costumes!
Slimjim on 12/22/2005:
More specific doc, it sounds like they sell "returned" sexy costumes.
Sparticus on 12/22/2005:
Unfortunately I think this is very common. I've seen many folks return costumes after a party (or at least try to). Happens with clothes from department stores, and anywhere else folks can get away with it. You just have no way of knowing in advance when you buy online.
jwin1928 on 11/03/2006:
Well...I placed an order on spicylingerie.com and paid 25$ express shipping. They waited four days to charge me, after I asked for the order to be cancelled because it did not get to me in time. I have emailed and called. Conveniently, they have auto replies to emails and their mailbox is full so you can not leave a message. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS WEB SITE!!!! I guess I will contact my bank now.
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Great Website And Service And Product And Price
Posted by on
Spicy Lingerie is really great! the price is reasonable and shipping is fast.

I receive the lingerie and my husband love it so much as well. Thank you spicy lingerie.

[no solicitations please]
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Halloween Costume Out Of Stock
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- October 2008. I ordered Halloween costume from them. They replied to me after 5 days only to find out its out of stock. It ruined my plan. Now last minute I'm trying to hurry to find a costume. I still have to watch out in my bank account if they will bill me.
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User Replies:
BobJohn on 10/30/2008:
Don't you have anything skimpy you could paste little black cats and pumpkins over the critical parts? So what did you want to be a trick or a treat?
spiderman2 on 10/30/2008:
October is 31 days long. When did you order this? The closer it gets to Halloween, the less selection that there is. This is seasonab merchandise. At least they let you know it was out of stock instead of you sitting at home waiting for your delivery. Don't let something like this ruin your life. It isn't worth it.
jenjenn on 10/30/2008:
I WISH this was the biggest problem in my life!
Principissa on 10/30/2008:
Don't we all?? :)
Anonymous on 10/30/2008:
You should never wish for problems jenjenn.. Wish for something good like a barchetta, good health or a world without flies. A wish is a terrible thing to waste.
jenjenn on 10/30/2008:
Very true CM! :)
heaven17 on 10/30/2008:
You wait until the last week of the month to order a costume and it's the company's fault that it's out of stock?
Principissa on 10/30/2008:
Black Friday is coming up soon, we'll be bombarded with similar complaints and those letters from people demanding that their holiday is more important than the other's so it should be the only one recognized. I've got to go get my waders out of the attic so they're not too cold when I have to put them on.
MRM on 10/30/2008:
After Black Friday, 32' LCD TV will be $300. Woohooo!
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Order not received, company unable to be contacted
Posted by on
WALNUT, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered lingerie from Spicy Lingerie on March 4, 2006. On March 17, 2006 my Discover Card was billed for the total amount of the purchase. Today is April 13, 2006 and I still have not received any of my order. I have tried several times to contact the company to inquire as to where my merchandise is, but all I ever get is an answering machine saying to call back during regural operating hours, when it is during their announced business hours. I have filed a complaint with Yahoo and Better Business Bureau, but save yourself the trouble and SHOP ELSEWHERE!!! This company does BAD BUSINESS!!!
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viperpa33s on 04/14/2006:
It sounds like a sham website. They are taking your money and running off with it. Search on Google and you will find similar complaints.
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