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Fooled AGAIN
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
Needing to be in NJ for my granddaughter's highschool graduation June 13, I booked a flight with Spirit Airlines on April 9, after joining their $9 airfare program at a cost of an $59. I supposedly received the lowest fare for the flight I chose. The very next day, I was sent an email offering "graduation specials", flights for $19. Of course, my exact flight was listed. I was informed that I would have to purchase the tickets and wait until 7 days before the flight to cancel the original tickets I bought..OK..??? I continued to receive discount and specials advertising the exact date and flight that I had already purchased. What a slap in the face. After sending an email to Spirit Consumer services, a response was sent, stating some corporate gobbley gook! 7 days before my scheduled flight I called to cancel my flight, was directed to India, where, when I asked to speak with someone I could understand, was told "I can understand you". Really? After speaking with a CSR who informed me that since I was a member of the $9 fare club, I could not apply any other promotion to flight! WHAT? "I will let you speak with a supervisor" the polite voice stated. On hold again. The supervisor informed me that the tickets, and the $9 fare club were non-refundable. Hmmm. OK suck it up the saying goes.

The flight from Myrtle Beach to Atlantic City was uneventful.
The return flight, however was a different story. I was at the AC airport at 5am 6/19 (for a 6:50am flight). Along with about 200 other Spirit passengers. We were corralled in a red rope "pen" where we waited, not moving for maybe 10-15 minutes, adding customers, watching the chaos, chatting with other passengers. At some point a Spirit employee (director of traffic asked for a show of hands for Myrtle Beach fliers. Are we in kindergarten? "OK" she said. Lifting the stretchy red rope "Go under the rope and follow me". Dutifully we followed her, to stand in wait for another 10 minutes while she ran around like a crazy, disorganized woman.

We should have been on the plane by this time. Hadn't even checked in. I, as well as the people around us were informed that the flight was overbooked and we should go to the gate telling them that we did not have a seat. Oh, that right, I did not PURCHASE my seat when I booked my flight.

The people in front of me had bought their tickets 2 weeks before at a cost of $38.50!!! The gentleman behind me said the same. Neither were members of the $9 fare club by the way. The humiliation still doesn't end.

More chaos at the gate. My name was called and I was assigned a seat. I took a deep breath and went to my seat, which, did you guess it? was already occupied. I tried to maintain my composure, making a joke about sitting on someone's lap. Now I am standing at the front of the plane, waiting for my next direction. The people before me, and behind me were already seated. The "gatekeeper" then came in calling a mans name. No one answered. Still I stand, with the entire plane watching me, knowing we should have already been in the air. The gatekeeper returned, saying she had made a mistake, and although the 1st name was the same, the last name was Smithers, not Smith....Mr Smithers got off of the plane and I was assigned to his seat. Embarrassment, humiliation, exhaustion. This is how Spirit treats its customers. As I stated in previous correspondence with Spirit, When I read that Spirit has filed for bankruptcy, I will nod in understanding.
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Ben There on 2012-06-24:
Spirit's low fares come with less customers service agents, outsourcing, high fees, and fewer flights and no agreements with other airlines to help the backlog of people in the event of an issue.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FT. LAUDERDALE/LATROBE, FLORIDA -- I would like to begin by saying that prior to adding all the new routes, Spirit actually didn’t suck. However, it seems to me that their route to plane ratio is off….by A LOT. I am forced to fly Spirit due to my family situation. My mother has stage 7 Alzheimer’s and my father is her caregiver. They can’t drive to Pittsburgh to pick me up from the airport so I have to fly into Latrobe, which means I have to fly Spirit. However, I would like to warn any potential new Spirit customer’s as to what they can now come to expect from this airline. I have flown on Spirit the 4 times this year and with all four flights, I have been delayed and there has been a SEVERE lack of communication on the part of Spirit as to why/how. Spirit has had inaccurate information posted at the airport, with the desk people and also on their automated phone system. My most recent flight was on the 20th of April, returning the 23rd. Every single flight Spirit had at Ft. Lauderdale airport was delayed INDEFINITELY (they actually switched gates once – changed the flight departure time thrice AND even threatened canceling once) and the best excuse Spirit could come up with was that the planes just hadn’t arrived yet. I AM NOT KIDDING. Apparently, when Spirit offered the flights and posted the times online, they actually didn’t check how long it takes their planes to get from point A to point B. Then, adding insult to injury, they gave a lousy $7 food voucher as compensation. YOU CAN’T BUY A SANDWICH AT AN AIRPORT FOR SEVEN DOLLARS IN 2012. As I mentioned, all other flights were delayed as well, due to aircraft just not being there! After waiting 5 hours, we finally boarded the plane, and again the only reason given was ‘well the plane is coming from South America’. That’s awesome but I’m pretty sure they should have been able to plan for that, seeing as they make the schedule. On the return flight things got even more fun! I phoned Spirit to ensure my flight was still as scheduled and the automated system told me (over and over and over) that the flight was CANCELED! It told me to hold on for a customer service representative When said representative answered he informed me that there was a 15 minute delay only. Interesting. Then I phoned the actual airport and the man at the Spirit counter told me there was NO DELAY AT ALL. I asked him to double check and he returned telling me it would be over an hour delay. I ended up going to airport at scheduled time JUST IN CASE. Now, I realize that there was a freak snowstorm on this particular day (which is the only reason I phoned Spirit upon waking up) however, that was not the reason given for my delay. In fact, I asked if it had anything to do with the weather and was told no. This is not the way a business should be able to act and remain in business. I have never, ever witnessed a business that relies on its customers yet cares so little about them. It is disgusting. Now, I am currently waiting on my aunts to arrive and unfortunately they made their reservations with Spirit prior to my issues with the airline. Guess what!? THEY ARE DELAYED WITHOUT CAUSE! Wow – what a surprise!!!!!!! Spirit needs to understand that they will cease to exist if they don’t cater to the people who buy tickets. Pretty simple logic but, obviously, Spirit doesn’t have intelligent people at the helm. Spirit needs to up their customer service in a big way and begin to offer free tickets as compensation when a flight is delayed, you know, like other airlines. Nobody wants to be delayed, however, the sting is dramatically reduced if a free trip is offered and the airline has another chance to change the first (or in my case) most recent impression(s). I will fly with them until my mother passes, but I promise that it will be the final time I fly with Spirit unless things change drastically. So, please – the extra $80-$100 you may save by choosing Spirit probably won’t be worth it when your flight is delayed, without reason, without compensation and without a care.
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Take your money elsewhere or you will be sorry!
Posted by on
FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I arrived at the airport at 4:30 AM because my flight was leaving at 6 AM on the dot. I saw a large crowd of people waiting in various lines and should have known there would be a problem. I proceeded to the kiosk to check in since I was NOT checking in any bags and only had a my purse and suitcase that fits in the overhead bin of the plane. I saw that they were charging $38 for checked bags and entered 0 since again, I knew I could bring my bag on the plane. I printed the boarding pass and headed to security when the woman stopped me and told me I had to PAY for my bag even if I was NOT checking it! At first she tried to tell me it would not fit. Having flown just recently over Thanksgiving I knew this was a lie, and I overhead her then speak to another agent in Spanish that I would have to pay. They assumed that I did not understand what they were saying but stupidity comes in all colors because her small mind would never guess that I speak several languages FLUENTLY. Never mind the fact that other airlines only charge to check bags but not Spirit who will get as much money as they can out of you. Since I already had my boarding pass I proceeded to the "full service" line with other frustrated passengers. This line was NOT moving and I saw the other 2 lines go ahead of me with no employees offering the help us in the "full service" line which was really no service. I went back to the kiosk to attempt to pay for my bag and was charged $40 when originally it was $38. To my surprise after I paid $40 the machine refused to print out my receipt!!!! I had no proof of paying! Back to the line I go!. 45 minutes had already passes and at this time they were calling for all passengers bound for NY (which was me) So I went to the service agent along with a few others. He then proceeded to tell me that I had not paid for my bag. I told him I did and that the machine would not print out a receipt. He told me to go the fast bag line (which I was just standing in) while pointing to the self service line! Well which one is it? He pointed to one line while simultaneously saying to go to another! I then got back in line to the line that he pointed to. Then someone made an announcement that if you had a boarding pass to go to the fast bag line! I had already been in that line twice!!! Now I switch BACK to that line!

While waiting in that line I see an employee ushering people in a separate line and overhear him saying that line was not NY bound passengers! He never made an announcement so then I go to that line! Over an hour has passed at this point. I finally get to see an agent told her I paid $40 for the bag and the receipt would not print out. She printed a receipt and told me to go through the security to gate L-9. I was so frazzled at this point after going through security, I'm rushing to get to the gate.

When I get to gate I realized I have been so stressed out by Spirit airlines and their circus act of check in process that I had misplaced not only my receipt, my boarding pass, AND my driver license! The agent at the gate asked for my information, printed me another boarding pass since I could not locate mine. Another agent handed me my pass then had the nerve to tell me I never paid for my bag!!!! "Jerome", who had stopped me from boarding before, "Jerome" who pointed to one line while telling me to go to another, "Jerome" who now thinks that somehow I snuck past the agent without paying $40 for my bag, was now trying to stop me AGAIN at the gate while the plane was fully boarded. The other agent told me to board anyway. Does "Jerome" want to call my bank to verify the charges? At this point it was around 5:55 am and the plane was scheduled for 6. I had spent all that time going in circles in their check in zoo with no agents there directing people where to go or what to do.

Once the plane got off the ground. I was going to request water on the plane. No, never mind that since Spirit charges for anything and everything. I had not eaten nor had anything to drink and was certainly not going give them another dime for water.

Fortunately, or unfortunately I should say my DL now needs to be replaced because of that nightmare of Spirit. Incompetence at its best I know I will be sticking to American Airlines from now on. It was not a deal as I will have to pay an extra $80 for bags. Now my trip will cost more money than had I used American, Usair, or any other major airline. Total ripoff and not worth the headache.
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At Your Service on 2011-12-18:
My understanding is that Spirit is a low cost airlines but customer's expect to pay for every extra(s).
trmn8r on 2011-12-18:
The woman said in both English and Spanish that you had to pay, so I'm don't believe she was trying to cover anything up. Perhaps the person she was addressing is a native Spanish-speaker.

It has been well-advertised that airlines are starting to charge for most things, and Spirit is one that charges for probably everything.

I'm not sure that referring to the CSR's as exhibiting "stupidity" and "small minds" was warranted in this case.
Anonymous on 2011-12-18:
I can't believe you're blaming Spirit for losing your driver's license.
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Free Vouchers For Compensation Is More Like Punishment!
Posted by on
FLORIDA -- I was vacationing with my family in Orlando, Florida from Tuesday, November 29 to Sunday, December 4, 2011. On Friday, December 2, I received a voicemail from Spirit airlines. It was hard to understand because the woman had a very thick Indian accent, but from what I could understand from the message, she said that our flight has been downgraded for December 4th and I needed to call them to be accommodated. So I call back (while I’m in Disney World) and she says the flight from Orlando to Atlantic City has been cancelled due to mechanical issues. So I ask why they can’t get another plane by Sunday, since it is Friday afternoon. She said they were unable to do that and I would have 3 options in order to get home. OPTION #1-Fly out Monday, December 5th at our original time 10:44am-12:57pm, OPTION #2- Fly to Ft. Lauderdale at 8:50am, arrival time 9:50am. Then depart Ft. Lauderdale at 3:15pm and arrive in Atlantic City at 5:35pm. That’s SIX HOURS of doing nothing!!! OPTION #3- Drive to Ft. Lauderdale and take the flight there later that day. I had NO choice but to choose Option#2 since I had to be at work Monday morning and Ft. Lauderdale was a 4 hour drive from Orlando! I asked how would I be compensated for the inconvenience because my mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and is in a wheelchair and she said we would each receive a $500 voucher for a future round trip flight. I would need to call back to get the voucher number so I called the next day (Saturday) and the man would not give me the numbers! After arguing with him for several minutes that I was entitled to it, he eventually gave them to me and said that I had 2 months to book a flight because after that, the vouchers would expire. So I ask him what date would they expire and he tells me December 31, 2011! Ummmm…that’s not 2 months!

Fast forward Sunday, December 4th. We arrive at the airport and check in by 6:45am. As we sat at our gate waiting to board the place, I looked over at the next gate and to my SHOCK, my original flight to Atlantic City was flying out ON TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I immediately approach the woman behind the Spirit counter and ask if that was a mistake and she said NO! So explained that the plane was changed from a bigger plane to a smaller plane, therefore people had to be bumped off the flight! The flight was cancelled and downgraded. So I ask, how do they determine who gets bumped off? She says they do it by when you book your reservation. I booked my reservation in early September and the plane was empty so that was a LIE! So I call the customer service number and I get a man with a very thick Indian accent and I ask him why I was bumped off the place. He could not provide an explanation so I told him to transfer me to a manager. The manager, David Waters with an even THICKER Indian accent tells me that he has in his computer that I agreed to be bumped off the flight!!!!! I ask him why the hell I would agree to that, especially when I have my mother in a wheelchair!!!!!!! No explanation again! I told him I was NEVER given the option of being on the smaller plane! I told him to play the conversation from Friday, since they claim they record it and he said he was unable to do that!! And from my observations from our Ft. Lauderdale flight, there was only 1 other family that was also flying back to Atlantic City which was 2 older grandparents with their young grandchild.

So they couldn’t find room for 6 people on the new flight???? WORST AIRLINE EVER!!!! And I will NOT be using the vouchers because it is NOT worth the aggravation and wasted time! You really to do get what you pay for!!!!
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Anonymous on 2011-12-08:
The other people that were bumped off the flight might have chosen the other times to fly. Phone calls are recorded mostly for monitoring and training purposes. Most employees don't have access to bring up previously recorded calls. Some people in management might be able to access the calls, but they don't have to. The recorded calls are not used to prove what was or wasn't said in a phone call. They are used to make sure the employee is doing what they are supposed to do during their calls.
Churro on 2011-12-08:
Is there any other industry in America that is as poorly ran as the airlines? Heck, the airlines make the post office look like a well oiled machine.

Eh, what can ya do?
trmn8r on 2011-12-08:
That's an interesting question - when the equipment (plane) changes to a smaller one due to 1. failure 2. one-time reduction in capacity, how do they determine whom to kick off?

Flying today seems to involve more last minute cancellations due to the airlines wanting to fly fuller planes. The only positive here is that you were able to fly the same day. As you say, you probably won't be able to use the vouchers. Flying isn't what it used to be.
Somer on 2013-06-16:
I'm going through my own hell with Spirit Airlines right now (no really, I'm ON HOLD for a supervisor right this second!)

This isn't all airlines. This is Spirit Airlines. Over the last 4 days (YES, 4 DAYS) that I've been trying to get TWO PEOPLE on a TWO HOUR FLIGHT, I've been outright lied to, lied to directly to my face, they've tried to charge me fees for things THEY screwed up, and now they're telling me I CAN'T speak to a supervisor because one is not available. No, sorry. I'll hold until one is. What a joke.

And the most infuriating thing... they don't CARE. Go look at their twitter, their Facebook. Acres and acres of infuriated customers, and not a single employee replying. They don't CARE. They're banking on people's need for a cheap flight outweighing their gross incompetence enough to keep them in business.

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Worst Airline EVER
Posted by on
DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I had an abysmal experience with Spirit Airlines. It was awful from start to finish. I booked travel from Las Vegas to Detroit for the Thanksgiving holiday. We arrived in Las Vegas 2 hours before our flight departed. The baggage fees were ridiculously overpriced. Compared to other airlines, they overcharge by about $15-20. In addition, they allow bags up to 40 lbs. while most airlines allow 50lbs maximum for bags.

What is the reason for this extra cost? As far as I can tell, they are not using the extra funds to train their staff at ticketing to be more efficient, nor are they cleaning their airplanes. (More on that to come)

The staff was very slow moving and unfriendly. While I understand this was the start of a busy holiday traveling season, a smile and a greeting would be nice. After checking in, we proceeded to board the plane.

The plane was filthy. It looked as if it had not been cleaned in a year. There was a dried ketchup-looking substance on one tray table, crumbs and dirt on another, the seats were dirty as was the floor. Is it too much to ask to wipe down an obviously dirty tray table. It was visible even while in the upright position.

On-board they have done away with free beverages, instead walking up and down the aisle asking you to sign up for their credit card. I don't need a 10 minute infomercial in-flight with no option to change the channel.

The return flight was even more disappointing. The staff in Detroit was impossibly slow. We almost missed the flight because we spent an hour in the check in line. The line was not that long. Again, maybe some of the funds you receive from overcharging for baggage can be applied to customer service?

My overall opinion of Spirit Airlines was awful. I will never fly them again and I have told everyone I know that Spirit sucks.
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Alain on 2011-12-02:
This sounds bad, even for Spirit.
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Do Not Fly Spirit out of Detroit
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- I had an 8:58 flight to Ft Myers from Detroit. I arrived at the airport at 7:20. Had prepaid for my bag and already printed my boarding pass, but still had to wait in the full line to check my bag. The line stretched down past about three other airlines check in stations.

When we got closer, they split out Ft Myers and Orlando - Orlando was leaving 9 minutes later, but they got the "go directly to the counter", line while Ft Myers got the longer, "rope maze" line.

They had at least 5 check-in stations, but only 2 people working most of the time. Either the workers or the PCs are very slow... 3-5 minutes per person just to print out a sticker for the bag.

As we got even closer, we found they were letting people walk up from the side and check in ahead of everyone!

Finally got up there, checked in, gave them my bag, ran down to the gate.... just in time to see the plane pull away.

When we got back to check-in to rebook, the agent had the audacity to ask the person in front of me (who was in the same boat I was in) why she had missed her flight.

From what I've heard, Spirit is like this every day. The last time I flew with them, they had only one person working (but 2 working the booth to sell credit cards) and let anyone who had paid for a seat (they charge if you want to pre-select your seat, even middle seats) cut ahead.

Wasted over 150 miles of driving and gas going back and forth to the airport.

Never again will I fly Spirit. Delta is a much better choice, even if they end up costing more... almost never a line (check in at a kiosk, walk up with your bag, takes them about 30 seconds). Plus they give you a soda or juice, pretzels or peanuts, and water on the flight. I know that costs them all of $1, but I appreciate the little things at this point. Spirit makes you pay for water.

Oh, good news for those with Spirit credit cards though - apparently they get to skip to the front of the line for check-in.
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2011-03-03:
You didn't mention who long you were held up in the TSA security lines. On Spirit website they urge you to check the wait times for your airport. They flat out say that you should get there three hours early for you flight. If they checked you bags and sent you on your way, it sounds like your issue was not having ample time to clear security.
Lil Ed on 2011-03-03:
Even after printing your boarding pass and check-in from home you just never know what's going on at the airport that day. Always give yourself more time than you think you'll need
Ytropious on 2011-03-03:
"3-5 minutes per person just to print out a sticker for the bag." There's more to it then just printing a sticker OP.
trmn8r on 2011-03-03:
From the Spirit website: "The average time it takes to enter an airport terminal, check in, clear TSA security and board our aircraft within the U.S. is approximately three (3) hours."

You arrived 1hr 40 min before the flight, which judged by standards of 15 years ago would have been ample. But times have changed.
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Bad Customer Service
Posted by on
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am will like to share my experience with spirit airline, which by the way ma I add was very upsetting. My boyfriend and I had a flight leaving from Myrtle Beach South Carolina to New York city, and ended up missing our flight. I was aware that if you miss a flight that we had to pay the differences in the tickets and airfare cost as well. I was pleading to the flight attendant that I had a family emergency and I had to get on the next plane to New York. Not knowing how the policy was, I asked to be on stand by for the next flight. I was at this air port for 3 hours trying to find a way to get to New York, the flight attendants were not helpful at all, they were very rude to my self and my boyfriend. I was told that I might as well throw my ticket out the window because it is no longer good for me. I was talked to like I was uneducated, and just did not feel the customer service that I was expected to get. After calling an 1800 number and receiving information, that the flight attendant was supposed to offer me to pay the difference in the departing ticket and keep my returning ticket the same. I went back to the air port the next day to speak with a different attendant. When I walked in the door the attendant rolled her eyes at me while I was in line to speak to her. To avoid my questions she tells another attendant to help me because I was in here yesterday and she does not want to explain to me again about my flight. As I approach the counter I address her that I heard what she said, and she then again rolled her eyes at me and began to help the next customer. I was not able to get any questions answered, once again did not feel the customer service for the second day in the row. My boyfriend decided to go try and talk to the two flight attendants, and he told them how rude they were to us both and that their customer service skills was bad. They then began to tell him that they will call security on him because they felt like he was catching an attitude with them. I than told my boyfriend its okay, and asked for both their names. They both told me their names with a nasty attitude and asked us both the leave the airport. I know that we were treated very bad at this airport by these two attendants, and wanted all viewers to read our experience with Spirit AirLines. If I had to rate them I will give them a ZERO...
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Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
I would love to hear the other side of this story from the ticket agents.
Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
I would like to hear the other side, too, but that is probably not going to happen.
yoke on 2011-01-30:
You missed your flight and they did what they could to help. What more were they to do?
Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
I don't think the people you were talking to were "flight attendants", but rather customer service agents. For all the time you spent at the airport, you could have taken the train home--which probably wouldn't have cost that much or even taken that long. If I had a family emergency, that would have been one of my considerations.
madconsumer on 2011-01-30:
sounds like it was a nightmare, considering your emergency.

very helpful.
Starlord on 2011-01-30:
From all the complaints I have read about Spirit, I don't think I will ever be flying with them. We have been quite happy with Alaska Airlines, and I miss America West. I guess that is just business.
Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
Agree with sing. Flight Attendants don't work at the counters or change tickets.
PepperElf on 2011-01-30:
not to mention they don't usually call security to handle calm peaceful people...
Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
Starlord, a lot of the same people who worked for America West stayed with the company when they bought over US Airways. If you fly on the west coast, you'll most likely be flying with original America West flight crews
Ben There on 2011-01-30:
How much did they want to charge you to take the next flight? When you miss a flight and have to pay last minute fares it can be hundreds of dollars with any airline - its almost just as expensive as buying a new ticket.

Also, how much time elapsed between the flight leaving and you getting to the airport?
Anonymous on 2011-01-30:
Tangential but America West sadly lives in that their same lousy management is running the new US Airways.
America West (HP) operated flights utilize flight numbers 1-699.

As far as Spirit airlines.... a ULCC and good customer service aren't going to happen.

Inat on 2011-01-31:
I find airline "customer service" reps to be about as friendly and helpful as a TSA agent. I've been to dozens of airports across this country and find most airline CSRs to be under-educated and on a power trip.

helpful review
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Spirit's Corporate Headquarters Telephone Number - Real People Answer Here
Posted by on
I had to search through the corporate registrations with the State of Florida to find this information. www.sunbiz.org.

SPIRIT AIRLINES will NOT give out this information if you ask their representatives at the number given on their website. You will only get people who will book reservations. THE CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS NUMBER IN MIRAMAR IS 954-447-7965 OR 954-628-4895 !!!
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lawrence Cavalieri on 2012-12-08:
Spirit must have figured out that customers had discovered these phone numbers as they no longer get you thought to a real person. You just get into a circular phone mail system and never get to speak to a person.
John Langan Dracut Ma. on 2013-02-06:
Logan Airport will be closing Friday night into Saturday and maybe Sunday due to a huge noreaster storm 100% prediction of 1-2 feet. Why would they not try to get you out a day early at no cost ? They want $625. over and above the ticket price to leave 1 day early for 3 people. Then it will take another 3 days of backlog. Stupid people. Last time I fly them
noranemr7777 on 2013-04-01:
very poor customer services
Never Tell you they have weired baggae policy
charging 50$ for carry on 55 each
no one inform you till it is too late
membership fee is illegal will inform consumer affair
will never fly with thieves.
YVONNE RIVERA on 2013-04-29:
Mary Wooten on 2013-07-11:
Flying with Spirit Airlines was the worst experience I have had in my travel history . I arrived at 3pm for a 547 departure time. The time continued to be moved back without explanation and no offer of compensation or even consideration for the inconvenience. I plan to never patronize this airline ever. And will advise anyone to whom I come in contact with to so the same. Not to mention the $50 charge of bags that will fit under your seat. After I return home I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and anyone else that will make public this disgraceful organization.
sue bernath on 2013-07-12:
I booked a flight last year. Now they send one to three emails a day. How do I ge them to stop.
Mark on 2013-07-28:
If you have a connecting flight and miss it you want to read this. My family and I flew from Myrtle Beach to Detroit to go to our home in Dallas TX. That we had to go to Dallas by way of Detroit was crazy in and of itself. We were delayed in Myrtle Beach by 35 minutes due to overbooking the flight and the mess that comes with that. We couldn't land right away in Detroit due to weather. We arrived late and missed our connecting flight, which we would have made had we not been delayed in Myrtle Beach. Imagine our shock when we were offered the next available flight in 2 days. There was no offer to get us on another airline. No we can squeeze you in to the next flight they had going to Dallas. No we were just given seats on the next flight that had an open seat a full 48 hours later. The only compensation was a discount voucher for a hotel. Just what you want after vacation to spend 2 extra days in a foreign city. We talked to every person at Spirit we could find including a supervisor and received the same "canned answer". We were told the only thing they could do for us was to get us on the next flight on Monday, we arrived on Saturday. The savings are not worth it if you have a family with you that gets stuck far from home. BE Aware.
Sharon Robin's on 2013-08-05:
This airlines ripped me off! They will not refund my money-but they used a corporate credit card to put me on another flight-that wasn't going anywhere either! They set me up in a hotel on my own money. What's up with that!Don't fly Spirit airlines-they are a rip off.
John on 2013-08-06:

I was a passenger on Spirit Flight 615 from Boston, MA to Ft Lauderdale, FL on Sunday August 4, 2013.

This flight was supposed to leave BOS at 5:38 pm and arrive at FLL at 8:50 pm. Upon arriving at Logan Airport about 2 hours prior to my flight, I checked the board to see which gate to head towards. I then found out that the flight was already listed as delayed until 7:10 pm. This was unbelievable. There were no weather conditions or any such thing to justify this. I called Customer Service and they told me it was due to Air Traffic Control, then they hung up on me. Their excuse was just BS. If there were such a problem, all flights to and from Logan would have been affected. I then went to the Spirit ticket counter in Logan and after some back and forth, they told me they were having problems getting the crew for the flight. Again, more BS. This flight travels every day, why a problem getting the crew. Do their schedulers even have any idea how to do their job? I want the name of the person at Spirit who made the decision to delay this flight and where I can find this person, so I can confront him/her directly. Anyway, about an hour later they changed the board and moved the departure time up by 9 minutes, to 7:01 pm. But this didn't matter, as we did not even start boarding until about that time. Then even after the plane was boarded we faced more delays and ultimately did not take off from the runway until 8:30 pm. NEARLY 3 HOURS LATE! Then we did not get to the gate in FLL until about 11:30pm.

Top it all off, they didn't even offer free drinks on the flight, something very common in situations like this.
Carrera on 2013-08-17:
Worse flying experience of my life!

They are not accountable for anything, they don't help if you have an unexpected issue, they just limit themselves to "there's nothing we can do" computer style!!!
We couldn't catch our flight due to a mprevious flight's delay, since it was not the same carrier they wanted to charge a whole new ticket, no help or consideration whatsoever. I or my family will NEVER flight with these authorized thieves ever again!!!!
This should be illegal, the fact that they take your money and then they're not even human.
You're keeping our dollars and it is allowed really!!! this is unbelievable!!!
Tamarom on 2013-09-24:
On April 23. 2013 I purchased three travel tickets for travel from Phoenix (Mesa), AZ to Houston, TX. In preparation of my travels, I attempted to pre-purchase my bags online. In the failed attempt, I contacted your customer service department. This is when I ultimately discovered that my flight had been cancelled (yes that is correct, 4 days from the actual departure).

First of all, I was routed to a Spanish speaking representative (Miles), luckily she spoke English, albeit with a heavy accent. Unable to assist me with my needs I was transferred to a supervisor (Anthony). He stated according to his "corporate" guidelines, he is only able to offer me a refund or perhaps change my travels to Dallas, TX (which is a three and one half mile drive to my original destination). He was not able to assist me with the any car rental subsidy (since I would incur additional costs) nor was he able to assist me with any checked bag fees. Again I was left speechless.

Not only does this show a lack of customer service from this corporation, but it also shows a lack of complete compassion or care for the customers. In addition to this delay, I am not left with the expense of a rental car ($400) plus the cost of gas, plus I must now cut the visit with my family short.

How is it that they can collect my money at the time of purchase, and sit on it for five months collecting interest, but only offer me a refund of those monies! I am appalled at their business practices. No future travel vouchers offered to relieve some of the undue stress this airline has caused.

Meanwhile, the corporate officers make decisions that greatly impact the lives of the general public. Their CUSTOMERS! Have they not taken notice of how many complaints have been filed against them? Or is it that they choose to believe ignorance is bliss.

Ron Kovacs on 2014-05-06:
If you want feel miserable about yourself fly in this company. If they treat you like garbage just guess how could be theirs planes' maintenance. They are not cheap. They are not honest. They are always late. If they often cancel a flight, then you will be alone buying another ticket from a real company with last minute price. There is no such thing as customer service or respect for the customers. Flying with then is the lower than you can go when you need to save money. It is like eat your own feces when you are hungry.
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Lost Baggage and No Response From Customer Service
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CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, FLORIDA -- Warning!! Fly Spirit at your own risk!

This is a portion of the letter I sent certified mail to Spirit Airlines on July 12, 2007 and have have yet to get a response on... FYI-- I have continued to try to get this issue resolved and have yet to get a response. You decide if it is worth the risk.....

"On Sunday, June 24, I was scheduled to fly from Detroit to Orlando on flight 801. I arrived at the Detroit Metro airport and was checking my baggage at the Spirit Airlines counter, if my memory serves me correctly, at least 1 hour before departure. Both my suitcases had tags with my name, address and phone number. I was informed at the counter ( I believe her name was Roz) that the flight was overbooked, that I will probably be able to get a seat, but at that time, they will manually write out a baggage claim check for my 2 bags rather than electronically issue one to ensure that my bags get on the same flight as I do. I was then informed that there would be a $10 charge for my second bag. This woman (whom I believe to be Roz) then handwrote out a claim check and told me to hurry to my gate immediately to check in with hopes that I will get a seat assignment. Both of my suitcases were tagged with luggage tags with my name, address and cell phone number.

At the time, I assumed that the $10 charge was issued on the master account my company utilizes for all travel expenses since she did not ask me for a credit card.

At the gate, after a short wait, I was issued a seat assignment and was very pleased to be boarding the plane and to be arriving in Orlando on time.
Once I arrived in Orlando, I then proceeded to the baggage claim area where I discovered that both my bags were missing. I then went to the Orlando Spirit Airlines baggage claim office and filed a report (see enclosed) and was very disappointed to find out that there was no way to track my claim check number electronically to locate the whereabouts of my suitcases and when they would be arriving, and the fact that I only had one manual claim check might cause problems in the future at locating one of my two bags. Of course, at this time, I had no idea which bag was tagged and which bag was not so I had no way of knowing which bag had the higher probability of arriving at my hotel at the Walt Disney Resort Dolphin Hotel. As I explained to the representative, I was given only one baggage claim tag and did not realize that the number was not to identify the ticket number or passenger, namely me, but that there should have been 1 per suitcase.

I left my contact information and went to the hotel where I immediately purchased a few items while waiting for the arrival of my bags later that day or Monday. This included a swimsuit, some sunscreen/oil and some flip flops, since I had a removable cast for a broken right foot and not even a full pair of shoes or flip flops. (see receipt)

After making several calls and leaving several messages to the Spirit Airlines 800# at both the Detroit and Orlando baggage claim offices, without one being returned that Sunday, June 24, it became apparent to me that I was going to need some more necessary items since I was in Orlando for a 5 day business meeting that was to begin the following day, Monday, June 24. I received a toiletry kit from the hotel which included a toothbrush, razors, and toothpaste. I then took a cab ride, which was $60 to the closest department store, which was Walmart, where I purchased some additional toiletries, mainly makeup, undergarments, and hair care items. I also purchased a cell phone charger since my cell phone was the means by which my customers, family and work associates were to reach me.

Being the optimist I am, I was still hopeful that my bags would show up late that night or earl y in the morning.

Of course, when I woke up that Monday morning, June 25, with a week long annual business meeting being attended by upper management of my company and still no business clothing , casual clothing, curling irons, make-up, pajamas (which I would need since I did have a roommate arriving), etc., it became apparent to me that I needed to get some more shopping done, particularly because no one had called me back yet from either office and your “customer service” 800# said to “please call back because all the lines were busy”, which incidentally was the same message I received the rest of the week, Monday-Friday, whenever I found the time to make a call on breaks.

I then took another cab to a local mall where I spent approximately 3 hours shopping for replacement items and toiletries....in the amount of approximately $600+. I still have no idea when or if my luggage is going to be returned and I obviously cannot be making daily trips to the mall purchasing clothing on a daily bases and paying for all the cab rides)

It was that afternoon, that Wendy, from your Orlando baggage office called me back, the only person who has provided me with any assistance since this whole ordeal started. She said that she could not locate my luggage service report so I gave her the information and she said that she would look into it. She then called to tell me that she had located one of my bags in Ft. Lauderdale and that I should be receiving it later that evening or the next day. I was very grateful l to her and was of course, anxious to find out which suitcase it was that would be arriving at my hotel room. Unfortunately, though, she was not sure what had happened to the second suitcase. I did receive the larger of the two suitcases with most of my professional clothing late that evening.
All my toiletries, shoes, and some casual and workout clothing were in the second, missing bag. I was able to borrow my roommates curling iron, hairspray etc, and as already mentioned, had received a few toiletry items from the hotel, which I felt could tie me over until my second bag was located.
I did leave several messages at the Spirit Airlines Detroit baggage office to see if my bag had even left Detroit but never received a call back. I also continued to call the Orlando baggage office, and as the VM states, did not receive a call back, which apparently means that my second suitcase was not located. I continued to call the Spirit Airlines customer service 800# and still received a message stating that all representatives were busy and to call back at a later time.

On Friday afternoon when I flew out, I stopped by the Spirit Airlines Orlando baggage office to double check the status and was informed that my bag was not there nor did they know where it was . I then flew to Detroit and had a very disturbing encounter with Tammy and several irate but mistreated customers who had been through similar or much worse ordeals than my own. 1. Baggage lost enroute to their cruise and on the way back, 2. One gentleman who was traveling internationally with his family and got caught up with delays and customs, but unfortunately could not get through to your Spirit Airlines “customer” service number and was told that it was basically his fault and he would have to purchase all new $1200 worth of tickets to go to Las Vegas because he did not change his flight in time. Spirit Airlines has a responsibility to its customers to be available through your 800# and I know from personal experience that it was not available for at least 5 days in a row, at any length of time. I would like to mention to you that Tammy at the Spirit Airlines Detroit baggage claim office was very helpful l to me because she gave me another home office number to call to get in touch with an actual person, but unfortunately I have been unsuccessful. The number she gave me: Spirit Airlines Corporate Office 954-447-7965 extension 2.
So far these are the attempts I have made since arriving home, although all have been unsuccessful:

1. Monday July 2- 8:30 am—954-447-7965, option 2, regarding lost or delayed luggage, said that the mailbox was full and to please try again later.
2. Monday, July 2 around 11 am- I left a message stating what they requested-- my name, spelling my last name, phone number, file reference #, and it said that I did not have one to leave the city I flew into… which I did. It also said that all messages will be returned within 24 hours.
3. Tuesday, July 3 11:35 am.- left a message again with the same information as above
4. Thursday, July 5 at 8:30 am—left a message again stating that it was the third time and that my bag has been missing since June 24 and I have yet to talk to anyone regarding it and its replacement value etc.
5. Thursday, July 5 at 11:30 pm—customer relations—the phone extension was picked up and then hung up with no one speaking on it three times. Almost sounded like a recording . I did try the sales line 3 times, extension 1, but got a recording saying that “due to unusual high call volume they were unable to process my call at this time. Please try my call again later.”
6. Friday, July 6, 8:00 am- 954-447-7965, option 2, and left another message. The message said once again, that if calling during business hours, leave a detailed message with the same info, and explained that I have to file a claim,

I also tried calling the Spirit Airlines sales line again, 800-772-7117, the message said that “due to unusual high call volume, we are unable to process your call at this time”….. please try again later.

I left a message at the Orlando for Wendy, 407-825-2801, stating that I have been trying for almost 2 weeks now to file a claim and to reach someone, I would like the name or her manager or someone to contact directly so I can try to get this resolved.

So now I am left with a $$$bill and am still missing many items that need to be replaced, my suitcase to name just one. I have original receipts (please see attached) of many of the items in the second mysteriously disappearing suitcase and would like to know who I need to contact and what steps I need to take to #1. Get reimbursed in a timely manner and #2. Be compensated for the items that have not been returned.

Since arriving back in Michigan, I have started to replace the items that were in that second suitcase, such as curling irons, tweezers, make up brushes, a hairbrush, eyelash curler, razor, etc. I went to my local drugstore and spent about $143 (please see attached) on these items because I had 3 curling irons packed for this trip. I only replaced the two I use the most often. I also went out and replaced some more of my make-up and skin care items which totaled $84.27. I understand that Spirit Airlines will not replace my sunglasses or my perfume.

I have been on your webpage and it states that Spirit will cover up to $3000 for items in lost checked baggage. Given my situation, I would like to talk to someone on how to document this information and get more specifics on what is covered. Here is what in that suitcase: (deleted for the purpose of this review)...."

I sent this certified mail, have confirmation of it's receipt, have left several other phone and email messages and have yet to hear back. I don't expect to be reimbursed for the full amount, but believe that they should at least call me back and let me know what, if anything, and how to go about reclaiming some of my losses. The fact that no one has returned my call is very disappointing and speaks volumes regarding why they are in such dire financial straights.

Incidentally, the certified letter was received at the Miramar Florida office, Luggage Resolution Department, so I know it made it to the right place, on July 16th and was received by a Johnny NG??-- Cannot really make out the name, but am confident that they have received my letter and the copy of the receipts, the service report that I made when I arrived in Orlando and the letter documenting my mistreatment.

I have had baggage come up missing before with other airlines, this I expect, however, I have never been treated (or ignored) like this.... I would seriously reconsider flying with Spirit and if you need to due to financial reasons, carry on your baggage because if it gets lost or comes up missing, you will more than make up for your ticket savings in purchasing replacement items.

I have not in any way been angry or rude when leaving messages, and am generally a very easy going and reasonable person to deal with. I just feel it is a disgrace and want to warn others, particularly after researching other customer complaints and after overhearing how the other travelers in the Detroit baggage claim office had been treated.

Good luck and safe travels!!
Loyal NWA customer---

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Jambra on 2007-08-04:
I travel a lot, and I have some advice for you; When the ticket agent prints out your luggage tag with the destination, ask to see it. I do, and at least ten times I've discovered that the information was wrong. The embarrassed agent will reprint the tag with the correct destination, and if you're lucky, you might get an upgrade (or another perk).
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Not Always a Low Fare and Beware of Hidden Taxes and Fees
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Beware: Not always you will get a good deal with Spirit and check out for hidden fees in the Taxes and Fees portion of your ticket!! I've flown with Spirit over 14 times in the last 18 months from SJU to FLL, ATL and LGA. Every time that I've flown with them is because they offered a better deal than other airlines. Initially, the savings that I made compensated for the long lines at the San Juan airport counter (Spirit does not have self-service kiosks at SJU and would not allow you to print your boarding pass from your computer when traveling from San Juan, while all other airlines have kiosks and let you print your boarding pass), paying for onboard beverages, and flying in cramped aircraft and seats and many times in filthy planes. Keep in mind that Spirit cuts the time the plane is on the ground, which means that there is less time, if any, to clean the aircraft.
However, since they started charging for carry-on bags, things changed for the worst and they have lost me as a customer since August 2010 on 4 new travels to Florida, New York, and Atlanta. In each of these four trips I found that Spirit's fares to these locations were higher than Delta and Jet Blue enven if I didn't select a seat or pay for a carry-on with Spirit. Therefore it was a no brainer to book with Delta and Jet Blue for a lower fee that would allow me to travel with free carry-on, free onboard entertainment, more comfortable seats, cleaner planes, print my boarding pass and skip the airport counter, while saving money. I can waive the comfort of selecting a seat without a fee and printing my boarding pass in the comfort of my home or office and I don't mind paying for beverages if at the end of the day, or the ticket I should say, I'm saving a significant amount of money with Spirit. However, unless you are traveling for one day, any decent and clean person that travels for 2-3 days will need a carry-on bag and Spirit will charge you for that! I really have a problem paying Spirit for carry-on when the so called "on-board carry-on crisis" that they claim slows down the boarding and exit time of passengers, was caused by them when they started charging for checked bags and by putting more seats to an aircraft than other airlines. I will only fly with Spirit again in short 1-2 days trips if I can fit all my stuff in a backpack and I can save at least $70 from the competitors or if I save at least $100 per ticket after paying for carry-on on longer trips. Otherwise, in my opinion, it is not worth it to go through all the hassles that Spirit represents in terms of long counter lines, cramped planes, uncomfortable seats, filthy planes, extra fees, and lack of onboard entertainment. To all those fellow travelers from San Juan, please be aware that Spirit charges $72.20 per person in TAXES and FEES for a round trip from San Juan to Ft. Lauderdale while Jet Blue only charges $46.20 for the same route and while American Airlines charges $46.20 to Miami and Air Tran $46.20 to Orlando, Florida. Shouldn’t government taxes and fees be the same regardless of the airline?
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Alain on 2010-10-08:
Flying with a bargain airline such as Spirit is best done only after thorough price comparison, as you have pointed out.
Leeli P. on 2011-06-02:
I totally agree with you. I have been asking myself the same thing regarding the gov't taxes/fees. I rely on spirit because it's a quick trip from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, but if I could avoid traveling with them, I do.
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