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Spirit Airlines
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No waiver of $240 change fee due to incurable cancer diagnosis
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Rating: 1/51

Terrible airline, though all staff from the counter agents and support staff to flight attendants have always treated me courteously and professionally. I feel for them who must bear the brunt of customers' ire for the stupid policies of their superiors. My wife was diagnosed with incurable cancer. Since August we have had to fly 1,100 miles to Houston's MD Anderson from CA every other week so she may participate in a clinical trial of an experimental chemotherapy that has proven effective in extending the life of cancer patients afflicted by the gene bearing the BRAF mutation, a very aggressive cancer found in 8% of colon cancer patients and my wife's cancer.

When the doc told us last week that the tumors had grown by 22% and spread to other organs, he recommended Cindy move from the control group of the study to the group that gets the new not yet FDA-approved chemo. This meant her chemo date would be every other Thursday instead of Tuesday, so we had to change our flight reservation that I purchased in September. Spirit customer service refused to waive its $220-$240 reservation change fee that effectively doubled the cost of our original reservation.

It seems that someone in that organization believes that once he/she makes an exception for a modification motivated by one's desire to live longer, then the floodgates would open to waiver of the fee for any "illness" or inconvenience requiring a doctor's note. Even the noted king of nonrefundable hotel reservations gave us a $490 refund for a trip we planned before Cindy was diagnosed, and a MLB team refunded what we paid for tickets to see baseball games during this planned trip.

I believe the Spirit business model is a sound one. Why should everyone have to pay for the traveling inefficiencies of others? This philosophy minimizes airline costs and reduces prices. The problem is Spirit's robotic approach to what is still a human endeavor. If you are the mother of a soldier seriously injured in a war zone and you have to modify or cancel a pre-existing reservation to see your son or daughter, you pay the $220 (online) and $240 (by phone), same as what someone pays if they got drunk the night before the flight and don't feel like flying.

Worst Experience Ever
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- I was supposed to travel on Spirit airline on May 2nd, 2015 from Las Vegas (McCarrran) to Dallas (DFW). We were checked in and asked to wait while the onboarding process was initiated. The flight was at 8:30 PM (Vegas time) and was supposed to reach at 01:00 AM Dallas time.

At 08:25 PM (Vegas time) just 5 minutes before the flight should have taken off we were told that the flight had been cancelled and that we should re-visit the ticketing counter to make new arrangements for our visit to Dallas. There was no communication of why the flight had been cancelled and the people at the information counters and other counters were extremely rude.

Anyways, we headed (ran) towards the ticketing counter again only to find that there was no line that catered specifically to the flight that had been cancelled. Again there was a lack of communication and passengers didn't knew which lines they should stand into. Only after 2 heated altercations with the lovely people of Spirit were 3 counters dedicated towards the cancelled flight. (Although this may seem reasonable at this time, the arrangements would very soon start looking like a joke as 2 more flights were cancelled that very day in a matter of 3 hours).

Now, since we ran towards the ticketing counters, we were 7th or 8th in line for these 3 counters and were hoping to be re-assigned alternative arrangements to travel to Dallas in next 15-20 minutes. The first re-arrangement took more than an hour, all this time there was no communication from Spirit and we were just expected to stand in a queue. Apparently, the systems were working slower than a glacier and this made the expected time of 15-20 minutes to increase to 3-4 hours.

After 2 hours, there was an announcement for cancellation of 2 more flights. Not being blessed with the common gift of common sense, the people at Spirit didn't inform the security of a possible situation which lead to multiple altercation among passengers which many times looked like could reach physical contact. There was no effective crowd management skills shown by the airline staff which lead to tussles among passengers.

By God's grace, after 4 hours of standing in the line, we were given tickets to Dallas via San Francisco (a 12 hour ordeal with a 5 hour layover). We had no option but to take it even though that meant that we would end up losing over $1000 re-scheduling of my international flight for the group as any other options weren't available until 2-3 days after. Overall, the experience of flying (please read as 'dealing' as we didn't even make it to the plane) with Spirit was nothing short of horrendous and deeply disturbing. I would never ever recommend it to anyone. It might be a few dollars cheaper but that cheapness comes at a much higher price.

Spirit Airlines True and Realistic Review
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Rating: 4/51

ATLANTIC CITY, NEW JERSEY -- Initially, I was extremely skeptical about this airline because of all the bad reviews I've seen. I had so many preconceived notions about this place but I can honestly say that it was not as bad as people made it seem. Cost/Pricing of flight. My friend and I flew from Atlantic City International to Atlanta Georgia during Labor Day weekend of 2013. The total cost for both of our round trip flights came up to $387.00.

Cost/Pricing of luggage. Now I must say, I'm used to the regular baggage policy where you are allowed to have a free carry-on and a personal bag and any check in bag will cost you about $25. It's a tad bit different at Spirit. The only free bag that you're allowed to carry onto the plane Is your ONE personal bag. Everything else must be checked in. Now I joined the $9 Fare Club which allowed me to only have to pay $25 for a checked bag. Regularly it'll cost $35 dollars to check a bag. It's a little annoying but keep in mind that the flights are super cheap.

The one thing I didn't like is the 40 lbs weight limit for the check in bag. Usually airlines will set a limit of 50 lbs for check in bags. However I came prepared with a rather large tote to use as my personal bag and I just stuffed as much as I could into the bag and was on my way.

The Flight & Customer Service. The flight was pretty good. It took off on time and arrived to the destination 20 minutes before the expected arrival time. Now they don't give you any complimentary snacks or beverages, you do have to purchase all snacks except for water and ice, but that didn't bother me because it was only an hour and 15 minute plane ride. They didn't lose my luggage and it was intact when I received it. The staff at the airport and the plane were very kind and patient. After reading the reviews I was expecting to come in contact with a bunch of monsters, but they were totally cool. No complaints.

I'm unsure if others were expecting luxury plane rides for low prices. But for what I paid for the overall flight, the service was up to par. Now if you're used to fling lavishly, you may want to get a jet and fly, but if you're like me and you want to make sure you're comfortable, safe, in a clean environment and saving a little money.. then Spirit is definitely the airline for you.

Absurd Hidden Fees, No Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

The baggage fees are outlandish. I got an email saying that if you checked 1 bag at the airport, it would be $100. It's cheaper if you do it in advance. Fine, I did it in advance. The $100 fee for checking at the airport is much, much higher than any other airline I've ever heard of. In addition to checked bags, they even charge you for bringing carry-ons! Additionally, it appears online that you cannot reserve any seat at all without paying another seat fee. (I understand that most airlines charge you for some premiums seats and upgrades - Spirit apparently charges you extra for ANY seat.)

I tried checking in online and got a message advising me that I needed to call a phone number to get "additional assistance" from a customer service representative I called the number. A recording picked up and gave me a different number to call. I called that number. I got menu after menu of unhelpful automated options. You could not press "0" to get to an operator. After 10 minutes of navigating menus, I thought I was finally about to get to a human on the phone to assist with whatever problem was preventing me from checking in online. I was then advised that "Spirit charges a fee for taking certain phone calls. If you would like to disconnect, press 3." Ridiculous. I hung up.

The flight isn't even until tomorrow and I already utterly regret patronizing this airline. This is my first experience with Spirit and it will certainly be the last. The customer service is nonexistent, and by the time you add in all the hidden fees, it would have been much cheaper to go with a different airline. As I only chose this flight based upon pricing to start with, I feel misled by the cost structure and nickel and dimed to death.

Don't Fly Spirit Air if You Need to Be Somewhere on Time
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- My flight with Spirit Air was delayed causing us to miss a party that had I planned for my husband's 50th birthday celebration. The most shocking part of it was the treatment that I received at the counter. I requested to be rerouted on a flight that was not delayed. The 'customer service' representative Mark demanded to know why he would do that and told me that planes are delayed all the time. When I tried to answer him and tell him why it was so important for me to be there on time, he cut me off and told me that he was not going to reroute me. He did however give me a solution, and that was to give me a full refund so that I could 'go find another airline to fly with!'

I told him this was my first time with Spirit Airlines and that I would not be flying with them again. He let me know that he didn't care if I NEVER flew with Spirit again and repeated that he could give me a full refund. The other customer service representative Eden chimed in that it was only a 2 hr. and 40 min. delay. Somehow that was supposed to make me feel better about missing my reservations and the guest of honor not being there for his party.

When I went back to the counter and spoke to Eden to find out what Mark's name was, she gave me only his first name. When I asked for his last name, she pushed her eyebrows together and told me that his first name was all I needed to know.

Needless to say, I now have a group of friends in Vegas and we are here at home in Portland. To Mark's surprise, I took him up on his offer for a full refund and called my friends. I am now going to tell as many people as I can reach, pay a little extra and fly with a company who understands customer service and respects their customer's time. It's crazy to me that in an economy such as the one we have, that Spirit Airlines can't find anyone with customer service skills to represent their company.

Spirit Airline Employee Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- My daughter flew from Dallas to Denver on April 7th 2013 with Spirit Airlines. When she checked in at the Dallas airport, she was told to check her baby's car seat (as it was labeled over sized) with a TSA officer so that it can be placed on the flight that she was on. When she got to Denver the car seat didn't arrive. My husband and I panicked as we live 100 miles from the airport and it was late on a Sunday when businesses close early. Buying a new car seat would have meant driving into Denver and locating a store that sells infant car seats. The Denver airport is located very east of Denver, out on the plains.

After we finally came to the conclusion and the discovery that the car seat was never placed on her plane a Spirit Airline manager named Myrna came to our rescue. To make a very long story short, she told us that she would do whatever it took to locate a infant car seat that we could borrow. She was good to her word. After spending a couple of hours locating the missing car seat (left in Dallas) and insuring that it will still be there when my daughter and our grand-baby returns to Dallas, she was able to locate a infant car seat that we could borrow!

She never ever stressed out about the issue and she was very professional and certainly a perfect example of how customer service should be! She made us feel confident that she would take care of us and remedy our problem... and she certainly did!! Thanks so much Myrna! Spirit Airlines need you to teach others how customer service should be!! We will never forget you!

Run Forest Run
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- My son and I arrived at the ticket counter at 3:30 pm for 5:30 pm flight from BOS to FTL. I tried to print out our boarding passes but nothing comes up on the computer screen. Spirit personnel look into their computer, and informs us we are "no shows" for yesterday's flight 615. I explained I booked for the 28th but their computer insists the 27th.

I asked the flight reps if they could put us on today's day's flight but they say "sorry booked up." No "we will try standby". I ask "any other flights?" NOPE. They did offer to sell us another airline's ticket at $267 each plus, plus plus... No refunds, no alternative flights, just tough crap, you are screwed. Go back home.

Well... we will see. Calling Corporate tomorrow to see what I can accomplish. Otherwise, I have since "disputed the Spirit Charges on my credit card, and will file a complaint with Consumer Affairs as well.. Not looking for a refund, only just the value of my ticket prices for a future flight.

BTW.. Forget customer service. Eastern Indians that you may have some difficulty understanding. I have several close Eastern Indian friends, and I understand the accents very well, but these customer service reps are the worst. They may as well be a robot with a accent that is difficult to understand and decipher. All they do is spout what the computer tells them to say. One can tell they are reading a corporate written response. They always begin: "I understand and I am sorry..." bla bla bla.

We will see if we can get some satisfaction from what seems an otherwise "1984" type institution that claims to be in the customer service business. Meanwhile, from what I have seen and experienced so far w/ Spirit; "RUN FOREST RUN..."

Never Fly Spirit Again
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Rating: 1/51

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA -- I paid for a one way flight from Ft Lauderdale to Boston for my son on Nov 26, 2012 for a flight leaving at 7:am on Dec 7, 2012. We arrived at the airport at about 5:30 am, 1 1/2 hours before departure. He tried to get his boarding pass at the kiosk and it told him that he had to see an agent. He waited in line and tried another kiosk with the same result. Then he got in line behind about 20 other people and waited.

Many people ahead of him were angry and it took him until about 6:10 am to reach the agent who told him that the flight had closed out at 5:30 am and that he could either pay $112 extra and fly home at 8:00 pm that night or pay about $50 more and fly at 7:00 the next day.

They must have sold his seat to someone else for more money just as they charged him more money for his flight. We will never fly Spirit, again. I won't bore you with the details of my attempts to contact Spirit by phone. Just understand that it is not possible.

Don't Fly Spirit Airlines
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Rating: 1/51

MIRIMAR, FLORIDA -- I booked a flight from DFW-BOS on Spirit Airlines. I took sick over in the night and could not make the flight. I called gave the CSA my confirmation number while regurgitating and could barely talk, dizzy, head swimming, told her would call her back. I called back about 45 minutes or so later to reschedule and was told I No-Showed the flight, lost my money, and they refused to let me speak with a supervisor. Said no supervisor on duty that late, very rude people!

I spoke with 6 different agents including Management in some overseas country in India, where Spirit OUTSOURCES their jobs. I was told they could only find several places where I called in but could not find the original call. I don't know what happened to their computer system in tracking calls. However, at least 3 of the calls couldn't be found (how convenient). You can't understand their CSA's, and they can't understand you.

The service is terrible! I had to hang up and call back several times to get someone I could understand. I kept having to ask them to please slow down and speak where I could understand them, and most of the time still couldn't understand them.

Spirit couldn't care less about their customers they just want your money! Spirit said I should have purchased sick insurance (more money for them) and Spirit would not accept my physician's statement (said "we don't accept medical statements from doctors") so I could pay whatever cancellation fee and rebook the flight. They told me too bad about me being sick, and that they were keeping my money.

I was told that their customer service person advised me to purchase sick insurance when I booked the reservation. That's not true. Nobody said anything to me about purchasing sick insurance. I asked for the Better Business Bureau information and didn't get that either. Please take my advice. Do not fly Spirit Airlines!

Death tax not included
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Rating: 1/51

I recently flew to Florida to visit my parents. While there my father died. Obviously, I needed to reschedule my return flight as I would be at his funeral that day. Spirit is the only airline that I know of that does not waive change fees due to a death in the family. I was told by Stetson in customer service that he was very sorry for my loss but the company policy for changing flights would not be waived. Bottom line... condolences at Spirit Airlines cost 125.00 per ticket. Stetson refused to allow me to speak to a supervisor. There is absolutely no humanity in this company. I told them to shove the tickets.

I flew back on US Airways for ten dollars more per ticket than Spirit's change fee would have cost me. The service was excellent, and they were shocked to hear my Spirit story. Understand that this company, Spirit, has a policy that does not care about you regardless of your situation. They will charge you every penny they can even in your darkest hours! If you must fly them... be aware they will do nothing for you without a charge. They have in fact lost all humanity. BEWARE!

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