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Thank You for Calling India... May I NOT Help You
By -

It is Saturday evening and I sit here alone thanks in part to Spirit Airlines. It has now been over a month since my children or myself have seen my husband. Today was supposed to be the day we reunited for at least a brief period until his job transfer goes through in March. We have been in Michigan, he in Florida, since the end of June. I woke early, as did he, both excited as we got ready to leave for the airport. At 4 am he pulled into his parking spot at Ft Myers Airport and was sitting at the gate by 430 am. His departure was to be at 641 am. Everything seemed normal, he boarded the plane and was in his seat at 627.

With no announcements or words from the flight crew the plane sat there for over a half an hour until finally the passengers were asked to gather their belongings and head back off of the plane. Without going into detail they were told the plane had mechanical issues that were being worked on and they would re-board when the issue was resolved. So there he sat again at the gate with no further word until the pilots exited the plane with luggage in hand and casually announced, to a passenger who inquired, that the flight had been cancelled. This was the first anyone at the gate had heard the flight had been cancelled. It was now approximately 930 am.

The passengers at the gate exploded with anger and yelling. The employees of Spirit at the podium had no information. Passengers were routed to the ticket counter to try to re-book. Apparently the next flight was full and the few tickets remaining for the evening flight had been scooped up by the first passengers to arrive at the counter. My husband was not first in line, nor last, his wait in line lasted until 1222 pm, almost 3 hours. There were no tickets to be had that would work for him since he had to be back to work Wednesday morning.

Because he couldn't re-book he was told he was not entitled to the free travel voucher all the other passengers, lucky enough to get on one of the next flights, received. Over 8 hours at the airport and nothing! While he was sitting on the runway not getting any information I was on the phone with Spirit trying to find out anything I could about the delay. What I got was a pleasant Indian woman who told me his flight would be departing at 641 am, it was now after 7 am already.

When my husband was back at the gate waiting for the plane to be fixed I called Spirit again, and got yet another pleasant Indian woman on the phone. She told me the flight was delayed but the new departure time was 730, it was now almost 800 am. I tried to explain this to her and she first told me that yes she understood and his flight would be leaving at 641 am. Now irate I explained to her that it was after 8 am eastern standard time in the US. Her reply... "but the flight has been rescheduled to take off at 730". At this point I asked to speak to an American supervisor, she asked me to hold.

In about a minute she came back on the line and said she spoke to her supervisor there were mechanical issues with the plane and it would be departing at 730. I was ready to scream. "Please let me talk with an American supervisor" I asked. "Hold please..." 2 minutes later, "supervisor is on another call would you like to wait." "Yes I would..." Another two minutes pass, supervisor is still on phone. I hang up and decide to go a different route and choose a different option on the call to try to get to someone American.

No such luck, this time a pleasant Indian man answers. I ask to speak to an American supervisor. He tells me there are only Indians and that all of Spirit Airlines Operations are handled in India. I ask him if there is a phone number to the ticket counter at Fort Myers Airport. He gives me a number which I thank him for and he thanks me and asks me if I would like to apply for a Spirit credit card before I hang up. I tell him, since my husband is sitting at the airport trying to get a new flight booked thanks to Spirit, I'll pass thank you.

So the final straw... I call the number he gave me... It is indeed to the Fort Myers Airport, I go through all the options to get to the actual ticket counter in the airport and low and behold... Welcome back to India! I will never buy another ticket from Spirit. I have been flying with them for years and years, but never again.

Stranded in Ft Lauderdale
By -

MIRIMAR, FLORIDA -- Partial Copy of Email sent to various Spirit Representatives & Corporate Managers as follows... Our flight was delayed out of St Thomas and as a result we arrived late into Ft Lauderdale, missing our connection. We were told that a supervisor would be meeting us at the gate to rebook our travel. This was the first of many lies various Spirit representatives and supervisors would tell us. Upon arrival in ft Lauderdale no supervisor was present at the gate. We were told to run to the gate for the departing Myrtle Beach flight and we would make it.

Next lie, plane was gone. At that gate we were told to go back to gate h5 (where we landed) and they would help us, next lie. A group of 20+ passengers went back to gate 5 and were told we had to go to ticketing that they would help us. This one was a major lie. Upon arrival at the main ticketing counters we were told a supervisor would be right with us. After a 2+ hour wait a supervisor had us go back to the counters to be issued our meal, transportation, and hotel vouchers, as by this point there were no more departing flights.

We also told our checked luggage had continued to myrtle beach and fortunately common sense dictated that if the plane had departed when we landed that our luggage was now on the carousel to be claimed (which it was), so fortunately for us we caught onto the fact that this organization will say anything and do nothing to help their stranded customers and we retrieved our luggage.

We requested that we be put out on the earliest next available flight, on whatever airline, as federal regulations dictate airlines must comply within these situations and were told that Spirit's travel agent would book that or the next Spirit flight (which was 7:15 pm the next evening) and that our travel arrangements would be faxed to the hotel that spirit provided the voucher for in a few hours. So we, along with 20+ other passengers left the airport to the hotel and awaited the fax that never came.

After a horrible night's sleep, thinking that there must be an oversight regarding the lack of faxed travel arrangements, I contacted Spirit's wonderful (put the jobs back in America guys) 800 number and was told after explaining the whole situation that we were in the computer as no shows, Spirit would not be rebooking our flight to anywhere and that we were on our own. A supervisor repeated the same thing to me as well. I have to truly say your company has set a new standard in ineptitude with this one.

The supervisor then advised me that Spirit's only flight out was booked and even if it was not that I would have to pay full price, if I had a problem with that I needed to return to the airport to deal with the day supervisor who would have access to the same information that I was a no-show and start all over again, with another incompetent representative of your organization.

We found out that your company after telling 20+ passengers, who suffered because of your flight delay, had not received their promised faxed flight information either and returned to the airport to be further jerked around by your company. Suffice to say we lost numerous business meetings that result in revenue for our company today and my son lost a day of school. We lost the money we paid for checked luggage (prepaid).

Because we were so jerked around and believed nothing your company had to say and since you refused to honor our demand of booking us on the next available and literally left us stranded in fort Lauderdale, we made our own travel arrangements since we feel spirit had more than ample time and opportunity to do so and honor their verbal commitments. As a result, we are asking for reimbursement for expenses occurred and compensation for our hideous ordeal.

As of this posting it should be noted I emailed a complaint to Spirit's website on March 23rd and have received no response. I then emailed a corporate customer service management type, today, March 25th, and was told I would receive some communication by close of business today (it is 9:11 pm est, they must work really late, at what I'm not sure.

Not that bad
By -

After buying tickets for a trip from Myrtle Beach to Atlantic City, my friend and I found these reviews of Spirit and were a little afraid that we had made a mistake. Since the tickets were non refundable, we went ahead with an open mind and decided to do everything we could to make our trip easier. We checked in and got our boarding passes online the night before our flight, made sure we only had carry-on luggage, put all of our valuables in separate tote bags that would fit on our laps or the floor under the seats, and arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

The check in line did seem to be a little long, but since we had our boarding passes already, we avoided that and went straight to security, and found that we actually could have arrived later than we did and still have time to spare. The plane was full to capacity, so one of the employees came to the gate about 30 minutes before boarding time and requested that as many people as possible check (for free) their carry-on luggage. We chose to do so.

The people who chose not to check their luggage spent quite a bit of time trying to find a place to put it all once we boarded, and several people had shoved shopping bags, coats, computers etc. in the carry on compartments, then got attitudes when the flight attendants removed them and asked them to hold them (even though everyone was asked NOT to put anything in the compartments except luggage).

We departed on time, it was a smooth flight and landing, and we actually landed a few minutes early. The flight attendants were friendly and helpful. By the time we got to the baggage pick-up area, our luggage was there. The flight back was just as uneventful.

So I think that most of the bad reviews are from people who did not read the regulations or recommendations (clearly posted on the website) regarding luggage or arriving early if they needed to check in, and were unprepared or thought they should get special treatment (like the woman across from us with a carry on suitcase, 3 large shopping bags, a tote bag, and a coat shoved into the carry on compartment who got angry when the flight attendant asked her to remove some of it so her seat mate could fit in his carry-on bag).

I see a lot of reviews of $50 a night hotels that people think should be 4-star resorts, and that is what some of these reviews remind me of. True, some of them were legit because bad things do sometimes happen..... flights get delayed, people get bumped, there are bad customer service reps, things get stolen out of suitcases..... but I have found that happens with almost every airline at one time or another.

True, they charged 3.00 for a soda, but hey, it said that on the website and we were prepared. We bought sodas after we went through security and took them on the plane with us. We did not purchase seat assignments, but luckily managed to get seats together since we checked in early, both on the flight up and back. However, we were prepared to not sit together if we had been assigned separate seats.

If you are going to get tickets that cheap, they are going to have to cut corners somewhere..... I would rather see them sell overpriced sodas and snacks (not to mention hawking their credit card and $9 fare club during the flight) than sacrifice maintenance on the plane.

One thing though: The complaints about the cramped, uncomfortable seating are NOT over-exaggerated. My knees touched the back of the seat in front of me, and the seats were hard. It was so bad that my friend and I joked about not having room to bend over and get the life jackets from under our seats if we needed to. It was like being on a school bus with wings...

Other than the seats, overall it was just an average flight, no better or worse than most others I have been on. The price was right, and I would fly them again, just not a long flight as I don't think I could stand that uncomfortable seat for more than an hour or so. All in all I think you get what you pay for.

Think again before you book with Spirit Airlines
By -

I have been a customer of Spirit Airlines for many years and for the most part, have never been fully satisfied with the service I have received. I have tried my best to stay away from your airline, due to your cramped aircraft, non-complementary beverages/food/blankets/pillows, and your rude and inconsiderate employees; but I was lured, for the very last time, by the offer of a non-stop flight from Detroit to Cancun, Mexico, with the less than moderate price of $500 per person.

Myself, my wife and my son had taken a week off from work and school, for my son, to take this trip; a trip we have been planning for five weeks, and been searching for, online through a third-party travel agency, since our last vacation in June of 2009. To our dismay my family and I arrived at your terminal (Spirit) at Detroit International Airport at around 3:30 am to be told by a rude ticket agent, who announced to my family and the rest of the pseudo-passengers of never to exist flight 285, that our flight had been cancelled due to maintenance issues, ones that they would not specify.

They had told us the next flight on your airline available to Cancun was on this coming Tuesday, having fourteen seats available, and Wednesday, having 30 seats available. We were also told that there were no available flights with a different airline, anywhere, anyhow. We were then told, rudely once again, to make a line to be dealt individually by your horribly condescending ticket agents to "€œweigh our options."

Options being: 1. Be refunded for our plane tickets (but not for our lodging, parking, excursions, and not to mention our time). 2. Take a shortened vacation on Wednesday, not being guaranteed that the flight would not be cancelled, delayed our overbooked (something I have found your company to be notorious for).

I decided to take option one, being no point to take a three day vacation to Cancun, being due back Saturday afternoon and spending two out of those three days traveling. At last we were insultingly offered $100 per person voucher to a flight to somewhere else, however still on your horrible airline. Given "€œbargain" tickets now days are around $500 dollars per person, a $100 voucher wouldn'€™t even cover one ticket between three of us.

For my money lost from the Resort I had booked, and had to cancel, the $6 charge for two hour parking at U.S. Park (time which was all spent waiting in line to being told of our cancelled flight, and waiting to be reimbursed for our tickets) and the time I have spent not only researching and, inevitably, wasting for a decent deal for a nice vacation for my family and myself, I demand a much better offer than this.

This is completely unacceptable, unforgivable and immoral, for you to do to my family and me, as not only customers but as people. I expect a much higher level of service and satisfaction from an international company of your stature and success (even though the exact definition of YOUR success can be argued).You will never see my business again.

This Is an Airline for Elves.
By -

I traveled on Spirit Airlines for the first time this week. For the most part, I did not experience many of the negative issues that many other reviewers have mentioned. In fact, I found Spirit's planes to be new (statistically, they actually have the second newest fleet in the US), pretty clean, on time and the staff exceedingly friendly. Were it not for one major shortfall, I would rate these guys 4-stars.

The problem is this: Apparently Spirit Airlines either did not intend their planes to be used by human beings or is entirely unfamiliar with the dimensions of an average human specimen. If you happen to hail from a quasi-human race, such as a mid-size breed of house elf or whatever type of being that guy with the Axe from Lord of the Rings happens to be, you might call the seats on a Spirit plane "cozy", perhaps even "charming". If not, you will most likely find the legroom allotted to you on your Spirit Airlines plane one thing: insulting.

I have traveled on probably 100+ airlines around the world in my heyday and can easily say this is a new low. Either the ergonomics guy at Spirit needs to entirely relearn his trade or was told by the higher-ups that the free drinks were going to be substituted by free shoe horns and axle grease, because that is what it will take to get you into these seats if you are under 5'6". If you are anything close to 6', get ready for two hours of excruciating pain.

All of the passengers in my area were talking about this the entire flight. We formed a sort of camaraderie and I made several new friends on that flight. It's sort of like how guys who were prisoners of war together develop a life-long bond. It was a harrowing experience. Our attitudes changed from comedic and jovial at the onset of the flight until the point at which, by the end of the flight, we had all vowed never to do this to ourselves again. We shared our grief, shed our tears together and offered one another our shoulders to cry on. I met a lot of first time Spirit passengers that day, but believe me when I tell you, no repeaters.

I am a simple guy with simple needs. If you have an airline and decide not to give me a free can of soda subsidized by inflated airfares, I am all in favor of it. In fact, if I were to take any other mode of transportation, be it car, bus, train or horse, and I want a can of soda, I will have to buy it. I can't even comprehend why someone once decided that if we travel by air, we should be given a free can of soda. It makes no sense.

Along the same lines, I don't need a movie or other preoccupation to keep distracted- I have reached the point in my life where I can keep myself entertained for an hour or two. But I do expect that if I purchase a ticket to travel somewhere, I should be able to do so free of physical pain. It may sound like a tall order, but it is possible- I've seen it done.

It's not even the pain itself that bothers me, but something else. Maybe it's the fact that Spirit thought I wouldn't notice, wouldn't care, or that I would simply accept it as a given due to the sorry state of air travel these days. You ALMOST have a winning concept here Spirit. You are very close. But at some point, an hour or two of agonizing pain and discomfort is not worth saving a few bucks.

By -

My husband and I flew Spirit Airlines to our final destination of Punta Cana. The flights were cheap but were charged $25 each for our checked bags to and from Punta Cana. Our flight left Atlanta and flew into Fort Lauderdale, where we had a 2-hour layover. We then traveled from Fort Lauderdale to Punta Cana. The flight down was uneventful. We arrived on time and our luggage was intact.

My only complaints for the flight down were the small seats and the lack of service. I am a small woman (125 lbs, and 5'3”) and even I was cramped. I felt sorry for my husband and the man sitting beside him. The flight attendants basically were useless. The only task they performed were to show the safety procedures. Other than that, they stood in the front of the plane and drank coffee. The flight home was another story.

We left Punta Cana on time and arrived in Fort Lauderdale on time. Those were the only good that came out of the trip home. Once we landed in Fort Lauderdale, we had a 4-hour layover. Well, we were supposed to have a 4-hour layover. We were informed that the plane was delayed, but no one could tell us for how long. They kept saying we were waiting for the crew to arrive from NY. We boarded the plane at 8:45 pm (we were supposed to leave @ 8:10). We were on the plane for approx 15 minutes before we were told that the power needed to be turned off for 2-3 minutes in order to get the computer rebooted.

The power was completely turned off and then turned back on. We then sat for another 20 minutes, before we were told that the reboot did not work and that the power would need to be turned off for 15 minutes and we were not allowed to stay on the plane while that happened, so we would all have to gather all our belongings and deboard the plane. We were told that we would be reboarding in approx 20-30 minutes. One hour later, we were still in the terminal and had heard nothing. Around 10:35 we were able to reboard the plane. We sat on the plane for 2 hours waiting on the “paperwork” to show up.

At around 12:45, we were told again that we needed to gather our things and deboard the plane once again. They said that they hoped to get us out as soon as possible. After sitting there for 20 minutes, a spirit employee came out and said “flights cancelled, go to the ticketing both and reschedule your flights”, and he left. We all head to the ticketing and stand in the long line to get vouchers, and reschedule our flights. We were some of the last in line and were told the only flight left was the 8 pm the following day. I asked for a refund for the Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta portion of the flight and was told that they would not give me a refund.

They said that once I boarded the plane in Punta Cana, I was no longer entitled a refund. I gave up and took the hotel room and the taxi vouchers and left. At the hotel, I booked a flight home on Air Tran, and good thing I did because from what I have heard, the 8 pm flight the next night was cancelled also. After speaking with the hotel staff and several of the TSA agents, we were told that this is an everyday occurrence with Spirit Airlines. The hotel staff said that Spirit Airlines fill up the majority of their hotel every night, often even having to fill the hotel next door also.

Worst Flight Experience Ever
By -

BELOIT, WISCONSIN -- 1) My sister was seated in seat 12E which was broken. The seat was half off the base and she had to slide it back into place but it was not secure. She then just put on her seat belt.

2) We had one carry on bag for the 2 of us that we wanted to put in a compartment overhead. We held our purses and coats in our laps. There was no room for our bag when we tried to place it in a compartment. The steward had made room for other passengers' bags, but told us to take our bag forward. When I took it to the front of the plane, he asked if my purse was in the bag. I said, "No." I was carrying my coat and my purse in my lap, as was my sister.

He then put a white tag on the bag and I assumed that it would be kept in the front of the plane. When I realized that it was checked and placed in the baggage area under the plane, I was not happy because my sister's laptop was in that bag. I asked the steward to get our bag back because we did not want it checked. He said he could not do that. I said, “We paid for 2 seats and are only asking for space for one small carry on suitcase and are holding our coats and purses in our laps.

"Why did you make space for other passengers' but not for ours? It is not right that other passengers are storing their coats and purses in the upper compartments and we could not get space for one carry on for the two of us.” My sister was crying because she had lots of personal photos and videos saved on her laptop. The stewardess rudely told me that I had to sit down and that our bag was checked.

I then asked, “Who will pay for any damage to that laptop since you did not provide any space for our one carry on bag?” She said, “Talk to the service desk for Spirit once we landed and were off the plane”. The steward did get our bag for us before it was thrown like all the other checked bags but we had to ask him 3 or 4 times to do it, as well as remind him to do it and give him our white check tag.

3) When we got off the plane, we could not find a Spirit service desk. When I called your 800 number, I was told I had to report this via e-mail. Each time I tried to put this in with all the other identifying information, I would get a message saying, “Time has expired due to inactivity, do you want to try again.” So, I typed this in Word and copied and pasted it into the comment box.

4) My question is why were we treated differently than other passengers? Why could the steward or stewardess make people hold their coats like we were, so that we could put our one carry on bag in an overhead compartment? Why could the steward move things around to make room for other passengers' carry on's, but not ours?

Both my sister and I have flown on other airlines and have never been treated so poorly. We expect that your airline explain to us how this could happen and what steps you will take in the future so that this does not happen to another passenger. If we do not receive a response, we will be reporting this to a government agency which oversees airlines. We were treated very poorly and not once did any staff apologize to us. I sent this message to Spirit Air via their e-mail center a month ago and still have not received a response. I am looking for ways to contact them or a government agency above them to report this.

Don't Fly Spirit, They Lose Luggage
By -

FLL -- Never again will we fly Spirit Air. From FLL-LGA on this weekend for Valentines day, New York was freezing cold, the winds was very strong and cold. To start the flight was delayed almost 3 hours and they didn'€™t even bother telling us that it was going to be late, then when we were arriving in LGA the flight was shaking because of the high winds and the pilot didn'€™t bother to say that we were going to have turbulence at that time.

I'€™ve never been so afraid in my life, thank God we arrived fine. When we went to take our luggage it never came. They lost our luggage and didn't bother to say at any time come or going "we are sorry" like I mentioned New York was freezing cold. The only clothing we had was what we were wearing, they didn'€™t say we could buy some coats and they would refund us the money.

I had a really high boot on and I had to walk all weekend in New York with the high boots. I had over $3,000 worth on our luggage. I was very upset and they didn'€™t bother to call us to let us know any information on our luggage. We had to call every 3 hours to see if they had news. 1 hour before our trip back to FLL they found our bag all broken and scratched. They wouldn't refund us the money we paid for the $30 luggage fee and didn'€™t even say "we are sorry about that."

They tried to keep our report so we wouldn'€™t try to file a complaint or a lawsuit against them. I had to argue with the supervisor to get my paper back. When we arrived inside the plane on our way back all the staff was so rude and nasty to all the passengers. The plane we came was their biggest plane and they all acted like they never had a full plane, screaming with everyone. Most people had over 2 carry on, so there was no space in the plane for any more carry on; as if that was the passenger's problem.

They shouldn'€™t allow that when people are checking in or just not charge for luggage because then this wouldn'€™t be an issue. They now charge for the seats. I THOUGHT THE PLANE TICKET WAS YOUR RESERVED SEATS, that is ridiculous.

Then if your luggage is 1 pound over they will charge $50 for that and you can'€™t get 1 cup of water for free in the plane, that'€™s funny and on the middle of the flight the staff starts to promote their credit card. I will never fly Spirit Air again. They lost 3 of my friends luggage before and only gave them $200 back. They were lucky they found our luggage because I would have made their lives a living hell. I would have called every news station, and every lawyer I know and I would personally put a commercial on TV to destroy their reputation which is not that great. Well that'€™s it. Good luck flying Spirit Air if you will.

Disregard for Customer Service
By -

I am a frequent flier and have been for the past 20 years. Although I have had my share of what could be considered horrific experience with all the airlines I have ever used at one time of another, I will NEVER use Spirit Airlines again. The travel experience with Spirit seemed doomed from the beginning. I was traveling to Peru to visit for the holidays and packed my usual two checked bags for International travel with gifts and clothes.

I had booked the flight online 40 days prior to departure and every time I attempted to prepay for the baggage I was not allowed to pay for the second bag. After two days of attempting to talk to a live human being I finally make contact but was treated with extreme rudeness because I could not understand anything the agent said. I finally assumed that I would have to pay full price for my second checked luggage and asked the agent if that was correct and she said, “Yes.”

My flight was scheduled to depart December 13, 2008 at 7:00 am. I parked my car at the Economy parking lot and took the shuttle to the terminal, arriving at approximately 4:45 am. I was the first person in line and the counter agent arrived at 5:00 am and placed a poster on the counter stating that only one checked bag was allowed from December 1, 2008 until January 10, 2009. I immediately felt sick and was hoping that I would still be allowed to pay for the second bag.

I asked the counter agent and she just held her hand up to let me know she was not ready to perform any service just yet. She walked away from the counter and returned 5 minutes later and addressed me. She then told me that I would only be allowed to take one bag; no exceptions. So I requested that she process my one checked bag and give me my boarding pass so I would not need to get in the back of the line. She refused to process my ticket and was extremely rude in telling me to do something with the extra bag and get back in line.

I literally ran to the shuttle bus stop and returned to my car with on bag and ran again to catch the bus before it left the lot. I barely made it to my gate on time. The return trip was worse. My flight left Lima Peru at midnight and arrived in Fort Lauderdale at 6:30. My connection flight was scheduled to leave within an hour and 10 minutes my arrival at Fort Lauderdale. After going through customs I look at my boarding pass and for the first time realized they had changed my flight to 2:00 pm. I sat around the airport for more than 6 hours to make my connection.

When I arrived in Fort Lauderdale I waited for my bag at the carousel. When the carousel stopped I assumed they had lost my bag. I went to the baggage claim area and there was my bag. It had made the original flight on which I was to fly. No apology. No explanation. My flight from Fort Lauderdale to Washington had many empty seats. I assumed that Spirit had a higher demand for my earlier seat and chose to let me hang out for their convenience. Never again Spirit. I work in the aviation industry and will definitely pass the word.

Hidden And Inflexible Policies
By -

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- On November 26, 2008, a friend and I attempted to fly from Tampa Fl to San Jose Costa Rica on Spirit airlines. I purchased 2 sets of round trip tickets on October 16, 2008. We arrived at the Tampa airport at 6:30 AM for the 8:30 flight to Ft. Lauderdale. We were told at the Tampa airport that they could not issue us the boarding passes for the Ft. Lauderdale - San Jose flight because of the way I had booked the travel. We were informed that we would need to go to the front ticket counter in Ft. Lauderdale to do this. I questioned this because the flight would arrive in Ft. Lauderdale at 9:40 and the next flight departed at 10:40.

Knowing this was the Thanksgiving travel time I was concerned there would not be enough time. The Spirit airline employee assured us that we would have plenty of time to do this so we boarded the flight to Ft. Lauderdale. I am unclear why the Spirit Airline employee in Tampa could not print our boarding passes.

Had this been a domestic flight we could have printed all our boarding passes and this would be a non issue. Had we booked both flights together, the Spirit Airline employee could have scanned our passports and printed our boarding passes. But because they were separate for some reason this could not be done. When I asked why I was told "We just can't". When these tickets were purchased we were not provided with any information from Spirit Airline saying that boarding passes would only be issued in Fort Lauderdale.

Immediately upon landing in Ft. Lauderdale we went to the Spirit airline counter. We arrived at the counter at 9:49 AM. At this point we were told that we were late by 9 minutes and would not be issued boarding passes. I explained that the Spirit agent in Tampa had told us there was enough time, but they would not listen. The Spirit employee at the Ft. Lauderdale counter, informed us that there were no additional flights to Costa Rica that day or on November 27th. The next day would be the 28th of November and it would cost an additional $430 for that flight. We asked if we could be refunded for the ticket and were told no since they considered us late.

We asked if we could have credit towards a future flight, they said no since we did not cancel 24 hours in advance. We asked to speak with the supervisor and he told us the same thing. We were left stranded in Ft. Lauderdale. We then asked if they could get us on a flight back to Tampa. We were told no, the flights were full. The soonest would be on the 27th at a cost of $220. At this point we evaluated our options. At our own expense we rented a car and drove back to Tampa to retrieve our car.

When we returned home we immediately reviewed all our emails and reservation confirmations from Spirit. Nothing in the Spirit Airlines correspondences indicated that it is required for passengers to be checked in 1 hr. prior to boarding an international flight. I called Spirit to try to resolve this situation. I spoke with Alexis **. She reviewed the reservations and informed us that Cheole had stated in there that we were "No Shows" and we were denied our boarding passes because we were late. She did confirm that she saw we did board our flight in Tampa and arrived in Ft. Lauderdale.

At this point she indicated that she was not going to be able to help us because our case was marked as "No Shows". I explained to her that was not true and relayed the above information but she would not listen. I then asked for her supervisor. I was transferred to a woman named Linda. Linda answered the phone already with the "No" answer. I relayed the above information to her as well. At the end of our conversation she said to me "You can keep talking but I am not going to do anything for you".

At this point I ended the conversation and called Capital One to dispute the charge. I also went to the Spirit Airline web site help area and did a search on "International check in time". None of the documents returned from the search indicated that passengers need to be checked in 1 hour prior to departure. Based on the information told to us by Spirit Airlines employees in Tampa, based on the emailed reservation confirmations from Spirit Airlines and based on the lack of information posted on the Spirit Airlines website, we feel we were denied service from Spirit Airlines and this is why we are disputing the charges. Thanks.

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1.2 out of 5, based on 110 ratings and
432 reviews & complaints.
Contact Information:
Spirit Airlines
30588 Automation Dr.
Clinton Township, MI 40835
800-772-7117 (ph)
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