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Startec Is A Fraud, They Are Thief
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To begin with, I am not on DO not Call list & they called me anyway to sale their awful service. They gave me a call in the middle of the day while my baby was sleeping on my lap. The sales person just told me that I can make a direct call & be billed on my AT&T account & didn’t explain anything about their terms & conditions. Just gave me some info about the rates of calling to other countries & since I thought that I don’t have any obligation or haven’t have to pay extra for not using the service & just to get rid of the call as quickly as possible I agreed to open the account. The guy gave me a # to call after 7 days & gave me a pin# to activate my account. I didn’t call the # & didn’t activate my account at all and didn’t even know that the account was activated automatically. After couple of weeks, I got a bill for just 3 local calls of 5 min. of $15.77, which $15.35 of it was minimum usage fee. When I called to pay the bill they asked if my husband is around or not & I asked why, the guy from customer service (Oscar) said because he is the account holder I said what do you mean I was the one who opened the account not my husband & he told me well his name is on the bill; he has to call in order for me to give you information. When I asked to connect me to his supervisor he said sorry I can’t do that since you are not authorized to do anything with this account, well with opening the account I didn’t need my husband’s authority but now I do????

Anyway, long story short they are absolutely DISHONEST with their customers, don’t give the right information to people & just open accounts for them & charge their customers extra for not even using their service (for just $0.42 call that I made they charged me min. usage fee of $15.35.)
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Jay on 08/09/2011:
No company is going to call you and offer service unless there is money in it for them. You should have just hung up on him. That would have cleared the call much faster than opening the account.
leet60 on 08/09/2011:
It was your responsibility to ask for the "terms and conditions". Additionally I note that you "agreed to open the account", following you say you never activiated the account, but subsequently state you made one call that should be billed at $0.42 - How can you not use their service but be aware that you made one call????
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False advertisement and hard to cancel service. Don't be fooled by advertised rate
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PLAINFIELD, ILLINOIS -- Stay away. Think before getting their service.

Don't be fooled by false advertisement. Charges per minute higher than what is advertised. Calling customer service will not help as well and they will provide you false info as well. Customer service will promise rate change but new calls will be the same rate. Additional charges are more than the total amount that you are paying for the calls.

Cancelling service is a pain. To cancel you need to call customer service and needs to several transfer before someone will tell you that all agents to cancel service is not available. They will promise a call back that does not happen. I called several times and until now my service is not cancelled yet. On top of this, worst is you are getting charge monthly even if you are not using their service.
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ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- This company is one of the largest rip-off artists in the country. My problem with them started in late 2008 after watching their ad. I called and of course, they put me through the nicest sales people in the world. I opened the account and they convinced me to give them my debit/ credit card number so they can save me the hassle of sending my monthly payments. Anyway, I saw the monthly payments being debited from account and although I did notice that they were kind of high, I have never doubted that I was being ripped off big time. I tried to look at the bills, but, purposely, the bills are not available on-line. In other words, you have to call the company, be placed on hold for ages until you get someone and then they will tell you some sort of balloony story and you sill don't receive your bill. Finally, I had a chance to look through my account and guess what: in a 12-month period, my usage was $751 and the total payments debited from my account was $1070. In the beginning, I thought it was a mistake but when I called, they said those were fees and I should have been aware of those fees. First of all, they have never mentioned such fees when I opened the account. Okay, let's say they did tell me about those fees, am I that insane to accept fees that are 42% as much as my bill? What kind of fees are these? Just to prove that I'm not creating this story, I asked them to email me all my bills, I have my bank statements, I have my usage statement and I have my common sense that no one in the U.S. will accept some unknown fees to be applied to his phone bill that are 42% as much as the usage. MY ONLY PROBLEM IS THAT I DID TRUST THEM WITH MY ACCOUNT AND NEVER CHECKED AFTER THEM BUT NOW I'M READY TO TAKE THEM TO SMALL CLAIMS COURT...


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Ponie on 12/30/2009:
'...they convinced me to give them my debit/ credit card number..' Your first, and biggest, mistake. With the exception of my rent payment which is controlled by a lease, no one, but NO one has access to my bank account(s) or credit card(s).
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
OP, you didn't *really look* at your account for a year? Unbelievable.

Leka on 07/22/2011:
My mistake was that I trusted STARTEC so much that I didn't check my statement for a long time.Last week I realized that something is wrong :They charge me double more than what was our deal from few years ago.So,let's asay deal was 5 cents per minute,now without any information they charge me 10 cents.
And the worst is that they are doing that from last September.It is my mistake that I never qequestion theyir credibiliti.What mistake?
When I call Sstartec representative he was very ignorant!!!
What diference compering with all previous conversations.
No response on my e - mail.Total ignorance.
And I am going to provide to all of you intereste about Startec my complain:
My name is D.L. and my phone # xxxx .
My account # xxxxx.
So,I just realized that, as your customer for so many years, I gat tricked. My minute with Serbia is charged 10 cents from last Sept. or Oct.
My deal was,I believe, 5 or 6 cents...
Who changed this and how come nobody informed me about this changes?
I need explanation because before switching to you I had with another company better deal (7 cents).
I trusted you and I never thought that I have to check your statement.
I am very disappointed.

Please,provide me explanation for such "bed" movement.

After so many years loyalty they provided me just with ignorance.
Thank you STARTEC!
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Rip off...... Run the Other Way as Fast as You Can
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- I subscribed in November 2010 and was being charged 7.9 c a minute. A friend called me yesterday March 2013 and informed me that someone told him back in August 2012 that prices dropped to 3.9 cent. So at least since August they've been charging higher rate for the exact same plan. I called and they said will credit you but give us 24-48 hrs, my friend told me good luck; they never gave him credit in August. What a rip off. I'm reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. And of course they aren't going to get a single cent from me. And I couldn't understand their heavy accent.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 03/29/2013:
The Bad Business Buddies won't do you any good.
Nama20 on 05/03/2013:
They are stealing from us...who can help?
Star on 05/07/2013:
Startec is a total scam!!! They gave me an access number and a PIN number that are non working. They charged me $13 plus dollors on my credit card for a 10 dollor worth of call. They gave me a run around with all the numbers that are non working!!!
Bj on 06/17/2013:
STARTEC is a total RIP OFF!!! I've only used it once on the day I registered to them. Now I have been receiving 2 charges. I asked them why they're charging me 2x when I've only used their service once!!! OMG!!! Unbelievable!!!It's hard to understand the accent of their customer service that's why I don't want to argue anymore! But I discontinued my service!! BAD EXPERIENCE OVER ALL!!!!
oxy on 07/17/2013:
Horrible accents of customer service employees despite their best effort to help. It is a HORROR to subscribe to this company's service and a bigger HORROR to cancel. DO NOT use them. Buy a phone card instead.
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* * FRAUD company!! WARNING, avoid company at all costs!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- I spoke to two different representative about canceling my services here.

Apparently, they failed to make a "note" of it, so simply put, my cancellation never happened. I had no choice but to pay 2 balances and a late charge even though I had not utilized their services since my "cancellation."

Just as simple as that. You won't find quality here. A bunch of dishonest, incompetent people who try to find a way to take your money.

Avoid at all costs and use a different company for your communication needs.

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User Replies:
BigAl on 04/02/2012:
Whenever I cancel something I send a registered letter. It's a small hassle but eliminates many future problems.
Felicity on 11/27/2012:
We never officially switched to Startec but were somehow switched over without being asked about it. Even though we canceled months ago we continue to get invoices and currently are being told that we owe around $30. We do not use the service at all. This has been very frustrating.
Sondra on 12/08/2012:
I can even top that. I canceled in 2010 and they stillsend invoices. So, they did confirm it and after six month send onvoices sgain. So I called again and had hours of frustrating phone calls, because the best thing is, that I canceled the phone at the same time, I canceled them. They keep billing me for a non existing number since 2 years.
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Long distance quality and customer service
Posted by on

I thought of posting my experience with Startec recently. I was called by their sales people mentioning that they have 5.9c deal for landline and cell phones to India. I signed up thinking this is the best deal I could get from any other long distance providers. I used it for two days. The second day, I could not call any cell phones in India. Automated message kept saying "try your call again". Call quality seemed fine for me during other calls. I wanted to check my account usage and when I logged in, I was being charged 6.9c for all of my calls. I called Startec and reported it. They transferred me to their retention department and they lowered the rate for me. I asked them to refund my earlier calls (2 day calls) considering 5.9c since that is what I was told by their sales agents. The customer service representative, Barbara refused and said 5.9c is from today and she cannot do anything. She was very rude and said if I want to cancel, I can do so. She cannot do anything. I canceled my account since they lied to me. It's not about a few cents or a dollar that I lost, it's about being honest.

This has been my experience so far. I will not recommend Startec to anyone.

Hope this helps.

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Low Advertised Low Rates Have Fine Print With Big Costs
Posted by on
ROCKVILLE, MARYLAND -- We utilized their non-contract service, just dial this number and get a low rate of 8.9 cents per minute. We did and received charges on our house phone bill of 89 cents for the first minute, and 30 cents per additional minute. This company has addresses in at least Maryland and Texas. Join the movement, contact the Attorney Generals in these states and demand an investigation.

The web sites are:

Good luck.
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Senseless customer service
Posted by on
This is a money hunger company, senseless customer service. probably that is the reason why the customer service agents in this company became senseless people well because of the lots of complain they receive when they bill the outgoing customer.
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Kurizumaru on 02/16/2011:
Can we have more information please?
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Wrong Number
Posted by on
ATMORE, ALABAMA -- Don't let Startec Global Communications cheap rates fool you !!! They might provide you with cheap long distance rate but, the hidden fees are not cheap at all !!!! They don't mention that when you initially sign and enroll with them. All the fees comes after you make the long distance phone call. For example there is a carrier cost recovery fee, (15% of the total bill) federal universal service fund, (12% of the total bill) on top of that the federal tax, state tax, local tax, franchise fee and the misc. fee. All in all you will be paying half of the bill in fees ! In my opinion Startec Global Communications is a total rip off !!! I recently filed a complaint with the BBB about this crooked company. Read the fine print and ask for the undisclosed info that they don't tell you about before signing up. And oh . . . good luck trying to close your account with them. They will put you through the loops and put you on hold for eternity while at the same time you're furious, pissed off and irritated !
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So called low cost international calls service
Posted by on
This was the first low cost international calls company which contacted me some days after my move from Europe to NYC. I made a single call to Germany using their service. Meanwhile I received more interesting offers and stopped using Startec Global Communications. However, they do not forget my credit card number and charge me regularly with invoices for non-provided service. Is their a chance to stop this kind of frauds?
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