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DAVIE, FLORIDA -- About a week or two ago, a group of about 5 friends and I went to Steak 'n Shake after a night of bowling to enjoy some of their tasty milkshakes at about 10:30pm. They were not busy...there were no more than 3 other tables with patrons in the dining room.

We were seated and orders were taken quite promptly. We all ordered milkshakes along with a few orders of fries to split between us. We informed the waitress that we'd all like separate bills.

She gave us an attitude right from the start, like she'd rather be doing anything else but serving us. Very straight-to-the-point with no charisma. She almost gave the impression that we were torturing her just by being there. I can only assume it's because we were a group of 19 & 20 year olds. I'm usually not one to be assumptive but it was noticeable, especially when I witnessed her interact with the other restaurant guests.

We finished everything roughly 20 minutes after receiving it all. When she noticed we were all finished, she came over to the table and said in a somewhat whiney tone, "I want to go home!" We weren't sure if she was trying to be conversational or if she was giving us the hint to get going. Nevertheless, not wanting to argue, we proceeded to the cash register to pay.

We each paid our separate bills. Four of my friends paid with cash and after receiving change returned to the table to leave a monetary tip. Myself, along with one other friend, paid only with a debit card. I signed off on the receipt, giving the waitress a $5.00 tip on a $4.xx bill. I kid you not.

I didn't see it, but I was told that the waitress gave me and the other guy who paid with debit cards an absolute look of death when she didn't see us return to the table to leave a tip, despite the fact that we both gave tips through the card. She then began throwing things around in a really huffy mood when she was busing the table after we left.

I realize this isn't the most shocking of complaints, but I found it worth mentioning. I've worked fast food before, and yes, I'm guilty of rolling my eyes when I witnessed a group of young people coming into the restaurant, bracing myself for the worst. But I never let the customers see it. Same applied to when I was just having a bad day in general. I blew off as much steam as I needed to when I was away from customers, but by golly when I was in front of them I was expected to treat them like royalty. Not that it should even make a difference as far as the level of service we received, but we were not AT ALL a pain to deal with. We all knew what we wanted when she took the orders, didn't ask for anything extra, didn't make a huge mess, weren't rowdy, etc.

We were a group of civilized young people only there to enjoy a treat while we reminisced about high school and caught up on what everyone is up to nowadays.

The waitress should be happy to even have a job in this economy, be GRATEFUL that customers are tipping her, and realize that some of her greatest tippers might be people young enough to be her children!
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Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Did you go in at closing time? Not that you deserved the attitude of course. I thought steak and shake was a fast food place. Never been, but you tip there?
andbran on 09/19/2009:
why does almost everyone throw in the "should be grateful to have a job" card?I was agreeing with her until she put that line in.
jktshff1 on 09/19/2009:
Just a little hint about courtesy. Usually when I am dining out I use the following rule 1-4 people, separate check OK. Once you get to 5 or more, it's nice if one picks it up and the others pay them back.
jktshff1 on 09/19/2009:
Lady, anytime a comes to the table and takes your order, then serves you, you should tip.
jktshff1 on 09/19/2009:
waitress was supposed to be in there somewhere.
memoryx57 on 09/19/2009:
What's up with the replys on this post? I don't get it. Am I missing something? I don't see anywhere at all where the poster did anything wrong. Why find some fault with the poster when it's quite evident that they were polite and well mannered AND DID GIVE A TIP???
The waitress was rude and completely out of line and there was absolutely no excuse for it. And so what that they had separate checks..It's part of the job...No job is perfect..Ya have to get over it. And I for one AM grateful that I have a job and I would suspect that a few million other people are as well...Good post !!!!
Principissa on 09/19/2009:
I don't think it matters if they had separate checks or not, the waitress was flat out rude and unprofessional. She should be grateful she even got a tip, because trust me, she wouldn't have gotten one from me.
madconsumer on 09/19/2009:
so how were you profiled?
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Lady, Steak n Shake is a 24 hour establishment. The dining room never closes. And you pay the cashier in the front and tip the waitress as you would a full service restaurant. Very similar to Dennys.

andbran, there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that people should be grateful that they have a job. I know I am. And if those who are employed are not grateful, perhaps they should give somebody who would be their position. Unemployment rates are certainly not on the downward trend.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Sounds like the watiress was ready to get her shift done and over with. Still, it wouldn't have killed her to serve her last customers of the night a little nicer. She *should* be glad she got any tip at all.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
jktshff, I realize the separate check issue is typically a headache for servers. Because we had that debit card vs. cash issue, we figured telling the server right off the bat would make it easier rather than waiting till the end.

mad, I witnessed her interact with the other 3 tables who were in there. She did not treat them the same way she treated us. It was evident. She probably thought we were going to stiff her on the tip from the beginning. Given the attitude we received, I think back and I'm surprised I didn't.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
I stopped going to our local Steak and Shake three years ago entirely because of the service.

If the OP's waitress had an issue with serving 19-20 year olds, she should have told the host not to seat groups like that in her area. Otherwise, she should have just done her job without the editorial attitude.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
I don't believe you were profiled for being a bunch of young individuals. Its probably because you all sat together and asked for separate checks.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
ahhh yes. a well written review w/o the usual emotional drama attached to it. and some still have to nitpick it apart and somehow find fault with the op. good grief!

great review cjc0189. let's hope that cranky ole waitress felt some grief when she saw you left a tip that was more than your bill.

jktshff1 on 09/19/2009:
I quit going to s&s 'cause of the food.
Ytropious on 09/19/2009:
"Steak n Shake is a 24 hour establishment. The dining room never closes." That's true of most Steak and Shakes, but the one closest to me is not a 24 hour store, it closes at 10 or 11. Last time I was at S&S my server was extremely nice. I bet the waitress gets a lot of groups of teens who don't tip and leave a mess. Yes it's profiling, but it sucks when you aren't like everyone else.
Anonymous on 09/19/2009:
Thank you. I did not know that. I thought it was another fast food place.
cokezeroqueen on 02/22/2010:
I can't help but wonder if I've run into this same person before, lol. I'm sorry you had such a negative experience. It sounds like you guys were a pleasure to serve. You did nothing wrong, except tip her. You do not have to tip your server and if she treats you poorly, don't tip. I wouldn't have left her a dime, and I tend to leave large tips.
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Don't go to Concord Mills Steak N Shake
Posted by on
CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA -- After shopping at the local mall, my wife and I ate at Steak n Shake. It was was busy tonight, but we have normally have had good experiences in the past. Not this time. I had a coupon for a double hamburger with 2 sides and a milk shake for $5.99. I got water. My wife had a coupon for mushroom burger with fries and she got diet coke. The coupon was for $3.99. The whole night the service was slow and seemed to be under staffed. The first incident happened when I received my hamburger and beans. I received no spoon and the hamburger had nothing on it. It was just the bun and 2 patties. I had asked for all the way, except no mustard. The waiter advised to keep the hamburger and he would have another made. A few minutes, the waiter came back and advised I could have any hamburger I would like to make up for the mistake. I advised I would take the mushroom burger. At this point I have not received my other side - a salad. Then when the salad came out, I received no silverware. I went to get silverware. During the meal, we advised we would take another milk shake to go for my wife. Finally, we got all of our food. Then after much time, only 1 milk shake comes out.. We advised we would just take the one, but the waiter advised the other would not be charged. So, we waited. While we waited, I went to pay the bill. When I went to pay the bill, the manager Timothy Pitchford advised we had to pay for everything. I advised we did not order 3 hamburgers and we advised we did not need the other milkshake since we were waiting and we should not be paying for that part of the bill. I explained there was mistakes in our order and the service took way to long. The manager made no acknowledgement of our situation and just demanded that we pay. I felt accused and felt this was a very unkind way to treat a customer. The manager stated the bill was $21 and change with the extra mushroom burger. He stated he took that off, but the bill only went down to $20. I asked for breakdown of the bill. Tim was very short with me and in a very short and demanding manner advised I needed to pay right away. I advised I would go ahead and pay, but would not be back. He rang up my bill. After paying, Manager Tim did not give me an itemized bill to know how he got the total. My wife and I will not be back to this Steak N Shake. We can understand being short staffed. But can not understand a manager having this kind of attitude. He did not care about us.
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trmn8r on 03/05/2011:
Quite simply, it was the server who said that you would not be charged for a second milk shake and the extra burger.

What happened when you informed the manager of this? Based on your description of the events, I would have advised the manager to take the extra out of the server's wages if he wanted it so badly.
mikeacejr on 03/05/2011:
From our understanding, it was the servers first night waiting tables. It appeared he checked with the asst manager before advising we would not be charged. Probably the right thing would have to made the double burger the right way at min. and maybe not charge. But either way, the manager declined/refused to check further on the situation. It seemed like he was accusing us of odereing more food and not wanting to pay for it. Found this to be accusing/rude.
trmn8r on 03/05/2011:
That is bizarre. I would have looked the manager right in the eye, and told him that I had been informed that these items would not be charged because of the poor preparation and service, and that I would not be paying for them. Then, demand that the server be brought into the conversation.

I don't waste time feeling embarrassed or accused. This is a totally unacceptable situation.
mikeacejr on 03/05/2011:
I normally agree with the last comment and that is normally what I would do. Although my wife and I give a lot of grace. When we walked in the door I noticed an officer and when the situation with the manager happened, I took it as there is no discussion. I almost feel like I had been "had" by staff adding on to the bill... for which we could not eat all of the food. For which we did not order. I do see this manager only recently started working there and was previously at a Bob Evans.
Anonymous on 03/05/2011:
The server is a representative of that restaurant, and if they told you that you wouldn't be charged for various items, then the manager has no recourse but to honor them. The manager can shore up with the employee at a later date and time. I would've demanded to see an itemization of the bill. You have the right to know what you are paying for.

Anonymous on 03/06/2011:
I never had good service at any Steak n Shake. I like this review.
trmn8r on 03/06/2011:
You are more of a gentleman than I, Mike. I have had a lot of bad experiences and I don't let myself get pushed around in chain restaurants. I have a pretty good idea of what is fair and what isn't, and I am afraid I don't let good manners stand in the way of pointing it out to management. I do understand that not everyone is the same, however.
Venice09 on 03/06/2011:
At the very least, I too would have demanded to see the itemized bill, which leads me to the part I don't understand. Did your server give you the check? That would have been the time to let him know the total was wrong and would have held him responsible to correct it. Did you have the check when you went to pay the bill?
Anonymous on 03/06/2011:
Wow, I absolutely would have NOT paid the full bill and gave the manager the money for what I agreed to pay for. I would have definitely got the server involved in this. If the manager wanted to cause a scene, I would tell him to call the police if he has a problem with it.
Ytropious on 03/06/2011:
I just ate at SNS. I want to point out that you actually DON'T get an itemized bill after just get a credit card receipt for the amount charged.
Venice09 on 03/06/2011:
No check? How do you know how much you're being charged? I have never been in a restaurant that did not present an itemized bill at the end of the meal.
Ytropious on 03/06/2011:
At the end of the meal yes, after paying (like a receipt) no. The bill and the receipt are completely different.
Venice09 on 03/07/2011:
Then I don't understand why the OP didn't question the bill before getting up to pay it. That would have been the time to remind the server about not being charged for the second burger and the milkshake. At that point, it would have been the server's responsibility to fix his own mistakes.
mikeacejr on 03/07/2011:
Just to clarify and I saw someone comment on this. When we were at the table, we were given an itemized bill that had our initial order. It had other pieces stappled to it. I asked the server about that and he advised we would only be charged for our initial order to make up for the mistakes. As mentioned previously, it appeared to my wife and I that he had discussed with the asst manager. When the manager demanded I pay.... I was not given an itemized bill of what we paid for. I believe a previous comment makes note of how sns does this w debit or cr cards.
Venice09 on 03/07/2011:
I didn't expect you to get an itemized bill after payment, but I was wondering why you didn't question the server about the bill before getting up to pay it. Thanks for clearing that up.

It does sound like you would have had to create a scene to get the manager to do the right thing. I can understand trying to avoid that.
mikeacejr on 03/07/2011:
Looking back, it is no wonder they have an officer at this sns... ;)
Venice09 on 03/07/2011:
Mike, I thought that was interesting, too! I think you might be right.
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Posted by on
ROLLA, MISSOURI -- Tonight I made my first visit to Steak 'n Shake. There were 2 adults, 2 teens, and 2 smaller babies. We arrived at the Steak 'n Shake in Rolla, Missouri, next to our hotel, at 6:50p.m. We were not greeted to be seated for at least 5 minutes. The person who was to greet us was cleaning something behind the counter and I finally had to ask if we should seat ourselves. She came out and told us to go ahead and sit over there. We received menus and that was all. It took another 25 minutes and my asking if someone could take our order for someone to wait on us (why we remained there, I don't know, but we walked there so we stayed). This girl took our order. It took 10 mminutes for her to bring us the 2 waters we ordered and she said the shakes would take a while. That took another 20 minutes, and then she got the wrong ones, giving the children adult sizes when we ordered the juniors, and giving one of them the wrong flavor, while they were out of the flavor for the other and he had to choose another. The food order finally came, and one of my teens didn't get cheese on his fries while the other got his, which they both ordered. She forgot the salad for the other. She then delivered the kids meals and brought those with fries, telling my daughter that's how the meals came.

But we had ordered fruit as a substitute for the fries, which is on their menu at no additional cost. This was an extra charge on the bill, which is not disclosed anywhere. And we then had to ask for silverware and napkins, which we had never received. Several tables had come and gone before we ever got our food. The bill was the final straw, when she brought us this foot long bill, very hard to decipher, where she had corrected the price on one of the jr. shakes, but not the other and had overcharged on another order. While the girl was a sweet girl, she was thrown to the dogs by the other waitresses there or whomever put her in charge of a 6 person table when this was only her third day to work there.

It was probably not completely her fault; however, when paying the bill at the register, I did complain to the manager about everything that had happened, and she made no effort to do anything about it, stating they were short staffed and "I'm sorry about that". My comment to her was that someone should have noticed that this waitress was drowning in her responsibilities to get this table done and offered to help and get the service that was needed. Her only comment was that she wasn't aware the waitress HAD a problem, yet this was the manager that my mother complained to half-way through the meal. She was WELL aware of the problem. It was a nightmare. One issue after another and the other 2 waitresses never offering to help, yet they saw that we were there for an extremely long time....yes, it got a lot less busy and still they did not offer to help the girl. But, the girl also forgot about everything we asked for, even though she wrote most of it down...
It is a manager responsibility to notice such problems. Our table was the only one being ignored....left for this one waitress to practice on. We ended up staying there until 8:45p.m. making it 5 minutes shy of 2 hours to eat at this place. We could have had a 5 course meal in that amount of time anywhere else and gotten out sooner. Absolutely absurd, rude & inconsiderate management and barely an apology.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/17/2008:
And their food isn't all that great either. It's just an upscale McDonalds with servers.
fazie on 03/18/2008:
thank you for at least recognizing that the poor girl was new and not putting the blame totally on her! I agree the manager is resposible here.
Starlord on 03/18/2008:
Gee. I haven't thought of Steak & Shake in ages. I was born and raised in Indianapolis and we had several S&S locations around town. I remember they had the best chili, and those bottles of tiny peppers that you shook the juice into your chili, M-m-m-m-m-m good! Just before I left Naptown, someone jumped the curb at a downtown location and ran through the front of the store. S&S had a gimmick slogan, "TAKHOMASACK." The caption for the photo in the paper was, "TAKHOMAWRECK." It has been since 1973 since I have had S&S, so I don't know what the quality is now, but they used to have about the best food around.
Anonymous on 03/18/2008:
Star, when I travel to Indy, my first stop is always a S&S. I really like their burgers and lime sherbert shakes. I wish we had them in N.E.
employee of sns on 12/04/2009:
yea id have 2 agree.. thanks 4 noticing the waitress being new.. I currently work at another Steak n Shake and I was taken on and off training at least three times and I was thrown out there just like her on only my second day of work. My trainer told me to get this 2 top table, which was super easy, I think I handled it quite well.. the next table that came in was a 10 top table of some picky ass people.. being my second night I do admit that I messed their orders up all to hell, 5 of the 10 people just walked out with my manager standing right at the register. I asked him what was he going to do about those people who walked out, he told me I had 2 pay for their meal or get wrote up, but that I should just go ahead and pay for it, it wasn't going to be that bad because I would pay for it using my employee discount meal.... wtf
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Great Food & Service, But Restaurants Are Very Dirty
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
SANFORD/LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- I am a frequent visitor to the local Steak 'n Shake restaurants in the Central Florida area. I really enjoy the food, the prices are good, the staff are very friendly, and I am overall satisfied with the service.

However, I have found that many of the restaurants have a serious sanitation issue going on, more than half of the different Steak 'n Shake locations I have been to have similar problems. While the tables and seats themselves are kept clean, the light fixtures directly above them and practically every other sign and furnishing appear to have never been cleaned, there are massive loads of thick dust and spider webs on them which have only been growing over time. It concerns me the possibility that this filth might potentially fall below onto the food that myself or others eat. Additionally the floor in many locations is very sticky and muddy.

In the Seminole Towne Center location, the restrooms are practically unusable due to the strong foul odor and seem like they were last cleaned 20 years ago, cleanliness of the restrooms is overall lacking in many Steak 'n Shakes. I hope that this review helps bring attention to these issues to the right people. A health inspector would probably not look upon this too kindly.
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Retrain a Manager
Posted on
Rating: 4/51
HAMILTON, OHIO -- I frequent the Stake and Shake on Main Street in Hamilton, Ohio. Recently I have witnessed a newer female manager dressing down several different employees in a loud voice. Loud enough for half of the store to hear.
She seems to enjoy making the younger employees cower. I believe she should be instructed to take the offending person in the back at an appropriate time and calmly explain her grievance to them. It is embarrassing for the customers to hear this as well as the employee. A manager who is in control does not have to prove it several times daily unless she feels she is not in control.
I really like the store but will consider going elsewhere if this kind of bulling continues in public.
I mentioned this to several members in my group and they have heard it and agree.
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User Replies:
melissa253 on 10/15/2012:
Know what I would have done? I would have taken out my Cell and recorded it and then show it to the manager, telling her that it was unacceptable.
DebtorBasher on 10/15/2012:
I have to agree with Melissa on this one.
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Snack Pack
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
CLARKSVILLE, INDIANA -- I think the Snack Pack deal is the best out there! Compared to
Mc D's 1.00 menu it blows them away. If you don't like catsup
and mustard, don't order it. Put the condiments on the side.
Steak N shake is very good at trying to please. $2.89 for a
steakburger, fries and drink; Wonderful!
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User Replies:
Skye on 07/16/2012:
Good to know budget friendly values still exist out there. Glad you enjoyed your meal.
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Foul-Mouthed Employee
Posted by on
I have always enjoyed eating at Steak n Shake. The service is pleasant and prompt. The food is almost always correct and delicious.

However, I recently ran into an off-duty employee at a Cocoa. FL bus stop and was offended by her language. When you are in uniform you represent your store. I kid you not, this girl used every four letter word possible-to the point where she was nearly unintelligible-and she was bad-mouthing customers and managers!! I understand that she has a right to free speech and that Steak n Shake doesn't "own" her BUT she has to know that people are listening! And there she is in a Steak n Shake apron! What kind of image does that promote?

It's that kind of angry employee that makes people afraid to eat out. I mean, if that's what she says about customers out of earshot (and she was vicious) what would she do to my food if I asked her to take it back? I'm glad she was never my waitress...
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getoverit on 03/02/2011:
I'm not sure if I am familiar with Steak and Shake or not. There used to be a place around here with a similar name - but it was a while ago.

Be that as it may, you seem to be saying that this restaurant has at least one employee who, on her own time, chooses to behave in an uncouth manner. I see that as a reflection on that individual, nothing more or less.
DebtorBasher on 03/02/2011:
I have to agree with the poster on this one. Anytime you are wearing a uniform, ID badge or anything that represents the company you work for, they should behave in a professional manner. When I worked for NCO, I hated to see my co-workers at restaurants at lunch time, using filthy language and behaving as if it was the first time they've ever been released in public, when their NCO badges were in clear view hanging around their necks. Don't even get me started about the way they acted outside during break time when there were shoppers all around them. Store owners actaully called our company and complained about the 'gang' of people that hangs out during break, and said their customers were afraid to even walk past them or park their cars in the lot.
unhappy999 on 03/02/2011:
I agree with the poster also. I would not want to eat at that restaurant either.
momsey on 03/02/2011:
Great review. I didn't expect to completely agree with it, but I do!
getoverit on 03/02/2011:
DebtorBasher: what's NCO?
DebtorBasher on 03/02/2011:
It was a collection agency I worked for.
trmn8r on 03/02/2011:
It's too bad you can't file this complaint directly with the offending party. This is something the company can't control very well.

Ask yourself how you'd feel if this was someone not in a store uniform, but a citizen's uniform. The language would be equally offensive. Next time you are in a Steak and Shake or other store, ask yourself how well you know any of the employees. It is likely some use similar language when not on duty. It is sad whenever you hear people speaking in a rude or vulgar manner in public - there isn't much that can be done so I try not to let it get to me.
Starlord on 03/02/2011:
I agree with the OP on this one. I am familiar with Steak 'N Shake, and I have missed it in Arizona and Washington. They had the best chili I have found, and I love the little bottles of peppers on the tables. But I digress. when I worked for White Castle, we changed into uniform in the locker room. In her case, if she is wearing a uniform, she should be more discreet. I would contact the restaurant, or ifyou don't know it, the regional office. She is bringing disgrace on her place of employment, and in today's job market, that is unacceptable. If she wants to get out of uniform, she can do or say what she wishes, but in uniform, she is still representing S&S. In Sight, It Should Be Right. LOL
DebtorBasher on 03/02/2011:
Exactly Starlord!!!
Anonymous on 03/03/2011:
I find the whole idea of 'offensive' language rediculas.. It's amazing that you can say one thing and no one blinks an eye but say it with one of the so called deadly four letter words, saying the exact same thing, and suddenly you are offensive. I think it's time to end this notion that some words are offensive. One can always offend others worse without even using any of these so called offering words.
jktshff1 on 03/03/2011:
I'm with the op also. A person in uniform is a representative of that company, On the clock or off.
However, the youth of this country have been bombarded with everything you can imagine, and quite a few have not guidance as to what is proper and respectful.
Venice09 on 03/03/2011:
Throwback, I think the OP would have had a problem with this employee's behavior even without the four letter words. Her anger and disdain for the customers and managers was obvious. Businesses don't need employees like that parading around with their uniform on.
Ytropious on 03/03/2011:
I can't blame someone for speaking their mind. She probably didn't have a change of clothing. We live in a free country. The OP doesn't have to like what she's saying and has a choice to not eat at SNS, but the girl also has every right to act however she wants. Most low on the totem pole workers couldn't care less how they represent a company. Why should they? The company gives them little intensive to care.
Venice09 on 03/03/2011:
Considering the unemployment rate, I think employees should care about keeping their jobs. Everyone has the right to speak their mind, but is it worth jeopardizing a job by doing it in a company uniform? If someone is that unhappy with their job, wouldn't it be better to find another one while they're still employed?

I don't think a business has to let off-duty employees dressed in company uniforms drive away customers.
trmn8r on 03/03/2011:
I have to edit my response above. Venice's comment opened my eyes to something I missed. The OP was badmouthing customers and managers of the company whose uniform she was wearing. This person should find a new job, because that behavior in definitely inappropriate, and reflects very poorly on the company (as well as her).

I knew I must have missed something...
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Awesome team ship
Posted by on
STUART, FLORIDA -- I am writing this review to say how happy I was to finally see a team that worked together. I was there Saturday night around 1:30 am and watched our server Erin run the floor and drive through with a smile on her face and the grill cook John helping her get her orders out. He helped with drive through and got our food out and they commuicated well together. I have been coming for a while and this was the first team that seemed happy to be there thank you for these improvements my meal was enjoyable.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 06/27/2011:
It makes a difference when the employees are happy and work together well.

Nice review. I hope they keep it going!
Anonymous on 06/27/2011:
Awesome review. Very helpful!!!
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Great $4 Lunch
Posted by on
CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- The other day I went to Steak n Shake for a fast burger and fries. The times I have gone there, I have always ordered inside, and had it to go. Due to a recent review that stated they had a sign "demanding" tips, er I mean, tips required, I did a thorough look around. My order was cooked promptly, and was handed to me with a smile by the cooks assistance. During my 5 minute wait, I saw no signs stating tips were required, but I did notice the staff was friendly and warm to each and every patron.

The burger was cooked nicely, fries were cooked to expectation, and service was friendly and fast. Much better than any other burger place with arches or a crown, and priced the same.

For a good fast food burger, Steak n Shake is the way to go!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
Good deal!
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
Good review!

Is Steak N Shake more like the little mom and pop burger places?
Principissa on 03/12/2009:
My friend keeps trying to get me to eat at this place. I guess I'll have to give it a try. And she wants me to try some place called Culvers? Anyone on here ever been to a Culvers?
madconsumer on 03/12/2009:
jbc, Steak n Shake is a national chain, but have kept their roots firmly planted in tradition. their claim to fame was the use of steak. one thing I enjoy while waiting inside, is looking at their wall of old photographs of old restaurants.
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
That has pretty much been my experience when I have the rare treat to eat at one. I'd love to se them move into New England.
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
Certainly a different experience than your average FF joint, I sometimes eat at S&S when traveling south. I've heard there chili is great..I just don't want an EJ episode 'on the road'. Good review!
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
Did you tip?
jktshff1 on 03/12/2009:
S&S has some really good food, but it's kind of heavy. Not a place to eat for a "light" meal.
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
Culvers is soooo good!
Principissa on 03/12/2009:
littleyaya, what is good there? My friend has been trying to get me to try a butter burger? Have you ever had one of those?
sarahnkrystal on 03/12/2009:
We don't have any of those up here, but it sounds like we are really missing out too!
Anonymous on 03/12/2009:
The butter burgers are the best. If you go inside and order you can get a double butter burger, fries, and a drink for $5. They have an amazing dessert menu too. Good shakes, sundaes, and pies. It's a calorie fest, but totally worth it.
Starlord on 03/13/2009:
I used to eat at Steak & Shake in Indianapolis all the time. They had the best bowl of chili, bar none. Served hot in a decent sized bowl, with chunks of ground beef in a delicious chili base. Each table and in several spaces along the counter were bottle of small green chiles. you did not get the chiles out of the bottle, but shook a few drops of the juice in your chii or on your sandwich. Every night, they would pour more vinegar in the bottles, and it would absorb the flavor of the chiles. I don't know how often they replaced the bottles, but I never got a bottle that wasn't hot enough to add a bit of zing to the food. Their biggest selling point was one of their slogans, "In sight, it must be right." They didn't have the kitchen hidden in a back room, so you were able to observe how well the cooks were in their duties.
MrNigel on 06/04/2009:
I used to manage a Steak 'n Shake, I hated working there but the 4 for $4 meal is a pretty good deal. The burgers are tasty, but the fries are terrible, thin bland and flash fried from a frozen state. I would say between Culver's and Steak 'n Shake both are decent but you get a better bang for your buck at Culver's.
snssucks on 06/18/2012:
Well I hoped you tipped because we servers work for 4.55/hr plus tips!
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Skimpy Meal
Posted by on
OCALA, FLORIDA -- First time ever at any Steak n Shake. Normally McDonalds or Wendys.

I walked in and saw it was a restaurant where tipping is required I promptly walked out and went through the drive through. It took a long time for only 3 cars ahead of me.

When I got my order I was surprised on how small the coke was and the fries. The picture of the meal shows a tall drink and a generous amount of fries.
It was an 8 oz coke and what looked like a baby size fry. The burger looked great, almost like the picture but tasted awful, way too much mustard and pickles.

Overall I would only rate this meal about a 3 out of ten because the coke and fries were OK despite their tiny size.

I do not expect to go back to any Steak n Shake under normal circumstances after this experience.

I can't understand how they legally can mis-advertise the meal and get away with it. I think it is a crime which should be prosecuted.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/07/2009:
Every fast food place serves food that looks different than what is advertised.
DebtorBasher on 03/07/2009:
We have Stake and Shakes here...they're pretty good but I didn't care for their French Fries. They use the shoestring fries. Their burgers and shakes are really good. Didn't notice any signs for tipping, but a "required" tip...they've GOT to be kiddin'! Tips should be earned for good service!
Anonymous on 03/07/2009:
Whenever I travel out that way, I make it a point to hit the 'Shake and Bakes'! I really like their food, and especially the lime freezes.
Anonymous on 03/07/2009:
What do you mean, tipping is required?
madconsumer on 03/08/2009:
did you ask for a large sized drink and fries? the reason it takes so long, 0every order is made fresh. and since they use real angus beef, they need to make sure it is cook thuroughly.

I have never seen any sign stating tips are required.
Starlord on 03/08/2009:
I was raised with steak and Shakes as a kid, and never did I see anything that said that tipping was required. Perhaps you are used to eating at places where tipping is not done, but I miss the S&S places. They had the best chili I have found, and the burgers can't be beat. I rate your review a two out of ten for hyperbole. remember, according to jeff Foxworthy, sophisticated people go to restaurants that require reservations. We go to restaurants where you are required to pull around to the second window. Most places, you can't even get just the burger for $2.89.
Ben There on 03/08/2009:
Steak and Shakes can be more like a 50's diner with table service. I don't think there is a sign that says "tipping is required", but more than the OP was under the impression this was a wait in line for your food kind of place.

I guess if you are too poor or cheap to tip 15-20% of $2.89, it is best to avoid high class places like Denny's and Steak and Shake and stick to Taco Bell and Burger King...
shelby0480 on 08/31/2009:
pictures are made to make it look big and filling even if it isn't. The special sounds like the snack pack which is the same portions as a kids meal. Its called a snack pack, not a combo meal. Its to take the edge off hunger, not curb it.
cokezeroqueen on 02/22/2010:
I agree with Shelby, it sounds like you ordered the Snack Pack. Try getting a different combo and you might find that you will leave full. Also you can always tell them what you want on your burger.
Siobhan on 06/24/2013:
Excellent. Love the snack pack. I wonder if the first writer is employed by a competitor -s /he is so negative!! I also enjoy the entire experience there -the people who work there, the service and especially the food. I like Macdonald's small cheeseburgers -not a huge fan of large ones -so I fail to understand any complaints. The snack pack is tasty, the banana shakes utterly delicious! And no, no tipping and I have visited more than a few of their franchises in the sunshine state!
Jamie on 09/23/2013:
The snack pack is intended to be a "SNACK" not a meal. Order something else. Yes, they are slow, but it's cooked to order. If you sit at a table with a waitress, then tip them. If you don't want to tip, order carry out or drive through. Excellent food!
Cassandra on 01/12/2014:
I loved when you state "a place where tipping is required and I promptly walked out". That basically did it for me. SMH.
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