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Awesome Teamship
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STUART, FLORIDA -- I am writing this review to say how happy I was to finally see a team that worked together. I was there Saturday night around 1:30 am and watched our server ** run the floor and drive through with a smile on her face and the grill cook ** helping her get her orders out. He helped with drive through and got our food out and they communicated well together. I have been coming for a while and this was the first team that seemed happy to be there. Thank you for these improvements my meal was enjoyable.

By -

This is my 2nd complaint about the Steak n Shake on Nova and ISB in Daytona Beach FL. It is nasty! The floors need to be swept and mopped, I watched as the Manager wiped the seats, then the tables with the same cloth. Steak n Shake has been the only Fast Food Restaurant I have gone to in years. But I will not be going back again!

Best Steak N Shake Is Located in Lawrenceburg Indiana
By -

LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA -- I have been to many Steak N Shake restaurants but one stands above all the others. If you ever visit or pass through Lawrenceburg Indiana (outside of Cincinnati Ohio), then stop by the Steak N Shake on Indiana state road 50. They make it a point to elevate the cooking above other Steak N Shakes such as toasting the buns on the sandwiches which more than rivals the famous butter burgers.

Promotion - 15 Cent Burgers
By -

ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA -- Today, Friday the 13th, Steak n Shake offered steak burgers for 15 cents. It was in the papers so I got the orders from my coworkers and headed to the restaurant. When I got there, I was told it was dine-in only. If I had known this ahead of time, I would have waited until the burgers went up to 75 cents and bought some. I did not appreciate the way that Steak n Shake handled this promotion and will not go to their place of business again.

Service and Food
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PORT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA -- I was at Steak n Shake twice this week, the first time the waitress forgot several things, we had to remind her. The first time I went with my brother and nephew who were from out of town and I had bragged about Steak n Shake how good the food was. This time it was disappointing. We ordered the taco salad - it was mostly lettuce and they had no salsa or sour cream, they did however have taco sauce, there was little meat or beans.

The next time we went to have milk shakes and my brother a burger and tea. My milkshake was not cold and my brother's tea was sour. He drank it and didn't say anything then we got one to go and he said it tasted funny and it was sour, they took off the tea. I didn't say anything about the shake. I did mention to the manager about the taco salad and he said it was in the corporate's hands but they didn't do any thing to make up for it.

I go to Steak n Shake 2 times a week and get tea for work or soda and sometimes milkshakes for the girls at work, but if this keeps up I may reconsider. There burgers are great but they could improve on service and taco salad, and tea and make sure the milkshakes are cold not warm. This Steak n Shake is in Port Charlotte FL on Eljobean Rd by the town center mall.

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Steak n Shake
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