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Buyer Beware - Straight Talk Unlimited
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
A good number of Straight Talk customers reported to Newsbeat Epicenter a variety of horror stories in conjunction with this cellular company. So Newsbeat Epicenter ordered the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim/Gingerbread 2.3 and the Samsung Galaxy Precedent Gingerbread 2.3 from the Wal-Mart website to experiment with. First of all the Android 2.3 is pretty amazing plus there are over 600,000 apps you may be interested in with many of them free of charge and others mighty low cost.

However, boxed, these Straight Talk handsets claim unlimited talk, text and data. As it turns out the talk and text have been unlimited with the Unlimited $45 load card. However, during our experiment our data slowed down to nearly nothing on both handsets in 3 week period of time. And when our techs called Straight Talk they claimed we used too much data so they drastically cut our speed way down. Straight Talk provided that the data is not at all unlimited as they claim. Well they refused to give us back our surfing speed and we were told we would not get back to normal until we renewed our so-called "Unlimited" service the next month. So we did renew and our surfing speed went back to normal for a few hours then both handsets were deactivated because we used too much data in 12 hours or less. One handset was reactivated yet we were warned about data abuse. The other handset was locked down entirely and we were told that phone could never be activated again by Straight Talk nor any other cellular company.

By the way they charged us $45 plus tax ($53.08) yet deactivated our service about 12 hours later. We are seeking a chargeback of that money but have not received it as of yet. And we will not be receiving our money back for the expensive handset they locked down.
So buyer beware! There is a catch to the Straight Talk "unlimited" data.
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BobSF on 01/07/2013:
From Straight Talk's website "... the excessive and/or improper use of Straight Talk service. Straight Talk reserves the right to limit or reduce data throughput speeds or the amount of data transferred,...". I think most 'unlimited' plans with other vendors have the same warning.
tnchuck100 on 01/07/2013:
If, in fact, as BobSF points out, Straight Talk's website clearly says they "reserve the right to restrict" you. This makes their claim of "unlimited" deceptive, false and misleading advertising. Only corporate America is allowed to do this freely without consequences.
Suzy on 01/08/2013:
@BobSF, neither Verizon nor Sprint seems to have this problem from my experience. My son was with Sprint's unlimited plan and not only was it truly unlimited but they didn't slow down speeds as others did. He is now with Verizon's unlimited plan, the one that they discontinued for new or upgrading subscribers who do not pay full price for their plans and so far he has had no complaints of their restricting data or slowing his speed and I know he uses a lot of data. Straight Talk's claim of unlimited while still reserving the right of restricting use or slowing speeds because of use is as the other poster said, misleading and false advertising and just plain isn't right.
Nonyour on 01/08/2013:
Someone is calling claiming to be straight talk saying that they will limit my unlimited calling texting etc....Really,So why do they call it unlimited calling blah blah blah ? You could barely understand as so much staic but, can got the messege it wa an 800 number 800-989-1506 I am going to read my little book that came with my phone...So,is it straight talk dumping my calls ?strange things are going on withthe straight talk phone as blocking my text and not send,calls are droped,as talking on the phone a ring of another phone will come on are they or someone tapping into my phone.slowing down my phone,talking a long ttime to connect,back ground noise as as talking you will hear a beep and then hearing yourself talk as repeating what you said.AS TALKING to a person as we talk the person answering machine come on we're like WTF.A containing busy single of the other party when trying to call when it does go through it wasn't busy as When I call it again when I get a busy single I use my home phone to call leaving the cell go on with the busy sound..on the other in I ring the persons home phone ask them to call their cell phone while I wait its no sound or dial tone.websites will just blink off and back to start again....
kwe4 on 02/05/2013:
I see many law suites in the near future.
John on 02/11/2013:
This is why Pageplus cellular is the best deal going. You can bring your own phone Like I did (Ebay purchased HTC Incredible 2) and you can use your data any way you want on the best, most extensive network in the country.
sherry on 06/08/2013:
They say unlimited but that's a lie. They cut my daughter's data down because they said she violated the terms. They said she cannot go on fb and watch videos. I am going back to Boost Mobile.
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Warranty Replacement Leaves You Without Service Up To 14 Days
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- First, no complaint about the actual cellular service. No drop calls, internet worked fine. HOWEVER, the phone died just before a year of service (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim adapter plug failed couldn't charge). Immediate response from Philippine representative who told me my phone was warranted and would take 3-5 days. Groovy! A week later nothing. I called again and evidently spoke to a relative of the Filipino and asked me if I got an email from FED EX to return my phone. I checked my email and there it was! I asked the Asian descendant "so what?" He then told me I had to mail my phone in first and then they would send me a "replacement" phone. OK, so a week has gone by already and I get this nugget that might have been important to know 7 days earlier. I then find out that the $150 Galaxy Proclaim was not available and my replacement phone would be a cheaper version the Galaxy Centura which sells for $99. I explained that I wanted the same phone and I was told that I used my Proclaim for almost a year and it wasn't worth the same value!

Knowing that this was going nowhere so I made a mistake of reverting to my original issue - sending in my phone BEFORE they send the replacement. I asked him what I was supposed to do for communications while they send a replacement (my phone worked as long as I hand held the plug adapter and raised my left hand in a circular motion from North to South while my right hand applied 8 pounds of pressure to the plug adapter) and why was I not told this on the original call? Wait for it..."that's our policy that you agreed to." I asked for a copy of the signed agreement and was told that the little box I checked when I purchased it that said "accept terms and conditions" is my copy. Shame on me for not having a law degree and 3 hours of nothing else to do! OK. My bad. However, this didn't explain why they didn't tell me this a week before on my initial call. Wait for it..."we did tell you" was his next line.

Of course I assumed his 5th cousin twice removed told him this from our initial call! I explained in very plain English (not sure that means anything with Straight Talk) that had I been told I had to send the phone first I would have had this hissy fit on the initial phone call! I asked if the calls were recorded and if so, go back and check. Again he insisted that I was told and again in very plain English I said "are you calling me a liar?" He said YES! Wow! Got to give him some cred! I didn't get the standard off-shore response we ALL get when we call BollyWood and the Philippines "I understand." I asked if he was kidding and he again suggested that I was told. I asked for a supervisor and he said "he will give you the same answer." I said "that I'm a liar?" And the phone went dead. I cooled down and called again about 3 hours later. Same lame discussion. However, I got an email for "management" complaints that I will share with all of you

I explained my story in an email and got a response within an hour. Sorry! No exceptions. But my complaint about getting a lesser value phone was well worth the email. Their response was "you used the phone and it's value is not worth the cost of an original replacement so you are getting the less expensive phone." I'm not kidding...that is word for word the response!

So I wrote an email back and asked them if I purchase a 55" TV and after 11 months it fails, they would give me a 22" TV as a warranty replacement? I actually got a response (of course no name or signatures) which said that is not the same! I did get them back a little bit though. They kept referring back to the "terms and agreement" on the internet site but then the girl asked me for my name and address. I busted out laughing and said, look it up on your website. I gave you the info when I bought the damn phone! Not surprisingly she didn't get the irony! I held fast and didn't give it to her but what a waste of a funny opportunity!

Enough already. I switched my daughter to Boost and sent the phone back to get my cheaper replacement. Trust is going to cost them at least a replacement phone. For all to know, I intend to have a YouTube moment with it and hope it goes viral! I'm going to film a short introduction to the issue and then take the brand new phone and unwrap it and beat it to death with a 5 pound hammer. I'm going to box it up and send it back and tell them to just keep it! Keep your eyes open for this on YouTube in the next couple of weeks!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 12/21/2013:
When an item breaks under warranty you are entitled to an equivalent or better unit. To use depreciation as an excuse to send a cheaper, lesser phone as a replacement is a violation of many laws including Magnuson–Moss. Send copies of this correspondence to your state's office of the attorney general's office.
CrazyRedHead on 12/21/2013:
Your identical like new replacement phone is covered under the warranty through the manufacture, I would suggest reading it.
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Warning - Do Not Buy A Straight Talk Phone
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA -- I purchased a straight talk phone less than a month ago...When I got the phone-I randomly called people with not knowing because of the phone keypad...I locked the keypad but when I had to unlock the pad..there was a button that say to unlock..The button to unlock the phone did not work properly so I had to keep mashing it to try to unlock the phone...In which this was a headache..Also, if I held the phone to close to my would mute the phone..So, by now I decided that this was not the phone that I really wanted. Than I decided to wait until it was time to renew my order than I was going to transfer my service.

A few days ago...a friend sent me some picture..I downloaded the picture and for whatever reason the phone froze than the screen turned sort of a whitish color. I removed the battery and power the phone up again and the screen still was still blank.

In the mean time-I was waiting for a return phone call from my friend. So, I used another phone to check my voice message. To my surprise, my phone calls were being transferred to another friend of mine phone. I had a hard time believing that this had occurred being that I did not initiate call forwarding.

This is when everything started to go downhill. I called Straight Talk after for two hours and the phone was constantly busy. After repeated calls and couldn't get through. I ended up googling and can across a website that was called I was able to get through and to actually speak to a rep...I was instructed to take the battery out-in which I had already done prior to making a call. That didn't work than I was told to dial 22890 in which I kept telling the agent that the screen was blank and it would not allow to dial a number...I kept trying to explain to them that my phone was going to another number...each time the agent did not address the issue I stated..They put me on hold and when they returned provided me with an answer that did not make absolutely no sense. I had never been so frustrated in my whole life with a cellphone company. None of the agents make any sense and had no clue what to help me..So, I asked them what did I need to do..the agent told me they could send me a new phone and that could take 2-3 days before I would receive the mean time my phone would still be routed to someone else phone..
So, I had already decided that I did not want straight talk in the mean time I had ordered a boost phone..I ended having my service transferred from straight talk to Boost Mobile in order to have my calls routed by to my phone.

I still have no clue how the calls were directed to someone else phone when I did not forward the calls.

The experience I had was awful...The agent lack training and have no clue what they are talking about...This is a foreign call center and the agent English is horrible. They are reading from a script or have a knowledge base system that they can query for certain issue...If they can query the issue they have no clue what to do.

If Walmart back this product-that doesn't say very much about Walmart...Even though I am a Walmart customer..The reason I decided to purchase this is because it is advertised by Walmart..Walmart CEO needs to purchase one of these phone and called customer service and see what kind of experience he have...Walmart needs to stick with retail not cell phones.

In closing...if you are looking for an headache and want to endure frustration..than please obliged and get one of these phones- otherwise stick with a reputable company that back their product. I guarantee that if you purchase one of these phones and have to call customer services. You will be on this website writing an complaint.
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User Replies:
Dakota1015 on 04/06/2013:
We have used Straight Talk for three years and are happy with the service, but you are right, the customer service needs to be moved to this country. If you deal with them online it is a lot easier. Also, make sure the phone you get is on Verizons network, not ATT or T-Mobile. The reps at WalMart will tell you which phones use Verizon if you ask. To us, saving a ton of money and not being tied up in a contract where they can take advantage of you is worth the hassle you get when you have to deal with them on the phone.
Barbara on 09/30/2013:
Every zip code is different regarding which network to use. Where I live only the Sprint network will work, not AT and T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Got to the network providers website and enter your zip code, that will tell you which provider you can/can't use.
Tam on 11/06/2013:
I've never had any problem with straight talk. However, It can be frustrating talking with reps from foreign countries with thick accents. I do understand that, but judging by your total annihilation of the English language, the rep probably had a very difficult time comprehending what you were attempting to convey.
Pam on 12/14/2013:
I bought a straight talk plan BYOP and had Wal-Mart wireless service to active waited 2 hrs still no activation was told sim card bad none left in the store went to another Wal-Mart they refused to let me exchange the sim card and plan that I purchased for 65.00 was told it was activated wrong. But it was activated by Wal-Mart staff still would not return my money. I tried to contact Straight Talk so far no luck.
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Straight Talk Complaints
Posted by on
LOCKHART, TEXAS -- I refilled my straight talk plan. That evening everything worked properly. I could make a call, it updated my time, and I could access the web. Only problem was I wanted the unlimited plan and I had selected the limited plan. I sent an email to customer service. The next morning my web browser wouldn't connect. I tried over a period of 3 hours. The response from customer service was, I needed to call in to handle the issue, which I did not receive until right before I contacted them. Finally I called customer service about both issues. I had to go through the refill process there was no option to get customer service. I had to call several times as I was continually disconnected. Finally I was able to fool the system and reach a customer service representative named Karen #46247. I verified my information and explained the problem with my cell. I asked Karen if I could upgrade to the unlimited plan since I had chosen the wrong one. She said no. She said you can upgrade now and lose what you have now or you can wait until your service runs out. So 1st problem, no refunds, no flexibility and no options. As we progressed she asked for an alternate number. I didn't have an alternate number just my cell. I was in a rural area with no other phones. She told me I'm sorry ma'am but I cannot help you then. I told her you mean to tell me there is no other options? She said That's right. I told her I need to speak to her supervisor. She said There is no supervisor to talk too. I said yes there is and you need to connect me. So she did and placed me on hold. I then spoke with Beverly #46763, who claimed she was a supervisor. Again I was asked to verify my information. I then had to repeat the problem and repeat that there was no alternate phone as I was in a rural area. She said she would try to do a few things on my phone and placed me on hold. She came back and said she was going to another system again placed me on hold and came back. She said when I got off the phone pull out my battery wait a few minutes and then try it, but first she would send me to another "escalation" department and I needed to hold again. This time I spoke with Hector #41191 who claimed to be a manager. I was so mad because I was asked to repeat what was wrong with my phone again. He told me you know we won't be able to refund the time you spend on the phone with us. I told him yeah Hector why do you think I am so mad? All of you have wasted my time and money with putting me on hold and the same questions every time. It's basically a tactic to use up your time so they can make more money I guess. I wasn't thrilled with my AT & T service but it had these guys beat by a mile. He told me to give him my sim card number when I tried to get it the call was disconnected. I just left it and turned my phone off. Nothing resolved, oh and I checked the time I wasted talking to them it was 40:38. Time I won't get back. Money wasted. I will be changing service providers once I use up the time I just purchased. They SUCK
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 01/22/2012:
This is the worst! I had a problem with Virgin Mobile recently and the customer service was the same way (told me I have to have an alternative phone for them to check it.) I called them 5 times before I got a tech customer service rep and he was able to do it while I was on the phone, and that I just needed to shut it off for 5 to 10 minutes after our phone call so he could work on it. Problem solved! I didn't need another number. It is annoying when some customer service don't know how to do their job but theres always someone there that will know how. Yea its not the same company but it is true for certain issues you must be off your phone for them to fix. It is irritating to say the least when you cannot afford 2 phones.
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Incompetence, bad policies and total disregard for their customers
Posted by on
A few months ago I bought a Straight Talk phone from Walmart and what seemed like a great deal initially, has turned into one of the worst situations I have ever encountered as a consumer.

Walmart runs this promotion blitz about Straight Talk saving you hundreds of dollars a year off your regular cell phone service because you can have unlimited time and text messages for just $45.00 a month with the purchase of a Straight Talk card (or, you can opt for their $30.00 card, which gives you about 16+ hours of talk time, which on the surface, still seems like a good deal). Just buy a renewal card every month and you're good to go. In theory. You of course need to buy their phone and the lowest price phone is the LG 220 which is $39.95.

The problem is (and this is a BIGGIE), the "service" period only runs 30 days at a time (calculated from the time you apply the new service card to your phone), and if you let the service lapse for more a week, good luck to you, because they deactivate your phone number and there is no way to get it back! (yes, you heard me right)

I do not use a cell phone all that much, so I bought the $30.00 cards, and for the first couple of months everything was copacetic.

I will admit I am a little A. D.D. and I did let the service period lapse a couple of weeks before I bought a new card (keep in mind I was not aware of their "policy" at that point in time) so I went out and bought a new $30.00 card, and called their 800 number to credit me the minutes as I had done before without incident

When you call the Straight Talk toll-free number, you get a voicemail with an American accent sweetly explaining your options, but when you finally get through to a live service rep, you are connected to a boiler room in Calcutta or someplace, and while well-spoken and overly polite, some of these reps are difficult to understand. They almost seem like automatons with the same pat responses to your questions.

I am certainly not a racist, and understand outsourcing is a fact of life, but to keep asking someone to repeat themselves just so you can understand them gets ridiculous.

In any event, I was told, yes, they would renew my minutes, but I would be assigned a new phone number. WHAT!?. I had given this number to friends, family, and businesses (It was also on my business card). Sorry, Charlie. That was the policy. This time, there was a lot more rigmarole in getting the phone reprogrammed, and I was on the phone with them a long time.

I should have dumped Straight Talk at that point, but I guess I'm a glutton for punishment. While I told the rep, I never heard of such a thing, I guess it was my bad, and I'll agree to take another number.

I then had to contact innumerable people to alert them of the new number. Incredibly inconvenient. They also thought the policy was moronic.

To make a long story longer, it happened again (I still have major issues on exactly when my last service period started, but they insist I'm a couple of weeks over). Guess what? They are assigning me another phone number!

The truly idiotic thing is the number they've assigned me is the FIRST number I had (correct, the same one they said I could not have back under any circumstances)

An angry email to them got me a form letter reply. Absolutely insulting.

My strong advice to anyone is steer clear of Straight Talk. This is not a company you want to deal with. They play musical chairs with their phone numbers, and are completely unconcerned that it impacts your life negatively. If having ONE number is important to you, go with a legitimate company that has a cheap monthly plan. If your service period lapses, At least they won't have reassigned your number to another party
after 2 weeks!.

I am so done with this company. I'll use up the minutes on this current card and then I will enjoy taking my boot heel to the Staright Talk phone.

Wake up, Walmart. Straight Talk is bad news.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 01/03/2011:
Excellent review.
dan gordon on 01/03/2011:
I know there are others but Tracfone has rate plans that don't expire for one yr. Investigate that option, perhaps Str8 talk has something similar.
leet60 on 01/04/2011:
Straighttalk is owned by TracFone. I have one of these phones, and receive a monthly reminder at least 10 days prior to my service expiring that I will need to refill. You are also able to buy a card in advance and have the refill apply on the date your service expires.
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The Worst Cell Phone Company Ever!
Posted by on
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Straight Talk is the worst cell phone company in history. Go ahead and buy a real cell phone plan - the hassle of dealing with this company is worth far more than the extra dollars you will spend each month.

When I initially subscribed to Straight Talk around Christmastime, I bought three phones, one for each member of my family. Three weeks later, one of the phones was mysteriously still not turned on - unable to send or receive calls and text messages.

Since then, my own phone (and all the phones are paid off the same credit card on automatic billing) has NEVER once automatically been rebilled. Every single month, the two other phones enroll automatically while my phone goes dead for a period of 2-5 days while I try to get it up and running again.

Customer Service is a joke. First, they have found the most ignorant individuals in Punjab or wherever the hell their call center is, because nobody - NOBODY - speaks English in the customer service call center. I can say this with confidence because I have made more than one call every month since December. Secondly, these are the worst kind of customer service reps - the kind who are trained to massage you emotionally rather than actually do anything about your problem. They read their script (badly), they can't understand what you are saying, and if you ask any questions they simply move on to the next part of their script. Again, I know this because I have talked to several different customer service reps in a row and heard the exact same words, over and over again.

My phone turned off on Saturday because, again, the automatic renewal feature failed to work on my phone (the other two phones are still working just fine). I figured I would outsmart the system this time and by pass customer service entirely. So on Sunday night I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a prepaid card to fund my phone for the next month. I went to the website and dutifully entered the information required at about 6 P.M. on Sunday. I received a message that stated that my phone would be active in four hours. It is now nearly 6 P.M. on Monday, and the phone has not been turned on, though the funds are showing in my account.

I have called Punjab/Customer Service 17 times thus far today. Every time I have received a message: "Due to the extreme level of calls, we cannot help you." The line is then cut.

Then I went to the website about 10 minutes ago and it is now down for maintenance.

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON STRAIGHT TALK. For the extra five or six bucks you spend on getting a real plan, you will avoid an incredible amount of trouble. I myself use my phone to help support a family. Tomorrow I will be purchasing a real phone with a real phone company.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. If you get a phone with Straight Talk, you are going to be disappointed, harassed, and you will have only the most intermittent of service. And rest assured, if you ever have a problem, nobody in this company will care one whit about you - if they can even UNDERSTAND you!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/03/2010:
LOL @ the way they keep talking verbatum from their script, even if interrupted, they will start again from the beginning of the sentence. Like freakin' robots. It's frustrating, yet hilarious all in the same breath.
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Be Cautious About Which Phone/network You Purchase
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARIZONA -- Beware of having a problem - their customer service reps are not paid to think, just follow standard procedures. I purchased a Straight Talk phone to be used in two different zip codes. I successfully used the phone in the first zip code for four months - no problems. When I went to the second zip code the phone won't work. Why? Because the local Wal-Mart says it's a known issue in the area I live. It works two blocks from my home, just not on my street. Everyone here has a Sprint phone. I need a Sprint/CDMA phone, not an AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile GSM phone. I've been going through the Straight Talk customer service process for four weeks and the phone still doesn't work at my home. They've sent me multiple SIM cards (forgetting to send the first one for five business days until I tracked down a supervisor). One month later they tell me to FedEx them the phone I paid for ($149) and then they'll send me the same phone/SIM card. They don't care that it won't work, we have to follow their process.

Now they expect me to be without a phone for two weeks during this process - 5 days for my phone to get to them and 5 business days to get me another one. They won't send a replacement phone until they receive mine. I'm supposed to trust them with my phone, but they won't trust me.

After five days I had to get a land line. Now I purchased a $19.99 Sprint phone with Boost Mobile (uses Sprint) and it works fine at my home. I need it when traveling during the time they will have my phone. They continue to charge me the monthly service charge even though they tell me that once the phone works they will credit me for the time it didn't work. Very frustrating.
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User Replies:
Carol Eaves on 10/01/2013:
I went through the same kind of problems. R u in Ft. Myers, FL? Straight Talk uses T-Mobile satellite in my area. I dropped AT and T which worked fine, but I couldn't afford it anymore. And I had tried T-Mobile, but couldn't get service. So ended up Straight Talk sent me an AT and ,T SIM card so I can receive a signal. All works except pic msg in text msgs.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
They can barley speak English, then say they understand what your saying and they don't have a clue. If I hadn't already spent $200. on my phone I would change asap. No one there has a clue what's going on. I would go on and on but I have already spent 2 hours on the phone with customer service and still not close to having my problems resolved.

All these companies think they are saving money by going to another country for customer service where I'm sure my problems could have been taken care of within 5 minutes not over 2 hours.

Please learn from my stupidy before going with a cell company that does not have someone in the USA that you can speak with.
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User Replies:
old fart on 06/28/2011:
leet60 on 06/28/2011:
You might want to try calling corporate:

Straight Talk Wireless USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address:
9700 NW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178
(800) 876-5753
Kathy K on 02/04/2013:
Well my husband did not want to go with another company that you had to sign a contract......WELL, it has been a complete nightmare since the very beginning with Straight Talk. NO ONE speaks English, they give you the run around, LIE - you bet they lie - After hours and hours on hold and over 26 personnel I have spoken with over a course of 2 months our problem has only increased. #1 my original phone ($179.99) worked for the 1st 35 days then started having issues. FINALLY after hours and hours they agree to take it back and replace it (you have a one year warranty but what they don't tell you) they sent me a refurbished phone was NEW and they sent a refurbished phone!!! I returned it and was TOLD that once they receive it they would issue a check. Guess what NO CHECK, after more calls, etc. we were told that a check had not been issued and there was no record of this...what?!?!?!?! SO what they did was issue a credit on my husbands phone that will last until June 30th. We stopped the automatic withdrawal at that time. You won't believe this but they put a charge through.yes, they did! Now after hours, once again, and being told we would be given a refund that would show up in our bank account within 24 hours. After 72 hours it's still not there. Today I spoke with 5 different people at Straight Talk, 4 told me the credit had been issued but could not send me an email stating I called corporate office, once again no one spoke good English, this person said that there was a problem with the refund then after sitting on hold, again, she said she would send me an email confirming that a refund had been issued and that it was the "banks" fault that we are not showing a refund. NEVER EVER go with this company!!!
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Avoid Straight Talk at all costs
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On 2/24/10, between 2:45PM and 5:05 PM, my phone was deactivated and my number given to someone else. This was confirmed by my wife and mother as well as by Straight Talk representatives when we called them. Our account was set up to have the money taken directly out of our checking account on the 26th of each month. They repeatedly messed this up requiring several calls to reset the auto-pay. My wife's phone was turned off several times for, "having a zero balance" even though we were on an unlimited plan. Because we used auto-pay, we were not behind on account payments...they were current. When I left work on 2/24, I tried to call my wife and received a message that the mobile number I was using was inactive. My wife tried calling me and some man answered and said he bought the phone that afternoon and was given my number. The same thing happened when my mother tried calling me. We called Straight Talk at 5:45PM and they confirmed that my phone had been deactivated and the number given to someone else. We then talked to a couple of different customer service agents and a supervisor and told them that we wanted to cancel the accounts and deactivate the phones. They told us again that my phone was deactivated and then proceeded to deactivate her phone in the middle of the call. On 3/3/2010, my wife was checking our bank account and found that Straight Talk had charged our account $49.34 on 2/27/2010. We canceled our account on 2/24/10, two days before the start of the next billing cycle. When we called Straight Talk, they told us that the deactivation of my phone had been an oversight and that they were giving me back the number. After we told them that we did not want the account and that it had been deactivated on 2/24/10, they stated that they could not do anything about it and that we were essentially stuck with the charge whether the phone was active or not. We informed our bank and are in the process of recovering the money. As of 3/4/2010, the phone is again deactivated.
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Straight Talk Won't Correct Their Error
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FLORIDA -- We purchased a Straight Talk Phone Card for $45 at Walmart. A friend had given us his old phone because he had gotten a better one to use with this service. He also has Straight Talk. I came home from the store and got online to speak to a representative of Straight Talk. Explained to him that we had just purchased a card and wanted to activate the phone we were given in my husband's name and transfer his existing phone number to the new phone with Straight Talk. The representative said he understood and he started the process. At this point everything was fine. I gave him the information he requested when he asked for it. He then gave me a whole new phone number and I told him we wanted to transfer an existing number, he said we would take care of that after he was finishing what he was doing. He finishes and again I tell him we want to transfer the existing number. He said fine, that it would be an additional $45 to do this. He had put the $45 card on that phone that the friend had given us and it was left in his name. I explained again what I wanted done and he refused to do it unless I brought another card, since he had already used our card to re-activate our friends account. I have spoken to several people at Straight Talk to fix this situation and I have gotten absolutely nowhere. They all want me to pay another $45 for a new card, since the card I purchased was applied already, not to where it was supposed to go but where they put it and won't fix what they did. Our friend has also spoken to them and explained what needed to be done, but nothing. This morning I get an email telling us that the payment of $45, which is for 30 days, which we purchased on 2-06, is due again on 2-14, since the service is up on the 14th. This whole thing is a mess and there is no one I can find to talk to it about who can fix it. I just wanted them to give us what we asked for and paid for. They made the error and they refuse to fix it.
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Tam on 11/06/2013:
With straight talk customer service reps it is necessary to be extremely precise. Tell them in very simple terms what you are needing done and repeat it as many times as necessary. This is an unfortunate experience. The rep should have fixed that immediately. It would have been best to remain on the phone as long as it took, asking to please speak with someone else, even if it took speaking with a few people. Yes, we are spoiled Americans and expect things to be easy and all peaches all the time so this may seem tedious. However, it is well worth not having to pay an arm and leg and not having constant overage charges and being locked in to a contract and in jail with one company for two years.
Tam on 11/06/2013:
This is indeed unfortunate. It sounds like you were precise about what you required, yet they flubbed it. As previously stated, I've not had any problems in several years. One thing you mentioned cannot be at all possible though, which is that you'd be expected to refill on the 14th when you just filled on the 6th. There is no way the service would have "been up" seven days after activating. It's lasts for thirty days and it isn't possible for it to last a lesser amount of time.
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