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Not Enough Meat
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Rating: 1/51

BAKER, LOUISIANA -- I went to Subway and I ordered a meal. Then they started asking if what I wanted so I ordered my teriyaki chicken. So when I got home I took a bite of my Sub and I got a mouthful of bread and condiments. They should be ashamed for ripping people off like that and they should give everyone a refund. If they (Subway) want to stay open then they gonna have to do better. #nomeatnomoney #nomeatzonetheyknowbetter

Subways Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

PRINCETON, KENTUCKY -- I went in with my family for dinner. The cashier at the counter was so friendly. He greeted us with a smile as soon as we walked in the door. He was patient as we ordered our food, and throughout the meal, he came to check on us. We will defiantly be going back!

Low Sanitary Standards and Rude Employees
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Rating: 1/51

ALL LOCATIONS -- I feel quite comfortable making a blanket statement that Subway in general are dirty filthy establishments with bare bones sanitary standards, rude employees and undertrained management. I would recommend avoiding all Subway restaurants whenever possible.

Terrible Quality Control -- Even Worse, the Non Response to Complaint by Whoever Oversees This Outfit
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Rating: 1/51

SAN CLEMENTE, CALIFORNIA -- I ordered online 4 sandwiches, a foot long meatball marinara, a half chicken ranch cheese melt, half tuna salad and half Italian BMT. As you can see from pictures, the meatball was a half and the chicken ranch cheese melt had no lettuce, tomato or cheese so no melt, just a dry roll w/ two strips bacon and 6 pathetic pieces of chicken. When I called back they would not answer phone ten minutes before closing. When I complained to admin staff, got no response. It has been two days, nothing from the local restaurant or Subway anywhere. They are aware because I sent them the attached pictures.

Very Rude, Close Early, Do Not Honor Promotions! I Get Promos on My Phone and They Say They Are No Good!
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Rating: 1/51

WICHITA, KANSAS -- We have been going to this Subway forever and now they have new workers who close the store early, are rude, and refuse to honor promos that are received on my phone! It was BOGO plus all classics were six dollars! We asked which ones were classic and she said, "All of them"! I then told her I had a promo code on my phone and she replied, "That is no good. You have to go to the site to get it!" Duh! I was on the site! Then she said only the cold cut is on sale! O.K. Enough is enough!

Every time we go in someone else is working! We have gotten home and had wilted lettuce and pitiful tomatoes! Looks like a bologna sandwich! Bread so hard it would break a tooth! But, I was nice about it! No more! Don't treat me like an idiot! So, as far as I'm concerned, so far Subway owes me 4 subs for not honoring my codes and coupons and overcharging me when I used coupons! Really! I can count! Where's my drink? Why do I get promos if Subway says they are no good! They are really bringing the franchise down! I'm not alone in this!!! Help!!!

Service Prejudice
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Rating: 1/51

CRESCENT COTY, CALIFORNIA -- On June 8, 2014, my wife of 21 years, **, and I had ridden our motorcycle to Grants Pass, Oregon to have dinner with some friends before I went in for a liver cancer tumor removal surgery the following week in SF. Because of dietary needs we usually carry our food and/or stop at Subway Sandwiches establishments when traveling because their advertisements and nutrient charts encourage health conscious persons, and/or, persons with health conditions, to patronize their establishments.

On our return trip, June 9, 2014 at approximately 3:30 p.m. we stopped for a needed meal at a Subway in Crescent City, CA. ** went in to order sandwiches while I removed cold weather gear from the old Harley Davidson motorcycle, which we parked directly in front of the store. I laid our coats etc in our booth, took a bite of my sandwich, and then headed for the restroom with an urgent (diabetic) need to urinate. When I got down the hall there was a handwritten note on the door "out of order" and get key from counter person.

No one was at the counter so I said hello excuse me loudly until the young man came out of the back. I told him I had a medical condition and needed to use a restroom whereas he told me the restroom is out of order. I asked if I could use whatever facility he used because I am diabetic and I'm not going to stand here and [snip] my pants. I told him by law they have to have a restroom or post it where the customers can see before they make their purchase. He said "I only work here"! I told him "You ought to take some initiative". He said "I'm calling the cops", I said "call the cops you little twerp". I was wetting my pants some and went outside around the corner and finished.

When I returned ** was out by the bike. I said what are you doing out here. She said he kicked us out. I asked her did he tell you to leave and she said no. I said he did not tell me to leave either and we bought sandwiches. I got my hand sanitizer off the bike and we went back in and sat down and started eating our sandwiches. This was when ** told me of the initial attitude she had received from a female counter person when she first started the ordering process. It did seem that they did not really want our business and treated us like we were trash.

I am 62 and a 30+yr CA State Park WKR I employee (retired), and my wife ** has been a small business owner for 21+yrs. As we were eating our sandwiches a Crescent City PD officer came in and talked with the kid at the counter (**). I Placed my CDL and CCWP (though I was not carrying my firearm) on the table. He came over to get our story. After, he went back over and talked to the kid again he came back and said the kid wants us to leave and they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. **, the counter person was very reluctant to give us his name. The officer told him we have the right to know the name of the person that was having us removed.

The officer gave us ** (removed) name and we left. As we were getting our coats and helmets on, another CCPD car arrived. What a waste of obviously much needed local resources. We rode to the beach to finish eating our sandwiches and let my pants dry completely. After arriving home I called Subways Corporate office and they said there is nothing they can do because the stores are independently owned.

I called and talked to the manager of the 3 Crescent City Subways, **. She apologized for the employee's behavior and stated that she had directed them to call her under such circumstances because she is just two minutes away. She also stated that she had told them, prior to our incident, that if someone was in dire need of the restroom, to warn them of a damp floor and let them use it. She said it was a leaky sink. For this reason I maintain the counter persons mean humiliating demeanor was because we were motorcyclists, and/or he was not allowing use of the facilities to eliminate the need to clean the restroom.

The cause of restroom closure was indeed a leaky sink, which was confirmed by the owner, ** who called me a while after I discussed the incident via phone with manager **. I asked owner ** to please send me a letter outlining a resolve that would appease my wife and I. Considering a discriminating attitude against motorcyclists, humiliating a person with a documented history of serious debilitating medical conditions that must be kept under control, and considering the embarrassment of wetting myself, and considering the embarrassment of being legitimate responsible law abiding citizens evicted from a very visible business with law enforcement presence.

The letter we received from owner, **, certainly did not appease either ** or myself. These acts (with exception of the CCPD officers) were all carried out in a most definite mean spirited manner. Even an untrained, non-prejudiced employee would know right from wrong in these circumstances. No business has the right to degrade and humiliate a person in such a manner. As per paragraph 2 of owner ** June 13, 2014 letter of apology, ongoing staff training obviously is not a forceful enough motivational tool and they "certainly dropped the ball the day you (we) were in the Crescent City store".

I, **, demand an immediate (by August 15, 2014) agreeable resolve of this matter or we will be forced to seek the maximum award through small claims court to resolve any and all damages and/or claims incurred in the incident at a Crescent City Subway, owned by **, on June 9, 2014. We swear, under penalty of perjury, that the statements and claims contained herein are true and correct to the best of our recollection. Gift certificates will be returned.

Rude Manager Sets Precedent for Rude Employees
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Rating: 1/51

DEERFIELD BEACH, FLORIDA -- On December 29, 2012, I visited one of your establishments at 50 SE 20th Avenue in Deerfield Beach, Florida, at approximately 3:10 P.M. I ordered a double chicken salad. Once I sat down, I discovered the chicken had been warmed up, which melted the cheese, and there was too much salad dressing for my liking. So, I approached the cash register where I told the gentleman the issues and that the salad would have to be remade.

He didn't even address me and turned immediately to the girl next to him making subs and told her the situation. She then told the girl who made the salad at which point I heard, "She didn't tell me she didn't want the chicken warmed up." My first question to you is, why do I need to tell her? Shouldn't she be asking the customer their preference in the first place?

The manager of this location, whose name I cannot reveal, as he would not divulge this information, so for all intents and purposes, he will be named **, heard the commotion and asked what the issue was, addressing me in a very unfavorable manner. He completely dismissed the issue at hand and simply stated, "This is a Subway policy and the chicken has to leave our hands to the customer hot." How this pertains to having the salad remade, I'm not quite sure.

** then turned away and continued making incoming customers' subs. After a few minutes of being ignored, I spoke up and asked the cashier if they were planning on remaking the salad or to just ignore me, their customer, all day. ** began a shouting match with me, telling me that he told me to wait while they served other customers and said to me, "You're a rude person and I don't deal with rude people. I told you to wait, so why don't you go home and get some training on how to be nice." This was quite hurtful and disappointing to hear.

As someone who worked in the service industry for more than a decade, I'm sure you know as well as I that you never talk to a customer or client like that, even if they are in the wrong. His job was to defuse the situation and fix the issue. All he had to say to calm the situation down was, "Sorry about that. We'll get your salad remade once we clear up this line of other customers."€

It would have been that simple, but he continued to belittle me and behave condescendingly in front of the other patrons by first offering me a refund and then refusing to give me a refund stating that he does not "take commands from rude people or give refunds to rude people." ** got so frustrated that he threw out my salad and even told me leave.

He then ignored me, even after I asked, "Are you giving me a refund or are you remaking my salad?" He said NOTHING and continued to cash out other customers UNTIL he found out my boyfriend was recording the situation on his smartphone, a video I would be more than happy to share if you would like a copy. Only THEN did he give me back my money and even said, "Thank you."

I am completely shocked at the way this manager handled the situation. When a customer comes to you with a problem, regardless of their demeanor or attitude, your job as a manager and a leader is to be objective and to help the customer. I am told by this manager that I need training to be less rude, so after hearing (and potentially viewing) what transpired, what, in your opinion, would this manager need? I am absolutely disgusted with this situation; I have never been spoken to like that, thrown out of a restaurant, and embarrassed like this. This was completely the wrong way to deal with a customer.

If someone has an issue with a product you are offering, does this entitle them to speak to a customer like this? I can only imagine the repercussion this had on the customers around us as well as his staff. Every other customer in the restaurant was looking at us with their jaws dropped. If this is the poor attitude ** portrays on how he handles this type of situation, his employees will only learn this destructive behaviour. If you are looking to hire motivated people, as your website states, you definitely have a manager working at this location who is motivated to lose customers, which is no way for a leader to act.

I've always been satisfied with the service and food at Subway, but after this interaction, please be assured that I will be retracting my future patronage from any Subway restaurants, as this experience has understandably turned me off. After weeks of contact with head office, I finally heard back from the district manager who sent me a one-line email stating that he was sorry and welcomed me back at any time.

This less-than-acceptable reply prompted me to email him back and ask for a better resolution and he never answered both emails I sent him. I finally had head office contact the owner who supposedly said the employee was laid off for a week and retrained and that I was invited back for a free meal. Being from Canada, I can't imagine how I would take advantage of this offer, but the owner and head office never answered me on that either. That's some award-winning customer service!

Discriminatory Practices
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Rating: 1/51

FAIRVIEW ROAD/ELLENWOOD, GEORGIA -- Ellenwood, GA Subway - Kroger Shopping Center/Fairview Road. On Monday May 7, 2012 at 11:45 AM I visited the Subway Sandwich Shop with the intent to order two sandwiches. The attendant was very rude, first of all. I asked for the sandwich special of the day, which was turkey and ham. I ordered 2 six inch turkey and ham specials on flat bread. He informed me that they did not have flat bread. I then ordered the Italian herbs and cheese bread.

He started making the sandwiches. He put the meat and cheese on the sandwich, at that time another customer entered the store and proceeded to the line. The attendant immediately stopped fixing my sandwich and greeted the man and asked him what he would have. The white male customer asked "what is the special for today. He completed his sandwich and rung him up, then came back to ask me what else I wanted on my sandwich.

I asked him if he could explain his technique, as to why he stopped fixing my sandwich and completed the man's order behind me. He told me that his manager told him "in his language" to complete his order first. At that point another man came from the back and told me that he knew the gentlemen, and he told him to go ahead and fix his sandwich. I asked why, they did not have a reasonable explanation.

He then asked me in a very rude disposition, "Do you want the sandwich or not" I told him that under those circumstances I choose not to spend my money at his business. He then loudly said to me, while waving his hands in the air, and being very irate. "No Come. No Come Back!!!" I said "excuse me, you don't have to worry about me revisiting your business and spending my money here." He then waved his hand in a sweeping manner and yelled, "Get Out, and don't come back here." I then exited the door to avoid any further confrontation and humiliation.

It is extremely unprofessional, and humiliating to be treated this way in a reputable establishment. I have never experienced such rudeness, and to be told not to come back to an establishment because of questioning discriminatory practices. Subway is known for a reputation with kind and professional service. I regularly visit the Subway locations and have always been treated with professionalism. I along with my co-worker 360 plus, employees visit Subway almost everyday for lunch. The staff there are always courteous, quick, clean, and professional. (Moreland Avenue - next to Aldi and CVS)

I have never in my life been put out of an establishment. When I chose not to buy the sandwich, after he chose to disregard me as a paying customer, by stopping in the middle of my order, and servicing the white male customer, which came in after me. Then, after checking him out, with the same gloves, he proceeded to complete my sandwich. This type of practice is no longer acceptable in the US, and there must be some type of corrective action taken when an establishment chooses to attempt to keep it alive.

A few tips to get you thru your service...
By -

I have been a Subway employee for over a year now. I am prior service military and very good at what I do. I have regular customers that come in to my store everyday and enjoy their sandwich but I must say all these complaints I am reading make me laugh. Some of you speak about the employees like we are dogs. I am not saying that everyone is perfect but this is a shame.

When you come in to the store I am required to greet you within 3 seconds. This is not an option for me. So when I take the time to say “Welcome to Subway” or “hey how are you?” Be respectful and say hello. Don't just come up to the counter and say “I WANT A...” I was taught manners and I am sure that at some point you have run across them as well.

Your home girl can wait five seconds for you to order a sub. I had a lady one time tell me "excuse me I'm talking" when I asked her what kind of cheese she wanted on her sub. I didn't come to your car and ask you what you wanted, you came in to me and stepped up to my line. I had a no cell phone sign on my line. Corporate made me take it down. But when it was still up some of you would read it to your friend on the phone.

This is a made to order sandwich. I need your full attention. When you ask me for something on your sub paying half attention and I put it on there don't scream at me because you asked for it. And if I were to pull out my phone while making your sub you might get offended because I am not doing my job properly.

If you speak to me like I'm a dog, my customer service will lack at some point. I don't come to your work and be completely rude to you and ask for you to take it. I'm human and I expect to be treated with respect. Everyone has a bad day. I'll try and make it better if you don't treat me like gum stuck to your shoe.

If you want extra veggies... ASK! It is free of charge. Subway says I am to put 6 olives on your footlong. If you ask for more I can put more. It is much easier for me to put more on than it is for me to take it off. This stands for dressing as well. Without throwing away product I cannot take it off. Ask and you shall receive.

Bashing employees... Believe it or not what we do is based on what our higher power tells us to do. We are not incompetent. However when a manager is standing over my shoulder I am not willing to lose my job. Just as you are to your job. My job pays my bills.

During tax season when we do our special buy one get one don't ask me why we are out of bread. We are able to bake 24 pieces of bread at a time. Do the math. When I have a line hanging out my door it is impossible for me to keep bread flowing. And if I bake before the day you'll complain it is hard. Come on now. The person who designed this is a guy sitting at a desk somewhere who has never made a sub in his life. Don't get mad at me for trying to carry out his wishes. Everyone has something that is not so great about their job. We are not all in food but I had plenty of complaints about the military as well. Be civil to me and I shall be civil to you.

Please read the menu before asking me where the $5.00 subs are. They are right in front of you. The don't tell me what my menu says. Turkey is not a 5 dollar sub no matter how many times you tell me it is. If you read the menu while making your selection this saves you and I the argument at the register when you tell me no turkey is 5.00. I then have to go back to the sign and show you.

I love a lot of my customers but I have had some really unreasonable requests in my time. My job is not what keeps me coming back to work. It is the people that I share a bond with. I do not enjoy the behind the scenes work of scrubbing on my hands and knees because Subway says our stores are to be immaculate at all times. I have customers that tell me how clean my store is. They see how hard my coworkers and I try to keep up. I have customers tell me all the time how clean my store is. You just have to find the right one and stick with it. We will take care of you if you take care of us!!!

Disgusting behavior and service
By -

BARRIE -- My staff and I spend (or rather spent after this) hundreds of dollars a month at Subway. At its peak, we were spending $150 a week. We're not casual consumers. My office is right above the Subway. It's convenient. Every day I would order the same thing, steak and cheese on Parmesan. Three times I ordered a "six inch". Each time the bread was stale. The third time, I'd had enough. The so-called "artist" had made a flat, stale, squishy, soggy mess and thrown it in a bag. Disgusted, I brought it back into the store and asked for a replacement. I told them I would be back, as I was running very late.

When I returned, the "manager" (in title only) was there to greet me. She proceeded to bash me, say there was nothing wrong with the ooze that was leaking all over her counter. She started bashing me for "hurting the feelings" of these so-called "artists" who were standing behind her primping themselves and acting like Cinderella's step sisters. She then proceeded to literally throw my money back at me and said they would not make another sandwich. I then left. This is where I made a dumb mistake. I called Subway to complain. They filled me full of empty promises, promised a response within three days, etc.

I went back that night, in my uniform, as I was now very hungry. There was a lineup of people ahead of me, so I just stood there quietly. This old lady working there saw me standing there and proceeded to bash me, to humiliate me, to practically yell at me, insult me then told me anyone who called head office wasn't welcome back at their store and told me that if I wanted a sub, that I'd have to "shut up, don't give us any trouble, take your food and leave." That, regrettably, is a direct quote.

I left, feeling disgraced for wanting a decent, edible sandwich. Now, before I go on, let's remember that these so-called "sandwich artists" are posting on this site, telling us how to behave, how to order, how to conduct our personal lives, how to park, what we will or won't say, how we will read, etc. We know, then, that obviously they're discontent. They're not happy with their jobs. They defend their horrible actions by blaming their moods on their customers. So it's not hard to envision what I'm typing here, bearing in mind the crabby, minimum wage puppets on the other side of the counter.

Anyway, I was promised a call. Well, as I have an office in the same building I know the landlord very well. I called him. He gave me the owner's cell phone number. I called a couple of times and got to have a pleasant monologue with the voicemail. That's as far as it ever got. A month goes by. I contact Subway and told them I'd had no response, no contact of any sort and no resolution to the problem. A very pleasant lady said I'd hear back in three days. Never happened.

So, I gave up. For months I didn't go back to that store, watching the staff change over half a dozen times in that period. In that period, my assistant would go down and get me a sub. What can I say, it's convenient. No problems to speak of. The crappy food syndrome had somehow been remedied, much to my satisfaction. Today I decided to go myself, as my assistant had the day off. It was completely uneventful. The same manager as before was there, walking out of the back as I paid the young, very friendly lady who was serving me.

"All is well" I thought. OK, who was I kidding? One of my staff went down for lunch after I did. He comes back up and says "the manager stopped me. She recognized me from working here. She told me to tell you that you're not welcome back because of an incident that happened several months ago."

I have a serious problem with this. Several, actually. First, my employee should never have been brought into this. Second, she had every opportunity to tell me directly, as she was standing right there as I paid. She sure seemed content to take my money. Third, punitive measures should not be imposed against a regular customer that was treated rudely, with disrespect, denigrated in front of numerous patrons and yet STILL desired to do business with them. They have 72 hours to come up with a resolution, or this goes to the press. Fortunately I spend a ton of money in advertising with the press, so I have no worries about them listening to me.

This is a time of recession. Terrible food and terrible service, no matter what price point, should not be rewarded. The consumer should not be punished. The business should be punished. Recessions weed out terrible companies with terrible service. Bad press exposure can escalate this. When I read these so-called "artists" moaning and groaning about how hard done by they are, I think about how much harder done by they would be if we just stopped doing business with them. No business, no money, no job.

This is what they deserve. The public is speaking. The reviews are clear. If you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it. Subways rating on this site is tanking. We, as consumers need to stand up and say "we're not rewarding your absolutely crap sandwiches and even worse service anymore. By the way, Quiznos, as I found out after this incident, absolutely spanks your product silly.

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