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Elimination of Seafood and Crab Sandwich from Menu....
Posted by Leeuniverse on 03/19/2006
I am expressing my extreme disappointment and ANGER with Subway for eliminating this sandwich from their menu nation wide. I have been eating this sandwich and almost only this sandwich for 14 years, in heaven from the moment I first tasted it. I understand the need for changes, and modifications, but what they should have done is some new advertising on the sandwich, saw really none the last few years. Stop opening so many stores, for almost every one here in Vegas is near vacant most of the time through the day. Just make LESS of the product, or at least have SOME stores offer the product, or make it when it's requested, since all it is is a light mayo and the seafood and crab. etc.

See, the thing that makes this really bad other than the fact that the sandwich was and is my favorite food of all time, is the fact that you simply can't find the sandwich anywhere else. Most of their other sandwiches however you can find at a 100 other places, as well easily made oneself. This is absolutely unacceptable. A common person can't even find out where they bought it from so as to get it again themselves.

Anyway, Subway needs to bring this product back, at least in limited release at some restaurants or one minimum in an area. In fact, doing so with a new Ad campaign might stimulate interest again.

So, while I found their Teriyaki sub to be a nice distraction on rare occasion, until they bring back the seafood and crab, I am no longer bringing my business to them. I was looking forward to trying the seafood and crab on a Toasted Bun, but when I went to try it, my sandwich was gone. Every time I look at a subway now, I simply get angry, because I think of my sandwich, and my mouth waters for it.

Shame on Subway, for unilaterally destroying 1000's of peoples enjoyment. Whatever happened to simply good business, catering to the customer, and the standard simply MAKE LESS practices?

I could take McDonalds getting rid of their Arch Deluxe, or their Sweet Honey Mustard, but I can't take this. And if I had the time, and if I ever do have some time, I will be protesting in front of their stores, and I will be getting petitions. But, sadly, I don't know when I can or if I will be able to do that. But to be clear, I'm not into that kind of thing accept in really bad cases, so frankly, that's how really mad I am about this. Subway.... You have been informed.

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Posted by Ponie on 2006-03-19:
Evidently the '1000's' of people weren't ordering the sandwich anymore--ergo--no sandwich.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-19:
The only constant in life - is CHANGE
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-19:
Well, at least you can still get a good juicy "fish sammy" at Micky D's eh, p-dud?
Posted by crewboy on 2006-03-20:
If this sandwich was popular and selling well enough to keep it around, it would not have been discontinued. However, if you think you can get enough people to sign a petition to make Subway bring the sandwich back--more power to you. If you honestly believe that thousands of people want to buy this sandwich then go for it. But I think you can probably make it yourself quite easily. If you say it's nothing more than light mayo and crab meat, you can do this at home...and probably for less than what you pay at Subway.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-20:
If anyone is interested, Mr. pirate has numerous recipes for seafood or tuna salads. Just make sure that you like a lot of 'mayo' in your salads.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-21:
I think it is sad that you basically stuck with the same sandwich for 14 years.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-21:
Coming from Subway the operative word would be LUCKY.
Posted by leeuniverse on 2006-06-26:
Man.... This is all the comments I've got?
Yes, I know that it wasn't a high seller, because people here in the states were afraid of trying it. When they think sandwich, they think the old standby's, and are afraid of trying something different, especially seafood. But 99% of people I've seen try it, who like seafood, love it. It was however a unique sandwich, and there are millions of products out there in the world that don't get high sales, but they are still offered. Yet, so some stores made only 5 of them a day or something, so what? That's really not a big deal when your selling only like a 100 sandwiches per day at said store. And yes, I've tried to make it myself, but it's not even the same, somewhat tasty, but not even close in taste. So, I'm guessing none of you have a food that your mouth just waters for? That you've eaten for years as a special treat? Cause if you had, you would understand.

I felt almost the same when McDonalds got rid of the Arch Deluxe. The best burger in taste I had had up until then. But burgers are one in a million, so that wasn't a major loss, especially when Jack in the Box has the new Bacon and Cheese Chibatta these days. And Micky D's still has there yummy fries and chicken nuggets. Though the nuggets I think they were better tasting when they had a little brown meat mixed with the white meat.

Anyway, change is often good, especially towards the "better".
But loss of a good thing is never a good thing.
Posted by Kasar on 2006-07-06:
The subway that I work at still has the seafood. and by the way it is not made with light mayo anymore. It regular mayo and that mayo taste's different.
Posted by abbykito on 2006-07-26:
I agree with you a 100%. This was the only sandwich I ate from there so now I do not go there anymore. PLUS that dreadful new advertisement with the man screaming "EAT FRESH" is enough to put anyone off going there. LOL
Posted by Erika H on 2006-08-12:
Hello, first of all, it has not been discontinued nation wide. I believe it is decided by the franchisee. I am the General Manager of a Subway, I tried to get rid of the crab sandwich and was told by the owner that I can not. Weather it was his decision or corporate decision, I do not know. The owner told me it was a corporate who not not let us discontinue it. I wanted to discontinue this product because I sell less than 1 sandwich a day. I have managed this by cutting the 5 pound package of crab in half, putting the other 1/2 back in the freezer. I often throw out the seafood. But that's business. I feel bad that you can't find it. I believe you were lied to when you were told it has been discontinued nation wide. I feel bad, I almost want to mail you a package of the product along with the mayonnaise!
Second of all, in refference to a comment posted earlier about this sandwich, it IS real crab, it is a blend of crab and alaskan whitefish. Much more authentic than D'Angelgo (east coast competition) "seafood" I've spent time there also. Thank you.
Posted by j-bird333 on 2006-09-05:
It hasn't been discontinued nationwide because I can still order it at the Subways in my area of FL...there are other areas of FL though that are not carrying it anymore...& when I went out to CA a couple months ago, we went to a Subway there that said they haven't carried it in 2 years! It is my favorite by far too, so I can understand your frustration & I'm glad I can still find it around here, for now anyway...I thought maybe it had something to do w/ the caloric value of it, not how it sells...I think it has the most carbs & calories out of all of their subs...maybe not as much as their meatball or something...but I thought that had something to do with it since it's not one of the "healthier" offerings...but anyway, it's still my favorite & has been for years.
Posted by Fogeyogre on 2006-09-25:
The Seafood and Crab sandwich, or the Seafood Sensation sandwich as Subway renamed it, was actually a pretty popular sandwich overall.

Sure, some niche areas may not have sold many of them, but to have it removed from the menu nationwide, which it pretty much has been, is a huge marketing boner considering that it has been a staple of Subway’s franchise since the mid seventies, and has spawned many imitators. From what I can gather, Subway was a pioneer when it came to introducing America to imitation crabmeat, and along with Jana Worldwide, the company which manufactures their blend of imitation crabmeat, pretty much opened America’s eyes and introduced the country to this treat. For them to sneakily yank it from their menu on their website, and in stores across the country unless the license owner specifically insists on keeping it, is pretty sad.

The decision has indeed generated a number of complaints, and disgruntled customers. I’m one of them.

The decision also apparently has little to do with the fat or calorie content of the seafood mix. If someone is counting these things, sure the Seafood Sensation sandwich was on the upper end of Subway’s menu scale when it came to that sort of thing. However, it was trounced by other sandwiches that are still on the menu, and even its sibling, the ever-popular tuna sandwich. Yes, believe it or not, the Seafood and Crab sandwich was healthier for you than the Tuna sandwich.

One problem with the sandwich may have been with the discrepancies in how various stores prepared it. Some used the preferable scoop method. This is the right way for a Subway to prepare a Seafood and Crab sandwich, along with the good old U gouge, which of course is an entirely different debate. Other, stingier, stores would dish it out of tiny, measured cups. The cup method left the customer feeling cheated and less likely to order the sandwich at that store a second time. That, combined with the price, since it was the most expensive sandwich on the menu, may have resulted in the decision to give it the axe.

Oh well.

Don’t fret people. You can make it at home though. There’s a trick however. Just using random brands of imitation crab only won’t work most of the time, since finding the exact brand of Jana imitation crab that Subway uses repackaged for sale to consumers is nigh impossible. I’ve only done it once with a single, perfect package of imitation crab, and I can’t even remember the specific name of that brand and I’ve never stumbled across it again. I’ve looked. Using JUST imitation crab just doesn’t taste right, or have the right texture. Your best results will happen if you mix imitation crab with either imitation king crab or imitation lobster. Or be bold and brave and use all three. Use a little of flake and chunk salad style. I like to use Hellman’s mayo, regular, not light, and you mix it up with no flavorings or seasonings. Just the meat and the mayo. Wham. Done. I have found that with a little experimentation, it tastes and has a consistency nearly identical to the blend Subway uses. The biggest drawback to making this at home is that you don’t have Subway’s wonderful bread, but I’ve found that the self-rising French or Italian breads you can purchase now from any decent supermarket that bake up in your oven in a couple minutes work okay. Throw on some provolone cheese, the seafood and crab mix, some balsamic or salad vinegar, olive oil and the rest of your favorite fresh toppings, voila. Instant gratification and more in the fridge for later. It also works great in wraps, etc. If you go crazy and make a ton, it keeps in the fridge for around four days to a week if you keep it nice and sealed in a Tupperware container.

I would have never have discovered this if they hadn’t pulled the sandwich from the market.

Still, when I travel, I do pop my head into the occasional Subway if it is convenient, and scan the menu. Just in case. If I don’t see my sandwich, I don’t order anything.

Hmm, it’s been a really long time since I spent any money at a Subway. It’s also been a while since I’ve seen my sandwich. Around the same period of time, now that I think about it. What a curious synchronicity.
Posted by leeuniverse on 2006-10-11:
Wow... Thanks all. I'm glad I finally got some good comments. Some excellent ones in fact. Unfortunately, I've tried the making it yourself thing, and it hasn't worked well. Plus, I don't have the time or money to get so creative. But, I will certainly save those comments. Indeed, I pop in once in awhile, and they never have my sandwich, and indeed, I haven't order from a subway since they got rid of it, accept the day I discovered it gone, and I was with my family at the time. But not since.

As to the Subway Manager, your helpfulness is very kind. I think I might take you up on your offer, or at least get more info, so I'm not in the dark anymore. I couldn't even find any info on what the meat was or where it came from, or the mayonnaise, etc.

Thanks so much all. :)
Posted by naiad on 2007-02-21:
I had the same problem with subway and not carrying the seafood sandwich anymore.

and I ran accross this in an attempt to find a recipe.

If you ever want to make your own all you have to do is mix imitation crab meat ($2 lb at your local store) with creamy light mayoniase (1 part light mayonaise & 1 part milk) and viola.

not much help if you're going out to lunch, but it helps the cravings for the seafood sandwiches if your local subway has opted to discontinue them.
Posted by hburggirl01 on 2007-05-07:
Hi, I too love the seafood and crab sandwich. I am lucky enough to still have it in my area but did notice they had pulled it off most of the advertisements. And I do think some of the locations use the light mayo and some use the regular (probably depends on who mixes it up that day) but i know i have had it with the light before. It's, ofcourse, more tastey with the regular. I think it's a great sandwich and the main sandwich I get a subway. I like it because it's different - like the original poster said. I can understand the waste issue because seafood does not keep well. But I too LOVE it and hope it is not discontinued in our area.
Posted by subwayguru on 2008-08-31:
Actually the Seafood & Crab sandwich was not eliminated nationally. I serve it in my restaurant in Pennsylvania. Every Subway restaurant can choose up to two subs as a local store option to serve in addition to their regular menu. I serve enough of these sandwiches that I do not have to worry about losing product. However, I know many franchisees say they do not sell enough and usually have to through product away.
Posted by gr33n_eyed_monster on 2008-11-05:
I, also have stopped going to Subway since they discontinued the Seafood&Crab. That sandwich was something I actually craved. If someone gets a petition going, I will sign!!!
Posted by Morpheus on 2009-09-04:
It seems obvious that the ppl that are saying that they got rid of it for " ... " (Whatever reason!) all seem to follow at least these two things!

1. They never tried it! So, they are ignorant & don't know how good it is and are therefore throwing in their "3 cents" without knowing WTF they are talking about!

2. They never asked at any of the Subway restaurants why they got rid of it. (I was told, when I asked, that it was "unhealthy" & that's why they got rid of it. Which doesn't make any sense! Maybe the real reason that they got rid of it is bc it wasn't selling in certain restaurants but, God forbid they advertise the damned thing, which they never did!! But, just in case, somebody please explain to me what is so "unhealthy" about light mayo, warm fresh bread, fresh vegetables, and fresh seafood!?!)

There are Subway restaurants out there that do still carry it however! And if anyone takes this information that I provide here and it proves to be inaccurate, in any way, feel free to chime in and update us with your experiences. I sincerely hope that this helps someone!

These are two Subway restaurants that I know of that still carry the "Seafood Sandwich" today.

1. 1001 Market St
Gallery II Mall
Philadelphia, PA 19107

- I entered thru the Burlington Coat Factory Entrance on 11th & Market. I went into the mall, down an escalator, & headed south towards the Market/Frankford Line (Which is the subway, a.k.a. the "L", that can get you to & from the mall.), and after I came out of the bathroom, which is what I was originally there for, I headed back in the direction that I came from and I passed a Subway on the way and I went in & asked. And low & behold, they had it!

Go figure!!

2. 3718 Bristol Pike
Bensalem, PA 19020

- Head north on Bristol Pike/Rt. 13 coming from Street Rd/Rt. 132. It will be on your left hand side, at the corner of Bensalem Blvd and Bristol Pike. They've had it for years and at this location I did make it a point to ask them .."Did Subway bring it back?" and they looked at me like they didn't know what the hell I was talking about...

Go figure!! (Maybe as a company/corporation Subway lets individual restaurants run themselves, meaning that they let them make the vast majority of the decisions about what they sell. Bigger things, like advertised sandwiches (Like on TV!), advertisements, posters, logos, etc., I suspect comes down from on high, meaning from corporate, and they are things that they have to follow!)

You can take those addresses and confirm their exact locations using Google Maps (Or Yahoo, MSN, Map Quest, etc.) and I HIGHLY suggest that any time you see a Subway restaurant go in & ask them if they have it and even ask to speak to the manager and ask them to allow you to make a formal request to bring the damned thing back!

I hope this helps!!
Posted by Meatwad_09 on 2010-03-03:
We still have the sandwich all over Arkansas... just had one last week actually...
Posted by jermy3314 on 2010-08-11:
Subway pulled the rug out from under me. Seafood Sensation is ahead of anything else they have. I never ordered anything else except an occasional change to chicken.
Posted by Liz G on 2010-09-06:
I am will not go to Subway anymore, either. The seafood sub was the only thing I went there for. I do not eat any meat outside of seafood. I am lactose intolerant so I don't eat cheese. That leaves nothing else for me at Subway.
Posted by babybear62005 on 2011-03-27:
I love this sub too, it's my favorite, and they've discontinued it in my area as well. I see that Quiznos is now selling a lobster seafood sub, I'll have to check it out.
Posted by NYKOLE on 2011-05-27:
Posted by Agreed! on 2011-06-13:
I went in another store today looking for it and was told it has been discontinued. I ordered something else, but it wasn't very good. Probably won't go back! I am glad I am not the only one who loved it.
Posted by TRACEY on 2011-06-21:
All of the northern illinois subway still have the sandwich - the name has just changed to the seafood sensation sandwich - same as the seafood and crab - y u m m y !!
Posted by Dotte on 2011-12-29:
I live in a small town in Ohio. Our Subway is in Buffalo, Ohio and they do not have the crab or the Seafood sensation sub. They don't sell it and they say it is the owner who won't put it on their menu. I did not think the owner had a choice in what he sells in his Subway. I thought he had to sell what Subway tells him to sell. Is this true?
Posted by Laverne on 2012-02-09:
The sandwich is still availabl at several of m locations here in Chicago. What is annoying me is I cannot find the nutritional value for the darn thing and I posted it on Subways wall and they deleted my query.
I will estimate it from another site.
Posted by Alan on 2012-02-26:
Had one in Hattiesburg, MS last week. Had one in Baxter, MN this week. I will check everytime now, and just walk out if they don't have it.
Posted by Robin on 2012-06-05:
The one's near me don't carry it (of course), but for a mere half hour drive 2109 Polaris Parkway Columbus Ohio still sells them!
Posted by John on 2012-06-11:
Go to www.change.org and make a petition to get it back. Spread the word. I miss that sandwich too... best one on the menu
Posted by eazy e on 2012-08-01:
I totally agrgee with ya brotha! One of my fav sandwiches of all time....ALL TIME! if there is any list that you need my signature please contact me....ericculpepper@gmail.com
Posted by Seafood lover on 2013-02-21:
I haven't seen it in years on the west coast. Only thing I ate there. Loved it since the 80s, shocked that owners choose not to carry subways signature unique sub in specific markets. The secret to making it at home is a pinch of old bay seasoning. It was premixed into the mayo for the sub years back, and as they started low profiling it got switched to plain reg mayo or lt mayo. Wish they would bring it back as even a seasonal special.
Posted by dodonnieg on 2013-03-04:
I also loved the seafood sensation sandwich, not able to get it here in Peculiar Mo. any longer, that was the only sandwich I really liked, so now I no longer eat at Subway, Quiznos has them !!!!! SO I GO THERE NOW ... SORRY SUBWAY
Posted by Wendy on 2013-06-01:
They don't have it on the menu, but they have it if you ask in Bridgewater, VA. I saw someone order it and asked what it was. It looked good. The person had them sprinkle it with old bay added onions and toasted it with provolone cheese. The maker said they prefer it untoasted because toasting it makes the imitation crab rubbery. But the guy who ordered seemed to know and like what he ordered, because he did it with authority. LOL Maybe all you have to do is ask.
Posted by L Ngo on 2013-06-09:
If you live in the Houston, Texas area, go to The Galleria and head to the food court. The Subway there still has Seafood Sensation. Lucky you!
Posted by Melissa on 2013-06-15:
By the way, they've eliminated this from the Singapore subway stores too! Darn!
Posted by Steve on 2013-07-09:
I agree...the Seafood and Crab Sandwich is the best, and it's the only reason that I patronize Subway. I still find it, now and then, but it is getting more difficult to find a Subway that serves it. I walk out if it's not available.
Posted by adam on 2013-07-24:
In every subway I have been to in the DC Metro area (mainly rockville/gaithersburg and the northern virginia subways) I have seen (and purchased) the "seafood sensation" every time. it used to be called the seafood and crab, but I think since they use imitation crab meat they aren't allowed to use the word crab in the name of it anymore... Anyways you can easily make this sandwich yourself
Posted by Sage on 2013-07-30:
I agree. I was so addicted to this sandwich. I did find it a few years ago at Maine stores. I now hear they have brought it back but not where I live : (
Posted by Kev on 2013-08-11:
Looking for this in the Upstate South Carolina area, any info would be appreciated, love and miss this sandwich!!!
Posted by Ashley on 2013-08-15:
This was also my favorite sub their and pretty much the only one I would get :( I am VERY upset!!!
Posted by katy on 2013-08-16:
i took my fiancee and mother there because she wanted her favorite sub.....we were informed after they finish mine and her sea food sub that today is the last shipment....i am just as upset as you and itll be a looooong time before i return there as it was one of the only sandwichs we liked
Posted by SM G on 2013-08-22:
I loved seafood and crab it was very yummy! My absolute favorite I am so very disappointed they don't make them anymore
Posted by Sharon on 2013-09-03:
I'm with you guys. Seafood and crab was my favorite and I could never force myself to get any other sandwich, but that. Now I have to eat the tuna or sweet onion chicken teriyaki, but I don't love them as much. What's worse is recently I've been wanting a S and C and can't have one :(
Posted by Madnessx79 on 2013-09-25:
So for the people who used to work at Subway and know the recipe, can you please post the instructions. I understand that it's mayo, imitation crab, and old bay seasoning but I want to know how much of each.

Posted by Stella on 2013-11-20:
Just had one of the seafood subs for the first time in many years since I thought it was discontinued. For those interested, the seafood sensation is alive and well in Bellevue, WA. It is and has always been hands-down my favorite sub filling from Subway.

However, I've had more than a few bouts of food poisoning after my seafood sub encounters through the years. I chalk it up to the fact that the sandwich isn't exactly in the "best seller" category and was killed by improper food storage (i.e., holding the seafood salad in the lowboy far, far longer than its prime). Just FYI. Not sure if anyone else has run into this problem.

Posted by Bluetooth on 2014-01-18:
Subway's in Minerva Ohio and Carrollton Ohio still sell them if anyone is looking and lives near.
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Subway's roasted chicken breast is NOT REAL CHICKEN
Posted by Tellemhowitis on 04/26/2008
I just got a footlong roasted chicken breast sandwich. I hadn't had one in years but was looking forward to a nice juicy chicken breast sandwich. I try to avoid processed foods and chose Subway because they seemed like a healthier choice then the local fast-food-drive-thru options. I am soooo disappointed! I started eating my sandwich and decided to check out the chicken breast. Big mistake! I could immediately tell that this was not a REAL chicken breast. This is some sort of conglomerate of probably a speck of chicken and some fat and possibly sponge or Styrofoam! Like I said, I hadn't had a roasted chicken breast sandwich in years, but I don't remember it being FAKE chicken. Has it always been this way or did Subway change out the REAL chicken while I wasn't looking?

Regrettably I ate 6 inches of my footlong simply because I was hungry and didn't have the guts to take it back. Now I feel sick about it and am writing you this complaint while I ponder the injustices of processed foods and how the American people are killing themselves due to misleading advertising such as "Eat Fresh". That's a joke when you serve processed Styrofoam and call it "chicken breast."

Needless to say, I will not be ordering another "roasted chicken breast" nor will I consider Subway a healthy alternative to fast food. It is the same as all the rest.

P.S. My husband just informed me that he refers to this type of fake chicken as "chicken PUSS meat." Appetizing eh?!
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Posted by GenuineNerd on 2008-04-26:
I have had chicken breast sandwiches at Subway many times...they ARE real chicken breast. I've been happy-although Subway's chicken breast sandwiches aren't the best, they're OK to me. The chicken breasts, I believe, are pre-cooked; the "sandwich artist" will either microwave or toast the chicken breast, if the sandwich is ordered toasted. Nothing appears to be chopped, pressed, ground chicken, like the Chicken McNuggets at McDonald's.
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-04-27:
they have different chicken breast meats. one is deli sliced, which you ordered and ate, the other is chicken strips. not sure what they call it, but they also heat that one up.

their meats are real products, no immitations.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2008-04-27:
They are considered the "Healthier" choice for fastfood because all of their luncheon meats are all turkey based meats. I've never had their grilled chicken or their other subs, I only buy the combo meats sub. If they weren't all turkey based I wouldn't eat it.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-04-27:
DB, question: How can a chicken breast sandwich be made with 'turkey based meat?' Why not just order a turkey sandwich, or don't they offer them? I'm not a Subway patron so I don't know their menu offerings. Just wondering...
Posted by b@nkerdude on 2008-07-16:
Well, I can't say for what their meats are nowadays, but about 18 years ago my friend worked at a Subway and I used to help her open the store. The crab meat is imitation and comes in a huge block. They would cut it into smaller "chunks" to look like leg/claw meat. Secondly, the tunafish is made with flakes out of a box. A lot of the meat was not truly what it seemed. That being said, if it tastes good, I'm not one to complain. :-)
Posted by joghandi on 2008-07-26:
Of course its real chicken,silly. I managed a Subway for 13 years. Its made of nall whtie meat chicken, with a little saline to hold it toghether. the reason it is made that way is; It would be too costly to only use pieces cut off the bone exactly 2.5 ounces each. you MUST, to support your nutritional claims, have a standard portion size. What they do is cut the breas off the bone and form it into the proper size portion. So Subway can rightously claim that its CHICHEN BREAST. It may sound processed, but it saves you having to pay for all of the chicken they would waste in the processing plant for not being able to cut off a 2.5 ounce piece. Thats why you only pay(around here) 6 dollars for a footlong chicken made to order and at Wendys you pay 4 dollars for a chicken on a round bun with a leaf of lettuce and 1 tomato. You get what ya pay for.
Posted by joghandi on 2008-07-26:
Oh I forgot, all of Subway meat comes in pre-cooked. that protects you from cross-contamination yuckies like salmonella, E-coli, etc.
Posted by atm01 on 2008-09-25:
the reason why i'm on here adding this comment is because i just partially ate (and then threw out) one of those "grilled chicken" sandwiches. anyone that has ever eaten real chicken meat will see the stringy fibers that make up the actual meat tissue. biting into a Subway "grilled chicken" sandwich, you see air bubbles, glops of dense matter, and not a single string of actual meat fiber. I'm sorry, taking a bunch of chicken parts, chopping it up, adding god-knows-what and forming it into a breast shape is just plain disgusting. no thanks subway!!! now i gotta go back out and get something else to eat.
Posted by skyrazor12 on 2009-02-23:
Honestly, I hate to be mean but... no. i don't think that it's fake at all. I love it! EVen if it is fake, whatever. I love. I think the chicken is juicy delicious and yummy! Mabey you just got a bad sandwhich or something.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
".....Regrettably I ate 6 inches of my footlong simply because I was hungry and didn't have the guts to take it back. Now I feel sick....."

Addy: They said it, I didn't!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
".....Regrettably I ate 6 inches", you might want to rephrase that one LOL.
Posted by preston32 on 2009-07-11:
The fake chicken breast also has MSG in it! MSG is very bad for you, yet it is in almost all processed foods nowadays, disguised under other names to hide the fact. look it up on youtube. It's an addicting neurotoxin which excites the tastebuds into making food taste good.

Subway ingredients:

Hydrolyzed corn gluten + autolyzed yeast extract are both MSG!

Hidden sources of MSG:

Plus Subway has food dyes in the veg! Ick, I must not eat there anymore..
Posted by JoyS on 2010-05-18:
I agree that Subway's chicken breast is not real and should NOT be advertised as 'chicken breast'. It has nothing in common with the texture of chicken breast and it looks disturbing (more like a sponge than meat). Why are consumers not made aware of all the additives that are in the what-looks-like chicken breast. Sure 'oven roasted chicken breast' sounds healthy but is it really?
This is why I'm going to direct my complaint to Subway.
Posted by ChemistTest on 2010-09-11:
So everyone Kkows Subway Does use Real Chicken I actully verified it is This Exact Make and Nutrition Information Found at the web Site below. The Brand is Tyson® EvenCook® chicken breast filets and the Website is http://www.tysonfoodservice.com/Products/11630-928.aspx so everyone knows Chickfla and Mc Donalds also us Tyson Products
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-11:
What is today? Post on old story day?
Posted by kdcrms06 on 2010-10-11:
I actually just complained about the same thing to Subway Corp. I was hoping that it was just one location but it is the chicken that subway services. What happened to healthy doesn't have to be tasteless? I just wish it tasted differently. It literally tastes like water that chicken was boiled in. It has that faint taste and smell but really it's just water. It hurts my stomach every time I eat it. I have all but given up on subway. I have to call the owner of the local one back today becuase he has called(twice) and emailed me to discuss my complaint.
Posted by Rustabust on 2010-12-10:
I eat more than one of these sandwiches per week. It just occurred to me how unlike an actual chicken breast this is. I dont care all that much though.

Posted by CJ on 2013-05-28:
Totally agree. Just had a subway chicken breast sandwich and searched on google for subway and chicken as i assumed that i cant be the first one who thinks this is a big joke - and found this website. It tastes like NOTHING. Not good or bad just no flavor at all, which of course is disgusting given the fact that they sell it as chicken breast. Also, the texture of the meat is more like a cheap white sausage. Even the chicken meat of McD / KFC can at least be identified as such based on the texture (ok, maybe this is fake too) but the Subway chicken is only disgusting.
Posted by Don Quijote on 2013-05-28:
This "chicken patty" has similar qualties to a brat burger. It's ground up chicken breast and cartilage. Not far from a chicken mcnugget. Oh and this substance slides out of a tube. Yum
Posted by Joe on 2013-06-09:
I would never eat that disgusting looking chicken patty. If you're looking for grilled chicken, this is certainly not an alternative. Eat at your local deli. Better for the local economy and I'm sure it's healthier than this junk.
Posted by Carlos Brito on 2013-06-21:
I was very disappointed today with Subway and will likely not go back. I ordered Oven Roasted Chicken and to my surprise it wasn't real chicken. The sandwich had two chicken patties. C'mon Subway, you'll lose your customers this way. Also, they should never advertise that as chicken if it's processed food. Anyway, one less customer plus the people I may influence.
Posted by J on 2013-07-28:
It is processed chicken meat. About 82% chicken. They've been pulled up in Australia for advertising their 'chicken fillet' sub and have given the exact breakdown of their 'fillet' . They've had to rename the sub. Look it up.
Posted by Binford on 2013-08-06:
Subway is as far away from healthy as you can get if you consider what your putting in your body, calorie wise, yes its healthy in that sense because of the low calories but lets be honest. Everything in subway is processed to the max including their breads which contain over 30 ingredients while the average bread contains 7, their bread has a chemical in it thats banned in the uk thats punishable bu 15 years in prison if caught using, its the same chemical that keeps the bread stretchy like plastic. Also all of their meats are more meat flavor than actual meat, the grilled chicken is chicken by products grounded up and served. Think about how long that meat stays around, from the plant, to the truck to the store and to the consumer, a legit meat would spoil before it got to the store and theres why they add a massive about of msg snd perservitive in it. Any deli meat is full of it but some far more than others. Im sorry to say this but anyone who actually tries just the meat there and thinks its actual meat is crazy, we get fooled easily because they cover up the lack of pure taste by all the dressings,
Posted by I hate fastfood on 2013-08-28:
Sad how people are fighting for a junk food and trying to proove it is real meat.If you are so used to fastfood that u've forgotten the taste of real food, just do yourself a favor and buy a piece of chicken breast, cook it at home and taste it, subway chicken has no taste even close to a real chicken.
You disagree with me? have fun spending your money feeding yourself with such junk and dont forget eating it with Cola or Pepsi in large volumes!
Posted by Joe Pitarra on 2013-09-11:
Not only the chicken but their subs in general have no flavor - bread, turkey, cheese. They used to be good... not any more. Something has changed!
Posted by Robert on 2014-03-24:
Subway has gone downhill with its product. Sure, it tastes ok. The taste of the little product you get on your sub sandwich.
Compare the product you see on a commercial or ad, then compare that same image to the product you pick up at a Subway store. The actual product is not the same as the ad, pure and simple.
You have to have a magnifying glass to find the meat or fish on the sub. Most subs are sloppily made
Go to a good grocery stores deli. Order a sandwich there , if you feel compelled to eat a sub sandwich, you will find a sandwich made at a good local Von Pavilions, for example, is the real deal and very good.
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Subway scams customers
Posted by Justice on 07/01/2004
ALBUQUERQUE -- I used to be a Subway customer. They have this stupid stamp thing where you collect 8 and you get a free 6" sandwich. Well, guess what? I order sandwiches at this store in Albuquerque, NM and they ALWAYS say they don't have the card, but they do have the stamps. So they give me the stamps only. One day, I came back with 24 stamps and I would like a free foot-long and a six-inch. Instantly, I see poker faces and worst they say they don't accept it. I ask why and the frauds say they lost a whole roll of stamps recently and so they don't honor any stamps without the card. That was a huge insult to me and other customers.

I contacted subway and complain through them directly at www.subway.com, I never heard anything from them.

These despicable entities are so happy to take your money and when you redeem your stamps, you see a cow, and now insults implying that you stole their stupid stamps. What a scam! Subway is a con!!!
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Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-07-01:
mmmmm..... What would Jared do?
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-07-01:
When you redeem your stamps, you see a cow? Ummm...okay.
Posted by terrapin8180 on 2004-07-01:
Well I hate it for you. I eat Subway religiously and get the card and the stamps everytime, and I never have a problem. I don't think you'll have any luck on subway.com. Most Subways are franchised so unless you talk to the owner you're outta luck.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-07-01:
I agree with you. I've had problems too, but not quite like that where they think I stole their stash. I'd ask for a card at another location. Part of their gip is requiring you to buy a drink you may not want in order to redeem it. A recent gip is they upped the Sunday twofer to like $8! I've had employees not really want to redeem them and look for excuses not to. They can be ridiculous.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-07-01:
It's a shame that the honest persons in the world have to suffer because of the dishonesty of others. That said, I don't blame them for their refusal to accept the stamps. How do they know it wasn't YOU who took the stamps? You know it wasn't you, but retail workers are not psychic.

The poker faces were most likely because they knew you were going to be possibly getting fired for accepting the stamps. Did you ever stop to think that the persons stuck enforcing the rules are not the ones who make them?

Believe it or not, most salespersons would rather please their customers than offend them. It's a shame that the honest persons in the world have to suffer because of the dishonesty of others.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-07-01:
Ooops, I meant they thought "they" might possibly get fired. Sorry.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-07-01:
I really hit that "post" button too soon. I apologize for the terrible edit job.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-07-01:
Ive had problems with my local subway too. Iwrote to them on subway.com, and they actually ended up firing the two girls involved and they gave me 5 free meals. They were very prompt. If you did send them an e-mail, they reply by mail.
Posted by justice on 2004-07-02:
This is to respond to contrarymary's post. Let's give these crooks the benefits of doubt that they DID LOOSE a roll of stamps, so what? That's there problem, not mine. Would you be happy if you put your money at a bank and when you need to withdraw that money, the bank told you they can't do that because they were robbed?
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-07-06:
Yeah, I'm confused about seeing a cow. Did you maybe eat beef sandwiches & you had to see the cow about retribution? Maybe the manager is overweight? It's not nice to pick on people.
Posted by kimbasue71 on 2004-10-12:
First of all i am not speaking about all Subway owners just the one i managed for around 9 years.When i first started it was pounded into our heads every customer was to be asked if they saved our sub club stamps, well after it started catching on and we were taking in about 80 free sub cards a week my owner phoned me. I was told to tell my employees to stop asking the customers if they collected our stamps if they asked for them act like we just forgot to ask them. Once they left and some would come back and ask for them we were to tell them they had to get them at the time of their purchase. I seen alot over 9 years and trust me if all subways owners run their stores the same way i was told to do the customers are being ripped off more than just sub club stamps!
Posted by JustMe on 2004-10-12:
Posted by Cstiggins on 2004-10-30:
I used to run Subway's and your situation implies poor staff training. Stamps are accepted with or without the card. Unfortunatley, rolls of stamps do get lost or stolen and every month Subway will send a "Subway to Subway" to each store which will list the affected numbers (each stamp is numbered). Stores will usualy not refuse stamps from regular customers, but sometimes, shifty employees will steal stamps and distribute them to friends and family members. I would suggest you try another store to redeed your Sub Cub stamps. Good Luck!
Posted by BuzzKiller on 2004-12-14:
Quit taking your food stamps to Subway, no wonder they make faces when you try to redeem them.
Posted by Lexiskate on 2005-01-26:
Why couldn't you just go to another Subway and get a card? They should have accepted your stamps without a card anyway, but Subway's are franchises and the owner may have made a rule about accepting stamps. Also, I don't think customers are allowed the redemption of more than 2 cards per visit anyway.
Posted by ADJ on 2005-02-21:
I wish I had read this complaint before I wrote mine. You explained it so well. I visit a location quite often in Louisville KY and was threw out because she said I use the stamps all the time and never buy anything. Hello, you have to buy 8 of the overpriced sandwiches to get the stamps. She said my stamps are always in order. Is she saying I stole some, or that I am in some way fraud? I hate being accused of theft. I also complained and got no response. They do not willingly give you the stamps and since I go there so much and ask for them wouldn't mine be close in order? Duh!! They are definitely a scam and I will never eat in a Subway again.
Posted by ADJ on 2005-02-21:
I wish I had read this complaint before I wrote mine. You explained it so well. I visit a location quite often in Louisville KY and was threw out because she said I use the stamps all the time and never buy anything. Hello, you have to buy 8 of the overpriced sandwiches to get the stamps. She said my stamps are always in order. Is she saying I stole some, or that I am in some way fraud? I hate being accused of theft. I also complained and got no response. They do not willingly give you the stamps and since I go there so much and ask for them wouldn't mine be close in order? Duh!! They are definitely a scam and I will never eat in a Subway again.
Posted by margcho on 2006-01-25:
i was always having problems with subway. one time a woman had such attitude for no reason and if we asked her to put like pickles or peppers on the sandwich she would pick up this tiny little amount, like 3 or 4 and throw them on the sub. we never go there anymore because they are so greedy and cheap. once we got a salad and the woman was putting like hardly nothing on it...everything we asked for it was 2 or 3 of and nothing more. after that, i ordered a seafood sub with extra meat which was $2...the guy puts like 2 tiny scoops on a large sub...and the scoop consisted of 1 medium piece of imitation crab meat...i just watched in amazement. it's a total scam...i will never go to a subway again. i've even written to them complaining about these things and all i get is coupons...what for more rip offs??! ahahahahaha! no thanks!
Posted by margcho on 2006-01-25:
and the card thing too...they were always out of them.
Posted by Samuel Jackson on 2008-04-02:
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-02:
Samuel, you realize your posting to a four year old review?
Posted by Samuel Jackson on 2008-04-02:
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Disgusting behavior and service
Posted by Aaronw on 05/14/2009
BARRIE -- My staff and I spend (or rather spent after this) hundreds of dollars a month at Subway. At it's peak, we were spending $150 a week. We're not casual consumers. My office is right above the Subway. It's convenient.

Every day I would order the same thing, steak and cheese on Parmesan. Three times I ordered a "six inch". Each time the bread was stale. The third time, I'd had enough. The so-called "artist" had made a flat, stale, squishy, soggy mess and thrown it in a bag. Disgusted, I brought it back into the store and asked for a replacement. I told them I would be back, as I was running very late.

When I returned, the "manager" (in title only) was there to greet me. She proceeded to bash me, say there was nothing wrong with the ooze that was leaking all over her counter. She started bashing me for "hurting the feelings" of these so-called "artists" who were standing behind her primping themselves and acting like Cinderella's step sisters.

She then proceeded to literally throw my money back at me and said they would not make another sandwich. I then left.

This is where I made a dumb mistake. I called Subway to complain. They filled me full of empty promises, promised a response within three days, etc.

I went back that night, in my uniform, as I was now very hungry. There was a lineup of people ahead of me, so I just stood there quietly. This old lady working there saw me standing there and proceeded to bash me, to humiliate me, to practically yell at me, insult me then told me anyone who called head office wasn't welcome back at their store and told me that if I wanted a sub, that I'd have to "shut up, don't give us any trouble, take your food and leave". That, regrettably, is a direct quote.

I left, feeling disgraced for wanting a decent, edible sandwich.

Now, before I go on, let's remember that these so-called "sandwich artists" are posting on this site, telling us how to behave, how to order, how to conduct our personal lives, how to park, what we will or won't say, how we will read, etc.

We know, then, that obviously they're discontent. They're not happy with their jobs. They defend their horrible actions by blaming their moods on their customers. So it's not hard to envision what I'm typing here, bearing in mind the crabby, minimum wage puppets on the other side of the counter.

Anyways, I was promised a call. Well, as I have an office in the same building I know the landlord very well. I called him. He gave me the owner's cell phone number. I called a couple of times and got to have a pleasant monologue with the voicemail. That's as far as it ever got.

A month goes by. I contact Subway and told them I'd had no response, no contact of any sort and no resolution to the problem. A very pleasant lady said I'd hear back in three days. Never happened.

So, I gave up. For months I didn't go back to that store, watching the staff change over half a dozen times in that period. In that period, my assistant would go down and get me a sub. What can I say, it's convenient.

No problems to speak of. The crappy food syndrome had somehow been remedied, much to my satisfaction. Today I decided to go myself, as my assistant had the day off. It was completely uneventful. The same manager as before was there, walking out of the back as I paid the young, very friendly lady who was serving me.

"all is well" I thought. Ok, who was I kidding. One of my staff went down for lunch after I did. He comes back up and says "the manager stopped me. She recognized me from working here. She told me to tell you that you're not welcome back because of an incident that happened several months ago".

I have a serious problem with this. Several, actually. First, my employee should never have been brought into this. Second, she had every opportunity to tell me directly, as she was standing right there as I paid. She sure seemed content to take my money. Third, punitive measures should not be imposed against a regular customer that was treated rudely, with disrespect, denegrated in front of numerous patrons and yet STILL desired to do business with them.

They have 72 hours to come up with a resolution, or this goes to the press. Fortunately I spend a ton of money in advertising with the press, so I have no worries about them listening to me.

This is a time of recession. Terrible food and terrible service, no matter what price point, should not be rewarded. The consumer should not be punished. The business should be punished. Recessions weed out terrible companies with terrible service. Bad press exposure can escalate this.

When I read these so-called "artists" moaning and groaning about how hard done by they are, I think about how much harder done by they would be if we just stopped doing business with them. No business, no money, no job.

This is what they deserve. The public is speaking. The reviews are clear. If you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it. Subways rating on this site is tanking. We, as consumers need to stand up and say "we're not rewarding your absolutely crap sandwiches and even worse service anymore.

By the way, Quiznos, as I found out after this incident, absolutely spanks your product silly.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I didn't finish reading your review. I stopped at the part where you talked the landlord out of the owners personal cell number, which was right after the part where you called the employees minimum wage puppets.

I'd hate to be on your staff, you sir/madam would be a boss I'd be petrified of ever pis*ing off, who knows what you might do.

I'd throw you out of my Subway too, if I had one.

Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
You need to know that I didn't "talk the landlord" out of his cell number. I'm on exceptionally good terms with the landlord and he offered it to me. He said "he's a good guy. Give him a call. Tell him I told you to call him".

I appreciate your comment, despite not knowing all the facts as I'd failed to provide them (admittedly thinking it was irrelevant).
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I am perplexed by your review. You had already been humiliated once and you went back again the same day? At the risk of appearing to wag my finger at you, you should not have gone back. You said you received bad service, they would not make you a new sandwich... my opinion is you take the refund and run and not look back. If your messages to the owner were as arrogant sounding as your complaint I wouldn't have called you back either.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-05-14:
With your attitude I would throw you out of my restaurant in a heartbeat. Where do you get off calling people "crabby, minimum wage puppets" It sounds to me like you are the problem not them
Posted by old fart on 2009-05-14:
Whutthehell is a "subway artist"..?
It's an absurdly fancy name for some schmuck throwing food together in a crappy little sandwich joint!
If this location is anything like the Subways I'm familiar with in Saginaw, Michigan, it's run by recent Indian immigrants working for 7 bucks an hour who coudn't care less if your get a sandwich or not!

Find a REAL place to eat!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
What kind of uniform were you wearing? I'm wondering why it was relevant to the review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
Whether you asked for it, or it was given to you, you had no right to call the owner's private number. If the owner wanted customer's calling his/her personal #, they'd already have it published.

RG, I want to come work for you, you know how to run a restaurant! ;)

OF, they're sandwich artists and btw, they're not schmucks. Many minimum wage workers, of all cultures, work harder then people who make 4x as much as they do. There are lazy workers in all salary ranges who could care less, and your comment is out of line. JMO.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
I agree. I shouldn't have gone back. You're absolutely right. My stupidity for being lazy and taking convenience over a quality product. Much the same premise that McDonald's survives on.

The voicemail I left, and the conversation I had with head office, were all quite pleasant. As a business owner myself, I respect the problems that plague business owners, especially with staffing. The response back from the Head Office was equally pleasant. They seemed very nice and very understanding. It actually sounded promising.

The quality had improved, which makes me think it wasn't all in vain. Like a former Subway employee pointed out on this site, the food is often questionable.

So, with all that said, regardless of the impressions on how I handled it, there's sufficient enough documentation on this site to provide credibility to my complaint.

Who would throw who out, who was the "bigger douche" as one rather vocal "sandwich artist" put it, is irrelevant.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
"Quiznos spanks your product silly." WTF!?!?
Posted by bargod on 2009-05-14:
I'm the only one who spanks my "product" silly.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
I don't think race or creed plays any part in this. It shouldn't taint the issue. For one, it's a whole different discussion and I know many brilliant East Indian men that are working minimum wage jobs because they were invited over here to work, only to get here and be told their education wasn't "good enough" and forced to "upgrade".

So, we need to keep race out of it. We read several posts in here from "artists" that are frustrated, angry, upset with the "horrible clientelle". It's easy to realize that projects onto the customer, whether they realize it or not, and whether they admit it or not.

The reality, then, is how I handled it is immaterial, as much as I appreciate that it gives people the ability to deflect the realities of their own incompetencies and inadequacies.

The real issue here is that how I handled it would never be an issue, whether good, bad, or indifferent, had proper protocol of good customer service etiquette been followed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
Bargod, sounds like Quiznos can give you a hand with that
Posted by bargod on 2009-05-14:
LOL,yaya. I would applaud you for that one but it's not easy to do with one hand.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
Sorry. "Spanking something silly" is slang for "Superior in every way", etc.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
I like "spanking silly" better
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-14:
"I think about how much harder done by they would be if we just stopped doing business with them."
There lies the problem. The "public" isn't speaking in your case. You still continue to (attempt) to patronize the place. It's not a stretch to understand why you are not welcome back after such a messy altercation. Shoot, I would never even consider going back to a place that makes food for me after that. So if you aren't even willing to go down the street yourself after such an event, why would your complaint carry any weight with others who don't have a problem with the location nor were privy to seeing the confrontations first hand?
I'll be frank, the press should have no interest in a he said/she said bad transaction with a fast food joint.
Posted by Alain on 2009-05-14:
Maybe a written communication with Subway's corporate office, the BBB, or something along those lines would have been a tad less stressful. Glad I've never had a problem like this with our local Subway's. They've always been pretty friendly. **Quick note off subject-Otter at Pittsburgh Zoo gets into shark tank. Retrieved before being made lunch (true) Sorry, back to business**
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
I like your comments, Slim. I appreciate the candid, objective reply. They may or may not have interest. It will probably depend on how well they can tie it into failing businesses in today's recession. As of now, we've redirected our business to Quiznos. They make fantastic sandwiches and are very pleasant people to deal with.
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-05-14:
I appreciate that aaron. Most here don't respond well if you tell them something they may not want to here. Going to Qiznos is the proper reaction. Poor sandwiches and poorer attitudes will hurt their customer base and profits. Speaking with your wallet can be pretty loud sometimes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-14:
BA jc!!

People who blast a working man are near the bottom of the food chain, IMO.
Of course, I'm not surprised one bit by the old man's statement here.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-14:
*screams!!!!!!!* @ Alain's otter news. whew!
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
Slim and Alain: I'll direct this at you two specifically, as you two seem to be the most reasonable and objectice.

As mentioned, I'm a business owner myself. I've gone through all the struggles with tough customers, terrible staff, good staff, paperwork and even the occasional complaint.

I consistenly push myself and my staff. I remind them to treat each and every customer as though they have a hidden camera in their hat. I remind them that no sale is ever to be seen as "the only sale", that customer satisfaction is paramount. I remind them that every unhappy customer tells 11 people, and each of those people tells five.

I remind them that it's far cheaper to retain customers than it is to get new ones, that referral business is critical to our success. They are reminded that we are consumers as well, and that it's absolutely critical they treat each customer like they want to be treated.

Finally, they are reminded that if they treat any customer badly, they will be fired immediately.

It is with this in mind that I wrote this review. I don't demand anything I can't deliver. I go out of my way to ensure that every customer is treated as the only customer I have, that they are treated as the VIP that they are. I don't feel that I'm entitled, per se. I feel that I've earned the right to request that which I give to others.

It isn't the sandwich. There's dozens of places that serve a good sandwich. It isn't the $6.00. I won't get out of bed for $6.00. It's the concept. It's the reality that customer service and quality is a thing of the past, that the quest for a dollar far supercedes the quest for customer service and satisfaction. It bothers me greatly, and it is for that, if no other reason, that I share my views with others.

Terrible service and product must not be rewarded. As consumers we need to fight to maintain what little standards are left.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-14:
If all else fails--sue 'em!
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-14:
aren't you a delight. i wish you were my friend.

depending on what the sandwich it is, they can be soggy. i am very patricular with mine, so i would agree with your comments.

very helpful.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-05-14:
lol ponie, that's my line ......
Posted by Snakeplisken on 2009-05-15:
Its just a damn sandwhich. go somewhere else and get on with your life
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
I prefer Quiznos cause I kinda like spankings...LOL. But damn going back to the same place for bad food that's more like whips and chains, are you a gate keeper, and what's up with the uniform is it relevant to the food...apparently the food wasn't that bad you kept going back for the same slime.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
Its the survival of the human race, Pliskin, something you don't give a **** about." -- Escape from New York
Posted by Alain on 2009-05-15:
*off subject update. Was not otter, Boki. Turned out to be sea lion. Jumped and slid into Tiger Shark tank. Lured back to own tank with bait fish. Tiger Sharks reportedly disappointed. KDKA & WPXI pittsburgh*
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
Alain, I thoroughly enjoyed this report. Especially since all ended well! I imagine there was some sealion-callin, fish danglin' going on...VH lol
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-15:
I found this review to be well written. The proximity of the subway's made it a first choice. Had this been a remote location, I'm sure they would have been history. The op's desire to rectify the situation due to it being below his office is certainly understandable and would warrant the extra trouble of complaining/resolution to allow the convenience to continue. What I would like to know is how can a freshly made sandwich be soggy? Did you order it boiled?
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
'Did you order it boiled?' LOL!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
LOL! Probably a meatball sub. They're pretty tasty. That is two posts in a row referring to meatballs...coinky dink!
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
Does that say anything about our senses of humor? :)
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
LOL! I can't think about what the posts say about our senses of humor, I might end up really, really worried..
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-15:
Ponie,It says we have one! I rented mine, its due back next week.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
DC, I'm going to keep it an extra week; to hell with the overdue fees...
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
We better return them soon. You saw what happened to Drew Peterson when he was arrested. His comment was 'guess I should have returned those overdue library books.' The yellow jumpsuit supplied in my county doesn't flatter my complexion.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-15:
The sub was soggy from the abundance of sauce they put on it.

As an update, for whatever reason the police showed up today. The retarded "manager" had decided for no reason to issue a "notice of trespass". Then she tried to use the police to tell me not to look in their direction, speak to them, etc.

Bear in mind that I hadn't even called there after yesterday, said anything to them, even looked in their general direction, just minded my own business.

Before you consider the convenience of dropping in for a sandwich, ask yourself if you really want to do business with a company that treats their customers that way.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
Haha, Ponie! I would hate for the police to ever look at my library list..true murder stories are right on top. They might not know WHO I killed, but they'd be convinced that I definitely took someone out.. :D

aaron, don't even look at them. This is getting weird. Just keep to yourself, even nice gestures would be misinterpreted at this point.
Posted by bargod on 2009-05-15:
I find it so very hard to take your side on this simply because of the way you refer to people as "mimimum wage puppets", retards,stupid and comments like "..Your paid mimimum wage because that's what your worth"
You seem very well spoken yet act as childish as the manager at times. A very fine line indeed.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-15:
Yes, "retarded" was a bit strong. I guess I'm a bit ticked off. After reading all these employees dictating to us how we're even expected to order our food, yet this is expected of us to be tolerated.. It got under my skin.

Boki: I did keep to myself after that, and yes, this is wierd. Actually, it's appalling. The Subway head office said there's nothing they can do, it's an independently owned business. Well, there's something I can do. I can eat elsewhere.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
Good idea, aaron.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
I like that library list, Boki. I've become addicted to Dominic Dunne's 'Power, Privilege, and Justice' program--or whatever it's called. It's on TRU TV. But he died, didn't he?

I don't know the 'real' reason for aaronw's dustup with Subway, but I also think it best he keep away from this location.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-15:
If you like Dunne I'd highly recommend his book 'Crimes, Trials, and Punishments'. It's a very good read.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
Crabman, just out, or can I get it at my library? I'm not too much into buying books (other than reference) since they take up too much room in my small apartment.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
LOL! Have we (I) hijacked this thread, or have we hijacked this thread?
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
I'll tell you what, I'll do you a favor, if you don't like the treatment or food give me the address and I'll BLOW the place up, I got a sense of humor.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-15:
OK, Marine! You're on. Got a few of them in my neighborhood. :)
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-05-15:
I love that show! And I had to look it up..but he's still alive!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-15:
Ejack has some competition 'bout blowing things up!
A grunt on the ground and a flyboy in the air!! What more could M3C need?
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
OOOH...RAH! any time any place...1-800-BLOW-S***-UP.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-15:
Heh. It's a principal thing, that's all it is. I'm a person of principal and integrity.

I read this profile of Doctor's Associates Inc. (The owners of Subway):

Company Perspectives:

We are committed to customer satisfaction through offering high quality food with exceptional service and good value. We take great pride in serving each other, our customers and our communities. We seek continuous improvement in all that we do. We value a sense of urgency and emphasize an innovative, entrepreneurial approach to business. We expect fairness and mutual respect in all our activities. We know our success depends upon the initiative we take individually and our ability to work as a team.

My question is simply "oh really???". Words are meaningless. Action is paramount. It's obviously a bunch of empty hulabaloo made to sound good for prospective franchisees.
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-15:
We are committed to giving them the crappiest service that we can dish up (HAHAHA) and they keep coming back for more...who cares about satisfaction as long as we are satisfied with giving you the worst service possible. We offer high quality left overs from the floor with exceptional service and great value and we take great pride in doing it. We are committed and have a sense of urgency in finding more ways on how we can rip you off and give you a highly unpleasant time while you devour our crappy luncheon meats that we recycled from left over cow parts. Oh! and by the way our entrepreneurial approach is if you dont' like our food get the HELL OUT there is always a QUIZNOS near by.
Posted by DigitalCommando on 2009-05-15:
We are committed to making a half ounce of meat look as large as possible on the sandwich.
aaronw, go to the nearest sign shop and have a 10' banner made that says "We only use fresh cadaver meat" and drape that sign on your 2nd floor patio railing above the restaurant.
Posted by Marine 63 on 2009-05-16:
This is why I love AMERICA...
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-05-21:
they have the legal right to refuse service
end of story

well... one more thing... i think the owner should set up a restraining order too, since you seem to think you have a right to call them on their private cell.

so yes, banned from subway and restraining order sound good :)
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-21:
I think you missed the boat, Pepper. Completely.

They have the legal right, absolutely. We're not debating their rights. We're commenting on quality and service. Completely different animal.
Posted by Ghost of former member on 2009-05-23:
And what right do you think you have to call the landlord on his PERSONAL cell?

I agree with PepperElf. A banning & restraining order sounds like it would be in order here.
Posted by Ghost of former member on 2009-05-23:
Proudly voted NOT HELPFUL!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-05-23:
Yeah, it sounds a lot like the 'complaints' made the the store might not have been polite inquiries on the quality of food.

Considering the tone you have used to describe the workers, it leads me to think that perhaps you were addressing them much in a similar way that you're describing them here... acting like they are stupid and lower class than others.

With the added information that you then proceeded to continue your complaints to the owners personal cell... leads me to suspect that the call was also aggressive and not polite.

What I suspect is their refusal to to business with you had nothing to do with that you complained, but perhaps HOW you complained. There are indeed some managers/owners out there who will not deal with any customer complaints that come off as aggressive or abusive.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-23:
Reading comprehension...non-existant.

The landlord is my landlord as well. He's taken me on as his own (he calls me his "prodigy" or "son" and we talk regularly. It wasn't him that issued it, but he is working to get the owner to not be so short-sighted, cutting off his nose to spite his face so-to-speak.

Also, the calls were quite polite. The issue, as stated by the staff, was "anyone that complains to head office was not welcome". That's precisely how it was spelled out to me. The "notice" wasn't issued by the owner, rather the "manager" and Subway themselves couldn't get the owner to respond to them either, nor could the landlord.

The owner was ticked about the complaint to head office, that's it.

It is definitely much easier to pass the buck off on the consumer to make up for one's business inadequacies. Indeed, as a business owner I can appreciate how easy to say "it's all the consumer's fault". Sometimes you even have to tell them that. However, as an effective business owner one of the harder lessons to be learned is how to do it with tact and diplomacy so it doesn't cost you and your company.

That is very clearly lacking. The terrible service, terrible product, terrible response and issuing notices for absolutely no reason, 5 months after the actual event.. Those are the issues at hand.

The cell phone calls are only cannon folder.
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-23:
We also need to note that the day the notice was issued was completely uneventful. No conversation, no comments while I was in the store, no mention of previous events, completely smooth. The manager had a burr in her saddle. She couldn't let it go.

You can excuse bad behaviour and terrible customer service if you want, but doing so could easily result in costing you far, far more than $6.00. Hundreds of people have read this review. If only two of them avoid the location due to my experience, the job is done and they've lost substantially more than if they'd just let it go.

That's what seperates successful businesses from the rest.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-05-23:
Wasn't it Denis Healy who said 'When you're in a hole, stop digging?'
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-09:
In my 13 years managing Subway only once can I recall banning a person from the store, and this was A compulsive complainer who habitually told every lie he could think of to get free food, came in at night demanding free food and threatened my employees with physical harm if they didnt give him free food. Sounds like aaronw just got a bunch of yahoos. I would have personally offered to remake his sandwich and apologized and went from there.
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-09:
wow aaronw I just read page 2 of your issue, you have a lot of anger there pal, just how did you approach the "artists" when stating your complaint? Were you abusive? then maybe thats why you were chastised and banned. Are you one of those people who look down on food servive workers? Poo poo rolls down hill .I want to be on your side but your a little harsh, remember if there werent people willing to work thier butts off for pennies in food service you n me would be hitting the peanut butter jar a little harder in the am before work alot more often. Everybody on earth deserves respect regardless of race, gender, religion nationality , physical or mental limitation,OR the kind of uniform thier wearing!!!
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-09:
Oh, and one more thing, shame on that landlord for giving out the manager's personal cellphone number! He/she should be sued!
Posted by aaronw on 2009-06-09:
No, I wasn't harsh, although I can understand where a question like that would arise from. At first I was actually very nice about it. When she refused to replace it, I asked the manager if I didn't spend enough money every week to get good service, and how much money it would take to get a fresh lunch. I think that irritated her. What made them "ban" me was when they found out I complained to head office.

It's funny really. The banning isn't really an issue. What is an issue is that they threw away $100+ a week over a $6 sub. That is the pinnacle of stupidity.

Also understand that we all know each other, save for him, and I've done over $20,000 in business with the people in the building myself. You have to be a complete idiot to throw away a big piece of that pie over $6.00 slop. None of my employees will go there anymore either. There's another $100 a week, gone.

That's the whole point. The lack of vision, lack of service and terrible quality of the food. The phone call, the cell number, all of that is completely immaterial rants that people run off on to attempt to take the focus off the real issue.

Do I have disdain for food workers? Not at all. Not in the slightest. I bust my butt to make sure I give my clients top tier products and service. I put in 14 hour days to ensure each and every one is happy. I've eaten hundreds of dollars on a sale to ensure client satisfaction. At the VERY least I expect the same from the people I do business with.. So I was a tad ticked off when I wrote that, and it obviously came through in the wording. Subway can't earn my business, so they don't deserve it. If they can't earn yours with quality products and service, they don't deserve your business either, and the low rating and horrible attitudes of the "artists" on this site certainly reflects that.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-06-10:
You still haven't answered the question of what kind of uniform you wear. Why not?
Posted by aaronw on 2009-06-10:
There's enough strawmen here, thanks.
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-10:
wow aaronw, my owner would have kicked my butt clear to Quizno's if I banned somebody for complaining to corporate. It sounds like you and your 100.00 dollar orders just made the lazy bums work too hard. Maybe that's why they didn't like you.
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-10:
oh, and by the way, your comment should have been "all of these are completely inmaterial....", not " all of that is completely inmaterial comments". That is gramaticaly incorrect. Sorry, but I was raised but A english teacher and I know, all of these trivial facts are just deflecting attention from the issue which is people who work at Subway are hateful to customers because the hate their jobs. Next, lets talk about control freaks
Posted by vbrent on 2009-06-29:
Thanks arronw, I appreciate your review. Fortunately, I have a several decent Subways in my area that I will continue to patronize.

For you, I will skip one subway sandwich in the form of protest and I will drop off a copy of your review to the local manager explaining why I will skip one of their meals. So, Subway just lost another $8 dollars.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2009-06-29:
I know you said it's convient to go there, since it's right in your building...however, I wouldn't trust them making your sandwich, although they are made in front of you...I wouldn't trust them. If there are no other places near by, I'd either have lunch delivered from another place or I'd brown bag it to work.
Posted by billyme on 2010-05-16:
ok welli work at subway and ya we get pissed some times imagen making subs for like 6 hours stright no break just putting vegies on a dam sub
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How About An Employee Complaint?
Posted by Frustratedsandwichartist on 05/04/2009
CENTERVILLE, OHIO -- After reading some of these (and laughing hard) I decided I had to comment. Let me start by saying to all those who jump on customer service that more than likely you haven't been on our side of the line. It can be frustrating when 30 people show up at once and want 5 sandwiches each. I can't speak for all stores but we never have more than 3 people on the line. Do the math. It takes a minute, the customer gets upset that the guy in front of him had a list of 14 subs and then takes it out on the employees. And cell phones..... Most places have no cell phone signs. Our store does not. Wow. Now you have people telling you to wait while they talk about the date they just had and then ask 4 people what kind of subs they want. Meanwhile theres a line now. I could go on and on all night long here. The point is this : our job sucks. Most of us don't want to be there making dinner for people who are only going to look at us a sub par human beings because we work in food service. So before you jump on the web and trash Subway or its employees think about what we have to deal with day in and day out. And to those people who make it a point to brighten our day as we make your food.... Thank you. Your understanding and patience is a breath of fresh air.

Ps - Anyone wanting to order more than 4 or 5 subs from 11a-2p and from 5p to 8p call in advance!!!!! Its not fair to make someone who wants one 6 inch wait 15 minutes while you go through your list of sub after sub. There are other people in the universe. I know, its hard to get used to....
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Get used to it, we are better then you, so we will talk on our phones and treat you like a 2nd class citizen if we feel like it. And no, we won't say thank you, so don't expect it.

I kid...great post, you are right, unless a person has worked in customer service, they just don't understand how rude and/or demanding and/or insensitive customers can be.

Thanks for taking the time to share your side, this is a good reminder to all of us.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Excellent post! I know it must suck on that side of the counter.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I frequent Subway often, and my Subway has one of the friendliest workers around. They always say hi and make people feel like valued customers. And I treat fast food employees the same way I would want to be treated.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
I go to Subway a lot too. The one I usually go to has the best employees. I usually get a free cookie when I go. They love me there cause I'm nice and talk to them like they are human beings.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
WHY don't stores, banks, and fast food places make policies about cell phone use. This is a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. Honey, I will never glare at you for taking too long with the sammie, but I will indeed say something to the fool who wants both of us to wait until he's off the phone to give you his order. Stores need to get strict with these policies because people are really ignorant with their phones.
Posted by Principissa on 2009-05-04:
Agreed sherdy. It's ridiculous that someone can't put their phone down long enough to order a sandwich. Nothing is more rude than holding up a line full of people because some idiot won't stop talking to put his order in.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-05-04:
Good post.
On the other side, when someone is waiting on me, I don't want them answering their company phone. I took the time to drive there, they are waiting on me. Let them call back.
Posted by groveman55 on 2009-05-04:
I agree with you 100%. As A former Subway Mgr. When someone was holding up the line by talking on the phone I went to the next person.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-04:
Excellent review! The cell phone problem isn't just in fast food lines. They do it in exam rooms too. They sit on the exam table and yak away. If I make a move for the door, they hold their finger up in the 'wait' gesture (how rude). I started walking out to see the next patient. Wow do they get PO'd.
Posted by chance two on 2009-05-04:
I have to agree with subway employee-everyone should spend a day on other end of "customer service"- cell phones made our job a nightmare- in the middle of a sale customer has to stop and answer phone with no regards of you trying to do your job or the person in line behind you--how rude is that!!!!
Posted by chance two on 2009-05-04:
It's not on food service- worked retail for 30 years when a customer comes in and you.re helping them with a project they ask for and they stop you midway to answer phone--like the good doc I did reach a point where I would "let me know whene you are done and I would move on to next customer.
Posted by chance two on 2009-05-04:
Just checked my post -- think I need to turn light on so I can see keyboard--sorry about typing errors--eyes and fingers getting old and tired---smile--
Posted by aaronw on 2009-05-14:
I find it funny they call them "artists".. Especially after the slop we've had to deal with here masquerading as a "sandwich". It's amusing to see the inventive ways huge companies use to make their employees feel like they're actually skilled at something. This "feel good" society is a joke. Of course, with the rate of pay the least they could do is blow a little sunshine.

Second. Any store that has to post warning signs not to put your head/hands in the oven, we can't be dealing with the brightest of bulbs to begin with.

Third, you're paid minimum wage because that's what you're worth. Subway pays big money to advertise. The service we often get is crap. You're taking our money and thinking you have the RIGHT to treat us in whatever indignant way you deem fit and dictate to us how we're going to do business with you.

If you don't like your job, damn well quit and stop taking it out on us. If you don't want our money, just say so and we'll go somewhere else. And if you want to be called an "artist" make sure the thing actually looks edible and you put more effort into it than you do your physique.
Posted by chance two on 2009-05-14:
Get the feeling you think I make sandwhiches-not so management in high end retail-but you don't forget the people who do make the sandwhiches and treat them with respect as they are making an honest living or maybe helping with collage expenses-you have kown way of knowing but should treat these people with respect!!!!
Posted by Pwrtrip on 2009-05-19:
What irritates me at subway is them using the same gloves to make my ham sub as they did making the tuna and whatever gross one prior. I dont like much on mine, and i get the nice after taste of whatever oil, sauce, or other garbage that was on the previous persons. Thats nasty.
Posted by ally waters on 2009-05-27:
aaronw you sound like a very insensitive person, i hope one day your wife,girlfriend, boyfriend, son, daughter gets treated like dirt by some inconsiderate person such as yourself. you might not be eating subway when it happens but you will be eating your words. :)
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-09:
pwrtrip, wah wah, and amimi, so much hate!
Posted by joghandi on 2009-06-09:
looks like they dont want your money aaron
Posted by sammyjk1 on 2010-04-11:
How about when the employee is on the cell phone or texting on their blackberry? I think you should look in the mirror to find your problem.
Posted by Anthony on 2013-05-05:
You should be so bold as to tell the truth.
I owned a chain of places and the general public ( most ) could not understand why I would come out annd take up for my workers.
Some People would enter as if the the world was wrapped around thier butt. No put your cap up, your no better than anyone else and if you cannot give respect, you will not recieve respect. Go young man. Should be more people willing to tell the truth. If the truth hurts someone fellings to bad, if your wrong then own it.
Posted by ginger on 2013-06-30:
I went to a subway at auckland airport and the lady there had a pathetic n ridiculous customer service and i cn surely say dat waz the worst customer service iv ever had. It seemed like she waz doing me a huge favour while making my order. Looked liked the word customer service never existed for her. Nowdayz most of these fast food and fuel stationz have a ridiculous n pathetic customer service.
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Subway ridicules Americans
Posted by Rosco on 08/04/2004
Attempting to boost sales in Germany by attacking Americans is unconscionable.(http://money.cnn.com/2004/07/30/news/
international/subway_protest/) I, like many Americans, realize we are overweight and turn to Subway for healthier fast foods. In return, Subway ridicules "Fat Americans" like myself to bolster company revenues in other countries. Your company truly parodies the "Greedy, Soulless American Corporation."
I have no plans to eat at your establishment again. Also, I don't plan on recommending you to people I know.
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-08-04:
Can we start a class action lawsuit against Jared for making much sh*tty commercials?
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-08-05:
I'd rather start a class action suit against people with no sense of humor.
Posted by bill on 2004-08-05:
I read that Subway is pulling these ads. They got alot of negative feedback on them.
Posted by pillage.and.plunder on 2004-08-05:
Well in the past few years Subway has risen to be the #1 fast-food sub shop. I rarely eat there anymore; after hearing of this I have no problem eliminating it from my life. There are local sub shops that use fresher bread and ingredients. Subway's sandwiches all taste the same to me, and now they'll just taste worse.
Posted by ANGEL2LUV on 2004-08-07:
I really find it disturbing that America has come to a stand still as far as being a UNITED NATION! Turning our backs on one another, backstabbing left and right... What is this world coming to..Well yeah! I know! But look at this BS... Even places like Subway can do enough to so much as put Americans down and make us look bad. In such a way that I'm coming to feel that anyone who can HONESTLY claim themseves to be AMERICAN is alone, a disgrace.. If you really think about it. Not to be harsh and rude against anyone in particular, but it's dreadful how much effect one person, group and/or establishment really has on us as AMERICANS! Especially us who really are True to our Country! I, myself will be excluding Subway from my Fast Food Choices after this... After so long of enjoying one place to become a part of your daily routine, then call it quits.. It's terrible! But will happen! Thank You 4 that information... I can't see contributing or considering all that BS... even if it is SUBWAY!!
Posted by PeskyKittyButt on 2004-08-09:
Mmm, a caesar chicken wrap would taste good right about now
Posted by peopleRignorant on 2004-08-11:
Don't be so sensitive....
Posted by Rosco on 2004-08-12:
Ok "Sandwich Artist" (by the way, I've never laughed as hard as when I saw this joke job title. I hope this title makes your minimum wage job a bit more palatable.)
Posted by peopleRignorant on 2004-08-14:
Does being fat make your life a bit more palatable?
Posted by Rosco on 2004-08-22:
Sure ignorant (considering your occupation, stupid may be the descriptive moniker)...my weight becomes increasingly palatable knowing there are turds such as yourself proudly claiming the title of "Sandwich Artist."
Posted by peopleRignorant on 2004-08-29:
LOL, i'm no sandwich artist....wanna cheeseburger?
Posted by JustMe on 2004-10-12:
I am going to boycott subway now! So are my brothers, my parents, and the rest of my family. That is just... ug!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-03-24:
Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Instead of going to Subway you can stay at home and have a SALAD.
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Ill-treatment at Subway
Posted by Snoopy on 05/16/2004
ROWLETT, TEXAS -- The week before last, I encountered my fourth and final injustice in our neighborhood Subway shop. The other three times I dismissed the employee's actions as inadvertently negligent, but this same employee was rude, snatched money from my hand, insulted me, overcharged me, and snickered, when the irate customer behind me stepped on my four-year-old daughter's foot while lunging forward and physically pushing me away from the counter with his shoulder. To add insult to injury, the owner of the store refuses to do anything about the incident. He says the "gentleman behind you called in a complaint about you the same evening you filed your complaint, saying you harassed my employee. You keep that in mind." He then told me to call him back if I have another bad experience. What? How many bad experiences does it take for something to be done? And why would I want to continue to spend my hard-earned money in a hostile establishment?

It is now clear that this type of behavior is condoned in this store and perhaps the other stores owned by this individual. It is also clear that Subway has lost a long-time customer. I have lived all over the country and have visited many Subways, whether where I have resided or when traveling, and have never had a problem with this company until this store was built in our wonderful northeast Texas neighborhood.

It seems to me that with our collapsing economy and the desire for people to be more careful with spending, companies would try even harder to provide excellent customer service. This is obviously not the case with this particular Subway owner and store.

What I want to know is whether this hostile behavior is isolated or acceptable corporate policy - (systematic).
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Posted by acm323 on 2004-05-16:
I have a feeling there are two sides to this story.
Posted by waxlips24 on 2004-05-16:
I agree...if the customer behind you took time out to call the store manager about you, I would have to assume that you were being hostile yourself....anyway, if you don't like the way you are being treated, don't go there anymore!
Posted by Roger&Out on 2004-05-17:
My brother-in-law is one of the many rich, snobby, and sorry humans that lives in Rowlett & believes that restaurant employees should bow & kiss his feet. Ya'll can pair up on judgement day!
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-05-17:
Yeah, and the 'collapsing economy' is a perfect excuse for folks to go into restaurants and act like jerks.
Posted by NCMom on 2004-05-17:
It stinks that this has happened to you. I am sorry that people are not more sympathetic. Makes me wonder if they work for Subway :-) Anyway, I definitely think that fast food workers are not very nice. I really appreciate those that go out of their way to be nice and I always make a point to tell their supervisor when they are doing a good job. Truth is that these are the lowest paying jobs and we are told not to expect much. But there are jobs where you can avoid contact with people if you don't like people. I have called to complain about service at fast food and I have had the manager say "please be sympathetic, it is hard to find people." But it's not worth it. I can bring food from home. I think you should have called the police over the customer that stepped on your daughter's foot and pushed you out of the way. There is no justification for using violence.
Posted by bill on 2004-05-17:
It is interesting that the customer called the store to complain about you and your treatment of a Subway employee. Replay that night over in your mind. I am sure you are not 100% wrong, but ask yourself if you are 100% right.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-05-19:
sounds like you're the rude one!
Posted by kapapineau on 2004-05-22:
you are not welcome there probably because they hate dealing with rude customers.show them the respect and you will recieve the same.
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-05-28:
Rude is rude! There is no excuse for it!! "Vote with your pocketbook." The customer is always right. No one really wants her job so she doesn't take pride in it- as for the boss, he knows if he upsets her, he'll be making sandwiches Himself!! Save up your all your lunch receipts from other establishment and after you get a nice big wad, mail them in to the unconcerned boss with a reminder of why the receipts do not have "Subway" printed at the top. Also, a complaint to the Better Business Bureau with a copy generously given to them wouldn't hurt- just for added effect. I limit my business with them for the same reason. Each franchise seems to have a mind of their own I have discovered. I tend to avoid them. Pearl
Posted by justUNbelievable on 2004-05-28:
Rude is rude! There is no excuse for it!! "Vote with your pocketbook." The customer is always right. No one really wants her job so she doesn't take pride in it- as for the boss, he knows if he upsets her, he'll be making sandwiches Himself!! Save up your all your lunch receipts from other establishments and after you get a nice big wad, mail them in to the unconcerned boss with a reminder of why the receipts do not have "Subway" printed at the top. Also, a complaint to the Better Business Bureau with a copy generously given to them wouldn't hurt- just for added effect. I limit my business with them for the same reason. Each franchise seems to have a mind of their own I have discovered. I tend to avoid them. Pearl
Posted by afrpennycentury on 2004-05-30:
If the "customer were always right," then we should all just go out and loot the stores, trash the restaurants, and threaten to "have" the cs workers' jobs.
Posted by ChowderHead on 2004-06-02:
I would have shoved you and your kid if you were acting that way to me.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-06:
So fast food workers aren't very nice, are they? YOU try working in that environment attempting to assist persons such as yourself and the OP. See how nice YOU are.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-06:
You get what you pay for. That includes YOU, the consumer, as well as the retail industry in general. I can't think of anyone on the planet who could be cheerful the entire shift working for minimum wage in a fast food place. These people have to deal with self-entitled, self-important customers who think, because they purchase a 99 cent sandwich, they are permitted to heap abuse on everyone who works there.

IMHO, everyone should be forced to work in fast food for a week. See how friendly THEY'D be after getting screamed at by assh*les all day long.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-06:

yes, please do eat elsewhere. Send in those receipts. I'll bet the crew at Wendy's would be thrilled to know they won't be seeing the likes of you and the OP again.
Posted by JustMe on 2004-10-12:
Posted by AZJEM on 2004-10-22:
People love to complain about fast food workers and how useless they are. Well, it sure sounds like millions are being fed at fast food joints. Who do these people think make all that food. People go there so they don't have to cook for themselves but are the first to complain about the stupid employees. Ya gotta take alot of bull when working with the public, cause even though there are a small-med group that are really pretty decent you got that group of knuckleheads that hate everything and everybody and always have something to find fault with. The saying goes" someones gotta do it"
Posted by BuzzKiller on 2004-12-14:
I'm sure Subway will miss your patronage, Mr. Vagabond Sandwich Connoisseur.
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Use of gift certificates
Posted by G on 12/27/2000
OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS -- My mom always buys Subway gift certificates for the family. It is a common thing for me to be in a Subway and for the employee to be clueless on how to use them. This has happened so much that I know how to use them and can often tell them..."same as cash and the customer gets cash back". Sometimes they make me sign the back of them.

The point is that it always varies and the employees need to know how to use them (if they sell them).

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Posted by JustanOwner on 2008-09-06:
This is a good point and it happens alot. I always train my employees on not only how to handle gift certificates but how to recognize them. Should be a no brainer and its just a training issue. Hopefully now that subway moved to the cash card these issues will go away.
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A little education for the customers
Posted by SUBWAYLOVE on 01/03/2011
NEWTON, NEW JERSEY -- I have worked at Subway for almost 3 years, and I've read the majority of these reviews. I can't disagree with the fact that some of the employees are downright rude, because I don't work at those Subways to see it happen. But I can say, that the most of these complaints are pitiful and it is almost pathetic that people waste their time going online to complain about them!

First and formost, the people that make your sandwiches, do JUST that. We do not control the prices, the quantities, the rules, anything along those lines. We are there to make the sandwiches, period. It is absurd that someone would attempt an argument with a sandwich artist, when whatever your arguing about is beyond our control! But heaven forbid we were to tell you its out of our control, because then you'd go through the roof.

Secondly, walking into Subway and immediately treating your server with rudeness, is going to result in rudeness back! Is that really THAT hard to grasp!? Subway workers have A LOT of things that need to be done in addition to helping the customers, and it is difficult to accomplish all of these things since the owners completley short staff us to save money. When someone comes in and I say to them "Hi there, what can I get for you?" the last thing I would like to hear is "YEAH I NEED 3 SUBS" . Thats just a tad rude, don't you think? How about "Hello, yes I'd like..." It is not that hard.

Another thing that completley baffles me is how do people not think its unbelievably rude to talk on your cellphone while placing your order?! Its another thing if you are ordering for the person on the phone. But honestly, I could care less who went where, what time Johnny needs to be picked up from soccer, when the wash needs to go in the dryer. WE DO NOT CARE! All we'd like to do is to make your sandwich as quickly and efficiently as possible to move onto the next customer waiting longer than necessary because you are not paying attention to your sandwich.

I could really go on and on, but I'll stop there in hopes that at least a few people will read this and possibly have a little more respect and realization next time they decide to order Subway food.

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Posted by Skye on 2011-01-03:
Just because you feel a majority of the complaints are pitiful, and the people who write them pathetic, does not mean they are not worthwhile to them, or for anyone else for that matter. Everyone is entitled to voice their own opinions.

Thank you for your opinion and experiences, as a Subway employee.
Posted by Principissa on 2011-01-03:
Here's a question you can answer for me. I've been to two different subways in the last 4 months and I have a complaint for you. How come you guys don't wash the knife that you use to cut the sandwiches in between sandwiches? Why do you use the same filthy disgusting knife to cut everyone's sandwich in half?

I went in to a subway not two weeks ago where I live and ordered a turkey sub (12 inch) for me and hubby for lunch. The guy in front of me had tuna salad. The woman tried to use the same unwashed knife that she used on the tuna sandwich to cut my turkey sandwich. When I asked her why she didn't wash it or have others to use she said they never do. And this was at two different subways. I left the sandwich and walked out.

That filthy knife is a breeding ground for food born bacteria that cause illness. Not to mention the fact that if someone had a seafood allergy they would have had a reaction from that knife.

So why don't you wash it? Personally I think it's a valid complaint and question.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-03:
I don't think any sandwich shop completely washes their knives in between sandwiches.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-01-03:
I wrote SUBWAY off a few months back and was considering going back to see if they were still gross; but after reading the attitude of this artist, I think I will just go without.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
My Subway cuts the bread in half (almost all the way through, leaving it hinged) before making the sandwich, so the knife never touches anything but breads.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
Also, at Subways the knife is supposed to be kept in ice water between sandwiches and wiped down before each use. It should not be left on the counter for any reason, that is a health code violation.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-03:
ript, I think she means when they cut the sandwich in half after the sandwich is made. So the knife is touching whatever is in the sandwich - tuna, turkey, mayo, etc.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
You are right momsey. I just called and woke my sister up, who worked at a Subway and asked her about it. After cussing me out, she said that is a no-no. The knife is supposed to be placed in ice water after each sandwich, and wiped off prior to each use. Of course, that doesn't mean the protocol is always followed.
Posted by Inat on 2011-01-03:
subway is disgusting as are many of their so called "artists". Their meats are overly processed and way too salty - veges are a breeding ground for listeria and any other number of food borne illnesses. ick
Posted by lobo65 on 2011-01-03:
Having worked retail for 7 years while I finished college, I can attest to everything said here. I know I was always willing to go the extra mile for customers who treated me with respect. The one thing I hated most is when they would whistle at me like a dog. I had to tell a few of them that I would help them when they had the decency to address me by name.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
Principissa -> keeping the knife in ice water, as the people above replied, keeps the temperature below the Food Safety Danger Zone. Look it up. You would have a valid complaint if they leave it on the cutting board for an hour or two.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
Subway still has the best cookies. But I go to Firehouse Subs now whenever I want a sub. Sure I pay more, but their subs are so much better
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
Trm, I went to Subway once and the 'artist' merely wiped off the knife between cutting the person's sub in line in front of me and my sub. The other person had mustard on their sub and I didn't. The 'artist' didn't wipe all the mustard off so my sub had some mustard on it. I don't like their mustard so I had to tear off some of the sub before I could eat it.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
littleshorty -> that's a different issue that ice water won't solve. I don't believe that comes under the Food Safety guidelines. Common sense dictates another procedure to wipe the knife clean of any offending condiment or food product.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
The thing about Subway is you are able to watch them prepare your food. If they violate health codes right in front of you, think of all the places you eat where you are not able to watch them prepare your food.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-03:
So true, ript! Very scary.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
I appreciated this review, I really did. But after reading the responses, I would like to see an informative review on a little education for the sandwich artists.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
"But I can say, that the most of these complaints are pitiful and it is almost pathetic that people waste their time going online to complain about them! "

You are only saying that because you work at subway. If you worked at Little Roy's perhaps you'd see these complaints in a different light. Pehaps not. We'll never know unless someday you start working at Little Roy's.
Posted by Nate. on 2011-01-03:
There is no requirement that they wipe off the knife between sandwiches or keep it in ice water. If the knife was kept in ice water, it would help to rinse it, but there is no need to keep the knife below the lower limit of the temperature danger zone because it is not a food product.

The knife is a continually used food contact surface that is being used on only ready to eat food, which are foods that require no further preparation prior to being consumed. The only health code aspect that addresses this is the requirement that the food contact surface be cleaned using a wash, rinse, and sanitize procedure at a minimum of every four hours. There is no requirement to clean it between every use. While that would be a good procedure, it is not required. If they were switching tasks, such as going from raw meat to ready to eat food, they would need to wash, rinse, and sanitize the knife to prevent cross contamination as a result of cross contact. While your sandwich may be cross contaminated a bit from other condiments, it is perfectly in line with the health code.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-01-03:
I must agree on point number 2, however. At my work, I often hear, "Gimme this," and "Yeah, uh, get me that." It's totally rude. Is it that hard to say, "Can I please have?"
Posted by Inat on 2011-01-03:
working in customer service is a tough job; you MUST and WILL deal with rude people, many of whom have no idea they are being rude...
Posted by Principissa on 2011-01-03:
That knife never touched ice water, the girl making the sandwich even told me that it's fine, they only use it to cut sandwiches. And it was clean. I have enough common sense to not take her word for it.

I'm not getting sick with food born illness from cross contamination. I worked in health care, I know how germs and bacteria are spread and I know when to write a place off. If I wanted to get fed a load of attitude with a side of smart mouth I'd go ask my kids to clean the playroom.

Shorty, at least they wiped the knife off, they didn't do it when they made mine. That's why I said something. That's when she told me what she said. And that is when I told her to just throw it away and I left. Cross contamination is real and can make you really sick. If just one of those things on the sandwich of the person in front of me was contaminated with bacteria, I could have gotten sick. It's unsanitary and it's just plain gross.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-03:
If you're worried about food borne illness from ready to eat food, then you shouldn't be eating there at all. It's not like you saw them cut up raw chicken with the same knife they used to cut your sandwich in half. They use the knives to cut bread and sandwiches that are ready to eat. So I don't see how you will get an illness from that.

If someone has a serious food allergy, then they would be very careful about what they're eating and probably wouldn't even set foot in a place like Subway where fish products are in close proximity to non-fish products.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
You have some good points. Customers in general are downright rude anymore...unfortunately, when you choose an occupation that requires you to deal with people face to face, you are always going to be required to be the "bigger" person.

That said, I choose a local deli every time over Subway or Quiznos, I find that I will always get better service and better food.
Posted by Principissa on 2011-01-03:
Umm, last I checked packaged meat and prepared food if improperly stored can and does in fact breed bacterium that can and will cause food poisoning. But then again what do I know, I'm not a doctor.

Second, I'm not worried about it, I've had food poisoning before, it sucks, but whatever, can't live under a rock to hide from the big bad bacteria right?

What grossed me out was having the same knife that just cut through a freaking tuna, not wiped off, not rinsed in water, cut through a turkey sandwich. Would you like to eat bits of tuna with a turkey sub? Didn't think so. It's probably just as gross tasting as it sounds.

So don't make me into some paranoid OMG NOT GERMS hypochondriac. And just an FYI, for future reference, if that tuna salad had salmonella (the leading cause of food poisoning of processed foods, like packaged meats and raw veggies) and they used that knife loaded up with salmonella tuna salad to cut my sandwich I would get sick. And the leading cause of most cases of food poisoning is, you guessed it, cross contamination! Improper storage is second.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
I suggested you look up "Food Safety Danger Zone". It will very quickly give you the details as to why the ice water bath works.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-01-03:
the thing is though... if the health code doesn't actually require it then how should they be required to wipe.

i mean i've seen some stories where people write complaints about gloves and quote the health code... but when you read the actual health code there is no such rule.

you cannot require establishments to follow your own personal health code. you can only require them to follow the actual state or local codes.
Posted by momsey on 2011-01-03:
Of course, even prepared and ready to eat food can cause food poisoning. But, that can come from your turkey sandwich even with a perfectly clean knife used to cut it! That's what I'm saying. Even lettuce can carry e. coli. You're never going to be 100% safe, but you can use your own judgment on how you'll be safest. If that includes refusing to eat a sandwich that's been cut with a knife that has cut other sandwiches, then that's your prerogative. But it doesn't mean that the store/restaurant is doing something that has more potential to harm you.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
You have to abide by the Danger Zone, or you have a health code violation. The wiping of the knife is probably common sense and may not be covered by code. As ript posted above, Subway was a procedure that requires BOTH the wipe and ice water bath between servings. This should cover both concerns.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-01-03:
Why are you all against the OP here? I see no where where they are asking anything out of the ordinary. RESPECT is not something we should have to beg for in the food and retail services. I agree with whoever said above that they can't stand being whistled at. I get whistled at, waved, the little finger pointing down over a crowd to say "come over here". It's freaking rude. Also I hate when I'm helping one person or I'm ringing someone out and some person cuts in line and asks me for help next and I'm like, do you SEE the line? They all need my help before you.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
I may be wrong Yt, but aren't most of the comments about the issue Principissa brought up in the second reply? I'm not against the OP - I agree with most of the post FWIW.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-01-03:
Oh my. I guess one or two replies can make it seem like everyone is being critical.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
I stand by my comment, when you choose to work with the public, you are always going to be required to be the bigger person. That's the way it is....Customer's are not required to be polite and respectful, and most businesses don't allow their employees to reprimand rude customers.
Posted by PepperElf on 2011-01-03:
not all of us are against the op.

personally i think the op is right. be polite to the people who are touching your food.

i also like the local policy the subway at little creek base had... "Orders larger than 3 subs must be phoned or faxed in".

as for the subway policy on knife usage... depends. since the subway i just mentioned had a local policy, is that knife policy a local one of a chain-wide one?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
Very informative, and more than a little funny.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
Absolutely just_cause. Way too many people working the frontlines these days (mostly younger) can't grasp or accept the concept that they are paid to serve the customer's needs.

It's not nor will it ever be an equal relationship. The customer will always be higher in that pecking order. It's just business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-03:
I always treat people with respect, no matter what type of job they have. Why do people think they are better than someone else or can talk down to them? I really never get that mentality.

As for fast food jobs. For most people, this is just a gateway job or a filler until something better comes along. It definitely doesn't hurt to absorb as much as you can before you move on--even difficult customers. This will help you no matter what job you later have in life.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-03:
Princi, +10 I sure would hate to taste tuna on my turkey sammich..
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-01-03:
"Way too many people working the frontlines these days (mostly younger) can't grasp or accept the concept that they are paid to serve the customer's needs. "

RUDE. Stop being ageist. People can be rude regardless of age so get it through your head. There's a huge difference in doing your job in SERVICE by making a sandwich and ringing someone out for their purchase, and not being given decent human respect because you are seen as "lower" then the customer.

Posted by FlShopper on 2011-01-03:
Ytropious, the whistling is the worst!!! One night at my store, I heard someone whistling a few times, and when I looked over at him I realized he was looking right at me. I asked him if he was trying to get my attention and when he said yes I said "Oh, I thought you were trying to find your lost dog." His wife smacked him on the arm and said "I told you that was rude" and his friend laughed at him.
He said "I'm sorry. Excuse me, could you help me please?"
He was very polite after that.
Posted by Ytropious on 2011-01-04:
Thankfully I haven't been whistled at in a long time but the silent waving and motioning "come here" is really starting to bug me. I mean is it THAT hard to walk over to me and ask for my help to my face?
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-04:
Y, I agree that age has nothing to do with it. People of all ages work retail and fast food.
Posted by Chris on 2012-07-06:
I am a Manager at Subway in Cali. This is regarding the knife issue. Subway managers please order more knives! At no time should you use the same knife for a different sandwich! After using a knife, store it in a designated spot away from food. When you start to run out of knives, have an employee go wash the dirty ones. Its not hard! And knives are not expensive to order. The worst thing you can do is get someone sick!
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Charging for Extra Toppings
Posted by Unhappy999 on 04/12/2008
MILLVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- About 3 weeks ago I went to the Subway located next to the CVS in Millville, New Jersey. I order 3 footlong veggie delite (no meat) subs. The first one was for my son who only eats cheese, tomatoes, pickles, sweet peppers and cucumbers on his sub. I noticed that the server wasn't putting that much toppings on the sub so I asked for extra sweet peppers which he did put on. On the second sub I was also only getting a few of the toppings so I asked for extra tomatoes at which time, the server cutting the bread rudely told me that there would be an extra charge. I nicely told him that I have never been charged extra before and he replied that a foot long sub only comes with 4 tomatoes. I should also add that these were very small tomatoes. I told the person making my sandwich, nevermind. I didn't know what the extra charge would be. I checked the sign and no where did it say anything about extra charge for toppings, it did say extra for extra meat and cheese along with the prices which I can understand. I paid for my order and left.

After getting home I though about it and contacted Subway through their web page. I got a canned response back that someone would contact me in 7-10 business days but no one ever did.

This was only my second time at this location. The first time I was there an older couple waited on me and did not charge me for extra toppings. If they do charge for extra toppings, then it should be on the sign along with the price. Also, they should take into account that they had several toppings there that I didn't want, so why couldn't I get extra of the wanted toppings in their place? Last, why have a web site to contact them with complaints or comments and then not get back to you like they said they would.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
You expect free topings? Toppings cost the store money. What if everyone wanted 'just a little more'. It may not seem that an extra slice of tomato or two would 'break the store'. But it all adds up. What line of work are you in? How would you feel if your customers asked you to 'Just do a little more, just for me." If the server was rude, that was wrong. But, I think 'rude' in this post means that the server did not cave in and toss in more free topings for this very special customer.
Posted by unhappy999 on 2008-04-12:
I do not think I am special at all. I was just trying to say that you need to let customers know how much the extra is. I have been to Subway many times and asked for extra toppings and was never charged at other locations. My son has even gotten extra toppings free at the Subway in Hersheypark. Also, they have many toppings that we don't want and don't get. If we were getting all the toppings that they offer, then we wouldn't need extra of any and we wouldn't ask for any.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
unhappy999, I agree and that is what Subway offers kind of like "have it your way" and don't feel like you are any less then anyone else, not true. Like that song says, you have just as much right as anyone else!

Good review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
Also, they don't charge for extra toppings unless it is meat or bacon.

For your toppings, you can select EVERYTHING or just select the toppings you would like. Everything includes lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, green peppers, olives, cheese, light mayo, mustard, oil, vinegar, hot peppers, salt and pepper. You can also add double meat or bacon for an extra charge.

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
IF you thought Subway is cheap with toppings, try Quiznos they make subways toppings look huge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-04-12:
Sorry 'unhappy999'. I did not mean to imply that I thought you were acting 'special'. I meant the comment to infer that everyone who asks for 'a little more' thinks they are the only one asking. It appears that 'extra toppings' and the charge for same varies between stores. The one you are complaining about obviously has a policy to charge for any extra toppings...a policy which will spread as food items become more expensive. Interestingly, there is no standard policy for how much more to charge for 'extras'. I hope this clarifies my initial response.
Posted by PleasedAsPunch on 2008-04-13:
Each Subway is an independantly owned franchise and subject to what ever the owner deems worthy of practical business practices, so, the fact that you were charged extra may be due to the owner's own substanciation (sp?) that: you want extra, you'll have to pay for it. Not all owners feel the same way. It all depend on how they do business and how profitable this business is for the owner.

Nothing personal, strictly business.
Posted by sparkler on 2008-06-17:
Subway policy says that every footlong sub should have 6 tomatoes, so I don't know what was wrong with that guy. And the only extras we charge for are meat and cheese, that restaurant can get in lots of trouble with corporate for that..
Posted by Jess! on 2008-08-13:
I work at Subway. There is a "rule of 6" that you have to follow for a 12" sandwich.

6 tomatoes, 6 cucumbers, 6 pickles, 6 olives [people get very upset when you only put 6 olives on their sandwiches, however]. Then it's 1.5 oz of lettuce, etc.

I do not believe they are allowed to charge for extra toppings except for cheese, extra meat, bacon, or avocado.

Sounds like you just got a jerk =(

Posted by JustanOwner on 2008-09-06:
Extra veggie toppings you are not allowed to charge extra for. Clear and simple.
Posted by healthychocolateowner on 2008-09-07:
My family is in Subway too....NO WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO CHARGE for any extra toppings requested by a customer! The way I look at it , as an owner ahould, is that there are some people who want extra of some things, but then WHAT ABOUT those who get almost NOTHING on their sandwiches??? We have many customers in our stores that get JUST MEAT AND BREAD and that's how they like it! Never worth losing a customer over a few veggies!! And yes should be 6 tomatoes on a footlong anyways ....
Posted by slappy0825 on 2008-10-04:
I was the manager of a Subway for 4 years and I would not even think about charging a customer extra for extra veggies. First off-It is strictly against Subway's policy. Second-I had many loyal customers that I wasn't going to sacrifice for a freaking olive or cucumber.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-05:
"After getting home I though about it and contacted Subway through their web page. I got a canned response back that someone would contact me in 7-10 business days but no one ever did." You won't ever hear from them. It's been months since I wrote about the lack of hairnets at my Subway, and no response, and I walked by there yesterday-still no hairnets. Nasty! I am very happy to see both owners and employees responding here. This might be of some help to the OP, because corporate Subway will never be.
Posted by bunkabunk on 2008-10-21:
Hello, I manage a Subway in Columbus, OH... allow to apologize on behalf of the franchise. You should have never been charged for extra veggies. Also, customer complaints are forwarded directly to the owner of the company, and then to the management. If they failed to respond to your complaint, then I would say that they do not deserve your business. We work for you.
Posted by Woody on 2012-07-04:
Subway avacodo is a joke they just spread a small amount on the bread , and you can't even taste the small amount just look at their picture not even close screw them. Just be honest or go away.
Posted by Chuck on 2013-05-07:
I'm from Canada and have experienced the same BS. Most subways will give you extra toppings free of charge, but there are a few that say there allowed to charge. I only get tomatoes , pickles, and banana peppers and they try to charge me for more toppings when I ask for extra. Hummmm.... No green peppers, onions, olives, lettuce, and whatever else they have but guys like the first response say it cost more. Loser.... HAVE IT YOUR WAY!!!!! Well I want it my way
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