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Disgusting behavior and service
By -

BARRIE -- My staff and I spend (or rather spent after this) hundreds of dollars a month at Subway. At its peak, we were spending $150 a week. We're not casual consumers. My office is right above the Subway. It's convenient. Every day I would order the same thing, steak and cheese on Parmesan. Three times I ordered a "six inch". Each time the bread was stale. The third time, I'd had enough. The so-called "artist" had made a flat, stale, squishy, soggy mess and thrown it in a bag. Disgusted, I brought it back into the store and asked for a replacement. I told them I would be back, as I was running very late.

When I returned, the "manager" (in title only) was there to greet me. She proceeded to bash me, say there was nothing wrong with the ooze that was leaking all over her counter. She started bashing me for "hurting the feelings" of these so-called "artists" who were standing behind her primping themselves and acting like Cinderella's step sisters. She then proceeded to literally throw my money back at me and said they would not make another sandwich. I then left. This is where I made a dumb mistake. I called Subway to complain. They filled me full of empty promises, promised a response within three days, etc.

I went back that night, in my uniform, as I was now very hungry. There was a lineup of people ahead of me, so I just stood there quietly. This old lady working there saw me standing there and proceeded to bash me, to humiliate me, to practically yell at me, insult me then told me anyone who called head office wasn't welcome back at their store and told me that if I wanted a sub, that I'd have to "shut up, don't give us any trouble, take your food and leave." That, regrettably, is a direct quote.

I left, feeling disgraced for wanting a decent, edible sandwich. Now, before I go on, let's remember that these so-called "sandwich artists" are posting on this site, telling us how to behave, how to order, how to conduct our personal lives, how to park, what we will or won't say, how we will read, etc. We know, then, that obviously they're discontent. They're not happy with their jobs. They defend their horrible actions by blaming their moods on their customers. So it's not hard to envision what I'm typing here, bearing in mind the crabby, minimum wage puppets on the other side of the counter.

Anyway, I was promised a call. Well, as I have an office in the same building I know the landlord very well. I called him. He gave me the owner's cell phone number. I called a couple of times and got to have a pleasant monologue with the voicemail. That's as far as it ever got. A month goes by. I contact Subway and told them I'd had no response, no contact of any sort and no resolution to the problem. A very pleasant lady said I'd hear back in three days. Never happened.

So, I gave up. For months I didn't go back to that store, watching the staff change over half a dozen times in that period. In that period, my assistant would go down and get me a sub. What can I say, it's convenient. No problems to speak of. The crappy food syndrome had somehow been remedied, much to my satisfaction. Today I decided to go myself, as my assistant had the day off. It was completely uneventful. The same manager as before was there, walking out of the back as I paid the young, very friendly lady who was serving me.

"All is well" I thought. OK, who was I kidding? One of my staff went down for lunch after I did. He comes back up and says "the manager stopped me. She recognized me from working here. She told me to tell you that you're not welcome back because of an incident that happened several months ago."

I have a serious problem with this. Several, actually. First, my employee should never have been brought into this. Second, she had every opportunity to tell me directly, as she was standing right there as I paid. She sure seemed content to take my money. Third, punitive measures should not be imposed against a regular customer that was treated rudely, with disrespect, denigrated in front of numerous patrons and yet STILL desired to do business with them. They have 72 hours to come up with a resolution, or this goes to the press. Fortunately I spend a ton of money in advertising with the press, so I have no worries about them listening to me.

This is a time of recession. Terrible food and terrible service, no matter what price point, should not be rewarded. The consumer should not be punished. The business should be punished. Recessions weed out terrible companies with terrible service. Bad press exposure can escalate this. When I read these so-called "artists" moaning and groaning about how hard done by they are, I think about how much harder done by they would be if we just stopped doing business with them. No business, no money, no job.

This is what they deserve. The public is speaking. The reviews are clear. If you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it. Subways rating on this site is tanking. We, as consumers need to stand up and say "we're not rewarding your absolutely crap sandwiches and even worse service anymore. By the way, Quiznos, as I found out after this incident, absolutely spanks your product silly.

Subway 10 EASY Steps!
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- I've been an employee of Subway for nearly 5 months now. I'm young but have been in the industry of customer service for nearly 4 years and have never battled more outrageous customers in my entire experience. To start, I'd just like to remind our valued customers the we, behind the counter, are human beings like you.

We work because we have to, to make a living. You might assume that all we do is make sandwiches all day which shouldn't be that hard. In all honesty we work our butts off. Have a little respect for that when placing your order. Do you know what it's like to have 15 customers in line, 2 people on the clock and not enough bread baked? It gets pretty stressful around there.

Here are some tips on how to make your Subway experience a little more enjoyable. Step one: Decide how many subs you'll be ordering. In my case, it's easier to get all of the breads cut before I start making the actual sub. Our secret goal is to help you build your sandwiches all at once because we want you out as quickly as possible (Thanks! Come again! :D)

Step two: If you haven't decided yet and still need time to browse our menu please step aside and let the person behind you order. This makes everything run a bit smoother. Step three: Finally decided? Oh! But your phone is ringing, I bet it's important! Listen, Subway is the sort of restaurant that requires full customer and employee attention. I can't help you if you're in mid-conversation with Peter the pool boy. Hang up the phones, people!

Step four: Take advantage of the many signs stuck to the glass of our meat and vegetable unit. Those signs have everything you need to know written on them complete with pictures! i.e. bread, cheese, veggies etc. Step five: Please understand that there is a very large sheet of glass standing between us, so speak up. Step six: When requesting your veggies, don't just point. We're looking at two different angles so even though you think you're pointing at onions. It looks to me like you're pointing at black olives. Be verbal about it.

Step seven: If you'd like "the works" on your sandwich please note that the Hot and Mild peppers are not included so you need to ask for them. This is also explained on that little convenient sign stuck to the glass that I mentioned earlier. Step eight: No, I don't know what sauce would taste good on your sandwich. Different strokes for different folks!

Step nine: When you get to the big bad register please keep your cool when charged for your double meat and double cheese. The costs of these items are usually explained as soon as you asked for them at the beginning of the line. And finally, step ten: Remember, you're asking someone you don't know to make your food so my advice to you is to be courteous to that person. Don't bite the hand that feeds you! Hope this helps!

To The General Public (Our Beloved Patrons)
By -

WISCONSIN -- I KNOW THIS IS LONG, BUT PLEASE READ IT ANYWAY. YOU JUST MIGHT BE ENTERTAINED. I will choose to remain anonymous, though I will share that I am a Subway employee. I am also an American citizen so I know what it's like to go into a fast food restaurant and receive less than desirable service. This type of service would include making a mistake with my order, over charging me, or leaving some type of foreign object (i.e. hair, fingers etc.) in my food. It makes no difference to me if the employee is wearing his or her whole uniform (apron, visor...), is cleanly shaven, or is even artificially polite to me as most employees are instructed to be.

I hardly ever have the ability to even force a smile while I'm at work, but that doesn't impact the quality of food that I provide for my customers. This site is filled with complaints from customers about how bad the service is at these restaurants. Many times the employees act that way so you leave. Believe me, we don't get paid on commission, so ask yourself how happy we are when a line is so long it stretches out the back door. I have heard many complaints from customers before and I'm left rather uninterested. I do, however, have a couple insightful complaints of my own as an employee.

Customers talking on their cell phones while ordering is certainly the most aggravating. This is so rude. I couldn't imagine doing this while I was ordering at a fast food place. Put the phone down. Come on. You specific people know who you are that always seem to be doing it. Just stop with the phone and don't be rude to me when you order.

Customers who think they are better than me because I work at Subway is another bothersome topic. I am a full time college student studying civil engineering. I also happen to work at Subway. This job has given me a big wake up call in judging people by their job. I don't know their situation and neither do you. People who work at fast food places aren't always stupid. Many times they are, but not in every case.

Pointing at the glass while telling me which vegetables you want. Oh my god. I know where each one is. I have been there since I was 15. I got it under control. Stop pointing and getting greasy finger prints on the glass. Making messes at the tables. I have cleaned up messes at tables that I would have had to work hard to make when I was 3 years old. These messes are often made by adults. I know I am a loser that works at Subway, but couldn't you have some respect for me and at least try to pick up after yourself a little bit?

Not being ready to order while there is a long line. This is a big one guys. The menu lists all of the items for sale and their corresponding prices. It's not that hard. And if the decision really needs more pondering, step back and let the other people go first. I have been to many fast food places and it seems to me Subway customers are among the worst behaved of all.

This letter in no way is representative of all Subway customers. I have a bunch of regulars that come in and are always nice to me. Not surprisingly, they are never guilty of any of my 5 complaints. Most customers are just fine, but there are plenty who fit the negative description to the "T." Since I was a young boy, my parents taught me the importance of personal responsibility and respect for others. If even I, a lowly Subway employee can adhere to these simple rules of life, can't you customers do the same?

Go out and thank your sandwich artist today. Tell him or her how much he or she means to you. Don't make them think they fit into the common category of fast food employee. Be ready to order, hang up your phone, keep your paws off the glass, don't act as though you are superior to me, especially since I already have more education than most of you, and clean up your crap at the tables. We are all people. Let's all treat each other with respect. And let's attempt to earn respect from others through honesty, hard work, responsibility, and compassion. Eat Fresh everyone!

Bad Customer Service Subway - Walmart Super Center - Germantown Wisconsin - USA
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Rating: 1/51

GERMANTOWN, WISCONSIN -- Bad customer service Subway - Wal-Mart Super Center - Germantown Wisconsin -USA. On the 16th of Oct. 2014 at 11:20 am, I was ordering some sandwiches and one of them I wanted to make it a meal. I told the sandwich artist girl that this will be a meal then I handed a bag of chips to my son (4 year old), he opened it and starts eating it. When I was checking out, the girl said that the credit card machine is not working (she didn't state this while she was making my sandwiches, neither there was a sign that said the credit card machine is not working).

I had no cash, just had my credit and debit cards to pay, so she said that she will give me the sandwiches but not the chips bag, and in what I call an ultimately rude, she asked me to grab the chips bag from my son while he was eating! I told her he already opened it so what she is [going to] do with it? She said in a very rude (with no reason) that she still has to take away the chips bag from him! I asked her to call the manager. She said that she is the manager.

All of that conversation and even while she was making my sandwich, she had a very bad attitude with a frown on her face. Even the way she asked for the chips bag was very rude! She never said "sorry for this". I gave her back the sandwiches and stated that I will complain about her and this awful customer service. Would you do this? Grab a bag of chips from a child while he is eating it saying this is the policy? And it was not my fault from the beginning!

Is that how Subway train their employees? Seriously? I will still send to the TV station about this story and will post it to Facebook and twitter with the store address and the manager name. I had the worst experience with that Subway today! I have been buying there sandwich for ten years, after this I will never go back to that Subway again.

Nastiest Location I've Ever Worked
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Rating: 1/51

PORTER, TEXAS -- We don't have a manager at the porter, Texas location Subway. A lady who hired me by the name of ** oversaw the restaurant. She seemed nice at first but quickly turned out to be two faces. I've worked there 3 weeks but been hired for a month, in other words it took her a week to get me a shift. She even started me off at another location. The porter location is dirty and unorganized. It just got it's manager today, which leads me to the story. She scheduled a meeting last minute for 7 am on August 2, which I told her I could not attend because of a college meeting and she flat out said "I knew school would be an issue when I hired you" as if my education did not matter.

Well she made the meeting mandatory and anyone go didn't attend would be fired. At the meeting she proceeded to call me out by name in front of everyone who works there about how I was responsible for a previous night where the restaurant was left dirty. I was not scheduled to work that day but decided to go in to help my co-worker out of sympathy because he was left alone because that she did not even bother to try to get anyone else to go in an help him. I was not required to close.

The reason things were left only half wiped was because we ran out of the cleaning cloths needed to wipe down tables and other things. (Things are always running out) and I let her know. I had to attempt to clean with napkins. She proceeded to scold me in front of all the personnel and humiliate me and only me (which I have witnesses) and I was pretty much forced to show up to the meeting just to be humiliated in front of everyone.

It was unprofessional of her to do that in front of everyone rather than pull me to the side after the meeting and do it face to face. I just had to sit there being humiliated and stay quiet while everyone else listened to her insult me and my work ethic. I was not working alone that night but I was the only one who got called out. This place is nasty, cross contamination everywhere. People are unfriendly and I am quitting.

Order Was Wrong
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Rating: 1/51

FT. MYERS, FLORIDA -- I recently went to the local Subway around the corner from my house to get three foot long subs--one of which was B. L.T. The girl made all the subs. I paid and then went home. When I got home, the B. L.T. did not have any lettuce or tomato on it. Now, it's been my experience that a B. L.T. is bacon, lettuce and tomato, right? I called the girl to tell her she didn't put the lettuce or tomato on it, and she said that some people don't want all the veggies on their sandwiches.

Who orders a B. L.T. and doesn't get lettuce or tomato on it? I went back there, and after explaining that I expected lettuce and tomato on a B. L.T., I guess she called the manager and told her what was going on. After she got off the phone, she made me a new sandwich and I was on my way. This girl was trying to tell me how I should have my sandwich, and I seriously tried to be polite, but I was also assertive.

Terrible Experience!!!
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Rating: 1/51

TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA -- I have to say if this was my first trip to Subway. It would have been my last. Me and my friend had to go to Wal-Mart to pick a few things and were going to grab something to eat while we were out. We decided on Subway since we haven't eaten there in a while. And so happens Subway was located inside Wal-Mart. There was an employee pushing chairs and tables up against the wall when we arrived at about 7:15 pm. There was another employee sitting at a table talking to the other employee sweeping and mopping. There was a line of customers and one employee behind the counter doing a mediocre job.

I asked the employee if we were going to be able to sit after we ordered. And the employee yes just pulls a table out. That employee had to get it done before they left. She wasn't very pleasant in their words. The employee sitting at the table decided to get up and head to the back of the store. Then when it was our time to order that employee behind the counter decided to hold a conversation with the employee that was sitting at the table earlier while they put on their gloves. The conversation more or less 5 minutes. Then the employee that was sitting at the table earlier emerged from the back and proceeded to ask me about my sandwich.

As I was telling her what I wanted on my sandwich I noticed the cucumber's was frozen. I said they were frozen when I noticed them as the employee placed them on my sandwich. The employee then put more of the frozen cucumbers on my sandwich. It was like the employee didn't understand what I was saying. I was speaking plain clear English. The employee that was behind the counter turned and acted like my friend wasn't even standing there. My friend stood there close to 5 minutes before his order was taken.

All in all it seemed like the employees did not want to be bothered with serving customers and that they were doing us a huge favor in letting us spend our money there. As we were sitting there eating I noticed a mother trying to cross a wet floor to the fountain drink machine with her son. There was only one wet floor sign on the wet floor and it was in the back of the store. Where there should have been at least one or even two more signs in the store on the wet floor since the store had all the tables pushed to the walls.

Dangerous Employee
By -

THOMASVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I believe the location's address is: 1122 Randolph Street, Thomasville, NC 27360 (336) 475-6060. It is right by a Waffle House (where we almost went to eat instead) and in the same strip mall as a Radioshack. A grocery store is also next door to this Subway. I am writing because I feel it absolutely necessary to let you know about the horrific way an employee was being treated by another employee. It was so bad, my husband and I had to speak up and tell this man to stop. We told him we'd never come back to this location because of him.

He came to work at the same time we arrived at the restaurant. His demeanor was very condescending and arrogant right from the beginning. He worked very slow and kept smirking at us and the other employee. As we were halfway through placing our order, he started verbally and emotionally abusing his female coworker. We could tell the woman was scared of him. He kept swearing at her and calling her a piece of ** among other things. I do not know his name because he was not wearing a name tag.

When I asked to talk to the manager, he at first said he was. My husband and I proceeded to tell him that was not okay to talk to someone like that and that he needs to stop and that we would not be returning to this location because of him. He than said she was the manager and that he owned the store. I highly doubt it because of his extreme unprofessionalism and the fact that he didn't know that the store took American Express when we went to pay and said it would be very expensive for us if it worked.

During most of our confrontation with him, the woman employee was in the back, out of sight. I was extremely concerned for her safety and even considered involving the police. I would have stayed for a while to make sure she was going to be okay and talk with her, but we were running behind and needed to get going. I fear for that woman once we left because no one else was in the store after us, just the two of them.

We have never had this kind of ordeal happen to us at any restaurant. I do not have anything against Subway. My problem is with the employee. He did not say anything else to the woman employee after we confronted him. She seemed to be tearing up when she left the counter to go in the back. This man is a bully and a complete jerk. It was evident in his demeanor right from the beginning.

He drove an older red car that has European style license plate on the front bumper and a metal license plate sized picture of a country with their country's colors. It seems to start with an 'E' and the colors were red, green and one other color, possibly white (?) attached to the bumper as well. My husband thought his accent seemed to be Spanish, I thought it seemed more 'Slovic'. I only mention these things because I have no other way to identify him. He was average male build with medium dark completion and brown/black hair.

I will be sending this report to as many corporate places as I can so that something is done. That man is dangerous without a doubt and the employees need to be protected from him. I sincerely hope and expect something to be done about him. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing about how this was handled.

A little education for the customers
By -

NEWTON, NEW JERSEY -- I have worked at Subway for almost 3 years, and I've read the majority of these reviews. I can't disagree with the fact that some of the employees are downright rude, because I don't work at those Subways to see it happen. But I can say that the most of these complaints are pitiful and it is almost pathetic that people waste their time going online to complain about them!

First, the people that make your sandwiches do JUST that. We do not control the prices, the quantities, the rules, anything along those lines. We are there to make the sandwiches, period. It is absurd that someone would attempt an argument with a sandwich artist, when whatever you're arguing about is beyond our control! But heaven forbid we were to tell you it's out of our control, because then you'd go through the roof.

Secondly, walking into Subway and immediately treating your server with rudeness, is going to result in rudeness back! Is that really THAT hard to grasp!? Subway workers have A LOT of things that need to be done in addition to helping the customers and it is difficult to accomplish all of these things since the owners completely short staff us to save money. When someone comes in and I say to them "Hi there, what can I get for you?" the last thing I would like to hear is "YEAH I NEED 3 SUBS.” That's just a tad rude, don't you think? How about "Hello, yes I'd like..." It is not that hard.

Another thing that completely baffles me is how do people not think its unbelievably rude to talk on your cell phone while placing your order?! Its another thing if you are ordering for the person on the phone. But honestly, I couldn't care less who went where, what time Johnny needs to be picked up from soccer, when the wash needs to go in the dryer.

WE DO NOT CARE! All we'd like to do is to make your sandwich as quickly and efficiently as possible to move onto the next customer waiting longer than necessary because you are not paying attention to your sandwich. I could really go on and on, but I'll stop there in hopes that at least a few people will read this and possibly have a little more respect and realization next time they decide to order Subway food.

No Cookies for Kids
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I stopped by our local Subway restaurant to redeem our free cookie coupons that expired on that day. We had 3 coupons: one for me and one for each of my two children who were with me in the car...the youngest child had fallen asleep in the car and my older child waited with him in the car in case he woke up while I ran inside the restaurant to get our cookies.

The Subway employee first scrutinized the coupons carefully, went into the back room with the coupons and finally returned to say that she could not honor all 3 coupons since the coupon stated "one per customer". I explained that my youngest child, age 2, was sleeping in the car which was clearly visible through their front window. I asked if it was really necessary to wake him up and bring him inside. She was adamant that she would only give me 2 cookies, even though there were 3 coupons and 3 people.

I got my older daughter out of the car; however, this employee who I later found out was a shift manager, would not honor the 3rd coupon. I asked again if I really needed to wake my sleeping baby, and she threw all three coupons back at me and said "NO cookies for you today...I was going to give you 2 but now I give you none." Shocked that we were arguing over 3 cookies, I informed her that I would be filing a complaint for the way I had been treated at this restaurant.

She was now refusing to honor ANY of the 3 coupons. I understand that rules are rules, but she could clearly see my son sleeping in the car less than 30 feet away. I feel that this Subway restaurant simply didn't want to honor the coupons, period. I now understand why Chick-Fil-A and McDonalds are so much busier than Subway restaurants...they understand how to be compassionate and accommodating to their customers, especially moms with young children like me. I will not visit this store again.

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