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No response when asking for help for charges not made
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GREER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- My husband agreed to a 3 day trial with a company he came across on the internet. He start the trial on Friday and by Sunday morning he had gone in and canceled the membership. The first amount for the trial period was only $4.47 and we had more than that in the bank. He made this transaction via phone because he had put his # in wrong and they asked him to call them. The next thing we knew they had posted 2 more charges to his account via internet. Needless to say it put us in overdraft. When I contacted the bank and talked to the Asst. Bank Manager, he said that you should not give your bank card info over the internet. Ha. Yeah a joke since most people now days do almost all shopping via internet. He then said we needed to cancel the card. Which he did. My husband contacted the fraud department and was told that he should not have canceled the card but looked into the charges himself. But even though the card was canceled, I was doing war with this company who had a person answer the phone when my husband called, had an answering machine answer the 15 times I called and did not call me back. I then went to the internet and bombed them with emails. Guess what, They refunded the money to an account that they only had the bank card number to that was canceled. Secure banking huh. When I called the bank and asked how they could possibly refund money to a card that no longer had access to I was told that they did not know. I also have our rent set on bill pay. Guess what, it was not paid this month. I called and was told that it was not set up for a monthly payment, the woman procedded to start telling how to go into my account and do this, I cut her short and told her to look at the account a little better since I had used bill pay before. I told her I did not have to have a lesson to be able to do this and that I know that I set it up for monthly payment. Of course in their eyes, they are right and the customer is STUPID. I asked for the number for the complaints department and she said they did not have one, but she would be glad to take my complaint and have them call me back. What, double talking? She takes my complaint, sends it to the COMPLAINT department and they call me back. Go figure. Needless to say we had a huge overdraft which we were told we would be credited for. Maybe by the year 2030. And that our rent was not paid and we have to pay $25.00 late fee plus $5.00 a day after the 10th of the month. So I am on the phone with Wachovia right now and switching banks.
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SunTrust Is Not Family Friendly
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Rating: 1/51
DECATUR, GEORGIA -- My manager was a dictator. He was very petty. He came from a broken home. He never married and never had children on his own. So, he had a hard time understanding why when I woke up in the morning with a child that had a fever vomiting and diarrhea, why I had to miss work.

The next day he would cut my lunch to fifteen minuets. I complained to HR, but it was in vain, it only made my time there worse. HR backed him. They said he had a right not to give me lunch. I said he did but not as a form of punishing me for calling out.

His assistant wasn't any better. If your vacation clashed with hers she would pull you in the office and bully you to the point of tears. That environment suited her fine. She had children, but she never spent much time with them. She'd be there at 11 o'clock fiddling with papers. I found that sad, I liked eating dinner with my children and my husband.

I'm happy I left. My manager now is no softy but he does understand the balance of family and career. I am very grateful for finding a company that does understand that I am a person.
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Unfair Labor Practices Settled Federal Lawsuit
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Rating: 1/51
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Okay, this is complaint is Target really against 3 different co conspirators: Suntrust Mortgage, Zenta, and Accenture Credit Services. Here is the interplay: I worked for an "outsource" company by the name of Zenta, that was taken over Jan 1, 2012 by Accenture Credit Services and I was dedicated to working on SunTrust Mortgage underwriting account. I mention Suntrust Mortgage because, I believe, they were to principle "driver" of how we were compensated as mortgage credit underwriters (we are the people that approve or deny your home loan request): we are NOT management people, but simply hired labor BUT Suntrust/Accenture/Zenta ILLEGALLY classified us as exempt from overtime pay while requiring a 55 hour work week.

ZENTA and Accenture Credit Services is s****!! As a mortgage underwriter for SunTrust, we were ordered to meet unreasonable production goals- this created the need to work overtime- without pay!! There was constantly pressure from our team leader, Janet [snip] and Joe [snip], and Brian [snip] (Suntrust person in charge of the outsource company vendors) to stay late and come in weekends! THEY PROMISED ME AND EVERYONE WHO WORKS AT ZENTA (NOW ACCENTURE) THAT THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE A WORKLOAD SO GREAT THAT WOULD REQUIRE WORKING PAST FORTY HOURS IN A WEEK!! They are such liars and I am in the beginning stages of a federal class action lawsuit for the non-payment of overtime wages. AS MORTGAGE UNDERWRITERS WE ARE NOT MANAGERS!! THEY ALL MADE US SIGN A FORM THAT WE AGREED TO BE CALLED "EXEMPT" RATHER THAN NON EXEMPT. WE (MORTGAGE UNDERWRITERS) DID NOT HAVE ANY MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY AT ALL!! THEY TOLD US WHEN TO COME IN (BETTER NOT BE A MINUTE PAST 8AM) AND WE CERTAINLY DID NOT MANAGE OR OVERSEE ANYONE. BEING CLASSIFIED AS "EXEMPT" IS WRONG AND ILLEGAL.
Worst Bank Ever!
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- This is the WORST possible bank you can imagine. I won't bore you with the details, but avoid at all costs. Their internet banking system works (sort of) like it was cobbled together in the early 90's. Their customer service phone tree will drive you to drink. The latest: They arbitrarily decided that I can only transfer $2,000/week out of my Suntrust account to another financial institution using online banking. And, it's $3 per transfer. These guys are going to have their head handed to them by other financial institutions.... THE ONLY reason I am with this bank is that in the old days -- in a simpler and more personal time -- they were CCB. In their new incarnation as Suntrust, they aren't even close to being able to cut it in the modern world. They don't have a clue. Really. And it's well past time to give them the boot and move on to better bankiing, of which just anyone would be a giant leap forward!
SunTrust Is Worst Bank Ever!
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SunTrust has to be the worst bank ever! I made the mistake of switching to SunTrust after Bank Of America started feeing their customers to death. As it turns out, SunTrust is even more unscrupulous than BOA between all their fees, unethical banking practices and absolutely horrible customer service, or should I say lacktherof. They messed my account up numerous times, due to employee errors, and every time had to fight with them to get things fixed. This last time around they messed it up so bad that all my money was gone and eaten up in numerous overdraft fees for a transaction I did not even make! Two branch employees actually had the nerve to yell at me and treat me like a three year old after hassling with them over this situation for three weeks! They even had the nerve to say "the bank does not make mistakes". Yeah, right. Those same two employees were overheard by my friend that was with me discussing a situation where a deposit had been posted wrong and one of them asked the other if he should call the customer to let them know. The other employee told him no, just go ahead and process it. Is that the kind of bank you would trust with YOUR money? I have since filed a formal complaint against the branch and hope both of those employees get fired. It has taken a total of three weeks, numerous calls and representatives from the 800 customer service number to straighten things out so I could close the account. By that point, I had already made up my mind that SunTrust was not a bank to be trusted. Hmmmm, maybe they should change their name to SunMistrust. Definitely would be much more befitting. After that nightmare, I chose to take my business elsewhere. The representative at the new bank I went to told me he heard stories like that almost daily from customers who left SunTrust due to unethical practices and beyond bad customer service. My suggestion is if you have an account there, leave immediately! If you are considering them for your bank, don't do it!
Thanks for not caring
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My mortgage had gone into foreclosure and I paid the lawyers fees and the money to bring the mortgage current, which totaled over $8,000. During this whole process Suntrust had been sending the payments I was still making back to me in checks. One of these checks got lost somewhere in the mail so I called SUNTRUST COLLECTIONS DEPT. to have this check investigated and sent back to me. After the normal Lingo of confirming my identity I was told "OK sir, I show your account is past due $951.00 when will you be paying this sir?"
My answer - " Um I'm not sure if you realize but I'm no longer in forclosure and I realize I owe this month's payment. (its the 5th day of the month) The reason I'm calling is to have a check investigated and sent back to me."
His answer - "Sir we will get to that in a moment when do you plan on paying the $951.00?"
My answer - " Why are you asking about My monthly payment I'm not in forclosure I just need to ask you questions about this check..."
His answer - " I'm asking YOU a question. when are you going to pay the $951.00?"
My Answer - "Uhhh what are we talking about again?"
His answer - "What are we talking about sir?"
Finally after they testosterone battle he listens to what I have to say and he gets the request put in. (Or so I hope). Let me also note I have been going in circles for months about this missing check and I finally got to the point I had to call my bank and have them look up the check numbers and dates so I could tell Suntrust which of THEIR checks have been cashed. Why is it that NO ONE at Suntrust seems to know what's going on? They are not able to see which of THEIR checks have been cashed unless I give them a specific date of a check to "research" which takes days if not weeks. The last complaint I have is with the collections department jumping down my neck about my normal monthly payment. The collections department is so ready to argue with people that they are completely blind to the whole reason I'm calling. This was not the only time I have been treated like this when dealing with the collections department. Everyone in that department seems ready to battle it out with the customer before ever even asking why they are calling.
Suntrust is horrific
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- I was convinced my an Suntrust employee to move my personal and business accounts to Suntrust. 2 months after I moved them I got a letter from them saying my 'free account' would now be 10.00 per month. I then contacted the branch manager and she assured me she would waive the fees. 6 months later I got my statements and the fee appeared again. I contact the branch and the new manager said they would not honor the letter and the employee who wrote it didn't have the authority to do so. This employee was a MANAGER. He started arguing with me and them told me to find another bank.

I asked to speak to the area manager and was given her phone number. She told me she didn't have time to talk to me and would call me back. 3 days later she calls and then said they wouldn't honor the agreement the previous manager had given me even though it was written on Suntrust letterhead and signed. We are a small non profit and simply cannot afford to lose that money each month for fees.

The next day I was reviewing my personal account and noticed where there was a statement print fee. I hadn't requested this and called to find out who did this. Apparently it was a former employee of mine who did this for no apparent reason except for being nosy or maybe to committ identity theft. Who knows.

I asked for them to file a report with their security department. They refused to do so.

I then sent emails to every executive officer in Virginia. The executive secretary emailed me and said she would check into this. Almost two weeks later, everyone refuses to respond to my questions or concerns.

I am at my wits ends and feel like I am against a brick wall. People from the executive staff all the way down do not care about their customers and I haven't gotten nothing from them. I have filed complaints with the BBB and the bank regulatory commissions but have yet to get anything from Suntrust.
AWFUL Customer Service, Borderline Insurance Fraud
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I had received a series of mail messages from Suntrust with regards to the flood policy for my Condo Unit. Upon receipt of the very first message, I contacted the Insurance carrier for the association BB&T to send the appropriate information.

I called Sun Trust, and an agent called my Insurance company with me on hold. The agents spoke, and the Sun Trust representative told me that she would personally follow up with the insurance agent to be sure that the information was acquired.

A month of so later, I received another letter that there was insufficient information with regards to this policy. I then called the insurance agent and the insurance agent called and spoke with a representative at Sun Trust, and they reached an understanding of what documents were to be sent.

I then received another letter that said due to my non-responsiveness - SunTrust went ahead and purchased a flood insurance policy on my behalf. They took the money out of my escrow account - delaying payment of my taxes, and then proceeded to bill me for the shortage in my monthly mortgage statement (that apparently they can adjust without my consent).

What is so appalling about this entire situation is that SunTrust had on record that I had a flood insurance policy - and that they had misread the policy thinking that the building number was not on there - when it was. They should have seen the numerous call ins that I placed to both the customer service and the insurance department - and postponed purchasing the flood insurance. I think they were getting a kickback somewhere along the lines with the writing of those policies.

When I finally got the two parties together and the correct information was acknowledged - it took 15 days to cancel the policy. It took a considerable amount of effort on my behalf to get this straightened out. I have been waiting for the escrow department to analyze my account to issue me my refund...they take their dear sweet time because they have my money earning INTEREST!

To boot, almost every representative I spoke with was RUDE and indifferent to my situation. I had several personnel in the insurance department make rude remarks and behave very inappropriately.

This has disgusted me, and it is not the first time it happens. Suntrust Mortgage's Insurance dept is inept, and they send these flood insurance letters each and every year. PATHETIC excuse for a company.
Can I Give A Negative Star Rating?
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My mortgage was sold to them immediately after we bought 4 1/2 years ago and I have not had a single decent experience with them since. Everything from a simple bill payment to trying to refinance has cost me countless hours on the phone (mostly on hold), money, and frustration.

Initially we had 2 mortgages through them and just trying to make monthly payments was a nightmare. Almost every month they applied payments to the wrong account resulting in either under or over payments which they would mail back to me. I would have to wait for the check to clear, redeposit it and resubmit payment. They would then charge late fees and sometimes I would have to make double payments just to avoid credit issues. This took countless hours on the phone every month to straighten out for almost a year until they finally sold the 2nd mortgage.

I am also eligible to receive an APR reduction under the Soldiers and Sailors Act because I am currently on active duty orders for deployment. It took over 6 months and countless phone calls for them to finally adjust my rate and payments. After which insteasd of reimbursing the overpayments I made each month just so I wouldn't default, they applied it to the loan without my consent.

Currently I am trying to refinance under the HARP program, which SunTrust advertises widely, but have been given more than the run around. The “system” conveniently transfers me to the wrong department or disconnects my call. I have not received a single return phone call after leaving numerous messages for loan officers. One actually told me that I couldn’t apply for HARP until I contacted the second mortgage lender and received a verbal subordination agreement, which is the responsibility of the first mortgage lender to request in writing only with my consent. I spoke to a “supervisor” who stated that it was not SunTrust’s responsibility to disclose information regarding government loan programs and that it was up to the media to distribute the information and the consumer to ask about it. He stated that my lender should discuss these programs with me, at which point I re-stated that SunTrust is my lender. The latest and most rude experience so far. I was placed on hold several times mid-sentence, told that I needed to be denied modification before I could apply for HARP (which is completely untrue), and was abruptly transferred to an unknown department where I stayed on hold for almost 20 minutes before hanging up.

Consistently, I have been misdirected on every call, been given misinformation by customer service representatives and loan officers who clearly do not have knowledge of the products they sell, dealt with rude employees and after weeks of calling every still have not even been able to apply for the refinance never mind get approved!!

If you have an option don't do business with SunTrust!!!!! I've been trying to get away from them for 4 years!
I Distrust SunTrust!
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I started banking with First American Bank, which was bought out by Crestar and then purchased by Sun Trust. Consequently, I have had over a twenty year relationship with this bank, and until March 2010, a very uneventful one. We use Sun Trust online banking on a regular basis. In March 2010, I discovered that $3000 had been stolen from my Sun Trust Checking Account. I notified the Fraud Department of Sun Trust, filed a police report, filed an affidavit with the bank, and closed all the compromised accounts, including my Sun Trust Check card ending in No. 8179. Sun Trust processed my case in an excellent manner, and within a few days the $3000 had been refunded to my account. I opened all new bank accounts, and received a new Sun Trust Check Card a few weeks later. It appeared that my computer had been hacked, or I had acquired a virus that I could not remove. So, to prevent further incidents, I purchased a new computer, with a special spy ware program, as well as Norton 360 antivirus.
I ran the spy ware program before going online to do my banking, and ran the Norton 360 when I closed all internet connections. I tried to do anything that I could to prevent another cyber crime from happening.
Everything was fine until, I received a voice message from the Sun Trust fraud department on July 24, 2010, asking me about a Pizza Hut UK LTD purchase in the amount of $61.13. I, of course did not authorize a Pizza Hut purchase in Great Britain. So, once again I began the fraud case paperwork, police report etc... However, since we had made a personal contact with our local Sun Trust branch from the first fraud case, I contacted the representative who had worked with us in March. She was very helpful with emailing me the necessary documents for the new fraud case.
The problems began when I discovered that the Pizza Hut UK LTD $61.13
purchase had been made with the compromised Sun Trust Check Card ending in No. 8179. I had destroyed the compromised Sun Trust Check in March 2010, and had requested that the account be closed along with our other compromised accounts. I also wondered how this closed Check Card, ending in No. 8179, could be linked to my new checking account, since the one that it had been linked to in March, had been closed. Any purchases made with the Sun Trust Check Card No. 8179, should have been declined. That is when I began to realize that for the past four months, due to the mishandling of my March, 2010 fraud case, I was open to being easy prey for the cyber criminals out there. I have closed all my personal bank accounts with Sun Trust, as I do not feel that Sun Trust can keep my money safe. I now Distrust Sun Trust.

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