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Discount Misrepresented
Posted by Zimmerd on 03/19/2005
ATHENS, OHIO -- Late December 2004, I made a reservation at the Athens, OH Super 8 using the 800 number for Super 8 Motels and providing a CC number to hold the room for a late arrival.

When I asked about discounts for AAA or AARP, the agent at the 800 number said she could not pull up any discount information on her computer screen - that I would have to check with the front desk at check-in.

At check-in, I asked the desk clerk about a AAA or AARP discount. The desk clerk said the discount was already reflected in the price. I later found out that was NOT true. I complained to the OH BBB and the motel and requested a refund of the 10% discount I was told was reflected in the price. To date, 3/18, I have had two letters from the motel, through the BBB, saying they were not honoring any discounts that night. That may well be true, but I also know what I was told - that the discount was reflected in the amount I was being charged.

I do not expect to see the requested 10% refund and am not going to waste any further time, effort or postage on this incident. I just want to let folks know that I will never do business with the Super 8 in Athens, OH again, and I strongly recommend that others spending time in the area avail themselves of other housing options.

Oh, do not bother to complain to Super 8 corporate, either. I emailed a complaint on their website; it was ignored. I followed-up with a call and was basically told that all Super 8's are franchises and Super 8 corporate could take no responsibility for how they were being operated. I followed my call up with a letter and was told that Super 8 corporate could do nothing, that I should contact the franchisee directly. I do not think they even read that letter, as it contained clear references to my two previous contacts with the franchisee. I am NOT impressed. One bad franchisee and an unmotivated corporate customer service department have soured me on all Super 8's

Go Motel 6!

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I'll leave it at the worst ten items...
Posted by IintheSky on 05/06/2005
HURRICANE, WEST VIRGINIA -- The first thing any guest will notice is the present property condition:

Outside Lobby Area: Awning underpass roof which is improperly secured, and at a considerable risk of collapse, yet there doesn't seem to be any hurry to fix it even though it has remained this way for many weeks. This roof appears to have been damaged by a vehicle many weeks ago, and still manages to pose a considerable safety risk. Roof also presently covered by a rather large tarp in another area.

Inside Lobby and Food Service: Missing ceiling tiles above customer service areas. Debris from the area above the ceiling tiles is landing on customer tables and in food service areas. Improperly handled food in accordance with Health Department standards. Employees have very poor knowledge of proper food handling procedures and equipment cleaning procedures.

General external appearance: Improperly lit. Significant problems with vehicle security

Rooms: Problems with bugs in guest rooms, bed linens not regularly rotated/cleaned properly, bathroom fixtures not properly cleaned, phones system in state of disrepair (A MAJOR SAFETY VIOLATION), no clocks, no television remote.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2005-05-07:
How long have you been living there, mjFolly? Super 8? Why not the Blue Spruce Motel?
Posted by IintheSky on 2005-05-10:
Kind of strange that you would mention that. Actually made the mistake of offering a business client a type of comp to stay there- turns out to be a major error on my part. But yes, there are quite a few people that actually do live there. BTW- be on the lookout for future updates on this one- as the place is currently under investigation.
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Worst Hotel Experience in 20 Years of Travel
Posted by Maitri on 07/09/2006
LANTANA, FLORIDA -- The staff and management of this hotel did everything in their power to ensure a miserable stay.

The evening I checked into the hotel, I was told that I would receive two nights' accommodation. The next morning the front desk called me to confirm the fact that I would be staying a second night.

When I returned that night, however, I could not gain access to my room. I asked the front desk clerk to update my key. She said, "You only reserved the room for one night, so we have to put you in another room." I pointed out that I had, in fact requested a two night stay -- and this had been confirmed twice by the hotel.

I told the clerk that I would be happy to stay in a new room, and that I would like my property transferred from the original room to the new one. She then told me that the hotel could not return my belongings until the next day!

I asked to call the manager. The clerk said she didn't have a phone number for the manager. I told her that I didn't believe her, but she persisted. When I told her that I was ready to call the police, she suddenly discovered the manager's number.

The manager refused to fix the problem. "I have a life," he said. "I can't worry about that."

Eventually I did have to resort to calling the local police in order to retrieve my belongings. Though the desk clerk had claimed that she had no access to the property, it had miraculously appeared on her desk in time for the police.

Amazingly, the front desk clerk had apparently asked the attending officer to arrest me, because, in frustration earlier in the day, I had disconnected the handset of her phone and placed it outside!

Altogether hideous.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-09:
DID you get arrested?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-09:
Oh by the way I disconnnected your handset and placed it outside...what sense did it make to do that?
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-07-10:
With the employees attitude, she's lucky you didn't disconnect the head-set with her head still attached. They probably booked wrong and moved you around to cover their error. However that doesn't explain why they would feel the need to keep your belongings. That just makes no sense!!! I would be so furious. It seems like they stold your belongings. You really got treated badly. I would want a refund for all the stress they caused you when they were the ones that did wrong. What bad attitudes. Heck, I would have bailed you out after that!
Posted by maitri on 2006-07-10:
I agree with AmaniR -- it didn't help to disconnect the phone. I reacted in frustration after the desk clerk told me that she did not have the manager's phone number, then proceeded to call him; and the manager refused to intervene.

I had just gotten into town after a funeral, and was quite exhausted. I would have been better off to call the police immediately.

After all was said and done, I called my credit card company to dispute the hotel charges. This is the first and only time I have ever disputed charges on any card for any reason.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
I agree dorcas but I think it would have been to your advantage to have just called the police first because you are in someone else’s town witch gives them the upper hand.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-07-10:
Maybe that "hideous manager" had a used clothes festish?
Posted by maitri on 2006-07-11:
Mrs. Manischewitz may be right -- but I think it may be simply a laziness fetish!
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Cancellation of Room After Checkin
Posted by Hschreiner37 on 03/13/2014
ANDERSON, INDIANA -- Went to Anderson, Indiana for an overnight getaway. Have previously stayed at this motel and checked in about 11 am. Was given a room, dropped our bags in room and left to eat lunch. I recently had surgery and wasn't feeling well. We decided to return home and asked manager to cancel our rooms since we hadn't used them. Told him I was ill and had to leave and he stated that we only had 10 minutes after we checked in to cancel the room.

After some discussion he refused to do anything about refunding our money and we left. Rest assured I will never stay in a Super 8 in the future. Guess he was more interested in keeping our money than helping. Super 8 isn't so super after all.

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Posted by Obfuscation on 2014-03-14:
It seems like a totally reasonable policy to me. Imagine how many couples would take advantage of the room for a 'quickie' then tell the manager they didn't need the room after all. It's a shame, but you pay the price for people with less integrity than you.
Posted by PKitty on 2014-03-14:
You DID use the room for more than ten minutes, unless you had a very short lunch. Your body may not have been in the room, but your luggage was and that constitutes using it.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-03-14:
What was their stated policy regarding this sort of thing? If they abided by their stated policy then they didn't do anything they weren't supposed to.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2014-03-17:
Helping? They are a business which only enforced their terms which you had already agreed to.
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Posted by Lisathomason14 on 02/14/2014
MOUNTAIN HOME, ARKANSAS -- When I checked in, it took a little while for the clerk to come to the desk to help me. I checked in for 4 nights. I paid him and
then he wouldn't give me my change. He said he would give it back after I checked out because I might steal his towels. Upon entering the building to go to my room, the building overwhelmed me with cigarette smoke smell. When entering the room, I found blood on one of the pillows. I pulled back the covers and there was blood on two of the pillows and on the top sheet. The bathroom was dirty as well. This was the most disgusting room I have ever been in.
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Filthy & Insect Infested
Posted by Stmtsnstuff on 11/26/2013
MARIANNA, FLORIDA -- I recently stayed at the Super 8 Motel in Marianna, Florida. It was by far the worst motel experience in my life. The room was filthy with bugs EVERYWHERE.

When I advised the owner, she offered to move me to the room next door. If one room has an insect infestation, the room next door won`t be any different.

The owner's husband claimed they had never had a complaint as long as they had been there. Find that one hard to believe. Then he starts screaming at me, the customer. As his wife tried to get him to shut up and leave the room. She begged me not to contact anyone.
I would have gone elsewhere but I had pre-arranged an overnight delivery to the motel. Do NOT stay there, my entire body has very itchy insect bites.

I am so concerned that I will not take my clothes or luggage into my house without first washing everything in hot water.
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Insensitive to Night Workers
Posted by Brianw603 on 11/18/2013
DURANT, MISSISSIPPI -- I am a contract emergency physician and therefore often work nights up to 36 hour shifts then 12 hours later work more in another town. Many hotels let me check in at 7:00 am and out at 3:00 pm to get to my next shift. I checked into Super 8 this morning after working a 36 hour shift and explained to the clerk that I need to sleep until about 3 so she said she would work it out. Exhausted I fell asleep then was awakened by room service knocking on the door then opening it. In a sleepy daze I said I don't need room service. Later the phone started ringing. The manager said I must leave now or come down to the office and check back in so I did that and went back to bed then room service is knocking on the door again now it 2:00 pm I just worked 36 hours had 3 hours sleep and must now get up bathe eat drive to another town go to the hospital an start another 24 hours of taking care of strokes heart attacks . From now on will only stay in a hotel that relaxes the 11:00 check out time. It's not a 9:00 to 5:00 world for the people who help you at night. Not just medical, but truckers, convenience store workers, police firemen etc. Today many people work at night and need sleep in the daytime
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Very Dirty and Rude
Posted by Jacksback.jd on 09/29/2013
COLDWATER, MICHIGAN -- Very rude and dirty. Manager has all kinds of people living here and them guys/kids bombards the meal time. Never any food or coffee left. All kinds of dogs and the manager said he was going to charge everyone 10.00 a night for pets. Like I said people hanging around out front all the time.

Thank you for your time but I'll never stay here again and a lot of people said the same thing.

Good day.

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Rude Service Broken Ac and Fleas.
Posted by Rjditsler on 09/21/2013
JACKSON, MICHIGAN -- I went in to get a room stood there waiting for attendant talking on phone to her boyfriend she finely waited on me. Then I filled out my paper work then asked how to get to my room. By then she was on the phone again I asked how to get to my room she just kept holding up one finger .Finely she told me to take my key card out the front door left to the second door and use the card to get in. So I went out to the door there was no slot for the card I went back in and asked again she told me the same thing with a bad attitude. I went out and asked another guest how to get in . I went in to the room and it was so hot you could not stand it. so me and my wife decided to go and get something to eat. when we came back it had cooled down a little bit.we were tired and decided to lay down. Then the people up stairs were running back and forth so my wife went to the front desk the same girl told my wife they were working on the air up stairs my wife told her about our air the girl told her oh I know we rent those rooms out last but she never told me that. she told my wife quite time was 8 o'clock so the people working on the air would be quite in about 10 minutes but it was already after 10 o'clock. They were stomping across the floor all night. I could not sleep so I stayed up all night till about 630 the next morning then slept for about 2 and a half hours. I wake and my wife and I had flea bites all over us . So I go to the desk that morning and talk to the manager she gave me a card with a number to call. We were so up set and tired we went back home to get some rest. I called the number the next day the lady said we would be reimbursed and some one would call me in a few days.

After a week I called back and they kept transferring me around finely I get an answering machine and give my information they call me back the next day and the lady tells me they contacted the owner and he told them they offered me a discount which was not true. they also told me the owner had contacted me which he had not . I received a letter saying if he didn't contact me in 3 day get back with them well I called them 3 days ago and have not heard from them.
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Posted by Josh on 2013-09-24:
Those fleas are probably really bedbugs. Don't bring them home with you.
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Do Not Stay Here
Posted by Peteandlinda on 09/13/2013
KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA -- Do not stay at this hotel. My husband, my parents, and I booked a suite with a separate bedroom. We booked well in advance because we were attending a wedding and because Super 8 is Pet Friendly. (We have a Shih Tsu)

About a month before, I called to confirm the reservation and to book an extra night. At this point, everything was still okay. One week before the date, they called us to inform us there was damage in the room and that they would be renovating. This is beyond their control and we understand. However, we did expect that they would put us somewhere else in the hotel. Since there were no other suites, we would need two rooms. (My husband and my father are not willing to sleep in beds side by side--which was the reason for us booking the suite in the first place.) They said they would do so, but we would have to pay the full rates for both rooms. Basically, they gave us the attitude that if we didn't like it, we could go elsewhere. Very bad attitude.

Spoke with an accent so thick that I could barely understand him. Cut me off as I was speaking. Had some other person coaching him in the background--the manager--so I wasn't even speaking directly to the person in charge. And when I called the Super 8 "Head Office", I discovered that the hotels are franchised, so I don't know the level of accountability. I have been in hotels all over the world, and if there is a problem with the room--that I have paid in advance for--the hotel will accommodate me, as their guest, and not expect to make a further profit from me.

As a result of Super 8's inefficiency and rudeness, I have had to scramble to find a pet sitter, farm out my parents, and find another hotel in the area at the last minute. Way to go, Super 8. You have just lost a regular traveling customer.
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