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Do Not Stay Here
Posted by Peteandlinda on 09/13/2013
KAMLOOPS, BC, CANADA -- Do not stay at this hotel. My husband, my parents, and I booked a suite with a separate bedroom. We booked well in advance because we were attending a wedding and because Super 8 is Pet Friendly. (We have a Shih Tsu)

About a month before, I called to confirm the reservation and to book an extra night. At this point, everything was still okay. One week before the date, they called us to inform us there was damage in the room and that they would be renovating. This is beyond their control and we understand. However, we did expect that they would put us somewhere else in the hotel. Since there were no other suites, we would need two rooms. (My husband and my father are not willing to sleep in beds side by side--which was the reason for us booking the suite in the first place.) They said they would do so, but we would have to pay the full rates for both rooms. Basically, they gave us the attitude that if we didn't like it, we could go elsewhere. Very bad attitude.

Spoke with an accent so thick that I could barely understand him. Cut me off as I was speaking. Had some other person coaching him in the background--the manager--so I wasn't even speaking directly to the person in charge. And when I called the Super 8 "Head Office", I discovered that the hotels are franchised, so I don't know the level of accountability. I have been in hotels all over the world, and if there is a problem with the room--that I have paid in advance for--the hotel will accommodate me, as their guest, and not expect to make a further profit from me.

As a result of Super 8's inefficiency and rudeness, I have had to scramble to find a pet sitter, farm out my parents, and find another hotel in the area at the last minute. Way to go, Super 8. You have just lost a regular traveling customer.

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Bad Place to Work and Stay
Posted by Ray1968 on 07/27/2013
This place is run down people are rude
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I Can't Believe It Was That Bad
Posted by Danaxray on 02/02/2013
A non smoking room that about knocked me over with its smoking smell. Chair fabric had burned holes in it. Carpet was torn. Bathtub was in such poor repair it had holes they had tried to repair or something. I stayed 2 nights and second night there was no water pressure for the shower. I have stayed here before with no problems but this has been the worst stay anywhere ever.
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Posted by JAKFK on 2013-02-02:
This happens more times than not. A majority of the blame rests on the shoulders of the previous occupants who refused to adhere to the non-smoking policy in that particular room. The motel cannot be held accountable for those actions. However, the fault of the motel lies within the fact that they should not rent the room out until it is completely and satisfactorily ready for the next honest non-smoking occupant. Often times, this means a considerable amount of money in repairs and clean-up costs. As well as lost revenue during that down time.
Posted by wjk898 on 2013-02-05:
They probably dont have enough smoking rooms so ignore all the smoking activity in order to be able to rent out as many rooms as they can. If they make me take a non smoking room, I smoke anyway unless there is a threatening sign to the contrary in the lobby or room. More people smoke than you think. And to many people, pot doesn't count as "smoking" anyway. The pot odor is probably what you detected. Joints drop ashes too.
Posted by Newmoon on 2013-03-18:
I've stayed in hotels and motels that have sensitive smoke detectors that will go off if someone smokes in the room (or lights candles, pipes, etc). If they go off management kicks the people out with no refund. Seems like a good investment to make so people don't end up writing these types of reviews. Now when I book stays in hotels and motels I ask them up front if the room they're giving me has been used as a smoking room. Hopefully I don't end up staying in the same hotel with boorish occupants like wjk898.
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Worst Motel Ever Stayed At
Posted by Dcheevers on 10/21/2012
GROVE CITY, PENNSYLVANIA -- I booked this hotel online and will not do this again, or ever stay at a Super 8 again. When you stay there, they are not friendly, breakfast is terrible, the room is not that clean and the towels are not clean. We had people next door slamming doors all night. When we called the desk, they said they could not do anything about it. When we were leaving to come back to Canada,the desk clerk said she doesn't give proof of payment because I booked online. I have been going down there for awhile and never had any problems with any hotel I have stayed in. I will never stay at any Super 8 Motel wherever I go again. The coffee maker was so dirty you could not see through the glass.

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Posted by Hotel Guy on 2012-10-22:
At the hotel I work for we do not give reciepts to anyone who made their reservations online. This is because the online reservation company charges you one price, which you pay with your credit card, then pays us with a one time use credit card. Plus what you pay them is more than what they pay us. Example: You book a room with hotels.com at my hotel for $76.50 plus tax. Hotels.com pays us $52.30 plus tax, and they give us a one time use credit card number to pay for the room. All of the online booking sites specify in the contract we have with them that we are not to give the guest a receipt. You get your receipt from the website when you book the room, or they consider your receipt the line item on your credit card statement. i know that this doesn't sound right, but this is the way all of the online reservation sites work. I hope this helps you understand the billing aspect of online booking.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-22:
Hotel Guy, actually it does sound right that they wouldn't give the OP proof of payment. If she used a third-party booking site, she didn't pay the hotel, she paid the third party. The third party paid the hotel. The hotel can't give the OP proof of payment if she didn't pay them.
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Double booked us,then threatened to make us pay for THEIR mistake !
Posted by Dagr9392 on 10/02/2012
NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK -- They double booked us, then said that we would have to pay for the extra room, even though their clerk made the mistake! The manager said he would give us a "break" if we would accept a lesser room ( no jacuzzi) for the same price as the better room. Manager demanded a credit card, even though we paid cash up front. Spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with corporate, trying to resolve the problem. Got that taken care of. That night, the people upstairs had a loud argument. We asked the manager to please ask them to keep it down. No such luck ! They spent the next several nights running back and forth until 2 or 3 am. Management did nothing about it. Called corporate when we got home. They said that we "could've stayed somewhere else" Well thank you for the good advice! I think I will stay "somewhere else"! They ( David and Patty ) promised us a $100 refund for the shoddy service Here it is, October, and still no check? No one there seems to care very much about happy customers. Fortunately, other motels and hotels do. Make your own life easier, and avoid Super 8 at all costs. You'll be glad you did.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-03:
How much control does a motel manager have over what goes on inside a motel room? I don't know, but it is hard to dictate that people be considerate of others if that isn't part of their makeup. The people upstairs probably wouldn't give a moment's notice to how much noise they made, even after being told by the management to keep it down. Some people are just inconsiderate.

This can make a motel stay a true nightmare. How many nights were you there? When did you stay? If they agreed to give you a partial refund, they should have followed through. Did you call and ask why you haven't received it?
Posted by ticia232 on 2012-10-03:
Who did you make the reservation through? Even if it was the hotel then the clerk didn't make a mistake the call center that deals with reservations did.

Also the people in the room were more than likely told to about the noise complaint, but as I have heard from friends in the business, they can only kick people out if they here them and then after 3 warnings. (And I am also only guessing but I thinking that it wasn't the same guest the next night but one a guest who just allowed their kids to run wild.)
Posted by Hotel Worker on 2012-10-03:
"How much control does a motel manager have over what goes on inside a motel room?"

I have lots of control, if I get a noise report from a guest I go to the room casuing the noise problem and ask them to please be quiet and consider the other guests in the hotel. If I get a second complaint I go back to the noisy room and demand that they quiet down or they will be asked to leave. If there is a third complaint about the same room I call the local police and have the police tell the noisemakers to pack up and leave. The noisemakers do not get a refund, they get put on a "Do Not Rent" list that gets circulated around the other hotels in the area. My noisy guest issues have dropped dramatically since I came up with that plan.
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Reservation With Confirmation # Not Honored
Posted by Bgfreetly on 08/05/2012
HUMBLE, TEXAS -- We reserved a room approximately 2-3 weeks before our arrival date of 7/30/12, received a confirmation #, had the telephone number of the motel with us and when we arived they claimed not to have a reservation with our name but if we could give them a conf # that would be fine. My husband came out to our car to get the number from me and while he was gone the clerk started to help another customer.

When we both returned with the number the clerk was in the process of completing the other guests reservation with our credit card which had been left with the clerk by my husband when he came out to get the confirmation number. Needless to say my husband was very upset about this and took his credit card back quickly. The manager then came out (with a bit of an attitude) and requested the conf. number. We gave it to him and then he claimed that it was not one of their confirmation numbrs. He admitted that the telephone number was for his property but not the confirmaton number.

He was totally unwilling to work with us and said he had only one night available if we wanted it. This would not help as we were there for several nights to participate in the AAU summer Olympics. Our grandson was competing in 3 events. When we made the reservations over the phone we were told that the only room they had left for that time frame was a smoking room. Even though that would not be our preference we agreed to that tyoe of room.

We have never had a room with a confirmation number not honored and feel that they just did that because they knew they could get more money for the room because of the number of out of town people needing rooms for the youth AAU Olympics. Also, when we made these reservations we were required to leave a credit card number with them to GUARANTEE the room.

Now we have to worry about who has that number and where and when will they use it. To say the least, we are not happy with the Super 8 system.
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Posted by bhskittykatt on 2012-08-06:
Ah, now I see you changed the date.

This is why it's always good to call ahead a few days and double-check directly with the property. Even when I book direct with the hotel, I still double-check a day or two before my departure.
Posted by furnman on 2012-08-06:
I also try to get the confirmation number as well as the rate sent to me via e mail, this way I can print this out and have everything with me at time of check in in case there are any problems.
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Refused to Refund Cancelled Room
Posted by Bmbuescher on 07/24/2012
FRANKFORT, INDIANA -- On 6/13 we made a reservation through Priceline for a room for 2 nights (6/29-7/1) in Frankfort, IN. This room was refundable until noon on 6/28. I have a copy of the reeipt which confirms. Priceline charged our credit card $145.64.

On 6/25 we called to cancel reservation and were given a cancellation # and told needed to do nothing else.

Last week we noticed that our room had not been refunded, so we called hotel. At first we were told we needed to have cancelled in 7 days. Then when we had proof of cancellation policy, we were told he didn't understand, he couldn't do anything, ask Priceline. Each time we talked with same rude worker, who we think is manager. He is very difficult to understand and work with. He would not tell us his name. He kept asking why we cancelled. He was very uncooperative and unprofessional.

We called Priceline, who said they would refund our money, but needed to confirm with the Frankfort Super 8. We have had 3 different customer service workers from Priceline call this man. He evades them and says we called too late, etc. Then when the last Priceline worker called. The Super 8 worker said we never called to cancel. (We have a cancellation #!)

So Priceline dropped our cause.

We are trying to get someone higher up in Super 8/Wyndham to help us, but are having difficulty getting a response.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-24:
I see the problem most likely is with the motel in this case, but this is why I will never use a third party to get between me and a lodging establishment. If problems arise, it is a nightmare. Good luck.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-07-24:
the hotel needs to confirm the rooms were not used. The manager refuses to do so, which leaves the case hanging. Third party bookings are trouble
Posted by Hotel Worker on 2012-07-25:
This is a perfect example of why you should always make your hotel reservations directly with the hotel and not with a third party website. The third party will jerk you around, the hotel will jerk your around because of the third party and you end up confused and out the money.
Posted by burgessharvey1 on 2013-07-16:
did same thing to me on 07/15/2013 in wis dells wi pure garbage stay awawy from this hotel
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They pay this man for what?
Posted by Magraham1 on 06/19/2012
NOBLESVILLE, INDIANA -- My family stayed at the Super 8 Motel in Noblesville.
On the first day of our stay, the door handle broke and we could not get into our room. Somehow the staff were able to open the door, but asked that we stay in our room with the door open until the maintenance man came to repair it. After an hour I went to the front desk and asked if they had a time frame about his arrival. The desk clerk said that he still was not responding to her calls and that as soon as a new room was cleaned we would be moved. This was fine and they had a room within minutes. Next we found that the pool was not open because the pump had stopped working and again we were waiting for the maintenance man. He never showed up that day and we were leaving the next morning. The maintenance man did show up the morning we were leaving and it was a 5 min. repair. But by then it was too late to swim as we had to pack up and leave.
I was totally disappointed because I had a granddaughter that had her heart set on swimming while on our weekend stay.
My biggest complaint is: if this man is on call and doesn't respond why does he still have a job there!!!!!
If there was a reason for his not being able to come is one thing, but to completely ignore the calls is another. And I heard this from the desk clerk herself that he was ignoring his call.

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Posted by Comfortably_Numb on 2012-06-19:
i am sure he had a perfectly good reason and i would not bank too much on the nosey desk clerk making accusations like that.
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Dirty Conditions
Posted by Lwhively on 05/09/2012
11610 WEST DODGE, OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- We stayed at the Super 8 motel on 11610 West Dodge Road in Omaha, Ne. When we arrived they put us in 4 different rooms before we had one that had hot water. Very frustrating. When we came back to our room the next evening a broken light had not been fixed, the empty shampoo bottle still on the tub, dirty washcloth on the sink, floors had not been cleaned. The fire alarms went off, only to find that there was someone upstairs smoking pot and burning incense to kill the smell. They should have been asked to lease. When we went down the next morning for breakfast, the lounge was filthy. Spilled cereal all over the counter, waffle batter all over the counter, and the floor was filthy. We have always stayed at this motel because it is handy for the places we need to go, but not any more. We should have gotten our room for free after all we went through.
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Posted by CrystalSword on 2012-05-10:
Super 8 doesn't have a low enough rating for us!!! In my opinion it should be MINUS 5 stars!!
We stayed at one in Oregon and they actually charged us an additional non-refundable cleaning deposit for our service dogs!! The carpet in the room was so dirty, we refused to walk on it barefoot, I put a towel down on the floor, then our travel crate for the dogs on top of that, and we carried the dogs in and out so they could go potty....their feet were NOT going to touch that carpet either!

If it weren't for the fact that it had started raining, it was getting dark, and I was too tired to drive any further....I'd have found another motel for us. We didn't allow the dogs to touch anything in the room....I was afraid they'd catch something! (Plus its illegal to charge a deposit on a service dog! I tried telling them that and it fell on deaf ears!)
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-09-16:
We once 'ONCE' stayed in a Super 8 and the carpet was so dirty that I refused to take off my socks and I wore shower shoes in the shower. I also slept in my clothes on top of the bed, and not in it.
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The Room Was Very Dirty.
Posted by Dkhudgins on 04/22/2012
DIBERVILLE, MISSISSIPPI -- The bed sheets was not clean the room stunk very bad smelled like they tried to hide it with some kind of spray, that made it worst. we stayed about 4 hours and checked out, it was that bad. I told the lady at front desk. the room smeled very bad, and she said it still does. we will never stay at a motel 8 again. going to Mississippi we stayed at the Hampton inn very nice, stayed in Florida at the Holiday Inn and that was very nice.
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Posted by CrystalSword on 2012-04-22:
You couldn't pay me enough to stay at a Super 8!
Posted by the snozberries taste like snozberries on 2012-04-23:
if it stank that badly I'm surprised you stayed 4 minutes let alone 4 hours.

it's best to bring this to their attention right away.

otherwise they may think you used it for a power nap and just wanted to get out of paying the bill.
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