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Employee stole my Bank Card and went on a Gas Station spending spree
Posted by on
COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- 07/01/2010- He has been arrested!!!

The Taco Bell employee was arrested on 6/25/2010 I have to appear in court on the 8th of July and I am scared. It is open court and I fear that anyone could follow me home, this will be his second strike and I am sure he is pissed. After all it was all over a measly 75 bucks. Now I am trying to figure out if I have any grounds to bring a civil suit against Taco Bell, seeing that they employed him as a cashier with the kind of prior convictions he had. I am sure they do backgrounds checks and hiring him in that position seems to be neglegent to me. Vicarious liability??? Anyone have any suggestions?

On 6/13/2010 I picked up my daughter after taking my brother to the ER and finding out he had to be admitted to the hospital with a severe case of pneumonia. I asked my angel what she wanted for dinner as I was too tired to cook. She wanted Taco Bell so I proceeded to the Taco Bell on Harbor and Wilson in Costa Mesa, CA. I was using my blue-tooth headset giving my mother an update on my brothers condition which I suspect the cashier noticed and took advantage of my being a little distracted. I paid with my bank card, got my food, went home, and ate. About 30 minutes later I went down the block to my local convenience store and when I got to the counter to pay my card was nowhere to be found. I went out to my car and checked it thoroughly, no card. Went and searched my house-dumped my purse out, still, no card. I thought to myself it will show up tomorrow in some obvious spot. Went on-line to bank account Monday morning and there are 2 $1.00 holds from an automated fuel dispenser, if you don't know what that is, it is when you use credit at the gas pump, a few days later the charge will hit your account for the full amount and the dollar hold will drop. At this point one has hit my bank at $75.00 and we are still waiting for the other one to hit. My bank has been great and has already given me a provisional credit for the $75.00. I am also lucky to have good friends that transferred money to my account to keep my rent check from bouncing because if that happened I may have been up for an eviction. I am curious to see how much the next charge was. Now I can't say %100 it was the cashier but I made my purchase at 5:42 PM then at 6:10 PM the first fraudulent charged was placed 1 block away from Taco Bell and then at 6:20 PM the second fraudulent charge took place on the same street 3 blocks away. Coincidence? I think not. Will be off to make the Police report tomorrow morning and placed a formal complaint with Taco Bell Corporate today. If this guy has a history of theft they may be in for a lawsuit under "vicarious liability" in which the company is responsible for the actions of the employee while at work. I am pissed and every time I talk about it I start to cry, it really is true, you feel totally violated.
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jktshff1 on 06/17/2010:
Voting this very helpful.....very good example of needing to pay attention to what your are doing. Tough lesson learned.
Weedwhacked on 06/17/2010:
You'll need to check whether this Taco Bell employee was finished with his shift that quickly. If not, Taco Bell won't do anything with your complaint.
biomajor on 06/17/2010:
Check at the Gas stations and see if they video tape the pumps. They may only tell the police, but it's a start.
shayen on 06/17/2010:
It should be very easy for the police to verify when the TB employee left work. Its always possible the card was on your lap or in your pocket and fell out while at the gas station and someone picked it up there. Good luck.
DoubleJ on 06/18/2010:
I'm almost positive it was the employee. I hadn't been to a gas station since the Friday before and I was almost out of gas. I questioned myself on that too=) I am pretty systematic with certain things and always putting my cards back immediately is one of those things. I honestly don't remember getting it back when I think about it & whenever I go there they hand the card back with the receipt which I do have. Thanks for the comments everyone! I just hope the cops investigate matters like this when the $ amount isn't too high. I'm a single mom in orange county getting no public assistance, I do it all by myself so what may seem like a small amount to others is HUGE to me.
Anonymous on 06/18/2010:
Agree with the others, check when the worker left his shift. Before really pointing fingers though, it could have been a customer behind you that saw the card left laying on the counter, that perhaps the cashier slid back to you and laid there since you were distracted and didn't see them trying to hand you in return. Possibilities?
DoubleJ on 06/18/2010:
Drive-through, I've been calling the actual location on average 8-10 times a day since Monday and they never answer. I won't go in there in fear a may lose my cool or get emotional. My bank rep also advised me not to. It's just odd the closeness in timing of the events and the locality. Probably just hit up the closest places thinking I would cancel my card sooner than I actually did. I guess I'm lucky in that respect they could have done a lot more damage. I will keep my post updated
jktshff1 on 06/18/2010:
Also, this is another reason you should "opt out" of accepting overdraft charges on your debit card under the new law.
DoubleJ on 07/01/2010:
Well you try being a single parent in Orange County having one of the worst weeks in her life. The point I was trying to get across is that it couldn't have happened at a worse time. With the economy the way it is and hour cut backs at work I have all the right in the world to blame Taco Bell for being shorted the 75 dollars I was responsible enough to make sure it was there. It is also their fault for hiring a cashier with an extensive past in fraud and credit card theft.
YTD on 07/13/2010:
Yup it sucks, it isn't fair and it is no fun being a victim. Now it is time to add this event to your growing list of lifes learning experiences, trust in karma (that the world will balance the account and you needn't bother with it any longer) and move on. As you well known many more significant challenges await you and this was just a little training task.
jktshff1 on 07/13/2010:
Thanks for coming back and letting us know. Good Luck. VH
Capt Obvious on 07/14/2010:
Maybe if you hadn't have been so rude as to be on the phone when you're in the middle of a transaction at Taco Bell...
But why is this Taco Bell's problem? Everybody always looking to make a quick dollar sueing the big company for their own carelessness, and then b#tching when they can no longer afford to offer a dollar menu.
Southern Gentleman on 07/15/2010:
Sorry to hear that you had such trouble but frankly, it is extremely rude to talk on the phone while trying to conduct business with someone else, even a fast food cashier. I guess you have finally learned that lesson.
DoubleJ on 09/17/2010:
As far as the comments go about talking on the phone while orering food, maybe you didn't read the whole post. I had told my mother to hold on while conducting my transaction, whil silmultaniously trying to calm my 4 yearold in the back seat who was very hungry. I had just left the hospital to pick up my child after finally making the hard the choice to leave my brother at the hospital all alone, where he was admitted for a potentially life threatening illness. My mom who does not live near me decided to let my brother visit me without her coming along, so naturally she wanted updates on his condition ASAP. In life there are exceptions to every rule and compansionate individuals can see when those exceptions need to be made and don't criticize others.
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Diapered Child on TOP of Table
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Do not dine in. You can't tell which table had a diapered behind on it last. I watched, and took photos, of a young couple who let their toddler, dressed in diaper and dress, no shorts or plastic pants even to cover the diaper, sit on TOP of the table for the duration of their meal. Grossly unsanitary as well as dangerous for the child. None of the employees seemed to mind. Going to be a very long time before I ever go back, and if I do, it will be the drive through. I prefer dining in, and Taco Bell is now off my list.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 05/27/2012:
Maybe you could take along a package of sanitizing wipes. Believe me, a kid with a clean diaper sitting on the table is small potatoes.
madconsumer on 05/27/2012:
this is why one should never allow their food to touch the surface of the table.

some people have no manners or smart to allow their child on the table top. same as with people allowing cats to sit on the kitchen tops.
lexophiliac on 05/27/2012:
I keep my meals on the trays, which are none too sanitary I'm sure, with the wrappers between the food and tray. My food never sits directly on the table, and if it did, it would be on the wrappers.
Taco Tool on 05/27/2012:
Who puts their food directly on a table?
Taco Tool on 05/27/2012:
BTW - It's kind of creepy taking pics of children.
Anonymous on 05/27/2012:
Be thankful the child had a diaper on. I have read multiple tales of parents who will change their child's diaper on TOP of restaurant tables, to make a statement, if there isn't a changing table in the bathroom. As a mother of 2, I think its absolutely disgusting. Yes changing tables should be provided but in the event that there isn't one, you make do and voice your opinion to the appropriate person. But not at the expense of other people.
DebtorBasher on 05/27/2012:
Stores warn not to have children in the basket part of carts or staning in carts for their safety...restaurants should also have signs warning not to have children sit on tables, they should use highchairs or toddler seats...for the child's safety and other obvious reasons.
Alain on 05/27/2012:
I'm glad I don't eat at fast food joints anymore. Not much management can do (except immediately clean the table with disinfectant), unfortunately, as telling the parents (who obviously aren't very sanitary) would probably set them off.
lexophiliac on 05/27/2012:
@ Samanthasmom - As well as not being sanitary themselves, the majority of public changing tables have been found to have more than trace amounts of cocaine, meth, and other illegal drug substances on them. I have rarely seen a parent lay something down (such as a blanket or changing pad) over them before placing their child on one, and have never seen a parent wipe one down after using it.
GenuineNerd on 05/27/2012:
That woman is too lazy to take her baby into the ladies' room to change his/her diaper. Many public restrooms do have diaper-changing tables now; don't know offhand about that particular Taco Bell. Still, it is gross and disgusting to change a baby at a restaurant table, especially when other people are eating. The mother needs to learn to be more considerate to those around her.
DebtorBasher on 05/27/2012:
Nerd...this one wasn't changing the diaper, she had the kid sitting on the table with a diaper on...but still...it's wrong for so many reasons.
Anonymous on 05/27/2012:
Taco Bell's food is nastier than a diapered toddler on a table.
GenuineNerd on 05/27/2012:
I stand corrected, but still, diapers can leak.
Anonymous on 05/27/2012:
That is disgusting!
Judy on 05/27/2012:
That is so gross.
BigAl on 05/27/2012:
Management at Taco Bell should have gone to the table and informed the parents that due to the possibility of injury they should remove the child from the table.
Don't eat that!! on 05/28/2012:
Just think of what is on the chair back rail, the one you grab on when you pull the chair out to sit on.

If that child just had immunizations the waste (liquid and solid) in the diaper is a bio-hazard if the diaper was soiled.
trmn8r on 05/28/2012:
Taco Tool, this picture is from behind, AND it obscures the mother's face, so I don't see a problem with snapping it.

It actually harkens back to Norman Rockwell, if you crop off the extra tables in the foreground and people on the sides.
Starlord on 05/28/2012:
Crystal saw the ownere of a market once who had her baby, in a soiled diaper, sitting in the bin of bulk beans. El Yuckkko!
Justice74 on 05/29/2012:
Lexophiliac said it best by suggesting the food never directly touch the table. Whether my food is on the table or the serving tray, it always sits on a wrapper. That doesn't excuse the behavior of the child's parent though.
Anonymous on 05/29/2012:
Just think how unsanitary the food prep area must be if they allow this to go on in the dining section. mmmmm mmmmm good!
MRM on 05/29/2012:
This is an eye opener! Thanks for the tip! Those diapers may contain E. Coli, worms, flesh eating bacteria! Aye Caramba!
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Stick a fork in it...
Posted on
FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Well, now you actually can. And not just the spork of yesteryear. Spork? I never did like the sound of that word. Just creepy if you ask me. Anyway, as luck would have it, the Taco Bell location I visited for lunch today actually had regular forks! Knives too! I was delirious and dancing naked in my own little utensil utopia.

Perhaps they've had these awhile, but not since my last visit (not sure when that was exactly?). But it makes eating my Mexican pizza a whole lot easier than using the curvature of the spork. Yeah, I know...it takes a lot of gall to call anything from Taco Bell "Mexican" or a "pizza". But I was hungry and it temporarily satisfied me.

I would also like to point out that they made a mistake on my order. I asked for a cheesy gordita crunch, and when I opened it up at my table/booth, it didn't have any cheese, lettuce, etc...Therefore, I was presented with a couple of different options. 1.) I could throw a tantrum and start berating the employees for poor customer service and messing up my order. 2.) I could just ask for another one to replace mine.

I chose the latter. I simply walked up to the counter, explained my garnishment gaffe, and allowed them the opportunity to correct the situation. She politely took the incorrect one, discarded it in the trash, and promptly asked the line server to make a fresh one. Problem solved. Positive outcome. Great service!

As I always say, great customer service isn't about being mistake-free, everyone makes them. But instead, great customer service is what they do to correct the situation. Good job Taco Bell!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
I guess you haven't started your diet yet
andbran on 12/20/2011:
great review. you just proved that no one is perfect and don't have to be a you know what to get something corrected
lexophiliac on 12/20/2011:
It might not be over until the fat lady sings and the audience claps and cheers, but when the fat man dances the exits get jammed as the house quickly clears.
Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
littleshorty> No, not yet. The official weigh-in isn't until January-2nd. But even then, I don't want to consider it a "diet"...but rather a healthy lifestyle.

*giving Skye a high-5*
Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
Everything in moderation.

BTW, doesn't New Mexico offer other places for Mexican food (technically Taco Bell is neither "Mexican" nor "food")?
Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
littleshorty> None that serve the cheesy gordita crunch with that wicked ranch sauce.
DebtorBasher on 12/20/2011:
I have never had any use for 'sporks' and yes, it's a stupid word and Basher doesn't like stupid!
Old Timer on 12/20/2011:
Nice outcome, good review.

Some years ago on our way back from a water ski weekend at the Colorado River everyone wanted to hit the freeway stop Taco Hell. My Wife ordered some sort of a salad thing. When they broght it to the counter she asked for a fork, sorry were out. You have to go to Wendy's across the street and get a fork? I got a refund on her and my meal and we both went across the street to eat at Wendy's. (there was no In-N-Out in range) Everyone else had their Taco Hell.

They could have gone to a market and bought some forks, sporks or anything with what they lost having to refund our two meals. Taco Hell strikes again.
azspots on 12/20/2011:
Everything in moderation, including moderation ;)

Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
Taco Bell is one of those fast food joints that I can only tolerate every so often. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and such are different. I could eat those on a regular basis. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I used to work at Taco Bell as a teenager.

Interesting anecdote...is that this was the same store I used to work at nearly two decades ago. Glad to see the customer service is just as top-notch as when ol' Justice used to sling burritos there back in the day.
Anonymous on 12/20/2011:
Taco Bell is one of those ff joints that make me sick. The only thing I can tolerate on the menu is the 7 layer burrito. Everything else has a negative effect on my stomach
Alain on 12/21/2011:
An excellent review, J4A! Response to a problem that results in a resolution. May there be more of it.
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Not on the menu...
Posted on
I recently watched a new commercial advertisement for Taco Bell that I actually found distasteful. The male employee is standing next to the female employee who places a food product in their quick-heat oven. He makes a remark about the oven obviously trying to impress her, and she responds by stating that she already knew that. As she walks off, he says, "Keeping it professional...I like that".

I'm not sure why it struck me as poor taste, but it just seems like it's encouraging employee fraternization or even sexual harassment in the work place. Maybe I was just reading too much into it, but that's just my honest opinion.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
I think any establishment would be wise to stray away from such negative advertising. IMHO
FaFaFhooey on 06/06/2011:
I think I'll hit Taco Bell for lunch.
Anna Molly on 06/06/2011:
The only commercials that bother me are the ones for antidepressant medications. They make me depressed.

Alain on 06/06/2011:
I wonder if the Pharma companies have a pill for that too, Anna.
jktshff1 on 06/06/2011:
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
You have a tendency to read too much into things and overanalyze. Just my honest opinion.
MRM on 06/06/2011:
That's exactly how my co-worker is at work. She is an instigator. She wonders why I'm not talking that much at work when I'm being smart by not talking too much.
MRM on 06/06/2011:
I saw this commercial and its one of those commercial that doesn't stick to my mind so I just shrug this one off.
Churro on 06/06/2011:
Once again Madison Avenue portrays the man as a weak parasitic slacker stumbling through life as a smart strong woman makes the world go round. Is it any wonder so many men these days need pharmaceutical help performing man functions. Make no mistake about it this is not about selling tacos. This as well as all other man-hating commercials is all about selling boner pills. And that's just evil.

Thanks Dirm2011 for your wonder observations.
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
To put it another way, you dive too deep in shallow water.
Churro on 06/06/2011:
ript, Were you raised on fortune cookies or perhaps conceived in a fortune cookie plant or have a magic fortune cookie ball?

Just currious man cuz I've never known anybody to commit so many cookie fortunes to memory.
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
The best memory is that which forgets nothing but injuries Stu. And in my experience it sure seems like there's a disproportianate number of people walking around with poor memories.
Churro on 06/06/2011:
Meditation with an old enemy is advised.
MRM on 06/06/2011:
Oh, hell naw! We're just co-workers. I would not be friends with this co-worker.
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
It is not advisable to shoot dice with the devil, nor is it wise to deal from the bottom of the deck when playing poker with angels.
FlShopper on 06/06/2011:
I'm glad my old place of employment didn't discourage employee fraternization. My husband and I met at work and yesterday we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.
Churro on 06/06/2011:
It takes courage to admit fault.
trmn8r on 06/06/2011:
My guess would be that at a fast food joint, the staff would socialize as often as possible without encumbering their assigned duties. I'd be all over that.

The trick is to keep it real, which it sounds like this commercial portrays.
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
Are you off to see the Wizard then?
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
bargod on 06/06/2011:
Taco Bell officials suggest the popularity of it's "Zesty Chicken Border Bowl" can be traced to a company Food Fetish Survey which shows that not only do 93 percent of Taco Bell customers eat their meals in a bowl weekly, but 68 percent smoke out of one too.
Venice09 on 06/06/2011:
The Wizard can't help everyone. He can only help those who help themselves.
Anonymous on 06/06/2011:
...but not to other people's things.
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I want ( My Taco Bell ) back.
Posted by on
Hello Taco Bell,
I to have been eating your product as long as I can remember. I used to get full, or at least satisfied after a meal. I mean the basic meal combo, but that was some time ago. Taco Bell had the feeling of homemade in every bite. Now, if I really want that authentic Taco Bell taste, its a shame I have to buy your commercial seasoning packet and mix it myself. I buy some top 95/5 or 80/20 beef that is still more consistent after draining the fat then the mix you serve. I then scramble it down to the old Taco Bell measure, while simmering it in your seasonings of course. I then top it with your packets of sauces for that finished old-school Taco Bell taste. We the Consumers will be with you always, that is what your counting on, " right" . Then why subject the loyal to a mixture of whatever, that's more consistent to canned cat or dog food. With of course the special seasoning and fillers. You say "the deals you offer are more about what the public can get for the dollar." but how about " filling or feeling the public with our dollars." Your going to spend millions on campaigns and infomercials to become a magician, telling us our eyes and taste deceive us. Those of us that are old enough and die-hard Taco Bell-ions have always know. You cut the mix to swell your profits, just like dope dealers. Unfortunately the old-school, die-hard Taco Bell-ions have to suffer the Taco-Dope your passing on to the younger generation as The Original.

"You Feel me Taco Bell,"
" Feed Us Don't Deceive Us."
That's the Governments Job.
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User Replies:
karleebarlee on 02/28/2011:
lol lion.
Anonymous on 02/28/2011:
Wow I never known anyone to love Taco bell like you do my friend. You can have the one near me as for me maybe they will replace it with a Del Taco instead.
Anonymous on 02/28/2011:
Mmmm Del Taco. Taco Bell is a cheap laxative
Anonymous on 02/28/2011:
There's just so much in this review that is so funny...Mr. Gucci you are a great writer!

"Hey kid..what do you do for a living?"
"I sling 'taco-dope' down at the corner Taco Bell."
jktshff1 on 02/28/2011:
Great review, stick around, you're going to enjoy this place.
Ytropious on 02/28/2011:
LOVE Taco Bell. It's cheap and filling.
trmn8r on 02/28/2011:
I find that I never "want that authentic Taco Bell taste," so fortunately this doesn't apply. Good luck in your quest, however.
Skye on 02/28/2011:
I love your review and lion Mr. Gucci!
topher63076 on 02/28/2011:
the meat is real beef and that has been proven
localgod on 02/28/2011:
I prefer Del Taco...the quality taste is there with a much better selection...
azRider on 03/01/2011:
old time Taco Bell fan huh? OK do you remember the bell beefer? how about the original fire pit? that old bell out front.. ah the old Taco Bell..
Ytropious on 03/01/2011:
I've heard of Del Taco, but I live in a Del Taco-less area. Their menu has me intrigued.
Starlord on 03/01/2011:
Taco Bell is 1000% better than the Mexican raviolis they serve as tacos at Jack in the Box.
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Be careful about spending those old US bills
Posted by on
Now an update on my money.

I got a letter today from the Tucson Police department saying to pick up my $10.00 dollars, it turns out it was real money all along. I called Taco Bell, and the area manager Veronica was a JERK. They refuse to give me any freebies for the time I spent, waiting for the Police, and now I have to go clear across town to retrieve my money. So do yourself a favor instead of running for the border, run away from Taco Bell.

My story is below this story...

Be careful about spending those old $10 bills
By William Polley on March 9, 2005 1:04 PM | 1 Comment | No TrackBacks
From the Peoria Journal Star:

PEORIA - When Scott Stanard ordered his usual sausage, egg and cheese biscuit combo Monday morning, he got two policemen on the side.
Stanard said the staff at McDonald's, 3600 N. University St., called police after he handed over a $10 bill that they said was a fake.
"I kept wondering why they weren't giving me any change," said Stanard, who sat in the drive-through lane in his work van for several minutes before deciding to pull up and park.
"I knew I didn't do anything wrong - I got it from Family Video," he said, more upset from the embarrassment, and the fact that he didn't get his food.
Two officers arrived, talked to him and went in the restaurant to get the alleged funny money.
"(The police) said it was old - a 1950's series $10 bill - and the markers they use don't work on old money," Stanard said.
And the conclusion of the article:

In many instances, police will send suspected counterfeit money to the Secret Service for close scrutiny.
In Stanard's case, [Secret Service agent] Pingolt suspected the officers were able to tell the $10 bill was old and wouldn't stand up to the marker test. Hence, Stanard was not arrested, Pingolt said.
Stanard said police took the $10 bill, telling him he could pick it up later if it was real. If the bill turned out to be fake, it would be destroyed.
Despite still being peeved at the McDonald's management, Stanard was pleased Tuesday. He got his money back.
If the bill was in good condition and from the 1950's it might have had some collectable value. Of course now it probably has a big marker stain on it from those counterfeit detecting markers, making it worth...$10.

At least the police exercised some common sense and didn't haul the guy off in handcuffs as sometimes happens.

My story...

I had the same thing happen to me this week in Tucson Az., at the Taco Bell on Golf Links/Harrison. On Wed. May 4th, I was in the drive through, and I handed them a Ten Dollar bill which was dated 1969, and back then our US money did not have the security strips, or the watermarks on them. The casher held it up to the light to look for these features, she didn't see them, so she went back to the manager with the bill. He came back up to the drive through counter, and told me that the bill was no good, and was funny money. I tried to tell them about how money used to be. So they said they had to keep it and call the Police. I called 911 myself, and told the Police to come ASAP. They came, looked at my money, and said it looked real to them, but they had to take it, seeing Taco Bell complained. So now it is in the hands of the city of Tucson, waiting for the Secret Service approval of it being real money.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/06/2011:
Using really old money is very risky as you mentioned it does not have the water mark or the strip and most employees aren't trained to recognize bills without those security precautions.
Anonymous on 05/06/2011:
Anyone who handles money should be trained in the various types of bills they may encounter. It wasn't THAT long ago!
trmn8r on 05/06/2011:
Really old money??? I've got coins sitting here on my table from the 1800's.

I'll have you know I'm older than this bill, and no, we didn't have security features in 1969. But we didn't have them on $10 bills until the NINETEEN NINETIES. THE NINETEEN NINETIES. How old were these people, anyway, 15?

Good grief, I've heard everything now.
Anonymous on 05/06/2011:
Sorry TRM I was born in 86 so its old to me :(
jktshff1 on 05/06/2011:
My lawyer would make me (and him) a lot more than the 10 bucks if that sitrep happened to me.
ontario_girl on 05/06/2011:
We are trained, in customer service, to call the police if we suspect a bill is fake. When you have managers at McDonalds (or insert fast food restaurant name here) that are eighteen years of age, they may not know what an "old" bill looks like. I completely understand the frustration of having the police called but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Then again, I am able to recognize an old bill when I see one :)
leet60 on 05/06/2011:
I believe the OP's personal story. As for the first story, I question the truth as reported. The reason counterfeit money "changes" color when marked with a counterfeit pen is the pen has iodine based ink which reacts to the starch in the paper the money was printed on.

Actual U.S. currency contains no paper it is approximately 75% cotton and 25% linen and will not color change with the counterfeit pen. The U.S has been using fiber based paper for money since the late 1800's. I am almost certain a bill from the 1950's would not be made from wood based paper.
momsey on 05/06/2011:
jkt, you would sue if this situation happened to you?
Anonymous on 05/07/2011:
Take it as a sign from above, that whatever you were ordering and going to eat could have caused you to choke or given you food poisoning. Half empty glass vs. half full glass:)
Anonymous on 05/07/2011:
It sounds like the Taco Bell manager was just plain stupid, and the cops were just doing their jobs. What a huge waste of taxpayers money and your time to straighten this out. If they have had this issue before and have created no policy to deal with it, I can just imagine how the deal with safety issues regarding their food.
Ytropious on 05/07/2011:
I would take any old money you happen to have and exchange it at the bank, just to be safe.
trmn8r on 05/07/2011:
I'd like to point out that the budding Einsteins at the center of this compliant could pull a $1 bill out of the register, and compare it to this "suspicious" $10 to verify the techniques in use lo these many decades from a time long since past. Surely a Wendy's has $1 bills in the till.

If anyone wants to unload old "odd" looking bills, I'd take them no questions asked if the postage is prepaid. They say not to send bills through the mail, but if these are useless to the owner, I see no harm.
jktshff1 on 05/07/2011:
momsey, it would really depend upon the details.
SteveWiginowski on 05/07/2011:
SteveWiginowski on 05/07/2011:
I can understand them being concerned about being a fake. They don't recognize it, it's old, and the tests they have been informed to use aren't working. For them, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The High School I went to had someone counterfeit $5 bills and so the school had to check each piece of paper money to make sure it was real. The reason they used only a $5 bill to fake was because it was small and wasn't checked as much as a larger bill.

When you're not sure, it's better to be safe than to be sorry.
Anonymous on 05/07/2011:
The least they could do is offer you a free meal and an apolgy, while explaining that how they handled it is company policy. Employees can, and have, lost their jobs and/or had the till loss from accepting counterfeit currency come out of their pocket.
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Not What I Paid For
Posted by on
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- On 12/14/10 @ 9:23pm I decided to have an XXL Chalupa from Restaruant #17931 through the drive through. I have ordered this item from another Taco Bell in Commerce, CA and it is made just like the photo. At the above mentioned location I have ordered this item before it was poorly made even then. But on this night I ordered two XXL Chapula (the mistake couldn't be repeated-right? WRONG!) Drove home to open the nacho plate to find the filling befitting their small beef chalupa. This is the SECOND time I have ordered XXL Chalipa from this location. I was so disguested, I got re-dress & drove back to restuarant to request my money back. I can only assumme the woman was the manager, she took my original order and she said she was sorry. I know she must have see the chalupa because they were not in the box but on the plate used for nacho bellgrande, the lids is clear-so she should have seen how poorly made the chalupas were made. If I could upload the photos of the two XXL Chalupa from my iPhone so you would know exactly what I am talking about. I will not order food form that location again. I will switch to DEL Taco- at least they are consistent regardless of their location.
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User Replies:
Inat on 12/15/2010:
I love Taco Bell
Obsfucation on 12/15/2010:
me too
FlShopper on 12/15/2010:
I'm a fan of the beef burrito and the chicken quesadilla.
momsey on 12/15/2010:
Mmmmmm...Taco Bell.

OP, did you get your money back?
Anonymous on 12/15/2010:
I never heard of the XXL Chalupa might check it out.
Hit Girl 2 on 12/17/2010:
To momsey: Yes. It's not about the money. It's aboout getting what you pay for. This particular Taco Bell repeatedly skimps on the fillings.
Hit Girl 2 on 12/22/2010:
@ hotHead13 not a fan of wearing pjamas in public. Hence the statement: got re-dressed.
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Order, Pickup Line
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY -- At approx 9:07 pm there was a car ordering at the Taco Bell and I was the car next, behind it. At this time 15 minutes went by, the car was still giving his/her order to the attendant. Please note: There was no other cars waiting to be served.

So, I alerted the driver, by my horn and the Taco Bell attendant inside at the window taking their order instructed the car to come to the delivery window. So, I look at my clock it then, was 9:19 pm and still their order did not come out but, the order was approx $34.00 on the digital display for that customer. That customer was at the window approx another 10 minutes waiting for their order patiently.

So, I could not go around them, to leave or pull out of line, because the driveway was design to not get out of line. At approx 9:27 pm the customer left with order. When I got to window, I ask for manager and her reply was they don't control the customer orders in line. My reply since I was the only one in line you had me wait approx 25 mins, and I suggested big orders like that have customer pull in parking lot or come inside, but since I was, only one in line and your attendant kept checking to see if anyone was behind me you made me wait.. I told manager I will never come there again, and was going to make a complaint. Conclusion: I feel that the design of the delivery line for customers do not give you a choice to pull at of line, when you see the customer in front of you has a big order. The management should be aware of other customers in line, the waiting period a common courtesy toward other customers, but I guess since I was the only person in line at the wrong time, cause me this drama. I did not order anything, but wanted to leave, but could not go around customers in front of me. Management made me feel that I was wrong.

I hope my complaint will be helpful to others, but I was a loyal customer there approx 2 times a week and the shift knows I come there too.
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User Replies:
BigAl on 03/04/2013:
I feel for you. I have been behind that car far too many times. In my experience it is usually a SUV and once they get their order they spend another couple of minutes passing food around to the little munchkins before they pull away. As you mention Taco Bell is the worst because the way their drivethrus are designed there is no way to leave. You are stuck there for the duration.
Cwazychicken on 03/04/2013:
Taco Bell never asks me to pull over with big orders. I have been there myself where I've had to order a lot of food and it stinks for those behind. Have also had to wait for my food
Jeff on 03/04/2013:
I cannot STAND people who order a ton of food at the drive through. Its SO annoying. I wish these fast food places would start putting limits on what they can order at a drive through. It should be for express orders and people who only need a few things. If you want to make a big order, get our of your car and go in.....people's laziness ends up slowing everyone else down. My bank only allows one or two transactions in their drive through and has signs that say if you have multiple transactions to come inside. IT defeats the whole purpose of it.
bcd on 03/04/2013:
I agree that they should require customers with large orders to place their orders in the lobby. Taco Bell has a long time reputation of screwing up orders so it's likely that [in the future] the party in the offending vehicle will not place any additional large orders at the drive-through. Good review.
JAKFK on 03/05/2013:
While it may seem an inconvenience to you and I, the drive-through design is actually a marketing genius. It keeps paying customers from leaving before they would otherwise normally spend money.

In regards to limiting the drive-through customers to predetermined amount, I think that would be a disastrous marketing decision on Taco Bell's behalf. The whole concept of the drive-through is convenience. And if you are inconveniencing customers by having them go inside, then you will lose more customers than you would gain. JMHO

Good review though!
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Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I want to know why Taco Bell's commercial are in Spanish. We are in America which the primary language is English not Spanish. I am very offended as my ancestors where required to learn English and not use their native tongue why is this any different. I also think that if companies want to provide help on their phone lines in other languages then English speaking people should not have to press 1 for English the other language should be pushing the button.

I am tired that the English speaking people in our country have to put up with all these other languages when they should learn English in order to live here. I promise you if you go to another country they do not cater to us.
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User Replies:
Wally25 on 02/24/2013:
In Arizona the primary language is Spanish. no habla espnaol :(
clutzycook on 02/24/2013:
You live in California, OP. There are probably more people there who speak Spanish as a first language than English.
Churro on 02/24/2013:
"I promise you if you go to another country they do not cater to us. "

I traveled all over Germany and everywhere I went there was English. In fact at almost all the restaurants they have English menu's available. They do cater to us much.

This is a free market issue and the market will dictate what languages are accommodated and which ones aren't. If enough people raise a ruckus then the Spanish commercials will stop and if not they will continue. As for me I don't give a fiddler's fart either way because quite frankly I have no use for Taco Bell.
jktshff1 on 02/25/2013:
I agree with the poster.
DebtorBasher on 02/25/2013:
I agree with JKT!!!
Jeff on 02/25/2013:
I think some people need to stop worrying about stupid things like commercials. Its a commercial. Its Taco Bell, a place that serves Mexican food. So why shouldn't they have commercials in Spanish? Maybe we should also stop serving international food...since people seem to have such a problem with diversity in this country.
lexophiliac on 02/25/2013:
I agree with db, who agrees with jkt, who agrees with the OP.
Also - I have never seen a Mexican at a Taco Bell.
DebtorBasher on 02/25/2013:
Lexi...that's DB with a capital D and a capital B! And don't tell me it's Lexo with an O and not an I!!!
Wally25 on 02/25/2013:
My take is if your in a different country learn he language don't expect everyone to cater to your culture.

My family is Russian and we had to learn English There is no press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish 3 for Russian.

*gasp* oh the horror taking a ESL class
JAKFK on 02/26/2013:
Society is a finicky bunch to say the least. I have heard many a folks chastising Taco Bell for not being ethnic enough, and that their food is in no way close to that of traditional Mexican food (hard to argue that), but on the other hand we also ridicule them for making a vain attempt at trying to add a hint of ethnicity with commercials using Spanish.

"But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well
See you can't please everyone so you got to please yourself."

(and I will as soon as the cool ranch shell comes out in the very near future!)
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Wrong Order Twice After a 5 Minute Discussion
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LIVINGSTON, TEXAS -- May 19, 2012, it started around 9pm. I and my daughter ordered 2 grilled chicken Gorditas with extra Baja sauce on the side. I paid and went home. I got home opened my order and it was totally wrong. I ended up with 2 crunchy cheesy Gorditas, which sounds nothing like "I want two grilled chicken Gorditas with extra Baja sauce on the side". The breading was a regular tortilla and a taco shell inside and there was a little bit of lettuce and a lot of creamy stuff and I have no idea what the meat was.

So, I drove back 8 miles and told them the order was wrong, and explained what I ordered. I get two more of what they called Gorditas, this time it is a soft tortilla and lettuce, tomato and hamburger meat. I said no, this is not a Gordita! I explained that the chicken Gordita is a thicker bread and smaller with grilled chicken meat, lettuce and tomato and I wanted extra Baja on the side. They said no, that is the chicken Gordita....I said no. They said you want a Chalupa, I said no that is fried.

I explained to them AGAIN for the third time what I order all the time, and the cook said "I make them all the time"!. I said well give me my money back I have lost my appetite. So she gives me my money back and the two orders I don't want. And they both have hamburger on them and neither one has the Gordita breading. So, you might want to start training your staff on what they are preparing and selling!!! I told her the sign shows clearly what I was ordering. I usually would not drive back as gas is too high to do that. If the order would have at least had chicken on them I would have eaten it!! I don't eat beef! SO I wasted time and gas for your Livingston Texas Taco Bells mistakes!!! All within one hour!! I will never eat there again!!!

And a good while back a previous employee said that place is so nasty and you would not believe what they do to the food there! And how dirty it is in the food preparation area. She was not fired she left there on good terms and went to college, just so you know.
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 05/20/2012:
I would've taken that employees advice and not gone back there. Is there another taco place around your area that you can go to? Seems Taco Bell is a hit or miss for me. A LOT of times, during mostly mid day, they tend to skimp on toppings or give me the wrong order. But if I order when they open or around supper time 5ish, it tends to be good. Also I notice I have way more problems with fast food orders during the summer!
raven2010 on 05/20/2012:
According to the Taco Bell website, the Gordita doesn't come in chicken==only beef. One version has a crunchy and a soft shell and one has just soft.

maybe some franchises have a chicken version but not the one the OP visited??

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