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Employee stole my Bank Card and went on a Gas Station spending spree
By -

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- 07/01/2010- He has been arrested!!! The Taco Bell employee was arrested on 6/25/2010 I have to appear in court on the 8th of July and I am scared. It is open court and I fear that anyone could follow me home, this will be his second strike and I am sure he is pissed. After all it was all over a measly 75 bucks. Now I am trying to figure out if I have any grounds to bring a civil suit against Taco Bell, seeing that they employed him as a cashier with the kind of prior convictions he had. I am sure they do backgrounds checks and hiring him in that position seems to be negligent to me. Vicarious liability??? Anyone have any suggestions?

On 6/13/2010 I picked up my daughter after taking my brother to the ER and finding out he had to be admitted to the hospital with a severe case of pneumonia. I asked my angel what she wanted for dinner as I was too tired to cook. She wanted Taco Bell so I proceeded to the Taco Bell on Harbor and Wilson in Costa Mesa, CA. I was using my blue-tooth headset giving my mother an update on my brother's condition which I suspect the cashier noticed and took advantage of my being a little distracted. I paid with my bank card, got my food, went home, and ate.

About 30 minutes later I went down the block to my local convenience store and when I got to the counter to pay my card was nowhere to be found. I went out to my car and checked it thoroughly, no card. Went and searched my house-dumped my purse out, still, no card. I thought to myself it will show up tomorrow in some obvious spot. Went on-line to bank account Monday morning and there are 2 $1.00 holds from an automated fuel dispenser, if you don't know what that is, it is when you use credit at the gas pump, a few days later the charge will hit your account for the full amount and the dollar hold will drop.

At this point one has hit my bank at $75.00 and we are still waiting for the other one to hit. My bank has been great and has already given me a provisional credit for the $75.00. I am also lucky to have good friends that transferred money to my account to keep my rent check from bouncing because if that happened I may have been up for an eviction. I am curious to see how much the next charge was. Now I can't say %100 it was the cashier but I made my purchase at 5:42 PM then at 6:10 PM the first fraudulent charged was placed 1 block away from Taco Bell and then at 6:20 PM the second fraudulent charge took place on the same street 3 blocks away.

Coincidence? I think not. Will be off to make the Police report tomorrow morning and placed a formal complaint with Taco Bell Corporate today. If this guy has a history of theft they may be in for a lawsuit under "vicarious liability" in which the company is responsible for the actions of the employee while at work. I am pissed and every time I talk about it I start to cry, it really is true, you feel totally violated.

By -

ILLINOIS -- Recently I went to a Central Illinois Taco Bell. I went through drive thru and ordered only an order of nachos, a drink, and some Cinnamon Twists. I had my order planned out already when I pulled up to the speaker, and I waited for the order taker to say their little "Welcome to Taco Bell..." deal. Well that never happened. I sat there thinking that they must be busy. But after five minutes of just sitting there I finally honked my horn. I felt rude in doing so. I work in fast food myself and HATE when customers honk their horn at me. A very snippy girl came on and said, "I've been waiting for you to order for five minutes... are you FINALLY ready?"

My mouth was open in shock. I would get FIRED if I said that to someone in that tone. But I wasn't mean to her or rude, nor did I correct her and say that she hadn't informed me that I could have ordered yet. I just ordered my little order and she said, "Is that it? Just three things?". Yep. She told me my total and then I said, "Thank you" and she said, "Yup." I don't know why but the way she said "Yup" to my "Thank you" REALLY made me mad. I probably say thank you to customers at least three times minimum in a conversation. I pull up and there is a car in front of me. The guy must've had a HUGE order because he got (I counted) 10 bags of food handed to him.

So then I thought that may be that's why she was rude. She was busy with this guy's huge order, which on a side note is a very rude thing to do - coming through drive through and ordering a HUGE amount of food - if you have to pay more than $40 perhaps you should have taken your business inside. Anyway, after 10 minutes he got all his food and drove away. I got to the window gave the girl exact change, which she looked at and gave the loudest sigh, and waited 5 more minutes for my three things.

She finally came back to the window and pretty much threw my food and drink at me. I very politely asked her for some mild sauce to which she replied Why. I was dumbfounded by her level of rudeness. Seriously was she trying to get fired. I told her for my food and she grabbed sauce and shoved it in my hands.

Then I said thank you and she just went off on me - telling me how rude I was making her wait 5 minutes. How stupid I was to order three things, how dumb I was to want mild sauce for nachos. I sat there with my mouth open, just looking at her. I could see her coworkers laughing. I lost anybit of niceness I had left and told her to ** off and that I'd be speaking with her manager and corporate.

Well I went to Taco Bell the next day and asked to speak with a manager. I explained what happened to him, and he told me that there hadn't been a girl taking orders the night before. That no girl matching my description had been working. I asked for his superiors name and contact info and he REFUSED to give it to me. Needless to say, I'm pissed. I have corporate and told them but I'm not holding my breath on anything happening.

And for some clarifications, why did I sit there for five minutes instead of drive away. It was one of those stupid driveway like ones where you can't just drive off and there were cars behind me. I was NOT rude to her, as I said I work in fast food and it sucks when people are rude so I am always nice when I go to any fast food place. I was only rude in my telling her to ** off.

Not What I Paid For
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- On 12/14/10 @ 9:23pm I decided to have an XXL Chalupa from Restaurant #17931 through the drive through. I have ordered this item from another Taco Bell in Commerce, CA and it is made just like the photo. At the above mentioned location I have ordered this item before it was poorly made even then. But on this night I ordered two XXL Chalupas (the mistake couldn't be repeated-right? WRONG!) Drove home to open the nacho plate to find the filling befitting their small beef chalupa. This is the SECOND time I have ordered XXL Chalupa from this location.

I was so disgusted. I got re-dress & drove back to restaurant to request my money back. I can only assume the woman was the manager. She took my original order and she said she was sorry. I know she must have seen the chalupa because they were not in the box but on the plate used for nacho bell grande. The lids is clear so she should have seen how poorly made the chalupas were made. If I could upload the photos of the two XXL Chalupas from my iPhone so you would know exactly what I am talking about. I will not order food from that location again. I will switch to DEL Taco- at least they are consistent regardless of their location.

Diapered Child on TOP of Table
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Rating: 1/51

ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Do not dine in. You can't tell which table had a diapered behind on it last. I watched, and took photos, of a young couple who let their toddler dressed in diaper and dress, no shorts or plastic pants even to cover the diaper, sit on TOP of the table for the duration of their meal. Grossly unsanitary as well as dangerous for the child. None of the employees seemed to mind. Going to be a very long time before I ever go back, and if I do, it will be the drive through. I prefer dining in, and Taco Bell is now off my list.

Stick a fork in it...

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Well, now you actually can. And not just the spork of yesteryear. Spork? I never did like the sound of that word. Just creepy if you ask me. Anyway, as luck would have it, the Taco Bell location I visited for lunch today actually had regular forks! Knives too! I was delirious and dancing naked in my own little utensil utopia.

Perhaps they've had these awhile, but not since my last visit (not sure when that was exactly?). But it makes eating my Mexican pizza a whole lot easier than using the curvature of the spork. Yeah, I know... it takes a lot of gall to call anything from Taco Bell "Mexican" or a "pizza". But I was hungry and it temporarily satisfied me.

I would also like to point out that they made a mistake on my order. I asked for a cheesy gordita crunch, and when I opened it up at my table/booth, it didn't have any cheese, lettuce, etc... Therefore, I was presented with a couple of different options. I could throw a tantrum and start berating the employees for poor customer service and messing up my order. I could just ask for another one to replace mine.

I chose the latter. I simply walked up to the counter, explained my garnishment gaffe, and allowed them the opportunity to correct the situation. She politely took the incorrect one, discarded it in the trash, and promptly asked the line server to make a fresh one. Problem solved. Positive outcome. Great service! As I always say, great customer service isn't about being mistake-free, everyone makes them. But instead, great customer service is what they do to correct the situation. Good job Taco Bell!

I want (My Taco Bell) back.
By -

Hello Taco Bell. I too have been eating your product as long as I can remember. I used to get full or at least satisfied after a meal. I mean the basic meal combo, but that was some time ago. Taco Bell had the feeling of homemade in every bite. Now, if I really want that authentic Taco Bell taste, it's a shame I have to buy your commercial seasoning packet and mix it myself. I buy some top 95/5 or 80/20 beef that is still more consistent after draining the fat than the mix you serve. I then scramble it down to the old Taco Bell measure, while simmering it in your seasonings of course. I then top it with your packets of sauces for that finished old-school Taco Bell taste.

We the Consumers will be with you always. That is what you're counting on right? Then why subject the loyal to a mixture of whatever, that's more consistent to canned cat or dog food. With of course the special seasoning and fillers. You say "the deals you offer are more about what the public can get for the dollar." But how about “filling or feeling the public with our dollars”? You're going to spend millions on campaigns and infomercials to become a magician, telling us our eyes and taste deceive us.

Those of us that are old enough and die-hard Taco Bell-ions have always known. You cut the mix to swell your profits, just like dope dealers. Unfortunately the old-school, die-hard Taco Bell-ions have to suffer the Taco-Dope you're passing on to the younger generation as The Original. You feel me Taco Bell? Feed us don't deceive us. That's the Government's Job.

It's okay to be a square.

While I have never been a huge fan of Taco Bell, I must compliment them on their new chicken flatbread. I am not quite sure what type of sauce they are using, but it is simply delicious. It has a thick, rich hickory flavor to it that is astounding. These are adjectives not generally associated with fast food establishments. The best part is that they only cost $.99!

Customers being the rude ones.
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Hi to all that read this. I am a team member at a KFC/Taco Bell. Years ago I used to be an Assistant and have recently gone back due to a much needed 3rd income to the household. I have read a lot of customer complaints about how rude, slow, inaccurate....etc. employees and managers of fast food restaurants are. And I have to say the ones I have read warrant a complaint and am shocked by how some of the stores are run and how the employees treat customers with valid complaints.

But, since I do work front register and am as nice as can be to every customer there are the customers that they themselves are the rude ones and warrant a complaint about them. I'm talking about the customers who don't say Hi back, look at you, or even acknowledge your existence. The customers on the cell phones. The customers who spit their multiple item order with plus this and minus this with such speed that I have to ask for a sec to ring it up correctly to which I get a very annoyed look from them. The customers who make an ungodly mess where they eat or the ones who use the restroom and make it point to put fecal matter on walls, pee on floors, and yes leave used tampons on floors.

I would have to say for every 1 rude customer I have 10 nice ones. But those rude customers need to realize that the person behind the counter (Me) is a human being too and I am there to serve them. It's my job no ifs, ands, or buts. I guess I'm just upset at how mean/rude some people are. So self-centered that no one, me or the other customers behind them or who are dining with them matter.

Order, Pickup Line
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Rating: 1/51

WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY -- At approx 9:07 pm there was a car ordering at the Taco Bell and I was the car next, behind it. At this time 15 minutes went by, the car was still giving his/her order to the attendant. Please note: There was no other cars waiting to be served. So, I alerted the driver, by my horn and the Taco Bell attendant inside at the window taking their order instructed the car to come to the delivery window. So, I look at my clock it then, was 9:19 pm and still their order did not come out but, the order was approx $34.00 on the digital display for that customer. That customer was at the window approx another 10 minutes waiting for their order patiently.

So, I could not go around them, to leave or pull out of line, because the driveway was design to not get out of line. At approx 9:27 pm the customer left with order. When I got to window, I ask for manager and her reply was they don't control the customer orders in line. My reply since I was the only one in line you had me wait approx 25 mins, and I suggested big orders like that have customer pull in parking lot or come inside, but since I was, only one in line and your attendant kept checking to see if anyone was behind me you made me wait... I told manager I will never come there again, and was going to make a complaint.

Conclusion: I feel that the design of the delivery line for customers do not give you a choice to pull out of line when you see the customer in front of you has a big order. The management should be aware of other customers in line, the waiting period a common courtesy toward other customers, but I guess since I was the only person in line at the wrong time, caused me this drama. I did not order anything, but wanted to leave, but could not go around customers in front of me. Management made me feel that I was wrong. I hope my complaint will be helpful to others, but I was a loyal customer there approx 2 times a week and the shift knows I come there too.

Wrong Order Twice After a 5 Minute Discussion
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Rating: 1/51

LIVINGSTON, TEXAS -- May 19, 2012, it started around 9pm. I and my daughter ordered 2 grilled chicken Gorditas with extra Baja sauce on the side. I paid and went home. I got home opened my order and it was totally wrong. I ended up with 2 crunchy cheesy Gorditas, which sounds nothing like "I want two grilled chicken Gorditas with extra Baja sauce on the side". The breading was a regular tortilla and a taco shell inside and there was a little bit of lettuce and a lot of creamy stuff and I have no idea what the meat was.

So, I drove back 8 miles and told them the order was wrong, and explained what I ordered. I get two more of what they called Gorditas, this time it is a soft tortilla and lettuce, tomato and hamburger meat. I said, "no, this is not a Gordita!" I explained that the chicken Gordita is a thicker bread and smaller with grilled chicken meat, lettuce and tomato and I wanted extra Baja on the side. They said, "No, that is the chicken Gordita..." I said, "no." They said, "You want a Chalupa," I said, "No that is fried."

I explained to them AGAIN for the third time what I order all the time, and the cook said "I make them all the time!" I said, "Well, give me my money back I have lost my appetite." So she gives me my money back and the two orders I don't want. And they both have hamburger on them and neither one has the Gordita breading.

So, you might want to start training your staff on what they are preparing and selling!!! I told her the sign shows clearly what I was ordering. I usually would not drive back as gas is too high to do that. If the order would have at least had chicken on them I would have eaten it!! I don't eat beef! SO I wasted time and gas for your Livingston Texas Taco Bell's mistakes!!! All within one hour!! I will never eat there again!!!

And a good while back a previous employee said that place is so nasty and you would not believe what they do to the food there! And how dirty it is in the food preparation area. She was not fired. She left there on good terms and went to college, just so you know.

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