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Bring Back Triple Steak Stack!!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
EVERYWHERE -- Please bring back the Triple Steak Stack. I really never ate at Taco Bell, until the triple steak stack came around. It was the best thing I have ever eaten at any Taco Bell. I literally went about 3 to 4 times a week and when it was only for a limited time, that was a drag! And when Taco Bell stop carrying it I have NEVER been there since.

I know I am not the only one that feels this way. And if they want to compete with here competitors they need to bring it back. Taco bell has lost my business and I don't plan on ever going out to eat at a Taco Bell again. Rarely eaten there before the Triple Steak Stack and don't plan on eating there after.
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Anonymous on 04/29/2012:
I tried it, it was nothing special.
raven2010 on 04/29/2012:
A guy at work whines at least once a week about missing this item. We have a Taco Hell directly across the street from our office and people walk over there a lot.

Persoanlly, I cannot stomach the stuff but lots of folks seem to love it.
clutzycook on 04/29/2012:
Some people have no taste, Raven. Myself included, lol :)
raven2010 on 04/29/2012:
Anonymous on 04/29/2012:
Those Doritos Tacos are pretty good.
GenuineNerd on 04/29/2012:
While I like Taco Smell once in a while, Taco Smell doesn't like me, as far as my system goes. They are the perfect answer to relieving any gas shortage.
Cwazychicken on 04/30/2012:
I want the chicken flat breads back lol
Anonymous on 04/30/2012:
Those 99 cent flat breads were good.
twink on 05/16/2012:
as an employee I can say honestly if we kept every promotional item that ever existed, their wouldn't be room to accommodate all the wraps and ingredients. Training people with a menu that large would be a nightmare as well. If the item was a success, it will come back in time. Beefy crunch did...the flatbreads too. Sadly my favorite one didn't, but the key ingredient did in a different promotional item. (my favorite was the fajita grilled stuft burrito. They had a promotion where they used the fajita veggies so I was able to get a very similar item, only lacking the sauce of my favorite) So keep your eyes on Taco bell, maybe it will return, and if not, maybe the braised steak they used for it will. I admit, the special steak they brought in for that promotion was better than their regular steak....no doubt. Id be happy to switch to that anyday.
burydahatchet on 08/13/2012:
I feel the same.. I would eat at Taco bell every once in a while.. but when the triple steak stack came around I ate there a couple times a day.. I loved it.. now I really never go there.. I really wish they would bring it back and keep it there.
sml99 on 03/26/2013:
please bring back the triple steak stack!!!
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It's okay to be a square.
Posted on
While I have never been a huge fan of Taco Bell, I must compliment them on their new chicken flatbread. I am not quite sure what type of sauce they are using, but it is simply delicious. It has a thick, rich hickory flavor to it that is astounding. These are adjectives not generally associated with fast food establishments. The best part is that they only cost $.99!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/22/2010:
The only complaint about the new product is that the edges of the square are not sealed. This allows sauce to drip out if you are not careful!
Anonymous on 10/22/2010:
I am ready for something square, it would be a nice change.
momsey on 10/22/2010:
Thanks for the review, I keep seeing these advertised and I keep wondering if I should try one. I am a big Taco Bell fan!
Ytropious on 10/22/2010:
I like the flatbreads too, but it's exactly the same stuff that goes into the quesadillas except in a small flat bread. The sauce is a jalapeno type thing. I don't like jalapenos but the sauce is good.
Anonymous on 10/22/2010:
I think this is one of the few items that I like on the menu. And it's only a buck
Nickole on 10/22/2010:
Chipotle sauce, not jalapeno! :) I work there.
FlShopper on 10/23/2010:
Ytropious, I was reading the review and wondering if it wasn't the quesadilla (which I do like) in a flatbread instead of a tortilla.
I just may have to try one...
Ytropious on 10/23/2010:
Ah thanks nickole, Chipotle, not jalapeno. I knew it was some sort of spicy pepper sauce.
Elola on 10/23/2010:
The secret's in the sauce... :-P
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Customers being the rude ones.
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Hi to all that read this,
I am a team member at a KFC/Taco Bell. Years ago I used to be an Assistant and have recently went back due to a much needed 3rd income to the household.

I have read a lot of customer complaints about how rude, slow, inaccurate....etc...employees and managers of fast food restaurants are. And I have to say the ones I have read warrant a complaint and am shocked by how some of the stores are run and how the employees treat customers with valid complaints.

But, since I do work front register and am as nice as can be to every customer there are the customers that they themselves are the rude ones and warrant a complaint about them.

I'm talking about the customers who don't say Hi back, look at you or even acknowledge your existence. The customers on the cell phones. The customers who spit their multiple item order with plus this and minus this with such speed that I have to ask for a sec to ring it up correctly to which I get a very annoyed look from them. The customers who make a ungodly mess where they eat or the ones who use the restroom and make it point to put fecal matter on walls, pee on floors and yes leave used tampons on floors.

I would have to say for every 1 rude customer I have 10 nice ones. But those Rude customers need to relize that the person behind the counter (Me) is a human being too and I am their to serve them. It's my job no if's ands or butts. I guess I'm just upset at how mean/rude some people are. So self-centered that no one, me or the other customers behind them or who are dining with them matter.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Kitty, you make very valid points. The key whether we are a customer or an employee is for everyone to treat others as we want to be treated ourselves. It would make our experiences better in both personal and business situations.
Kittyclaw on 10/17/2009:
Keep in mind I am not talking in any way about the customer who have valid complaints and who have horrible experiences to which they reacted unpleasent to.
Kittyclaw on 10/17/2009:
Thank you Pro :)
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Kitty, you are correct. WHY would a person put poo on the wall or floor? Why would a person put bloody tampons on the floor or slap a used pad on the wall?

They are TRASH that's why. I think anyone caught doing that should be arrested not only for vandalism but for attempted murder since no one knows what is in their bodily fluids.

You got to be some kind of nasty human being to do that king of spit.
Kittyclaw on 10/17/2009:
Yep you got because they are nasty and probably think how funny it's going to be when an employee has to clean it up.

Oh and trust me if I was able to catch them something would be done....Maybe I can request to be a bathroom attendant? :)
DebtorBasher on 10/17/2009:
Good post, Kitty!
Kittyclaw on 10/17/2009:
Thanks you guys I half expected response like "Get a new job" or "Deal with it, it what's your getting paid for"

It's nice to know that there are really nice people out there.
DebtorBasher on 10/17/2009:
Don't worry Kitty, those people should be along soon ;)
Kittyclaw on 10/17/2009:
Lol, good to know
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Some folks don't seem to realize we are ALL customers at one point or another. There is no excuse to act the fool in public if it is not something you would do in your own home in front of your mother.

Karma is a very patient woman. Just sayin.
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Excellent review! I often respond back to the cashier based on how they come across first. If they are pleasant and seem to like being there I make it a point to say something to help cheer their day. "You're really doing a good job" etc... If they come across as jerks and seem to hate their job and everyone they ring up I just ignore them and give them my order and leave.

They get what they give in my case.
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Kitty there will be some that come here and say it is your job so deal with it if for no other reason than to get a reaction. There are also members who offer constructive and helpful information which adds value. If we move past the negative comments we will all have a pleasant experience on My3Cents. It is a useful site.
Nohandle on 10/17/2009:
Super, many times I will just look those in the face and tell them to have a nice day as well. It hacks them beyond word and obviously that's my reason for doing it. Kitty, pigs leave messes in the restrooms. I've always tried to tell others who complained about the shape restrooms are in to look around at their fellow consumers. I'm not speaking of a nasty place. Anyone can look around and tell if a restroom has been cleaned on a regular basis. I've observed women tossing paper towels on the floor when there was a wastepaper container right there in front of them. Who knows what they left on the bathroom floor.

Poor service, a surly attitude, bad food and a nasty bathroom certainly warrant a complaint. Some folks just enjoy complaining for the sake of complaining. If there's not a valid complaint they will find something to complain about or just be plain rude. You never once criticized your place of employment, just some of the customers. Many need a kick in the backside or just referred to the competition. Let someone else deal with it until that customer has run out of options.
Principissa on 10/17/2009:
As a customer, being behind the person who is on their cell phone is equally annoying. I can't begin to tell you how one ignorant idiot on a cell phone has held up the line because they weren't paying attention to what the employee was telling them.

Anytime I'm out I make it a point to be friendly to the person who is checking me out or even helping me find something I'm looking for. It's just common decency and good manners.

As for the folks who make that type of mess in your facilities, they are pigs plain and simple. I shudder to think what their homes look like.
bcd on 10/17/2009:
Some people are just naturally rude and inconsiderate. Good review.
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Anytime I am in the checkout and someone is yapping on their phone in the line in front of me, I make it a point to say something about how rude people are to talk on the phone instead of completing their business. I also say the rude customer would complain if the cashier were the one on the phone.

The yapper usually will hang up and apologize to the cashier. One time I have had someone tell me to MMOB. I simply stated at least MY mama raised ME with manners.
jktshff1 on 10/17/2009:
good post kitty & welcome. (VH)
MRM on 10/17/2009:
I'm trying to figure what MMOB stands for:
Ytropious on 10/17/2009:
I was at a Subway today that had a little sign on the glass when you order to refrain from talking on your cell when ordering. I think ALL workplaces need a similar rule! And to the OP, I hear you 100% and agree. Retail brings out the pig in the people who've never had to work a retail/fast food job. We're all HUMANS regardless of how much we earn or what we do for a living.
old fart on 10/17/2009:
MRM..."Mind my own business"...
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Great post. I think you should be allowed to REFUSE service to someone on a cell phone because it's ignorant and rude to be on one when dealing with another human being. You sound like someone who can really do her job and well and is not appreciated for the effort. I DO appreciate it. I meet rude customer service people, but for every one, there are ten more who are nice, like you.
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
MRM, old fart explained it. Mind my own business. :)
PepperElf on 10/17/2009:
lady - then again if they didn't want their business public they wouldn't be yapping away on a cell in public.

and I've been to a couple of places that actually have a "no cell phone" policy for the customers. I don't know if it's enforced but I saw the sign
Anonymous on 10/17/2009:
Used to work for a pawn shop til it closed. Our policy was you get ignored if you are on a cell phone.
Anonymous on 10/18/2009:
Oh, and Princi, no pig I ever met would purposely leave fecal matter or pee on a wall for someone else to clean up. They are more intelligent and have better manners than some humans. :)
prkr on 10/21/2009:
I have worked with the puplic for well most of my working years and whenever someone is hatefull and nasty my motto is Kill em with Kindness. Nothing brightens my day more than keeping a big smile on my face and watching hatefull people get madder and madder cause they cannot get to you, Its great
Schez on 10/22/2009:
This is why "fire the customer" should become a part of retail/fast food training. Anyone who has ever worked in either industry has heard that old saw, "The customer is always right" which is usually followed by, "My business pays your bills."

Logically, if you follow that premise to its conclusion, the customer paying you to work there is your boss, therefore an employee of the company. What do you do with crappy employees? Fire 'em.

If you consider every business transaction to be employee-to-employee interaction, then people tend to operate on more civil terms. Aka: the golden rule.

Anyway... I understand where you're coming from. For what it's worth, I make it a point to treat fast food workers (especially cashiers!) with respect. Dealing with that ten percent of humanity that just climbed out of the primordial ooze every day would wear anybody down. You deserve respect just as much as the next joe.

Life would be so much easier if corporations gave the little people the right to "fire" customers. There'd have to be limits, obviously, otherwise anyone having a bad day would be pushing people out the door right and left. But still...

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Posted by on
ILLINOIS -- Recently I went to a Central Illinois Taco Bell, I went through drive through and ordered only an order of nachos, a drink, and some Cinnamon Twists. I had my order planned out already when I pulled up to the speaker, and I waited for the ordertaker to say their little "Welcome to Taco Bell...." deal. Well that never happened. I sat there thinking that they must be busy. But after five minutes of just sitting there I finally honked my horn. I felt rude in doing so, I work in fast food myself and HATE when customers honk their horn at me. A very snippy girl came on and said 'I've been waiting for you to order for five minutes...are you FINALLY ready?' My mouth was open in shock, I would get FIRED if I said that to someone in that tone. But I wasn't mean to her or rude, nor did I correct her and say that she hadn't informed me that I could have ordered yet, I just ordered my little order and she said "Is that it? Just three things?". Yepppp. She told me my total and then I said thank you and she said Yup. I don't know why but the way she said Yup to my Thank you REALLY made me mad. I probably say thank you to customers at least three times minimum in a conversation. I pull up and there is a car in front of me. The guy must've had a HUGE order because he got (I counted) 10 bags of food handed to him.

So then I thought that may be that's why she was rude, she was busy with this guy's huge order, which on a side note is a very rude thing to do - coming through drive through and ordering a HUGE amount of food - if you have to pay more than $40 perhaps you should have taken your business inside. Anyway, after 10 minutes he got all his food and drove away. I got to the window gave the girl exact change, which she looked at and gave the loudest sigh, and waited 5 more minutes for my three things.

She finally came back to the window and pretty much threw my food and drink at me. I very politely asked her for some mild sauce to which she replied Why. I was dumbfounded by her level of rudeness, seriously was she trying to get fired. I told her for my food and she grabbed sauce and shoved it in my hands. Then I said thank you and she just went off on me - telling me how rude I was making her wait 5 minutes, how stupid I was to order three things, how dumb I was to want mild sauce for nachos. I sat there with my mouth open, just looking at her. I could see her coworkers laughing. I lost anybit of niceness I had left and told her to f*** off and that I'd be speaking with her manager and corporate.

Well I went in to Taco Bell the next day and asked to speak with a manager. I explained what happened to him, and he told me that there hadn't been a girl taking orders the night before. That no girl matching my description had been working. I asked for his superiors name and contact info and he REFUSED to give it to me. Needless to say, I'm pissed. I have corporate and told them but I'm not holding my breath on anything happening.

And for some clearifications, why did I sit there for five minutes instead of drive away, it was one of those stupid driveway likee ones where you can't just drive off and there were cars behind me. I was NOT rude to her, as I said I work in fast food and it sucks when people are rude so I am always nice when I go to any fast food place, I was only rude in my telling her to eff off.
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User Replies:
MyDogsMom on 08/03/2008:
I can't say the story is a lie but it does sound very unbelievable to me.

If I was the recipient of this meeting, I certainly wouldn't have driven off to complain later. I would have PARKED my car right at that drive through window and marched right in to speak to a manager. Then there is no denial of "no employee like that here". They could check their security tape to see you waiting for 5 minutes before being helped.

Sorry...it's your word against hers and it just doesn't smell right to me.

Ponie on 08/03/2008:
MDM, I think you're on to something. Sounds as though the poster was fired from this location or his/her Mommie doesn't know her computer is being used by a pre-teen.
Anonymous on 08/03/2008:
If this really happened why don't they check the surveillance to see who was working that night?
Anonymous on 08/04/2008:
First of all I don't doubt this account at all because I've witnessed worse myself. The level of service and 'care' at some fast food places is appalling. If it was me I would let it go then make it a point to frequent locally owned and operated establishments where they 'care' about your business and treat you like they want you to come back.

Very well written review. Thanks for sharing!
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Wrong order AGAIN & non-existent customer service
Posted by on
WEST CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I started going to the Taco Bell in West Chicago, IL about two years ago. In fact,I used to frequent Taco Bell two to three times per week and after tonight's visit I have decided to NEVER GO BACK! (I have received countless wrong orders and experienced many lazy employees at this location). After numerous past experiences of excessive waiting times and noticing the obvious attempt to solely tend to the drive through, I learned very quickly to only order via the drive through. I ordered at the drive through intercom, in which the order taker displayed the correct order on the ordering screen. When I approached the window I noticed a bag already sitting on the ledge of the open pickup window. This immediately alarmed me because it was 14 degrees outside and my order was exposed to the cold.

As I unfortunately expected, the employee at the window handed me the infamous bag and mumbled the total to me. I paid for my food and pulled ahead to check my order. I opened the bag only to find my food crammed in a bag that was way too small. The first item I picked up was supposed to be a spicy chicken burrito. Instead was some other burrito made with a stale tortilla. This tortilla was so stale that it cracked apart in my hand. Next, was supposed to be a simple bean burrito. I got some kind of bean & rice burrito with a lot of cheese sauce. (Not to mention they were both ice cold). I parked my vehicle and went inside the store to get the order corrected. When I went inside, I had to wait behind another customer in line who had also received the wrong food and was getting his order corrected.

While I was waiting, an employee approached me stating, "How can I help you?" I explained the situation and requested a new order. The employee replied, "I don't work the drive through." I explained that I was not currently in the drive through but standing in the lobby. For the second time, I requested a new order. The employee walked away and began chatting with another employee who was sitting at one of the lobby tables on a break. It was obvious that this employee was not going to help me. I was being ignored. Centering my attention on the eight employees tending to the drive through and with a loud voice I requested the store manager. My request attracted the attention of every employee in the store and I was immediately addressed by a woman claiming to be the manager. The woman insisted that she was informed of my incorrect order, but she was busy. By this time I was frustrated and I just wanted my money back.

I requested my refund and explained that I was not given a receipt with my original order. After some persuasion the manager opened the cash register and gave me my money back. The entire incident wasted about 25 minutes of my time. There was no smile with the service, not to mention an apology. I will tell everyone I know about the poor service at this location and tonight was my last time ever spending money at Taco Bell.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/17/2008:
Anytime you visit Taco Bell, you could be enchilada trouble.
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
LOL, sheriff!
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
It does not matter what you order at Taco Bell, it's all the same junk in different wrappers.
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
I really like Taco Bell, but they do mess up the orders more frequently than other places. I always check my orders before I leave, and like the poster, get frustrated because it takes extra time to get resolved. Fortunately, I get better customer service than this poster here at my Taco Bell in Warren, MI. They actually work pretty hard to correct any mistakes - which is probably why I keep coming back. At least they make everything to order, so I get my food tomato-free.
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
Cherpep, you have any Del Taco's? I'm not a big fast food fan but I think the Del Taco stuff tastes better.
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
Actually, a Del Taco recently opened across the street from my Taco Bell. I haven't tried them yet, but was thinking about doing it soon. What item do you like best?
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
I like the Spicy Chicken Burrito myself. If you want to mix burgers and Mexican you can at Del Taco as they sell both. The Fat Chicken Soft Taco's are not bad either or the Carbon ones. I'm not crazy about the beef stuff but the chicken items are not to bad.
Ponie on 01/18/2008:
I think 'fast food' should be monogrammed on my towels--but--two to three times at the same place? Please, spare me. And especially Taco Bell--I'd be speaking Spanish by now. 'Ice cold?' Yeah, I know it gets cold in the windy city, but I think this is quite a bit of wind too.
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
Mexican food gives me the "winds".
Principissa on 01/18/2008:
LOL super. I used to like those cinnamon twists. I had them there twice. The chicken soft tacos were good too. Then I learned how to make my own chicken tacos and mine are better. (nanananana)
caa on 01/18/2008:
Qdoba cost a little more than Taco Bell, but the food is much tastier.
caa on 01/18/2008:
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
A Qdoba just opened by my house, tried it a couple of weeks ago - LOVED their chicken quesadilla! If only they had a drive-through.
dimplepie on 01/18/2008:
boy oh boy oh boy oh BOY!!! That is soooooooper pooooor service! Whenever I diet, I only stick to McDonald's 5 times a week...but when I get a hinkering and my belly swells to that sweet taste of the border smell at Taco Bell, I indulge on weekends. I usually order 15-20 soft taco supremes per visit (I know, a bit skimpy, but I have to watch the fat intake when I diet), and I slouch on the couch while slopping down the low fat food, while watching a lil bit of Springer. Feels good to sit around with my belly full, pop the top button of my jeans to let my belly breathe, or I'll simply just sit around in a moo-moo! And when that food gets shorted, or I feel my sawurrrvis just isn't good and it's soooooper poor, I'll dial that 1-800 number at Taco Bell and always get something for free! For the money these employees make at Taco Bell, they should be MOTIVATED in doing their daily donkey job!!!
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
If I were to ever go to a Taco Bell I have been told to just order it by the pound. Since it all tastes the same, just order 1 pound of anything.
Anonymous on 01/18/2008:
I wouldn't go there again.
jktshff1 on 01/22/2008:
Annie: you've already had one comment removed from another post. give up
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Bring Back the Enchorita and Make It Bigger
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
As a life long consumer of 43 yrs of Taco Bell, and a father of two wonderful girls, we love it!! But, I think you have done a bad thing. I love the enchorita and have eaten it all my life even as a kid. Years ago, Taco Bell used to put black olives on it. That shows I'm telling the truth. Which you've stopped doing. And for a long time it was hidden from the menu like you didn't want to sell it.

Now, you did an injustice of omitting it from menu and added the stuffed burrito in its place. Which sucks in my book!!!!!! Is the company going out of business ? Even the kid meals with toys are omitted. My family and two daughters have never been a McDonald fan! So we always go to Taco Bell ! So I beg you to put enchoritos back on menu please.
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User Replies:
Cwazychicken on 01/05/2014:
I agree, I alway called it the enchorito. But I agree, they were dang yummy. I hate the stuffed burrito.
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Unprofessional / Bad Service
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- This was one of the worst fast food chains ever run in Oak Creek Wisconsin. 5 cars including myself waited in the drive through line for 15 minutes before someone answered. The car that was first in line actually beeped her horn numerous times to get them to answer. When I finally was able to get my food from the window, a punky mouthed teenager handed me my tacos, and slammed the window door saying good night. When I opened my bag, all the tacos were not wrapped and all the fillings from the tacos were in the bag. I called to talk to their manager and they had me in hold for 30 minutes until I finally hung up. I went into the establishment and they told me there was no manager on staff today and won't be able to replace the food without a managers okay. You people suck at the Oak Creek Taco Bell. You should be ashamed how you interact with people. Don't go there, go to a better run establishment. I won't be visiting any Taco Bell soon.
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It Is Sad for This Taco Bell to Charge Customers for Water
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORWALK, CALIFORNIA -- On November 21-2013 I visited the Taco Bell 11005 Imperial Highway Norwalk CA, with my family my son is obsessed with Taco Bell but when they charged us for a cup of water we were all disappointed. I feel that this is unfair. I also contacted Consumer Affairs to place a complaint regarding this situation and they stated to write a complaint to you guys because theirs a law that water should be free to customers.

Also I visited a different Taco Bells in the area. I've asked for water and they didn't charge me. So I asked them is water free here and they stated yes we never charge for water. Every restaurant has to give water free when you are a customer. My Ticket #s are 293 and 292 - Taco-Bell #028525.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 11/25/2013:
This is becoming more and more common, the main reason for this is because some customers were taking advantage of establishments who would take the free cup and get soda (not pop, but soda). So more places started charging for drinks by the cup. You pay X amount for the cup and you get whatever kind of beverage you want.

I'm curious as to why you feel it's unfair for a business to charge for a good or/and or service they provide.
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Slow Service and Poor Quality
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
GRAY, TENNESSEE -- On November the 3rd and 10th 2013 we waited both times over thirty five minutes for our food, we were dining in. Both times there were extremely long lines in the drive through also. These two days were both on Sundays. One man who was behind me and had been waiting a lesser time asked the cashier for a refund because he had to catch a plane she refused his refund and pushed his order ahead of me and other people. We love to take our grand children to Taco Bell they love it and so do we. The food on both occasions was not has good as it usually is. This is will be our last trip to this store.
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Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I'm on the road a lot and like Taco Bell and usually get great service. Every time I go through New Milford I stop and give them another chance but I'm always disappointed. The same thing every time they either don't have cup, hot sauce, soft taco shells or like today out of cinnamon delights. If you go through the drive threw and get any item wrapped in the bag your lucky because you usually have to rebuild the item after waiting 10 minutes. The biggest gripe is that when you walk to the front door your greeted by at least two employees blowing smoke at you from there cigarettes. Sorry guys but never again
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