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Order, Pickup Line
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Rating: 1/51

WILLINGBORO, NEW JERSEY -- At approx 9:07 pm there was a car ordering at the Taco Bell and I was the car next, behind it. At this time 15 minutes went by, the car was still giving his/her order to the attendant. Please note: There was no other cars waiting to be served. So, I alerted the driver, by my horn and the Taco Bell attendant inside at the window taking their order instructed the car to come to the delivery window. So, I look at my clock it then, was 9:19 pm and still their order did not come out but, the order was approx $34.00 on the digital display for that customer. That customer was at the window approx another 10 minutes waiting for their order patiently.

So, I could not go around them, to leave or pull out of line, because the driveway was design to not get out of line. At approx 9:27 pm the customer left with order. When I got to window, I ask for manager and her reply was they don't control the customer orders in line. My reply since I was the only one in line you had me wait approx 25 mins, and I suggested big orders like that have customer pull in parking lot or come inside, but since I was, only one in line and your attendant kept checking to see if anyone was behind me you made me wait... I told manager I will never come there again, and was going to make a complaint.

Conclusion: I feel that the design of the delivery line for customers do not give you a choice to pull out of line when you see the customer in front of you has a big order. The management should be aware of other customers in line, the waiting period a common courtesy toward other customers, but I guess since I was the only person in line at the wrong time, caused me this drama. I did not order anything, but wanted to leave, but could not go around customers in front of me. Management made me feel that I was wrong. I hope my complaint will be helpful to others, but I was a loyal customer there approx 2 times a week and the shift knows I come there too.

Wrong Order Twice After a 5 Minute Discussion
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Rating: 1/51

LIVINGSTON, TEXAS -- May 19, 2012, it started around 9pm. I and my daughter ordered 2 grilled chicken Gorditas with extra Baja sauce on the side. I paid and went home. I got home opened my order and it was totally wrong. I ended up with 2 crunchy cheesy Gorditas, which sounds nothing like "I want two grilled chicken Gorditas with extra Baja sauce on the side". The breading was a regular tortilla and a taco shell inside and there was a little bit of lettuce and a lot of creamy stuff and I have no idea what the meat was.

So, I drove back 8 miles and told them the order was wrong, and explained what I ordered. I get two more of what they called Gorditas, this time it is a soft tortilla and lettuce, tomato and hamburger meat. I said, "no, this is not a Gordita!" I explained that the chicken Gordita is a thicker bread and smaller with grilled chicken meat, lettuce and tomato and I wanted extra Baja on the side. They said, "No, that is the chicken Gordita..." I said, "no." They said, "You want a Chalupa," I said, "No that is fried."

I explained to them AGAIN for the third time what I order all the time, and the cook said "I make them all the time!" I said, "Well, give me my money back I have lost my appetite." So she gives me my money back and the two orders I don't want. And they both have hamburger on them and neither one has the Gordita breading.

So, you might want to start training your staff on what they are preparing and selling!!! I told her the sign shows clearly what I was ordering. I usually would not drive back as gas is too high to do that. If the order would have at least had chicken on them I would have eaten it!! I don't eat beef! SO I wasted time and gas for your Livingston Texas Taco Bell's mistakes!!! All within one hour!! I will never eat there again!!!

And a good while back a previous employee said that place is so nasty and you would not believe what they do to the food there! And how dirty it is in the food preparation area. She was not fired. She left there on good terms and went to college, just so you know.

Worst Service Ever
By -

ASHBURN -- First off, I want to say that I am not the type of person to take the time to write reviews. Usually I don't even bother so for me to take time out of my work day to write this is a big deal. I love Taco Bell. Every place I have ever lived, I have always looked to find the closest Taco Bell. When I moved to Ashburn, I was happy to see that there was one nearby. My first couple of times visiting, I just used the drive through. All times showed very slow service, which I excused very quickly.

One day I decided to go in and get my food and I was appalled. The cleanliness and set up of the restaurant was horrible. It was so bad that it actually turned me off from going back to Taco Bell. In fact, I told my wife that I don't have a taste for Taco Bell any more based solely on the appearance of the one in Ashburn.

Today, I was in a rush and I was near the Taco Bell. I was going to use the drive-through, but the line was so long, it was backed up into the main road. I thought it might be faster if I went in. I was deeply wrong! Even though it was peak time (12:00 p. m.) it wasn't that busy. I ordered very quickly, but spent 20 minutes waiting on my food. At any given time, there was 10 people waiting for their food and there was no one ordering so they had full staff to handle the orders. To beat it all, I ordered steak and received chicken. Of course, the appearance had not changed. Soda was all over the floor and tables were full of trash and dirt. I will never go to this Taco Bell again! Stay Away!!!

Good Service Does Exist in Fast Food!
By -

MONTROSE -- I read a lot of complaints about fast food, usually with somewhat of a good reason. Fast food workers are overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. It happens, and I usually take it with a grain of salt, as I think others should.

Taco Bell in particular seems to get a lot of complaints about speed and courtesy, but the Taco Bell I was in today astounded me. We were greeted with a warm hello and our orders taken and promptly filled. Nothing too interesting yet, just friendly fast service. As customers left the dining area the cashier would say goodbye and thank them.

A large group came in and ordered food. Within minutes all the orders were up and they were still chatting and filling drinks. The cashier happily insisted on walking their food to their table and even offered to clean the table up that they chose. They ended up moving to another table but the cashier still cleaned the original one off for them. He went to a different table and offered to take the tray from a customer. On the way he stopped and asked how our food tasted. There were other customers where the cashier said outright "Go ahead and sit down. I'll bring it to you." Geeze, this is Taco Bell people! I've never seen such service from a fast food joint.

I know what you may be thinking, Yet, maybe it's just that one guy who's really nice. Well, I could clearly see and hear the drive through worker giving the same level of courtesy to the drive through customers, and the manager was the one giving the cashier the trays of food. It seemed like everyone was just as nice. I wondered how this could be, then I got the answer. On the wall near the registers there was a small plaque about how this was a training store because of its high level of customer service. So THAT explains it! This is how Taco Bell wants its stores to be. At least they get trained at places that know how to do it right, even if they lose their way.

Taco bell needs to can the CBCC ranking system
By -

The current 1000.00 Dollar no purchase necessary to enter CBCC customer survey system does not give a true reflection of any of the desired target goals Taco bell is hoping to achieve with its customers but merely is a bizarre ineffective way to save money over doing real demographic and market strategies that reflect how your customers really feel. To hold employees accountable to these scores on these CBCC surveys is bizarre at best as hundreds of possible combinations of scorescan occur regardless of anything to do with Taco bell.

You could have a 5year old kid pushing all 1 rankings on the buttons to play a prank or a 90-year-old senile woman who hates everything as she is senile and you're going to base your employee and business reputation on speculation!

This corporation must truly be in dire straights and grabbing at straws as this ranking system allows employees to back stab each other by friends calling in to boost one person's scores while destroying even the greatest of employees currently working for your stores.

I had to check out this CBCC red dot green dot system for myself and it truly explains why most Taco Bell stores have really uncaring employees as they can do no right as you guys are putting your company's business name on the line based on speculation of a contest scores?

I understand you guys threaten employees with low CBCC scores under threat of termination if a low score occurs during an employee's shift regardless of conditions such as personal presently on the job or any of a 100 other possible reasons including the survey numbers may not even be from a real customer as Taco Bell has no invitation code to take the survey. All you need is a store corporation number like TB12854 to play the game contest and answer the questions as though you really care about the truth of your answers to these questions? This is absurd.

It's also a big time wrongful termination lawsuit for unequal labor practices in the making! Oh ya, you guys might want to hire people who can speak English as customers should not have to be fluent in the Spanish language to get their orders right! Have you guys lost your minds!

TV makes it look great!
By -

If even one third of the menu items in Taco Bell would look as good as they do in TV, I wouldn't dare write these words. They make sure that the image surpasses reality every time. Strongly recommend a proper anti-acid tablet an hour before venturing into Taco Bell. When Taco Bell was relatively new, I used to go a lot to eat there. The one I frequented was a few minutes from the beach and was a pleasant choice. Now, present tense, the Taco Bell of the past no longer prepares good food or even cares much one way or the other. But I keep watching TV day after day and sometimes a Taco Bell commercial hit the screens.

They might show a succulent breast of chicken cooking slowly on the grill, it looks so good that eventually another desperate visit is required "just in case" it might turn out as good as it looks. I understand it's all a game of numbers for these type of corporations. Numbers of patrons that are loyal and I am amazed to read that they are doing fairly well even today! I started doing a little research and I came across this question: Did you know Taco Bell uses "Grade D" meat? on and it finally made sense. They are cutting corners.

Apparently every step of the way except their marketing efforts and riding the wave that once propel them into the success story that the franchise became. I ate recently after several months and once again I regret to inform that besides being mediocre, the acid indigestion I had to battle later was enough to dissuade me from any future "change of hearts".

There are still dependable places on the fast food category (In-and-Out? always comes to mind for those on the west) and small outfits that take pride in serving the generous and highly deserving American public a superior product. Yes, it is sad but I guess all they really care about is the "bottom line" and that figure seems to be doing just fine. So what is the harm in pointing out that Taco Bell is more fattening than delicious fare?

Complete Incompetence
By -

SIERRA VISTA, ARIZONA -- The Taco Bell located in Sierra Vista, AZ is in dire need of new management. Eight times out of ten in the last year I have received poor service in every aspect related to the food business. It is a common occurrence to be told you will have a thirty minute or longer wait for your food. A few will say, but the majority of customers (such as myself) leave in disgust.

I feel badly for those stuck in the drive through with no way out. On those rare occasions when you do not have to wait, your order is incorrect, the service horrible, and when you complain you receive no sense of responsibility from the manager. If you order a taco supreme you get home and find out the sour cream is missing. If you order extra meat or cheese you do not receive it. Oftentimes, you are missing items from your order.

I have been greeted at the drive through by an employee who acts annoyed and sighs when you have a question or ask them to give you a moment before placing your order. Said employee points at you while you wait in the drive through and makes comments to co workers if you complain about the rude behavior. When talking to the manager you get absolutely no satisfaction. In fact, you are then left to wonder if they spit in your food. You very seldom receive friendly, competent service.

Having worked at Taco Bell when I was in high school I often wonder what the problem is and why it is not corrected. It is not a hard job, and it is easy to make the orders in a timely fashion. Telling customers they have to wait thirty minutes for their order is completely absurd considering the time it takes to make the items on the menu. If this were a one time situation, it would be understandable, however it happens almost every time we attempt to eat there. We do not even bother returning the items which were made incorrectly anymore. It is to be expected something will be incorrect.

Change the locks Taco Bell
By -

ELENSBURG, WASHINGTON -- So a long while ago I was watching the news about a little girl who got locked in a Taco Bell bathroom. The Taco Bell employees said that there was no way to unlock the door from the outside. The women had to call the fire department to get her girl out. You'd think that this was not the only time that something like this has ever happened and you'd think that for the customers safety that Taco Bell would have learned a lesson, and taken action to prevent it from happening again.

Heres what happened to me. I went to Taco bell in Elensburg Wa today. My son is getting old enough and to the point where going with me to the "womens" restroom is not OK with him anymore. I checked out the bathroom, it had more than one stall and I was right outside the bathroom. I thought that it would be OK to let him in to use the bathroom.

He was taking a while, and I had to tend to my younger child for a min., who was getting impatient and trying to run away. I came right back to the door and it was locked. The main door to a multi-stall bathroom locked. I thought that it was my son who locked it so I yelled to him to open the door. He yelled back that he was still on the toilet and it was another man in the bathroom who had locked it.

I kept communicating with my child through the door until the other man opened it. In that time I didn't hear a toilet flush, a sink run or paper towel being dispensed. I watched the man for a little while after he came out, because he just walked around the store, he didn't get in line to order food or anything. He creeped me out so we did leave.

There is no reason for a multi-stall bathroom to have a lock that is unopenable on the main door period. Today only proves how dangerous it can be. Taco bell please remove/replace all of your locks with none at all on multi-stall bathrooms, and ones that can be opened from the outside in the case of an emergency by a staff member on single stall bathrooms. Please.

I Am TIRED of This Location - No Respect for Anyone or Special Diets!
By -

GALVESTON, TEXAS -- I had to write a short 250 word complaint to fit in Taco Bell's form, but here, I am going to rant. My husband and I are vegetarian. We go to Taco Bell because it is one of the few options a vegetarian has to go out to eat outside of the house. Since we've moved to Galveston, every trip to Taco Bell has been absolutely hellish. Today was the ABSOLUTE last straw!

Being that we are vegetarians, every time we go, we order one of two things: Either a 7-Layer Crunchwrap with no cheese, no sour cream, or a burrito with no cheese, no sauce. EVERY SINGLE TIME, we get attitude and they NEVER get the freakin' order right. We put up with it only because there are few places to go on the island to eat as a Vegetarian.

Today we got about halfway through our 7-Layer Crunchwrap before noticing something was off. After further inspection, we discovered MEAT. There was dead animal in our food. What you choose to eat is your business, so please no comments about vegetarianism. The point is that WE PAID for food to be made a certain way, and we get MEAT. The 7-Layer Crunchwrap does NOT come with meat!

It's my suspicion that they did this on purpose because they know us and don't like us. If they didn't, it's still inexcusable. If someone was lactose intolerant or allergic to tomatoes, you'd take so much care to make sure their order was right, but you mock vegetarians!

This time we did NOT take our food back. After some deliberation of taking it back and throwing it through the drive through window, we made the decision to throw the food away and cease going to Taco Bell. I am disgusted, and honestly, I feel a little bit violated. CHANGE the way this Taco Bell runs things and maybe you will get more customers. The Taco Bell I am complaining about is this one: Taco Bell #2886, 409-740-6596, 5701 Broadway St Galveston TX 77551-4302.

Taco Bell - Top Underrated Spot
By -

No, I'm really not kidding. I have a theory that all the hate that exists for this fine establishment originated in the days of old and people have not fairly readjusted their views. I might even throw Taco Bell'€™s menu on a list of most improved over the past 5 years. Every time I look up there are new items and it seems they are all straight gold.

Unfortunately, I no longer live in the near vicinity of this glorious spot, but recently I found myself once again entering the storied walls. It was a stirring experience bringing back memories of first jobs and glorious meals alike. While old favorites like chili cheese burritos, soft tacos, and gorditas still grace the menu, my focus these days tends to be on the newer items.

The flagship of the new menu in my mind is the Frisbee-esque Spicy Chicken Crunchwrap Supreme. I originally ordered this little island of paradise as something of a joke after seeing the ubiquitous commercials and was absolutely blown away. The gold lies in the warm bottom where the spicy chicken mixes with the spice elicited by the nacho cheese and the result is a warm burst of flavor that will excite any palate. This warm spice is balanced with a light, fresh finish from the sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes residing at the top of the Frisbee. I feel this is a must hit item for any self respecting foodie. And yes, you can only get it at Taco Bell.

My second go-to item takes the form of the Chicken Grilled Stuft Burrito. This is a heavy item, so bring your appetite, but that is exactly why it is appealing. For someone with an inner fat dude trying to escape like myself, I need something that is going to fill me up. The Grilled Stuft Burrito is willing to be that food. Don'™t think this order is merely about size though. The Grilled Stuft Burrito brings the flavor with marinated chicken, tomatoes, and rice.

I have to admit this is the most my mouth has watered writing any of these reviews. So for those of you who have written off Taco Bell due to the restaurant it once was, I encourage you to reconsider. If you make it there as infrequently as I do, you can count on new items lighting up the menu on each visit. And I'™d be willing to bet, they are mad good. Read more brilliant reviews at

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