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Taco Bell
1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, CA 92618
949-863-4500 (ph)
949-863-2252 (fax)
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Surprising Service!
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Rating: 5/51

INMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I stopped in for a quick dinner on my way home from work. Let's be honest, fast food chains aren't known for customer service, and the people are usually unfriendly and unhappy. Which is why I was surprised to hear a cheerful voice in the speaker. She was polite, well spoken, and had a SMILE on her face. She was my FIRST good experience at a fast food chain EVER!

Her name was **. I have no idea if Taco Bell will ever see this post, but I hope they do, and I hope they recognize her. I work in the customer service industry, so I'm sympathetic to mistakes, but most drive through employees come equipped with a crappy attitude and rolling eyes. I NEVER write reviews. This is the first time in my life that I felt compelled to say something, and all I can say is ** was awesome!

Mismanagement/Poor service
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Rating: 1/51

MADISON, NORTH CAROLINA -- June 13, 2013, I arrived at Taco Bell, gave my order. There was only 1 employee working the cash register, preparing the food, and taking orders from the drive thru. This guy was by himself. There were 2 employees outside taking a smoke break. The single employee took my order, failed to take the payment for it, then proceeded to take the order from person behind me, and failed to take his payment as well.

This single employee had to prepare the food orders, and also take orders from the drive thru. It was a very long wait, since this poor guy was doing everything alone. Finally, I asked what cost for my order. In confusion, the employee charged me for the order from customer behind me. We had a discussion about charging me the wrong cost, plus I received the wrong order. I left the food on the counter and I will not be back to that location. I think if three people are working, only 1 of them should be on break, not 2. This is very poor management, especially for a Saturday night.

No Honest Employees
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Rating: 2/51

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- I left my phone in a Taco Bell restaurant I don't live far and was back within a half hour I realized phone was gone. My husband GPS my phone and it gave location of the Taco Bell. The manager denied phone was there, did not offer to look in office, did not once ask any employee there, just was quick to keep saying not there....clearly a lie GPS is pretty accurate.

Managers name was ** she said only her and another employee was there when clearly I saw her talking to someone else in office. Then later I text phone asking please return person text back saying they bought my phone from someone at Taco Bell... These are the kind of employees you have working for you and there were no other customers in the dining area...think you should expect more integrity from your employees.

Hate the New Rice = Boring
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Rating: 1/51

ALL -- I only order Chicken Burritos. The Spanish rice (original rice) gave a lot of flavor. The new white cilantro rice is boring, lackluster, and blah. I will not, I repeat NOT BE RETURNING TO TACO BELL. :( Sad because I really enjoyed those burritos. It was a treat for me. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way. Why do away with a good thing? I'm sure less chicken burritos are sold now at least by 12 a year. Used to be the Best! Now they are the WORST!

Hair in Food
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Rating: 1/51

WHITBY ONT. CANADA -- Went to Taco Bell Friday May 24 at 6 pm and ordered 2 mix 5 item box meals and 2 bean enchiladas. When I took the 2 bite of bean enchilada there was a long hair in my mouth. I pulled it out and then threw both of them in the garbage. I was very disgusted with finding the hair and question as to why they do not wear hair nets, men and women as they do handle food. Have no interest as to eating there ever again as I will check to see if they are wearing hair nets. I enjoy Taco Bell but am turned off it now.

25 Minutes to Get Two Tacos!!
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Rating: 1/51

CHATSWORTH, GEORGIA -- The line was to the door when we got there. I understand that. They had one cashier and conveniently did a shift change and left no cashier at the counter for over five minutes. When our order was finally taken, we thought the worst was over...hahahaha!!

Twenty one minutes later, we still did not have our two tacos. I approached the counter and when asked what I needed, I responded that " I just want to know why it takes twenty one minutes to get two tacos" Four minutes later, we got our food!! Not counting time in line, time from our order being taken, it took twenty five minutes to get our small order.

The manager told me to call the number on the back. It would not accept the store number of 005033. I tried to enter it several ways, but that number was invalid. I then tried the opinionport online survey and could get no where with that either!! Guess, you can do whatever you want and provide crappy service, when there is no one for the customers to complain to!!

Taking The Spanish Out Of Taco Bell
By -

The Spanish rice that is...I've noticed lately that the 7-layer burrito just doesn't quite taste the same anymore. It seems to be lacking something, and overall just bland. I unrolled my burrito and discovered that instead of the traditional Spanish rice, they had replaced it with a white rice. Two things instantly crossed my mind. The first notion was that they forgot to put the seasoning and such, and the rice was just plain old white rice. But after dissecting it further, I realized that it was the cilantro white rice that they now use.

So I assumed that they were just out of the Spanish rice at the time, and merely substituted one rice with another. No big deal. Nothing too major worth fretting over. However, the next time I ordered the same item, I got the same result. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Well, come to find out...they actually discontinued the Spanish rice altogether! It's bad enough they got rid of one of my all-time favorite items, the chili cheese burrito, but now they've gone too far. About the only thing left worth a darn is their cheesy gordita crunch. You lose that, and you lose me.

Super Bowl Ad
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I am completely offended. I just watched your Superbowl ad (with my children in the room). Evidently you pulled your ad with the box of tacos and veggie tray to not offend or promote anything against vegetables. I thought that was silly--but now, to see you would replace with a suggestive ad with senior citizens coming out of bathrooms with younger people...And old man holding shirt up to show chest? I am offended. I will never go to any Taco Bell again. I think there are more Christians than vegetarians in this country...I think you need a new marketing strategy. I am disgusted. Please send to corporate headquarters since the ones on your site say "page not available".

Feel free to reply if you care how people with families feel about your commercials--or maybe it is just people who like vegetables.

andreaharper07@Hotmail. com

A Live Bug in my Taco
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Rating: 1/51

BROOMFIELD, COLORADO -- I ate the Nachos Supreme, then opened the Taco to add Fire Sauce. A live big, black bug crawled out of the Taco! I was horrified!!!

I immediately called the Broomfield Taco Bell and asked to speak to the Manager.
When the Manager came to the phone, I told him about what happened; his comment was, "Well I'll let Corporate know."

I said, "you don't understand, this isn't a corporate issue! I'll bring you back the taco and show you I just bought (along with the BUG)!!! I demand a Refund for the Taco! He insisted it was a corporate issue."

I never heard back from them and I've taken my business elsewhere.


Janet E. Brown
Westminster, CO

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Rating: 1/51

HAINES CITY, FLORIDA -- My husband and I and my 84 year old mother went to your restaurant at 8:30 one evening for a late snack. The temperature outside was only 60 degrees. When we walked in your store, it was like walking into a meat locker. My husband went over to the thermostat and it read 58 degrees. I talked to the manager and she said she was not allowed to make any adjustments with the thermostat. I don't understand why you have to keep your store so cold that your customers are uncomfortable. After we got our food we decided to bag it up and take it home to eat. We could tell that others were uncomfortable also.

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