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Great Customer Service
By -

FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON -- So I went to a Taco Bell in Federal Way on 348th, in Washington. They were amazing. First off I'd like to tell you that I usually don't go to Taco Bell. Other Taco Bells just have not met my expectations of being good food. I used to go to Taco Bell weekly. In the past 3 years I may have gone maybe 5 times? Needless to say I've been not been satisfied with Taco Bells food or Customer service.

OK, so today I'd been having a really hard day. I had my 2 young very active boys with me all day, and shopping experiences had been a nightmare. I was on the verge of tears. I stopped at the Federal way Taco bell on 348th. I first tried to go through the drive through, but my kids couldn't make up their minds, and there were people waiting behind us, so I chose to go inside.

I was a bit frazzled with my day by this point, so I took my 2 year old into the restaurant in his car seat, so that he'd not be able to run around. I was trying to place an order when my oldest child started to act out. There was a gentleman by the name of Josh, who could tell that I was getting stressed with my boys and he went to our table to help with my boys while I ordered and waited for my food. There was a really nice lady named Melissa who took our order, she was kind and patient.

Another lady named Lydia ** made sure that she was making my order correct before she made it, because we had made some special requests. Then she walked it to my table so that I could stay with my boys. Josh checked on us a few times to make sure that we were doing OK. The store and it's employees were clean and neat. To top it all off the food was really good also.

To me this kind of customer service is off the charts and I feel as though they all (everyone there today), deserve a standing ovation from me. They changed my day from one of the worst to one of the best, and money can't buy that, I'm so pleased. I will now go out of my way to be able to visit this restaurant again. Thank-you everyone. We'll be back, for sure.

Surprising Service!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

INMAN, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I stopped in for a quick dinner on my way home from work. Let's be honest, fast food chains aren't known for customer service, and the people are usually unfriendly and unhappy. Which is why I was surprised to hear a cheerful voice in the speaker. She was polite, well spoken, and had a SMILE on her face. She was my FIRST good experience at a fast food chain EVER!

Her name was **. I have no idea if Taco Bell will ever see this post, but I hope they do, and I hope they recognize her. I work in the customer service industry, so I'm sympathetic to mistakes, but most drive through employees come equipped with a crappy attitude and rolling eyes. I NEVER write reviews. This is the first time in my life that I felt compelled to say something, and all I can say is ** was awesome!

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Rating: 2/51

ELK GROVE, CALIFORNIA -- I want to know why Taco Bell's commercial are in Spanish. We are in America which the primary language is English not Spanish. I am very offended as my ancestors were required to learn English and not use their native tongue. Why is this any different? I also think that if companies want to provide help on their phone lines in other languages then English speaking people should not have to press 1 for English. The other language should be pushing the button.

I am tired that the English speaking people in our country have to put up with all these other languages when they should learn English in order to live here. I promise you if you go to another country they do not cater to us.

Bring Back Triple Steak Stack!!!!
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

EVERYWHERE -- Please bring back the Triple Steak Stack. I really never ate at Taco Bell, until the triple steak stack came around. It was the best thing I have ever eaten at any Taco Bell. I literally went about 3 to 4 times a week and when it was only for a limited time that was a drag! And when Taco Bell stops carrying it I have NEVER been there since.

I know I am not the only one that feels this way. And if they want to compete with their competitors they need to bring it back. Taco bell has lost my business and I don't plan on ever going out to eat at a Taco Bell again. Rarely eaten there before the Triple Steak Stack and don't plan on eating there after.

Be careful about spending those old US bills
By -

Now an update on my money. I got a letter today from the Tucson Police department saying to pick up my $10.00 dollars. It turns out it was real money all along. I called Taco Bell and the area manager ** was a JERK. They refuse to give me any freebies for the time I spent, waiting for the Police, and now I have to go clear across town to retrieve my money. So do yourself a favor instead of running for the border, run away from Taco Bell.

My story... I had the same thing happen to me this week in Tucson AZ., at the Taco Bell on Golf Links/Harrison. On Wed. May 4th, I was in the drive thru, and I handed them a Ten Dollar bill which was dated 1969, and back then our US money did not have the security strips, or the watermarks on them. The cashier held it up to the light to look for these features, she didn't see them. So she went back to the manager with the bill.

He came back up to the drive through counter, and told me that the bill was no good, and was funny money. I tried to tell them about how money used to be. So they said they had to keep it and call the Police. I called 911 myself and told the Police to come ASAP. They came, looked at my money, and said it looked real to them, but they had to take it, seeing Taco Bell complained. So now it is in the hands of the city of Tucson, waiting for the Secret Service approval of it being real money.

Poison/Chemical Cinnamon Twists???
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I ordered a bag of Cinnamon Twists for my 9-year old daughter today. After biting into a couple, there was a burning sensation down my throat, my throat closed up, I couldn't swallow that well to clear my throat, and there was a bitter chemical aftertaste on my tongue. The twists smell like chemicals are on them (cleaning agents). An hour has passed and my throat feels dry and not normal.

Called the store manager who faintly apologized. I asked him if this complaint sounds familiar to him. He said "you're the first person today." I replied "the first person today?? What about ever???" He faintly, and unconvincingly responded "not that I know of." He thanked me and said that he will throw out today's batch of twists. I told him that the nachos smell the same way. He had no comment. My daughter only had 1 piece. Thank God, and took a nap shortly after. I plan to report this to the State Health Department.

Quality Of The Food
By -

CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- Taco Bell BurritoIt's amazing how horrible the quality of the food I just ate from these people. I think there was probably 4 tablespoons of beans on my cold tortilla and I counted 8 shavings of cheese on my taco. The enchirito looked so depressed that I actually said a prayer for it before I reluctantly choked it down. I even took a picture of it.

Looked like someone with ebola did their business in the ever so non-environmentally correct container. I know why they can charge so little for their "food" is because there is nothing there. I am actually hungrier now than when I began this culinary journey. Excuse me, I have to run. Looks like Taco Bell is coming around for it 2nd visit to the outside world.

Bring Back the Enchorita and Make It Bigger
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

As a life long consumer of 43 yrs of Taco Bell, and a father of two wonderful girls, we love it!! But, I think you have done a bad thing. I love the enchorita and have eaten it all my life even as a kid. Years ago, Taco Bell used to put black olives on it. That shows I'm telling the truth. Which you've stopped doing. And for a long time it was hidden from the menu like you didn't want to sell it.

Now, you did an injustice of omitting it from menu and added the stuffed burrito in its place which sucks in my book!!! Is the company going out of business? Even the kid meals with toys are omitted. My family and two daughters have never been a McDonald fan! So we always go to Taco Bell! So I beg you to put enchoritos back on menu please.

Unprofessional / Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- This was one of the worst fast food chains ever run in Oak Creek Wisconsin. 5 cars including myself waited in the drive through line for 15 minutes before someone answered. The car that was first in line actually beeped her horn numerous times to get them to answer. When I finally was able to get my food from the window, a punk mouthed teenager handed me my tacos, and slammed the window door saying good night.

When I opened my bag, all the tacos were not wrapped and all the fillings from the tacos were in the bag. I called to talk to their manager and they had me in hold for 30 minutes until I finally hung up. I went into the establishment and they told me there was no manager on staff today and won't be able to replace the food without a manager's okay. You people suck at the Oak Creek Taco Bell. You should be ashamed how you interact with people. Don't go there. Go to a better run establishment. I won't be visiting any Taco Bell soon.

It Is Sad for This Taco Bell to Charge Customers for Water
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Rating: 1/51

NORWALK, CALIFORNIA -- On November 21-2013 I visited the Taco Bell 11005 Imperial Highway Norwalk CA, with my family. My son is obsessed with Taco Bell but when they charged us for a cup of water we were all disappointed. I feel that this is unfair. I also contacted Consumer Affairs to place a complaint regarding this situation and they stated to write a complaint to you guys because there's a law that water should be free to customers.

Also I visited a different Taco Bells in the area. I've asked for water and they didn't charge me. So I asked them "is water free here" and they stated "yes we never charge for water." Every restaurant has to give water free when you are a customer. My Ticket #s **.

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