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Attitude problem
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NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Theater Extras is a subscription service that costs about $100 a year that give access to super-discounted tickets that become available when producers are having trouble filling seats. The offerings, which you can check by signing onto their website, vary and I only saw a handful of shows with my year long membership, which did make it worth it, but this year I decided I didn't want to renew. Since I'm not a frequent visitor to their website, I didn't realize that my card would automatically be charged for the next year. Only a week after discovering this new charge, I wrote to them and said I would like to be refunded because I didn't receive any notification that my credit card was going to be charged. Jed, the guy who runs the site, wrote back saying they informed me 3 times (when? I scoured my email and spam folders and found nothing), said that the registration date was on the website (my mistake, I didn't see it) and that the renewal policy was on the website. Still, it's not cool that they would charge me and not tell me, regardless of the policy. He said that if I wanted to contact my credit card company for doing this "terrible" thing then I could and informed me that I was in the "vast minority" of dissatisfied people. He offered to refund me $30 as a "courtesy". Funny, as his attitude wasn't so courteous as it was defensive and snippy. Clearly he's not used to providing customer service judging from his manner of dealing with my simple request to be refunded. It honestly wouldn't take much effort to say "sorry for the misunderstanding, here's your money back." Seems he has a problem with excessive pride. I wrote back and said I couldn't find any notification and that I can't afford to pay for the service this year as I'm an actor and money is tight. It's true! I am! I suppose I could continue subscribing if I cared to tighten my budget even more, but the fact that he was being a jerk certainly didn't make me want to give him my money. I'd rather use another service, of which there are many, where I don't have to deal with condescension. So then the attitude really came out: "My offer for a discounted membership of $69 stands, you can call your cc company or you can stay a member for what amounts to $6 per month. If you think seeing hundreds or thousands of dollars of shows per year is not worth this fee, then you should call your cc company". And then the sad little man shoots out another email because he can't help himself: "By the way 20% of my members are actors and THEY LOVE US"

Wow, if that's not a way to get me to run for the hills then I don't know what is. It makes my shrug and shake my head because he really wants me to fight with him. You'd think as a small business owner he would ride himself on customer service since the interactions are so personal. Guess not.
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bill on 02/07/2007:
I took a look at their website. When you sign up you have to check a box that says you agree to the term and conditions. The fist line of the terms and conditions says in big bold print "Theater Extras will automatically renew your membership and charge the appropriate fee to your account credit card on the membership anniversary date. Members are entitled to cancel their membership prior to renewal date via email, fax or regular mail." You cannot claim you were not told of their policy. You checked the box saying you agree to it. I don't know about the guys attitude but I think he is being pretty nice offering you a $30.00 discount.
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
Why do you expect HIM to apologize for YOUR misunderstanding? I agree with Bill regarding the $30 discount.
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
If he really thought he had a great product he would refund the money. No skin off his nose. These auto-renewals are silly and not consumer friendly. In the end it bites the hand that feeds. Maybe not his company but sooner or later as more and more people get burned by these type of silly contracts they'll avoid online offers and services altogether. Stuff like this is bad for the industry in general. It matters not if you were warned or not cause in the end the customer is always right, don’t believe me ask the Walton children.

I think Jed gave you the best advice. Contact your CC company and dispute the charge.
Justusryan on 02/07/2007:
Nobody forces you to sign up for these services, so in order for you to comply, you check a box agreeing to automatic renewal of the subscription. So how is personal responsibility silly?
Anonymous on 02/07/2007:
Justusryan - I posted auto-renewals are silly. By what linguistic stretch is auto-renewal synonymous with personal responsibility?
moneyistight on 11/12/2011:
I have the exact complaint as this website. Jed also wrote "they had contacted me 3 times prior to my subscription being renewed". This was balderdash and utterly untrue. I offered him the opportunity to forward to me even one of the 3 emails. I went to "search mail" and the only email from Theater Extras was in response to MY query about another matter.

This attitude and FALSEHOOD from Jed just stinks, don't you think?
joanieO on 01/31/2012:
EXACT same thing happened with me. Jed was a nasty piece of work. OK, my bad, I forgot that ONE YEAR AGO I agreed to the renewal (if I did
Zerb on 03/07/2013:
Even if you do remember, and ask to cancel your membership in time, they won't wait until your full year is up before disabling your account. So you lose either way.
Marco on 04/18/2013:
To make it short: Two years ago I asked Jed to cancel. No reply received from him. Obviously they charged the card, no notification either.
I let it go and I put a reminder on my iPhone (:)) so that next year I would do it again. So I did, I emailed him several times before the date and finally when I was begging him for a confirmation a got a simple "Fine"... I will never deal with such arrogant people ever again not even for free.
Brett on 10/05/2013:
I am having the exact renewal in mid August,saw the charge on my on line credit card site2days later,.emailed Theater Extras , and no refund yet!!
Joel levy on 05/08/2014:
The owner Jed is very dishonest and flat out lies. He also told me he lets me know 3x and I never got even one email. When contacted he said to " dispute the charge with your credit card company"use another site such as audience extras which is much better anyway. Otherwise, Jed will take your money and refuse to refund it
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