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Poor Customer Service
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110 EAST ALLUVIAL AVE FRESNO CA -- Our Thomasville saleswoman had led us to believe that our Thomasville chairs would be made just like quality samples they had displayed at Fresno Store. Customer service was good before delivery, and terrible after delivery. The chairs we paid over $2,000 for were not made the same way. After several attempts to repair, the chairs look even worse than before with crooked seams and poor workmanship. The owner refuses to repair by someone other than the tailor who had tried unsuccessfully several times, and he refuses to replace the chairs. I will not ever buy and don't recommend to anyone else to purchase from the Thomasville store in Fresno, California.

Anyone looking to purchase furniture should completely avoid Thomasville furniture stores and products. Horrible customer service, poor quality and nothing but excuses. We made the mistake of buying from them and 1 year later issues still not resolved.

Thomasville Flooring very poor quality
By -

My daughter got this for her great room. It's horrible! I thought it looked very cheap, but if that was the only problem, it wouldn't be so bad. They spent a fortune and it is always nasty looking. It seems like there is a film on it that shows every mark. Even after immediately cleaning it looks horrid. I personally think there is a problem with the finish. She has used the recommended cleaners, per their website, and other cleaners. No difference. And it was like that from day one. Thomasville doesn't call back and she has yet to force the issue with Home Depot. So sad. She has three little ones under 2.5 years and no time to make these calls and argue with them.

She just bought some cheap brand of oak laminate from Home Depot for her daughter's room for. 99 cents a foot and it looks great!!! We don't even care for oak, but if that stuff was in the great room, she would be thrilled! Thomasville flooring, in the walnut, sucks. Beyond sucks! DO NOT GET IT!!! I can't speak for the other colors, but because they don't care at all, I would boycott them. I have Bruce wood flooring and have had it for years. I love it. Just as dark as my daughters and NO problems like her!

Identity Theft
By -

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY -- I recently purchased furniture at Thomasville and opted for the free financing option. I completed a paper application and was approved instantly. I then asked that my social security number be removed from the application. I was told this was not possible and there has never been a problem.

I followed up with the manager who again assured me that only certain employees have a key to the cabinet and there has never been a problem. That they must keep my paper application on file for 5 years in case the credit card company has a problem. I explained the credit card company already has my information, if there is a problem, they can contact me. Manager kept insisting there has never been a problem.

In this era of identify theft, I am astonished that not only can I not get my number removed from a paper application, I have assurances from the manager, that there has never been a problem and only certain employees have "a key". Basically, the manager assured me that until there is a problem, nothing will change. So just so you know anyone with access to this file cabinet has access to many customer's social security numbers. If anyone has applied for credit through a Thomasville store, your social security number is there for the taking.

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