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Problems with Thomasville Furniture
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My wife and I recently purchased a Felicity Sunlit Cherry Bedroom Suite from Thomasville Furniture. Our Thomasville saleswoman had led us to believe that our Thomasville furniture would be made in North Carolina, but when it was delivered we discovered that it was all made in China. Thomasville had built its reputation on delivering high quality American-made furniture from North Carolina -- but it appears that those days are now long gone.

The fit & finish of our Thomasville made-in-China furniture was poor. There's really no other way to describe it. Our bedroom suite has a total of 28 drawers. Many drawers weren't centered in their openings; some drawers were recessed in too far, and other drawers extended out too far. After 2 visits from Thomasville's repair people, we still have: 8 drawers not centered in their openings; 13 that extend out too far; and 7 that are recessed in too far. Thomasville's repair people told us that our remaining problems were non-repairable. So I guess we'll just have to learn to live with this poor quality.

When we purchased our furniture, we specifically asked our Thomasville saleswoman what kind of wood was used in its construction. She told us it was "entirely cherry". When we later asked Thomasville's repair people that same question, they looked at our furniture and readily identified over 5 different species of wood -- just one was cherry, and at least 2 were obscure, unidentifiable Chinese hardwoods. What we actually received was quite different from what we paid for. When we brought this to the attention of the management of our Thomasville dealer, they completely ignored our complaint.

At first glance, Thomasville's construction quality appeared to us to be quite good (i.e., dovetail drawers, etc.). But in places where it wouldn't be quite as obvious to a customer, some of the furniture's joints are held together with staples. That doesn't instill much confidence that the furniture will last for more than a few years. We would have expected to find that kind of cheap construction in bedroom suites that cost under $1,500 -- but not in a Thomasville bedroom suite that cost us over $5,000!

My wife's dresser arrived with a large 10" circular hole in the back of the cabinet. Rather than repairing this damage "before" the furniture was shipped, Thomasville's factory instead tried to conceal the damage by screwing a large Masonite panel over the hole. While Thomasville repaired the damaged back panel "after" we discovered it, the point is that Thomasville deliberately shipped severely damaged furniture to a customer with the hope that the damage would never be discovered. That's not what one would expect from a quality "world class" furniture brand.

Thomasville's furniture is shipped with a Chinese "plasticized" finish. In our experience, it attracts dust like a magnet and unlike a quality lacquered or varnished finish it's relatively soft and easily damaged. According to Thomasville's "printed furniture care instructions" my wife and I are not supposed to allow synthetics, rubber, or plastics to rest on the wood finish as they may damage the finish. That, of course, prohibits placing most lamps, clocks, radios, TVs, pens, etc. on top of your Thomasville furniture unless you first modify the bottoms of those products.

Everything at Thomasville seems to now be focused on charging its customers as much as possible, while at the same time cutting its costs as much possible. Even the screws that hold the knobs to the drawers have been cost-cut. Rather than extending the screws into the knobs by at least 3/8", they just barely touch the knob. The cost savings across an entire bedroom set has to be less than a dollar -- and yet amazingly Thomasville still went for it.

After contacting our local Thomasville dealer several times about many of these problems and receiving no satisfaction, my wife and I wrote to Ed Teplitz, president of Thomasville Furniture Industries -- and also to Ralph Scozzafava, CEO of Furniture Brands International. Furniture Brands International owns Thomasville, along with Broyhill, Lane, Drexel Heritage, Henredon, and Maitland-Smith. Neither of them ever responded to us. That pretty much sums-up our Thomasville customer satisfaction experience.

Bad Service
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NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I purchased over $6500 worth of furniture in November of 2007. Upon delivery our product was short 8 screws, but was told that they would put the screws in the mail for me. Since I did not receive the screws in the mail I drove to the Newport News store (where original purchase was made) and spoke to several employees one being the store manager. I was assured that they would order the screws and mail them directly to me.

Two weeks later, I still had not received the screws and called to speak with the office manager. She told me that the screws were there and I asked her to please mail them to me that same day, she had my address and assured me that it would be done that day. Again a week later no screws, I called and spoke with office manager she said the screws were mailed out "yesterday". No apology was even initially offered at the least.

I fully do not expect to receive the screws ever. Not one employee will take accountability for my incomplete product, but their whole tone is what is hard to swallow. I got the impression that I was just a thorn in their side and they would say or do whatever it would take to just get rid of me. This store's employees has also told me untruthful things, I would never purchase anything from this store again. Be warned: Poor customer service at the Newport News store is what you can expect.

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NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA -- I am highly dissatisfied with this store. Not only have the employees been untruthful, unresponsive, and difficult to deal with, they have made many errors. They ordered wrong items that I did not purchase, told me that my furniture was made of items that it was not, and told me that items were covered by insurance that were not. They have overcharged me for items and made many billing errors. In addition, many of the items that I received were damaged and poor quality.

Overall, what was supposed to be a pleasant experience buying furniture has turned into many calls to this store, regional managers, corporate offices, Better Business Bureau, and finally legal counsel. I cannot warn other consumers enough about this store.

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