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Lost & Found
Posted by on
HEBRON, KENTUCKY -- I rented a car the day before Thanksgiving. I took the car back on the following Sunday. On the day I went to get a car I heard people in the line at the counter complaining that the two car that they were trying to rent had problems and they were pissed. By the time me and my son got to the counter we were given a car that smelled like someone had sex in it. So at that point we went back in and had to upgrade to a different vehicle which nothing was wrong with. I had no issues with the vehicle that I eventually rented. My problem is when I returned my car no one inspected it so we went into thifty to drop off the keys which we had to wait for thirty minutes because the only had one employee working behind the desk and that was frustrating. Well I will get to my point I dropped my car off left and noticed that I left a bag in the back seat and since it was the next morning I thought it would be no problem getting it back the only problem is you can't reach the lost and found supervisors unless you call for a week. I left several message he never returned my call and when I finally reached him he told me that he would investigate it and call me back which he never did. Which is unprofessional. I then reported it to upper management which later sent me an email explaining that they are not responsible for lost items are left in the vehicles which is unacceptable to me because I dropped my vehicle off on Sunday I noticed my bag missing on Monday morning and you can't tell me where my bag is. By the way had two hundred dollars worth of Christmas presents in. The point is whoever checked the vehicle in stole my bag or whoever checked it out stolen my bag so I am going to let everyone I know even though it is a small amount of money it is the principle to me and since I had gifts for my family that they didn't receive I am very upset. So people beware don't rent a car at cincinnati airport cvg thirty car rentals because they don't care about the little people and have dishonest people working for them.

J w
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Anonymous on 01/01/2012:
At the risk of being deleted, how can you tell someone had sex in a car just by the way it smells?
lexophiliac on 01/01/2012:
Some people's olfactory senses are very well developed shorty and can classify and identify odors with extreme accuracy.
Anonymous on 01/01/2012:
I've got the nose of a bloodhound, but I don't recall ever getting into a rental car and smelling sex in it
trmn8r on 01/01/2012:
I'm thinking that a car could smell something like persperation (acute example would be the Seinfeld episode), and that one *might* describe the smell in this way. Point is, it smelled like humans.

I have never heard of a car rental place that is good at handling "lost and found". Maybe it happens and I am unaware of it. Anyone here have a positive experience with this? All I hear is that the stuff is never seen again - sad but true.
At Your Service on 01/01/2012:
I had the same question. What does sex smell like?

In addition, although frustrating, I can understand a car rental agency not being responsible for lost items. Some people may assume that just because a certain amount of time has passed, the merchandise should be able to be retrieved. This is simply not the case. We've seen a lot of rental stories here where a car is quickly rented out after it has been returned.
madconsumer on 01/01/2012:
very helpful review.

best comment lexophiliac!!
SteveWiginowski on 01/01/2012:
I think this is a good reminder to check your car for personal belongings before you leave it. It's difficult for the car rental place to do much if they don't have it. They don't know if someone from their place took it, if a future customer took it, or if something was even there to begin with.
andbran on 01/02/2012:
I cannot believe you left 200 dollars worth of merchandise in the car and thought no one would take it.
CowboyFan on 01/03/2012:
At some of the busier rental car parking lots I have been to, the rental cars are left unlocked.
Especially where there are lines of cars being checked in, with renters all around and a couple of attendants walking through doing check-ins. This means that another renter, seeing the package on the back seat, could have stolen it.
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Thrifty Car Rentals Review - You rent a car, but the deal is a bomb!
Posted by on
LISBON -- I have posted a video on YouTube showing my experience, at:

But basically, what happened is...

In February 2011, I rented a time bomb from Thrifty Car Rentals. I thought I was renting a car, that was what I booked, but Thrifty fooled me. After the first 200 kilometers the car started to fail, and my wife and I had a tough time for 15 days!

I was with my wife in Portugal and decided to rent a car with Thrifty to go to Spain. Our road trip started on a cold rainy day of winter, and the first thing to fail was the air conditioning. Have you tried to drive a car when it's cold outside without air conditioning? Well, the windshield gets dangerously foggy, and the only way to fix this is by opening the window. Thank god I was in Spain and not in Canada. It was "only" 9ºC (48º F) outside. Blood doesn't freeze at this temperature.

But that was only the beginning...

The next day I noticed that one of the tires was flat, so I filled it up. But that tire was actually losing air, permanently and gradually, so I had to do that everyday for two weeks. And the reason is because Thrifty doesn't offer assistance to their clients in Spain, even though I was only 200 kilometers away from their closest agency. They didn't offer (or accepted, after I asked) to send me a replacement car. Instead, they told me I should fix their vehicle myself!

When I finally got back to Lisbon and expressed my discontent, they didn't care much, and just offered a miserable 20% discount, as a deal to get rid of me. The amount would be refunded directly to my credit card account.

And that's when I was fooled again. I should have known they would never reimburse me. They were only trying to get rid of a complaining client before another sucker came in to burn his money away with them.

But I was still hopeful, trusting on the company and thinking that was an isolated problem when, one month Iater, I sent an e-mail through their website, at explaining what happened. Few days later they confirmed my fear when I read their answer saying that was not their problem and I should deal straight with their agency at Lisbon. As if Thrifty Portugal, at Lisbon, was not really Thrifty.

It's really disappointing. I recommend this company to be a (bad) case of study for business schools around the world.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 05/25/2011:
why would you use the air conditioner to remove fog on windows in the winter?
PepperElf on 05/25/2011:
well AC can work for that. the fog is caused because the glass has two different temperatures on each side. You can either warm it until it's completely warm, or cool it down to match the outdoors.
trmn8r on 05/25/2011:
It is caused by the temperature difference, but it isn't cooling the glass that removes the condensation, it is blowing dried air over it.

My car's air conditioner runs when the defrost is on - it mixes with the warm air.
madconsumer on 05/25/2011:
of all the vehicles I have owned, they all had a defrost setting. isn't the purpose of a defrost is to remove frost and fog from the inside of the windscreen? the vents are directly pointed to the windscreen.

trmn, correct, the defrost setting does use the ac components.
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they damaged my car!
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I'm writing with a complaint about the experience at Thrifty Rent-A-Car, and I hope someone will take this seriously.

I have used Thrifty Car Rental services a total of six times in a span of just over a year. This has been all at the same location, Orlando Airport, FL. Each time I left with a positive experience without any major issues. There was an incident during the first car rental transaction when the clerk counter failed to mention extra charges listed on the receipt. We went back and resolved them telling the clerk counter we did not need all the extra unnecessary insurance since we had our own insurance coverage. I have looked through some of the letters at and that seems to be a prevalent problem among many other consumers too. The first two times with Thrifty, I rented a car from them. The last four time I used their airport parking service. Once was the self parking service and the other three times I used the valet service.
My most recent experienced with Thrifty was about two weeks ago. I went to the location on Saturday, June 29, 2002 around 5:30 in the morning. I followed the signs toward the valet parking section and parked and got my luggage out from the car while an attendant wrote down some information from the car and handed me the ticket. I left my car keys in the car so the vale attendants could park the car. I then walked into the main area and signed the form and told the clerk when I expected to be home. I returned to the thrifty location about a week later on Monday, July 7 around 7:00 in the morning. I paid the valet clerk and saw my car through the glass being parked on the curb.
I could tell it had been raining most of the day by looking at the car. There was a lot of dirt and water marks all over. The major thing I saw that stood out were some black marks on the rear passenger side. At first I simply thought it was dirt or something else but I got closer and tried to wipe it off when I noticed they were actually scratches. The black spots were the parts where paint was scrapped from the car. The scratches were about four inches long. Right above the scratches was the red side marker lamp that was shattered. Only a few broken pieces were still attached. Also the part that holds the light was popped out of the socket so it is now partially outside the slot. I was furious. This was my new silver Lexus IS300, four dour sedan. I only got this a year ago and I have taken extremely good car of the car. That's the primary reason I used the valet service, because I felt that I was leaving my car in good hands, and the previous three times I used Thrifty, my car was returned to me the same way I had left it, with nothing wrong.
I immediately notified the clerk at the valet counter and she had the attendant who had brought the car out to see what the problem was. I pointed out the damage and then he went back inside and came back with a Polaroid camera. He took one picture and took me back inside and the clerk gave me an accident report form to fill out. I wrote down my information and handed it back. The clerk said she would place this in the box of the person in charge of claims, and that I should call her later in the morning to check on the status of the report. I took the business card with the phone number, (407) 380-1002 and took a look at the picture to make sure it accurately showed the damage I received on my car.
I got home and later called back around 10am. I spoke with the person in charge, Dana Finley, and explained to her the situation. She told me to get an estimate for the repair from three different auto shops and fax them to her. So I got two estimations that day, one was for approximately $370 and the other was about $380. The next day, July 8, I got another repair estimate, but for some reason this particular body shop wanted to charge over $600. But I took all three estimates reports, as requested, and I handed them directly to Ms. Finley at the Thrifty lobby. I asked her what I should do next, and she said to wait a few days and call back then. She was going to put the estimates in a file so that the managers could review them and decide accordingly on the amount to be paid.
I waited until Saturday, July 13, to call again. I called around 2 in the afternoon but got a voicemail, so I just left a message. I called again the next day on the 14th and spoke with Ms. Finley again. She told me that she had a chance to review it and that a check was in the mail. That's all she said so I waited patiently for the check to arrive.
The check arrived in my mailbox on July 17. However to my surprise when I opened it, the amount only read $250. This was well below the lowest estimated repair which was $373.05. I did not understand the reasoning of paying only a portion of the estimated repair costs. I called the next day on July 18 but got the voice mail box again. I left a message saying I had received the check, but there seemed to be an error, and that I would appreciate it if Ms. Finely would return my call.
I did not receive a call back, so I decided to call again on July 19 and this time I got through. I asked Ms. Finley why I was only compensated for $250 when she knew that it would cost at least $120 more to repair the damages. I had, after all, directly handed her the repair estimates. She replied that Thrifty could not know for sure whether it was one of their employees who caused the damage or a Thrifty customer. Apparently the cars that use the valet parking service are parked in the same lot as the self parking area. So, the damage might have occurred when one of the employees was moving my car or another car nearby, or another customer that was self parking his own car might have backed into it. Either way, she said, they could not be held responsible. She even said that the company paid more than they should have and the amount paid was reasonable. I then asked her what else could be done, but she replied nothing. I asked to talk to someone else, perhaps a manager, but she was the manager of the establishment and in charge of the claims department.
I am extremely unhappy with Thrifty's response to the whole situation. The entire ordeal has been very frustrating, and my car is still damaged. I hope this issue will be resolved.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: I would like Thrifty to compensate me for my losses. This means paying the remaining balance of the estimated repair costs. I have already received $250 which means there is still the amount of $123.05.

I'll definitely never rent from you again nor use your services, and you can be sure I'll steer my friends and family away from your company.

Please get back to me quickly about this issue. I hope to hear from you within 7 business days.

Thank you for taking the team to read my letter.
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Overcharged and Ignored
Posted by on
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I decided to shop price instead of Hertz, my home car rental company for many years. I chose Thrifty. It was a nightmare.

I arrived in Denver to pick up my car. It was February 6, 2010. To find my reservation, they had to use my confirmation email because they had lost it, including the credit card information I had given them in making the registration. I waited so long at the counter while they tried to find it, that the clerk gave me a bottled water! We finally just started over.

After I finally got ready to choose my upgraded car, they gave me my GPS - a plug in with a chord, not built into the car. It was new, so the counter person didn't know how to use it. I had to unpack it from its box and read the directions myself.

By this time, the clerk and I had hit it off, so we almost had a date. I never did take her up on the invitation to dinner, but she was the only good thing about Thrifty.

The car choice was not the promised upgrade as promoted to me when I made the reservation. Only 3 Hyundai Sonatas - all alike - were left. So, let's see, did I want Hyundai #1 with the yellow fabric seat covers, Hyundai #2 with the gray cloth seat covers, or Hyundai #3 with the dirty black seat covers! I chose the green one with yellow seats covers - not as garish as it sounds.

Before I left the counter, my friendly reservations specialist told me to go ahead and join the Blue Chip club before the end of my 17-day visit, because I would get a one-day refund credited at the check-out. I was surprised she hadn't asked me that during the check-in, since we had to start all over again, but I had my laptop and she gave me the website, so I thought I was all set. Yeah, right!

In Denver, unless you want to pay a fine, you have to avoid the toll roads, since its all pre-pay. Otherwise, Denver fines you $25 every time you get on, even if you didn't intend to. So, right out of the lot, I am trying to avoid the toll highway that leads away from the Denver airport. But, I can't get the GPS to give me an alternative route, so I just figure I'll take the first exit before the toll station. Well, that didn't work. I now owe Thrifty another 27.50 for my toll and fine. I got off the toll road immediately after getting on it, before the censors (I thought), but I guess not.

During the trip, the car was okay. Not as clean as I originally thought, and it was out of window washer fluid which I filled up when I took time to vacuum the car out the next day. A previous customer had left peanut shells under both front seats. I don't know, maybe the circus in town distracted the guy in charge of cleaning the car! Or, maybe it was a Republican, who knows!?

Before I turned in the car, I took time to register online for the 17th day discount by joining the Blue Chip club, but I got an email the day before I left saying the computer had been down, had lost my information, and would I please try again. Because it was just a day before taking the car back, I thought I better call customer service. I did.

After going through the usual queue of phone choices, verifying that I spoke English and all of that, I finally reached a customer service representative. She said she couldn't help. The computer was down and I would just have to try again. So, I did, assuming that I might get the chance the next day when returning the car to see my girlfriend at the counter and assure my 17th day discount. I also filled the car with gas before I went to bed the night before, as I was supposed to do.

When I returned the car, the place wasn't even open. It was 6:30AM and the only person at Thrifty to talk to me was the person receiving cars. I felt sorry for her. She could not speak English. So, figuring I would have to deal with this later, I just took my ticket from her hand-held computer, and walked to the bus and went to my plane.

Before I boarded the plane, I called Thrifty. As it turns out, I guess Oklahoma (Thrifty headquarters) wasn't open yet, so I got no help. Later in the day, however, I tried again and got the response that they would send me a Blue Chip discount for my next 17-day trip! Lovely.

I have since written two emails and one letter and heard nothing. I have never been able to join the Blue Chip club. And, would you believe that, in reviewing this file, I just noticed that they charged me for $50 extra for 20 gallons of gasoline, as if I had NOT filled the tank! The person who couldn't speak English had asked me if I had filled it. I said yes, but she must have marked "no."

Anyone out there know someone better than Thrifty?

Glen Cooper
Portland, Maine
207-775-1957 x105 (leave me a message)

Oh, and P.S. NOTE TO THRIFTY: A Hyundai Sonata only has a 17-gallon tank!
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Thrifty Car Rental Deceptive Practices
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I was a walk up rental customer having the ability to choose many other car rental options at Orlando Airport Site. I chose Thrifty.
I told the agent I was looking for an economical car for a two day rental. I also stated I DID NOT WANT THE ADDITIONAL INSURANCE COVERAGE OFFERED BY THRIFTY... KNOWING MY OWN COVERAGE WAS ENOUGH. She came back offering a much larger SUV (not what I was looking for) and an offer (a "special" for that day) of the additional insurance being "INCLUDED" WITH THE DAILY RENTAL CHARGE.

I AGAIN SAID ..I DO NOT NEED THE ADDITIONAL INSURANCE. She said it was a special deal along with trip saver( a form of AAA coverage @ $5.99 per day).... I was not going to argue.

Turns out I did actually pay for the "LDW1" coverage @ 24.99 per day, and the tripsaver coverage @ 5.99 per day... over and above the rental cost. Looking back I realize the agent watched me closely as I initialed the circled charges which was an acceptance of these charges .. Unbeknownst to me! Their "codes" for these services were not explained on purpose!!!

I was lied to and treated with deceptive practices. The codes they use for these insurance charges are not explained and even if you state EXACTLY what you want they deceive you.
I tried several customer service complaints to Thrifty.. they all stated because I signed the form and initialed the charges the bill was valid and they would not remove the charges of $49.98 and 11.98 ...




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User Replies:
MaggieMcT on 09/27/2009:
So, you didn't read what you were initialling, did you? Which doesn't excuse anyone for misleading you, but still, it's your responsibility to read anything you sign. I'd chalk it up as a learning experience.
Eloise on 09/27/2009:
MaggieMcT's got a great point. Always read a contract before you sign your name to it. I'ts always better to be proactive rather than reactive.
Anonymous on 09/27/2009:
No company explains their codes or 'office speak' to customers. Nor should they. However, what was the TOTAL cost overall? Was it the total two day rental price plus taxes at a discount rate as you were offered?

EX: Rental 2 days regular price no insurance $150.00

Special: Rental 2 days with insurance $125

If you accept the lower cost, the insurance is included at regular price and the rental itself is lowered to accommodate the cost of the coverage, which MUST be on the contract to apply.

You also stated you didn't argue. If you paid less than the regular overall price, there was no reason to. If you paid MORE, then you are at fault for NOT arguing.
Fufu487 on 09/27/2009:
I have to agree with Op here. She stated she did not want the insurance, and ended up paying it anyway. They used codes that would not outline the conditions where she signed. I would be upset too. If I specified I didn't want something, and they threw it on anyway and charged me for it, I'd be fuming
Anonymous on 09/27/2009:
Fu, you aren't understanding, and the OP isn't clarifying.
trp2hevn on 09/27/2009:
Maybe they lowered the price of the rental for the exact same amount of the coverage. If so, then you didn't pay any extra, but still got the benefit of the coverage. If that is what happened then the agent also made commission on the coverage.
"Their "codes" for these services were not explained on purpose!!!" Maybe it wasn't on purpose! Why didn't you ask what 'LDW1' means? It's Loss Damage Waiver. The '1' will mean what level of coverage you are getting. I think credit card companies use these same codes when you ask about your credit card rental coverage. Do you know what the price would have been without the "(a "special" for that day)"? Probably would have been the same amount. Maybe next time you could try some of the smaller off airport companies.
Anonymous on 09/27/2009:
TRP, that's what I was trying t explain. Thanks.
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Don't Rent from Thrifty or Dollar Rent a Car in Asbury NJ if your smart
Posted on
ASBURY PARK, NEW JERSEY -- THRIFTY/DOLLAR RENTAL CAR- ASBURY PARK, EATONTOWN NJ-NEVER AGAIN NOT IF IT WAS THE LAST AGENCY AROUND!!! I am so disgusted with this company and the experience that I have had with it. I rented through Thrifty through a very nice girl out of one of the other offices. When I rented I was told that I would have to go through Dollar Rental car in Asbury Park because it was closer. I called them because I rented with them in the past in Florida and had a great experience. I had an accident and my insurance was paying for it. I easily could have gone through Enterprise because that was who my insurance company suggested but chose Thrifty. Upon renting I found out that I would be charged $5 a day as well as tax on the amount because my insurance company wasn't covering that part. Needless to say Enterprise told me that they would not have done this as well I called the insurance company and they told me that most agencies waive this fee. I also rented in the past when I had an accident through Enterprise and was not charged these fees...anyhow this was the least of my problems so it seems. I got in the vehicle and it was disgustingly dirty, the window was hard to see through and when I tried to use the washer fluid it was empty. There were crumbs and hair all over the place it was obviously not cleaned. As well I checked the oil level and it said it was extremely low. When I called the office I was told that they were trying to give me a nicer car therefore they did not have time to clean it and put the fluid in and that they did not think it was that dirty. They stated to me that the oil level was fine but I personally know it was not. After driving the car for some time it seemed as though one of the tires was low and when I called about this they told me that was fine as well. Day 9 of my rental I was very sick leaving the store and had a friend drive me a half mile home. As soon as I got home I got a call from the "owner" being extremely rude telling me that he saw someone else driving "HIS CAR" and that I was in breech of contract and I explained the situation to him because I was ill and was vomiting. He told me that he will now be charging me an extra $150 on top of what they are already charging me and that was him "BEING NICE because he could charge me $400" I again explained that it was an emergency and I was not in the position to drive. I told him that this was also not explained to me when I signed the paperwork and that KEITH the person who did the paperwork with me didn't say that. He then proceeded to tell me that he was Keith and I told him that a few minutes earlier he told me he was the owner, Dave. He then told me that he wants his car back between 9 and 12 then next day or he will be calling the police to file a police report for a stolen vehicle if I do not return it. The whole experience has been horrible. I would NEVER rent from them again I would rather be without a car and walk. As now I am without a vehicle because my car is not yet done being fixed. I would like to say that you catch more bees with honey and had he been a little nicer and had a little more customer service skills I would not even be writing this review. I am disgusted with not only the vehicle but the treatment I received from this company.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 07/25/2009:
Enterprise seems to have special contracts with car insurance companies which is why other companies charge extra fees. This deal goes way back to when Enterprise did not have lots of airport locations and depended on the non-tourist market to pay the bills.

I also think you will find that most car rental companies do not allow extra drivers without extra fees, regarless of the reasoning. If you were taking the risk of renting a car to someone who recently had a wreck, you might feel nervous too. I am sure the local guy could have been more tactfull, though. I am guessing you live in a small community if the rental car owner could not only recognize one of his cars, but could tell that the driver was not the customer on the contract. If y'all are that close, maybe there is more to the story?
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Worst Ever
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOBBY AIRPORT HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I reserve a premium full size vehicle from thirty online to be pick up when I arrived in Houston, at Hobby airport. I also call them to confirm that they would have one not leaving anything to chance and they said they did. Well when I arrived they had only a Dodge challenger which had been in an accident and they pretended they didn't know it and gave me a Chevy SUV captiva which was too small. No GPS or good radio. I reserve a premium car and got some trash for my money and they gone tell me that the Chevy SUV was equal to a premium. It was too damn small for someone over 6 feet. Very disappointed and feel cheated!
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Watch Your Credit Card Charges
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KAHULUI, HAWAII -- We rented a Jeep for our week in Maui. The rental agent ran my husband's debit card and told him that he didn't qualify for the rental. She then ran my card, on the same account, and said I did qualify. Didn't think much of it until that night and I checked our online banking, they charged BOTH of our cards for the rental! $431 each!!!!

I called Thrifty the next morning. The manager said she would look into it and call me back. I have YET to hear from her. I called Thrifty EVERY day of my vacation trying to get answers but NEVER got to speak with anyone. I did receive a voicemail from the manager asking me to call her back but she was never there when I called. The charges did get taken care of but management never let me know. My bank was actually the one to notify me the double charge was taken care of. But it wasn't fixed until after we got back.

We had to cancel some reservations for some things because we "lost" the $431 at the start of our trip. Very disappointed with management. Seems like a nice scam they have going on. Be very careful if you rent with Thrifty. WATCH the CHARGES on you cards!!!
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User Replies:
yoke on 11/20/2013:
The second charge may have been a deposit that gets taken off when the car is returned. I have had it happen to my credit card in the past with car rental places.
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Thrifty's Excessive "Administrative" Charges for Tolls on E-470
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
DAYTON, OHIO -- When we rented a car from Thrifty for a 2-week trip, we asked at the counter for detailed information on toll charges. We expected to travel on E-470 around Denver, which we knew allowed ONLY electronic payment of tolls. The explanation at the rental desk was that we could pay either a flat $71.98 for 2 weeks of tolls, or pay the actual tolls plus a $15 administrative fee. Since we planned only 1 trip around E-470, the $15 charge seemed like a much better deal and that was what we elected.

Unfortunately, when the bill came over 2 months later, Thrifty charged us $15 FOR EACH TOLL PLAZA WE PASSED during the 47 mile trip, adding an extra $60 to the actual toll of $15.95.
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Crooks! They Over Charged and Under Deliver!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
N CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I scheduled a reservation for a vehicle with the intention that they were located in the airport I was arriving at. When I arrived I discovered that they in fact were NOT located in the airport as advertised. I contact them and they sent a shuttle to come pick me up. When I got there I was informed that there was a charge for the shuttle even though they failed to mention this prior.

After being hounded by the customer service lady, I was talked into buying their insurance even though I said no 3 times. Then they charged my debit card an additional $150.00 for deposit instead of having it show as a pending charge. I had to contact my bank to dispute the charge that they wanted to wait 2+ weeks to refund back to me. Someone needs to investigate this company. They are holding people's money and refunding it when they are good and ready. THEY ARE CROOKS!!!
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