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Confusing Website/No Customer Service for Purchases made in error
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Website was very confusing. When searching for Disney Orlando tickets, resulting search results brought up Disneyland, and I ordered tickets. I did not realize this was not in Orlando and website did not clearly identify as such. When I called the TicketsAtWork customer service number to confirm how to pick up tickets, I was told then that this was for CA not FL. However purchases are non-refundable and no accommodatations were available to reverse the purchase or exchange them, and as tickets were in our name, could not be sold or given to anyone else. An appeal to a manager provided no alternatives.
So buyer beware, the website is very confusing, the purchases are not clearly presented and the company does not accommodate correcting when purchases are not what the consumer wanted.
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drugdoc121 on 06/20/2011:
I always thought Disneyland was California and Disney World was Florida. If you say the results brought up Disneyland- that would be California. However, this name and location association may not be common knowledge. It's a shame they did not make it clear for those who may be unaware of the difference. If the tickets have not been printed yet, maybe escalate the issue to management and see if they can assist?
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