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Tiger Direct
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TigerDirect's bogus Multiple UPS Tracking Number scam
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On May 12th, I placed an order with TigerDirect.com for a refurbished printer, a refurbished MP3 player, A Micro SD card with adapter and a cable (USB) for the printer. I received shipping notification the next day, with a total of three Tracking Numbers for UPS. Although it seemed a bit odd to me that TigerDirect would ship two separate 1 lb boxes for a small MP3 player, 6-foot printer cable and Micro SD card with adapter.

Now comes the part where things really get interesting. On May 18th, I receive one large box, obviously containing the refurbished printer. I question the UPS Delivery man very closely, telling him I am expecting *multiple* boxes: one large and two small. The UPS man tells me there is only ONE package on the truck for me -- that he is certain of this. I ask again if he is quite sure there are no smaller boxes that might have been overlooked and he assures me that this is the only package for me that he has received.

He requests that I sign, which I do, thinking that perhaps the other items I'd ordered might have shipped separately and would arrive the next day, or may have been packed in with the printer. The first thing I do, before opening the printer box is to check the Shipped Order email -- and am quite astonished to find ONE tracking number has been applied to the ENTIRE order. I open the printer box and check everything very carefully. Contents are the printer, cartridges, phone cord and AC adapter, manual, software installation CD and packing materials. The other three items ordered which, with shipping, come to a total of about $50 US are nowhere to be found.

I immediately contact TigerDirect via telephone and speak with a tech named ** who tells me "UPS probably has the rest of your order, or there has been some sort of mix up". He sounds very nice, very helpful and tells me he is contacting "the Department which handles these things." I ask him how long it will be before the problem is resolved, as I need the cable in order to test or use the printer. He assures me that the matter will be investigated and I will be contacted "in three to five days".

I or my partner take turns watching for the UPS truck, which never arrives. I let a full week go by and contact ** at his extension. His attitude with me is now quite different. He takes a cavalier tone and tells me "UPS says they delivered your entire order." I tell him that I am not a liar and furthermore, that this does not appear to be the fault of UPS. I become less than friendly with him and inform him that I am sitting here with a printer that I am unable to use without the cable I paid for and never received.

The player and SD card were meant to be a gift for a friend's birthday -- which occurred five days ago. ** informs me he will "expedite" the process and is contacting the department "that handles these things." I ask ** if I might speak directly with someone in the department and am informed that "no one in the department speaks directly with the public."

I tell ** that I want an ETA for when I will be hearing back from TigerDirect and when my other merchandise will be received. He tells me he will call me back or I will be contacted in email. I ask him when I might expect that call or email. He tells me on Thursday or Friday, at the latest. I received neither. It is now early Monday morning (Memorial Day) and I sent complaint information to Tiger Direct when I sensed that ** was being less than honest with me.

I forwarded the Shipping email I'd received on May 13th and pointed out that two of the three tracking numbers not only indicated that some items had never left the warehouse, but somewhat mysteriously the tracking number associated with the printer would indicate (by weight) that one of the missing items would be the printer.
If I were a dishonest person, I'd tell them my printer had never been shipped -- the UPS tracking numbers indicate that Billing information had been received from the Shipper but what was associated with the tracking numbers never left Tiger Direct's warehouse.

I point this out clearly in my letter of complaint and sent a politely insulting letter inferring that I have received the entire shipment and am a liar and a thief. I send this letter back with comments requesting that someone with intelligence and logic actually track two of the three Tracking numbers, which *still* (now May 31st) indicate the remainder of my shipment is sitting in a warehouse. $50 may not seem like a lot of money, but when I order and a business takes my money, I expect them to ship my order rather than giving me a run-around. To date, I've received nothing but an auto-answer to the last email I sent.

The next step I'm taking is to contact the Florida BBB, who has had many complaints about Tiger Direct. And so, I urge the person who ordered two laptops and only received one to retrieve the original Order Shipment email and take a good look at the tracking numbers. This is Tiger Direct either being utterly inept or running a deliberate scam on consumers.

The UPS information is clear proof that it was not UPS who dropped the ball. One way or another, I will either get all of the merchandise I paid for, or TigerDirect will refund the balance of money owed to me. They have lied to me, cast doubt on my character, ignored my request to review and resolve the obvious problem caused by claiming to have shipped under three different tracking numbers while using only one and applying it to the entire order and failed to deliver on any of their "promises".

In any case, I used to think positively of TigerDirect, but now cannot recommend this company to *anyone* and, once this problem is resolved, will never order from them again. It is not such a bargain when you are ripped off for $50 or even $5.00, let alone hundreds of dollars. This company needs to be taken to task. I have kept my original "Shipped Order" email and downloaded all that data pertaining to the tracking numbers. Had I known what sort of questionable practices TigerDirect was known for, I would have refused delivery of the printer and demanded my entire order be fulfilled before signing off on *anything*.

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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Thank you for responding - it is my intent to not waste any more time than the several hours that I have already in attempting to correct this matter. Your offer of returning this is generous but I have spent way too much time on this matter already and I am not wasting any more of my time for this $18 fiasco.

Secondly, this offer that was advertised disappeared within 24 hours of my purchase. So you folks permitted this company to advertise something that no longer was available - thus deceiving people - and thus is why I bought these duffel bags. It is one thing for a company to ceases their promotions but to do it within a 12 hour period of time is almost amazing in the timing. Had I known that I would not get the $30 discount for my next purchase I would not have bought the $18 duffel bags. That was the bargain.

I am going to go on Social Sites and I have checked with the Better Business Bureau. It appears you folks have several hundreds of complaints on file. So I shall deter folks from making the same error that I did with these third party discounts. I do understand things change, but your staff was rude and abrasive and the ad should have been pulled not advertised if it was not available. The least your firm should do is honor the $30 discount in lieu of the unusual circumstances.

Respectfully - to go and spend more time on this matter is ludicrous. After being on hold for an hour on 2 occasions and then speaking to someone so abrasive it really isn't worth doing business with such an insensitive firm to their customers. So thank you but no thank you. I will just communicate to future consumers my experience and possibly sway them from having a bad experience as I have had with your firm. Thank you - a very Unhappy Patron.

TigerDirect-First Purchase, Never Again!
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I'm sorry, but have not had a very good buying experience on my first purchase from TigerDirect. I placed an online order for a digital clock on 8/4 was processed on 8/7 and shipped on 8/14, I know sometimes there is a lag in processing but 10 days after the order was placed. When the item arrived (8/20) 1. Was packed in a plastic shipping bag with no bubble pack around the item. 2. The digital read out was not working correctly (might be due to damaged box, so obviously banged around during shipping).

I reported this to TigerDirect that evening, had to wait till end of week for RMA #. Took some time off of work to send the faulty item back on 8/26 and the vendor received it on 9/3. I just sent an email to TigerDirect asking when they will ship my exchanged item. They did not give me an eta, at that point I requested a cancellation and credit back on my visa card this morning. Have not received any reply back, it is currently a month since I placed the order and the transaction has not been completed yet. So this little order which Amazon, Newegg and Rakuten would take care of in a matter of a week or two (ie: shipping and deal with a return).

They also ship the exchange with a return shipping label so you just put the faulty unit in the box and place the label on it and ship. TigerDirect, you have to wait for an RMA #, ship it back. Then wait till they receive, then they ship the exchange. Amazon, Newegg and Rakuten have nothing to worry about in regards to TigerDirect as a competitor. Speed of service is poor and customer service responds but really does nothing. Oh well live and learn, never again will I deal with this mom and pop shop.

Resolution Update 09/07/2013:

Update: TigerDirect has just responded to my request to cancel the return/exchange and credit back to my visa card.

Company Response 09/09/2013:

We are terribly sorry for the bad experience at our retail stores and would like to make this right for you. Please contact us at customersatisfaction@help.tigerdirect.com at your earliest convenience and we'll make sure you're satisfied with our service. Once again we do apologize for this experience.

Worst company - screwed a $10,000 customer
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Purchased 20 desktop machines in the last 3 years from TigerDirect. We gave over 10 references to other companies about their machines and in total gave them over $10,000 of business. I called today for the first time regarding 2 of my machines purchased 13 months ago together on the same order simply did not turn on because of some faulty equipment. We are a small company so calling tech support in the middle of your work day is not easy unless it's urgent. After 40 minutes on the phone with the support staff, I was transferred to **, the supervisor.

Simply put he said nothing personal but "we can't help you since you are calling 20 days after the warranty expired." I've been a customer for over 4 years now and always always purchased all my machines from them without promotions or coupons. I felt really hurt that companies like this exist where they would give a crap about customers. I told him "I will pay you money if that's what you need, because that's all you care about," and ** specifically said "No, it's not about the money".... at the end of the conversation, he told me the amount needed to charge and I told myself, it's always about the money for these crooked companies.

I told the supervisor that I will go out of my way to let the world know about this service and needless to say I regret purchasing every single piece of equipment from your company. I hope this complaint gets read by millions of people and hope this company goes under real soon. There is one unwritten rule in businesses, do not mess with die hard customers who will go out of their way for you and out of their way to not be with you.

TigerDirect is selling refurbished/used laptops as new!!!
By -

After spending $36,000 at TigerDirect, giving them chance after chance, this time they really did it! I purchased 5 top of the line laptops this year alone. The last order before this one, a Toshiba at a cost of almost $2000. The laptop was a different model than I ordered, and came with a broken wireless network adapter. I am a computer engineer at the highest level so fortunately, I can diagnose my own problems. I also paid for a warranty that I never received, and after calling, they removed it from my invoice. My evidence is in my credit card statements.

The other day was my birthday and awaited delivery of the top configured Toshiba Qosmio (the 505-880 model) with a total price of $2100. The box came beat up, and when opened it was not wrapped like Toshiba typically does. I turned it on, and no setup or anything. I went to the log, and saw that Windows was already registered and had been getting regular updates for a year, and there were many boot failures dating back all the way to a year. I contacted TigerDirect and they hung up on me 3 times, and gave me a UPS return label to an address no longer in existence.

The one manager **, told me to never call back again, that I was not a Ph. D. in computer science, which I am, and they weren't going to give me my money back nor would they let me speak to the sales manager, ** (in charge of all other managers). After all the money I spent with them, I had never been so disrespected. I will be taking them to court in spite of if they refund my credit card. I contacted Microsoft and Toshiba, both in shock. They are a complete fraudulent company. Date of purchase 6/11/2010.

By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- On December 13, 2005 I ordered a Western Digital hard drive for a total of $98.98. I paid using my PayPal account, and had them use my credit card. The hard drive was a Christmas present for my father. On December 17 I checked the status of the hard drive online, not having received any email about it shipping. The status was that it was backordered.

I called the 800 number given on the TigerDirect Website and waited in queue for 25 minutes before reaching someone. I was informed that the hard drive was expected at the end of the month. I cancelled the order and was told my money would be refunded immediately. (BTW, I got a Seagate hard drive from New Egg in time for Xmas. Love them.)

In the flurry before Christmas, I didn't pay attention to the refund from TigerDirect. After New Year's I turned my attention back to the everyday nitty gritty. Like prying my money out of TigerDirect. I called on Jan 3 to inquire about my refund. When you call the 800 number you reach their automated voice system. They never provide an option to speak to a real person. I experimented in trying to reach someone and found that if I say the words "talk to someone" you get put in queue. That day I was in queue for 20 minutes, then disconnected. I called back and hung in for 25 minutes to get to someone.

I was informed that my money was refunded on December 27 to PayPal. I had checked my PayPal account prior to my calling TigerDirect, nothing there. I've used PayPal for years and they've always performed transactions in almost real time. But I decided to call PayPal and check.

I call PayPal, and was told nothing was received from TigerDirect. They give me another number to call at Tiger, but it reaches the same voice system. This time I decide to use the ordering something option and see if I could get a real person sooner and take it from there. Well, I did but I ended up on the phone for another 45 minutes between being in queue and being transferred - before reaching someone who was supposed to help me. What a rude jerk. This is still all on Jan 3.

The guy tells me that my money was refunded, but since I'm complaining they'd start the refund process again. I questioned that strategy and tried to get a supervisor. I was told speaking to a supervisor wasn't possible and that this was the way it worked. Basically that I was a jerk and my money (supposedly already refunded) would be refunded in 24 hours. I asked for a direct phone number to call back if I didn't get the money. He gave me a number and an extension.

I then went onto PayPal and filed a dispute for this transaction. I have filed a dispute with the credit card company, and I have filed a complaint with the FL BBB (which Tiger does not belong to.) And I'm posting complaints to forums like this. I have given them a couple of days, and checked PayPal today, Jan 9, 2006. No money. I called TigerDirect again and tried the extension Mr Jerk had given me. Guess what, it didn't work. What a surprise!

I called the 800 number and got through to ** in less than 15 minutes! Woohoo! ** told me that she would start the refund process and send the request to the one person who handles PayPal transactions. The refund would take 3 to 5 days. I questioned her about the process supposedly already started on Jan 3, and why that didn't work out; and for that matter why the supposed refund of Dec 27 didn't work. ** didn't know and had no record of my other calls.

According to **, the way the process works is that they refund the money to PayPal and PayPal is then responsible to let me know they have it. Aaah, yeah. I know that. My problem is that the money is not getting to PayPal. It's been almost a month now. Well, ** didn't want me to speak because obviously I didn't understand how the process worked. I think I do. I think that TigerDirect, just like Overstock.com, just likes to get money - they don't like to provide the product or give you your money back.

So it'll be interesting to see what happens as a result of all disputes and complaints I've filed. And I'll keep calling TigerDirect, just to see what they come up with next. PS. Don't buy from them.

Update 1/10/2006. I have been informed by PayPal that my money has been refunded. So, it took a little over 3 weeks to get a refund that should've happened within days. On top of the delay is the sheer frustration of dealing with TigerDirect customer service. If I put a dollar amount to the hours spent on them, I squandered more than the original hard drive cost.

Sells Unavailable Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

On 6/14/15 they sent me an e-mail for a network attached storage system. I placed an order which they claimed was in stock and then three days later said it was back-ordered. I asked for a cancellation to which they agreed. I contacted the FTC about their shady business dealings:

  1. Selling "in stock" merchandise which they do not have in stock.
  2. Not stating the length of the delay such as two weeks, a month, etc.
  3. Not offering a cancellation option without a 15 minute phone "Ordeal" waiting for a human to cancel my order.
    I advise readers not to do business with this company.
Update 06/19/2015:

I got my cancellation but they are still a shady business which does not deserve to stay in business. A reputable business would not say in stock when it is not in stock.

Absolutely Unacceptable Service
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Rating: 1/51

TigerDirect is by far one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. On May 25, I placed an order for 10 HP ProBooks. As of today, June 16, I have not only failed to receive my products, but I have been lied to by multiple TigerDirect representatives. After continuously expressing the urgency needed to get my order shipped, I was put in contact with multiple so-called “supervisors”. Several of them lied to me and said that my order would be shipped out that day or the next, and that I would receive an email with tracking information.

I have yet to receive any shipping details, and the only confirmation I have received from TigerDirect is that my order has not been shipped and there are no updates. One of the “supervisors” informed me that the customer service department has no way of calling the warehouse, but instead only communicates via email.

How can a company stay in business when it is operating this way? I placed my order nearly a month ago, and yet it has still not even shipped. The complete lack of honesty and respect I have experienced has left me with an extremely bitter taste in my mouth. The failure of service provided by TigerDirect is absolutely unacceptable, and I will never again give the company a fraction of my business.

Purchase of Laptop Computer
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I ordered a laptop computer from TigerDirect on June 7th with guaranteed delivery by June 12th. Have called them several times to see why I have not received my order. Only to be told that my order is processing and that they are backed up on their warehouse.

Then they tell me that they are moving the warehouse to Georgia to more centralize their operation. On June 15th they told me that my order should be shipped sometime this week. Their customer service is the worst I have ever seen. The only thing they have done is make one excuse after another. They said they will give me free shipping but can't do express shipping because the order is in processing and has been processing for one week.

THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. This is the very last time I will ever do business with this company. I suggest that anyone thinking about doing business with this company rethink their choice. There are much better companies to spend your hard earned money with.

Total Scam
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Rating: 1/51

TigerDirect sells items that does not have in stock. And they mailed me any item they want, it is up to their opinion of what I need and what I don't need. 10 Years ago this company was fine and now after this company moved overseas. It became a scammer and cheater and fraud. They even refused to cancel my order even if they did not ship it yet. I sent them 7 emails in 5 days requesting cancellation but I got no respond. I contacted PayPal and in 3 ways call with PayPal and TigerDirect, I requested cancellation and money back, but nothing happened. Bunch of liars, jerks. Stay away, it is nothing but a headache.

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