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Bad Service
By -

I recently purchased a hard drive from these people and it was defective. Purchased 11-16-09 received about 1 week later I left for vacation and when I returned and installed the drive within 3 weeks the windows detected bad clusters, the drive was bad. I called the drive manufacture and they suggested I call the place I purchased it from because or I will have to pay for shipping and special packing material to return it for a warranty replacement. So I called TigerDirect and they said: "It's been past 30 days so we can't help you, all we can do is refer you to the manufacturer. (Western Digital)"

When I explained about the shipping and packaging cost they said "we can't do anything about that." I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told "the supervisor can't help you with that issue either." So I said "I want to speak to them about their policy" and was again told "they can'€™t help you with that issue." So I said "I want to talk to a supervisor" and they asked "for what reason?" I said "to file a complaint" and they again said "they can'€™t help you with that." I said "in other words you are not going to let me talk to a supervisor are you?" And she said (**) "€œThey can't help you with that issue."€

I again said "€œcan I speak to a supervisor yes or no?"€ And again was told "they can't help you with that issue!" So I guess the answer is NO. I was told to email or write a letter to them "€œgo to our website and click on contact us then support." I did and what do you know there'€™s no option for filing a complaint. I guess complaints are not of any importance to this company.

I even looked up the corporate office number and was lucky I found it 305-415-2200 and called and asked the operator for the email of a person to file a complaint and was told to hold on and was rudely transferred to a computerized voice mail. I left a message will see if anyone calls back my guess is probably not. I will never buy anything from these people ever again and I will let all my friends know how bad there service is..

Poor service
By -

I ordered a computer online from TigerDirect on February 21st 2008 and paid for the purchase with through my PayPal account. Five days after I ordered the computer I got a e-mail stating the product shipped and I should be getting a tracking number. I waited three more days and never received the tracking number, so I called to TigerDirect and spoke with a customer service rep named ** and she advised me the order was canceled because they did not have the parts. What surprised me was the fact that no one contacted me to advise me of this, oddly even though I received the e-mail stating it was processed.

This rep then transferred me to another rep you placed a new order for me, supposedly using the same authorization of $1080 that was processed through PayPal. I called back two days later and was advised that I could not use the same authorization code and I needed to recharge the new purchase amount to my account, which I could not afford since they still had the original pending from my account ($1080). I contacted my bank and they advised me that I needed to have TigerDirect fax a letter stating the order was canceled so I could get the funds released, otherwise it holds to my account for 30 days.

I emailed back and asked again for them to fax the release of funds and got a response from ** stating that the issue was with PayPal. I told her she needed to just fax the letter to my bank and I gave her the phone number and case number and reminded her that it was not to be submitted to PayPal. I then received a email back from ** advising me I need to re-read my previous emails telling me there is nothing they can do about it (which a simple fax two weeks ago would have resolved my issue).

I need TigerDirect to know I do not appreciate the irrelevant and condescending tone I received from them. They should have called me to advise the order was canceled and then they could have cooperated with me in regards to getting the pending charge released. I still do not have access to my funds, I have missed out on several sales on their website and again I feel like they do not care that I cannot spend my money. The list of names are of TigerDirect employees I have communicated with and all I want is my funds released and I would appreciate the opportunity to purchase my items at the previous sale price.

Just to list a few, why weren't any of them able to fax a simple letter? Why is it that a 10 year customer of the company, who has been a promoter with my professional and personal contacts gets the treatment I received.

Consumer sues TigerDirect / OnRebate over no rebate.

A Texas consumer has filed a class-action lawsuit against Port Washington-based computer products seller Systemax Inc. and two subsidiaries alleging they schemed to dupe customers out of advertised rebates. Systemax called the suit "completely frivolous and without merit." "All consumers who properly complete the rebate application and submit the required paperwork have their rebates paid, period," said **, chief financial officer of Systemax.

The suit, filed Oct. 18 in federal district court in Brooklyn, accuses Systemax and its TigerDirect and OnRebate subsidiaries of conspiring to delay or deny rebates after customers applied for them. The companies "routinely failed to comply with their own deadlines" of processing rebates within a promised eight to 12 weeks, the suit alleges, a practice that it claims allowed Systemax to "enjoy undeserved profits in the form of interest and un-cashed rebate checks."

The suit was filed by **, a Texas resident who in November bought a 400MHz computer from with an advertised $40 rebate. According to his lawsuit: ** promptly mailed in all the rebate materials and, after two months, had not heard from OnRebate. He sent an e-mail Jan. 24 inquiring about the rebate. In a Feb. 28 response, OnRebate said it had not received all the necessary materials to process his form. In March, the company refused to send the rebate, saying ** had missed the cutoff date, according to the suit, which lists several other alleged instances of consumers being denied rebates.

The suit takes issue with the company's promotional claims touting services that "streamline the rebate process, increasing customer satisfaction." ** said, "The overwhelming majority of consumers who apply for rebates have them processed accordingly and in due course and are happy with the process." ** was traveling this week and could not be reached. His lawyers didn't respond to calls seeking comment.

TigerDirect Really Gone Downhill
By -

MIAMI, FL -- My husband and I bought a computer and a warranty that included in home repair from TigerDirect. During the warranty period, the hard drive went bad. We called TigerDirect and they referred us to Bankers Warranty Group for repair. Bankers Warranty Group referred us to Capital Computer Service for repair. They gave us a phone number for Capital that is non-functioning.

After many weeks of calling both TigerDirect and Bankers Warranty Group, we still don't have our computer repaired. People from both entities repeatedly told us they would call us back and didn't. We are now forced to have the computer fixed on our own. All that money down the drain. TigerDirect used to be a reputable company. Now they sell bad computers and warranty services that they cannot provide. I used to recommend them to friends... now I say stay away from this company.

TigerDirect Sold Defective Laptop Would Not Return
By -

TORONTO, ONTARIO CANADA -- I recently purchased an Acer 8940G notebook computer for $1400 from's Canadian outlet located on Woodbine Avenue in Markham, Ontario. While comparing this model against a similar one manufactured by HP, the salesperson told me that the Acer product was better and I took his advice.

I got the computer home, turned it on, and immediately noticed that the screen was displaying strange characters and the computer was crashing frequently. Windows 7 produced an error message advising me that the display driver had stopped responding and the system would freeze. I packed the system up and took it back to the Markham store to demand an exchange or refund. The salesperson at the store offered me an inferior product because they were out of stock of the model I had purchased and told me that to return the notebook I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee, even though the computer is defective.

I complained and the manager had a technician look at my system. The technician told me that there was nothing wrong with the computer but it was a Windows problem and I would just have to wait for Microsoft to release an updated display driver. The technician further went on to imply that I should have expected problems since I bought a system running Windows 7. Frankly, I don't care who's fault it is, I bought a computer which was supposed to work correctly and it doesn't. Acer does not offer a driver for this computer which supports Windows 7 and TigerDirect ripped me off. Don't let it happen to you. Avoid TigerDirect like the plague.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

I purchased a Gateway computer from them on August 29, 2009. It arrived within a week. After getting it all set up I was so happy and then turned it on and it DIDN'T FREAKING WORK!!!! Had to schlep this two 3 avenues in New York on a roll cart (not fun) to send it back. They wouldn't send another until it was received. I then get a notice it was received and another will be shipped. Then another notice that it's on back order. Then another notice it will be shipped on Sept. 14th and then another on Sept. 18th and then another on Sept. 24th.

On Sept. 21st I got an email that it is cancelled because they are not making them. In the meantime they have not refunded me the money so I can purchase elsewhere. BEWARE of this company and don't order ANYTHING from them. They are completely ridiculous and don't seem to care that I've spent thousands in the past few years. I will never use them again.

Where did TigerDirectSucks dot org go?
By -

FLORIDA -- For anyone looking for TigerDirectSucks dot org, I checked my GoDaddy status the other day when I saw that it had been redirected to GoDaddy wrote me back telling me that TD filed legal action and was awarded ownership of my domain. I had no idea any of this was taking place.

I guess having an opinion about a documented case is legal justification for losing a domain. Looks like they might have done the same thing with the .net domain. Just be aware of the type of company you're dealing with. They were afraid of the truth for a reason. A good reason. For them, the truth sucks. TigerDirect Sucks!

Total Scam
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Rating: 1/51

TigerDirect sells items that does not have in stock. And they mailed me any item they want, it is up to their opinion of what I need and what I don't need. 10 Years ago this company was fine and now after this company moved overseas. It became a scammer and cheater and fraud. They even refused to cancel my order even if they did not ship it yet. I sent them 7 emails in 5 days requesting cancellation but I got no respond. I contacted PayPal and in 3 ways call with PayPal and TigerDirect, I requested cancellation and money back, but nothing happened. Bunch of liars, jerks. Stay away, it is nothing but a headache.

Bad Customer Service!!
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I ordered and paid for a battery for my son's laptop on 6/17/13 from TigerDirect and the tech clerk check availability and it was in stock and I would have it in a few days. I returned to the store 2 weeks later to find out status of my order (sales order# **) and was told it was on backorder and there was no ETA?? At that time the tech clerk said I could not cancel order or request my money back.

I went back again three weeks later and was told the vendor never received TigerDirect order and my battery would ship overnight and of course charge TigerDirect. On 7/27/13 when the battery finally arrived I pick it up and come to find out the battery did not function?? Again 2 days later back to TigerDirect and they had to order which up to today there is no... ETA... Again I spoke to the tech clerk who explained there was nothing he could do!! I spoke to woman tech clerk would tried to help but explained she was not familiar with the department?

I spoke to one of the store manager who started out not so nice but I explained to him I was the customer and deserved to be treated with respect. My son is leaving for college and doesn't have the battery for his laptop. Very upset about the whole situation. I hope this gives you an insight of the way TigerDirect does their business. I will never a single thing from this company ever again!!

Company Response 08/14/2013:

I apologize for the inconvenience. Please email me at with your name and phone number, and a copy of this post. I will be happy to try to resolve this for you.

Bait and Switch
By -

INTERNET -- order #**. I ordered an Asus Open Box laptop and discovered the item was "not available" several days later. When I called to get an update, I was informed the laptop would no longer be available and I would have to order another brand. Is this a Bait And Switch or what? Needing a laptop, I authorized an upgrade to a more expensive and different brand only to be called a few days later and told I would have to answer a series of security questions. When I replied to the questions, I was informed that I had failed to provide the "correct" answers.

This is a bunch of ** since I KNOW to the day, how long I have lived at my present address. I KNOW the year and make of my pickup truck since I owned, drove and registered it for 12 years. To my knowledge, I also had never heard of the people I was supposed to have known as presented by the interviewer!'s "System" is flawed. It does not provide what they advertise, is subject to incorrect security protocols and has yet to satisfy potential long term customer. I will look elsewhere for my future computer and accessories orders.

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