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TIVO refuses to cancel contract when Series II DVR does not work
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In Feb 2009 my TV DVR stopped changing the channel on the Direct TV satellite box. I spent hours on the phone with both companies but there seemed to be no solution. TV had me purchase a IR booster from Radio Shack but that did not work. After trying to use a TV that didn't work for four months I finally called to cancel my service ($12.95 a month) and they told me I had a contract for another year and I would be billed $150 if I cancelled.

Since their product does not work it seems odd that I have to continue paying for nothing. This company is not service oriented, has poor quality control and is losing customers rapidly. They actually said that if I had called and complained often they would have cancelled my contract.

TIVO - Dishonest and Bad
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I purchased a DVR from Tivo and had it shipped next day. The unit arrived and did not work out of the box. TV told me they were shipping a new unit that would take up to 10 days to get to me. TV never shipped the replacement unit, they lied trying to get me past the 30 day warranty hoping that I would forget. This is outright fraud. I filed a BBB complaint and disputed the charge to my credit card company. Tivo told BBB they refunded my charge and that is a lie also. IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH THEM, BEWARE.

Poor Customer Service And Poor Quality Product!
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- After one year of use, my TV Series 3 HD DVR began to malfunction. After four calls to TV customer service to try to figure out if this was a problem that could be easily remedied, it was decided that the DVR needed to be replaced. We were instructed to transfer our already-recorded files to our computers - a task that we attempted over the course of the next two days, only to realize that the same problem that caused our TV to malfunction also made transferring files virtually impossible.

A fifth call to customer service was placed, and due to the extremely limited warranty on TV products, we were told that a) we required a new box that would cost $150, b) we would lose all our recorded files on our original TV box, and c) TV was unwilling or unable to provide us with any compensation for our troubles. I was on the phone for an hour and spoke to two supervisors without a satisfactory outcome.

I do not recommend TV to others. The product, when functioning, is easy to use and easy to become dependent on. However, it is not durable (as evidenced by its malfunction one year later), the warranties are extremely limited, the customer service representatives are polite but not particularly knowledgeable. TV has done a nice job of protecting itself from any responsibility or liability. This behavior does not engender consumer loyalty.

I accept that it is difficult to untangle oneself from TV after becoming familiar with their product. I therefore recommend that people considering TV for the first time look elsewhere. This company treats customers as if they are dispensable. We deserve better than that.

Big Let Down
By -

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA -- Just bought brand new HD DVR (Series 3) directly from TV to upgrade the DVR and service I had. Within 24 hrs, the unit failed. I asked for next day replacement, a month of free service ($9.95) for inconvenience and missed programming, no charge shipment for the return item, cover the installation of card decoder ($20). The representative had to go back & forth with his manager to offer their best resolution, 2-day shipment, no charge shipment for return but I have to pay for the installation of the card decoder again.

I told the rep, what I am losing or have lost in the meantime - waited a day (Saturday) for the cable installer to install the cable decoder, $20 in installation charge, which also means that I have to spend the same time again to set up the DVR one more time. I'll be missing this weekend's NFL playoffs, events leading to and including the inauguration of Pres. Obama, and access to premium channels. The representative was insensitive, can't blame him. He only did what he's told.

Obviously, TV is not here to meet customer satisfaction, and you have to beg for fair resolution, not to mention an extremely long wait for customer service. BTW, I've been a subscriber since '05. Certainly, not a feel good story during a time when when we're trying to bring confidence back to the American consumer.

Got Back At Tivo
By -

It took me 4 months but VISA gave me a full refund for the defective equipment that Tivo tried to sell me. Beware if you buy any equipment from Tivo and it does not work out of the box. They will try to screw you out of your money.
This is a dishonest company and will go out of business soon.

Tivo Is A Bad Company
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I am still waiting on a refund from Tivo more than two months after they told the Better Business Bureau that they had given me one. They lied to me and the BBB. Just be aware, if you buy from this dishonest company and anything is wrong with the equipment, they will do their best to beat you out of your money. They have no customer service and will lie to you to get you off the phone.

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