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Dual Tuner TiVos Obsolete With Digital Programming
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MASSAPEQUA PARK, NEW YORK -- My Tivo dual tuner with lifetime service will no longer tape 2 shows at once. (Whole reason I bought it). When I called TV I was basically told oh well.....

I explained that I could understand the need to purchase a new BOX (cable card ready) but I wanted my lifetime service transferred. To date I have gotten nowhere. I'm sure I'm not the ONLY person with this issue.

I have written to TV headquarters in both California and New York City. I have spent a LOT of time with TIVO's extremely poor telephone "support". I just mailed away follow up letters to TV and also Consumer Affairs this time.

I only hope many more people press this issue.
Breach of contract
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TIVO offered me lifetime HD service for about $400 which I accepted and paid by credit card, thus creating a contract. Instead of lifetime service, they sent me a piece of paper saying that I can get the service by activating the service. The only problem is that activation means that I now have to give someone else my credit card information, and there is no valid reason they need this information two times.

Since this was not part of the contract, I have refused to give my credit card information for the second time, and they remain in violation of the contract, refusing to deliver the service unless I yield.
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