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TiVo Series 3 - The Truth Is Out There
By -

NEW JERSEY -- Like many others - I was delighted with my Series 3 when I bought it in late October 2007 - with the original hefty pricetag. Despite some initial install problems (cable company at the time not comprehending cable cards) - once I got up and running I didn't look back.

That's until late Jan/early Feb of this year when my S3 began simply coming apart at the seams. Freezing, Rebooting, GSODs etc. Like many others because you have an S3 with cable cards..the S3 going down leaves you with nothing to fall back on.

Despite constant running around replacing HDs, cable cards, cables etc.. all known possible fixes provided by support.. still problems that eventually leaves you feeling like you've just been kicked to the curb with Tivo moving on and no longer caring about their S3 customers. In fact you end up feeling like a nuisance rather than a valued customer.

After reaching out to other S3 owners. The amount of users having the same problems with their S3's after a roughly 12-14 month period simply astounds me. (If you don't believe me do a google search for Tivo series 3 problems). It really makes me question why the S3 was indeed discontinued.. did Tivo simply get tired of replacing them or handling the endless tech problems?

True Tivo can't do enough for you when you are a perspective buyer or a new customer..but once youve become a long term customer with problems-they are suddenly a lot less unresponsive.

True maybe the new Tivo HDs are a lot better..maybe its only those unfortunate enough to own an S3 who'll be left behind with now very expensive doorstops..but regardless, based on my own experience..I will not be looking to Tivo in the future for my DVR needs. Which is sad because I really do believe it was originally a great product and service. But once things went bad with the S3.. and they obviously did.. the number of people left out in cold, and brushed aside after spending so much hard earned money is simply unexcusable, even from a once great company like Tivo.

My TiVo nightmare... so far (UPDATED)
By -

ROSWELL, GEORGIA -- My wife bought me a TiVo box for my birthday in 2005. We opted for the monthly subscription. But to save the monthly fee, she purchased a lifetime subscription this past Christmas.

This is where the nightmare begins.

When I called to activate the new lifetime service, TiVo informed me the redemption code was invalid. Further, they did not know why it was invalid but would escalate the issue and have it resolved within three working days. They went ahead and deactivated our monthly subscription and advised us to disconnect the TiVo box from the phone line just in case any further issues arise so our setting would be protected.

I reconnected the phone line two weeks later, thinking everything had been resolved.

Now - THREE WEEKS after the initial problem - my TiVo service has been deactivated. All of our settings - lifetime subscriptions, priorities of them, and special keyword searches - lost.

TiVo says their computers are down so they cannot access my (former) accounts, but have promised to call before day's end to solve the issue.

They've actually had over three weeks to solve the issue thus far. And I find it odd that their entire computer system would be down on the day they deactivate my service.

In addition, the supervisors I spoke with today and three weeks ago were both unfriendly and unsympathetic to my issues.

My local cable company's DVR service is looking better and better...


TiVo did not call back as they promised so I called them back.

The tech denied knowledge of any computer issues at TiVo today and said he did not see anything in my file suggesting a call back today.

He did quickly realize that the original techie ( 4 or 5 techies ago) entered in my lifetime subscription number wrong - transposing several numbers and putting in the first two digits wrong (TiVo only has 2 sets of 2 digits that proceed redemption codes). No one else noticed this and it should have been obvious.

However, he quickly reactivated my account and credited me two months. He said give it about 10 minutes and it would be back to normal. 30 minutes later the service STILL had not been activated.

So I called back (4th time today). The next techie told me I had to initiate a phone connection to TiVo to reactivate the service. Which I did, and now everything is fine - except my faith in the company.

  1. If TiVo only has two sets of digits in activation codes, how could techies repeatedly enter it wrong and not notice?

  2. If my case was originally (3 weeks ago) escalated to a higher level of support, why was I never notified that the case was or was not resolved?

  3. Why was I not notified today that my account was being deactivated?

Poor customer service
By -

I've been a loyal member for 4 years and when I moved I decided to go with another service provider. I called TiVo to cancel my service and after stating that I just wanted to cancel my service and not go through the "oh please stay with us" song and dance the service representative became frustrated with me and put me on hold to complete the transaction. Finally after waiting some time she came back with an order # and was clearly angry with our previous interaction. Does anyone know if the service reps are accountable in some kind of way for accounts that are canceled...for example they lose a portion of their pay if they can't talk a customer into staying? Anyway, I thanked her and again she was very unhappy. As far as I know my service has been cancelled...

Bottom line-this was a very simple request that was handled poorly by customer service

By -

Get DVR from your cable company!!! My family got TiVo a year ago and it broke RIGHT before the warranty ended. Then we ordered a new one after the warranty expired and we had to pay for it. The new one was broken also so we returned it, but we forgot to take these things called cable cards out that you have to pay for to get cable for your TiVo. When we got our new TiVo and the cable cards back it still didn't work. Its just a huge pain, I memorized the TiVo help line phone number, I've called so many times. Just get DVR.

TiVo Service Rip-Off
By -

My first mistake was purchasing a Humax TIVO/Video recorder combo a few years back, my second mistake was purchasing the lifetime subscription. All in all my initial investment was about $800.00 for both. About 6 months later the DVR started freezing up, which required unplugging the unit and resetting it. I researched the issue and found it was a common problem with this unit. I contacted Tivo and was told I could replace the unit with another, but it would use up the one transfer that I was allowed on my lifetime subscription. Since the reviews on the unit weren't very good I decided to live with the unit I had instead of risking another lemon then I would lose my lifetime subscription. I figured down the road I would purchase a better unit....well here we are. the machine gave out all together so I purchased a series 2 unit and went to transfer my subscription only to be told I would not be allowed to do so because it has to be the exact model machine I already had....problem is that model is now obsolete. They would be more than glad to sell me another 400.00 lifetime subscription...TIVOs lifetime service is a rip off!!! because every few years the will obsolete the current model and you will have nothing to transfer...then it gets better...It's a 200.00 transfer charge.....This company is crap!!! Save your money and get a DVR from your cable provider. Customer service is a joke...all they have is excuses for this and for that...I will never deal with them again, I understand now why HHGregg doesn't sell them!!

TiVo Lover
By -

TiVo has always been there when I needed them, they have a phenomenal service. They have a reasonable contract, and only want what was promised they don't have ridiculous Early Term Fee's, and every time I call they remind me why I've been a customer for over 9 years. I will never waste my money renting a wannabe digital VCR the cable companies call a DVR. I truly believe TiVo is the google of television, it has revolutionized the way I watch TV.

Terrible customer service!!!!!!!!
By -

ALVISO, CALIFORNIA -- I prepaid for a years worth of service and TV continued to bill my credit card for a years monthly fee! When I requested a refund for this double billing my request was denied. Not only were the customer service people not helpful - they were increadably rude.

Tivo Cheated Me And Many Other People
By -

These TV service reps have an incentive to do anything they can to force you to add services. I had a representative add one year prepaid service to an old inactive TV that was on my account without telling me. Then when I realized that I was got an extra charge on my credit card I tried to get a refund and they would not refund even though they acknowledged that the TV was not active and was not calling in for program info. They repeatedly lied to me.

Canceling Lineups That Are Not Deleted By Cable Company And Clicking Sound From Box
By -

I do not usually bother when a message comes up saying the channel lineup has changed, but today one of the channels I regularly record was deleted from the guide. I checked my cable box and the channel was still available.

I called TV and the best they could do was say it would take 5 to 7 days to add it again. This means I miss a great deal of programming What is the purpose of TV if I can not record anything?

Also programs have started to freeze when playing. I was happy to find out that TV would exchange my box for a new one - great!! But apparently "exchange" means it will actually cost me $149 for a new box - am I missing something?

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