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TJ Farms Sweet Potato Fries Or Sweet Potato Scraps?
Posted by on
NEVER have I EVER had to eat french fries with a SPOON. Well that is, until I bought TJ Farms Sweet Potato Fries.
The picture I posted is a picture of the 'largest' pieces I found in the entire bag. The rest of the bag were all those little bits that you can see there on the plate.

When I first opened the package and looked in it, I actually laughed. I'm just glad I didn't plan on serving these to my company when they visited. I've never had sweet potato fries before and thought I'd finally try them. At first, I had some with salt and they were yucky. THEN I tried them with sugar sprinkled on them and they were like candy. But why, oh why would they sell these scrap pieces to their customers? I have another unopened bag in the freezer and I'm almost afraid to find out they might be the same.

So, if you're looking for decent sweet potato fries like they show on the package, consider yourself warned because that's not what you're going to get. Yeah, they tasted good with the sugar on them but I was really, really disappointed when I found I bought a bag of scraps. I've never even seen sweet potatoes that small before. Any sweet potato I've seen in the stores are pretty large, so I expected decent sized fries from them. And let me just say, these little fries were not broken fries, they were cut that way because you can see the ends and they were sliced, not broken.

My Dad sat there and actually laughed at me when he saw me eating my French Fries with a spoon!

I just wonder....what would ZZ do?
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Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
My parents eat sweet potato fries all the time and they buy them from Costco. The fries they buy look like the fries on the package; big, thick cuts. They aren't too salty either. I'll have to ask them the brand. Whenever I go over to my parent's for dinner, I always ask my mom to make sweet potato fries.
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
Let me know when you do find out. I usually make my own fries, maybe I'll just buy a sweet potato and cut it up myself and make my own sweet potato fries from it. At least I'll know they will be a decent size and I'll get a lot more out of one potato than I did in this package.

Did you ever sprinkle sugar on them? It was really good with the sugar, tasted sweet like candy.
Slimster on 06/10/2011:
Wow, that is a bit deceptive and disappointing! Sweet Potato fries have become "trendy" and that's why you're seeing them appear in your grocer's aisle. The sweet potato is reputed to be a "healthy" food, at least in its pure form before you fry it in oil and cover it in sodium. The package you got was obviously a bargain or loss leader, and you lost. Consider creating your own - wedge up a medium to large sweet potato, toss into a clear zipper bag along with a generous amount of olive oil, shake to coat evenly. Spread one layer deep on a cookie sheet, sprinkle liberally with sea-salt and place on the middle rack on a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes. Turn the fries occasionally and don't let them burn. Enjoy - while you're waiting for them to bake, look at the satellite/rocket NASA launched today, specifically put into orbit to monitor SEA-SALT levels in the world's ocean.
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
Thanks Slimster...I've read some great reviews about Sea Salt and they made me go out and buy some....but Dang it...I always forget about it until its too late.

Oh and welcome to M3C, I've read some of your comments...I would suggest you register as a member, it will give the other registered members the opportunity to vote your advice helpful and it will also allow you access into our community forum were we go to get nakked and let our hair hang loose. It only takes a minute to register.
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
OK, maybe the nakked part doesn't sound too inviting...but I think you'll have some fun fully clothed as well.
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
TJ Farms is a budget line and is known as sub-Grade A. The bag contents consist of tiny chips of potato products which tend to not cook evenly. Take the other bag back.
Churro on 06/10/2011:
So to the Basher size matters. Interesting. I'm going to vote this helpful merely because I'm glad to see you eating a root vegetable for a change albeit deep fried and cover in sugar. At least you didn't serve it up with a vanilla ice dipping sauce.

Are you going to be contacting the company? Man-o-man it's times like these I sure do miss Zzrokk.
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
Thanks Ript...I never heard of this company before. Much Older Brother suggested I melt butter and brown sugar and use it as a dip...I told him if I was going to do that, I'd just make me some sweet potatoes instead of the fries.
Churro on 06/10/2011:
I don't eat sweet potatoes very often but when I do I prefer them baked with butter and sometimes brown sugar. You can also toast on some marshmallows. Actually swap out the baked sweet potato with a baked acorn squash and as they say in South Carolina that eats good.
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
I have had sweet potato pie before, tastes like Pumpkin pie to me.
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
I was going to say the same as Slimster. That is pretty much how I make them, and its very simple. Tastes great too! Great advice, Slimster.
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
Dip a french fry in butter and sugar??? Definitely not good for the heart or hips :)
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
And a french fry is? They don't call him Butters for nothing, lol.
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
Slimster on 06/10/2011:
Nothing "fried" is going to be heart healthy or "good" for you, only "good" tasting ! Olive oil is among the healthier oils for cooking, as well as some of the "healthy" oils in your grocer's cooking oil section. Sure, you pay more, but just how much do you value your health? Guess the whole "Olestra" oil fad went down the toilet. . . . .
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
I mean, we're talking someone who chomps churros here, for crying out loud. 'Nuff said.
Anonymous on 06/10/2011:
True enough, Ript.

Slimster, I think olive oil adds great flavor too. I love roasting veggies on the grill with olive oil and spices. Its good on just about anything, and instead of deep frying potatoes, as you said just roast them in the oven with olive oil.
Skye on 06/10/2011:
There is a really great brand called Alexia, that are organic sweet potato fries and they are absolutely delicious.

Good review. Thanks for the warning.
hotbabe on 06/10/2011:
I have had these and just love em. Some of the best ever. This review does not do justice to the quality of the product.
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
Those aren't SCRAPS, those are SHARDS.

Do you fry these, bake them, or broil them?

I had sweet potato fries at Fridays. They were eh, with too much seasoning. I can see them being bland.

Excellent review! Your pain is our gain.
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
This is doubly helpful, as Skye makes this Alexia brand sound so good I want to go get some...
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
That's exactly why Skye is decorated with five stars now!
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
Forgive me for not giving credit where credit is due... congratulations on becoming "5-star", Skye.

So, DB, just how did you cook the darned things?
Nohandle on 06/10/2011:
We all know by now the photo on the bag/carton seldom resembles the product inside but this one is a doozy. Sweet potatoes are high in potassium and a good root vegetable period. They are readily available fresh in the southern states most of the year, but I don't know about you folks living elsewhere.

Fried sweet potatoes are somewhat new in a lot of areas but I expect the frozen ones taste about like the frozen Irish potatoes. There's all the difference in the world in frozen French fries vs fresh, the same with sweet potatoes.
Venice09 on 06/10/2011:
I love sweet potatoes, and sweet potato fries are one of my favorite foods. But they have to be made right, and unfortunately they don't hold up well to freezing. I usually buy McCain and another brand (can't think of the name), and both are pretty good. The ones in the picture actually don't look as bad as I expected, but they don't look appetizing either.

You can look online for baked sweet potato fries recipes that are healthier than fried. And try using ketchup!.. yum!!
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
I fried these...then put sugar on them.
I rarely buy frozen fries, I just love the taste of my own freshly cut fries, but just wanted to see what the sweet potato fries were like. I'm sure I'll just make my own the next time.
MRM on 06/10/2011:
Looks scrumptious!
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
You know, they look fried. I put your picture in Photoshop and enlarged it to 300%.
MRM on 06/10/2011:
You could have zoom in within your browser.
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
Nope. My browser only goes to 150%.
MRM on 06/10/2011:
Thers an arrow next to zoom value. It goes up to 400%
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
Oh yeah, you're right. I prefer to let Photochop do the work. It's so messy to figure out details. Why not spend 5 extra steps and complicate things?

Of course I fibbed in the first place (gasp) and didn't enlarge it at all...
Nohandle on 06/10/2011:
I'll tell you what is good. Left over baked sweet potatoes still in the skin. Place them in the fridge and later, once they are completely could be the next day, remove the skin, slice thickly and fry in a skillet with some melted butter. Don't knock it until you've tried it.
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
8er, ya could have saved those steps as well if you read my comment above yours where I said I fried them. LOL...They are Sweet Potato Fries not Sweet Potatoe Baked in the oven...yuck...
trmn8r on 06/10/2011:
Basher, you could have saved the time to write your comment if you had read mine above that I fibbed about enlarging it at all.
Venice09 on 06/10/2011:
DB, I've never made baked sweet potato fries myself, so if you try it, let me know how it works out.
DebtorBasher on 06/10/2011:
8er...go to bed!
Venice, I will be sure to let ya know how they turn out, but I will be frying them.
Alain on 06/11/2011:
I'm staying away from these. That's just not right! On the good side of things, there are some great ideas in the comments! Good review, DB!
Anonymous on 06/13/2011:
This review made me crave the homemade baked version, so last night I decided to make some. I used my mandolin slicer to cut the potatoes, and my hand slipped on the protective holder and I cut the tip of my index finger off. Ouch.
Anonymous on 06/13/2011:
Ouch! sounds right. Sorry to hear that Nicole.
Skye on 06/13/2011:
Oh no Nicole! You are following in my footsteps with hand injuries.

Hope you're OK.
Anonymous on 06/13/2011:
Thanks guys. You have to watch it with those mandolins! They work wonderfully but are soooo sharp. Skye are your hands completely healed by now?
DebtorBasher on 06/13/2011:
My Mom always used one of those old fashioned slicers which are even more dangerous than the mandolin ones with as safeguard. I just use Mr. Knife guy...
Chrissi on 06/24/2011:
LOL that is funny!! :) Thanks for sharing and for warning! I can't believe any company would sell that to consumers.
DebtorBasher on 06/24/2011:
Thanks Chrissi, I still haven't opened the other package yet, it's still in my freezer.
Nana on 12/01/2013:
Wow, talk about false advertising...look at the picture on the front of your crinkle cut fries and then open the bag. You should be ashamed of yourself, and to top it off you put a biblical verse on the back of you bag under instructions on how to cook them.
Again, WOW.
Josh on 04/03/2014:
We made the mistake of buying TJ Farms broccoli. I have never seen broccoli look like this. It's not even recognizable as a vegetable. I just... I don't even.
Tony on 05/07/2014:
I open a bag of what I thought was a bag of steak fries from TJ farms...small Bits and Pieces very disappointed.. taking them back to the store.
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French Fries or Should I Say Scraps
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WISCONSIN -- French fries are just tiny hard scrap, and that's for the steak cut select. Right in the trash worthy.
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