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You Should Get What You Pay for....
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Rating: 1/51

BUFFALO -- I bought a new phone 11/14/12 and a few unexplained events have happened surrounding this phone. First, a few days after getting the phone I called T-mobile because it does not charge sometimes unless I take out the battery numerous times and reinstall.

One night I was talking with my brother, the phone started blinking a white screen with colored lines running through the screen. This went on for approx 2 hours. Finally after taking the battery about 20 times, turning the phone on off it turned back on. The battery was half charged so there was no reason for the phone to just shut off.

About 2 weeks after purchasing the phone I get an email that says someone tried to charge approx $368 at some catalog online. Interesting enough it was on my Amazon Visa. The only place I used this card was at the T-mobile store, all because I wanted the Amazon points. The card was in my wallet, never lost!!! I went to T-mobile on 1/11/13 and spoke with **. He promised a replacement phone would arrive by 1/15/13. Today is 11/18/13, still no phone.

I called T-mobile. They told me they cannot help me because this is not a real T-mobile store where I bought the phone. And to top it off T-mobile is charging me $8 monthly for phone insurance. But tonight they told me I cannot use the insurance because the PHONE WAS NOT PURCHASED AT A T-MOBILE STORE!!! 3476 MAIN ST BUFFALO, NY 14214 This is the address and when you drive up it has a pink T-mobile sign, the employee say "welcome to T-mobile" and it has the same decor as other T-mobile stores yet T-mobile says I did not purchase the phone in a T-mobile store!!! So I am stuck with a phone I paid $327 for that might or might not charge!

I have been with T-mobile for over 10 years, but by the end of next week I will be with another carrier. LOL This is the funniest part - when I called I asked to speak with a supervisor. When I asked her name she told me **. She would not give me a last name like I was going to fly to China to find her!!! Good luck if you purchase a phone with T-mobile.

Always Being Played Bt Tmobile
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Rating: 1/51

ILLINOIS -- When we got the 3 lines of service at the mall, we where told we would have unlimited everything on the first 2 lines for 99.98, then add a line for 10.00 plus 35.00 unlimited text and web. He said our bill should be somewhere around 155.00. K. I called in because I'm blind and the mall was giving me a hard time switching my phone but in the process I hear them say recent account activity.

So I listen, it was saying this was change and that was changed, so when a live operator came on, I asked why was stuff changed. She claim it wasn't but she notice we use a lot of web and that's why our phone go slow. I say "I thought it was unlimited". She got to say something about 4g, didn't understand. Told her that ain't what we signed up for. Told her about the phone I needed to return, so she made a note so I could return it and I told her I didn't agree with the charges but I'll see when I got to the mall.

So I get to the mall. They still didn't want to change my phone. I had to use my phone and call 611 again. Finally got a phone after a hour but they was pretty upset so basically got nowhere about the bill. He was so upset that he didn't even fill out my rebate form and still to this day we haven't got our rebates, getting the run around for that. So yesterday I get a text from them saying the bill 203, so now you know I want to know why. Called them, got three different stories to why it's that much..

Took me to say 8 times to speak to a manager, which I believe sounded like the same customer service rep. I might can't see but my hearing is excellent. So soon as she gets on the phone she goes "the charges are right". I say how and why was things changed. She goes "100.00 for first 2 lines, 20.00 a piece for web first two lines, 10.00 add third line, 35.00 web and texting unlimited". I go how that ain't what he offered and that's not what we signed up for.

I also asked her how is it they want 203.00 for 3 phones on a contract but without a contract it's 150.00 for 3. She goes "I don't understand". I said we started to get a 50 card with y'all, no contract, everything unlimited, talk, text, web; but with a contract we got robbed. She goes "I don't know what to tell you. Besides, if you want your bill cheaper drop your Internet down".

I'm like "it already goes super slow and why do I have to drop when I thought those on a contract get better deals". I tell my daughter "I told you, don't get them. They haven't got any better". They sign you up having you think you got good stuff then once you pass your 30 days they switch because they know you stuck for 2 yrs.

Another Misrepresentation of Phone Prices
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Tucson, AZ - I read the review "Misrepresentation of Phone Prices in Stores" from a week ago on this website. Unfortunately, my family had the same situation in November 2011 in a Tucson T-Mobile store. I have 3 children, two are U of A students, so we are careful about spending money right now. We've had a family plan with T-Mobile for 6 years and our contract was up in December. We were seriously looking into Verizon because a friend was able to get a great Verizon phone through Amazon for $50, but thought we would at least look at the new cell phones at a T-Mobile store in Tucson.

The minute we walked into the store a salesman approached us and asked how much we were paying for our family plan ($187 per month) and said they were running great deals and could lower our phone bill. And if we purchased phones that day, we also wouldn't have to pay an upgrade fee. We started asking about the differences between the phones on display. There was a large printed number next for the price of each phone and then some smaller fine print down below.

In the past 6 years with T-Mobile, the smaller advertised price was the price you paid if you renewed your 2 year contract and the larger price was the price of the phone if you bought the phone separate from the contract. We all walked around the store referring to the phones by their labeled prices. We asked the salesman "Can you tell me the difference between the G2x for $99 and the Galaxy S II for $229?" He NEVER once corrected us by saying that the real price was $399 for the G2x and $529 for the Galaxy S II. We NEVER would have considered these phones if he had been clear about the right price!

We ended up buying 4 phones that day at the T-Mobile store and in going through the paperwork (in the store) found that each phone had the extra $300 added on over 20 months ($1200). When I hesitated and questioned this, the salesman said that it would be part of our monthly phone bill and that the new phone bill would be between $145 and $150 for twenty months and then it would drop down substantially for the last four months of the contract.

I figured the extra that was added on would be alright if we saved $40 a month on the phone bill, so we went ahead with the purchase ($990 for 4 phones). Overall, I found the whole purchase very confusing. Why don't they display the real prices of the phones? Would you buy a car for the advertised price of $15,000 and then find out later that you are really paying $60,000?

When the January bill came, I was shocked to find that it was $188! So I called the salesman and he said that he would fix it. He told me to punch in #225# and he had corrected it to the price he had told me in the store ($148). I asked whether $148 would be the price we would be paying every month and he assured me that it was. Well guess what? February's bill came and it's $188 again!!

I called the salesman back and also the store manager, they both are not able to adjust it back to the agreed upon price of $148 per month. I have been very frustrated trying to contact anyone else in T-Mobile that will correct this! Now we are stuck with T-Mobile for another year and 9 months. And like the other article stated "Buyer beware... No resolution in sight to date for us!"

My T-Mobile Nightmare
By -

On Dec. 30th, my husband and I decided to get cell phones at T-mobile. We purchased two My Touch phones, and signed up for the Flex Account. With the flex account, you pay your first month's cell phone service up front. My husband opted for unlimited minutes (and unlimited everything else). I decided I didn't need unlimited minutes.

The guy who was selling us the phones said I should get the plan with 1,500 minutes a month (unlimited everything else). He said it was "the best deal they had" at $79.99 a month. While putting everything together, they ran into a jam and called customer care and had me pay for my cell service over the phone. They then took my husband's money for his cell phone service (it was 100 something). I had a phone number that I wanted ported from my old cell phone service. They said fine, no problem and initiated the request. It would take anywhere from 20 minutes to 24 hours.

24 hours later, when the phone number didn't port over, I called customer care. I found out because the area codes were different from the previous number and the new number, it couldn't be ported over. Apparently the guy at the store must not have been aware? Both area codes are local to my area. They said in order for me to get the number ported, I would have to temporarily change the number to both phones to the matching area code, and then my number would change, because we were on a family plan.

My husband had already provided his new number to his multiple business contact. After a lot of arguing, we finally agreed to have it changed... but after I hung up and talked to my husband, we realized we didn't sign up for a family plan (also they said it would take 24-72 hours to be changed). I called back Customer care to inquire about our account. I was told that they put us under a shared 1500 minutes. I did not want that. My husband uses his phone frequently for business and needed unlimited. It took hours to sort out the mess. The 1500 plan that the guy at the store told me to get, doesn't even exist for an individual plan.

At first they wanted to charge us for changing our plan, and made us feel as if we were lying or trying to get over on them. This is 24 hours after buying the phones!! I had the contract right in front of me, that called out both lines, the minutes we were getting and the monthly cost... The same plan they are going to be holding me accountable for, they didn't want to be held accountable for!! They tried to say we paid over 100 for the unlimited plan, and then turned around and changed it to the family plan and paid a second time (who would pay twice without some sort of refund?? And actually the transactions happened in the opposite order).

Finally, when they realized we weren't trying to downgrade our plan, they fixed it. I ended up having to go with a family plan in the end anyway, as there was one cent difference between a family unlimited plan and two individual plans (one unlimited and one with only 500 minutes... and the 500 minute plan cost the same as the 1500 minute plan they talked me into but didn't exist).

Because of all of the issues and trouble, and the fact that my husband didn't want to have to give business contacts a second number in 24 hours, I asked T-Mobile to cancel the request to switch our phone number (which was made only a few hours before). They promised that it was canceled, that would be no problem, we can keep our numbers.

Three days later, I received a text saying they changed our phone numbers. I called T-Mobile and had to explain the whole story so that they would agree to change the numbers back to the original numbers and not charge us the $15 for a number change (we are still waiting).

Today (Jan 7th) I received a text message while I was at work, saying our phones had been suspended and needed payment. We prepaid for the month, it's only been a week. What is going on?? So I called customer care, yet again... and had to tell them the story again of what happened. This time they quickly admitted the error, they reinstated our phones and took the charge back.

The customer service representative even notified me that because the phones where temporarily suspended that the numbers were unable to be changed back so she resubmitted the order (another 24 - 72 hours... why does it take so long to change a phone number??). She did say she would call in two days to see if the phone number changed or not. Hopefully it will change back soon!

Now, just a few minutes ago, I received a text saying we have reached our message limit. Neither me nor my husband are big texters but it doesn't matter if we were... we have UNLIMITED text. So I call AGAIN. The guy I talked to seemed to have a lot of trouble understanding my question and just kept saying that we have unlimited text.... I would say I know we have unlimited text, but that's why I am calling, because T-Mobile just sent me a text saying that I reached my limit. He just said that must be an error. I am positive, I will be calling back soon because our texts probably won't work. I dread another phone call to customer care!

Their customer care is outsourced in India and there is a bit of a language barrier which is really frustrating when you are trying to explain your issue and the other person isn't understanding. I can't believe I have had this much trouble within my FIRST week of service.

The phones we have are awesome, the prices are good but they have so many technical issues, customer service issues and the guys who sold me the phones were clueless of both the actual plans that T-mobile offered, the fact that my number wouldn't be ported with a different area code (they made the request and were given both numbers from the very start). After this experience I wouldn't recommend them to anyone!!

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My iPhone5 was purchased on 08/05/13 by my husband as a birthday present for me. Ever since I started using this phone I got nothing but problems. Calls would drop while talking to someone, most of time it would show "no internet connection". It would show "no service" therefore I am unable to make or receive any calls. The voice quality of the phone is so bad that every time I talk to any family or friend, they would ask if I was sick or I had them on speaker phone (no to both). Phone would get very hot itself, and internet (if there was a connection) would be very slow for a so called iPhone5!

On 09/04/13 the 29th day of the purchase we decided to take this phone back to the store as we could do that within 30 days. The Manager at the store just heard my complain and said they will exchange this phone with another one but it will be on mail order as there was none available in store. I agreed to this and thought it will just take them a few minutes to place this order.

Two sales reps started working on one computer and took them almost an hour to get to us to their counter. The reps named ** and ** were very playful and acting like kids while handling customers. We did not appreciate this while we were trying to get some help. They both were teasing each other, joking, tagging and just giggling and this was just annoying.

When our paperwork/mail order was all done in their system we were told the new iPhone5 will arrive within 3 days. It will be 9 days tomorrow and still no sign of the new iPhone5. We are very disappointed with T-mobile's delivery service and most of all their staff's customer service. Their sales representative should be going into more training and also act matured when dealing with their customers!! This store inside the Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA. I am a one unhappy new customer of T-mobile!!

Lousy or No Service and No Help.
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Rating: 1/51

ODENVILLE, ALABAMA -- I have been a T-Mobile customer for more than 11 years. It has only been the last 4 years that we have poor or no service. I have called customer service repeatedly. We were furnished a router that was supposed to help with the service in our home; didn't help. When our 2 years service contract was almost up they suggested we upgrade our phones and of course we had to take out another 2 year contract.

There was a period of time when we were month to month and we again called about the terrible or no service. Calls were being dropped where that had never happened before and there were more days where we had no service. Again they advised that we get better phones and pay for online service for 2 phones and it would get better. The customer service people are only interested in selling.

I called today 2/1/2013 and asked that since they are unable to hold up their part of the contract mainly provide phone service; they should let me out of the contract that only has about 4 and 1/2 months left without paying the early cancellation fee. You guessed it!!!!!!! They can't do that. No, they can take your money and give you nothing for it (isn't that a form of theft!) or I just need to pay over $90.00 a month for nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sincerely believe that T-Mobile has been given ample opportunity to make this right and they choose not to. This company needs someone to take them to task for their poor service, uncaring attitude and for stealing from people who deserve better treatment than they are willing to give. The only good thing I can say about this company is that I have spoken to two customer service reps that should change to a different company because they are not being paid enough for the great way they do their job.

Price Gauging
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Rating: 1/51

DAINGERFIELD, TEXAS -- Forced to relocate from CA to another state. The cell phone did not have service in new area (Daingerfield, TX). T-MOBILE would not waive the early termination fee. What good was a phone that provided no service? Zero. When I explained circumstance to first rep, he said waiver could be applied. Called back a 2nd time and new representative said because the phone was not purchased in new area but another location, I would have to pay early termination fee of $200. I explained that it was not my fault to no avail. Since terms about the phone not functioning in all areas was in tiny print, they had me.

VERIZON told me that they would have waived the early termination fee. I was very mad & very upset since I am and have been paying back taxes to the IRS and state of Oregon from retirement 401K. About $14,500 combined. I am retired with a very limited income. I was and still am struggling to survive living with relatives and having no home of my own. Got a new bill from T-MOBILE for over $700, which included a "one-time-fee" of $220 plus 2 early termination fees of $200/ea and $150 for regular service.

Also, they charged me for "enhanced voice mail." SOCKING IT TO ME BIG TIME. Now I understand fully why people hate corporate America with resulting work-place violence. All their corporate lawyers and business practices are stacked AGAINST a customer. I told the representative I would give them their money's worth of bad PR, but I never expected her to sock it to me more than normal. I now HATE T-MOBILE. And, I will tell everyone everywhere at every opportunity how LOUSY and crummy T-MOBILE is. All this because I could not get service in a new town where I was lucky enough to find a place to live temporarily.

At 66 years of age, I just had 3 stents put into my heart's arteries, and I have high blood pressure. My health is definitely affected by the additional distress placed on me because of T-MOBILE's LACK OF COMPASSION. It could have been so easy, but no, they wanted to make it hard. It's no wonder the recent election was won by Obama and the democrats. People are sick and tired of big corporations socking it to them. I won't join the democratic party, but I sure as hell will tell everyone I know how HORRIBLE T-MOBILE is!!!! Bet your bottom dollar on it.

Two Year Sentence About Up With Joke-Mobile
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS -- T-MOBILE. My two year sentence is about up with Joke-Mobile. Joke-Mobile is a company rife with liars, cheats and thieves from top to bottom. It would not be possible for me to recount all of the problems I have had with the Joke during my two year sentence. My goal is now to dissuade others who might be thinking of making a switch to the Joke.

If you are thinking of making a switch to another phone company cross off Joke-Mobile before you ever start. Had I been more astute initially I could have saved myself a lot of grief by going with a reputable company. My sentence is about up and I encourage you not to begin your sentence. You will be very, very sorry if you do.

The following was taken from Yahoo today 2-2-13. T-Mobile just keeps getting worse. The company just needs to go away. They are now the third most hated company in the US. Congratulations T-Mobile. Keep going the way you are and you will be number one.

  1. T-Mobile USA
    Last year, plans were in the works for AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) to buy the U.S. branch of this struggling wireless carrier from its parent company, Deutsche Telekom. In December, AT&T cancelled those plans after the Justice Department sued to block the acquisition, saying the deal would ‚Äúsubstantially lessen competition‚ÄĚ in the industry. It appears that Deutsche Telekom is now stuck with what is increasingly becoming the black sheep of the big four U.S. carriers.

T-Mobile's 4G network in the U.S. lags the other three carriers, and customer satisfaction is tied with AT&T mobility as the worst among wireless carriers, according to the ACSI. T-Mobile also rated as one of the worst in customer service according to MSN/Zogby's annual poll. T-Mobile plans to improve its position through a marriage with smaller wireless company MetroPCS. It also plans to finally offer its customers the iconic iPhone. The fact of the matter is that these changes may be too little, too late.

The company had an extraordinary net loss of 1,558,000 subscribers in the first three quarters of last year, out of the roughly 33 million it had at the end of 2011. During the same time, AT&T and Verizon Wireless continued to gain customers. Read more: The 10 Most Hated Companies in America - 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2013/01/09/the-10-most-hated-companies-in-america-2/#ixzz2Jkr54867

Deceiving Sales Tactics
By -

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I've been a steady customer of T MOBILE. For over four years now and in the past year this company has let me down quite a bit. I've called about the price of my bill numerous times and my ability to afford the amount it always seems to add up to, upwards of 105.00 for a single line. My contract was ended a few months before I made a phone call to customer service to end my relationship with your phone company.

This sales representative if you will, apologized and speedily suggested he could offer me the plan you were offering to new customer with unlimited talk, text, web for 79.99 a month, with an extension of my contract I agreed to do so only if my bill was that amount he described.

Not one month since has it been that amount or even close. Every single month it is 100.00 or more, and that is not a difference of pennies. I am twenty three years old and I support my household and work very hard for my money. I feel very violated that I chose this company and they deceived me in order to keep my money going to them versus their competitors. It is very irritating to say the least. I called two months ago to speak to someone about this problem with little success.

He was not well informed on procedure, nor customer service. He agreed to take a 10.00 addition off of my bill, which was a LIE. He knew very well I found out this evening that he couldn't deduct that amount, the computer system won't allow it. I asked if there was a way to lower my bill at this point and the customer service suggested switching from classic to "value" service. But of course that would be a fee of 200.00 from the company I would've severed ties with when my contract ended had I not been deceived in the first place.

I realize this, of course, is not your doing. However, as a member of the company I would hope you'd find it important that someone correct this situation, immediately. It is far from good business practice. So if you cannot help I'd greatly appreciate you referring me to someone who can because I've lost my faith, patience with T MOBILE as a whole.

What Is Going On?

Note: I'm not a bit comfy with the "very little other" in parag. 4

I have been a T-mobile customer for a long time, over. I have always used pay as you go until March 8, 2011. That is when I purchased a new 3G cell phone with a two year contract. Only to find out about the merger with AT&T afterwards. From the very start, I had problems and was back to the sales store, in less that a week.

The young man who waited on me put in a password to unlock the sim card. I had problems with that, causing my first trip back to the store. My new cell phone would forward calls from my pay as you go phone to the new contract phone, which I did not authorize. When I asked for tech help to correct this problem, no one was able to stop this. The only way that I was able to stop this process was to remove both the battery and sim card from my p.s.g phone. I never got my rebate of $20.00 ( until I called and complained in Sept.) or a bill. Again I had to go back to the store for three months to make a payment.

Each week, sometimes twice a week, I was calling help. No service, unable to send text messages, No G's at all, messages going directly to voice mail, phone sending e-mails which I knew nothing about. The same things happened to others I knew using this company. It was a mess then as it still is almost 10 months later, my service is messed up.

According to the tech, there is very little other that taking out the battery and sim card to correct this problem, resetting seems to last only a short time. Yet each month because I am under contract (for 2 years), I must pay on time and endure being unable to use this phone.. To be honest, I do not think it is the company, just that it is being sabotaged!! This problem did not start until after the merger with AT&T was denied by the FCC.

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