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T-Mobile Fraud
Posted by Mark Yeager on 03/29/2006
DILLON, COLORADO -- I signed a one-year contract with T-Mobile on Dec. 13, 2005 for 1500 minutes a month at the rate of $39.99 a month. Since then they have tried to steal money from me on five separate occasions using four different methods. The entire experience has been a nightmare. And this is only the end of March, 2006.

The first occasion came when T-Mobile tried to change the terms of my contract to $49.99 a month from $39.99 without my consent. Calling their hand on that, they insisted that I would have to prove to them that my contract called for the lower figure. The correct response from any good and honest business would have been to offer to research it at their end and get back to me. Instead, they put the onus on me, the customer, to prove what I had signed. I call this “theft”.

I had to fax my copy of the contract to them three times before they would acknowledge receipt of it. Only then would they grudgingly agree to erase the fraudulent charge.

Occasion number two came when I went online to verify that they had made the appropriate change to my contract and discovered that I was being charged for “Email Notification” since I had signed up for web services a week earlier at the stated flat rate of $5.99 a month. I added this service on the phone with a customer service representative who I repeatedly asked, “Are there any additional charges of ANY kind for this web service?” Her answer was consistently, “No sir, there are no other charges of any kind.” Their web page also clearly states “No additional data or airtime charges”.

What I discovered was that they were charging me $0.05 per email notification, which had already added up to $8.50. Calling them again, I made them remove these charges and I turned the email service off. I call this a problem with “truth in advertising” and “deceptive trade”.

Occasion numbers three and four came when they fixed each of the two above problems. On both occasions T-Mobile sent me a flurry of text messages proudly telling me how good they were to me to fix the problems. And each text message appeared on my next bill with a charge of $1.35 beside it.

Imagine, they were charging me to tell me that they had cleaned up their own mess. Wonderful. And by the way, there was zero mention of additional charges for text messaging when I signed the contract. I call that a problem with “truth in advertising”.

Occasion number five came when instead of crediting me with the agreed-on phone rebate of $50.00, they sent me a letter telling me that the tiny little numbers from the circuit board of the phone that I had to fill in (the ones that took a magnifying glass to read) did not match up with their record and thus, they were denying the rebate. I call this “deceptive trade”, and I see a clear pattern of it.

I have refused to pay the last round of text message charges (Again, all of these messages originated from T-Mobile Customer Service.) and I took the $50.00 off of my last payment to them. T_Mobile has retaliated by turning my phone off. I call this “breach of contract.”

To sum it up, all I wanted was cell phone with a simple rate plan. That’s all. What I got was fraud, deception, and outright theft. If you sign up with these people, you know what to expect.

Mark Yeager
P.O. Box 2589
Dillon, CO 80435
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-30:
"I took the $50.00 off of my last payment to them" - You can't do that.. well, you can, you did, but expect a whole load of crap when they send your file to a collection agency.
Posted by perplexed on 2006-06-03:
sounds familiar. They seem to take pride in getting everything they can out of their customers.
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Cell Phone Insurance - Don't Do It!
Posted by G2Vgirl on 10/24/2005
I personally don't think that cell phone insurance is a good idea. I had an unfortunate experience of my phone falling out of my pocket, onto the ground unknowingly and my husband's car ran over it. It still worked however, the screen never regained consciousness.

I had taken out insurance when I first got service from T-Mobile and it stated that the deductible would be $35.00 at that time. Well, I had the phone for well over a year, paid $3.99 per month during the entire time and was unaware of what the customer service agent on the insurance side of things was about to tell me.

T-Mobile’s insurance rates went up – they claim to have sent a notice but of course I never received one. If I had, I surely would have cancelled the insurance immediately. It turns out that now the deductible is $70.00 and I would of course, receive a refurbished (used) phone of the same type! Keep in mind - used phones aren't even worth as much as the phone you're attempting to replace.

Because of all of this new info - I hit the roof! First of all, I didn’t pay anything for the phone. It was one of those cheap free phones, so why in the world would I pay $70.00 for it. $35.00….OK… but $70.00…heck no! Then to have paid $3.99 per month for the last 18 months; I've already paid $71.82 in monthly dues to the insurance. I thought to myself man, this is crazy!

So of course, I opted out of paying that fee and just simply chose a different phone, for the same price, but not without getting ripped off again by basically being forced to sign yet another contract for two more years – that is, if you don’t want to pay full price for the new phone that you choose. And of course, I cancelled the misleading insurance!

But I have a solution – well, maybe partial. I plan to NEVER pay for cell phone insurance again, but get a new phone every year. Why? Every time you purchase a phone, it comes with a one year warranty. Therefore, if anything happens to it (outside of getting lost), it’s covered automatically and you don’t pay a penny more for it! So buy a new phone every year (you just have to renew your contract – but if you are happy you’re your carrier, it’s no big deal because you more than likely would be with them another year or two anyway)….and you’re always covered! As I mentioned, this doesn’t help if you loose your phone, so keep mindful of it and don’t misplace it – but as long as the damage is within the warranty specifics – you will be just fine!
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2005-10-25:
Don't count your chickens before they hatch just yet. I have worked for warranty for 5 1/2 years and being under warranty is not much better than having the insurance. There are some things that the warranty will not cover. Physical or liquid damage. Physical damage can cover alot of things, which is to many to list. You still receive a refurbished phone no matter how many times you try to exchange it. Usually you get the phone the next day, but I have see backorder times as long as 14 business days. You will get the same exact model and it may or may not work. Yes the warranty is for 1 year, this does not start over when you exchange it. Say you have had the phone for 11 months and call warranty to exchange it, the warranty does not start over but continues on for remainder of the one year. You may want to call up T-Mobile and ask them for an explanation of what the warranty covers and doesn't. If you don't want to do this, then I shall see your next complain letter soon.
Posted by Jitterbean on 2005-12-20:
the manufactures warranty will not cover: lost or stolen, water damage, physical damage such as a crack screen or broken plastics including the antenna. Yes notification was sent out within your billing
Posted by Voice of Reason on 2006-02-01:
Having a back up phone is always a good idea. If something happens you just pop your SIM card into the older phone and your off and running until you can get a new phone again.

Even if its lost or stolen, you can go to a store, get a new sim card for 20 bucks, have it activated at the store and put it in the old phone..and your off and running and the old sim in the lost/stolen phone is useless to whoever has it as its deactivated now.

Generally I agree, insurance is a poor investment. With deductables of 70 and 110 dollars (depending on value of phone) and the 4-5 bucks a month, your probably better off not getting it.

UNLESS...you have a high end phone. 110.00 is alot cheaper than having to pay another 300-600 for a PDA for example.

Posted by Greg on 2013-08-08:
I feel for you but, I suspect the phone replacement was explain in the contract. Furthermore, if you own an insured new car and got into a crash and totaled it 18 months after you bought it the insurance company will not replace the car with new one. Same idea with the phone.
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You Should Get What You Pay for....
Posted by Biggurlstuff on 01/19/2013
BUFFALO -- I bought a new phone 11/14/12 and a few unexplained events have happened surrounding this phone. First a few days after getting the phone I called Tmobile because it does not charge sometimes unless I take out the battery numerous times and reinstall.

One night I was talking with my brother the phone started blinking a white screen with colored lines running through the screen this went on for approx 2 hours. Finally after taking the battery about 20 times turning the phone on off it turned back on. The battery was half charged so there was no reason for the phone to just shut off.

About 2 weeks after purchasing the phone I get an email that says someone tried to charge approx $368 at some catalog online. Interesting enough it was on my Amazon Visa the only place I used this card was at the Tmobile store all because I wanted the Amazon points. The card was in my wallet never lost!!! I went to Tmobile on 1/11/13 and spoke with George he promised a replacement phone would arrive by 1/15/13 today is 11/18/13 still no phone.

I called Tmobile they told me they cannot help me because this is not a real Tmobile store where I bought the phone. And to top it off Tmobile is charging me $8 monthly for phone insurance but tonight they told me I cannot use the insurance because the PHONE WAS NOT PURCHASED AT A TMOBILE STORE!!! 3476 MAIN ST BUFFALO, NY 14214 This is the address and when you drive up it has a pink Tmobile sign, the employee say "welcome to tmobile" and it has the same decor as other Tmobile stores yet Tmobile says I did not purchase the phone in a Tmobile store!!! So I am stuck with a phone I paid $327 for that might or might not charge!

I have been with Tmobile for over 10 years, but by the end of next week I will be with another carrier. LOL this is the funniest part when I called I asked to speak with a supervisor when I asked her name she told me "Lovely N"she would not give me a last name like I was going to fly to China to find her!!!Good luck if you purchase a phone with Tmobile.
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Posted by Jennifer Buch on 2013-06-01:
I just looked up to find the phone number and saw the review. I have had nothing but excellent service for the past 2 years. Maybe an isolated incident? Try calling and asking for erek.. always get good service from him maybe he can make it right.. Just hate the parking because its always so crowded
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Customer Service
Posted by TMobile NO MORE on 10/13/2009
Just had the worst customer service experience with T-Mobile. After being a customer for over 10 years and spending thousands of dollars for service, T-Mobile refused to budge on an issue for overcharging. My account was changed and I as the primary account holder was never notified. This resulted in hundreds of dollars in over-charges and T-Mobile doesn't think it has an obligation to notify the primary account holder.

BE WARNED. I highly recommend using a different carrier. Customer loyalty will get you nothing anymore with T-Mobile.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-13:
Do you share your account with someone else? Did they make a change to the account? Or was this a change that T-Mobile made?
Posted by Sparticus on 2009-10-13:
I just read an article about how all T-mobile sidekick users lost all their data that was backed up on Microsoft's servers (Apparently Microsoft owns the software service that supports the Sidekick phones)... and it is unrecoverable. Wow. Perhaps their customer service is suffering since they are fielding so many calls for other problems like this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-13:
Sounds like someone else made a change on your account. It's funny to hear you say that you highly recommend using another carrier after you were with T-mobile for 10 years. It sounds like you need to blame the other person on your account.
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-13:
knew a gal whose husband broke into her phone account from overseas
but it was to snoop and not to make calls

i agree you need to blame the person who is now the primary and make them pay the bill
Posted by karleebarlee on 2009-10-13:
my boyfriend has t-mobile and he just lost all of his data. they're having worse problems now then overcharges.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-13:
You mention overcharges several times in your post, but do not state what the charges were for. If it is for a service that was used by a line on your account then it is not an overcharge and you should discuss the matter with the person whose phone the charges were associated with.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Pinky_mb on 09/12/2013
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- My iPhone5 was purchased on 08/05/13 by my husband as a birthday present for me. Ever since I started using this phone I got nothing but problems. Calls would drop while talking to someone, most of time it would show "no internet connection". It would show "no service" therefore I am unable to make or receive any calls. The voice quality of the phone is so bad that every time I talk to any family or friend, they would ask if I was sick or I had them on speaker phone (no to both), phone would get very hot itself, and internet (if there was a connection) would be very slow for a so called Iphone5!

On 09/04/13 the 29th day of the purchase we decided to take this phone back to the store as we could do that within 30 days. The Manager at the store just heard my complain and said they will exchange this phone with another one but it will be on mail order as there was none available in store. I agreed to this and thought it will just take them a few minutes to place this order. Two sales reps started working on one computer and took them almost an hour to get to us to their counter. The reps named Benjamin and David were very playful and acting like kids while handling customers. We did not appreciate this while we were trying to get some help. They both were teasing each other, joking, tagging and just giggling and this was just annoying.

When our paperwork/mail order was all done in their system we were told the new Iphone5 will arrive within 3 days. It will be 9 days tomorrow and still no sign of the new Iphone5. We are very disappointed with Tmobile's delivery service and most of all their staff's customer service. Their sales representative should be going into more training and also act matured when dealing with their customers!! This store inside the Arden Fair Mall, Sacramento, CA. I am a one unhappy new customer of Tmobile !!
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Not fair
Posted by KathleenKistlerGraham on 08/29/2013
Purchased a Cell phone the original seven years ago with the number @$315.00 in NYC
917-293-7372! Paid prepaid min. on the cell phone, until the phone
was reported lost or stolen 4 years ago. I repurchased a red cell phone
with camera on it for 1/3 the price (was able to keep the number) in NYC!
On Jan 6, 2013 once again the my purse was snatched at the Port
Authority, NYC, and had to purchase an emergency phone right away
and purchased the phone I now have @917-436-3126 purchased for
less than $100.00! The point of the COMPLAINT is that, I called and
wrote (contacted T-Mobile) trying to keep the number I had been paying
prepaid minutes (approximately $5,000.00 - 6,000.00)! I even asked them
to send me an equivalent cell phone and bill me since my credit should be good. Within three months, the number that had been de-activated was
given to another, and this I object! Within seven years one notes their
number on myriad documents and applications. The grace period should have been longer than three months, perhaps 6 months even a year be-
fore one's number is given out. Does this new customer live in NYC?
This was not fair! I had intended to purchase another phone, and
would have preferred to keep the same number.
Additionally, I had 300 photos and personal information on that phone
that should be immediately cancelled once the phone is de-activated and
once one reports a phone lost or stolen! It is my opinion that the first
original cell phone, and second updated with camera cell phone may
have been taken by the same source!
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Posted by wowspellswowbackwards on 2013-08-29:
I believe FCC regulations determine how long a number can be out of circulation, not T-Mobile
Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-29:
Typically a phone number is reassigned no less than 30 days.

As to your personal info and photos I can almost guarantee that they were deleted by whomever stole the phone or whomever bought the phone. There are some apps available that can remotely lock a phone rendering it useless and even delete data.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-29:
You can't choose what your grace period should be. That's determined by their policy (which you agreed to by contract.) Also, you do not own a phone number, you are allowed to use it as long as you pay your bill. There are not an unlimited number of phone numbers so if yours becomes available, it gets reassigned to someone else.
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Worse Experience You Could Ever Have
Posted by Oaburomeh on 08/18/2013
Thanks for verifying We can see that customer relations has already denied your ETF waiver request because we do offer coverage in your location. While the signal may not be strong enough to provide coverage indoors, you should still be able to get signal outside. I sincerely apologize but since T-Mobile cannot guarantee coverage in all locations, we cannot waive these early termination fees" That is the reply I just got from T Force. See how ridiculous that is. I am physician. If I was paged on a patient in the middle of the night, I should go outside and return the page! Are you serious cheap T Mobile. Please give me a break. I am so frustrated and disappointed from your ignorance. You do not care at all about the safety of my patients.
Thanks T Mobile
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Posted by cmthru on 2013-08-19:
All the wireless companies use the same policy. As long as there is at least one bar reception, even if only outdoors, they consider it coverage. However if you have no coverage at all in a half-mile range of your home address then you have a better case for them to waive the ETF.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-08-19:
No offense intended, but given the possibility of weak signals or dead spots. I would hope that my doctor would have a land line in his/her house and in his/her practice, given that there is a possibility of lives being at stake and all.

Anyway, I had a the same experience with T-Mobile years ago. I couldn't get reception inside my house. But I could get it outside. In my case I have a land line, so it was wasn't a big deal, and more of an annoyance. I didn't bother trying to cancel the contract because I knew that technically I had service. But I when my contract was up, I switched to Verizon, who has much better coverage.
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Service of Complaints
Posted by C1mailman on 08/07/2013
I went to T Mobile store because kept dying and I couldn't call. I have had 3 weeks of apologies ans still no help. All excuses
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Posted by mermaid1959 on 2013-08-15:
File a complaint with the FCC:

click wireless telephones
click billing service privacy and other issues
click form 2000B, fill out and submit it
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Unauthorized Long Distance Calls From Stolen Cell Phone
Posted by Joblivion53 on 06/12/2013
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- Avoid T mobile!! Our cell phone was stolen, calls were made to Mexico over a short period (no red flag that our use went from next to zero to $600 over a few days???)
Not only did we get no help from the company, but "the best they can do" is to give us a month to come up with $800. Thieves! We cancelled our service (another $400 for two phones) and they can wait for their money. We'll pay what we can when we can.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-12:
Didn't you advise them right away that the phone was stolen? They would have canceled the service and unauthorized calls would not have been made.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-06-12:
Did you immediately call them and advise the phone was stolen? That's the proper and courteous thing to do. If not, then I can see where T Mobile is coming from. However, in your case, I would not have paid a cancellation fee and would have told them to whistle for the money.
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Why Do They Make It So Hard to Sign Up for Service
Posted by Bonitam45 on 04/19/2013
It took my husband over 3 hours to set up two new cell phones. They couldn't do them both at once, he had to call back for each one--then, in the process, he was disconnected and had to start over again. The numbers on the card he was supposed to read from were small and very faint! This is not a user-friendly company!!!
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-04-20:
Think this is bad? Try canceling a contract or not renewing with T-Mobile. They will work you over until your ears bleed. First customer service gets a shot at you. Then you're transferred to the "retention dept" where you really get the sales pitch. After six years I'm done with these people.
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