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LX460 Riding Mower
Posted by on
I bought a Toro LX460 in summer 2006 from Home Depot. After 8 hours use the mower belt fell off and when I went to replace it I found it was so rounded I could no longer tell the pulley engaging face. Home Depot refused to honor the warranty explaining that 'a belt is a wear item'. I paid $120 dollars to replace the belt and a pulley sheave and mount that was bent apparently by their storefront display cable. I 'm sorry folks, twigs don't indent pulley sheaves like Home Depot also claimed! When I got the mower back with assurances that it was fixed and tested I found the HD contract mechanic had tried to replace the tensioner spring with a screen door spring, had cross-threaded the spring mount bolts, left the retention stud and sleeve and washer on the deck along with his own wrenches (how bright is that?). He therefore could not possibly have 'run tested it' as claimed.

I sent it back a second time with a Xerox of the LX 460 deck parts diagram, the parts he left out and his own tools in a plastic bag and politely explained by note how to properly put it together. I got back the mower with the hood keyed as he apparently took offense at being told how to do his job. The mower was still not fixed correctly. Having paid for the repair, I simply asked Home Depot to order the parts so I could fix it myself. After another six weeks' wait I went back and they didn't know who I even was or where the order forms went. I ordered the parts elsewhere and fixed it myself in spite of having paid so much to have the repair done for me.

The next spring, at only 16 hours (because I couldn't use it nearly all summer) the carb began to smoke. I had to pay for a full rebuild and was told again that this is not warranty but 'routine spring maintenance'. The belt again wore out. This time I scanned the Web and learned that Toro had a recall all along so I was able to get the second belt repair under warranty. By now the rear tire was always flat, the cheap plastic parking brake would release unexpectedly, the trim around the hour meter fell off, the cheap paper strip to mark engine speed peeled, one headlight stopped working (a tricky repair since they use aluminum foil not metal for the reflector cage) and the underside of the plastic hood was abrading away due to lack of proper spacer mounts. The 'quick-disconnect' mower deck would fall off spontaneously so I had to drill through the mount studs and put clip pins through them to even be able to mow at all. The mower smoked black clouds on starting and used oil.

After eight trailer trips with my mower for the four major repairs the mower belt began to slip off again and the tensioner spring snapped off and so I did what I should have done all along - I took the mower to our farm mechanic out in the country. He showed me that the burning oil came from Toro not securing a vent tube into the muffler...some putty sealed and solved that. And he pointed out that Toro had used the cheapest belts possible hence the main drive belt had twenty major cracks by 100 hours use and their third replacement deck belt was already marginally serviceable. He replaced all with high quality belts (wider, thicker and with more internal threads) and slimed the tires to stay inflated.

Don't deal with Home Depot ('You can do it WITHOUT their help'} and don't deal with Toro for non-commercial products because they apparently lay awake at night thinking about how they can sell cheaper and cheaper made crap.
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chris talton on 05/02/2012:
I bought a Toro lx 460 in 2006 as well. the worst purchase I have ever made. Home Depot really sux! they do not carry real john deere and Toro products only contract made crap. the belt on mine came completely off the deck with one lap around my yard . I have spent over 6 to 7hundred dollars on repairs to the deck.the belt is always coming off and I routinely have to take it to the shop for one reason or the other. folks Home Depot did me wrong, would not replace it and am still paying for this piece of crap. I guess I'm the idiot. ill buy a hustler next time.
Drew on 12/22/2012:
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I almost bought a Toro lx 460 on Craigs List, but backed out because of reading this!
Mike on 06/09/2013:
Bought one of these second hand, it only had 11.6 hours on it so I thought it was a great deal for $500...and truth be told it was. That was 4 years ago it now has almost 105 hours on it. Last week it started knocking and fearing something went wrong, I shut it down immediately. Checked the oil... the level was fine but I noticed it was very runny. I had changed the oil back in March so I figured it must be cheap oil. So, I changed the oil and went on my marry way. After about half an hour the knocking was back, as bad as ever. Called a "come to your house" small engine guy... told me that basically the motor was shot. Fuel had leaked into the engine and mixed with the oil causing it to become to thin and damaging the engine. He told me to put a fuel line shut off valve on, change the oil and use a heavier weight oil... and either sell it or trade it in. This guy has extensive small engine experience (30 years) and told me that while this isn't the worst engine every built, it does make his top 10. Going to load it up and trade it in on a Deere...from a dealer. After what I've read about this piece of junk, I'll never make a major purchase of this type at a Big Box store. I've learned my lesson. While I'm not terribly disappointed in the deal I got on this Toro, I've learned that you can't buy stuff like this based on price... you get what you pay for. If you are ready this, keep researching, spend the extra money a buy something that has a good reputation for durability.... ever notice how many old John Deere Lawn Tractors are still around????
Ken on 06/22/2013:
I too bought a Toro LX 460 from Home Depot 4 yrs. ago and The first time I went to use it I turned it on, drove it out of the garage and a bolt broke that holds the mower belt in place. I called HD and they would not take the machine Back. But did agree to have the machine fixed. It's been in the shop 3 times in the 4 years and I would never buy this machine or a John Deere at HD again. This is a horrible product for any amount of money. Stick with the dealer even if it is a few hundred $$$ more. I've spent many times over what I saved from the initial purchase. How Toro allows their name to be on these products, is beyond me. It's not a Win Win for Toro, HD nor the customer.
Floyd on 07/24/2013:
Just bought one second hand with 70 hours on it. Thought I was getting a deal, put 8 hours on it and the belt broke going to the mowing deck. Looks like I have ALSO GOT BURNED along with the rest of you.
Rod on 07/25/2013:
I too purchased this poor excuse for a lawn tractor in 2006 from Home Despot. I have replaced belts and tensioner springs, had to bolt the deck to the rear arms because it kept falling off of one side and now I'm in the process of replacing all three spindles. The LX460 is actually made by MTD. I found a source for belts in the U.S. @ about $12/each Cdn (only replaced 1 in three years). Got a tensioner spring from an industrial supply house and replaced one of the belt guides with a heavy-duty stand-off and roller.
As well as with others, I have learned my lesson - don't buy machinery or equipment from a big box chain store. I have 3 small engine equipment retailers in my immediate area. One of them gets to sell me a new lawn tractor at the end of the season.
V on 08/13/2013:
I bought one from Home Depot... the only place these were sold? Anyhow, it was the floor model, and never had the spring that holds the tensioner belt which turns the blades. They did not even know how to replace it, so I was immediately out of pocket for that. Then, after 3 hours of use, the belt broke. I have not replaced it. I now use this as a mini-tractor
kevin on 08/15/2013:
I don't design 'em I just repair 'em and I've worked on this same deck since the mower was sold in '06 every year and guess what, it's back... same problem, belt tensioner pulley spring breaks and eats the belt.
Dad always said,"Poor man pays twice!". I work on commercial landscape equipment and there is a reason, big box stuff is JUNK. If it's cheaper to produce and sell, it's not going to last. Quality costs.
Vic on 08/20/2013:
I thought it was just mine, I've had 6 belts replaced. I just did one myself, there is so much slack of course its going to slip off and break again. Wow, Toro do you care that this thing is giving you such a bad name? I should have listened to my friend and bought a John Deer. This is an expensive lesson.
DAVID GOLDSMITH on 12/30/2013:
I too bought one of these POS (Piece Of S...) from Home Depot. We thought that the Toro name meant something, their true commercial stuff is pretty good. Unknown to us, the consumer Toro models are built by MTD. Like many others, we have also had problems with the mower deck belt being prematurely chewed up. Home Depot was of no help. We have dealt directly with Toro for most of our dealings, but did have some success with a sympathetic local dealer. After a number of belt replacements, at our expense, Toro provided a replacement part that offered some relief from the belt problem, although we still can't use all of the deck height settings. Bottom line: watch what and where you buy a lawnmower. Most of the consumer models sold in the big box stores are contract manufactured by just a couple of makers. MTD is one of the biggest. Avoid like the plague! Spend the extra money and buy from a local dealer that will protect your investment and your sanity.
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Never Again, Toro
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NORTH BROOKFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Purchased a new Toro, lx-460, from Home Depot 4 years ago.
Total time on mower is 145 hours. Have gone through 12 belts, 3 shoulder bolts and 1 re-build of mower deck ($400)upper belt guide path. Contacted Home Depot 2 years ago about some of the problems. "it's Toro's problem"

Contacted Toro via e-mail with full list of details without the courtesy of a response. Local Toro dealer refused to work on the 460 because: 1) it was purchased from Home Depot, and 2) they claimed that Toro manufactures two different quality products with the same model numbers, one for the box stores and one for their dealers. First Toro lasted about 20 years, but parts no longer available. Now, no longer a Toro customer since they seem not to care. Time for a garage sale for the other Toro products I have.

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trmn8r on 05/21/2012:
What the dealer claimed may be true. I would not buy a lawn tractor at a big box store, because my fear would be exactly that - a lower quality. I'm sorry this happened to you. Repairing it may well be throwing good money after bad.
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Toro - A High Maintenance Mower That Is Hard To Start
Posted by on
My 91 year old father was sold this mower for his 66 year old daughter (me) to used to mow a very large lawn. "Guaranteed to Start" is a deception. All mowers start eventually and this one is so hard to start...but it does start eventually.

I was told that, after 30 days, any unused gas must be disposed as it will destroy the engine. How do you do this? The EPA will hit you with big fines if you just poured it out.

The Toro company is totally unsupportive. Right now, the gas has no time to become stale. But, I have a terrible time starting it.

This is a very delicate, high maintenance mower that is difficult to start unless you are a very strong male.

Please consider Sears with a service contract for any repairs for your next mower.
The Kensington MD dealer told me that it needed high test gas but the Toro company said that this octane would burn up the engine. Who can you believe!

My dad was sold a "lemon." There is nothing that we can do but warn others.
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User Replies:
MJGoldfarb on 06/21/2011:
Unfortunately you will see MANY complaints about Sears services on this list too - including lawnmowers..
Whiteduck on 06/21/2011:
And what they say about gas at 30 days? Horse manure.

Gas will break down and varnish, but it takes a lot longer than 30 days and actually, a little Stabil will even keep that from happening.
fast327 on 06/21/2011:
Gasoline today contains ethenol, which causes a lot of problems with small engines if allowed to sit for long periods of time. Doubtful though in 30 days.
justin on 05/24/2012:
Actually as it states in your manual fuel will keep for 90 days with stabilizer in it
Chuck on 08/08/2013:
I have the same mower with an electric start. I generally have to replace the battery every year because the battery compartment fills with cuttings and shorts out the battery. When I have to use the pull start, it will start with 2-1/2 pulls. Keep stabilizer in your gas and I believe that will solve your problem.
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Lost its Value
Posted by on
I regret buying my first Toro Riding mower LX 460 @ Home Depo. Fortunate I also purchased some extended warranty and that basically took care in part of my problems. I purchased my riding mower in fall 2006. Next summer, the mower did not work. The manufacturer warranty took care. The second year I had problems with carburetor and ignition system. 3rd year problems with carburetor. No problems on 4th year. 5th year problems with belts, I fixed it this time since the extended warranty has expired. I originally purchased this product bcz I always heard great things about the Toro products. The brand name Toro originally was to me like Honda or Toyota. For big good old companies, reputation is a must and for them customer service is number one. I wouldn't mind paying the extra hundred bucks to Home Depo for my mower to avoid all the issues I went through. Simply put, the Toro brand name is no longer the same. Stay away from it
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spiderman2 on 05/08/2011:
I heard something about lawnmower manufacturers on the radio. It basically said that the ones they sell at big box stores are of lesser quality than the ones you would buy from a dealer. I thought maybe it was just because the show was sponsored by a small lawnmower dealer, but maybe not!
trmn8r on 05/08/2011:
I would be very wary of buying a lawn mower or tractor from a place like HD or Lowes. They are banking on large numbers of people walking past their pretty displays, and saying "wow, that's a good price!" You get what you pay for or less in this case. Same thing at Sears, where they issue a contract with different manufacturers every 3 years, such as MTD, Cub Cadet, etc.

Old brand names don't automatically mean you are getting quality. For example, Cub Cadet. An old Cub Cadet was built like a tank, but not the home center stuff. I have a 36 year old Simplicity that is also built like a tank. I rebuilt a lot of it last year, and it runs strong and shows little sign of age.
redmx3racer on 05/08/2011:
Spidy is right-the Toro's, John Deeres etc at the big box stores are not the same as the ones at the dealer. I have a 92 Toro I got from my dad that is still going strong without a problem-has 2800 hours on it.
trmn8r on 05/08/2011:
redmx3 - the mechanic I bought my Simplicity from for $300(!) in 2002 told me he was was switching to fixing and selling used John Deere because "everyone wants the green".

In other words, the *perception* is out there that JD is quality. He went on to tell me he thinks the John Deere stuff today is junk, especially what is at the home centers.
biomajor on 05/08/2011:
I'm impressed that you got 5 years out of your belts!
Mike on 06/09/2013:
2006 Toro LX460 Owner..... JUNK!!!!!! I was fortunate enough to get a very good deal on one second hand....but after 4 years (just over 100 hours) the engine went to crap. I've spent the last several weeks researching new mowers/tractors..... I disagree about today's Deere's being junk... it all depends on where you buy it and what model you buy. Some are cheaply made to sell in the Big Box stores.... those aren't the good ones. You have to go to a Deere dealer and get a REAL JD mower. Yes you are going to pay a little more but in the end you are actually going to be ahead. They hold their value and will last much longer then the others. (Simplicity is another good manufacturer). Best advice I can give is do some research and ask around....stay away from the Big Box stores and you will be much happier.
KD on 06/13/2013:
Had this mower for about 10 years and it's made by MTD for TORO, just a cheap mower with an expensive price, My ext warranty ran out last year and it had about $2000 worth of fixes before it expired. Someone ate it on that warranty! Now my steering is broken and the blades are engaged all the time. I only have 1/2 acre yard. Well at least it lasted 9 years!
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Poor quality of product & poor customer service
Posted by on
We've only had this lawn mower for 2 yrs. We went to start it up and the entire cable (that starts the mower) and everything attached to it fell apart. Took it to an authorized dealer that Toro advises you to go to and they gave us the run around until the end of day. They then decided they would tell us that they couldn't even look at the lawn mower until Tuesday. We asked why and they proceeded to get nasty saying that this was the busy season and good luck tryiing to find someone else that will look at it and hung up on us. The business was called Burdik Lawn Equipment. Then called the customer service at Toro and they couldn't understand why it would fall apart, however wouldn't allow us to order replacement parts for our lawn mower. Do Not Buy Toro....they are not a lasting product.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/05/2011:
Not sure about the lawnmowers, but the lawn sprinkler line from Toro isn't exactly the best in the business either. I prefer Rainbird.
Whiteduck on 05/06/2011:
I also bought a Toro 2 years ago. First thing that happened was I got notified that Toro was sued in a class action for lying about the horsepower of the mowers. I could file and get $35 back...

Second thing is that it doesn't cut grass well at all unless it's as smooth as a putting green. Otherwise it clogs after every swath and has to be shut off to empty. My old Sears mower did a much better job...

Be my last Toro...
Justin on 05/24/2012:
Love my Toro! Never going to buy anything else. My mower bag ripped after 2 weeks and the customer care agent sent me a new bag free of charge!
Sammy on 02/17/2014:
I can top that. We got a brand new Toro gas trimmer. My father bought it at Home Depot. Unfortunately, he is on e of those people who never saves receipts, owners manuals or anything. The gas trimmer stopped working after 6 weeks. Would not start, would not work. We changed everything...spak plugs, gas, adjusted everything and it never worked. had a neighbor who restored a riding lawnmower from scratch, he spent about a two hours on it and could not get it to work. Home depot would not exchange it without a receipt, and Toro would not make good on the warranty. At least it was not my money. I will never waste my money on a Toro anything in the future.
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Defective Lawn Mower
Posted by on
SOUTH BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- Last July I purchased a Toro Lawnmower. It worked fine the balance of the summer and the first 3 or 4 times I used it this spring. The last time I attempted to use it the engine seized up. I attempted to restart it one time and stopped believing that continued attmpts could damage the engine.

I located a local hardware store that was authorized to complete warranty work and the tech advised that the engine was completely out of oil.

While I confess I didn't check the engine this particular time I check the oil level almost every time. (I know it sound like an excuse but its true). In my mind it was so unlikely that it was lack of oil that when it seized up I didn't even look.

After expressing my disbelief to the person who worked on my mower I mentioned where did the oil go? I didn't tip the mower over nor did I drain the oil the correct way. He admitted there wasn't a drop of oil on the exterior and that the mower was very clean. But that if Toro would authorize it he would love to break the engine down and take a look at it.

Seriously; I used it the balance of last summer and this spring...if there was no oil it wouldn't have lasted that long...I certainly didn't empty it. There wasn't any oil on the floor of my shed and again...the tech admitted it was very clean without oil residue.

I then contacted Toro Customer service and explained the situation to them. Since it was a lack of oil issue I mentioned that I thought I was waste of time. She assured me that she would send their local representative to the hardware store to consult with the tech. (I should mention; she was very nice.)

A week later the tech called to tell me that the Toro representative stopped by and wouldn't authorize any repairs and when the tech asked if he wanted him to tear down the engine the Rep said no. According to the tech the conversation lasted maybe 30 seconds.

Obviously; the Toro representative went through the motions in investigating my lawnmower issue.

As I stated above....I used the mower without any problem....I didn't drain the oil and no one can tell me where it went. Complete waste of money...I didn't even own the mower a complete year. Most of the time I it was in storage during Autumn and Winter. I realize that in the end the oil is my responsibility and admit that this particular time I didn't check. But I know...I checked the week prior and it had plenty. If there was an issue with the engine it was was not due to lack of maintenance.

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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 06/08/2010:
At times I need to add oil to my VW's engine and I don't really ask, "where did the oil go?" It can dissipate, evaporate, leak. That's why you should always check any engine before you operate it.
otter811 on 06/09/2010:
I hear you but...Oil doesn't evaporate and it didn't leak. If you are adding oil to your VW its either being burned up or its leaking out.

But...either way...don't tell me that my issue will be investigated and then go through the motions.

Also...I still have my old cub runs like a champ....same maintenance etc...
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Home Depot/MTD/Toro are in it for the money!
Posted by on
BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I never bothered talking to the local Toro dealer before I went to Home Depot and bought my LX460 back in 2006. Big mistake!

I knew there had to be some difference in the quality of mowers because Home Depot was able to sell the same mower for $1,000 less than my local dealer. When you added in the interest free financing it was a no-brainer. The trouble didn't start right away since I only used it for half the summer of 2006. It mowed fine through 2007 as well. And then in 2008 I lost my first belt. No big deal...go to Home Depot and get another one. Home Depot does not carry replacement belts for the mowers it sells. The guy in the department said I could buy one that was close and it would be fine. The replacement belt lasted about two cuts of my 1.4 acre lot. Replaced the belt again and it lasted even less. Decided to hire someone to come in and re-grade my lawn to take some of the bumps out of it and didn't mow again the summer of 2008. In 2009 I hired a lawn service because I tore up another belt the first mow of the season and could not deal with the problem due to family issues. Decided to try again this spring and lost another belt 30 minutes into the first mow of the season. Finally decided to call Toro because of the belt eater I had bought. Was told that the warranty was for 2 years or 80 hours, whichever comes first. Since it was 4 years old I was out of luck. Forget that I only had about 40 hours on it.

Toro had me bring it to an authorized dealer who told me that my pulleys were rusted and pitted because I did not use the mower ENOUGH. They said that regular mowing actually keeps the pulleys polished. I guess it makes some sense, but I decided to talk to someone who has been fixing mowers for 30 years.

He said that MTD uses a thinner gauge steel that is prone to misalignment. Seems that if you weld some extra steel on in certain spots of the deck, it won't bend and therefore eat belts. Toro claims it is because of lack of use when it is really cheap construction. Toro will deny any out of warranty claims automatically because they no longer even make their own riding mowers. Stay away from anything sold at Home Depot or manufactured by MTD. Toro used to stand for quality. Forget that now.

One last note that was brought to my attention. Everyone today is out to make a buck. Toro riding mowers used to sell for $7,000 and last for 20 years. Now they sell for $1,500 and last for 4 years. They are probably still making as much money as before because they are selling more mowers, but their quality reputation is gone.
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localgod on 05/28/2010:
So, Home Depot is to blame for selling a cheap Toro product that is manufactured by MTD? Why can no one distinguish between manufacturer, supplier, and retailer. It is not the retailers fault that the manufacturer uses inexpensive materials and the supplier does not disclose manufacturing defects, especially after 3-4 years. And yes, retailers and manufacturers ARE in it for the money...why open your doors if you're going to break even or lose money?
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Toro & Home Depot will no longer get my business
Posted by on
We bought this mower in March of 2009. We used it pretty much weekly during the summer of 2009 - really type-A about making sure it was charged, making sure there was oil in it, but we always had a few stalls doing the yard. We blamed ourselves for having a thick lawn We stored it over the winter in accordance with the instructions. We did a tune-up, even changing the blade and spark plug in accordance with instructions. On it's first time out, it stalled about six times. We blamed it on ourselves - again. It died on the second time out. So I called Home Depot who told me to call Briggs & Stratton customer service. Which I did. After a full 25 minutes of waiting someone answered and referred me to their "authorized representatives" nearby. I called each one of the four - the first said they weren't "doing Home Depot's work," the second said that they didn't do warranty work because "they didn't get paid" and the other two said that they were 6-12 weeks behind. So I called Home Depot and finally got someone to admit I could take the mower back there for a $35 fee which would be refunded if the repair was under warranty. After a week we got a call from the alleged repair service who said that the piston-something-or-other was worn through "lack of lubrication" and that the entire motor had to be replaced, along with an oil change and air filter -- none of which fell under warranty and would cost us $221.

Bull. An outright lie. At NO time was that mower ever run without more than enough oil - if it wasn't getting to the engine, then I would believe it was a flaw in the motor itself. Besides which one week before it died, the air filter and oil were changed. I'm hoping I can get Toro or someone on the phone tomorrow and give 'em heck. But I'll never buy from there or Home Depot again.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
I purchased a Toro LX425 riding mower from Home Depot and the first time I tried to use it discovered the battery was dead. Called customer care and was told to boost it using my car and jumper cables. That didn't work. Called customer care again and was told to buy a battery charger and use that to get the battery going. That worked, at my expense. Then, after the second use under normal usage conditions, when turning a corner, the blade became bent and the pulley belt severed. When I called customer care they told me to get the parts at the local dealer and replace them, so I did. I tried the mower again, and again I had to charge the battery for an hour, and the pulley severed yet again, with no bent blade this time. I emailed Toro customer care through their website twice over the course of a week and each time received a message on screen that said I would hear back in 2 business days. But... They never contacted me at all. Absolutely nothing. I wrote a letter to the president of Toro and what seemed to be a low level manager called me and told me that Toro sells the mowers to Home Depot and they in turn sell to consumers, and that said I should be contacting Home Depot with any problems I have with the mower(but that is another story altogether).

Never owned a Toro product before, and other than this, I never will again. Really surprised by their lack of customer service.

I now have a useless mower that I just paid $1500 for and have used for less than 5 hours. Also, I have spent several hundred dollars on the battery charger and the replacement parts. My grass is very tall...

Resolution Update 08/06/2008:
Update! Well, Toro is still missing in action. As far as Toro is concerned I am stuck with their poorly built mower. However, Home Depot came through for me. Although this whole problem is not Home Depot's fault, they have stepped up to the plate and allowed me to return this crappy mower and receive a full refund. They even reimbursed me for the money I spent having the mower repaired. Home Depot is great. Toro sucks!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/13/2008:
The warranty is with Toro, not Home Depot.
CanuckMower on 06/13/2008:
Right, the warranty is with Toro, but of course Toro doesn't seem to understand that. Home Depot, although they have been unable to settle this to my satisfaction, at least responded to me and treated me like a human being. Toro has been missing in action this whole time...
samtheman on 06/13/2008:
"the blade became bent and the pulley belt severed"...I'm not sure of the condition of your yard, but to me that type of damage doesn't occur under normal circumstances. Perhaps you should have purchased a heavier duty lawn tractor.
CanuckMower on 06/13/2008:
Yeah, my yard is certainly not a golf course... haaha... And, those are my sentiments exactly. After just two cuts I realized this was not the mower for me and my lawn, and I had hoped to have Toro work with me to get the product returned so I could purchase a higher end Toro mower that had specific features to handle the uneven ground... But of course, they wanted no part of that... They just wanted me to go away.
Anonymous on 06/13/2008:
I've had a Toro rotary push mower for ten years with no problems. Still using the original spark plug. A fine product in my opinion.
CanuckMower on 06/13/2008:
Well that's good, I wish I had the same experience. I really don't have a problem with Toro's products, as I have only ever used one, this one. It's their customer service that I feel is seriously lacking. Search Toro on my3cents and you will find several other complaints, they are typically about customer service, not the products.
CanuckMower on 06/25/2008:
Some new information for this complaint. I have had the mower taken to a repair shop and they have repaired it at a cost of over $500 !! That's right, my brand new Toro mower with less than 5 hours of use cost me $500 to fix. That's more than 1/3 of the original purchase price. I have now paid way over $2000 for a mower that should cost $1500 and in my opinion is absolutely worthless. Don't Buy TORO !
Former Home Depot Employee on 07/05/2012:
1. You cannot purchase a "higher end" Toro mower at Home Depot.

2. Home Depot offers ZERO service after the sale which was why YOU had to contact Toro YOURSELF.

3. Had you purchased a Toro at a DEALER, the dealer would have selected a machine to suit your needs and would have handled your issues with the mower should you have run into such a thing.

This is why you buy from a dealer and not a big box store like Home Depot.

If you think Home Depot hit a home run because they refunded your money, your expectations are so low for quality customer service that most could step over the bar.

The Toro mowers sold at Home Depot are low quality units.

Think of them as say electronics.

Do you get great electronics at Dollar General or Radio Shack or do you get better ones at Best Buy?

You bought a Dollar General radio and expected to get the service of buying a Bose from Best Buy.

Just because Dollar General refunded your money doesn't mean they did anything.

It was the fact they do nothing which caused you to need such a refund to start with.

Go to a dealer, you will be much happier.

Set those standards higher my friend.
tim on 06/30/2014:
toro is owned by another company along with wheelhourse probably mtd or some such company
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Toro: NOT the company they used to be....
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ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have owned a Toro TimecutterZ Z4200 for about three months now. I purchased it Feb. 24 2008. In April the deck belt broke under mild usage. I did not have time to put it in the shop so I just purchased one ($56.00 is a little much if you ask me). I installed it and mowed about 30 feet of my yard, and the motor came apart. Yes a hole in the side of the motor developed after a few knocks and a crunch noise. I was not happy about the belt breaking, so imagine how I felt about a blown motor.

A letter to the president of Toro and a letter to the customer service manager yielded NOTHING, no reply, no "sorry" no "I don't have time for your problem" NOTHING! Me and Toro "customer no-service" are no longer on speaking terms. My question to them was simple: Should a $2500.00 mower have to be worked on when it has less than 4 hours of run time?....

Don't be fooled, the big chain stores repress unfavorable reviews on big ticket items. I searched the web for complaints about the ZTR and there were none.

Stay away from Toro, they ain't what they used to be.
Resolution Update 05/27/2008:
The customer service manager resolved the problem by extending the warranty....I am somewhat happy now, still the fact remains that it took over a month for someone from the corp. office to contact me......
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/09/2008:
WOW! What a horrible run of luck you had with the mower. The mower came with a warranty. Oh, you worked on the mower yourself. Probably voided the warranty by doing so. The mower should not have failed so early. Can you provide some evidence to support your assertion that chain stores 'repress' unfavorable reviews of products? I would like to learn how they can do so.
irateone on 05/10/2008:
The evidence of the big chain stores repressing unfavorable reviews on their website(s) is(are) : I have submitted the same review to the orange "home in a box" store three times now....try finding it yourself, they simply will not post it. I have e-mailed the internet support of (Big Orange) and they will not respond to my what would you think? Do you think that I am the ONLY person in the world that has had this problem with Toro?
Anonymous on 05/10/2008:
Ahh...I see...said the blind carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw. You have been complaining to 'Big Orange' on their Website and naively hope they will post it. Gosh, I don't see that happening any time soon. Nor will I see my "Ford Sucks" post on the Ford Website. But, 'Big Orange' cannot repress or suppress unfavorable reviews on sites like My3Cents or ripoffreport! Thank you for clarifying this. It is quite unlikely you would post negative comments about yourself if you had a Website. Seems reasonable, no? As to your complaint, it sure seems valid...I said so from the start. But, I repeat, you probably ruined your chances for getting satisfaction from Toro by working on the mower yourself during the warranty period. Unfortunately, Toro can now lay blame for the catastrophic engine failure at your feet, whether it is true or not. Hope this works out for you.
irateone on 05/10/2008:
well, Ghost..I see your point about "big Orange" but my complaint was not about them, it was about a mower they sold me......
Many thanks to the people who run websites like m3c and ror.....these sites are needed in today's world.
My problem with Toro isn't a warranty issue, my problem with Toro is a being ignored issue. Yes Toro is repairing the mower under warranty (I would be at a lawyer's office if they tried to pull that b/s on me) A mower with less than 4 hours run time should be replaced, not repaired. I would not be so upset if either of my letters would have been answered. I would not be here if someone would have taken the time to call/write/e-mail me the reason the company felt the mower should be repaired, not replaced.
Business 101; make a customer happy and he will tell a few people, make one unhappy and he will tell EVERYONE! Toro management needs to step-up here, not hide like cowards behind an inept "customer service hotline"....
Anonymous on 05/10/2008:
Glad to hear you are getting the mower repaired. As you know, the warranty probably has a 'manufacturer discretion' clause regarding repair versus replacement. If it breaks (significantly) again, I would also be demanding a new mower.
Glad you liked your experience with m3c. I don't know the administrators, but it is obvious that their goal is to have a site where, if consumers post here, companies know that the complaint is examined by a group of 'volunteer consumer experts' and it would give weight to a consumer's cry of: "If you don't make this right, I'm going to My3Cents!" I sure don't blame you for being upset for being ignored...every customer (until they become unruly) deserves a formal response. Good luck...let us know how this plays out!
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