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Run Don't Walk Away From These Guys
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- October, 2010, and these guys are running their song & dance in Cleveland, OH. Long on promises, short on delivery. Travel to Go is now marketing their "Service" through agents.. these guys called themselves "Endless Travel". Big bucks for an entrance fee & then be prepared to talk to voice mail & people who are away from their desk but will get back to you.... You can't put lipstick on this pig....

I Fell in the Hole and Got Out Easy
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Rating: 4/51

BRANSON, MISSOURI -- April 2013 we went to the sales pitch and after signing up we called Travel to Go and realized it was not quite what we were looking for although they were very helpful. We returned to Forever Grand Vacations who represent them in Branson MO full of trepidation due to the reviews we had read online. They treated us with respect and courtesy and we had our money returned after two weeks as they promised. Their sales pitch is heavy duty but nobody makes you go.

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CALIFORNIA -- We went to a Travel To Go presentation last night for no other reason than the "Complimentary Vacation for Two" that was offered. We sat through the whole thing - only to realize at the end this is nothing more than a Timeshare liquidator of unsold timeshare properties. Such a bait and switch. They lure you in with ideas of vacations to all these 5 star resorts - and when it gets down to it all you get is a week at a timeshare property that the property developers/owners couldn't sell. But that is not why I am upset. We got our voucher for a comp. vacation - We chose the Royal Caribbean Cruise to Mexico.

In the fine print on the back it says to mail in the voucher, yada, yada - and we will be required to pay... $299.00 per person!!!!!!!! WHAT? OK - I get that we will have to pay for port charges and taxes. That's fine. I went online to the Royal Caribbean website to price a cruise directly from them in that category stateroom (Q). I found I can get a cruise for 2 at $216.00/person and port charges and taxes for 2 people would be $51.58!!! A total of less than $500 or I could go on my complimentary vacation for $600. I called Travel to Go this morning and asked them what part of this vacation was complimentary. You know what they said... "Complimentary doesn't mean Free"!!!!!!

I said if that is how they are handling this then I would seriously question their business practices in other areas of travel. They said they would call back... we will see about that! Anyone looking for info about Travel To Go - RUN! It's a total scam. I feel so bad for all those elderly people in that meeting losing their retirement fund to this outfit.

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