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They Never Deliver My Drugs on Time, and They Always Have a New Lame Excuse.
Posted by Robertbubello on 02/14/2014
FORT PIERCE -- Optum Rx constantly fouls up my prescription orders, and they constantly have a new excuse. Several weeks ago I ordered a prescription, it did not come as scheduled. I called, and was told that I needed to approve the payment prior to it being shipped. I approved the payment [new requirement], they promised overnight service because I was running out. Overnight took 7 days.

I talked to them today because a two week old prescription order had not arrived. They said the automated system did not call me for payment confirmation. The supervisor I talked to next said it was not their fault, but a system problem. Told them that they own the system.

They have major problems and do not want to take responsibility for problems.

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' United Healthcare Does Not Exist '
Posted by Alphonns on 01/09/2014
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- . After nearly two months and more than one hundred attempts to communicate my need to enroll in United Healthcare Medicare Solutions Plan #2 Shared Partners Passport. I have been lied to, deceived, ignored, and made a fool of by ignorant representatives who did not remember me or any records prior to December 7 enrollment date. As I was promised that my enrollment would be extended because of a personal crises, this outfit never once honored my pending membership, pleas for help or the National Passport Program of insurance Coverage insurance. In my opinion, this all-encompassing carrier is either an illusion or fraud .
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Twelve (12) transit days from Los Angeles to Corpus Christi
Posted by Fdxr671 on 12/21/2013
CORPUS CHRISTI -- I recently shipped my Nikon D2X digital camera to the Nikon Service Center in Los Angeles for overhaul. The service center held the camera for approximately eight (8) weeks and shipped back to me using UPS Ground. Please note that Nikon does not offer customers an alternate means of having their equipment returned. The package was picked up in Los Angeles on December 12, 2013. The package made it from Los Angeles to Mesquite, TX in 4 days, it arrived at 11am on December 16, 2013. The package has been sitting in Mesquite, TX since December 16 and has not moved. It is now December 20, 2013, and the package has finally had a scan to update the delivery. The comment posted indicates, "Your package has encountered a delay and delivery has been delayed by one (1) day. Above that comment, the new expected delivery date is December 24, 2013 by the end of the day. It boggles the human mind why on earth it takes eight (8) days to move roughly 419 miles.

I realize this is the holiday season but, UPS has been doing this business for more than 100 years and if you haven't figured it out by now, cast your lot along with that of the USPS and put us all out of your misery.
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Buyer Beware, Don't Fall for Those Cute Commercials !
Posted by Michaeltgehret on 12/05/2013
CORONA, CALIFORNIA -- My mother and Father were both with United Healthcare for years. Mom was suddenly ill, later to find she had end stage Pancreatic Cancer. United Healthcare was the provider. We (doctor and family) requested items my mother required during the dying process, when we NEEDED the insurance the most ! They denied mom's oxygen, wheelchair, shower chair, hospital bed for the home, diapers, inhaler, and medications. They denied ALL the items required when someone is extremely ill and we as a family were in total shock. We switched Mom to plain Medicare A&B and they covered all items . United Healthcare is good coverage while you are healthy and that is the only time you are covered. When any change in your condition occurs, they deny deny, deny ! An insult to our family and my dear departed mother ! Shame on this company for misleading the public and in their commercials on TV. They are all about covering you when you are healthy.

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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-12-09:
I suggest filing a complaint with your state's insurance commissioner.
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Rejected, Unhappy and Disgusted!
Posted by Kgravatt on 12/03/2013
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- We received a denial (for my wife) notice a week after debits from our bank account (without a notice) for over $400. My wife, sixty years old is in excellent health and has a doctor that will verify. She takes antidepressants but she also works out every day and you would never know her age. There is no history of cancer or heart problems. All blood work comes back great. For a person to be denied because there are taking an antidepressant is ridiculous. For one thing most new policies stipulate that they won't even cover mental health so why not insure? It's a sad state of affairs in this county when someone is denied insurance because they are taking preventative medication.

Very unhappy and disgusted.
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Lender Never Kept Promises
Posted by Billblass2169 on 10/29/2013
SPOKANE, WASHINGTON -- It is a sad day when you have to write a negative review about a company not holding up to their promises. [snippped- No personal information allowed] I read a few negative reviews but some good ones so I decided to give them a chance. Unfortunately they never followed through on anything and let the lock time of my loan slip so we had to get a rate extension. So my rate went from 4.2 to 4.48. May not seem like a lot but over the life of the loan it is $10k. I would think twice about this company. They were great at the start then it was like pulling teeth and me pushing them to get it done and closed. I was told it would take 3 weeks and it took 8 weeks. I was also promised a refund and haven't received it or can't even get a return call. Good luck and please read my review and know I wish someone would of been honest like myself and stay away.
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United Sucks
Posted by Coopersines on 10/11/2013
My dad is on a business trip and he is flying United back home and the stupid airline can't get him back until 11:30 PM. THEY SUCK HORRIBLY I HATE STUPID UNITED AIR THEY SUCK SO BAD. AirTran can get us back by 8:00 pm. DO NOT FLY UNITED I AM SOOOOOO DONE WITH THEM 11:30 PM IS STUPID this company deserves ZERO STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted by CU on 2013-10-14:
Why not just fly AirTran then?
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-10-14:
So they just decided to get him back later because they wanted to be mean? What was the reason?
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-10-15:
So why can't they get him back earlier? Flight cancelled? Plane full? Sometimes them's the breaks.
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Scam on Refunding Money
Posted by Bobmatsey on 07/25/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- United in Uniform is a SCAM. BEWARE!!!

I signed up for this unethical service 2/22/2012. The salesman, Earl promised me that if I did NOT get any rentals, WHICH I DID NOT over the course of 10 months, that I could get a refund at any time. I asked him this question again before we got off the phone, and he again promised me that "If I don't get a rental, I can get a refund at any time of the year". No mention of needing to follow some instructions on their web site or some fine print.

It was a lie and when I called to try and get a refund at the end of 10 months, they informed me that I had to stay with the company a full year to give them a chance to get a rental, before I could get a refund. Again, NO mention of needing to follow some instructions on their web site.

So I agreed to wait a year, and when I DID NOT get even a SINGLE RENTAL, I asked for a refund.
I was then told by their refund department that I didn't follow the proper documented refund policy that was on their web site. I informed the United In Uniform customer service team, Jason, that I was never notified by the sales man, or the first lady I talked to, Angelica on 11/2812 about a refund policy, or that I needed to read anything on the web page. Jason was very mean and unsympathetic that no one had informed me about reading a refund policy on the web page.

To me, this is nothing more that an advertising scam that needs to be shut down. They Lied to me, mis lead me, never told me after countless phone calls ( at least 5 calls!!) about this mysterious 'refund policy' on their web site.

Please let other potential consumers know not to fall for their untruthful, un professional service. They are truly a very uncustomer friendly company, especially the way Jason disregarded all the other phone calls and flatly said " You should have read our web site".

Wrong, all you liars had to do was to tell me the truth up front about the policy when I asked. If you would have told me, I would have told you that it was un realistic to do all of those things, and I would have never taken your pathetic service.
The bottom line is I received no rentals, and received maybe 4 requests for rentals which is a terrible advertising investment.

Please, PLEASE, HANG UP ON THESE JERKS and don't listen to them. They are nothing but a BIG SCAM....

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Worst Insurance!
Posted by Attanasio8967 on 07/22/2013
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- My daughter was travelling outside of the U.S. to do a volunteer project. We attempted to have her very expensive malaria medication covered (we didn't even try to get the $85 typhoid shot covered). They refused. They don't cover anything necessary for travel, even if it is required for business! When my daughter reached her destination with 29 other students, every other student had their medications covered by their insurance!!!

RUN, do not walk, away from this insurance company if you are lucky enough to have a choice.
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Posted by Chapparita on 2013-07-22:
Did you check to see if it was covered under the medical side of the insurance? Usually vaccines are a medical benefit, not a pharmacy benefit.
Posted by clutzycook on 2013-07-22:
can't say I'm surprised. You don't want to know how many phone calls it took between them, my OB and my pharmacy to try and find a birth control pill that they would cover at 100%. Their dental insurance is lousy too. We've been fortunate in that all we've needed the medical insurance for this year is my kids' checkups. Knock on wood that we can make it to New Years' without having to call on it for much more than that!
Posted by yoke on 2013-07-23:
clutzycook, we had the same issue with them. Come to find out they will cover name brand 100% but they will not cover generic.
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United Airlines Lives Up to It's Rude, Uncaring Reputation. Awful
Posted by Mwcinsf on 06/26/2013
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- After my return flight to Dayton, OH via Chicago I went to unpack my checked bag. I noticed that my pair of dress shoes were missing from the bag. I remember packing these shoes in my checked bag as I am very fond of them and they were a rare splurge. I went online to find out how to remedy the problem. I was directed to the Baggage Resolution Service Center. When I called the number the woman who answered asked me to tell her what happened.

I began with the story of the return trip and went on to explain what happened when I went on to put things away at home. She was immediately combative and actually told me I hadn't contacted them in time before she even knew what date I'd returned home. I didn't catch this at first but as she became more and more rude and began to explain to me that United Airlines had no intention of helping me in any way I paid closer and closer attention to what she was saying. She was far more concerned with United Airlines liability risk and in informing me that this was my fault than anything else.

Now, all I wanted were my shoes back but she basically accused me of trying to defraud the airline. It's not important here to disclose what I paid for the shoes but they were something I don't go buy every weekend. She kept telling me I needed to be quiet and allow her to speak and didn't seem interested in my lost item at all. I asked her if they had cameras in the baggage handling area and she said that no, they have limited camera coverage of that area. She ended by giving me a website and a form # that I could up on my own to fill out.

I asked her who I could call about this and she told me there was no one I could call. I confirmed there is no one I can talk to about items stolen out of my luggage while I'm traveling....she said that was correct. I just hung up. I WILL NEVER FLY ON UNITED AIRLINES AGAIN. I would rather spend more money on a competent airline that cares about their customers than deal with the likes of this rude and arrogant woman.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-26:
I understand you were looking for a sympathetic ear and someone to say "I'm sorry that as our customer this happened to you," but the bottom line is assignment of liability quickly comes into play, and this woman would be familiar with those rules.

Basically accusing you of attempting to defraud and literally accusing you are far different. Did she say "it sounds like you are trying to defraud United Airlines"? Put yourself in the airlines' position - they need to be suspicious of claims because otherwise they would indeed become targets for fraud in the form of "I had ___ in my bag an now it is gone."

This woman deals with claims all the time, so she was probably more interested in telling you the rules and procedure than listening - not a good trait for a customer service person, but not surprising for this kind of matter. It doesn't make it easier for the victim who lost their items.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-06-26:
It was more likely one of the many thieving TSA agents than UA that bagged your shoes. See what the TSA has to say about it. Probably nothing, but another complaint about TSA theft can't hurt.
Posted by info352 on 2013-07-05:
TSA opens a lot of bags, airline employees, especially as understaffed as they are right now, can barely afford to take a break let alone go around opening bags that come one after the other.
I wasn't there so I can't say what happened and if your version of the story is exactly as things went. I wonder though, since the phone call didn't work why not go to the airport and speak to a Baggage Office attendant in person, if the shoes are so important to you?
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