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Stuck at OAJ for Two Extra Days!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

Because it took the airline SO LONG to finally cancel our flight (well after flights that were supposed to take off after ours had been cancelled) we ended up being stranded in Jacksonville unable to return home until Sunday 6/21/2015. All other flights departing the next day had already been totally booked because all flights AFTER OURS were cancelled before ours!!! There were no rental cars available or we would have driven to another city to fly out.

Also, because there were no rentals we had to pay for taxi service to and from a hotel (which we also had to pay for out of our own pockets), etc. during our unplanned stay... of TWO EXTRA DAYS. I realize the delay was caused by the weather, BUT considering it was the airline that "forgot" to cancel our flight until all others had been cancelled, causing all other departures to be fully booked, I would have expected some type of compensation since the additional delay of our departure was so significant.

Not only did we miss several events because we were not able to return home on time, we were also out the expense of hotel rooms, meals, and transportation while in Jacksonville... just waiting to finally be able to return home. I would think the airline in a sign of good faith would at least have the decency to throw some free flight vouchers our way. At this point as it stands nothing has been offered. This will be posted as a review on every site I can find so others will be aware of the customer service to be expected.

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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- I'm an active duty military member currently deployed and redeploying very soon. My wife bought tickets to come and welcome me home. However, knowing that unforeseen issues may cause our dates to shift, we bought insurance on my wife's tickets. Well as always, in accordance with Murphy's law, our dates shifted. So we tried to change our dates (why not our insurance covers it) but all we got were rude representatives that said they couldn't help us, since my wife wasn't active duty.

The airline itself said they can correct it for a $200 fee plus the difference ($150). Why would I pay $870 for a ticket when I should be able to get a refund through the insurance we paid extra for then buy the ticket we need for $400? If this is the way this airline treats its returning service members then I don't want any part in future business with this company. US Airways is not in support of our troops and their families!

Complete Disregard For My Belongings!
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Rating: 1/51

I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service provided by US Airways (run by the American Airlines Group). I spent 12 hours delayed at the airport as they canceled my original and rebooked flight and then my bags were delayed! Upon receiving my bags I found that a handle was completely torn off my brand new suitcase by one of the employees mishandling by bag, among other damages to this bag and a second bag. US Airways makes it completely inconvenient to get anything done about this as they claim they are not liable and do not make it easy to find contact information. I would like US Airways to compensate me for the broken bags, please!

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

BELMONT, MASSACHUSETTS -- Bear with my long description of what happened on my flight. I think that in my case the details are important:

I was returning to Boston after visiting family in Nashville. The first leg of the trip happened without incident. However, once arriving in LaGuardia Airport in New York, I had to wait approximately 30 minutes for a shuttle ride from the American Airlines terminal to the U.S. Airways terminal (because of the US Airways-American Airlines merger, this happens fairly frequently now when I fly). I had also received an email notifying me that my 4 PM flight to Boston had been cancelled.

I spoke to an American Airlines representative, and she informed me that there was a 2 PM flight that was fairly empty that I should be able to make. With the long wait for the shuttle, however, I and several others trying to make the 2 PM flight just missed it. The group of us waited in line for customer service for about 30 minutes. When I reached the counter, I was informed that I had been rebooked on an 8 AM flight the next morning.

I specifically asked if there were any other flights that day that I could get on as a standby passenger, and I was told there was nothing. However, I saw several passengers who were directly behind me in line about 10 minutes later at another area in the terminal, and they said they had been put on standby for a 6 PM flight that same day. Feeling very frustrated, I got back in line, but by the time I got to the counter once again, I was placed low on the standby list (#28). I explained to the customer service representative that I had been in line earlier and given no standby option, despite specifically asking for one, but she said there was nothing she could do.

When the boarding process began for the 6 PM flight, the group of people I had been in line with were the first few people to get on the flight via the standby option. As I'm sure anyone can imagine, this was incredibly frustrating to me as I had not received the same courtesy that they had at the customer service counter. The flight was fairly empty, and I was able to be one of the last people to get on the plane via standby. I was made to check my bag despite the fact that there was still overhead luggage space. After sitting at the gate for about 40 minutes, we were informed that there was a weight issue and that about 8 of us had to get off of the plane. We were not allowed to get our luggage off, so I was stuck in New York without a change of clothes, toiletries, or my medications despite having planned to carry on my bag with me. There were no more flights to Boston that night.

I had to wait about an hour to deal with a manager to speak to him about the poor customer service that had led to my situation. He helped a couple who were trying to get to the Azores, and so he was understandably tied up dealing with their complicated travel plans. I asked someone at the counter about another manager; I was informed that it was a woman in glasses and that she was around. I am still not sure who the manager was because there were three women in glasses and myself and two others were ignored the entire time while the male manager was helping the couple from the Azores.

I was able to eventually explain my situation to him, and he informed me there would be no vouchers for hotels, meals, or transportation. He informed me that I could contact US Airways/American Airlines customer service, submit my receipts, and be reimbursed for my travel expenses. I wrote to customer service, and after waiting to hear two weeks from them, I was told that I would not be reimbursed (but they are “very sorry about the rudeness” of the customer service representatives).

I have flown loyally with US Airways for years. I use them for convenience and because I have always thought that they do a decent job of getting me where I need to be. I even have a US Airways credit card. I know that in the grand scheme of things, the money I contribute to their company is very little, but I hope to put my faith in a company that will do what they can for their customers.

The inequity to which I was treated that resulted in my not being able to fly home on Sunday night cost me just short of $300 (cab fare to and from a hotel, the hotel itself, and cab fare home from the airport in Boston since my ride had to work on Monday morning). I was forced to miss a day of work, and I suffered a migraine on Sunday night (while this obviously is not directly the fault of the airline, I can't help but think that I could have avoided the literal headache had I been treated better). I fly frequently (about 7 times a year), and I understand that weather, delayed flight patterns, and various other issues are unavoidable for any airline. However, rudeness and lack of competence is unacceptable.

I wish that I could say I will never fly US Airways again; unfortunately, I do not have the financial autonomy to make such a decision. All I can do is cancel my credit card and avoid flying with US Airways/American Airlines as much as possible. I hope that complaints like mine will at some point change the company's philosophy and that customer service will improve. The pessimist in me says that nothing will change, but I hope I am wrong. I do know that they have lost a loyal customer. Know that if you fly with them, you run the risk of being treated with rudeness and that they do not require their customer service representatives to do everything they can for every single customer.

US Airways SUCKS!
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Rating: 1/51

My husband and I (along with a group of about 14 friends we were traveling with for a wedding) are completely disappointed and angry with actions that were taken during our return US Airways 846 flight from PUJ. We chose this flight to begin with because we were traveling with our infant daughter and thought that the convenience that was originally offered was perfect for traveling with her. Well what a mistake that was! Let me tell you exactly how our ordeal went.

Our DIRECT 2:50pm flight was delayed until around 7:00pm from PUJ. So while we had no idea that our flight was even delayed, we arrived to PUJ at a proper check in time at 12:00pm. and waited a total of around 7hrs for a new plane because of apparent mechanical issues with the first one.

Upon boarding our "2nd" plane at PUJ, our captain proceeded to tell us that we won't be able to take off yet because we were waiting on "paper work" and we didn't have a flight plan. So while we all were waiting 7hrs in PUJ, a new flight plan had not been made?? After waiting for our flight plan, our captain then informed us that we would have to stop at MIA for a flight crew change. He said all passengers would be allowed to stay on the plane and it would take no more than a half hour to change crew. So, now our DIRECT flight now has a stop!

So, we finally take off. During take off, oxygen masks flew down on a couple we were traveling with!! We were beyond scared! Especially when the apparent reason for our first aircraft delay was due to mechanical issues! Stewardess assured us we were all fine and our flight continued as normal. While in flight, the captain then informs all passengers that we have to get off the plane at MIA and go through customs because PHL customs was closed! What happened to just a flight crew change and not having to exit the plane?? We were lied to!

Now, it's around 10:00pm or so (I am so exhausted at this point, I am having a hard time at knowing the exact time) at MIA. We have to go to baggage claim. We retrieved our suitcase. We waited for our stroller, and waited, and waited. No stroller. So now, we are carrying our 20lb infant daughter all around MIA due to a lost stroller! Finally, after baggage claim, waiting for a lost stroller, going through customs and walking through the entire airport carrying our child along with our two carry ons, diaper bag and breast pump with a cooler of breast milk and juice, we make it to our gate.

Well we go stand in line to board our plane because we were just supposed to go through customs and get back on our same plane. Well guess what, we were lied to yet again! Apparently we were not boarding our plane because the malfunctioned oxygen bags that fell down! So now, what do we have to do? Wait around an airport yet again. It's about 11:30pm at this point and your employees don't have any answers for us.

Finally, we get some answers. There's a plan. The new plan is that we have to wait for yet ANOTHER new plane to arrive! The 3rd plane is coming from Orlando and is supposed to arrive at MIA at 2:25am! We go from not having to get off the plane and waiting 30 minutes to now waiting at the airport for over 4hrs! So we are sitting at the airport, extremely tired, hungry and angry. I have a baby that has to continue to be carried around because of the lost stroller and we now have to spend more money on food and drinks.

Our new plane and crew arrive after 2:00am. We board and take off and are expected to arrive in PHL at 5:10am.
So what was supposed to be a US Airways DIRECT flight leaving PUJ on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 2:50pm and arriving at PHL 6:44pm turned out to be almost a 12hr awful experience on 3 different planes.

I have never experienced such awful service from any other airline. We spent extra money for the convenience of a direct flight to begin with and then had to spend even more money on food, drinks, a day of car parking and boarding for our pets. We lost our stroller and by the time we got home my breast milk had gone bad because a cooler can only last so long. Obviously we went way over our expected time.

After complaining to US, they offered us a $75 voucher ($150 combined) to be used towards a future flight with them. That's it! Why would I ever want to travel with them again?! What about my extra expenses because of their ineffectiveness to get us home? The cost of my lost stroller? The difference in cost of direct flight? Just all around an awful experience! I will never fly with them again. I feel cheated. So disappointed with this company.

Airline from HELL
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Rating: 1/51

This is the airline from Hell. The horrible reviews about US Airways are true and they are a bottom ranked airline in the United States for a good reason... well at least you guys are #1 in something. They gave me a most memorable trip I will never forget, worst round trip flight EVER. Booked a round trip flight from San Jose to DC. Had a stopover in Phoenix and our connecting flight left without us due to our flight arriving late, though no fault of our own. The plane was still parked but they wouldn't let us board. So I had to wait in customer service for an hour to re-book a flight.

So the next flight out where I could reach DC was at 12 midnight. Had to wait around ten hours in the terminal and catch the red eye flight which wasn't even a direct flight to DC but another connecting flight from Charlotte 6am in the morning and landing in DC around 9am. I had two nonrefundable nights booked at the Omni Hotel, so one night stay $ down the drain. Thanks US Airways!

The next day as I'm boarding the plane for my flight back, they force check my carry-on luggage stating the overhead bins are full. As I walk towards my seat, what do you know... empty overhead carry on storage space! As we are waiting to take off, the El Capitan announces there will be a 45 minute delay which turns out to be another delay announcement and another for a total of plus 4 hours stuck in the plane and on the runway. By the time we reach Phoenix, my connecting flight had left AGAIN. This time had to stand in customer service line for two hours as everyone missed their connecting flight. The next available flight out was in the following morning.

I had explained to the customer service lady at the counter about my flight experience and this was happening to me again. You should have seen the look on her face, almost blew a gasket. Asked for my bag they force checked at the gate but of course they couldn't retrieve it which has all my stuff in it so I ended up sleeping in the cold airport terminal in a t-shirt. Thanks US Airways for letting me experience what being homeless feels like!

Next morning after a cold night uncomfortable sleep in the airport terminal, I board the flight to San Jose. I land and go down to baggage to pick up my carry-on bag that was force checked and the whole time thinking to myself "they can't have lost my bag too... can they?" Annnnd... they did and it did not arrive with my flight. How do you guys manage to literally screw everything up? Have a bunch of lazy and inept workers at US Airways, people should be fired starting with the CEO on down because obviously these people don't care and it shows in majority of the workers' attitude and service from US Airways.

Maybe I should just be glad my flight didn't crash and I'm still alive! Once again I had to wait in the baggage customer service line for an hour and they couldn't locate my luggage. Took a taxi home and as I head to my front door thinking "well, at least I'm home and can get some good sleep in my own bed" the realization that my house keys are in my carry on luggage. As I'm yelling out loud "NOOO!!!" dropping to my knees on my front lawn grass and just laying there in surrender (yep... just like in the movies). Had to wait hours to get my door open.

After which I kept calling every other hour their luggage customer service for a status check and a callback on my lost luggage but nothing, no status update and no phone call from the US Airways, San Jose branch. The next day on like my 8th call they finally track it down. So after all this drama and horrible experience, I spend another hour writing a detailed complaint letter documenting everything and about all the mental anguish I had to go through. I also noted I am a US Airway World Mastercard credit card holder which I use extensively.

A week later I get a sorry ass reply saying "we are sorry but there will be no compensation", ZILCH and that it was a honor to serve me. Just how did you serve me? Are they trying to be insulting? I sent another email for further review but same response. After all that they put me through, what does it take? I'll immediately be cancelling my US Airway Mastercard and will NEVER fly US Airways again. Will gladly pay more for another airline anytime!

Avoid this airline like the plague. Their customer service is non-existent with rude staff. Their flights suck, flight delays are the norm with these guys. They don't even offer any in-flight peanuts and they charge for baggage. Even most of their airline fleet is old.

If you love rude and crappy service, regular flight delays and mechanical failures, paying for baggage, no peanuts or pretzels then this is the airline for you. Otherwise, stick to Southwest, JetBlue and Virgin who know something about good service. Support the good guys and let bad businesses like this know, by not giving them your business and hitting them where it hurts, their bottom line. Send them a clear message that WE will not put up with this kind of service and treatment!

Rude Ticket Agent; Ridiculous Overcharging for Changing a Flight Due to Illness.
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Rating: 1/51

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- I called US Airways initially to cancel an outgoing flight to Venice from GSO.. My children and I had contracted the flu and were running fevers of up to 102. The first the agent was very nice. The next day, trying to complete the booking to continue travel next week with an agent, **, I asked about what I was seeing on the screen. She responded, “Are you trying to do this online to avoid the $35.00 fee?” I asked if, in fact, I could do it online and was told no. And though I could see a reservation being held for me, ** then told me that the airline could not complete that travel for me.

“We can get you to Frankfurt, or to London, but not to Venice.” (Yes, I wrote everything down during the call.) When I explained that I could see the reservation, she went on about "co-chair". I said that the flight reservation was showing for me on both the US Airways website and British Air. She responded that there wasn't a “co-chair” (I think that's what she said) and that it was “airline speak” and, "Just because you don't understand it doesn't mean there is a solution." I again told her that I had confirmation numbers for all the flights.

She then proceeded to put me on hold for over 15 minutes. Apparently there was a solution - as there often is. She then returned to the phone and said she could, in fact, book me on that flight - the flight that, yes, I was already listed on. And that the flight was over 400 dollars more now, per ticket, excluding the change fee, after she “priced” the flight. She then put me on hold again.

When she returned to tell me how much more I needed to pay (more than 700 dollars per ticket with change fee and updated price), I told her I needed to check on something before I could purchase (this was done for work; I didn't make the initial purchase, and I still don't know if there was trip insurance). She said, "I've already spent a lot of time on this. I can't wait 20 minutes." At that point, I asked for a manager. I was put on hold. The manager was much more polite, but didn't seem terribly sympathetic. In fact, both these women seemed fairly pleased to be charging me so much extra money. She also put me on hold for some time.

I also asked about medical reimbursement for change fees. The manager said there was no policy for that. I asked about documentation (I have a letter from my doctor's office). She said, “With life-threatening documentation [sic]” and that I could look on the website, but there was no medical policy. So, a question: Would it have been preferable for me to get on this flight, ill and contagious? Is that what this sort of response is suggesting?

US Airways has demonstrated a total disdain for customers. We won't fly this airline again if we can avoid it.

The Most Horrifying Time Suckage Money Wasting Disappointment of My Life
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased two tickets using my Dividend Miles and 200 dollars. I gave the date of birth for my son and I for the tickets to the service representative to fly from Arizona to New Orleans for cruise. We were emailed one plane ticket. When I called back after having spent $200 to buy the additional points needed for these tickets I was told there was only one plane ticket purchased.

I explain "No there were two" and I gave the dates of birth again. She replied that only one was able to be purchased with my Dividend Miles and they didn't record the phone call so I was out of luck. That meant my son, the 15-year-old, wasn't going to be able to fly to the cruise with me. So he had to fly on a separate flight since they had routed me all the way from Phoenix Arizona to North Carolina down to New Orleans.

Now, that there's a storm in North Carolina and I'm not able to take my flight going to the cruise they are telling me that therefore my flight home is voided and I'm out of luck on both counts so I've spent the money for the extra points for no reason and I now have to buy another plane ticket home. I will never use US Airways again and I hope everyone knows how horrible their services are.

I've had to take a day off from work to try to reach them because they put you on hold for 2 & 3 hours at a time and then they either hang up on you or they tell you to email them and the email tells you to call them. It's a racket and they should be closed down. Nobody cares. I've left my phone number my address. I've written letters not one person has responded. They don't have a customer service department for complaints. However if you do respond to the one for compliments they post that right away on the website.

I manage a call center and every time I get good customer service I make it a point to call the manager or the owner of a company and let them know. You can't even reach a manager or an owner at US Airways to let them know about the type of service you receive. Nobody wants to admit to being somebody of importance at that company. US Airways if you ever care to contact me my number is **. You have ruined my son's and I one vacation of a lifetime and cost me a thousand dollars. Extra thanks for the lack of consideration...

Do Not Fly US Airways!
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Rating: 1/51

DO NOT FLY WITH US AIRWAYS! US Airways Flight 4427. Philadelphia to Baltimore. August 8th, 2013. Flight Cancelled. I was not late to my flight, I did not miss the date, I did everything correct. It was -your- airline that created the entire problem by overbooking all flights that came after our cancelled flight that day. The only resolution offered to us that would fly us directly to Baltimore would have been to take a flight leaving -11 HOURS- (9pm) after our originally scheduled flight (11am). That is not acceptable.

This was the answer I received from US Airways customer service employee **: “When a customer accepts accommodations to an alternate airport, the customer assumes responsibility for the additional expenses.” To note here, we did not “assume” the extra expenses. We were given no other choice if we wanted to reach Baltimore in time. We accepted a flight to DC because it was our only alternative that would get us close enough to take public transportation to Baltimore, and to meet our deadline.

I did ask if we could be provided a rental car so we could drive ourselves from Philadelphia, and that request was immediately denied. As it was, we had to spend our own money for all public transportation from DC to Baltimore so we could meet our group waiting for us in time. This is also not acceptable. It took us FOUR trains to get from DC to Baltimore in unfamiliar territory. Why should this cost be on us?

This was a second answer I received from US Airways customer service employee **: “There are no federal aviation regulations concerning what an airline must do to compensate passengers when the carrier delays or cancels a flight. This is true regardless of the reason for the delay/cancellation (e.g., weather, mechanical, crew availability, etc.).”

So basically because it is not ILLEGAL, they are not required to help their customers in any way. Beware if you are flying US Airways in the future, I would consider otherwise. I have flown on other airlines and I have always either been provided a hotel, food, direct compensation for a future flight or alternate transportation to my exact destination at no cost to myself. Keeping the money we paid for services you did not deliver upon is considered theft. Your airline is a poor excuse for a business, and we will never fly with you again.

How is the He** Do They Stay in Business with Such Horrendous Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

HEADQTRS, PHOENIX AZ, ARIZONA -- First of all, after flying and being a Gold Preferred Member with this airlines for the past 20 years, I never thought I would be in such an insulting situation as I now am after almost a week of negotiations over a 12 hour grace period on a set of $2200.00 tickets reissuing process. Beware everyone, if you cancel a flight, you not only have to reissue your tickets within a year, you must complete all travel within that year as well. Which, I never had to worry about until this week. Had to cancel a trip for my daughter and me from PHL to SFO because our kids and grandkids got sick, tickets were first class and bought outright with no miles upgrades - paid entire fare.

When I went to reissue this week for us I was told that my travel had to be issued and completed within the week. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Now, only possibility was the wedding we are attending in Providence RI this weekend, June 29th 2013. So, wedding is at 5:00 pm and they are telling me that we can fly out on June 28th but have to be back on a flight to Philadelphia by midnight on June 29th.

I asked for a 12 hour grace period to get on noon flight on June 30th. NO WAY they said. Can't do it - breaking the rules. Now I ask you all, what kind of reward is this for all these years of flying business and pleasure with US Airways? By the way, you can only communicate via email and FAX. Customer Relations speaks to no one.

Are they just busting my chops or what? What is the big deal about 12 hours. We have a company outside of Philadelphia PA with 100 employees. They fly US Airways, and of course, we pay for our employees. We spent 100K, let me repeat, $100,000 with these clowns last year. What absolute idiots. Needless to say, they are not getting any more of our business. If my husband and I operated our business the way these numbskulls have operated in the past week, we would be out of business. Isn't amazing how comfortable they are with stealing our money?

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