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US Airways Costly Mis-Quoted Fare
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- On May 1, 2011, my significant other and I had a scheduled flight, US Airways flight #3429, from Washington Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA) to Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) departing at 7:45 PM EDT, which we missed due to unforeseen traffic delays. I called and was told there were no other non-stop flights out May 1st. That evening I called US Airways to see if we could be rescheduled for another flight the following day.

I was told by the US Airways representative, that we could switch to the next non-stop flight available the following afternoon for a charge of approximately $15.00 per ticket. I agreed to the charge thinking it was a very reasonable fee for the flight change. I was never told that this was an upgrade to first-class tickets, nor did I request or agree to an upgrade. I specifically noted that we were only interested in fares comparable to our original ones.

We originally booked our flights through, and were flexible in the times of the flight to ensure a reasonable price for the tickets. There were other return options available at the time for around $400 per person. We went with US Airways because we thought this would be the most economical choice. The next day we departed from DCA to DFW at 1:20 PM EDT via US Airways flight #3379. Our seats were 1A and 1C on board of an Embraer ERJ-170 jet operated by US Airways.

According to the seat plan of this jet, all seats on board this aircraft are coach seats. There was no difference between any of the seats on the entire aircraft, nor were there any of the typical first class amenities provided to anyone on board. To top it off, the stewardess was very rude, and our row was served drinks last, after everyone else on the plane was served. We believe that these are all obvious indicators that this was an all coach flight and not first-class.

Further, even when we were boarding, at no time did they call for first-class passengers to be seated first. There was nothing to indicate that this was a first-class ticket. After returning to DFW, I received my credit card statement and found that I had been charged $1,349.00 per ticket, a total of $2,698.00. I immediately contacted US Airways and was told that the $1,349 was the difference in fare. The representative also mentioned that there was an error in the transaction, because the normal $150.00 change of ticket fee was not included in the charge. Obviously there are discrepancies in the original transaction.

I filed a complaint online with the complaint department only to be quickly dismissed and told that I had purchased first-class tickets, with valid and non-refundable charges. This is contrary to what I was told over the phone by the US Airways representative. I would not have agreed to such an outrageous price considering our flexibility in our choices to maintain a rate comparable to our original one. At no time was this made clear that this was going to be an upgrade to a first-class ticket.

It was mentioned during the original call that the call would be recorded, so if someone from US Airways could review the recording of the phone recording of the ticket purchase, they could verify that I am correct in what I was told. I have since contacted US Airways on multiple occasions and have received responses amounting to "the charges were valid". Never was I offered an explanation of my discrepancies with not only the charges rendered, but also the services we never received.

I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The airline responded to my complaint with a slightly more in depth explanation, however it still fell significantly short of addressing my concerns. With their response, BBB has now closed my complaint although no resolution was found. This experience has left me with a first-hand account of how big business does truly not care about the everyday working individual. I feel taken advantage of and essentially feel like I have been robbed. I am trying to get my story out there so this doesn't happen to more people.

I feel US Airways should be held accountable for their mistake and that people should be aware of what type of company they are dealing with.

US Airways Is Talented in the Art of Lying
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- So this is my story yesterday, and it is unbelievable the nerve US Airways has to lie so blatantly to the clients' faces. I flew with it Thursday and my only bag was my carry-on. For 5 years now I have traveled the world with my same bag without having to check it in because it meets the requirements to be carried into the overhead bins in the main cabin, but on Thursday I couldn't because one of its employees "decided that it was too big just by looking at it." That certainly is one professional response, isn't it?

It seems US Airways is hiring ocular psychics to determine who could get their carry on in or not. I was told that it was too big, and then as I am standing in line to board, other personnel from US Airways said that there was no more space in the overhead bins. I was pretty much forced to check my carry-on bag because it was either that or not boarding my flight, and when I got into the cabin, there were at least three bins completely empty, and a few others with enough space for a bag like mine or bigger. However, people with bigger bags than mine were allowed to take them into the plane. How is this fair?

I am not sure... why other passengers and I were discriminated against when other people were allowed to get their bigger bags in, I am not sure, and on top of that you blatantly lied to our faces first by saying that the bags were too big, then by saying that there was no more space, when clearly there still was, and plenty of it. I am disgusted and disappointed on your services. By the time my bag was returned to me, it was all scratched and peeled. I have to fly with you again on Monday, so I hope I do not run into this situation again.

If I travel with carry-on, there are many reasons, and the main one is because your airline has delayed my luggage in the past. You think you are entitled to abuse your power to do as you please with passengers in the name of security especially because there is little regulation for your industry, which is disgusting. For the money we pay, you have the responsibility to make our flights beyond pleasant. You are not doing us any favors, in any case, we as clients do you the favor of choosing to fly with you.

If you overbook your flights out of greed and poor planning it is not my fault, so do not penalize me or other passengers for your poor choices as an Airline. We pay enough money to get nothing but an uncomfortable chair and inexistent customer service, so do not make flying worse than it already is.

The comments above were posted on US Airways Facebook page, and this is its response: "US Airways **, I apologize for the overhead issue. We'€™ve made some recent changes to our boarding process. I will be sure and forward your valuable feedback to the correct department. Thank you for taking the time to let US know." 12 hours ago..

Really, US Airways? Is this your best answer? What I am talking about here is ethics, transparency and respect, which goes beyond changing processes. The least you could do is to have some decency and take responsibility for your lies.

Supposedly I am a valued customer, I not only have their credit card, but I am signed up as a Dividend Miles customer, but I guess I am not that valuable anymore because after touching a sensitive spot for the airline with my comments, I seem to have been blocked from commenting in its FB page. What are you afraid of US Airways, that other people can read how poorly you treat your customers? Thank you for making of our flights and trips an unpleasant experience.

US Airways Violates ADA and Abusive Employee
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DC, MARYLAND -- Re: Flight 450 Departed 10:30am on Feb, 8, 12 US Air DCA to SAN.

Airlines receive federal money. Employees of airlines are required (not optional) to give ADA covered passengers reasonable accommodations based on individual need (as long as "it does not pose an undue hardship".) I have a permanent neck injury which causes extreme pain and migraine. Someone bumping into me feels like a hit with a sharp object. I can't even take NSAIDS or migraine meds because they would cause life threatening allergic reaction. I don't travel for this reason.

The day before my flight I received notification that my mother in SD had a heart attack, heart surgery, was intubated and developed pneumonia. She was all alone in the hospital for a whole week before the assisted living personnel notified any family. I booked my ticket the night before and flew to SD the next morning not knowing if she would still be alive when I got there.

It is worth mentioning that I was wearing my cervical collar for support to get me through the trip as my neck can't carry my head too long. So it was obvious to everyone that I had a neck injury even if they couldn't see how bad it was. I have literally passed out at times with this injury and sustained serious injuries. I was told to ask the flight attendant to help with my bag overhead. My seat was aisle in the back against the lavatory wall. She was sitting there and I asked for help. She looked mad and said not if it is heavy. I told her it is only heavy to me. She put it up.

When I realized that I was just outside the lavatory I told her that I can't be bumped into and having people hanging on to my seat and if I have a hard time with a passenger with this I may ask for help conveying that. When the flight started, with nobody in the way, she quickly came down the aisle and hurt me by banging hard into my seat. During the flight the lines got long and I kept asking people to not stand in the way of my seat so that the ones who come out of the bath don't have to slam me to get by. A couple of passengers wanted to argue..

I asked her to help out with this. She smirked looked at the belligerent passenger and rolled her eyes. I said OK then as an accommodation under ADA I need to not be assaulted. She grinned at the nasty passenger (encouraging him) and said "what is assault?" like I was exaggerating. I said the legal definition is "unwanted touching of any kind is assault." That is a fact. She let the passenger stand over me yelling over my head about me and I told him to be quiet I have a headache. He said he's not talking to me. She allowed him to discriminate against me and make me have more embarrassment and pain.

At this point I was in too much pain. I was crying the rest of the flight. I went to the front of the plane and asked a male attendant if there was one in charge of all. I showed him my medical report which highlighted the spine and what it affected. I told him I would not fly in this condition but I have to get to my mother.. He said he would talk to her. I told him I need a safe place to sit. I did try moving over into the empty middle seat but that encouraged passengers to get into that space and bang the seat which had the same impact with vibrations on my neck. All this was explained.

He told me I can take any other seat.. all in the middle which meant elbows over oversized people and same problem. ** had said snidely "I am not the line police." When the head flight attendant went back there was 3 fa right there... kept getting banged into... nobody helping... I asked again. And ** had a smirk on her face. I told her it is not funny. And all three just shrugged when I said I would write a letter.

The connecting flight was fine and it was worth mentioning that there was an announcement informing people not to form lines for the lavatories because of security concerns. So why was this policy not implemented on the first flight? It was a security/health concern on the first flight. Oh yes: They are "not the line police." I had to suffer a terrible migraine for over 24 hours unnecessarily.

Horrible Service
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This is in regards to my recent travels on your airline, July 20th and July 24/25th. I was scheduled to depart Dallas/Ft Worth at 5:15am on July 20th with a connection in Charlotte, NC and final destination of Montego Bay, Jamaica. I checked my bag online and printed my boarding pass the day before (24 hours). When I arrived at the airport that morning, I still had to stand in line to check my bag again which caused me to miss the 45 minute bag drop policy that you supposedly have. I was told that my bag had to be physically tagged 45 minutes before my flight or I would not be able to fly and that I had to fly with my luggage.

I have never heard of such a rule and didn't see it on your website, I figured since I had already checked in online 24 hours prior I would just need to drop my bag. I asked the attendant how late was I in getting my bag physically tagged and she told me I missed the 45 minute cut off by 4 minutes, and that it took 45 minutes for my bag to go from the counter to the plane.

I couldn't understand any of this at all especially since there were passengers standing at unattended kiosk waiting for their luggage tags as well. What is the point of self check-in if someone still has to tag my bag but the kiosk is unattended? So standing in line for a second time made me miss that flight. I was put on the 6:55am to Charlotte NC with standby on the 11:30am to Jamaica which was the last flight from Charlotte for the day.

Luckily, I was able to get on it. If I hadn't gotten on, I would have been stuck in Charlotte for another day and been a day late to Jamaica. Where is the logic in that? Well I figured it was all over and I could enjoy my trip until the chaos I experienced on the way back.

Leaving Montego Bay, I couldn't find my flight reservation at the kiosk. I had to wait in line an hour to see an agent. When I get to the agent I discover that my reservation showed my trip to and from Jamaica for the same day. I feel confident that I didn't book it like that and maybe there was a glitch in the system. I had to purchase a one-way ticket back to Dallas with a connection in Charlotte. I could not get on the last 2 flights out of Charlotte because they had been overbooked so I couldn't even fly standby. Overbooked? Still doesn't make any sense. This resulted in my having to stay overnight and leave at 7:45am on July 25th.

When I get to the Charlotte airport the next morning, I am observing the same thing unattended kiosk and people waiting to get their luggage tagged. I am wondering are they missing the 45 minute baggage drop too. I decide to stand in the Resolution Line hoping to get on an earlier flight only to have the unfortunate encounter of the worse airline agent ever. I believe her name is Jennifer. She is African American, very short hair that is reddish in color, and she wears glasses. Her attitude and behavior was inexcusable. She was rude, short tempered, unaccommodating. You name it, she was it.

When it was my turn to approach the counter, she switched her attention to another line saying she couldn't keep track of who was in queue. The issue with that is the people she decided to assist weren't in the Resolution Line with the rest of us, they were off to the side. She also came from behind the counter and turned off some of the kiosk without announcing to those others standing in line what she was doing and why she was doing it. They were just left standing there. One poor lady had been trying to get the Cambodia since Saturday. I must say out of all airlines there is a very strong possibility that I will not be flying US Airways in the future.

Complaint of US Airways
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TEMPE -- I am disabled and I take medication for my disability. I was booked on a flight from London Gatwick Airport, England, Uk going to Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I had to change at Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. I had pre-booked disabled help from London Gatwick Airport, all the way through to my final destination, Sky Harbour Phoenix International, Arizona, USA.

I got into an assisted wheelchair at LGW. However I was dumped in these seats in the departure lounge. I could not get to the toilet or even get a drink. I was given this bleeper and told to put it around my neck. Nothing like showing the world who is disabled. Anyway I nearly missed my flight, this was because I could mother from where I was dumped without a wheelchair and the departure gate. I thought that this would be a one off event. Well can you believe that this also happened at Charlotte airport and at Sky Harbour, Az. Can you believe it that this happened on my return to the UK.

This time I flew from Sky Harbour Phoenix, Philadelphia Airport and at London HEATHROW Airport.. Now you may think that was bad enough service, however things get worse. While I was traveling from London Gatwick to Charlotte, NC, USA I had to take on board my medication. Now on the whole, the medication I was taking with me was medication you could probably get over the counter. However I take a drug that is in the same class as Heroin and Cocaine. The medication was Morphine. Now the only persons who can carry these or deal in these are fully qualified Doctors, Head Licensed Pharmacists and obviously the patient.

When I got on the plane I was given a bulkhead seat as this gives you more legroom. Now I had on me my personal bag which included my medication. This is when things started to go wrong. One of the cabin crew came to me and said that I had to put my bag with my medication in it above in one of the overhead lockers. I said to the person that I had a letter from a Doctor stating that I had to retain the bag with me due to the contents.

Anyway at that point other people were now boarding the plane. Numerous people overheard the conversation between the cabin crew member and myself. All these people heard that I had Morphine Tablets in my personal bag. Well moving on, the cabin crew took away my personal bag with all my medication against my wishes. Now you would think that they would put the bag where I could keep an eye on it. But that was not the case. The cabin crew must have thought it funny that they put my personal bag half way down the plane. I could not see my bag at all. Now this is the only time that the bag was out of my sight.

When I eventually arrived at my final destination, I noticed that the bag with my medication had been turned over. Now at that point I thought that with traveling things may of moved. Not thinking any more about it until I came to opening a new box of my Morphine medication. Now that was just about three weeks later. I looked through my bag thoroughly, however over three weeks supply of my Morphine Medication had disappeared. My other medication was all there, it's just there was no Morphine Tablets.

Now the only time that the bag was not with me or out of my sight was on the flight with US Airways travelling from London Gatwick (UK) to Charlotte, North Carolina (USA). Because I require this medication and the fact that I could not get any more from either the UK or the USA, the only thing I could do was to cut short my six week stay. I take the Morphine to ease the pain I get from having Degeneration of my L3, L4, L5 of my Vertebrae. Without my medication the pain becomes unbearable however not LIFE THREATENING!

Now I have had to pay for extra travel costs getting to and back to the airports. I had to pay for the change of flight time. In total I have lost around £300 ($450.00) in hotel charges etc... I have also had to pay £225 +($300-$350) for the change of flight to get back to the UK. The reservation staff told me that I would get back the cost of the flight and other money I had lost when I put in a compensation claim. Well I have sent two emails to the customer services team in which I received no response.

I then found the Chief Executive's contact information. I sent the full complaint with all the information to the Chief Executive's Office. I was then contacted at 11:30 pm, a time that I am normally asleep. I was again contacted by a representative of US Airways. I tried to discuss with her what had happened. She said to me that US Airways staff were allowed to carry any medication. I inquired and said that according to UK and USA law states that you need to be qualified to carry certain medication. This includes the likes of Heroin, Cocaine and Morphine. The lady I spoke to said that all US Airways cabin crew were qualified to carry such substances.

I asked for her to send to me the qualifications that the staff had passed. She then said that it was US Airlines policy to be able to carry any medication or even class 1 Narcotics. I again asked for this to be sent to me. I also asked for this qualifications that all cabin crew had to pass. Again she said that she was not allowed. Then she began to be very rude and obnoxious with me on the phone. Then I asked to speak to her manager, I was told that I was not allowed to speak to her manager. I asked to speak to another person as I wanted to escalate the complaint. I was told that US Airways do not escalate complaints.

I then told her that I would be sending another email to the Chief Executive, she replied to this by saying "It's OK. If you make a further complaint, I would deal with that anyway". So apparently even if you make a complaint against the person you are talking to, that complaint would be dealt with by them anyway. So much for having a Good Customer Services.

Anyway, I still sent another email to the Chief Executive. I was then sent an email from US Airways, this time offering $100.00 dollars. Now this was in a way of a voucher. This meant that you had to buy a full price ticket to get $100.00 dollars discount. Now this only works out to be around £60.00. I think that this is a joke, a complete and utter derisory offer. For the money I have lost and the extra charges I have been charged, I think it is a disgrace. To add to this all the stress and anxiety that this has caused. I feel fully aggrieved!

Now I was just about to send back an email when I received another call from US Airways. This time we went through what had fully happened. Then they tried to say that they had lost all my previous emails. Then after me saying that I can re-send them all of them. My emails re-appeared... Now for some reason they could not find any fault with their service. Then I said that the disappearance of over three weeks of Morphine with a street value in the USA of around $3000 dollars, was according to them no big deal. I am sure the Federal Government in the USA would not take this stance.

Then I find that US Airways had changed their tack. They asked me to go to the tools management of US Airways baggage and luggage liabilities. They now claim that even though my medication was stolen while on board a US Airways flight, they were not liable. I asked them why, they said if you look at the exemptions, there is a part that US Airways will not pay for lost or stolen LIFE THREATENING MEDICATION.

I told them that my medication was not taken for a life threatening condition. The US Airways representative then tried to claim that all medication was regarded as LIFE THREATENING. So if we take a headache tablet, that apparently is classed as LIFE THREATENING MEDICATION. I am sure that a court of law either in the USA or in the UK would disagree with US Airways definition of the words LIFE THREATENING MEDICATION. I use Morphine as a medication to ease the severe pains I have due to my disability.

All I want is to be treated fairly and to be reimbursed for the loss of three weeks of my vacation, the extra charges I incurred for changing my tickets and my additional travel costs. Also to be given as a gesture of goodwill some form of compensation for all the stress and anxiety that I have had. Could someone tell me which organisation will look into the problems that I have had. I just want to get this situation sorted in an amicable way.

Bullying, Humiliating Flight Attendant Behavior
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I did not stop to obtain the name of the person at subject of this communication, so I apologize in advance for my inability to provide the full details of the issue. I'm sure this is not the first complaint about this employee however and have no doubt that you will in short order identify her. I have never been so aghast or repulsed by a flight attendant's performance and do fully expect that this complaint will be taken seriously. The flight attendant was working flight 1480 from Charlotte to Detroit that was scheduled to depart at 4:27 PM and is thin with short blonde hair, approximately 45-50 years old.

I was seated in 11C, just behind the emergency exit rows as the safety speeches were underway. The flight attendant going through the explanation of the duties required for seating in these rows was standing in the aisle two rows in front of me, asking all to affirm that they understood and agreed, asking that they respond with the statement "I understand." The gentleman in 10D said "yes" rather than the required statement and the flight attendant's behavior became shockingly demeaning.

She told him that she needed him to say that he understood and he responded that he understood, at which point she leaned down in front of him as one does with a naughty toddler and said to him loudly, "Then what did I just say?" Looking at her in disbelief as she launched into a loud and indiscreet lecture over the necessities of his seating, the gentleman was quite visibly embarrasssed. She then asked if he would like to be moved to another seat, to which he responded no, that he liked the leg room (in what appeared to be an attempt to defuse the situation with humor) and she responded with more public lecture.

She then came down the aisle to me and said "Push your bag completely under the seat in front of you." I pushed the bag the required inches from its original location and quipped to the man seated next to me (who had been equally appalled at her behavior) that three inches will make all the difference and reopened my book. The flight attendant bent down, placing her head between my face and the seat in front of me and said "What did you just say to me?" Shocked at her confrontational behavior and invasion of my personal space, I repeated what I'd said to the man next to me.

At this she began a lecture about the space and an accident, to which I said "Yes, yes, I understand". I was trying avoid the same extended public shaming delivered to the man in front of me. She then stood up and pressed the call button, interrupting the other flight attendant in his safety speech, making her threat to remove me from the plane very clear. In my utter horror and surprise, I said "really"? The idea that I was about to be removed from the plane and probably arrested for making a joke about the effectiveness of three inches in saving my life during a plane wreck left me astounded.

Was this really happening? She looked back down at me and said, again loudly and as if I was a school child being reprimanded on a playground by a nun, "Are we going to have a problem?" I responded that I just wanted to read my book. I know by this point my face was burning red with mortification and my only goal was to end the harassment. The people seated around me, to my left, behind and across the aisle, all expressed the same incredulity as soon as she was safely out of ear shot - no one wanted to place themselves in her sights.

I fly on a regular basis and I have never been chastised or threatened with removal from a plane. More, I am a paying customer who did not deserve the treatment I received on your flight. If any of my employees EVER treated a customer in such a way, he or she would be terminated with prejudice on the spot. I am still quite beside myself and frankly furious.

I tell you now that if I ever see that woman working a flight on which I am scheduled to fly again, I will immediately disembark and find another carrier, knowing that US Airways allows their employees to indulge in pointless power trips, to disrespect and publicly demean its customers. Today was completely uncalled for, utterly unacceptable and I would rather pay much higher prices at Delta than ever subject myself to that again. P.S. I would recommend that you reach out to the man seated in 10D and apologize - he was also humiliated and did not even crack a joke to bring this degradation down on himself; I am quite sure that he also is furious.

Damage Laptop flight number 2222
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On January 7, 2010 I decided to take a last minute trip to fort lauderdale, fl. Usually I would make the hour and a half drive to the Philly airport from bethlehem pa and use southwest airline. So since this was a last minute trip I decided to leave from the abe which is located in allentown the last flight that I could find to get to fort lauderdale that night. This flight I had booked at around 3:15 that afternoon to leave from abe around 5-5:30pm on this particular day...

What I didn't know that the planes that US Airways uses out of the lehigh valley airport are called express because this is a small airport and these overhead bins cannot accommodate carry-on luggage unless you decide to carry a purse or plastic bag to put in these bins. I had a small carry-on suitcase in which I had my laptop in. My laptop size is btw 17-19 inches so it's not your tiny 10inch notebook. While boarding with my carry-on luggage I was told that my luggage needed to be put under the plane and I will get it back plane side when I get off at clt to continue on my trip to fort lauderdale.

Yes I know you guys are saying "Well why did you not pull your laptop out..." Remember the size. I just told you it could not have fit in the overhead bin. So anyway I had no worries because I'm assuming that been that this is an actual carry-on luggage they give you a yellow ticket which only ask you to put in your name and the destination of where the airline is going. And I figure that they would handle these bags at least with care. Anyway I made it to clt no worries. Didn't even think that there would be any problem at all. Went on my merry way to get on my connecting flight to go to ft lauderdale...

I made it to fort lauderdale at around 10:30pm that night. Made it to my destination around 11:30 that night. Now somewhere between 12:30am and 1:30am I decided I wanted to go online and check my emails. Powered my laptop on heard it loaded heard it connected to the internet. I got signed out of my instant messengers on my phone. Look at the laptop no picture. Upon inspecting my laptop I realize something didn't look right. So I sent an emergency text message to a friend of mine who owns a computer repair shop stating laptop emergency.

Later that morning around 9am I dropped off the laptop to find out what the problem was via text message around 1:45pm what the problem was indeed my screen. So what it seems is that when they put my bag in the undercarriage either they threw it in or they threw another bang on top of mine which caused the separation. Of what seemed is the hinges so which means the entire screen needs to be replaced. On my yellow ticket it has no phone numbers or anything in fine print stating what should you do if there was a problem. So then I asked to have an estimate emailed to me so I can contact US Airways.

When I arrived back home on January 11 I called US Airways customer service and I was told that there is no one I could speak to you in regards to my claim. I can only send out an email and wait to be contacted. I was told to email I got a computer generated email said I should expect a response within 7 business days so I could understand that I decided to be very patient and wait the 6-7 business days to be contacted back via phone call or email. So 15 days later no response so I decided to email them again once more on January 26. Here is a copy of my email:

"I would like to know how long is it that I am supposed to wait for someone to contact me about my property that was damaged due to the lack of care of your baggage handlers. I first sent this email to you on January 11, 2010 and now it is January 26 15 days later and I still haven't heard anything from anyone. My phone number is ** and my name is **. So I got another computer generated email saying wait 6-7 business day."

Here is the response I received on January 29 from US Airways: "** and **, This acknowledges our recent email sent to Customer Relations. It was forwarded to our office by Customer Relations for our response to your baggage claim status inquiry. Our records indicate the following email reply was sent on January 21st. Quote:

Ref: ** Dear Mr. **, Thank you for contacting the Central Baggage Resolution Office at US Airways. Your email was forwarded by Customer Relations for our review and response to the baggage related concerns you've described. I apologize for the length of time it has taken us to address your email. I regret we are unable to open email attachments due to our Internet security settings. Also, I was unable to locate an active Property Irregularity Report for this incident.

Mr. **, unfortunately, all damage must be reported in person within four hours of arrival, thus allowing for a physical evaluation to be completed prior to any assumption of liability. When a customer arrives at his/her destination and does not immediately report damaged property, we cannot honor any subsequent claim. In addition, per the Published Airline Tariffs we are unable to compensate for computer equipment, as it is among those items excluded from coverage when transported in checked baggage.

If you have not already done so, you may wish to contact your personal property or travel insurer to see if you have coverage for an incident such as this. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to clarify our position. I sincerely hope we have an opportunity to restore your confidence in our service. Respectfully, ** Central Baggage Resolution Office US Airways Unquote. I appreciate this opportunity to be of further assistance. Respectfully, ** Central Baggage Resolution Office US Airways."

Here is a copy of my response this email: "I'm sorry this was not a bag that was checked in as a carryon bag... I was told that the plane that we took which was the express is the overhead bins are too small to put our carry-on luggage in so we had to get a yellow ticket to put on our bags where we will receive the bag back once we get off the plane... and getting in contact after 4 hours after the arrival of that flight would have been impossible since I had a connecting flight to fort lauderdale and I did not find out the problem until the next morning after I turned my laptop on...

I need to speak to someone in person. This email communication is not working.... and if I need to fax over a copy of what information that was given to me by the computer repair which is the diagnosis and quote I will... and if I knew I would not have been able to carry my carry-on on this trip as a carry-on I would never used your company...

I've never had a problem with any other airlines with my carry-on luggage...what's the point of having a carry-on when you can't actually carry it on... So I would appreciate it if I get a phone number or have someone call me. I would like to speak to a live person not typing via email because I need to this resolve.... and my name is Ms ** not Mr **."

Still no response so now I sent another email on February 6 here is my email: "I'm still waiting for someone to contact me about my problem... so I can explain to the person about my problem... because on the yellow tag that I was given to put on my carry-on bag it states nowhere on there about contacting anyone if there is a problem with my luggage. Only thing it ask for is the flight number and destination of departure and arrival and no phone numbers... So can someone please contact me via telephone or do I need to go to the speak to a live person? my name once again is ** and my phone number is."

Finally on February 8 almost one month after my first contact with them about my issues here is that email. I have contacted the computer repair shop to send fax them over the estimate. Hopefully this will resolve the issue and no I still have yet to speak to anyone in person from the baggage resolution department. I'm so tired of dealing with these email communications. Here is the February 8th communication. Looks like it will be getting somewhere:

"**, This will acknowledge your recent email. I apologize for the length of time it has taken us to reply. To review this matter further, you may provide an invoice indicating the necessary cost of repair. If your property cannot be repaired, you may provide the repair shop's documentation along with the date of purchase and original cost. You may wish to send this information via certified or registered mail to the address below. If the item has a singular cost over $100, we ask that substantiation of the original purchase price be provided.

US Airways Attn: Central Baggage Resolution Office 4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd. Phoenix, AZ 85034 Fax 480-693-2305 You may reply or reach our office at 866-874-3931, option 3, and leave a message at anytime if you have further questions at this time. Your information will be reviewed and a Baggage Specialist will return your call within 24 hours, between the hours of 8 am to 8 pm local time. Your cooperation is appreciated, we await your reply. Respectfully, ** Central Baggage Resolution Office US Airways." Sorry for such a long blog but I had to put my 3cents in lol...

Stuck in Charlotte
By -

We were flying home from San Juan PR to Philadelphia on Dec 19th. Philadelphia was expected to get 2 feet of snow which started early in the day. Our flight was scheduled to leave SJ at 1:45 pm and arrive at Philadelphia around 5:45 pm. Because the weather forecasters were predicting blizzard conditions, we thought our flight would be canceled. No such luck. We left SJ at 2:30 pm. The Capt kept us informed and told us that Phila was allowing planes inbound and that we may have to be in a "hold" depending on conditions.

As we approached Phila, the Capt actually told us that conditions were improving and that they temporarily had closed the runways so that they could be plowed. She assured us we had enough fuel to hold for about an hour. About 45 minutes into the "hold" she then told us the airport was closed and we would have to go to an "alternate" airport. That was when the nightmare really started. They turned us around and flew us one hour and 10 minutes south to Charlotte.

We couldn't understand this- why not go to Newark (they only had about 3 inches at the time). But no... let's go NC b/c Charlotte is US Airways' hub. They told us our luggage would be at carousel B so we proceeded to baggage claim where we waited one hour for our luggage which never came. We then found out from another passenger that we were not getting our luggage. He was told by a representative that the Federal Gov't would not allow it b/c Charlotte was not our final destination. The line for service to book another flight the next day was 4 hours long. We had to find a hotel (not an easy task since all US Air flights were diverted to Charlotte).

We called the 1-800 number for US Air when we got to the hotel and the wait was "119 minutes". We finally (after being disconnected twice) got to speak to a representative and we were booked on a flight the next day at 2 pm. We arrived at the airport at 11:30 am and the lines were unbelievable. Since we never got our luggage, we had no bags to check (lucky for us) and we already had our boarding passes. We only had to wait an hour to go through security.

Charlotte airport was not equipped to deal with all the crowds of people. They had 2 lanes for security check through. As soon as we arrived at the gate, we noticed our flight was now changed to 3:46 pm. Great. It only went downhill from there. 4:00... 4:30... 5:00... 5:30... We were told that Philly would not release our flight b/c of the backlog of airplanes, the amount of snow and the inability to clear snow from the gates. We finally boarded the plane around 5:45 pm and were informed we had a 6:04 take off. Then the Capt told us we were still not cleared for take off and wasn't sure we would be and would have to wait until 7:00 pm.

At 7:00 pm we were told it was still definite we would be taking off. Then, all of a sudden, they started the safety video and told us to put our trays up and seats upright. We pulled away from the gate. Everyone clapped. Then the engines stopped. The Capt then told us "they needed the gate". So there we sat on the tarmac. How much more torture? Couldn't they have told us we were just moving away from the gate? Everyone thought we were taking off. Then he told us we would have another update at 8:00 pm. Still not sure we would get clearance. They let us watch movies (how generous). Then, we got word at 8:30 that we were taking off.

We landed in Phila about 1 hour later. Had to wait 20 minutes to pull up to a gate. We were told our luggage would be at Carousel B. We never saw our luggage. However, the carousels were loaded with luggage from previous flights. There was luggage all over the place- abandoned. The line to report a claim was about a 2-hour wait. There were 2 US Air personnel to take claims- can you imagine? We decided to end our torture and left the airport without the luggage.

My husband went back the next day and had to wait. The most upsetting thing aside from the wait, was the irresponsibility of the airline to make the decision to take off from SJ in the first place. They did not care how they inconvenienced people. They were going to get that plane in the air no matter what. I think they knew all along they were going to bring the plane into Charlotte. How inconvenient to the passengers. I will NEVER fly US Air again, nor will I fly out of Philadelphia. They are no way equipped to deal with chaos!

How US Airways Stole Christmas
By -

My turn to pile on. I booked a flight on 10/30 (at 3 am) for a Christmas Eve flight to Greenville, SC. Or so I thought. The same morning at 8 am, I double-checked my itinerary and noticed a mistake-- I selected Greenville, NC by mistake. Four hours away, but I was confident the mistake was caught early enough-- heck, the plane was 90% empty when I booked.

The first customer service representative was very unsympathetic to my dyslexia problem and told me I would have to pay the $150 change fee. Obviously perturbed, I decided to call back later once the blood returned to my extremities.

Around noon the same day, I tried again and got a much better response. I was now told that company policy is to make these changes WITHOUT the $150 change fee if caught within 24 hours of booking. "Whew", I thought. Crummy that company policies seem to be dependent on the mood of the customer service rep you get, but it seemed to work out in the end, so I was happy...or so I thought.

December 15th, and I go back to double-check my itinerary. "What's this", I said as I noticed I was still headed guessed it, Greenville NORTH CAROLINA. I called customer service (in the Philippines) and was mysteriously disconnected four separate times (and had to re-queue for 25 minutes each time!). But unfortunately for me, there was no record of my flight change request on 10/ I was SOL. Plus, each time I spoke to customer service, I got a different story on the policy about the $150 change fee again. Kind of makes it hard to listen to statements like, "There is nothing I can do" when you know darn well they can do something about it.

To make things worse, I was definitely going to be charged the difference between the flight I booked on 10/30 and the flights available now-- to the tune of an additional $308. Did it matter that they were negligent in fulfilling the change request? Nope. According to the grand wizard of supervisors (everyone seems to be a supervisor at US Airways customer service, though no one has the power to fix anything) it was MY fault for not verifying the change wasn't made within 24 hours. My bad! I guess I should also be ready hop in the cockpit if the crew decides to nap, or carry my paddle and water wings in case they decide to splash-land in the Hudson again.

Needless to say, I will be driving to my destination on Christmas Eve this year. Thanks again for remembering the importance of customer service and reliability US Airways! BTW, I later found out that there was a flight to Asheville, NC for $400 total, but no one mentioned that in the 3 hours I spent on the phone trying to straighten out this mess.

Medicine Delayed Due to Rude Employee
By -

TEMPE, ARIZONA -- On October 7, 2009 my son was scheduled to fly on US AIRWAYS Flight #4175 from La Guardia to Roanoke, Virginia. We arrived at the US AIRWAYS curb-side check in at 12:50 pm which was well within the airline's limit of 30 minutes for a 1:29 pm flight. The airline personnel erroneously insisted that the flight was 1:14 pm and would not check the bag. Given this wrong information and faced with long lines at the ticket counter and security, my son raced to get to the gate leaving me to figure out how to get his baggage to Virginia.

More critical than the fact that he was now leaving with nothing but the clothes on his back was that his liquid prescription medicine was in the suitcase. No sooner had he gotten to the gate, then it was announced that the flight was delayed. Both the courteous US AIRWAYS employee who checked him in and the TSA security person said that since the plane had not yet arrived, no baggage was loaded and there was plenty of time to get a sticker and check the suitcase. I was directed to a supervisor who was to take care of it.

This is where the nightmare began! The supervisor was extremely unprofessional and nasty, “Get to the back of the line!” she barked as I approached the desk. Even when I responded that it was a matter of some urgency and sympathetic fellow passengers also voiced concern, she walked away. Finally, the helpful US AIRWAYS employee got her attention. However, all this did was allow the supervisor to become even more discourteous and abrupt. She did not listen to my concerns that the suitcase contained my son's necessary prescription medication in liquid form which I did not think could be taken in his carry-on.

She told me that I would have to buy a ticket and fly the next day down with the suitcase! Another US AIRWAYS employee told me that I could ship it cargo. When I asked the supervisor about that procedure – she ignored me. No one could give me any information about how to get the medicine to my child. I was attempting to get the situation resolved for over an hour until the plane finally departed at 1:53 pm and I was left with the medicine and the suitcase and absolutely no assistance or possible way to get it to Virginia. Many passengers came up to comfort me, aghast at the behavior of US AIRWAYS.

I had to pay $186 for UPS to overnight the suitcase and medicine to my son. As a result of this US AIRWAYS supervisor's unconscionable behavior which is in absolute violation of your own written policies, my son was without his medicine for over 24 hours which resulted in exacerbation of his symptoms and a lot of worry, inconvenience and potential serious health risk for him. All my letters and calls to their customer service yielded was the reading of a script and a $50 coupon for another flight. I don't think I will be needing it in the future.

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