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Avoid Flying US Air
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
My wife and I recently traveled from our home in South Carolina to San Francisco and back. The trip west was uneventful and Delta was fine. But on the US Air flight from San Francisco to Charlotte NC at 1:05 PM on Wednesday Aug 13, 2014 we saw two attendants ahead of us but only one taking boarding passes. There was a second attendant who was looking at everyone’s carry-on bags.

As the line slowly progressed, it became apparent that a carry-on luggage drama was unfolding and when we got to the boarding pass scanner we saw a young woman, perhaps 16 years old, prostrate on the floor, crying her eyes out while sobbing to her cell phone, that US Air would not let her carry her bag on board even though she had carried it on before. She had what looked like an art portfolio, probably containing her summer’s work, or perhaps her life’s work. It was about 20” x 30” x 3/4 inch and perhaps one fourth the size of the carry-on garment bags that I saw hung in the cabin when I boarded. It would have easily fit where these bags were hung – I looked. Had the US Air worker had even a nanogram of empathy, she could have easily accommodated the young woman, but empathy (and common sense and courtesy) were not present.

When my wife passed the boarding pass scanner, the woman demonstrated that her lack of empathy was not personally directed at the young woman, but at the world in general. She rudely (are US Air employees told not to use the word “Please” when conversing with their customers?) told my wife she couldn’t board because she had three carry-on items – a purse, a book bag, and an envelope (4 in x 18 in by 1/4 inch). She made my wife put the envelope into the book bag. I have no clue what made this US Air employee so spectacularly unable to deal with the public on this day, but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Nearly every passenger on the plane about 190 of us, were commenting about the scene we had witnessed. And all felt the same as I.

I flew the other half of my flight on Delta and can make some interesting observations

Delta US Air
Price $260 $386.50
Online check-in Flawless Flawless
Baggage check-in Flawless It took two workers and about 10
minutes to get a baggage tag put
on the luggage.
Boarding 2 people scanning 1 scanning boarding passes
boarding passes and one worker giving people grief
about their carry-on bags
(1-hr leg)
Free snacks Yes No
Beverages One Zero

(4-hr leg)
Free snacks 2 None
Beverages 2 services 1

Overall employee
courtesy 3-1/2 stars of 5 1 star of 5

I looked at the US Air magazine (August 2014) and saw that there was a description of the numbers of planes in the American and US Air fleets and the numbers of seats on each. It appears that US Air stuffs more people onto the same plane than does their merger partner, American, for the six planes that are common to the two carriers.

Plane Numb seats Numb seat
American US Air
Boeing 767-200ER 168 204
Boeing 757-200 176-184 176-190
Airbus 321 102 187
Airbus 319 128 124
Embraer 175 76 80
Bombardier CRJ200 50 50
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US Bank Car Lease
Posted by on
PO BOX 2188, WISCONSIN -- I just completed a 3-year lease on a 2007 Honda CR-V and, since I had a very low payoff, decided to trade it and buy a new car. Imagine my surprise when the dealer was quoted a payoff amount almost $9, 000 more than my payoff. When I called US Bank, they said, "We're under no obligation to sell anyone the car at YOUR payoff except for the dealership you leased it from."

Where was this in my contract? Oh, it wasn't ! Nor were the fees I am now having to pay to BUY my car in order to keep from losing all my "equity". I guess I'm just lucky they aren't finding a way to charge me wear and tear. I'm still struggling with the buyout paperwork.. evidently, if everything isn't sent in the same package on the same day by registered mail by a certain date, it doesn't count. There is no way these people should be allowed to continue to operate.

Updated to add: In response to the 'comments' that have been added: I put the word "equity" in quotes in my complaint for a reason - I never expected equity in my lease; however, the managers of three separate dealerships have used that term, thus, I used it here. I am well aware how a lease works and what it is and is not. I am well aware of how to read a contractual agreement and so is my attorney. Even the dealership where I leased the car could find no such clause in my contract. It is not there. They supposedly had no idea they were the only dealership who could purchase my lease for the residual value. No one I have spoken to has ever heard of a leasing company trying to "sell" a leased car to a dealership for $9,000 more than the RESIDUAL value clearly stated in the contract. Even US Bank has admitted it is NOT in the contract, nor are the fees for purchase spelled out in the contract.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/11/2010:
You didn't buy the car, you basically rented it long term, hence the difference in the words LEASE and PURCHASE. Lease means you will give it back at the end of your 'rental'. You have no equity in the vehicle.
Slimjim on 03/11/2010:
Then the internet is full of hundreds of wrong people. As Ladyscot said, you don't own the car and have no equity to debate about. Which is what you are trying to do, claim equity in a car you rent by expecting the owner of the car to sell it to whom you want as your buyout clause. Doesn't work that way, as you are realizing now.
If you can buy the car and trade it in for higher, then you are showing some smart savvy, but you need to understanding your black and white lease agreement while undertaking your new transaction.
Anonymous on 03/11/2010:
The car was never yours, and your complaints about what wasn't in the contract most certainly has to be there. You have no equity in the car, it was a lease (not rent to own). I can't rent a condo for a 10 years and then expect the owner to sell it to me for what I already paid!
Anonymous on 03/11/2010:
By payoff balance do you mean the residual value used to calculate your lease? In every auto lease I've every heard of the lessee has the option at the end of the lease to purchase the car for the residual value. In fact the downturn in the economy has been murder on the leasers because in many cases the current market values were far below the residual values.

Purchasing the auto at the end of the lease should be spelled out in your motor vehicle lease agreement. Give it a good reading. Good luck.
gmc on 01/09/2013:
its never yours unless you pay it off
JR on 05/14/2013:
I have a lease from US Bank, where the residual value is $17,573.00. My remaining payments to US Bank are $2,970.00 plus the $350.00 turn in fee. The total owed should be $20,893.00, however US Bank provided a payoff with a value higher,(Realized Value). If I want to turn in the vehicle to another dealer the cost will be $22,800.00 which is $1,907.00 higher than the original agreed value (Residual Value). This is causing great financial strain!! US Bank is the only lender that is doing this. Please do not get financing from them!! Please contact the OCC and file a complaint as I did. We need to get the word out!!!
Rebecca on 08/05/2013:
They just did the same thing to me. I bought two new cars form a dealer and was give a pay off from UD Bank of $37,600 when the dealer called they wanted $45,000 form the dealer. They then lies and said they did not sell cars to the dealers!!!!!!! This is even worse as I have approx $4,500 of over mileage to pay so they are:

1. Saying they will accept $37,600 as a pay off from me alone
2. $45,000 (which they say is fair market value form a dealer)
3. If I can't come up with the $37,600 they want the car back PLUS $4,500 in over mileage fees.

In my opinion you should be very careful before lease a car through these people
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Child support payments - U.S bank Reliacard best option if you have no bank!
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
SIOUX FALLS, SOUTH DAKOTA -- OK, for the past few months I have been scoping at other options to get my child support put into a different account than my social security. With no luck, I contacted division of child support and they got me a U. S BANK reliacard. My first payment came today, exactly on time, no fee to take out of U. S bank. I got an alert my payment came in early this morning, and took out the funds a few hours later. I also got a email. It was very easy, quick and no fees. I highly recommend people get this card if their state offers it, for disability or child support. It makes it easy without the fees of the cards like Netspend, rush card. Those have been proven to cause a lot of problems. This card I can honestly say is working for me! Then my funds for my sons child support are separate and I know exactly where it is, and how I can get it out. And it helps the bank is right around the block from my house! Also they have a website where I can check out what I spend at any time, no fees. It makes it much easier for me! I have tried rush card, they were horrible. I tried another card owned by American express, not bad but after seeing the fees, I figured that was not the card for me. My bank works for my social security but this way, I can keep track of exactly what I get weekly without worrying what's coming out and what's already out. I highly recommend it.
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User Replies:
Alain on 05/13/2012:
Thank you for sharing this information!
marjie on 05/27/2012:
BEWARE!!!! I've had this card for seven years and I hate it! u.s bank (runs reliacard) and it charges me for mistakes made by themselves and also business'. for instance I made a purchase at my local corner store using my reliacard, a week later I'm being charged a fee as well as a overdraft charge when I hadn't even received a payment. when I voiced my concerns I was told that the corner store had failed to remove the money from my card in the proper amount of time,(which u.s. bank states as 3 business days)therefore I was being charged AGAIN for the transaction and also an overdraft fee because my card at that time had a balance of $0.00. go figure. as of today I am being charged $172.50 for another one of their mistakes, and Michigan doesn't want to let me go back to receiving a check. highway robbery. BEWARE!
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Recent call to "Customer Service" leaves me talking like a pirate: ARG!
Posted by on
MARSHALL, MINNESOTA -- USBank Office Equipment Finance Services (OEFS): TERRIBLE! This is the "financing tool" that copier companies sell their accounts to. USBank OEFS can't get their head out of a hole-in-the-ground! I've been a client for decades, and they do not communicate well with the companies from whom they buy these contracts (the copier seller). OEFS is "GREEDY" in late fees, when it can take 16 days for an invoice leaving their office to reach my desk, I have to sit down the day I receive the invoice and pay it... or they claim they don't get it in time. What is that? Is it really my fault that their "payment processing center" is so slow. It is probably in Pakistan!
So I recently called customer service...three months ago I provided proof of property damage insurance on this copier, but, hhhmmm, they can't find it, (this after a verbal acknowledgment back when I faxed it) so I'm contacting my commercial insurance agent again (She said: "Todd, we did this 3 months ago...oh, it's USBank, they are notorious for this.”) So I’ll have to do the process again. And I can just forget about the $30/monthly “Prop Damage Surcharge” I’ve been charged all these months.
Further, not one, but two “customer service” reps just got sarcastic and condescending with me: The first representative was just plain snotty, but when I pressed for a manager, she (the manager) she accused me of taking “a tone” with her and called me sarcastic (which I was not, it quickly became clear that these “customer service” ladies were neither service-oriented or customer-friendly … Saving grace: it is “Talk like a pirate day” so: arg!
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Negative Balance Fee . . . A Hidden Nightmare
Posted by on
MEDFORD, OREGON -- We opened a checking account with U.S. Bank using their website. I electronically transferred the minimum required funds into the account and ordered my checks. I subsequently decided to hold off using the account while I dealt with auto-deposit and Bill Pay issues with my existing bank. At no time during the process of opening the account was it made clear that I would be assessed a daily "negative balance" fee of $7.00 if the account balance were to drop below zero for reasons other than a check or debit card transaction. I'm certain that they do provide notice in the fine print, but it is not placed such that consumers would notice or understand what it means. I consider myself a fairly intelligent person and I did not notice it. If I had, I would not have done business with them.

On with the story . . .
From the time the checking account was opened the only activity was the initial deposit and the monthly service fees assessed by U.S. Bank. No checks or debit card transactions of any kind were posted against the account.

After a number of months, the monthly service fees ate up the initial deposit and put the account into the red. On that very day, U.S. Bank began assessing a $7.00 per day "negative balance" fee. Thankfully, my wife and I caught that within a week of when it started. Still, with no activity, and therefore no transactions to deal with, the bank would still charge us $210 per month until the account is closed. Now here's the catch . . . they won't close the account until you pay the accrued "negative balance" fees. They will NOT waive the fees. Even if you never wrote a single check on the account! So much for the so-called Five Star service!

We ask ourselves "What if we had moved? What if we were out of the country for many months? We would have been accruing "negative balance" fees at the rate of $210 per month! What a shock that would be if you then found out a YEAR later when you then owed them over $2500 and never wrote a single check!

Don't do business with these folks!

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/24/2007:
Why would you open an account, that you knew charged a monthly service fee, and then be surprised when you were charged a fee for it going in the red, when you never deposited any additional money? I'm certain you received monthly statements, didn't you open them and see what the balance was? Regardless if you wrote a single check or used your debit card once, you knew there was a fee being charged for having the account and one would assume that you also knew that at some point those monthly service fees would eat up the initial deposit made. I side with the bank on this one.
Anonymous on 09/25/2007:
As a fairly intelligent person, you should have read through the banks account terms and conditions before opening an account. If they aren't available on line, you can get a copy from a bank branch.

And before you ask, yes that is exactly what I do before I consider opening an account with any bank. And I am a fairly stupid person. A new communnity bank opened up a branch just down the street from me. Very convenient. Got a copy of their terms and conditions. They turned out to be not as good as my current bank.
american99 on 02/22/2008:
My Grandmother is 76 Years old and lives on $657 per month. On the 2nd of January she overdrew her Bank account by $17 with two Debit Card Purchases. US Bank charged her $20 for the first overdraft, and $35 for the second overdraft. By the time the first of the month rolled around my Granny owed US Bank $315. She killed herself.
creditwrench on 04/09/2008:
Well, United Bank of Missouri (UMB) is just as bad or maybe even worse. I did write 2 checks or used my debit card to make a purchase last month that resulted in an overdraft and got socked for the overdraft fee even though I have overdraft protection in place. Then they proceeded to add $8.00 a day for every day I was overdrawn. They called it a "negative balance fee" and claimed I had agreed to that when I opened my account. Problem is that I never opened any account with them so I asked for a copy of my agreement where I signed to agree to such a fee. Naturally they could not produce it because I opened the account in 1976 with Stockyards Bank. UMB bought them out in 1991 and now claim that the original agreement carried forward. OK. So I complain that since they
have no agreement with me they have no right to change the terms and coditions of the original. Of course they disagreed with that saying they have the right to change the terms of the agreement any time they want to by only sending out a notification to the fact that the change is going to take place. Sorry but the courts have ruled differently. An agreement is a contract and cannot be changed without the agreement of both parties.
Of course, we could have argued that all day long without reaching an agreement so I moved on to the thing about the negative balance fee and told them that it was not really a negative balance fee but in reality is an interest charge for using their money. Since it is an interest charge they have to reveal the APR and other things under TILA. So I demanded that they calculate the APR for an $8.00 charge on a loan of %7.59. They didn't want to do that so I said that I was aware that they didn't have to but I have a 275 question form for them to answer for each day's charge and that they have 60 days within which to answer all 275 questions and that there is a $1,000 mandatory fine for each question they fail to answer by the end of that time. If they fail to answer within the 60 day limit I will immediately file a case in federal court against you for violation of TILA and we will find out whether you want to answer them or not. That made them take a different point of view and they wanted to refund the money and be done with it. I said that would be fine with me. So they refunded it all. I went to the teller and withdrew all the money except $10 so I would have enough in the account to pay my monthly service fees with is $4.50. I went home and checked next day and there was a new $8.00 fee showed up and I then had a balance of $2.15. Then my $4.50 service fee showed up and bounced the account again. They have added $35 for a bounced check fee and next comes another $8.00 a day for the next 19 days until I get my next check. I'm just going to sit back and let it happen and when my check comes in the 1st of May let them grab their money out of it and that is when the real fun begins. I will hand them a TILA questionaire for each day and let them figure out what the interest is on a loan of $0.00 because they loaned me nothing. Of course they informed me that they were only going to refund the money one time and would never do it again. Before I get done with them they will rue the day they ever told me any such thing. I just put up a blog about this episode at which will redirect you to the real location which is at so we will not only be seeing them in federal court pretty soon but we will also see how they like all the nice publicity I am about to give them. Since they bought the domain name of so somebody can't use that name to put out the negative publicity they so richly deserve. I'll be posting the new info there every day.
Jacob on 03/17/2014:
... How long were you leaving this account idle? Even with only a $100 deposit to start (I don't remember the minimum amount, so I just threw a number out there) it would've taken 15 months before you ever sunk into the red sea. Unless there's some obscure benefit, it doesn't seem to make sense to just open a checking account for so long and do absolutely nothing with it, and not even monitor it, for a significant amount of time.
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Overnight Mail Missing Even With Tracking Number
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEWBURGH, NEW YORK -- Sent overnight mail from NY to fl Saturday morning 9:30am. It is now Tuesday and the us post office has no idea where it is and they certainly do not care. Should have used another facility
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US Bank Steals money from accounts
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- US Bank is by far the worst bank I have ever seen or dealt with. Creditors are easier to talk too than these people. For years of banking with US Bank they have stolen thousands of dollars from my account from fraudulent late fees, too complete unauthorized deductions going straight into their pockets. Please I urge anyone looking for a bank to turn and run away from this one. Please in my area Schools Credit Union, Bank of America, Tivercity bank and Golden 1 are absolutely the best options. I've never lost more money in my life and never been driven into poverty this bad. I'm deathly afraid of the close out process from this bank and fear the loss of my entire worth to them.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/22/2009:
Contact the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of the Attorney General for the state of California, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
Anonymous on 03/22/2009:
Since you didn't provide any details around these accusations, it's hard to know what you should do... if these allegations are factual, or if there is accountability on your part.

Soaring Consumer on 03/22/2009:
Based on the similar nature of this complaint to the one here:

I believe him.
Anonymous on 03/22/2009:
I have been with US bank for years and yeas with not one single problem.
I am always amused by folks who claim their bank has stolen thousands of dollars over years....yet these folks never leave said bank the first time it supposedly happens.
dan gordon on 03/22/2009:
always amazing that you give no details at all but expect us all to believe that US Bank takes money out of accts without any explanation at all. I'm sure we will all be closing our accounts due to this wonderful review.
Anonymous on 03/22/2009:
You stuck with them all this time and fear closing your account? That makes no sense.
Anonymous on 03/22/2009:
Soaring, you forgot to tell her to sue them in small claims court.
Soaring Consumer on 03/22/2009:
I would rather that the OP get advice from the people that specialize in these situations first before filing any lawsuits.
dasistverboten on 04/10/2009:
These kinds of remarks are almost laughable. Having worked for a bank, I ask you this: Why would a bank take money from your account willy nilly with no reason? That would be illegal... and I'm pretty sure that if that was indeed occurring, there would be some sort of national uproar and the bank could go under.

These comments usually come from the type of person who has had a billion overdraft fees on their account that of COURSE could not possibly be caused by their own error.

Take some responsibility for yourselves, people. If you don't like the fees, guess what, when you signed those signature cards you agreed to accept them :) Maybe people should take the time to read those "terms and conditions" for once... they're in there. Anyone with half a brain would read the terms to something before signing their name to it. I've heard before "the print is so small" and "who reads that stuff?". Well, obviously not the customers because they must like signing their name to anything put in front of them without any thought or consideration.
BokiBean on 04/10/2009:
dasistverboten, could have done without the last paragraph. It gave away your disdain for the bank customers you used to work for...

As far as those terms and conditions go, a lot of people are voting with their feet and going to credit unions.
dasistverboten on 04/19/2009:
BokiBean - Why should I have done without that last paragraph? It's true. I don't have disdain for bank customers, I have disdain for people who don't fully understand a situation that they're in and then complain about it later when it was their responsibility to educate themselves.
responsible person on 12/18/2013:
USBank at 8th street, one block from Willamette is stealing from customers. The machine doesn't work. It says that it is giving you the money that you ask for but no money comes out. It even says on the receipt that the money was provided. And when I asked in the bank, not only would they not cover their thievery, but they refused to put a sign on the machine warning people that it was broken. They said their process for dealing with their broken ATM was a "secret". I put a sign on the machine for them to warn people that it's broken so other people don't get money stolen from them by USBank. It boggles my mind that bank employees would be so irresponsible as to let a broken machine continue to steal from customers, but then they are bankers, so what do you expect these days?
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$344 in fees by U.S. Bank over a $0.17 overdraft - What do I do?
Posted by on
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- US Bank is ruthless and is set up to prey on disadvantaged people with no money. Over the past month, I have been assessed $344.68 in overdrafts fees for being overdrawn by $0.17 cents by U.S. Bank. This overdraft occurred because I had been relying on the online banking to check my balance. (I only use the regular ATM card WITHOUT the VISA logo. I do not write checks.) Every time I try to talk to someone at US bank to straighten this matter out, whether it be at the branch or over the phone, they tell me they can't help me. Meanwhile, the charges just keep racking up. I don't know what to do. Paying $344 for a $0.17 overdraft is like charging me 202,300% interest on a 17 cent bank "loan"!! I am a student and live from paycheck to paycheck and do not have $344 to give to the bank.
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User Replies:
yoke on 07/19/2008:
How many checks did you bounce?
Anonymous on 07/19/2008:
Since you are a student, consider it a valuable lesson that you cannot depend on online to balance your account. Online is only a tool to help you verify the balance in your check register. It's an expensive lesson, but at least you learned it early. Some people just never get it.

All that being said, did you try going into the branch and sitting down with the manager and explaining what ahppened? You may get at least some of it back.
Suusan B. on 07/19/2008:
Unfortunately in this day and age of technology, depending on your on-line banking system as a method of determining your true balance simply does not work as they have no idea the amount of debits you have authorized or checks your have written. Some debits take longer than others to clear the bank and the only way to ensure that you do not overdraft your account is to maintain an accurate paper check register. My method of doing this is to write down the amount of the debit before I hit the "OK" button -- that way I am positive that all authorizations have been accounted for and I am able to accurately determine my balance.
madconsumer on 07/20/2008:
this is a valuable lesson. as an adult one thing that makes us adults, is the ability to maintain a checking and or savings account.
TGT101 on 07/20/2008:
The best protection is not to overdraft you account and then you don't need to worry about any fees.
CrazyRedHead on 07/21/2008:
Yoke, he said that he doesn't write checks.

Get a calculator and stop relying on the online system, same goes for the phone system. Get a checking register and keep an accurate account of what goes in and what goes out. I have to use a calculator since I don't trust my math skills.
bankrupted_by_17cents on 07/27/2008:
do you guys work for US Bank???
MeInUSA on 08/26/2008:
I agree, 17cents, $344 for any overdraft, whether it's .17 or $50 is outrageous. US Bank is a crook, in my opinion. Watch your receipts from the ATM because many of them will totally fade, keeping you from seeing any writing at all on the receipt. I would never, ever bank at US Bank again and neither would many other people.
Fancy2 on 10/06/2008:
OK, yes, I do work for U.S. Bank, I admit, but I'm in commercial lending, so don't really have any control over a situation like yours. However, have you considered signing up for overdraft protection? I'm pretty sure there is one option that is free, however you will have to apply for it and if you have many overdrafts or bad credit, there's a chance you may not get approved for it.

Also, I am aware of the fee structure on overdrafts (which mirors its competitors), and it's impossible to get more than $35 in overdraft charges for a $.17 overdraft unless you are debiting things for several cents at a time, or you keep a negative balance for an extended period.

Another note worth mentioning, as mentioned by someone earlier, there is a delay in some debit transactions, depending on the processing machine/company the merchant is using. That is outside of the bank's control.
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Unfair Business Practices
Posted by on
VACAVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- Hidden Fees, Double charges being allowed to be debited, then making me responsible for the clean up. When I asked for their help it took months to get the paper work back and the refund. Meanwhile, I was incurring US BANKS favorite rewards, overdraft charges. Look at all of these complaints, daily charges, overdraft charges, my favorite "review your account for no reason" charge, that one cost me $120, then they charged me overdraft fees, because they didn't have to warn me so . . . . you get my drift. AND I WAS A BUSINESS ACCOUNT. 5 star, I Never Saw It!!!!! I went into the branch and told the Teller I wanted it closed, she sent me to another. I finalized me account, she said "Is that it!" I said yes. 2 months later they notified me I owed $1,200 dollars. . . . They were still paying outstanding automatic bill pays from people who were billing the wrong account, and then incurring, OVERDRAFT FEES, daily fees, etc etc. Even though there was no money in the account.

Nightmare!!! That's not even the end of it. Now my taxes are due and I need a full copy of all my statements, they won't give them to me. They reported me as a charge off even though I paid $1,260 to them to get this all cleared up, I paid to get the charges to stop. I took out a loan to get the charges to stop.

TO BE CONTINUED..............

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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 04/03/2008:
Just on the surface of what you are stating it sounds like you are paying them money even when you feel it is not justified. From their point of view you have become a "cash cow". They won't quit until you take legal action.
Not for the narrow minded on 04/03/2008:
I had a lot of problems with that bank as well.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 04/03/2008:
Hire an attorney and stop paying them money!
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.5 star customer service!
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I'm in the process of cancelling my account at U.S. Bank, because the customer service leaves much to be desired.

It took me roughly two weeks and several follow-up calls just to receive my ATM cards for my accounts.

I got such a runaround when calling about my ATM card for one of my accounts that I cancelled the account altogether.

However, I do love the ATM fee reimbursement. Though I suppose if there was a convenient U.S. Bank location, I wouldn't have to use another bank's ATMs.

There are some very nice people who work for U.S. Bank. But you know what they say about bad apples.

What I remember is the smugness of an unnamed male bank teller at the N. Central Ave. branch, when I had a difficulty with my account.

I also remember going to the Osborn/Safeway branch, where there are MANY nice employees, and listening to a not-so-nice employee completely stonewall a customer. It was evening and the man needed some sort of confirmation of a deposit.

The woman refused to make an extra effort to help this man, saying he would have to wait until morning.

Not only that, but the man's English was obviously not his first language, and she spoke to him as if she were scolding a child.

No one deserves to be talked down to like that.

Though there are some good perks (e.g. ATM fee reimbursement), the customer service isn't quite good enough to warrant doing business with U.S. Bank.
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User Replies:
GWbiker on 02/28/2007:
Why deal with arrogant Bank personnel when there are so many Credit Union's around?
Anonymous on 02/28/2007:
Arrogant banks should be held "account" able.
Fancy2 on 10/06/2008:
NewSheriff, that's so cheesy. No company can have perfect customer service.
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