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Beware of this company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FT MORGAN, COLORADO -- 15 Days ago I signed a 2 year contract with this company for cell phone service. 3 Days ago I signed up for wireless internet service also. For the first 15 days the voice mail on my account kept dropping off. I kept having to call their customer service department, only getting the run around as they couldn't figure why it wasn't working. Finally after 9 days they were able to re-store the vm on my phone. Next came service interruptions. For 2 days there was no service. 2 days ago the service was out most of the day. Yesterday the wireless internet was down. I had checked my remaining minutes earlier that day as I only have the 1200 minutes per month plan. It showed I had 806 minutes left for the month. When I called customer service about why my internet wasn't working they had me do some trouble shooting.

They had me take the sim card out and reset the modem. Bear in my that I've had to do this about 6 times in just 3 days of having the internet service with them. After I got off the phone with them I went online to check my minutes. Their website said I had 806 minutes remaining for the month. I turned my phone off for the night. When I woke up this morning I logged into my account to check the minutes remaining. The minutes had been reduced magically overnight to 792. The same time I spent on the phone with customer service.

They told me on day one calls to customer service are free. I have suspected all along that minutes were being deducted, as I've had of make dozens of calls to customer service because of problems with voice mail, outages of service on both my phone and internet.

In just 15 days I've experienced 15 dropped calls, no service, no voice mail, lost minutes on my account, and they refuse to let me speak to a supervisor about these issues.

Beware of this company. They will lie and cheat you out of your minutes. Service is terrible, even though I only live 4 miles from their tower. There are no obstructions in my way. No trees, building, nothing but open space. This company is a joke.
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User Replies:
robb32557 on 08/03/2012:
Update by author. I just got off the phone with their customer department. They claim I was dialing their tech support number directly instead of calling 611, their cs number. This is completely false. I don't even know their tech support number. In fact, the only way to call tech support is to dial 611 and they transfer you to that department. I was also told I was roaming when I made the call. In fact, I was sitting in my office chair in plain site of their tower 4 miles away. It appears this company will do anything to take your minutes away. If you want a stress free cell provider, I suggest you stay far away from Colorado Cellular (dba) Viaero Wireless.
Sydney decapiano on 06/03/2013:
They remind me of the old days when I used drugs.. Go to the street dealer buy something from them go home and find out you just got ripped off... Prepayed plan for 50$!!!! Don't work I want my money back. They sold me bad product. Picket the damn place. Hit them in the pocket!!! Call better bissiness bureau on these company . Thiefs!! Just taking people money.
Old timer/ customer in norfolk area on 07/05/2013:
I have been with them for 7 years, Sure the internet has been slow but look at their website 4g is growing and will be in my area this month. Unlimited plans, no overages, good customer service and when I call for help I get a person not a computer. Any issues I have had were handled quickly and without an incident. I say try them again and actuall y be treated as a person not a number.
agitated on 04/07/2014:
I.also.have.had. continuous bad service from this company. I have been a customer for over 50 years and they are absolutely ridiculous and yes you get the runaround if you call them you are on the phone all day long. they do pass you from person to person you have to give the same information over and over again and then the phone hangs up and then you have to call back and start all over again it is so ridiculous I absolutely hate them. and yep you're right in rural areas.they will sell you a plan and tell you how well it works the phones are crappy this service is bad.
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Bad Bad Bad!!!!
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
NORFOLK, NEBRASKA -- I went in a few months ago, set up a new account and bought a new phone. Their prices were decent, the people in the store were nice and this is where the nightmare started.

I went home, I live three blocks away from a tower and I noticed I didn't have any service at my house. I went back to the store and told them (I would have called, but no service all the way to the store) the people at the store, who I had just purchased the phone from and were so nice were in a new, negative mood when I showed up. They knew I had a problem before I even said something. I told them there is no service, they took the battery and sim out, replaced them, I had service! Great, I thought, I went back to my house and guess what, no service. So, I called them on my friend's phone and they told me to call their headquarters in CO, so I did. They couldn't figure out the problem either and told me to go to the local store. I did, this time to a different store (we have three in our town of 25k). They did the same thing as the first store, removal of battery and sim. Wow, it worked again. Went home, same issue, no service. I went back to the original store where I had purchased the phone earlier in the day and the manager and area manager where there and they tried to resolve my issue. They did by removing the sim/battery and again I had service, but I told them, "I don't care if I have service in this store, I need it in my house." To which the Manager said, "You probably won't at your house, oh well". I said, "Well, I'll want to cancel the contract." I was told I would have to pay the early termination fee! WHAT????

I left, went to another store, they said the same thing and the manager called me and said, nobody can help me and the issue was closed.
So I called 611, told them the issue, they said the same thing, I'd have to pay the $200 early termination fee, even though I don't get service in my house or even in my yard and I'm four small city blocks from a tower.

So, now I'm stuck with a phone I can't use at my house.

This company SUCKS!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!!!!!
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Selling Broken Phones and Charging to Replace Them
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
FORT COLLINS, COLORADO -- I Upgraded phones through the Viaero Now program. The phone I upgraded to was an galaxy s5 g900t. The phone was assembled by viaero representative and I left. The galaxy s5 is ip67 water resistant. Two days later the phone fell into water less than one half inch deep and about 30 minutes later stopped responding. Upon removing the battery cover I discover water was inside the phone. Part of the battery cover was missing its seal. I went to the store to warranty the phone under assembly/manufactures malfunction. The viaero store refused to replace the phone stating that it was not a warranty issue. I called Samsung afterwards and after submitting the phones serial number they informed me that it was a known manufacturing issue and will be warranted through viaero. That was a recorded call. So I returned to the store and played the call for them and they still refused to warranty the phone, but instead wanted to make me pay 160 for an insurance replacement. So I called 611 and explained the situation and was told I would be called back. I was never called back so I called them again and spoke with a manager who bargained with me until I paid half the insurance replacement fee. The phone sent was the wrong model, being a g900h instead of the original g900t. So I was lacking full 4g and some of the proper software installed to use it on their network. So I called 611 again and was told a manager would call me back. He never did. So I called back again and when I spoke with a manager he said I could go to a local store to swap out the phone. The team at the local store just waived a insurance replacement fee and sent out a new phone via mail again. Once again I received the wrong phone. So I called 611 again(once again told id be called back and wasn't) and spoke with the same manager who then told me if I want the proper phone I need to pay "contract price" to receive the g900t again. So at this point I have invested $35 into upgrading to the gs5 and $80 into replacing a manufactured warranty phone, and have gone 2 weeks without 4g data service while o am paying for it. Plus they want me to pay $200 more to receive a phone that will work on their network properly? All I wanted was to walk in to my local store, replace the warrantable phone with the correct model, and be on my way. Now this issue has been dragged out two weeks and I've had to pay for service and wrong replacements.

One week following this, the screen on the 2nd replacement has started to peel off.
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Horrible Company
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLUMBUS, NEBRASKA -- So 3 years ago my my mom got us onto a new phone plan at viaero. My phone was a Nokia express. My room is in the basement. I got no service whatsoever down there. Calls were constantly dropped. Calls weren't received. Texts weren't sent. Texts weren't received. I had to turn my phone on and off constantly to get texts or I had to text myself. Sometimes that didn't even work. It was the crappiest little phone ever.

My sister and I went through about 6 or 7 together. One night I wasn't receiving any texts and I knew I was supposed to be because I texted myself and I wouldn't receive them. I woke up the next morning with 52 messages! All they tell you is to take your battery and sim card out for 30 seconds and if it still doesn't work, call 611. That doesn't work when you have a broken screen.

After a 2 year contract we finally left and I went onto my dad phone plan. Well he recently decided to get viaero. I get unlimited data on my iphone but it is absolutely impossible to use it because the service is so slow. My room at both parents houses are in the basement and I get no signal at all..they told us two months ago we would have 4g..we still don't. One day my dad tried calling me for 2 hours...I didn't get a single call. No texts. No voicemails. They said we would get a 14 day trial on a phone and if we didn't like it we could get a new one for free. I went in there because I didn't want a phone that I would have to pay extra for if it wasn't going to work. They said that day they require you to buy the new phone and pay an activation fee but they don't do that with iphones. They didn't tell us any of that the first day we went in there.

I still get no service anywhere. It took me a day to access this website. It also kind of sucks when some worker 10 years older than you tries to flirt with you. You don't even get good internet when you're connected to wifi. Terrible service. Don't ever go here. You'll regret it and want to rant like I am now
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